Family Affairs

Season 9 Episode 123

Episode 2148

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Jun 22, 2005 on Channel Five

Episode Recap

Chrissy and Gary have mended their bridges and are getting on great. Gary pleases Chrissy when he suggests that maybe they should help Jane out by putting in a good word for her at The Swan and maybe getting her a job. Later, Chrissy talks to Eileen about it but she isn't so keen but promises to ask Pete. Seeing that she's having a busy day at work, Gary takes Chrissy some lunch. Having seen the announcement for the woman whose body was found in the river's funeral in the paper, Chrissy tells Gary that she plans to go and would like it if he went along too. Gary tells her that he's no idea what Chrissy hopes to achieve by going along to this strangers funeral. Chrissy tells him that she feels a bit guilty having spent days hoping, wishing and praying that the body wasn't Mel she feels guilty and she's just looking for closure. Gary accuses her of throwing around psycho-babble and refuses to go the funeral!

Tanya asks John if he's contacted his father yet about their engagement party, he says no but he'll deal with it. While John is away, Tanya decides to call his father who refuses her invitation since he'll be out of the country on business. Later, John gets a message on his voicemail from his father and accuses Tanya of going behind his back. She defends herself by saying that she had no idea there was any kind of rift between John and his father, the way she saw it was that John seemed to be forgetting to invite him so she did! John tells her that the situation with his father is complex and bursts out that his father broke his mother's heart and in the process broke up their family . . . Meanwhile; preparations are well underway for the engagement party as Babs ropes Conrad in 24 hours early because there's just so much to do!

And that's not the only thing going on in Conrad's life right now . . . he's got that ^morning after^ feeling! Sadie spies Conrad leaving the flat in the morning and assumes that he and Pam got it together. When Pam finds out that Sadie knows she's mortified and goes out to clear her head. She finds a shoulder to cry on it Max. She tells him that she loves Theresa and she's not interested in Conrad that way . . . Max says that if Pam and Theresa love one another there shouldn't be much of a problem . . . Later, when she gets a moment to herself, Pam gives Theresa a call and tells her that she misses her. Sadie almost catches her and airs her worries that if Pam and Conrad aren't getting together then perhaps Pam might consider leaving. Pam reassures her that she came here for her and she's staying around for her! Sadie's very pleased to hear it!

Conrad isn't the only Williams to be having a bad day: Ania finds herself being dragged round to the Costello's to apologise, then she has an argument with her dad and she refuses to go to school! Katie reassures Conrad that it'll be fine, Ania has just broken up with her first boyfriend and needs some time to get over it. Conrad goes alone with it before heading out to help Babs . . . Later, Ben comes rushing down the stairs to answer the phone and kicks over Ania's bag on his way. The bag topples over and out spills a packet of condoms! Ben is horrified and immediately alerts Katie. Soon, Alex gets in on the discussion as well as they try to figure out what their 14 year old sister is doing with condoms in her bag. Katie decides to ask her . . . Meanwhile, Ben's across the road shouting the odds at Dusty's who seem to have sold his sister the condoms! Sami tells Ben that there's no law against it and anyway he didn't. Max concludes that he didn't either so she must have got the condoms some other way. When questioned, Ania admits to having stolen the condoms but when her siblings push her for more information, she tells them that she hates being treated like a kid and storms out. Katie, Alex and Ben sit around the kitchen table trying to figure out an action plan but they all come up blank. Seeing Ania at the bus stop at the end of the street, Katie decides to go and offer her sister a shoulder to cry on. Ania admits to Katie that she and Ryan did sleep together, but only a few times. Katie breathes a sigh a relief that at least they used condoms . . . only Katie stands corrected! Ania tells Katie that now she's missing her period and she's afraid she might be pregnant!

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