Family Affair

Season 5 Episode 10

Say Uncle

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 19, 1970 on CBS

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  • Another disturbing episode that is nevertheless important and relevant today.

    At Jody and Buffy's school there is a boy, Tom Richards, who's always bragging about how tough his dad is. One of Tom's friends says Jody's Uncle Bill is pretty strong. Tom insists his dad can take Bill, and tells Jody to bring him to the park so he can fight Tom's dad. Jody says Bill has more important things to do than fight. When Tom says Uncle Bill is chicken, Jody says he'll be there. When Jody tells Bill about it, Bill says grown-ups don't fight and that Tom's dad probably feels the same way and won't show up either. The next day, Jody and Buffy go to the park to see if Tom's dad shows up. Just as they're about to leave, there is Tom with his dad, a tough-looking guy. Mr. Richards is mad because he thinks it was Bill who dared him to be there and then doesn't show. Richards thinks Bill is chicken too. At school, Tom and his friends give Jody a hard time, taunting him about Bill's alleged cowardice. Tom dares Jody by knocking down his books, but Jody keeps his cool. Mr. French gives Jody a few boxing lessons, but they only work in the ring. The next day, Tom and his friends gang up on Jody before Buffy tears Tom's shirt, and they run away before the teacher comes. Now, Emily gives Jody a few pointers. Bill takes Jody to see Tom and Mr. Richards. Richards is proud of his son for fighting, until Jody tricks Tom and pokes him in the gut. Tom loses his eagerness to fight, and his dad is disappointed in him. At home, Jody feels sorry for Tom, and calls him. He says maybe they'll never be friends, but they don't have to be enemies either.

    We all know kids like Tom, and, unfortunately, we all know dads like Mr. Richards, who think fighting is an end in itself, rather than a means to an end, a last resort.
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