Family Affair

Season 5 Episode 16

Nobody Here But Us Uncles

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jan 07, 1971 on CBS

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  • So young, and already they're planning not only their own, but Uncle Bill's future.

    The twins hear their teacher, Miss Barry, talk about how birds leave their nest to start new lives. They then talk to Cissy about her future plans, which include marriage someday. Then they talk to Mr. French, who plans to move back to Kent, England someday after his services in the Davis household are no longer required. They assume that they too will someday go off and get married, leaving their Uncle Bill all alone. Not wanting him to be lonely, they hope to see him get married, and try to help it along by subtly fixing him up with Miss Faversham, who mistakenly assumes they're trying to pair her with Mr. French, leading to a comical misunderstanding. Then, they slyly try to pair Uncle Bill and Miss Barry. Jody claims responsibility for throwing a paper airplane in class, even though it was actually another boy. Eventually, this leads to a meeting between Bill and Miss Barry, who have a difference of opinion on how Bill is raising Jody. Later, they do get along and even go out on a date. Still, Bill makes it clear they needn't worry about him. Maybe he'll get married, maybe not. They should concentrate on their own futures.
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