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Family Affair

Season 1 Episode 7

Mrs. Beasley, Where are You?

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 24, 1966 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Buffy's doll, Mrs. Beasley, gets knocked out of the apartment window by accident and Buffy goes up at arms about the whole thing. She fnds out that a little girl owns a doll that looks just like her lost Mrs. Beasley, and realizes that it is not her doll. Suddenly, the real Mrs. Beasley doll is found in a trash bin.moreless

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  • Very Memorable Episode (Spoilers!)

    Mr. French is left to mind Buffy's doll, Mrs. Beasley while she is away for the afternoon. While cleaning the terrace, Mr. French accidentally knocks Mrs. Beasley off the terrace. While he tries to find her below, he is unsuccessful. At first Bill and French try not to tell Buffy, they have to do it sooner or later. Buffy is very upset and Bill and French can't understand why, until Cissy tells them that Mrs. Beasley was the last doll that her parents gave Buffy. They wrack their brains trying to think of where the doll went. Then Bill talks to one of the neighbors below about another problem, and he sees Mrs. Beasley in the neighbor's daughter's arms! After some consideration he questions that neighbor who is insulted, thinking that Bill accused him of stealing a doll. Later, Buffy and Bill go down to see the little girl and her new doll. Buffy says that the doll is definitely NOT Mrs. Beasley. Bill has to apologize to the neighbor, who is kind of a rival to him.Buffy is still very upset and will not sleep til she has Mrs. Beasley back,a nd not jsut any old doll will do! Bill and French wrack there brains and go through some of the things that happened before and after Mrs. Beasley fell off the terrace and realize that she must have fallen in the trash! They rush downstairs and rifle through the trash, to the trashman's confusion. They finally find Mrs. Beasley and rush her up to Buffy's waiting arms, and she finally has a good night's sleep.moreless
  • Mr. French accidently knocks Mrs. Beasley off the terrace and can't find her. Buffy is devastated and can't sleep without her. Bill gives up his golf game to find her.

    This episode is very good but not one of my favourites. It could have been done better. There is an error with the scene editing. You can tell by the wardrobe of the main characters. Bill is in the den practising his putting, he's wearing a blue plaid shirt. Cissy comes in to ask him what he is going to do to help find Mrs. Beasley. Later he is in the living room and he is back to wearing his light blue shirt. The next day we see him wearing his plaid shirt again. That scene was obviously suppose to be cut into the next day. Someone goofed. I also don't like the way they pulled Mrs. Beasley right out of the garbage and give it to Buffy right away. I would have given her a good bath before giving her back. Other than those two points I thought the acting was well done. I think Buffy would have shown more tears when Mrs. Beasley was originally lost. Instead she says "Everything I love goes away."moreless
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