Falling Skies

Season 1 Episode 2

The Armory

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 19, 2011 on TNT

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  • The Armory

    The Armory was a superb follow up to the series premiere of Falling Skies. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action, drama, character and plot development. It was interesting to see the different characters and how they learn to interact with each other. There was some more action in this episode as well as character driven scenes. I enjoy this series because it makes viewers think what would they do if some thing like this actually happened. Pope was a refreshing character played by an actor who also starred on Stargate SG1. The general storyline is good so far and I look forward to watching the next episode of Falling Skies!!!!!!!
  • 102

    The second half does mission impossible, as it decreased in quality over the first hour. It was confusing, it was dark and grainy and hard to follow. They tried to build up these characters, but we learned little to nothing about them. This is a show that cannot afford slow build, they need to hook viewers in quickly to differentiate this show from the others, so why have all these mysteries? The aliens still come off as horrible too. They were clearly inserted by computer and the graphics do not even come off as lifelike. I get that Spielberg is not used to not having a massively excessive budget, but you have to do better than this.

    Disappointing show. While the first half was more like a Walking Dead ripoff, this was more like Lost ripoff with the two groups fighting over grounds. Good shows to try and emulate, but not so much when you fail miserably.

    I tried hard to like it, but this is a swing and a miss for Turner.
  • What a waste of time.

    I absolutely hate when shows don't know what they want to be. I started watching Falling Skies because I wanted to watch an alien invasion show. How the writers seem to think that the entire planet being overrun by aliens and most of the adult population being killed and the children being enslaved isn't enough of a dramatic story is beyond me. No, they decide that instead of focussing on the core of what the show is about and what drew their viewers in to begin with, the alien invasion, that in the second hour of the premiere episode, they should abandon that altogether and waste our time with an outlaw gang led by a complete jerk who we care nothing about. Then after getting us to hate him for the whole hour, they set it up at the end for him to become a series regular. Newsflash writers, if you spend the whole hour making us hate him, we don't care if he's going to become part of the team. All you succeed in doing is angering us and make us think what a waste of time and reevaluate whether we want to continue watching the show at all. In the first few episodes you need to show the viewer what the series is going to be about. Most of us tuned in thinking it would be about fighting an alien threat but after this episode, we're left wondering. There are a whole lot of other shows whose focus is outlaws and criminals. We have a lot of other options who frankly do it better if that's what we're looking for. We watch this show for the alien invasion and the human struggle to triumph over it. You gave us virtually none of that in the first double episode. Today's television landscape is very competitive and if you don't hook the audience in the first few episodes, you're gone. The producers of the show should seriously think about firing whatever writers thought this was a good storyline idea. The only hope it had for working was if the payoff was worth it. Granted, we got what seems to be a potentially great character in Maggie, but they've also now saddled us with a complete moron (the gang leader whose name escapes me) who all in all wasn't really worth it. They didn't need to waste an entire hour to add these two characters to the roster, it could've been handled in ten minutes tops and then the focus could've gone back to the main plot. In series like this the alien invastion storyline is the star, the characters and their relationships are secondary. Walking Dead is a show that has parallels to this one and they clearly understand that concept. The zombie apocalypse is always the main focus of the show and the characters and their back story and personal lives are gravy on top of it all. That is why it is so tremendously successful. If the Falling Skies team doesn't grasp that concept quickly, they'll be off to television heaven very soon. I'll give it another shot, but if they waste my time like they did in this episode with meaningless and gratuitous plot twists that do nothing to advance the main storyline, I'll never watch again and not miss it in the slightest. Just my opinion.
  • Part 2 of the two part premiere, Slower thna part 1 but still BRILLIANT.

    What a conclusion to what was an undeniably BRILLIANT first two episodes of what will surely be one of the best shows of the year(Not just Summer - ALL YEAR).

    Tensions continued to mount between everyone as they still struggle to cope in the aftermath of a devastating invasion, The leadership struggles between Weaver an Tom seem to slowly be settling down with each man realizing the other isn't a complete moron.

    What I liked most about the episode was the human factor, The show is obviously going to focus primarily on killing aliens and trying to discover why they are here and simply focusing on that could easily lead to ignoring the human factor which would not bode well for the shows future - The familial relationships and friendship between strangers and even romantic relationships - Anyone else notice the potential love triangle with Hal and his gaggle of beauties! As I said this episode was slower than part 1 but it had to be to balance it all out and I'd say there's plenty more action and drama to come.

    Hopefully a 2nd season for the 2nd Mass and co is forthcoming from TNT and hopefully the just under 6 million viewer mark from the premiere is only the beginning.
  • Part 2 of the 2-hour series premiere of "Falling Skies"

    Part 1 was pretty slow but Part 2 is much more slower than Part 1 and it wasn't that great. The alien attackers get kidnapped by these dudes which I have no idea who they are. Anyways, there was rarely any action in Part 2 of this episode. There were a couple of shootings towards the middle of the episode and there was like 7 minutes of action towards the end of the episode and that's all the action they had in Part 2. I hope "Falling Skies" isn't getting very slow like Part 2 did. Part 1 was kind of slow as well but at least Part 1 had more action and had an interesting plot to it. If you didn't get to see Part 2 of this 2-hour series premiere then you know what... you're not missing much. This episode was boring with rarely any action but the plot of the alien attackers and all is what makes me score not go any lower. All they did in this episode was just talk and talk etc. "Falling Skies" started out strong with Part 1 of the 2-hour series premiere but Part 2 just got way weaker which made this series premiere weak as it got closer to the ending. Overall, Part 1 was strong BUT Part 2... not so much. 5.5/10
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