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  • A very cute show with adorable, lovable characters.

    I loved this show when I was little, and I am SO excited to have found all seasons of this show at my local library! I feel all warm and happy watching this show on DVD. I haven't seen this since it was on the air in the 60's, and it takes me back to when TV was a new thing for kids. More of a treat than a babysitter.
    This is one of the few, great pieces of American TV that will last forever. The story lines are still potent today as they were then, just with some extra "fluff and sugar".
    Great TV for all ages, at any time of life!
  • This was a warm, but often serious, family comedy of the 1960s-70s.

    I've written a few reviews for selected episodes, and plan on writing more, so now it's time for one on the show itself. It's just like the above summary says. I don't know if it was patterned after Bachelor Father (1957-62) but there were similarities. Bentley Gregg and Bill Davis were both swinging well-to-do bachelors whose brother and sister-in-law were killed in an accident and were left with the responsibilty of caring for the children. One difference was the approach. Bachelor Father was more light-hearted and uplifting. It was sad that Kelly Gregg's parents were killed, but life goes on, and that's that. Life would go on for the Davis children too, but it was more of a struggle at first, and their difficulties coping with their loss were highlighted, as was Uncle Bill's and Mr. French's in caring for them. and there was the constant fear of rejection that Cissy, Jody and Buffy had after having been shuffled around before finally settling down with Uncle Bill. That doesn't make it superior or inferior to BF. It depends on what you're in the mood for. FA was also light-hearted and uplifting, but it dealt with sensitive topics without being controversial, which makes it ahead of its time. The attempt in 2002 to remake it was a failure. The original was and is a family classic.
  • Well done

    Family Affair is a warm family comedy in the style of The Brady Bunch. My mom first introduced it, and then TV Land brought it back so i could see for myself. The characters are so caring it's like they could reach out to YOU and understand any problem. It has good story lines without going to any extremes. The adults care about the kids deeply, and vice versa. I enjoy the sets of the kids bedrooms and the way they're decorated. Not to mnetion that funky red carpet in the living room ;) Johnnie Whitaker has always been a favorite child star of mine, i first saw him in the "Napolean and Samantha" Disney movie (which is still a guilty pleasure of mine as an adult ;) )
  • family affair was a good family show for the 60"s it was the only family show on cts i liked the other shows on cts were boring and i like with buffy bites mr french on the leg or when buffy broke her leg twice i think the show rocks

    the shows from the 50"s to the early 90"s kick ass on tv look at mans the show was funny and i lasted until 1983.look at happy another good shows from the 70"s it last until i was 19 years old and petticoat junction a show form the 60"s wow
  • Bill Davis is enjoying life as a bachelor when his three orphaned neices and nephew are dropped on his doorstep. Bill's adoration for the children is immediately obvious however he doesn't think he would make a good parent.

    This show is unique. Situation comedies in the 60's were very comedy based. This show is about love and how family love can help one through difficult times. The endings of the shows are not always happy, infact they often aren't. But Uncle Bill's love for the children is always evident in all episodes. The kids are cute but what I like about the show is how Uncle Bill interacts with the kids. There is a lot more substance to this show compared to other shows of similar type from the same era (e.g. Brady Bunch). The actors were all tremendous. I love they way that Sebastian Cabot reads Winnie the Pooh to the kids, when he had in fact been the narrator in the feature length Disney version. I never got to watch this show as a kid. I have recently started watching the dvds Seasons 1 - 3. Can't wait for Seasons 4 and 5.
  • A family classic that was meant for the ages.

    I loved the show. I always thought Brian Keith, "Uncle Bill' was portrayed with an abundance of warmth and carring. At first, Mr. French doesn't seem to care much for the three 'charges' he now cares for, he quickly warms up to them. The show was wonderful for its time.
  • Those were the days...

    Growing up in the sixties, I think we were so lucky to see good family shows. Me tv is showing family affair and it brings warm, happy memories. Family affair depicted family stepping up to the plate and taking care of family. I also loved "uncle Bill's" wonderful understanding of listening to children and not jumping to conclusions .
  • The good ole days

    I watched this show as a child and loved it. The show wasn't about a perfect family with a mom and dad. I loved how Uncle Bill wasn't so soft spoken,, he was like a real dad. I was so glad to see this back on tv again! MeTv is awesome.