Family Affair

CBS (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • You Can Fight City Hall
      Buffy, Jody and their friend Ricky find a vacant lot where they can play, until the city decides to put a parking lot on that space.
    • Buffy's Fair Lady
      Episode 23
      Buffy tries her best to turn a young girl named Angela into a lovely young lady and puts together a party so Angela can make friends. However, things don't turn out as Buffy planned.
    • 2/18/71
      Buffy meets a real, live Mrs. Beasley, an old lady who owns a toy store, when a friend forces her to give up her doll, Mrs. Beasley.
    • Cinder-Emily
      Episode 21
      Emily wants to go to Jim's graduation ball, but can't because of four reasons: no date, no dance experience, nothing to wear, and fear of embarassing her son. Buffy and Jody help her out, and tries to get Mr. French to take her to the ball. Mr. French decides to take her, but comes down with the flu. Bill cancels a trip to take Emily to the ball.moreless
    • The Joiners
      Episode 20
      Bill secretly helps Buffy join a clique she wants to be part of but quickly finds good intentions backfire on him.
    • 1/28/71
      Cissy meets up with her old friend Russ Brooks, who is joining the Peace Corps in Chile. Cissy wants to join Russ but Bill tries to discourage her decision.
    • The Littlest Exile
      Episode 18
      The Davis family meets Elena and a little boy named Johnnie. The two are tying to avoid military agents who want to use the boy to backmail his father who resides in a military-torn country.
    • Too Late, Too Soon
      Episode 17
      Emily playes matchmaker to Mr. French and Miss Faversham, and a matchbreaker to her son Jim and Cissy. Bill thinks that Emily believes that Jim is not good enough for Cissy.
    • 1/7/71
      Afraid that their Uncle Bill will be alone when they grow up, the twins try to pair him with their teacher, Miss Barry.
    • Heroes Are Born
      Episode 15
      Jody makes friends with a boy in the park whose uncle is Ken Granger, a football superstar. Jody starts worshipping the ground that Granger walks on until he finds out that Granger is suspended from the team for betting on his own games. Jody is disappointed, but Uncle Bill tells him that people don't act the way we want them to act.moreless
    • Feat of Clay
      Episode 14
      Bill's new girlfriend gives him a genuine primitive Colombian artifact but Buffy and Jody accidentally break it after taking it to school. The twins try and make a new before anyone discovers what has happened.
    • Wish You Were Here
      Episode 13
      Determined to keep the memories of their father alive, Bill takes Jody, Cissy and Buffy to Indiana.
    • 12/3/70
      Events conspire to make French lose his cool.
    • Class Clown
      Episode 11
      Bill goes out on a date with a funny comedianne.
    • Say Uncle
      Episode 10
      Bill refuses to fight Jody's classmate's father.
    • 11/12/70
      Cissy takes care of her pregnant friend while her soldier husband is out on a job.
    • 11/5/70
      Jody falls for a girl named Geraldine only because he wants her stamp. Bill falls for a woman to get a job with her foundation. Jody then talks about stamp collecting and Geraldine becomes friends with him and gives him the stamp that he was after. Jody then gives the stamp back to her because he's more interested in her. The woman doesn't give Bill a job, but they become friends.moreless
    • 10/29/70
      Cissy and Gregg? Getting married? Not if Bill can help it. He takes the kids to California to get Cissy to change her mind. Bill then takes her to a studio party where Cissy meets Steve Hunter, a handsome western star. She falls for him and, after hearing stories about Steve, Bill tries to stop this new romance by bringing Gregg out to win her back. Gregg tells Cissy that he wishes her lots of luck with Steve. Steve then proposes to Cissy, and she refuses.moreless
    • 10/22/70
      The kids celebrate five years of living in the Davis apartment bu throwing a surprise party for Bill, who doesn't make it because of a trip to Washington D.C. Emily then reminds him of the day and he goes to the party after all.
    • 10/15/70
      French knows Maudie, a nobelwoman, as a former barmaid.
    • Meet Emily
      Episode 4
      When Mr. French gets too strict with the kids, Bill decides that he needs to loosen up. Bill hires Emily Turner to help Mr. French out, and she is won over by the kids because of her openness and free will. Mr. French hates Emily because of her attitude and decides that the apartment isn't big enough for two domestics. Mr. French then realizes that Emily is a great asset and they decide to work together.moreless
    • Eastward, Ho!
      Episode 3
      Bill's friend, Eng Ho, is about to enter into an arranged marriage with Ming Lee, who has just arrived in America, and Bill offers her a place to stay until the wedding. Cissy then makes friends with her and takes her out along with Gregg, who introduces Ming to an escort. Ming then falls for her escort, which is a bad idea when she is about to be married. Ming decides not to marry, and Ho intends to send her back to Hong Kong. Bill convinces Ho to let Ming stay in America.moreless
    • Deserted Isle, Manhattan Style
      Uncle Bill leaves Cissy in charge of babysitting the twins, but she neglects her duties when she accompanies Gregg on a plane trip to Dartmouth. Cissy calls for a sitter for the twins and leaves, but when the sitter cannot make it, the twins have to stay all by their lonesome, and Cissy cannot reach them by phone due to a blizzard. Cissy then comes home around dawn. Uncle Bill returns home and Cissy fesses up.moreless
    • 9/17/70
      Tired of the unfriendliness from all of the tenants in the building, Buffy and Jody decide to throw a party for all of the neighbors. Then the neighbors get stuck in an elevator and they work together to fix the problem.
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