Family Affair

Season 5 Episode 15

Heroes Are Born

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 31, 1970 on CBS

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  • Another episode with a theme relevant to today's news, this time dealing with honesty in sports.

    Jody and his friends are in the park playing football. Needing another player, Jody spots a boy named Bobby sitting alone. He invites Bobby to play with them. Next, they are stunned when pro football quarterback Ken Granger, their idol, walks into the park. It turns out he is Bobby's uncle, and is taking care of Bobby while Bobby's mother is giving birth. Ken and Bobby invite Jody to go over to Ken's apartment and have dinner with them. Of course, he is on cloud nine, and accepts, pending Uncle Bill's permission, which is given. Ken gives Jody an autographed picture, and Jody becomes a family friend. He is heartbroken when it is revealed Ken has been betting on his own team, the Spartans, to win, for which he gets a lengthy suspension. Jody then avoids both Bobby and Ken. Ken is truly repentant, and feels badly that he let his fans, especially Jody, down. He talks to Bill about it, and Bill talks Jody into giving Ken, and Bobby, another chance. Ken did wrong, but he knows it, and is ashamed. He accepts his responsibility as a role model (remember Charles Barkley, who said, "I'm not a role model! I'm not paid to be a role model!"?). Today's athletes by and large think of their careers as monuments to themselves, and have no sense of reponsibility to their fans, without whom they would be playing for free, with nobody watching.
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