Falling Skies

Season 1 Episode 5

Silent Kill

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 10, 2011 on TNT

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  • Silent Kill...

    After four consecutive episodes of fairly dense story, Falling Skies took a step back on Sunday and gave us an episode with essentially one continuous story. After a failed attempt that resulted in the second Mass. finally figuring out how to remove harnesses from their captured children, Tom and his team go on a mission to get Ben back from the hospital. The crux of "Silent Kill", as one might gather from its name, was the issue that Tom and his team have with being able to kill Skitters without making any sound. Knowing that if they can successfully strike at night, only a single Mech would stand would stand in their way, killing the sleeping Skitters in silence was mission critical. With both Tom and Hal having fairly average aim with a crossbow, the ultimate method of execution required a degree of proximity. After the captive Skitter laid waste to Dr. Harris, Dr. Glass - out of both frustration and ingenuity - went the practical route in figuring out that stabbing the aliens in the brain stem ought to do the trick. The mission itself took up the bulk of screen time, with Hal going into the hospital alone disguised as a harnessed captive. After finding his brother, Hal took his chance, but not before Tom and Maggie came in after him when he was well over schedule for exfiltration. After saving Ben and five others, the group then got quickly to work de-harnessing the children - weaning them off the toxin with a cocktail of drugs from one of Maggie's former dealers' stashes.

    Although there was little else in the way of story, in amongst the stealthy action there were a few attempts at adding depth to some of our core characters. Dr. Glass finally began to show emotion other than anger, Maggie revealed that she used to have cancer and Weaver also began to show signs of grieving for what he has lost to the war. There is little else to say about "Silent Kill". In retrospect, any synopsis of what you were in store for prior to the episode would have told you absolutely everything that happened, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't good. There is something oddly endearing about Falling Skies as a show thus far. Although only five episodes into their run, the characters already feel very natural to watch. The scripts are by no means great, but I never find myself wanting to change the channel. The show feels like one that will translate very well to DVD - allowing back-to-back viewing. As a complete standalone "Silent Kill" wasn't at all enthralling, but with what has come before it being out there in the world, it is just a continuation of a much larger and much better story.
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