Family Affairs

Season 9 Episode 122

Episode 2147

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Jun 21, 2005 on Channel Five

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  • There's something about Ania...

    Good for Ania, shoving Chloe aside, who can be very, very annoying at times. Shove away, love. Though I don't trust Jane. Could Chloe be in danger yet again (again!)? Elsewhere, Chrissy and Gary were reacting bizarrely to their daughter Melanie's disapperance: throw a party you fools, she only brought you grief anyway! Conrad wasn't exactly hands-on with Little Ania (she dumped Ryan or vice-versa), he seemed more interested in Pam the lesbian despite being in love with another man's fiancee - don't try and make it complicated will you, Conrad? :-D