Falling Skies

Season 3 Episode 8

Strange Brew

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 21, 2013 on TNT

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  • Rebecca

    it was nice to see what could have been.
  • Dreams

    I truly despise all kind of dream episodes in all series and this was one of the worst ever. They are trying to trick the viewer all the time but it just ends up in a huge pile of confusion and disbelief. Was Ann really dead or not? I was thinking no, it's just another dream but I suppose it was real and in that case they made a huge fuckup in wasting that moment which nobody reacted to since it looked like just another dream. I really hope they will try nothing of the sort again, Spielberg should be ashamed of this crap.
  • Boring

    I wasted 10 precious minutes watching this drek on FF.

    Please stop making this cliche ridden, plodding nonsense.

    If you can't guess every twist and turn you shouldn't have charge of the remote.

    Please stop, I mean it. Go pick some flowers, read a great novel, just stop.
  • A different but excellent episode

    When this episode started, I immediately thought "oh no, not another dream sequence". But I stuck with it and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It actually tuned out to be a very powerful episode coupled with the interest created by seeing most of the main characters in a "normal" setting. I'm usually keen to see a bit of action but the storyline and script in this episode made it one of the best yet. There's been a lot of storyline threads created in recent weeks - let's hope they can pull them together before the end of the season.
  • best episode ever !

    I wishedfor an episode like this ! See the life of the Masons before the invasion. The last scene between Tom and Rebecca brought me to tears. I love Tom's character so much. See how the relationship between him and his children was.. and the comments that hal made ..

    excellent episode.. cant wait for next week