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CBS (ended 1971)

Cissy and boyfriend want to marry .......& where do babies come from?

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    Anybody remember these episodes?? i remember these i dont know if those where the exact title names though. these where the 2 episodes i mostly remember from the series. I remember the twins asking uncle Bill where do babies come from.

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    The episode where the twins ask Uncle Bill where do Baby's come from is "Birds, the Bees and Buffy" and the Cissy wanted to get married in a few episodes "A Waltz from Vienna", "Put Your Dreams Away" and "With This Ring".

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    Catherine 'Cissy' Davis & Gregg Bartlett had met at The Mid-State Gas Station on July 1, 1969 on her 18th Birthday and 3 Months Later in October 1969 They Got Engaged and Her Uncle Bill Denied it and she'll won't marry him until she's 21 in 1972. 4 Years Later on June 26,1976 They Finally Got Married at New York's Central Park and had 3 Children and Divorced on January 23, 1981. In 1982 She Met Jacques Martin and 2 Years Later on January 7, 1984 They Got Married and had 1 Children and Divorced on January 27, 1989. In 1991 She Met Taxi Driver Joe Manucci and Married on July 28, 1991 and no children to raised including 1 from the past marriage and unfortunately They got Divorced after Joe's Affair with another woman on June 6, 1997 and 1 Week later on June 13, 1997 She Met The Divorce Lawyer Larry Goldberg and had 7 Children from his past marriages and marry him on July 25, 1997 and unfortunately he's killed in an Car Bombing by Terrorists on January 20, 2007 and took her 8 Children to Las Vegas, NV and met Fred Williams and married since September 2007.

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