Falling Skies

Season 2 Episode 2

Shall We Gather at the River

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2012 on TNT

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  • Apocalypse Barber?

    This show just makes me soooo mad!

    Last season the only good actor was Noah Wylie....

    this season nearly everyone's acting has gotten better. but Noah's has gotten worse.

    where do these people get their super uber fashonable haircuts? Apocalypse Barber?

    these people look cleaner than most members of a boy band. they dont have hot water, showers, gel and hairspray and dye and clippers and oh god, forget it.... really unbelievable.

    i was going to let go the fact ben swam across a river, yet he had a dry, clean, beautiful (looked like a nikkon) camera to take skidder pics.... and ok, probably uses batteries, and is possibly digital, so they can look at the digi screen at the pics, but no these idiots (producers/directors) go and print out the pictures....

    so either he found a one hour photo lab, or he went and turned on a generator, pluugged in a printer, put photo paper in, didnt run out of ink, and printed off a bunch of recon photos.