Falling Skies

Season 2 Episode 9

The Price of Greatness

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 12, 2012 on TNT

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  • Exploring The Politics of Survival En Mass: A Big Showdown is Coming.

    Falling Skies first season had its share of slow spots mostly due to introspection into the back stories of the various players. Viewers responded with the show's shaky following. Episodes dealing more with the conflict between the invaders and the resistance faired better , Falling Skies second season followed with that in mind and has been uniformly a more engaging watch. Perhaps this building was a neccessary part that had to be addressed, yet that doesn't diminish when Falling Skies is too heavy in politics and human stories it ends up just seeming watered down.

    The episode here ("The Price of Greatness") isn't particularly compelling from an action point of view, but it is important in setting the stage for what follows. The human drama is handled better, probably due to the knowledge of how it faired in season one. Thanfully, the impending showdown between the 2nd Mass and the new budding government is inevitable and begins unfolding immediately. The political slant taken on by the leader of the acting government, played by Terry O'Quinn (the enigmatic John Locke from LOST fame), is highly suspicious. It seems Arthur Manchester's role in leading the new government is shrouded in a mystery the only part of which seems clear is that they are taking a "live and let live" approach in their belief if they don't provoke the aliens the new government will be safe. Things get sticky fast as the 2nd Mass knows this is all wrong. We know this group of politicos are hiding something and that they're just as dangerous as the enemy...what this is remains to be revealed.

    So, basically a transitional episode, with no action other than the human drama unfolding. The stage is, however, set for a major internal conflict and a much larger end result. Unlike the first season's slow episodes with plenty of boring back stories, this one is a needed jumping off point for what should promise to be major action. In the end it was handled pretty well if a bit clumsy. Now we are ready for some fast paced changes promising what Falling Skies has shown it can truly deliver. The finale should be a no holds barred affair at cementing a third season where action is to be, finally, the standard.
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