Family Affairs

Season 9 Episode 15

Episode 2040

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Jan 21, 2005 on Channel Five
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Episode 2040
It's speed dating time at The Black Swan but things don't get off to a great start from Katie's point of view when Myra, Sadie and Babs decide to sign up and Jake's football team aren't quite what she had in mind! But things seems to go well, not for poor Yasmin though who at the end of the night is forced to leave empty handed. Babs on the other hand did rather well, she got 4 phone numbers but she decides to give them to Yasmin because the only one she's interested in a handsome management consultant called Adam, who payed far more attention to Babs while he was supposed to be chatting up Yasmin! Also, it's not a bad day all round for Babs, having decided that she's going to stick around to support Tanya she decides she needs to get a job. She asks Sadie but she's got nothing, later Sadie mentions Babs' problem to Dave who comes up with a solution: she can have her old job back! Babs agrees but only when she gets him up to £5.50 an hour and agrees that she can have a lie in on her first day! Chloe prepares a picture for her new grandma for the next time she comes to visit but, with some prompting from Mel, Chrissy tells Chloe that Jackie won't be coming back. However, Jackie proves her wrong and shows up on the doorstep baring flowers! Chrissy lets her in and soon Jackie asks if Chrissy would allow her to take Mel and Chloe out for the day, Jackie tells her that it would be easier if she got to know Chrissy through her daughters, Chrissy is reluctant but Jackie gets up and starts to question whether she'd made the right decision coming here . . . so that she wouldn't leave, Chrissy agrees to let her take out the girls. Mel isn't so keen but when she sees how much it would mean to her mum, she agrees. As it gets dark, Chrissy begins to worry where her mother and children have got to. Gary questions why Chrissy let Jackie take the kids in the first place and she tells him. He thinks that Chrissy is being manipulated . . . everyone does return home and Mel and Chloe seem to have had a good day, although Mel would never confess to it! She rushes off to the speed-dating and Gary takes Chloe into the kitchen so that Chrissy and Jackie can talk alone. Jackie tells Chrissy how much she's enjoyed spending time with the girls and how much she's enjoyed learning about Chrissy, she's obviously been well-informed! Jackie now insists that Chrissy get to know her . . . Feeling a little bit abandoned by Olly, Lucy decides to spend the evening with Jake instead. While the rest of the locals speed date, Jake and Lucy catch up. Later, their conversation moves to the back of the house and without much warning, Jake and Lucy find themselves kissing. When Jake hears Katie in the bar he pulls back and Lucy runs off upstairs . . . Kelly insists that Justin go home and have a shower. He does so but while he's back on Stanley Street he takes Suzie's illness out on all the wrong people, including Sadie and Jake. He later tells Les that he can't stand to be be feeling so helpless . . . he spends some time crying alone in the flat, and screens a phone call from Doug. Then Justin returns to the hospital where soon he and Kelly are told that Suzie's injuries are more extensive than the doctors first realized. With that news the worried parents are left to wait but soon discover that there is evidence that Suzie has been violently shaken, before they know it Justin and Kelly have to make names of all the people who've been left alone with their daughter over the past 3 weeks or so but they're both aware that they are among the suspects!moreless

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    Kate O'Mara

    Kate O'Mara

    Jackie Lawrence (Recurring 2005)

    Kim Taylforth

    Kim Taylforth

    Sharon Foster Ingram (Recurring 2004; 2005)

    Tim Dantay

    Tim Dantay

    Patrick Young (Recurring 2005)

    Gary Webster

    Gary Webster

    Gary Costello (2003 - )

    David Michaels

    David Michaels

    John Stokes (Recurring 2004; 2005)

    Charmaine Parsons

    Charmaine Parsons

    Penny Ashford (Recurring 2005)

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Although this episode takes place on a Friday, the past 5 episodes have all taken place on the Thursday, theoretically this episode is set last Friday but national holidays shown on the show during this year will still be aired on the correct day (e.g. Valentines Day will still be aired on February the 14th). This happened on no less than 3 occasions last year (meaning that there were only 49 weeks in the fictional Charnham last year)

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Adam: So what happened to your first husband?
        Yasmin: Oh, he's dead.
        Adam: Oh, I'm sorry
        Yasmin: Don't worry about, it was the second one I had the trouble with . . .

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