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  • Season 3
    • 320
      Episode 320
      Dex tells Juliette about the arrests. Rebecca is puzzled at everyone’s behaviour. She begins having contractions, but no one notices. Neil later takes her to hospital where they find out that the baby is in the breech position. Simon accuses Charles of still being Fiona’s lover and tells his mother how Fiona is still seeing the ‘other man’. Charles who is supposed to be at the office has gone to see Fiona who is tearing up all her wedding pictures. He begs her to leave Westbury, so they can all be left in peace and when he returns, Isabelle suspects he’s been to see her. She receives a distressing call from Fiona to say that she’s taken an overdose and wants Simon. Calmly, Isabelle visits Fiona and tells her Simon couldn’t come and that taking an overdose was the right thing to do. She watches Fiona struggle and then leaves.moreless
    • 319
      Episode 319
      The family are shocked to find Simon has slept at home and when Fiona rings, he refuses to speak to her. When Charles shows concern for Fiona, Isabelle thinks it will drive Simon further away and she tells Charles that she’d like Fiona out of Simon’s life, even though she believes it will then leave her free for Charles. At Romeo’s Fiona tells Juliette that she can’t go and see Simon because of Charles and that even on the eve of her wedding Charles made advances towards her. Juliette immediately repeats this to Simon and also how Fiona was seen the week before in a restaurant with their father. Simon knows that his relationship is over. Juliette calls on Fiona to let her know that she’s told Simon all about her infidelities and that she, Simon and all her family want her out of their lives for good. In a parting shot she pretends that Simon did sleep with Sophie. Kerry, Don McLeod’s ex-secretary arrives in Westbury from Australia to see Jackie, who assumes the worst. Don has left Jackie over £2 million pounds however, in hidden accounts. When Kerry leaves Jackie is initially stunned but is soon elated when she quickly realises the implications of the windfall. Baz unaware he is being watched, deals in drugs at Romeos and is arrested.moreless
    • 318
      Episode 318
      Sophie arrives back at the Bannerman’s after having stayed out all night and Simon returns home to find Fiona there, who tells him she saw him with Sophie. When they argue he brings up the subject of Charles again, calling her a whore. Sophie tells Juliette that nothing happened with Simon and that he bored her until she fell asleep. Simon goes to Romeo’s and gets very drunk, also telling Juliette he didn’t sleep with Sophie and that Fiona had seen them together. Juliette is devastated to see her brother so distressed. Fiona packs a suitcase. Chelsea and Chris say goodbye as they go on separate holidays. Matt warns Baz that the police are interested in him and tells Baz he wants out. He confides in Dot who already knows Baz is very dangerous as he’s threatened her earlier. When Steve ‘phones, Linda refuses to speak to him.moreless
    • 317
      Episode 317
      Linda finds out that Steve has gone and thinks he is at Jackie’s. James is trying to comfort her, but when he criticises their family they fight and Linda throws him out. Chris is going away with a friend. Chelsea overhears him tell Jackie that the Drug Squad are watching Baz, so knowing Matthew is involved she warns him and he agrees to help out at the stables to keep out of the way. Isabelle tries to talk to Simon about his marriage. He, Juliette and Sophie go out for the day. When Fiona returns from the book fair she ‘phones the Bannerman’s to see if he’s there and Isabelle overhears Charles and Fiona on the ‘phone together, finding it unbearable. Fiona then ‘phones Romeos but Juliette lies about Simon being there. He’s in a good mood and has had lots to drink, but then becomes maudlin. Fiona arrives at Romeo’s to see a drunken Sophie and Simon stagger into a taxi where they kiss.moreless
    • 316
      Episode 316
      Jackie tells Chris about Louise and Baz. He later finds the tickets for Chelsea’s holiday and realises she is going to see her parents who are on the run. He goes to the stables and tells her he’ll never leave her and he’ll give up his police career if he has to. Steve tells Linda that his life is a misery. He takes Jackie’s clothes to the flat where they say goodbye. When Linda realises where he’s been, she attacks Steve once more but he’s had enough and leaves the Railway. Sophie invites Simon to go out for the day. Everyone meets at Romeos. Isabelle tells Charles that it’s time to let Simon and Fiona go.moreless
    • 315
      Episode 315
      Tom turns up suddenly and finds Isabelle weeping so he thinks she still loves him. She is shocked to hear his voice and tells him his actions are despicable. She tells him that she was foolish ever to have become involved with him and that she loves Charles more than ever. Distressed, she returns home and shows Charles the letter. At breakfast Linda catches Steve and Jackie kissing and sacks Jackie immediately as well as telling her to leave the pub. In a temper, Jackie tells her they’ve slept together causing a huge row. Jackie tells Linda some home truths and as a parting shot, adds that their dog is dead and is buried in the back garden. James annoys Gary by trying to comfort Linda. Jackie realises she’s upset everyone again. Dex tells Sophie about the escort business and tries to persuade Juliette to continue with it. Juliette, knowing Simon’s relationship with Fiona is tenuous urges Fiona to go away to a Book Fair so that she can manipulate Simon, telling Sophie that Fiona is ruining his life. Jackie moves in with Chris and Chelsea. Chris is puzzled when he finds that Neil is agreeable to Chelsea’s holiday arrangements. Tom alone among the wreckage of his home is devastated.moreless
    • 314
      Episode 314
      Sophie, an old friend of Juliette’s arrives at Romeo’s. Juliette takes her back to the house to stay for a few days. Fiona intends to keep things normal and decides to work from home but Simon is nasty and very awkward, telling her he is unable to trust her. Jackie and Steve spend the day walking and talking at the beach, although he’s told Linda he’s visiting the brewery. He suggests light-heartedly that he and Jackie go away together but she tells him to make a new life on his own, as he doesn’t need her. He confides in Jackie about James. Meanwhile the brewery phones and Linda suspects Steve has been playing poker all day. Tom gives Neil a letter for Isabelle and then wrecks his caravan, setting it alight. After reading the letter, Isabelle is distraught when she visits Tom’s caravan and sees the wreckage.moreless
    • 313
      Episode 313
      Rebecca and Neil lose the house they wanted to buy. Isabelle tries to convince Tom that their relationship is over, but Tom is distraught. Neil intervenes and asks Tom to leave. Isabelle apologises to Neil but he says it’s none of his business. Steve, flirting with Jackie is very cheerful. Jackie tells him to stop, as Linda will get suspicious. He asks her to go out with him on his day off. Chelsea, who can only afford one holiday, lies to Chris about not being able to go away with him. Fiona arrives home to find Simon in a terrible state listening to an expensive new stereo system that he has bought with his father’s money. Charles tells Isabelle how Simon hates him and suggests they tell Simon that she knows about him and Fiona but Isabelle won’t hear of it.moreless
    • 310
      Episode 310
      Jackie goes to see Louise and overhears an unsympathetic Juliette telling Louise that she’s an amateur, causing their friendship to come to an abrupt end. Jackie persuades Louise to go away and make a new start as Chelsea is coping well. Chelsea although initially upset, accepts her decision. Matthew comments to his mother about the awkwardness of the drinks party to which Isabelle agrees. Fiona and Simon plan a cosy weekend alone in the country. Juliette tells Fiona she may be tempted to tell Simon their father is still paying money into her account. James tries to explain to Gary how it feels not having a family. Tom turns up to collect his belongings from the stable and Neil is keen to keep him away from Isabelle who is having a riding lesson. Dot finds pills in Matt’s room and flushes them away.moreless
    • 309
      Episode 309
      Chelsea returns home to find Louise locked in her room and very upset. She sends for Jackie, who comforts Louise and tells her she has been very naive. She is very angry with Juliette and confronts her at the Brasserie, where they end up fighting. A subdued Isabelle invites Simon and Fiona for drinks. Linda begins to feel sorry for James when he tells her about his unhappy childhood.moreless
    • 308
      Episode 308
      Steve wants Gary and James to have a DNA test. Gary knows James is trying to take his place but Linda assures him he has no need to worry. Charles, having lunch with a client meets Fiona and they have a civilised coffee together. Dex sees them and later tells Juliette, who is horrified and begins planning revenge. Louise acts as an escort to Baz and is terrified when, after an enjoyable evening, he is violent to her because she won’t take things further. Matthew counts out pills that he is delivering for Baz knowing they are drugs. Steve and Jackie get closer.moreless
    • 307
      Episode 307
      Chelsea receives a letter from Jane asking the girls to visit, but Chris has already booked a holiday for them both. James encourages Gary to talk about his feelings knowing it will drive him further apart from his father and tries to get closer to Steve by acting more like the son he knows he would prefer. Linda tells Gary about James, who then realises James’s plan. Tom turns up at the Brasserie in a drunken state criticizing the Bannerman family and Juliette tells her parents. Charles who thought he had gone, is upset to find Isabelle has spoken to Tom. Matthew gives them a self-written college report, which impresses them. Chelsea wonders about Louise’s job at Romeo’s when she sees her with an older man.moreless
    • 306
      Episode 306
      Isabelle shows an interest in Matthew and asks to see his college report, so he asks Chelsea to help. Juliette tells her father to stop the payments to Fiona’s account. She ensures that a client of Fiona’s who arrives for lunch at Romeo’s is treated rudely, making things awkward for her. Louise has another date as an escort, which is boring, but safe. Mrs Granby wants to take Michael home and Neil offers to take her in the car. Gary tries to explain his feelings to Steve, who doesn’t want to know.moreless
    • 305
      Episode 305
      Charles stays at home and doesn’t want Isabelle to go out. She calls at the caravan to tell Tom it’s over, but Tom says he’s not giving her up that easily. Charles tells Juliette that her mother knows about his affair and that they are staying together. She and Isabelle talk about the situation and Isabelle tells her not to tell Simon. Juliette hates Fiona for causing all the pain in her family. She pretends to befriend her and Fiona confides to her that Charles is still paying money into her account. Matthew gives up his job with Roly. Rebecca is jealous of Michael, Neil's son. Linda wants James to leave, but he wants a blood test to find out if Steve his real father.moreless
    • 304
      Episode 304
      Isabelle goes to see Tom who begs her to leave Charles. She feels nothing and exhausted, sleeps for a few hours. Charles gets very drunk and goes to the caravan to look for her. He and Tom fight and Charles is injured. Isabelle half carries him back home comforting him and Tom is left alone overwhelmed with grief. Louise has another date. Chris asks Chelsea to go away on holiday with him offering to pay for her. Steve is in torment.moreless
    • 303
      Episode 303
      Isabelle begins to ramble about the past and Charles realises she is ill. He finds out that she has known about his affair with Fiona for a while and he is devastated. He tells her he loves her and how sorry he is, begging her to forgive him. Tom arrives and Isabelle insists Charles lets him in. They tell him they are lovers but at first Charles thinks it’s because Isabelle is trying to hurt him. She tells him of the many times they have made love and when Tom leaves Charles breaks down and begs her to stay.moreless
    • 302
      Episode 302
      Linda and Steve’s past comes back to haunt them when Steve tells her that James thinks he’s their son. James has discovered that his mother thought that he and Gary had been swapped at birth in the hospital. Steve can’t cope with Gary’s revelations. Louise pays her bills using the escort money and apologises to Juliette who gives her more work. Isabelle who is over reacting about everything has the house in turmoil whilst she and Dot attempt to clean it from top to bottom. Charles arrives home in a bad temper after losing a case and is upset at the mess. Isabelle breaks down and tells him that she’s leaving him.moreless
    • 301
      Episode 301
      Gary tells his parents he is gay and Steve is disgusted. He thinks Gary hasn’t had enough experience with girls and Linda blames herself. Gary shocks his father when he tells him he spent his time in Italy involved with a man. Isabelle is eager to be involved with everyone and gushingly flits from one thing to another. Charles is alarmed at her behaviour but is very glad that she’s back home. Dex apologises to Louise for her bad experience and smoothes things over between her and Juliette. James waits up for Steve who has been out drinking. He tells him he thinks he is his son, not Gary.moreless
    • 300
      Episode 300
      Charles is annoyed at having Michael in the house who is disrupting the routine. He goes out for a drink and pours it all out to Tom, who tells him he is lucky. Juliette agrees to the escort business and when they’re double booked she persuades Louise to go on a date with a punter. Louise enjoys the time she spends with her date and naively things the man genuinely likes her. She sleeps with him and is horrified when he gives her money afterwards.She realises what she’s done and how Juliette’s deceived her. Gary and James discuss their different upbringings and how they clashed with their parents. Gary wants to develop his relationship with James but he doesn’t know if James is gay. James guesses that Gary is and urges him to tell his parents. Charles is lost without Isabelle and is relieved when she returns home seeming to be a lot calmer.moreless
    • 299
      Episode 299
      Rachel Granby turns up at the stables with Neil’s son. Amanda has been ill and wants Neil to look after Michael for a while, so Rebecca is upset. Juliette offers Louise work at Romeo’s and Dex tells her how much she can earn as an escort. He tries to persuade Juliette to get into the escort business as he can provide the contacts.moreless
    • 298
      Episode 298
      Isabelle goes away for a few days, leaving Charles and Tom upset. Tom gets drunk. Linda punishes Steve for gambling and won’t allow him out, but when he and Jackie are getting on well together in the bar she gives Jackie the night off. Chelsea and Chris arrive back from a walking holiday and are very happy together. Chelsea is alarmed as they have bills to pay and Louise is spending money on clothing. Neil and Rebecca arrive home to find Isabelle away.moreless
    • 297
      Episode 297
      Isabelle finds out from Simon that Charles has pulled strings to get him the job and that Fiona was the one to pass the information to him. She is in turmoil and Tom allows her to spend time alone at the caravan where she decides to go away for a few days. Charles is very worried about her and confides in Juliette who is flippant with him. Matt, Baz, Steve and Roly play poker in the back room at the Railway, although Jackie warns them that there will be trouble from Linda. Louise at a loose end, takes a job at Romeo’s. Gary and James continue to get on well together.moreless
    • 296
      Episode 296
      Simon spends the day watching TV. Fiona is annoyed with him and tells him to accept the job, but he phones and rejects it. She tells him there’s no future for them if he can’t accept the past. Charles is away and Tom wants Isabelle to spend time with him, but she is confused. He tells her to have some time to herself and sort things out. Dex is impressed with how Louise gets on with the public. Baz talks to Matthew about working for him.moreless
    • 295
      Episode 295
      Rebecca forgets to arrange cover at the stables, forcing Isabelle to have to work with Tom for a few days. Simon goes for the interview and gets the job, but finds out that it was set up and realises his father and Fiona must still be in touch. Neil and Rebecca’s wedding is successful, but Tom notices the tension between some members of the family and Fiona. Simon has a row with Fiona later. Dot sees Matthew at the betting office and agrees to keep his secret from his parents.moreless
    • 294
      Episode 294

      Isabelle sleeps apart from Charles, who is very worried. She goes to see Tom. She is exhausted dealing with all the problems and stress. Rebecca is worried she won't be a good wife. Matthew and Juliette are critical of Neil. Charles continually supports Fiona whenever her name is mentioned. Rebecca asks if Neil can stay. Jackie goes to comfort Louise at the flat, but Louise thinks she has come to gloat over her job loss, which upsets Jackie. Chelsea wants Louise to find another job. Neil and Rebecca make an offer on the house they like and it's accepted. James tells Steve about his life when they go to a football match together. Simon tells his father he has an interview with a law firm, not realising that Charles is involved.

    • 293
      Episode 293
      Charles is happy as Isabelle made a good impression at the party. She is upset that he has taken her for granted yet again and sorry she has let Tom down. Tom is in a terrible state and Isabelle can’t bear all the subterfuge. Matthew delivers a parcel for Roly’s friend Bazza. Juliette phones Dex, asking him to return and promising he can have time off to continue with his escort work. Neil and Rebecca see a house they like and Neil asks Simon to be best man. Fiona tells Simon the information that Charles has given her, pretending she found out about it from a work colleague. Louise gets the sack from her job.moreless
    • 292
      Episode 292
      Fiona gets a job as a literary agent and her and Simon are happier. He contemplates contacting the law firm Fiona has mentioned. Dex wants time off to work as an escort, but Juliette won’t cooperate so he walks out of Romeos. James befriends Gary, telling him he is alone and Linda warns him about Jackie’s desire to bag a man. Tom is still desperate to speak to Isabelle and she arranges to see him that evening, but Charles needs her to attend a function that will improve his career prospects. She is unable to let Tom know and he is very upset.moreless
    • 291
      Episode 291
      Charles is concerned that Simon is out of work and calls to see Fiona to see if they can help, but Simon rejects him. When he sees Fiona at the stables later, he reiterates that he wants to help Simon get a job, telling her of a possible lead he may have. She is uncomfortable talking to Charles and Tom who sees them together realises Fiona was his mistress. Tom is desperate to talk things over with Isabelle. Neil and Rebecca go to see the vicar and he agrees to marry them. Matt’s boss Roly finds out that Matthew is not called Simon, but keeps him on. A young man turns up at the Railway and takes a room.moreless
    • 290
      Episode 290
      Isabelle goes to the caravan and breaks down telling Tom about Charles’ affair, why she took him to the hotel and how the half of her family who know about the affair are continually deceiving her. Tom says he can accept her having used him but can’t live without her, when she tells him she can’t carry on with their relationship. When Louise visits him at the stables the same time as Isabelle arrives, he treats her badly. He later tries to apologise to Louise who thinks he has changed his mind about her, but is doubly insulted when he rejects her a second time. Linda encourages Gary to go out and find a young girl when she continues to think there is something between him and Jackie. Fiona wants to rekindle the friendship between her and Juliette and asks for a job at Romeo’s as Simon has lost his job, but Juliette ignores the question. Juliette finds out that Dex is an escort when he meets a client in Romeo’s and takes her home. Neil’s divorce is through and he and Rebecca begin to look for a housemoreless
    • 285
      Episode 285
      Isabelle is still acting oddly and rebuffs Charles who is very worried about her. Tom is waiting to hear from her and is in a bad mood. He goes to see her to find out how she feels about him as he tells her he loves her, but she tells him she can’t deal with it for the time being. Rebecca tells Isabelle that Tom has taken Louise out for a second time. Jackie and Gary continue to be close and he admits to her that he thinks he is gay.moreless
    • 284
      Episode 284
      When Charles wakes up he is alarmed to find Isabelle walking in the grounds of the hotel. He joins her and she tells him to take her home, as she can’t see a future with him. He is very concerned at her state of mind. Dot is disgusted to find Dex has stayed the night. She visits Chelsea and Louise at the flat and meets Chelsea’s boyfriend Chris. Linda thinks Jackie is after her son when she sees them getting on so well. Louise is bored and is delighted when Tom asks her out as Dex persuades him that his second choice is better than no-one.moreless
    • 283
      Episode 283
      Tom is concerned when Fiona tells him about Isabelle’s present to Charles and questions her about it. They talk about the difficulties of having relationships with people who are married. Simon goes to Romeo’s to meet Fiona and everyone senses the tension between them. Juliette is amused and surreptitiously encourages the discord. Charles prepares for a romantic evening, but Isabelle is very upset when they talk about their marriage and any doubts there may have been and Charles doesn’t admit his affair to her. Juliette takes Dex home to stay the night.moreless
    • 282
      Episode 282
      Isabelle has spent the night with Tom and then tells him that it’s her silver wedding anniversary. He wants them to spend more nights together. Charles gives her a beautiful eternity ring and she tells him he’ll receive his present later. Chelsea buys food for the housewarming party and is horrified to find it uncooked when the oven doesn’t work. Tom saves the day and they have an enjoyable time, but Tom tells a hopeful Louise that he is involved with someone. Gary confides in Jackie. The dinner party is awkward and Isabelle gives Charles his present, which is a weekend in the same hotel where he spent time with Fiona.moreless
    • 281
      Episode 281
      Gary tries to make peace between his mother and Jackie and the situation improves slightly. Louise lays down some house rules to Chelsea and they decide to hold a housewarming party, asking Chris and Tom. Simon apologises to Fiona for his behaviour. Isabelle goes to London for the day to prepare for her anniversary dinner the next evening and Neil is suspicious when she phones to say she is has missed the last train, but then he sees Tom in the Railway with Louise. He decides to keep his doubts to himself when Rebecca is sure there’s nothing going on. When Tom arrives back at the caravan, Isabelle is waiting for him.moreless
    • 279
      Episode 279
      Chelsea and Louise move into their new flat. Neil spends his time checking up on Isabelle and stalking Tom, much to Rebecca’s annoyance. He goes to Tom’s caravan to see him and finds Isabelle together. She is supposed to be at French class. He finally tells Rebecca about his suspicions, but she doesn’t believe him. Gary makes a fuss of Sam and Jackie warms to him.moreless
    • 278
      Episode 278
      Linda and Steve’s son arrives home from Italy and she makes a big fuss of him. When Isabelle manages to get away to spend the evening with Tom, Neil asks him out so they can’t be together, which infuriates Rebecca as she arranged to meet Neil. Tom is irritated at the inane questions asked by Neil and is really bored with his company. Neil tries to fix him up with Louise. Isabelle goes to the Brasserie where the young ones are discussing silver wedding plans. She invites Fiona and Simon back to the house where there the atmosphere is very awkward. Charles realises that Fiona and Simon are having difficulties. Chelsea is sad, as it is her last night in her old home.moreless
    • 277
      Episode 277
      Neil hints to Becky that her parent’s marriage isn’t perfect when she talks of plans to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Linda and Steve go out, leaving Jackie in charge of their beloved dog, but he escapes and gets run over. She later tells Chelsea she’s buried him in the back garden. Matt begins to get a grasp of the business. Louise shows an interest in Tom. Tom goes to the Bannerman house to fix a leaking tap and ends up kissing Isabelle passionately.moreless
    • 276
      Episode 276
      Matthew continues to learn the ropes, but almost loses Roly money when he fails to pass on a message in time. Isabelle asks Charles to see the vicar for Neil and Rebecca, but he forgets and comes home full of good news about his career. He is disappointed to learn that Isabelle is going out yet again. Juliette begins to stir up trouble between Fiona and Simon when she tells Fiona how Simon has confided in her about a row they’ve had and Fiona is upset. Jackie gently flirts with Steve, getting on well with him. He offers her a job in the bar as well as preparing the food. Isabelle goes to the stables to see Tom and Neil sees them kissing passionately. Louise gets a flat, as she can’t cope with the constant bickering between Jackie and the Harvey’s. She reluctantly agrees that Chelsea can move in with her.moreless
    • 269
      Episode 269
      Linda is horrid to Jackie and when Frank turns up he is barred. To prove a point Jackie invites him in to the living quarters and he ends up looking after Sam all afternoon as part of Jackie’s protest. An unhappy Isabelle goes to see Tom at the stables and he realises that Charles has cheated on her. Dex and Juliette come to a mutual arrangement and Dex realises his place. Charles is disgusted with her for staying out all night with Dex and Isabelle tells him he shouldn’t have different standards for his children. Chelsea feels alone.moreless
    • 268
      Episode 268
      The new managers arrive at the Railway with a large Alsatian dog in tow. The wife is very shrew like and critical of everything, although her and her husband seem to get on well. She argues with Jackie who takes the night off and goes to Romeo’s opening night. Chris is the only one to turn up in fancy dress. Isabelle gets drunk and when Charles is attentive to Fiona she spills her drink on Fiona’s dress. Dex makes an impact with his sexy dance routine and Charles is horrified at the debauchery he’s funding. Jackie gets drunk and weepy and Frank goes to the Railway to stick up for her but ends up being barred out. Jackie arrives home to be greeted by the large dog. He won’t let her go upstairs, so she spends the night on the sofa. Juliette makes it clear to Louise that Dex is her property.moreless
    • 267
      Episode 267
      Jackie is ignoring the girls as she has had a rough time the night before in the bar. Someone calls to see her from the Brewery and tells her that although she’s doing a good job, a manager is to be employed in her place. Matthew invites Juliette to the opening of the Brasserie and tells Chris it’s fancy dress. Rebecca and Neil call round to see Fiona and Simon who are very bored with their company. Isabelle is very tense and snaps at everyone.moreless
    • 267
      Episode 267
      Jackie is ignoring the girls as she has had a rough time the night before in the bar. Someone calls to see her from the Brewery and tells her that although she’s doing a good job, a manager is to be employed in her place. Matthew invites Juliette to the opening of the Brasserie and tells Chris it’s fancy dress. Rebecca and Neil call round to see Fiona and Simon who are very bored with their company. Isabelle is very tense and snaps at everyone.moreless
    • 266
      Episode 266
      Jackie is upset with Chelsea and Louise for arranging to go out on the same evening when the bar is so busy. Dot arrives to give her a hand, but is unfamiliar with the bar work and chats to a customer, making it obvious that Jackie is struggling to manage. Charles has cooked dinner for Isabelle and is disappointed to find she’s going out with an old friend. Tom has made a wonderful meal for Isabelle and they end up making love at the caravan. Fiona phones the house and says she wants to talk to Charles as he has continued to pay money into her account. He goes to her house and she tells him she wants it to stop, but he wants to help them both and tells her he still loves her. When he returns home both he and Isabelle lie to each other about their evenings. Chelsea, Chris and Louise and Juliette have both gone to the same nightclub. Juliette is looking for a bar manager and she offers Dex a job. Chris and Chelsea get on very well.moreless
    • 265
      Episode 265
      Tom calls at the house and is invited to dinner with Isabelle and Charles. Charles doesn’t realise Isabelle is flirting with Tom and Isabelle enjoys deceiving him. Charles offers Tom a handyman’s job in the house. When he goes out of the room Tom kisses Isabelle. Matthew is still learning the ropes but almost costs his boss a lot of money. He loses his first wages on a bet. Juliette is very cynical of men and marriage. Chelsea tells Frank she’s heard from her mother and Jackie is overworked in the bar.moreless
    • 264
      Episode 264
      Charles returns to Fiona’s pretending he has left some keys the night before. He tells her he’ll always be there for her. Rebecca tells the family that she and Neil plan to marry and Charles lectures Neil about being a good husband. Jackie needs help in the bar. Chris turns up at the stables just as Jane phones Chelsea from overseas. Chelsea promises to go out with him to get rid of him so she can tell the others about the call. Simon hates his job, his colleagues and is also unhappy with the house they have rented.moreless
    • 263
      Episode 263
      Tom goes to see Isabelle at the house and they both agree that they enjoyed the night before and what happened between them. The family attend Simon and Fiona’s housewarming party and the atmosphere is very strained. Isabelle is very tense and talks of wanting to buy Fiona’s flat. She leaves early and goes to the stables where she and Tom make love. Matthew starts work and Jackie takes over as temporary manager of the Railway. Chris the policeman sends Chelsea some flowers and although Rebecca is angry with Isabelle for telling Neil about the baby, she decides to take him back.moreless
    • 262
      Episode 262
      Isabelle tries to stay calm and persuades Simon and Fiona to have a housewarming party against their wishes. Neil goes to see her about Rebecca and when she finally breaks down in front of him, he assumes it’s because she wants them to get back together and he promises to love Rebecca. Matthew gets a lift to college and gets out only half way there. He is standing outside a betting office when the owner arrives, assuming Matthew has come about a job. Matthew tells the owner his name is Simon and he’s over eighteen, so is employed. Isabelle goes to the stables where she talks to Tom and agrees to go to the pub with him later. When he walks her back home, she kisses him goodnight and he is shocked. The policeman makes it clear to Chelsea that he likes her, but she rebuffs him. Simon starts his new job selling crisps.moreless
    • 261
      Episode 261
      Simon and Fiona leave the flat and Isabelle is left there on her own to think of the many times that the ‘secret lover’ has been mentioned. She looks at the wedding photos and remembers how Charles was so unhappy about Simon’s relationship with Fiona and realises that Juliette and Simon know that Charles was the older man. Rebecca is very angry with her for interfering in her life and telling Neil about the baby. Jackie tells Louise how worried she is that they may lose the pub and about the state Larry was in. Louise gently warns Chelsea that they might not return.moreless
    • 260
      Episode 260
      Frank tells the others about Jane and Larry, pretending everything is fine, but confides in Jackie about Larry’s mental state and his injured hand. One of the policemen is nice to Chelsea. Charles tells Isabelle that he has agreed to buy Sydney’s as an investment and Julia is to run it. Isabelle has been to see Neil in London and tells him Rebecca is pregnant and he returns immediately. Isabelle goes round to the flat to help Fiona and Simon pack and she finds a card amongst her books, which is from Charles and has a loving inscription inside.moreless
    • 257
      Episode 257
      Frank goes to the Railway looking for Jane but she’s at the cash and carry supermarket. Her picks her up there and when she gets in his van she finds Larry in the back. He has escaped from prison and injured his hand badly. Charles tells Simon that Juliette is benefiting from the sale of the flat as he is buying the Brasserie. Simon and Fiona decide to rent a small house.moreless
    • 256
      Episode 256
      Rebecca tells her father she is pregnant and he thinks she should let Neil know. Juliette is delighted when the flat sells immediately, which means Simon and Fiona need to find somewhere to live. Jane goes out for a meal with Bill, although Chelsea tries to stop them. They have a great time and Bill would like them to be more than friends but Jane makes it clear she loves Larry.moreless
    • 255
      Episode 255
      When Simon and Fiona arrive home, Charles asks them to leave the flat. They tell Juliette who in front of her father, tells Isabelle and Matthew. Fiona gets more work proof reading and Simon gets a job as a salesman, selling crisps. Both his parents are very upset that he’s wasting his education. Rebecca is very moody at work, although Tom is doing well at the stables and she later tells her mother she is pregnant. Chelsea is worried that something will happen between her mother and Bill as they plan to go out together for a meal. The dodgy videos turn out to be biology videos and Frank and Bill donate them to schools.moreless
    • 254
      Episode 254
      Matthew goes to college but leaves without enrolling. He later pretends he has many books to read for his courses. Isabelle and Charles go to Fiona’s flat with food and fresh flowers to prepare for their homecoming. Charles is lost in thought and is in a melancholy mood. Isabelle assumes it’s because his children are growing up and leaving home. She comforts him and they make love on Fiona’s bed. Frank is worried that Bill and Jane have a ‘past’ but Jane assures him there’s nothing to worry about. Isabelle hires Dot as a cleaner.moreless
    • 253
      Episode 253
      Juliette asks Charles to go with her to view Sydney’s and he is horrified when he finds out she expects him to pay for it, as she knows he has money invested in Fiona’s flat. Chelsea questions Jane about her past relationship with Bill, which was innocent all those years ago. Bill is dealing in dodgy videos and Frank is worried about keeping them at the Railway. Bill tells Jackie they are doing charity work. Matt talks of enrolling at college.moreless
    • 252
      Episode 252
      Isabelle and Charles are very happy. Isabelle helps Rebecca interview for a stable hand and they employ Tom, a language graduate who enjoys casual work. Isabelle shows him around the stables and surrounding area, as Rebecca is busy. Juliette is turned down for a job and complains to Charles about him helping Rebecca and not her. Louise suggests she works for herself and the idea of owning Sydney’s appeals to her. Frank turns up at the Railway with his friend who turns out to be an old boyfriend of Jane’s. Jane is helping Dot to clean Sydney’s when Juliette arrives and arrogantly insists on viewing the place.moreless
    • 251
      Episode 251
      Charles tells Matthew he must sort his life out. He asks Rebecca for a job at the stables but she turns him down, so he tells Charles he is going to enrol at Sixth Form College. Charles agrees to pay for a stable lad to help Rebecca. Dot is lonely and Jane comforts her. Frank asks if his friend can stay at the pub for a few days, but Jane says no. He then asks Jackie who says yes.moreless
    • 250
      Episode 250
      Matt and Chelsea call at Sydney’s after the wedding to find it in a terrible mess. Chelsea is on the phone to Jane when the police arrive and take them to the police station for questioning. Isabelle is angry with Charles for his disinterest in the wedding and they argue. Matthew phones from the police station and Charles jumps to the wrong conclusion. The police tell Louise and Jane that Diana has been killed and Charles later offers to identify the body informally. Juliette tells her father she’ll continually harass him about his affair.moreless
    • 249
      Episode 249
      Charles is reluctant to mingle with the relatives or have his photograph taken at the wedding. He tries to talk to Fiona, but she avoids him. Isabelle persuades Charles to make a speech and all three speeches are odd. Louise tells Anton he should say goodbye to Diana properly and when he returns to Sydney’s she’s trashed the place. As a parting shot, he gives her Andrew and Amanda’s address, which he previously withheld from her for fear of upsetting her. He leaves for the airport and Diana sets off home to Dot’s house in torrential rain. She crashes the car into a train at a level crossing.moreless
    • 248
      Episode 248
      Anton tells Diana he’s putting the business sup for sale as they’re bankrupt and he’s going back to Australia. She thinks she‘s going with him, but he’s just made reservations for himself. When Anton’s gone, Diana smashes the place up. Charles is very unhappy on the day of the wedding. He tries to persuade Fiona not to through with it as he knows Simon won’t be able to cope with what’s happened. However, Simon is jubilant and they get married.moreless
    • 247
      Episode 247
      Anton goes to the Railway and tells Louise he’s leaving to go back to Australia, as he can’t take any more. Charles goes to Fiona’s flat on the eve of her wedding and begs her not to marry Simon. He tells her he loves her and will give up his wife and family for her. She doesn’t want him and his visit frightens her.moreless
    • 236
      Episode 236
      Anton gets rid of all the alcohol at Dot’s house. When Diana gets up, she has a blinding headache and he reminds her how she’s behaved and the information she’s given Jane. He says she must go to the Railway and apologise. He tells her he’s had enough.
    • 235
      Episode 235
      Jane is worried that Jackie will leave with Liam. Anton has cash flow problems and when Diana continues to drink, they argue in front of the customers. She drunkenly tells Jane in the Railway that Louise intended to marry Andrew in order to stay in Australia and that she’d also had a relationship with Don McLeod. Jane is devastated and the family are very upset with Diana. Jackie tells Anton that he and Diana are no longer welcome at the Railway. Juliette confirms Fiona’s suspicions when she tells her that she thinks Simon is only marrying her to get back at Charles.moreless
    • 234
      Episode 234
      The engagement party is a disaster. Juliette gets drunk and drops hints making it difficult for everyone. Matthew tells embarrassing jokes and Fiona is angry with Simon, as he appears to be revelling in the situation. Isabelle suggests that Charles gives Fiona away. Jane arrives home earlier than expected and is greeted with a picture of cosy domesticity- Liam holding the baby surrounded by her family.moreless
    • 233
      Episode 233
      Anton takes Diana to the cemetery in the hope that she’ll realise that the past is gone and he is her present. Diana tells Rebecca that Neil has seen Sue. When she confronts Neil about it, he tells her Sue thinks there’s a chance for reconciliation. Rebecca finishes with him and he leaves. Fiona wants a small wedding, but things are getting out of hand. Louise gets promotion at work and Jackie tells her and Chelsea that she and Liam are just friends.moreless
    • 232
      Episode 232
      Isabelle is swept up with wedding arrangements. Fiona and Simon arrange a meal for their engagement. Jackie tells Liam her life story. Anton tells Diana to keep away from their business as she’s always drunk, but they end up arguing again in front of their customers. Chelsea lets slip that Sue Thompson has seen Andrew, which makes things worse. Neil doesn’t tell Rebecca he’s seen Sue Thompson.moreless
    • 231
      Episode 231

      Diana and Sue talk at the graveside and Sue blames Diana for Mike's death and her life now. Sue finds out Diana is married and living and working in Westbury. Diana is so upset at Sue's accusations, she goes straight home and starts to drink to blot out her feelings. Anton is very busy at the café and needs help and Ruby phones from Australia to say the house has fallen through. Out of spite, Sue goes to Sydney's and tells Anton where Diana has been. He is very hurt and realises Diana can't forget Mike and wanted to be close to him in Westbury. He realises there's no future for them. Neil apologises to Rebecca for blaming her for the death of the horse and Charles tells Isabelle to stop interfering in their children's lives.

    • 230
      Episode 230
      Diana hears a record on the radio and starts thinking of Mike, as it would have been his birthday. Sue Thompson is on her way back to Westbury to place flowers on Mike’s grave. Neil meets her on the train coming back from London and Sue tells him how Amanda would still have him back, making him feel uncertain about Rebecca. She knows where Amanda is and shows him a picture of his son. He tells Rebecca that it was a wasted journey and is upset to find Amanda’s horse has been destroyed. Diana lies to Anton telling him that she is going to the cemetery to leave flowers on her father’s grave. Laying the flowers on Mike’s grave, she meets Sue. Simon tells his parents that he is not going to Durham, but is going to get a job and he and Fiona are getting married immediately. Isabelle begins making elaborate wedding plans. Louise apologises to Anton.moreless
    • 228
      Episode 228
      Fiona goes to the Bannerman house to see Simon and tells him she loves him. He says he doesn’t love her although she knows he does. He goes for a walk in the centre of Manchester where he took Fiona on their first date and sees lots of loving couples together, which bring back memories. He goes to her flat and proposes marriage, to which she agrees. Louise is annoyed with Jackie as she allows Liam to think that Sam is Jane’s son. He asks her to help him sort his mother’s effects and Louise agrees to look after the bar. Matthew rides Amanda’s horse Blaze without permission and falls, breaking his arm. The horse is injured and has to be destroyed.moreless
    • 227
      Episode 227
      Anton and Diana are pleased to have the house to themselves and are getting on really well together. Fiona rings Simon at his home, but he puts the phone down on her. Juliette who is cynical about everything goes to her flat and tells her to keep away from him. Liam asks Jackie to go for a meal with him, but as she can’t get a babysitter he stays at the pub and talks to her there. Neil goes to London to try and trace Amanda.moreless
    • 226
      Episode 226
      Charles tells Simon and Juliette that he loves their mother and begs them again not to tell her. They agree to spare her feelings. Rebecca is puzzled as everyone seems to be in a bad temper and Charles apologises to her for his attitude when asked for help tracing Amanda. Fiona turns up at the stables and Juliette says she’s not welcome. Dot decides to go away for three weeks to stay with her friend. Neil finds out Amanda is not registered in Australia, so decides to find out if she is in England. Liam Wells turns up at the Railway.moreless
    • 225
      Episode 225
      Jane goes to America. Louise goes to Sydney’s on Diana’s night off and lets Anton know that she’s interested in him, but he doesn’t want to know. Fiona turns up at Charles’ office to tell him she loves Simon. She wants to know if Simon has returned and to find out what’s happening. Isabelle is desperate to know what’s wrong with her family and asks Rebecca, who also doesn’t know. At lunch, Simon tells her he found Fiona with the ‘other man’.moreless
    • 224
      Episode 224
      Isabelle is very relieved when Simon returns home, but puzzled about Charles’ behaviour. Charles begs Simon not to tell his mother. Simon calls at the law firm to say that he and Juliette won’t tell their mother, but for her sake not his. Diana and Anton are much happier and she plans to spend some of the profit from the house in Australia when the sale is finalised. Chelsea gives her mother the ticket to visit the States as she thinks Jane needs a break. Louise is growing closer to Jackie.moreless
    • 223
      Episode 223
      Jackie and co. give Chelsea a birthday present and later they hold a surprise party for her. She receives a ticket to America from her brother. Diana assures Dot they still need her although they’ve now employed Chelsea as well. Isabelle is distressed at Simon’s non-return and Juliette urges her father to tell her mother the truth to put her out of her misery. Simon calls at Fiona’s and tells her to go to hell.moreless
    • 222
      Episode 222
      Simon still hasn’t returned. Isabelle knowing Fiona is distressed goes round to comfort her and to find about about Simon. Fiona thinks Isabelle knows. Isabelle later tells Charles how much Fiona loves Simon and he phones Fiona leaving messages on her answer machine, but she won’t speak to him. Diana decides to give up drinking. Matt takes Chelsea to Sydney’s for lunch. Charles contacts a colleague in Australia for Neil to search for Amanda.moreless
    • 221
      Episode 221
      As Simon hasn’t returned, Charles phones Fiona to ask if he’s with her. Fiona is distraught, but Charles is unconcerned. Juliette goes round to comfort her and Fiona tells her the ‘other man’ is her father. Juliette is also very upset and angry and confronts Charles. Neil calls at an inopportune moment to ask Charles for his help in tracing Amanda. Isabelle is concerned about Charles’ state of mind and wants to help him. Louise, Jackie and Jane plan a birthday surprise for Chelsea.moreless
    • 220
      Episode 220
      Charles has been to see Fiona. They have agreed to remain friends and he tells her that there is no need for her to vacate the flat. Trying a different tactic, he tells Isabelle in front of Simon about a job with a law firm in Birmingham. Isabelle lends Simon her car so he can go to the interview that afternoon. He decides not to go and instead spends his time with Fiona. Charles calls round her flat and Simon discovers the identity of her older lover. He leaves the flat in a hurry, very angry and upset and drives away. Charles is horrified and rushes home to stop him telling Isabelle, but Simon isn’t there. Diana finds the mundane work at the Brasserie tiresome and offers Chelsea a part time job.moreless
    • 218
      Episode 218
      Charles is in a terrible mood and takes it out on Matthew, which upsets Isabelle. Fiona packing her things at the flat and openly phones the Bannerman house and asks Simon to visit her. Neil gives Chelsea a week off because of her injury and she spends it with Matthew. Jane is upset to find she was unaware of Daniel’s treatment of Chelsea and thanks Jackie for looking after her. Diana goes to see a house, but Anton would rather use the money for advertising their business. Charles takes Isabelle to Sydney’s, but Diana and Anton argue loudly in front of all the customers. Anton goes to the Railway and talks to Louise. Simon stays at Fiona’s flat.moreless
    • 217
      Episode 217
      Chelsea tells Daniel that their relationship is over. They argue and Daniel struggles with her. Matthew comes to her aid and Neil sacks Daniel. Diana agrees to contact Neil if she finds out where Andrew is. She continually drinks and Anton is angry with her for not supporting him at lunchtime. He tells her the business is going under. Charles goes to Fiona’s and tells her he knows about Simon and orders her to get rid of him. Neil asks Charles if he can help to trace Amanda for him. Isabelle warns Rebecca to be careful as he may be on the rebound.moreless
    • 216
      Episode 216
      Charles is very suspicious when Simon stays out all night. He takes time off work and waits outside Fiona’s apartment. When he sees her leave he lets himself in. His suspicions are aroused and he watches the apartment for the rest of the day. Fiona and Simon return together and he watches them kissing before drawing the curtains, knowing they’re about to make love. Rebecca goes to Sydney’s and smoothes things over with Diana telling her Neil’s reasons for wanting to sort his life out. Jackie talks to Chelsea about Daniel’s possessiveness.moreless
    • 214
      Episode 214
      Isabelle notices Chelsea’s bruises at the stables and goes to the Railway to tell Jane. Chelsea is angry with her for interfering. Jackie goes to the stables to confront Daniel. Thrilled about Simon and Fiona, Juliette drops big hints about their relationship in front of Charles. Simon want his relationship out in the open, so Fiona finally tells him and Juliette that the older man is a friend of the family and that is why it has to remain a secret. Charles tells his family he is sick of supporting them all and they should find jobs to occupy their time.moreless
    • 213
      Episode 213
      Anton assures Dot he loves Diana and Dot apologises to him for speaking out of turn, realising she’s been interfering. Diana and Anton make up and she tells him she has decided to sell the house in Sydney so they can buy somewhere in Cheshire and be alone, which Dot understands. Jackie has a chat with Chelsea, telling her she should enjoy her life. Matt invites her out for another car ride, but Chelsea refuses, as she knows it will make Daniel jealous. Daniel is later rough with Chelsea again. Juliette goes round to Fiona’s and when Fiona pops out on an errand, Juliette hears Simon’s voice on her answer machine and realises they’re still seeing each other. When she confronts Simon about it, she finds out Matthew already knew and is angry. Rebecca tells Isabelle that she thinks Neil may be on the point of proposing.moreless
    • 212
      Episode 212
      Daniel goes to the Bannerman’s house to borrow a suit of Simon’s for the christening, although Chelsea doesn’t want him to go. Diana wallows in self-pity and in a drunken state tells Dot about Anton’s unfaithfulness with Kerry, which makes Dot suspicious every time an attractive female enters the Brasserie. Diana leaves Anton alone to cope with the lunchtime rush and he is angry.moreless
    • 211
      Episode 211
      Matthew takes Chelsea out for a ride in a Porsche that he’s supposed to be parking for a client at the stables, making Daniel jealous. He knocks food and drink over Chelsea. Jackie notices that she is having problems. The prison won’t allow Larry to be released so that he can be Sam’s godfather. Simon tells Matthew that he’s going out with Fiona, but to keep it to himself. Fiona is nervous when Charles calls round.moreless
    • 210
      Episode 210
      Matt covers for Simon when Juliette and his parents question Simon’s whereabouts and Simon and Fiona have slept together for the first time. When Charles goes to her flat to see her, he almost catches them together. Charles tries to persuade his friend William and wife Beth not to say anything about his absences twice a week at Lodge meetings, but Beth drops hints to Isabelle. Diana is drinking too much and unfairly accuses Anton of flirting. She tries to get an appointment to see Louise’s boss, but Louise tells her she thinks the designs are old fashioned, which makes her worse. Anton drowns his sorrows at the Railway.moreless
    • 209
      Episode 209
      Jane buys Sam a christening robe and is so wrapped up in the event that she doesn’t notice what’s happening to Chelsea. Daniel is sorry, but Chelsea tells him their relationship is over, although they end up getting back together because she feels sorry for him. Neil sends her home from work, so she visits Larry with Jane. Jackie writes to Larry asking him to be godfather, letting Jane know she’s having Sam christened. Juliette encourages Fiona to go out with Simon and arranges for them to meet. He accepts that she won’t give up her older man. Isabelle invites friends to dinner.moreless
    • 208
      Episode 208
      Simon can’t understand his father’s attitude about his social life, when Charles questions him about Fiona. When Charles visits Fiona later, she tells him that she’s jealous of his relationship with Isabelle and they reconcile. Jane wants Jackie who is homesick to have Sam christened, but she isn’t keen. Daniel is jealous of Chelsea and Matthew’s friendship and when they argue about his possessiveness he strikes Chelsea and marks her face. Anton is sick of living with Dot and annoyed when she interferes in his business.moreless
    • 207
      Episode 207
      Isabelle plans a dinner party. An insecure Charles takes Fiona to the railway station. He apologises to her for his suspicions. When he drives away, Fiona returns home instead of going to London and prepares a meal for Simon, who lies to his parents, telling them he’s going out with a friend. Charles is very affectionate towards Isabelle and decides to take her out for a meal. A chance remark of Isabelle’s confirms Charles’ suspicions that Simon and Fiona are seeing each other. Fiona is upset when Simon tells her of his parents love for each other. He is angry when he finds out that she’s lied to the older man and tells her to choose between them.moreless
    • 205
      Episode 205
      Jane walks in on the family argument and becomes even more upset. She takes over looking after Sam, which doesn’t please Jackie. Fiona tells Charles who has just returned from London, that she also has to go there for a few days the following week. They are happy together, but she has arranged to meet Simon. Charles is angry and pretends Isabelle is against the relationship. Simon takes her into Manchester and they have a picnic and he shows her the architecture. She gives him mixed signals and he asks her to tell the older man it’s over. Charles tells Matthew to sort himself out. He goes to the stables annoying Daniel who is jealous because he amuses Chelsea. Daniel wants them to move in together, but she won’t.moreless
    • 204
      Episode 204
      Dot tries to alter the menu at Sydney’s annoying Anton further. Tim invites Neil out to lunch with him and Rebecca to show how close they used to be, which causes an argument later. Rebecca tries to convince Neil she no longer has feelings for Tim. Fiona is annoyed with Juliette for setting her and Simon up, but Juliette tells her she shouldn’t be tied down to her other relationship and needs to be more spontaneous. Diana is jealous when Anton pays attention to the girls.moreless
    • 203
      Episode 203
      Charles is cool with Fiona, but she assures him there’s no reason to doubt her. Charles apologises to Simon and asks Isabelle to tell him to stop seeing Fiona. Louise starts work, but won’t take in Diana’s portfolio. Jane has counselling and cheers up. Tim books a riding lesson so that he can see Rebecca and Neil is jealous. Tim asks her out to lunch. Dot’s three elderly friends turn up at Sydney’s for coffee, much to Anton’s disgust.moreless
    • 202
      Episode 202
      Tim goes to the Bannerman house and apologises to Isabelle for all the trouble he caused standing up Rebecca at her wedding. Louise gets the job as a buyer and Diana wants her to take in her designs and show the management, although privately Louise thinks that they are old fashioned. When Louise criticises Jackie, Diana explains how hard it was having an illegitimate child in the 60’s. Dot annoys Anton in the Brasserie. Simon turns up at the restaurant to meet Fiona alone. She almost leaves when she finds out that Juliette has set them up but eventually begins to enjoy herself with him. Charles is angry when he finds out what’s happened and waits up for Simon to return home. Simon is disgusted when Charles asks him personal questions about their evening.moreless
    • 201
      Episode 201
      Simon tells Juliette how much he likes Fiona and how she’s not interested, so Juliette plans for them to meet again and arranges a meal in a restaurant. Charles questions Rebecca about the previous evening, checking up on Fiona. Louise thinks Jackie is very irresponsible, but Jackie settles into the bar work. Tim turns up at the stables to see Rebecca, but she rejects him.moreless
    • 200
      Episode 200
      At home, Dot fusses round Anton and Diana and then turns up at Sydney’s to help out. Louise checks the finances and distributes the work at the Railway between the others whilst she has an interview for a job as a buyer. Neil moves in to his new apartment and Rebecca helps him choose the furnishings. Neil and Rebecca make love. Charles is suspicious of Fiona when all the youngsters go out to a nightclub and Simon takes Fiona home. An old flame of Rebecca’s turns up.moreless
    • 199
      Episode 199
      Louise takes charge and tells everyone to get on with their lives as normal. Jane opens the pub and Isabelle comes to offer her sympathy. Frank, Larry’s friend is also supportive. Simon gets a 2.1 degree from Cambridge University. Neil finds himself a house and treats everyone to champagne at the Brasserie. Diana and Anton go home to find that Dot has returned from her sister’s.moreless
    • 198
      Episode 198
      Brian, Jade and Paul go back to Australia. It’s the day of the trial. Larry puts his case forward telling the jury how he and Jane brought Louise up as their own and it was the threat of her finding out that caused him to hit Don, which killed him. Charles defending him gives an eloquent speech, but Larry is found guilty and sent to prison for five years.moreless
    • 197
      Episode 197
      Brian has just found out that Louise is Jackie and Larry’s child and realises his relationship with Jackie is over. Jackie tells Jade and Paul she’s staying in England, but they both want to go back to Australia. Brian asks Jane to look after her. Jane and the girls visit Larry before his trial. Fiona is expecting Charles, but Simon turns up and Fiona is frightened Simon will see him, so they go out. Charles is there when she returns and is annoyed. Daniel has heard about Larry’s trial and returns, but Chelsea tells him she just wants to be friends.moreless
    • 196
      Episode 196
      Charles buys a scarf for Isabelle at the hotel. Fiona tells him she would like to spend more time with him. Paul tells Chelsea that he doesn’t want to stay, but Jackie is staying until after the trial. Brian who still hopes they can be a family again agrees to wait until then. Anton is nervous about lunchtime, but it is a success. Chelsea and Louise visit Larry and give him their support.moreless
    • 195
      Episode 195
      Diana invites everyone to Sydney’s opening night. Neil buys Rebecca an exact copy of a dress once worn by Amanda for the party. Matthew goes to the opening of the Brasserie, which is a success. Jane goes to see Charles to find out how long he thinks Larry will be in prison, but he is away. She tells a sympathetic Isabelle about her difficulties, but Isabelle can’t help. Charles is in a 5 star hotel in the Peak District with Fiona.moreless
    • 194
      Episode 194
      Jane goes to see Larry and he tells her not to wait for him and find someone else, but she assures him she loves him. He won’t admit to the reason for hitting Don. Brian arrives with a reluctant Jade. Charles seems concerned when Juliette and Fiona return home from Cyprus and hint at their conquests. Fiona assures him there is nothing to worry about and wants to spend more time with him. They plan a weekend away and Fiona tells Juliette she’s spending it with a maiden Aunt. Neil allows Rebecca to ride Amanda’s horse.moreless
    • 193
      Episode 193
      Everyone blames Jackie for Larry’s situation and they ostracize her. She goes to see Larry and he also rejects her. Kerry tells Brian that Don his dead and talks of how wonderful it was working for him. Brian phones Jackie and she asks him to go to the UK. Jane is very upset and Chelsea and Louise vow to support and help her.moreless
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