Family Affairs

Season 9 Episode 123

Episode 2148

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Jun 22, 2005 on Channel Five

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  • Life in Charnham just never gets easier...

    Ben being present - very, very good :-P

    Good episode. Though the Costellos are annoying me. The actors are good, but I don't care about the characters: Chrissy's cuckoo, Gary's useless, Myra doesn't really add anything into the fray, Chloe grates and Jane (the stranger) is very questionable - she's far too nice to be sane.

    Ben I adore, in a "aww, he's gay, but is internally homophobic about it all, hence coming into conflict with Max and Sami". Seriously, I *predict* that Ben and Sami will get closer, because Ben attacks Sami at a party soon and Max's ex-wife shows up with their children. I think Sami will take a back-seat as Max has parental duties etc.
    So Sami will feel outcast. Ben who killed another lad spent time at a youth offenders place and *maybe* had a relationship with another boy there, plus living with his family now means he's treated a bit differently and will probably resent that, hence maybe a "meeting of the minds" with Sami. Just *speculation* this. But it could happen...I hope I'm right :-P

    John's a very hurt man. I'm starting to like him a bit more now, now that I know his father's a total so-and-so (booooo!).

    Tanya/Conrad/Pam...blah, blah, blah...boring!

    Ania telling Katie about having sex with Ryan and possibly being pregnant was handled subtly.