Family Affairs

Season 9 Episode 125

Episode 2150

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Jun 24, 2005 on Channel Five

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  • Open the champagne as pain, strife and suffering reign on Stanley Street...

    No Ben again, drat!

    John, so vexed upon seeing his rotter of a dad Howard, paced up and down on Stanley Street...maybe he should resign as a doctor and become a speed-walker instead...if ever there was a charity case... :-D All Tanya could do was flap about like a robin in headlights...I don't give this relationship much hope.

    Doug: now you see him, now you don't - is there any point of his (semi-)existence?

    Jane is starting to show her weird side, whilst Chrissy is just plain weird - in fact the whole Costellos are a few sandwiches sort of a picnic hamper: Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo! Myra's another pointless character too.

    Ania discovered she was pregnant (no surprise there), but Conrad thinks Katie's had a pregnancy scare...wait until Monday, when he discovers the truth...

    Sami dancing - please, no campness! I beg you, writers! Don't go down the chalk and cheese route, please! I want strong gay characters, not airy-fairy big girls' blouses!