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Falling Skies

Season 4 Episode 12

Shoot the Moon

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 31, 2014 on TNT
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    Falling Skies Season 4 Finale Review: Strange New World

    Falling Skies' pairing of "Spade Oddity" and "Shoot the Moon" suffered from the fact that one episode was a lot better than the other. However, as a whole, the finale left us in a good position us for Season 5.

  • Episode Summary

    In the conclusion of the two-part Season 4 finale, Tom and Lexi must triumph over Tom's mortal enemy as they desperately try to destroy the all-powerful Espheni power core. Elsewhere, the 2nd Mass faces a terrifying new Espheni bomb.

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    • This whole season was a mess.

      So Beamers are armed with man sized bombs that are not even able to destroy a Beamer from the inside and yet they can get shot down by a guy with a machine gun?

      Tom and Lexi didn't kamikaze their Beamer and use the burned Aspheni's ship to go home, because?

      So the Volm are capable of faster than light communication (apparently also FTL interstellar travel) and they can't detect/see massive green bursts of whatever coming down from the moon?

      I also love that the final act of this season's 'big bad' is to randomly destroy the autopilot on his own ship -conveniently leading to the elimination of a way over powered character who would have been able to win every battle for the humans.

      It was wonderful the they way they handled that dumb ass Ben/Maggie/Hal love triangle, I have always said that Hal's character was always missing that passive-aggressive, snarky teenage girl quality.moreless
    • Long drawn out episode

      Long drawn out episode which would have been very short had they not stretched every single scene out.
    • 7.0
      We have causins allies coming for us dude!
    • Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy!

      Overall, I can't say that this season was bad, compared to some of the previous ones. However, the amount of plot holes (and there's more of them than in a swiss cheese!) are becoming annoying. They said Pope had left, but then suddenly he's back, without any explaination whatsoever? And *spoilers* why couldn't the Volm use their giant mothership to shoot the core? Also, clearly they saw Tom's beamer and could contact him, surely they must have some sort of radar-like device to track him down after the explosion. How could they fly that beamer anyway, it was first shot down and then a bomb inside it exploded?

      On another note, whoever is writing the dialogues for the show needs to come up with something more original. Every dialogue with Lexi was painfully cheesy and clich. They try to make you feel sorry for her, but you just can't feel anything else than meh. Let's hope for a better season 5. I have to admit that the cliffhanger was rather intriguing though...moreless
    • if you dont like the show dont watch

      @Onderon, dude no one cares about what you think look at the chat community before you decide to make a fool of yourself everyone loves the show but you do you really think the show producers are going to take in any of that nonsense? your just the 1% from the 99% pal learn your place
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