Falling Skies

Season 1 Episode 8

What Hides Beneath

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 31, 2011 on TNT

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  • Another brilliant episode, Light on action but heavy on character and plot development.

    How many times and ways can I say I love this show?

    This episode focused specifically on Captain Weaver and his mental state which astute viewers will realize has been gradually slipping as the series progressed, We got ore insight into his character pre invasion and how that plays into his post invasion character, He's always been a bit of a hard person by the looks of tins but his story of what happened to his family goes a long way to explaining his attitude toward the war and civilians in general and makes you understand just how hard it must be for him watching Tom, Mike and the others get their kids back while not knowing for sure where his family is or if they are even still alive. Will Patton has been a strong presence on screen throughout the 8 episodes that have aired and with the exception of Live And Learn/The Armory hasn't featured a whole lot in the episodes but whenever he is there he certainly makes you pay attention and that continued in this episode, Patton stole the show and left viewers and his own men with no doubt as too who is in command of the 2nd Mass - I pity them aliens for messing with him. Speaking of aliens this episode featured 2 of the biggest shocks of the season, The first being those tall lanky aliens who may be the ones who are actually in charge of things judging by the way those Skitters reacted when one approached them which was surprising but does seem to make sense, With only 2 episodes remaining hey add a little bit of extra spice that is sure to make the 2 hour finale must watch and must rewatch television plus hat bodes well for Season 2. The other shock was we finally discovered the fate of Hal's girlfriend Karen - Last seen being dragged away by Ben and another harnessed kid, She is now harnessed and apparently serving as an "assistant" to a tall alien(What do we call them anyway?), Despite it being a rather brief appearance I think Jessy Schram did a good job of acting the part of a harnessed teen but then she also seemed more aware of things then Ben and the others were when they were harnessed, She was seen by Hal, Tom and Weaver while they were interrogating Nina Sharp(aka Crazy Tea Lady) after she sold them out to the aliens which almost led to their immediate deaths at Weaver's house. The situation with Crazy Tea Lady and her arrangement with the boss aliens adds yet another layer of intrigue to the show and I hope despite the finale obviously involving a major attack that Crazy Tea Lady and her story are explored further plus I find it hard to believe the alien didn't know the three men were in the apartment yet it chose to leave them alone. Why?

    Meanwhile back at the presumably soon to be abandoned headquarters Anne and Lourdes made a rather disturbing discovery about the Skitters and the risks posed to and by the harnessed kids, Moon Bloodgood and Seychelle Gabriel were excellent in those scenes and proved that the show doesn't have to focus on blowing things up to be interesting.

    Ben and Rick also featured prominently back at HQ with Ben attempting to befriend Rick and drag him back to normalcy at Anne's request because it is becoming clear quite quickly that he isn't exactly normal anymore and could quite easily be the biggest threat to the safety of the 2nd Mass - I know how Tom feels about shooting kids but I'm thinking he may not have a choice with this one. Kudos really need to go to young Daniyah Ysrayl he bring n eeriness and creepiness to the character that probably requires more skill than any of us could imagine and that is also a shout out to the people who cast the show to begin with all the actors have continued to prove they fit their roles like gloves. The story and the relationship between Rick and Ben has been fun to watch and will continue to play an important role in the overall story and again I need to say how well Daniyah and Connor play their roles.

    And of course we can't forget John Pope who despite initially appearing to be nothing more than a complete pain in the rear end is actually turning out to be quite a valuable member of the resistance despite his best attempts not to be. Again the work of Colin Cunningham has made the character easy to love and easy to hate but we can't turn away and Pope's friendship\tutelage of young Matt could prove to be yet another layer of awesomeness the sho has to offer. I've said it before and I'll say it again the writing/acting/directing and producing on this show make it unmissable tv and it sucks beyond reason that after this weekend we're going to have to wait 9 months for more.
  • Everyone who says this show is bad, is an idiot!

    I don't understand people who are saying how bad this swoh is. Are you out of your mind? This show is simply amazing. I even dare to say that is way better than The Walking Dead. !SPOILERS!

    Episode was very intresting. A lot of mysteries were resolved and we learned about a new ones. It seems that skitters are not so bad after all. Humanoid aliens look like they have everything in control and skitters are probably their slaves. Will Patton's (Weaver) acting was superb, and other actors were preety good to. I can't wait for 2 hour season finale!
  • Still not getting there. It's as if this series cant decide what it is or where it's gonna go...

    The first thing that struck me in this ep was the destroyed mecs they were looking at. If you ever set foot on a factory-floor you'd recognise every part of them. Every wire, pneumatic ram, joint and ballbearing. NOTHING alien at all.

    The second thing is the tea-lady...If you meet a woman in the middle of a destroyed town wanting to serve you tea, you should maybe think something was up, but no. Lets go with her. She's not nuts, right?

    Third. The second alien race. Unless you're a complete idiot (like the reviewer calling anyone not liking this show an idiot), you should have known about them since ep 4 when the skitter were talking through Mike's kid.
    Well now we now what they look like. Bad CGI copies of the ultimate weapon in "Nauiscaa of the Valley of the Wind".

    And finally...If you find a .45 with an alien bullet in it, lets not tell anyone about it so Pope can be the one making a big deal of it...

    But there are things I still like. The acting is getting better, since the actors is getting settled into their characters. But sadly that will not make up for bad direction or the complete lack of ideas on how to make this series even a bit unpredictable...
  • Finally some breakthrough...

    This series grows on you and I would say this episode is one of the better ones. You finally start to understand the alies (not just the skitters but the real aliens) and see how scary they really are. The previous episodes have mostly consentrated on the humans and their caracters. Now we finally get to know who the skitters are and why they like the harvest kids and who's in control.

    I can just say I will never look in keyholes again...ever...
  • What Hides Beneath

    What Hides Beneath was a perfect episode of Falling Skies because it had unexpected revelations and lots of character and plot development. This episode took the series to a higher level for me because clues about the bigger picture have started to reveal themselves. The scenes with the aliens in them were awesome, shocking, and a little spine chilling. I felt that this episode had a lot of Spielberg's influence. I was not sure how I liked where Captain Weaver's story line was going at first but by the end of the episode I was satisfied. Tom, Hal and Weaver met a strange lady who lives freely and gets supplies from Hal's girlfriend under the control of the aliens for information. I thought Anne's secret autopsy was cool and what she found was disturbing. Rick continues to act weird as Ben continues to excel physically and wonder why his stems aren't going away. This episode has definitely put on the appropriate layers and I can't wait to see how every thing unfolds!!!!!!!
  • Didn't have a lot of action like the previous episode "Sanctuary Part 2" but the way that the writers handled the plot was executed very well

    I thought that this was another excellent episode of "Falling Skies". It didn't have a lot of action like the previous episode "Sanctuary Part 2" had but I loved the way that they executed the plot in this episode and hopefully the 2-hour season finale next Sunday night will be epic and won't be slow like this whole season has been. Maybe this season has been slow so they can make the season finale epic. That's good and all but I still want to see action through the season, not just wait til' the season finale. Anyways, I loved how they focused on Captain Weaver's plot on his family and how there may be a possible chance they're still alive. There was a good 2 or 3 minutes of action 10 minutes before the episode ended was good. I also loved how John Pope came up with a solution of how to defeat the aliens at the end of the episode and that end of the episode made it seem that the 2-hour season finale next Sunday night could possibly be epic (at least that's right). Overall, this season of the show has been slow but I really hope that the 2-hour Season finale makes up for all that. 10/10