Family Affairs

Season 9 Episode 178

Episode 2203

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Sep 07, 2005 on Channel Five
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Episode 2203
Pete gets back to the Swan to learn that Trish has taken Thomas; Eileen can't bring herself to tell Pete the truth . . . Pete calls the police then starts a search of his own. Gary gives Pete the breakthrough he needs having been able to track down the cab that Trish took from the Swan. Pete and Eileen head out to catch up with Trish. They do so at a B&B. They head inside to find Trish and Thomas alone in their room. Pete attempts to grab his son from Trish but she won't have it. All the commotion causes Thomas to cry and Eileen to beg the parents to stop hurting their son. Trish decides to hand Thomas over to Pete and Eileen. Pete orders Eileen to take his son back to the car while he makes sure that Trish plans to leave and never come back . . . Trish goes along with small talk for a moment before throwing a lamp at Pete's head! He tackles her to the ground; she struggles away from his and starts for the straw where she's keeping her gun. Pete dives after her and knocks Trish over; as she falls she knocks her head against a table. Pete grabs Trish and attempts to wake her, but is it too late?moreless
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