Falling Skies - Season 1

TNT (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • Live and Learn
    Episode 1
    A devastating and unprovoked alien invasion has left Earth in tatters and the humans who survived have to learn how to work together and fight off the aliens to ensure their further existence. Tom Mason, a former History professor is the Second in Command and he has to juggle his duties as father and leader. To make things more complicated, the aliens are holding one of his three sons captive.moreless
  • The Armory
    Episode 2
    Tom and Hal lead a squad in a search for supplies but are ambushed by a rogue gang of humans led by ex-con John Pope, Pope plans to use the hostages to gain control of the 2nd Mass' supply of weapons that they've stockpiled since the invasion began.
  • Prisoner of War
    Episode 3
    The 2nd Mass comes face to face with Skitters and Mechs when Tom and Hal lead a mission to finally attempt rescuing Ben and the other captured teens. Tom's search for answers to nagging questions could jeopardize the plan to save the teenagers from the harnesses that is presented by the 2nd Mass' latest recruit Dr. Michael Harris.moreless
  • Grace
    Episode 4
    Tom and Hal lead a team to find more motorcycles for the 2nd Mass after Pope provides details on where they can be found. Back at the high school where they've set up base Dr. Harris and Anne disagree over the best tactic to gather more intelligence on the aliens.
  • Silent Kill
    Episode 5
    Hal devises a risky new plan to save the captured teenagers, but pulling it off could put someone in danger. Following a sudden tragedy, Anne makes a discovery that could mean the difference between the success or failure of Hal's rescue plan.
  • Sanctuary, Part 1
    Episode 6
    Lt. Terry Clayton of the 7th Mass arrives at the high school with disturbing news that Skitters and Mechs are on their way to attack the 2nd Mass headquarters, Clayton claims to have a plan approved by Porter to lead the children to safety while the adults remain to fend off the attack, but his plan is met with strong resistance by all the parents, including Tom.moreless
  • Sanctuary, Part 2
    Episode 7
    Hal finds himself having to take control and fight when an unexpected threat against the children of the 2nd Mass presents itself. Anne faces her own problems when Sarah goes into labor as the 2nd Mass is being evacuated in anticipation of an alien attack on the headquarters.
  • What Hides Beneath
    Episode 8
    Captain Weaver's mental condition continues to deteriorate causing trouble for Tom and Hal when he joins them on a reconnaissance mission. Back at the high school Pope constructs a potent weapon to use against the aliens, and Anne makes a shocking discovery while performing an autopsy on a dead Skitter.
  • Mutiny
    Episode 9
    As the assault on the alien base draws closer, tension builds amongst the members of the 2nd Mass. Tom struggles to come to terms with Anne's new discovery about the Skitters.
  • Eight Hours
    Episode 10
    Tom stays behind to protect the camp and its occupants, while the rest of the resistance launch an attack on the alien base. Information regarding the aliens motives comes to light.