Fame - Season 1

(ended 1987)


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Episode Guide

  • A Special Place
    Episode 16
    Budget cutbacks prompts the School Board to fire one of the dance school's teachers. Bruno learns that a famous composer stole the music material he wrote.
  • Reunions
    Episode 15
    An old flame of Mr. Shorofsky's shows up. Leroy wants his mother to come in for parents' day, but neither of them have the money to afford it, so the gang decides to surprise Leroy.
  • A Big Finish
    Episode 14
    Miss Sherwood catches two guys living with a dog in the school basement. The gang decides to help them live in a better place and they offer them money, but they are too stubborn to take "charity," so the gang decides to have a benefit concert to collect money for them.moreless
  • A Musical Bridge
    Episode 13
    When Bruno expresses his desire to write music, Montgomery tries to convince him to cash in his ability. Although he thinks it's not a good idea, he goes along with it.
  • Expose
    Episode 12
    When Julie gets replaced by a mannequin in a production number, she feels unimportant until a new student teacher arrives and they fall for each other. But, the student may not be the person everyone thinks he is.
  • The Crazies
    Episode 11
    Doris learns that sometimes honest is not always the best policy. She and Montgomery decide to tell only the truth for 24 hours, but the pact will turn out to be a total fiasco. When Shorofsky is hospitalized, Bruno realizes that he is important to his life. When Miss Sherwood learns that Miss Grant doesn't believe that her newest plan, an Africal Tribal dance, will suceed, she asks Leroy to help her.moreless
  • Come One, Come All
    Episode 10
    A big star, Melinda MacNeil, is in town and everyone goes ga-ga, except Monty. Miss Grant offers her to help them put up a school's production, but things get out of hand when she starts making drastic changes that nobody approves of.
  • 3/4/82
    Danny's father does not agree with his choice of being a comedian. Danny decides to go through with his plan and gets a job at a comedy club, but when his school and new job duties become too hard, he starts taking caffeine pills, with devastating results. In the meantime, Doris gets her first on-screen test for a commercial.moreless
  • Street Kid
    Episode 8
    Doris, while pretending to be a hooker (for her acting assignment), meets a real hooker named Tracy, and tries to help her out.
  • The Strike
    Episode 7
    The School Of The Arts is plagued by a teachers' strike. Coco is upset because she wasn't chosen for the part of Desdemona in the schools musical version of "Othello". Once the teachers go on strike though she decides that instead of being angry, and not be apart of the production, she organizes everything so that the show can go on without Miss Grant's help. Bruno feels he needs to have Mr. Shorofsky's opinion on the music for the show because he thinks it should have a different tempo and style to it. Because of the strike he can't get Mr. Shorofsky's opinion and goes with his instinct, which turns out to be for the best. Once Leroy was cast for the part of Othello, he was having problems speaking the way the script was written. So he asks for Miss Sherwood's help to make him speak the way Shakespeare was meant to be spoken, even from someone from the Bronx.moreless
  • The Sell Out
    Episode 6
    When Bruno's uncle buys him a new synthesizer, Bruno gets a job to buy new music. He is doing a song for his aunt, who just had a baby. Meanwhile, Julie wonders why Coco is suddenly so rude to her while they are doing a very important number together.
  • 2/4/82
    Bruno is in love with a dance major named Kathleen Murphy. When he is to write a piece of music for her, she performs for him and gets injured. It turns out that she has Multiple Sclerosis, and Miss Grant employs Leroy to help out Bruno. Unknowingly, the gang is helping Kathy to keep her audition.moreless
  • Alone in a Crowd
    Episode 4
    Bruno is afraid of performing in public, and when he loses hope, a special occasion helps him beat his fear.
  • 1/21/82
    The School Board orders the School of the Arts to have a Gym because of the mandatory P.E. class that students have to take. It takes a dance off between Lydia's class and a bunch of football players for the school board to see her point. Meanwhile, Leroy tries to save his brother Willard from a life of crime.moreless
  • Passing Grade
    Episode 2
    Coco and Lydia vie for a part in a show, and Lydia has a bigger chance because her boyfriend is running the auditions. Danny wants to meet Johnny Carson, so he becomes a waiter so he could approach him.
  • Metamorphosis
    Episode 1
    This fun and footloose series begins when Julie tries her best to fit in at the New York School for the Performing Arts, with a little bit of help from Doris and Montgomery. Coco Hernandez wants Bruno to help her bring music to the lunch room.