Falling Skies

Season 1 Episode 8

What Hides Beneath

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 31, 2011 on TNT

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  • Still not getting there. It's as if this series cant decide what it is or where it's gonna go...

    The first thing that struck me in this ep was the destroyed mecs they were looking at. If you ever set foot on a factory-floor you'd recognise every part of them. Every wire, pneumatic ram, joint and ballbearing. NOTHING alien at all.

    The second thing is the tea-lady...If you meet a woman in the middle of a destroyed town wanting to serve you tea, you should maybe think something was up, but no. Lets go with her. She's not nuts, right?

    Third. The second alien race. Unless you're a complete idiot (like the reviewer calling anyone not liking this show an idiot), you should have known about them since ep 4 when the skitter were talking through Mike's kid.
    Well now we now what they look like. Bad CGI copies of the ultimate weapon in "Nauiscaa of the Valley of the Wind".

    And finally...If you find a .45 with an alien bullet in it, lets not tell anyone about it so Pope can be the one making a big deal of it...

    But there are things I still like. The acting is getting better, since the actors is getting settled into their characters. But sadly that will not make up for bad direction or the complete lack of ideas on how to make this series even a bit unpredictable...