Family Affair

Season 5 Episode 18

The Littlest Exile

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jan 21, 1971 on CBS

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  • International intrigue comes to the Davis household.

    A little boy finds Jodie hiding and asks him what he's hiding from. The boy, named Johnnie, is surprised to hear Jody say that he's only playing a game, "hide and seek", a game the boy never heard of. The reason he'd never heard of it is because hiding of late has been serious business to him. A woman, whom Jody assumes is Johnnie's mother, comes along and tells Jody she doesn't want Johnnie to play with him. Jody thinks it's because she's afraid that Jody is someone who can't be trusted, so Mr. French encounters the lady in the park and assures her that Jody is a fine boy. The woman, who identifies herself as Mrs. White, is apprehensive about anybody, but French talks her into taking Johnnie with her to the Davis's apartment. The boy's strange behavior, and the woman's evasiveness, baffle Bill and French, and when Uncle Bill takes the twins to her apartment, he's informed they moved out earlier that day. Why? In the middle of the night, "Mrs. White", whose name is Elena, shows up at the Davis apartment, and informs the family that Johnnie is the son of the deposed president of a Caribbean country, and she is the daughter of the former Chief Justice. That explains their odd behavior. The Davises do not hesitate to offer Johnnie a place to stay until he is safe from military agents that Elena fears want to abduct Johnnie and hold him hostage. They are protective of him when two strangers show up. The Davises fear they are there to harm Johnnie, then Cissy tells Bill Elena just called to say the situation in their country has stabilized, and Johnnie's father is back in power. The men are there to take Johnnie home. Elena and Johnnie leave, grateful for the Davis's hospitality and friendship.

    The Davises, including Mr. French, in this episode are like the Camdens in "7th Heaven". A very helpful, hospitable family.
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