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    • Episode 1866 - Yasmin or Geri?
      Episode 1866 - Yasmin or Geri?
      Season 8 - Episode 103
      Kirkdale returns to try to persuade Eileen to give evidence against Pete in his upcoming trial. She refuses. Also, Eileen finally gives in to Lucy and agrees that they will go and see Pete tomorrow! Marc has a tough decision to make, and so did the judges at Miss Charnham but they chose . . . Mel Costello and she was crowned. So Marc had to decide, would he stay with Yasmin after her lies or would he go with Geri? He visited Geri after the Miss Charnham contest and he could sense there was something wrong with her, as could Cat. When Marc leaves, Geri admits to Cat that she's had some blood tests and it looks like she might have cancer! Geri makes Cat promise not to tell anyone but when Marc comes round, Cat tells him the truth! He wants to go and see Geri but Cat tells him that she's got enough stress without him and so he goes home where he tells Yasmin that he's going to stay with her and give their marriage another try . . .moreless
    • Episode 2285 - The End
      Episode 2285 - The End
      Season 9 - Episode 260
      In the final episode of Family Affairs, Eileen returns to Stanley Street and surprises the Costellos with a new house back in Chigwell right next door to her! Also, Yasmin worries that she can't find anything appropriate to wear now that she's a vicar's girlfriend but then she sees past that and gets dressed Yasmin-style, as flamboyant as ever and more than impresses her new man! Doug decides that he can never be enough for Cat and tells her that he thinks their marriage is over, Hector discovers that George lied to protect Meredith and they finally find happiness together, Nathan and Eve get married with Jason and Coral as witnesses and as Stanley Street welcomes in the new year, Rex and Hester get into a fight and he ends up strangling her then turns to Katie and asks her what she thinks he should do with her...Katie reaches down behind her for one of Rex's trophies as Rex unties his tie...will Katie get out alive? I guess we'll never know...moreless
    • Episode 2197
      Episode 2197
      Season 9 - Episode 172
      Max comes out to his mother.
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      After losing his wife Angus Hart moves in with his son, Chris' family: made up of Chris' wife Annie and their four children Duncan, Holly, Melanie and Jamie.
    • Episode 2000
      Episode 2000
      Season 8 - Episode 237
      Jason, Brendan's boyfriend, thinks it's best he leave but Mel invites him in! They talk for a bit and wait for Brendan but he never shows up. Mel goes to the Christening alone, she acts coldly toward Les and Denise. Later, when Brendan finally shows his face, Mel hands him her wedding rings and tells him she doesn't want to wear them anymore! Meanwhile, Justin gets a text from Marc and Yas overhears him announce that Marc's new girlfriend is pregnant! Chrissy and Gary are in a great mood as they head off to the Christening, such a great mood that Myra is afraid to leave them alone! Chrissy then gets a call from her date fro yesterday, which ruins the mod temporarily. Later, Chrissy and Gary kiss! Lucy, Sam and Dave are worried for Eileen's safety. Lucy calls Eileen's mobile. Somebody answers; Lucy thinks that it's her mum and warns her that Pete knows but it turns out that it's Pete on the other end of the phone! He tells Lucy that she's a very good liar and hangs up the phone. Lucy threatens to call the police but Dave stops her and says that'll do more harm than good. Meanwhile, Pete fills Eileen in on how much he knows and for how long he's known. There are no secrets anymore. After the call from Lucy, Pete threatens to harm Lucy but Eileen tells him not to dare, that he should punish her if anybody! Eileen eventually gets sick of the conversation and walks out. Pete follows. They fight by the river but while he threatens her again and again Pete doesn't lay a finger on Eileen. She tells him that he can't, because he loves her. Eventually she gets fed up and starts away from Pete but she trips over herself and almost falls in the river but Pete catches her! They argue some more and then Pete gets so wound up by Eileen that he ends up pushing her over the edge and into the water where she struggles for breath and begs Pete to help her - she can't swim!moreless
    • Episode 2148
      Episode 2148
      Season 9 - Episode 123
      Gary and Chrissy have made up but not for long. Tanya contacts John's father. Conrad and Pam have both got the "morning after" feeling. Ania lets Katie in on why she's been acting so out of character.
    • Episode 2149
      Episode 2149
      Season 9 - Episode 124
      Chrissy goes to a funeral. Jane goes to work. Tanya gets a surprise visitor. Katie and Ania are hiding something from Conrad.
    • Episode 2146
      Episode 2146
      Season 9 - Episode 121
      It's Ania's birthday but she doesn't seem best pleased about it. John gets cagey when Tanya asks about his father. Sadie worries that if she stops becoming dependant on Pam then she'll abandon her. The Costellos get what appears to be good news about Mel . . .
    • Episode 2070
      Episode 2070
      Season 9 - Episode 45
    • Episode 2147
      Episode 2147
      Season 9 - Episode 122
      Ania breaks up with Ryan but she refuses to open up about it. Chloe worries that her parents are getting another divorce. Conrad spends a quiet night it with Pam . . .
    • Episode 2150
      Episode 2150
      Season 9 - Episode 125
      Jane lies to the Costellos. John is reunited with his father, but its short lived. Tanya asks Conrad for help. Ania finally takes a pregnancy test.
    • Episode 2067
      Episode 2067
      Season 9 - Episode 42
      Unwilling to admit defeat, Yasmin calls Adam to explain what she's done but again and again she gets his voice mail. Ever the optimist, Yasmin jumps every time the phone rings all day at the salon. Cat mistakes Yasmin's mood as missing Geri - at first Cat gets her head bitten off for suggesting such a thing but seeing that she's got nowhere else to turn, Yasmin confides in Cat about Adam leaving her but still keeps the wedding a secret . . . Conrad is insistent that he should meet Katie's new man and seeing that her dad isn't going to give up any time soon she agrees but when she asks Drew he tells her that he's not really one for "meeting the family". But Katie asks nicely so he goes along with it! Later, Drew shows up to pick Katie up but finds himself a bit disappointed by her choice of dress and tells her that she should change. When Katie has left the room, Drew finds himself in a room full of hostility, apparently his new girl's dad and brother thought she looked fine! Drew makes a hasty exit to the taxi! New boy, Graham finds himself in a bit of trouble with Gary when he takes one of his jobs but Gary's a forgiving man! He might not be though when he sees Graham trying to chat up his eldest daughter! Mel doesn't seem too bothered though! Also, Graham mentions to Dave that he's in need of a bachelor pad and so Dave arranges it so that he can have the flat about the cab office. Meanwhile, Jackie puts in another appearance on Stanley Street. She visits Chrissy to say sorry but Chrissy is wary of whether or not to trust her mother . . . Gary walks in on their conversation and Chrissy goes out to make some coffee. While Chrissy is out of the way, Gary begs Jackie not to tell Chrissy that he asked her for money. Jackie tells him that he has misjudged her and that she wouldn't want to harm her daughter's happiness by telling her something like that. Gary thanks her and before he's got time to drink the coffee he leaves telling Jackie he'll see her again but she corrects him saying that is very unlikely . . . Left alone again, Jackie tells Chrissy that she's going to New Zealand next week and before she goes she'd like to make amends. Telling her that it can't be easy for Chrissy to live on Gary and her own wage alone she reaches into her handbag and produces a cheque - she tells Chrissy to keep it. Chrissy looks at it - it's worth £50,000! Chrissy protests but Jackie insists and tells her daughter that if there's nothing else she can do for her she would like to do this . . . then, leaving Chrissy speechless, Jackie leaves. Later, Chrissy shows Gary the cheque and he's thrilled. But Chrissy tells him that she can't cash it because that money puts a price on the trauma that she's been put through. Gary tries to make Chrissy see that it's just money but to Chrissy it's far more . . . But the thing that she can't get over is how did Jackie know? Gary mumbles a little as Chrissy's suspicions are confirmed. She hastily throws him out of the salon . . .moreless
    • Episode 2065
      Episode 2065
      Season 9 - Episode 40
    • Episode 2064
      Episode 2064
      Season 9 - Episode 39
      Conrad fixes the toy dog Tanya got from Sean and heads round to give it too her. Tanya buzzes him in but as he heads inside, doctor John shows up and tells him that he can deliver the parcel . . . Up in the flat, Tanya is surprised to see John coming in. They start by having a civilized conversation that turns into an argument when the matter of Tanya's guilt is brought up - surprisingly it might seem, John argues Tanya's case while she protests her guilt! Eventually, John finds himself thrown out! Meanwhile, Katie can see that Conrad is somewhat disappointed with not having had the chance to given Tanya the toy dog himself . . . Furious that Mel screwed up her treatment so that she wouldn't be able to go to the premiere with Drew, Katie decides to threaten Yasmin with a lawsuit if she doesn't get all the free treatments she wants for a week. Eager to avoid a public fight, Yasmin agrees and tells Mel that if she can't be trusted then she can go back to being an assistant! Katie is delighted with the result and tells Mel that she'll be in first thing for a pedicure! Having fallen out with Yasmin, Geri doesn't even want to discuss it! Yasmin starts to ask for her forgiveness. Geri tries to make Yasmin see that telling Adam the truth about the fact she can't have kids is the only way she'll go along with the wedding. When Yasmin sees that Geri isn't being won round, she gives up and tells her that she doesn't need her permission anyway! Later, Adam can tell that there's something wrong with Yasmin. She tells him about the falling out with Geri. Adam arranges it so that he, Yasmin and Geri can all sit down together and work it through together! Geri agrees, but Yasmin isn't too impressed. Adam asks Geri what she thinks is wrong with his relationship with Yasmin and Geri tells him that she doesn't think they know each other well enough and, keeping her eyes on Yasmin, Geri says that they still probably have plenty of secrets from one and other . . . thinking that Geri is talking about him, Adam reassures Geri that he would never keep anything from Yasmin. Yasmin and Geri's private little argument continues when Adam goes to the bar. Geri decides to leave and turns down the opportunity to be Yasmin and Adam's witness next Friday . . . Gary feels that he can't do anything right as far as his family's concerned and becomes desperate to raise the funds they need to buy their house. Chrissy tries her best to put on a brave face but having overheard her conversation with Eileen yesterday, Gary can see right through it. As a last resort, Gary decides to give Jackie a call. She comes to the house and she and Gary have a discussion. Gary explains the position and having heard a very touching speech by Gary about building bridges between herself and Chrissy, Jackie agrees to give them the money on the condition that it would definitely be spent on the house, that she would be allowed to see Chloe and Melanie at least twice a year and that she could give Chrissy the cheque herself . . . Gary only has a problem with two out of those three and seeing that Jackie is only in this so that she can attempt to buy his daughters' love, he turns her down, by which point Jackie sees that Gary doesn't really want to help her build bridges with Chrissy - he just wants her money . . . Jackie leaves.moreless
    • Episode 2066
      Episode 2066
      Season 9 - Episode 41
    • Episode 2068
      Episode 2068
      Season 9 - Episode 43
      Gary finds that Chrissy is avoiding him after she found out that he'd gone behind her back to get money from Jackie. Gary tries to explain himself but Chrissy's having none of it. Gary finds himself explaining the situation to Myra . . . later, Chrissy runs into Dave who jokes about Gary having to sell his half of the business. This is news to Chrissy and for the first time it seems she understands what Gary is going through. She decides that they need to talk and so they sit down and so just that. Chrissy tells him that in future they shouldn't need to go behind one and other's back - they need to face things together. Tanya is let down by a babysitter on the day of her hearing so she has to ask Myra and Sadie in the shop to take him for a while. At the hearing, John gives Tanya words of encouragement and tells her that he feels responsible but Tanya corrects him saying that he's not the one who left a boy to die . . . Tanya's guilt leads her to trying to convince the chairman of the board that she should be found guilty! When they take a break, John asks Tanya what she thought she was doing only to be told that she was just telling the truth . . . Tanya's negative attitude doesn't lose her marks however and the board come back with the verdict that it should have been John's responsibility to make sure that Tanya was in a good frame of mind before she went on duty and that all things considered, including the fact that autopsies have shown that nothing could have helped Liam at that point, Tanya is off the hook! Its supposed to be Yasmin's third happiest day of her life but groom number 3 is nowhere to be found. Seeing how upset Yasmin is, Cat decides that she needs cheering up and calls Geri! At first, Yasmin doesn't want to talk but seeing that Geri is still her best friend despite all the rows and the falling outs, Yasmin opens up and seeing how much Yasmin is hurting, Geri decides to call Adam and meet him for a drink . . . Adam comes reluctantly and Geri manages to talk him round into going to see Yasmin. Yasmin is almost happy to see him and they share a heart-to-heart in which Yasmin tells Adam about the baby that she lost and Adam tells her that he still loves her. Adam gets down on one knee and asks Yasmin to marry him . . . again! She agrees and they run down to the street where they spot Geri and despite her reluctance last week, Geri agrees to be their witness! Its not the glamorous affair of her second wedding with the only guest other than Geri being a simple passer by and the official photographer being Geri with her mobile! After the short ceremony, Geri heads off, Yasmin tells her to keep in touch as Geri wishes the new Mrs Green luck for her future with Adam . . .moreless
    • Episode 2076
      Episode 2076
      Season 9 - Episode 51
      Tanya returns to work but finds that coping with the workload isn't as easy as she remembers it. Later, Babs isn't surprised when her daughter returns home early from her shift. Babs suggests that Tanya should perhaps transfer to less intense department. The residents of Stanley Street begin to form their opinions of Graham and there's very little support for him as Cat and Sadie lead the way in boycotting Gaz & Dave's until they agree to fire the rapist. Meanwhile, Dave tells Graham that he's still got a job and a flat, after all they have no grounds to fire him. Gary, however, is more skeptical about keeping Graham on and while he talks to Dave over what they should do about him, Graham finds himself taking the day off . . . At the Boulter's Les tries to convince Denise that she should not harass Graham. She's proved her point by telling e everyone, if she tries to do any more then it'll be worse for her. Denise tells him she doesn't care and she's immediately backed up by Sadie and Cat. Mel isn't sure what to make of it all. She tells her mum that she knows Graham better than anyone else and says that she doesn't believe that he did it, both Chrissy and Gary try to warn Mel away from Graham. Chrissy even goes as far as to remind her that she doesn't have a very good track record with men now does she? Upset that everyone seems to want to run her life, Mel goes to the cafe and finds an unlikely friend in Les. She soon figures out that he doesn't believe that Graham did it and this new revelation (along with the fact that she hears that Graham is leaving town) convinces Mel that she should try and convince him to stay! Just as Graham is about to leave, Mel catches up with him and lets him know that she believes him and will support him even though everyone else is against him . . .moreless
    • Episode 2075
      Episode 2075
      Season 9 - Episode 50
    • Episode 2074
      Episode 2074
      Season 9 - Episode 49
      Much to Tanya's horror, Babs arranges a date for her with Doctor John. Things seem to go well, even though Tanya was asleep most of the time! They arrange to meet up again on Friday for dinner . . . Katie returns home early from her lunch with Drew. She comes into the house looking a mess and when questioned she is forced to admit that the party was so boring that she drank too much and fell into a bush! Ania and Alex are very amused by the story but Conrad is more concerned to hear that Drew had told Katie she was an embarrassment to him! Later, Katie shows that she's not so bothered and agrees to have drinks with Drew. She decides to confront him over their sex life and since he can't think of a good reason not to, they end up doing it that very same afternoon! Chrissy is now far more cheery knowing that perhaps her mother did care about her after all. She begins to think that Jackie wasn't so bad and tells Gary that perhaps she is just remembering the bad bits. Gary tells Chrissy that he's met Jackie too and he says that she could be described as nothing short of a bitch! Later, Gary and Chrissy spend a quiet evening together. Gary brings up the subject of their wedding and tells Chrissy that he's been in touch with the registry office and they've had a cancellation over Easter so how does she fancy it? Chrissy says yes! Graham continues to protest his innocence to Les but he's adamant that Denise is telling the truth. That is until Eileen tells him that Denise was unable to recognise her attacker's voice in the police identification. Although Les reassures Denise that her word is enough for him he later decides to talk things through with Graham. Seeing that the chances of Graham being able to do this are very slim, it's clear that Les doubts Denise and returns home to see that Denise is trying to remember anything from that night that might incriminate Graham. Les tries to make Denise see that it might have been somebody else but she will have none of it and storms upstairs in protest. Under his breathe; Les mutters to his wife that he's sorry . . .moreless
    • Episode 2073
      Episode 2073
      Season 9 - Episode 48
      Gary and Chrissy are shocked to hear from Chloe's school that she didn't show up for registration that morning despite being dropped off by Chrissy! Myra joins the search as they frantically ring round all Chloe's friends but with no luck . . . soon someone suggests that Bradley might be back! But as soon as Chrissy starts to call Sharon, the phone rings with the good news that Chloe is safe . . . at Jackie's house. Unfortunately, nobody told Chloe that her Gran had moved to New Zealand . . . Later, as Chloe rumbles through a box of Jackie's things, she finds a box with Chrissy's name on it. Inside, Chrissy is surprised and seems delighted that her mother had kept all these things from when she was a girl. Tanya discovers that finding a creche in London on short notice isn't easy so Babs offers to step in. Babs tells Tanya that she'll quit her job at the cab office to take care of Harry while Tanya returns to work and perhaps to dating with her handsome doctor friend . . . Tanya, smiling for the first time in a while, tells her mum that she's not interested in John like that. Nevertheless, later, when Tanya is out of the room, Babs picks up a call on Tanya's phone - it's John but as he's about to hang up, Babs tells him not to . . . Les is upset when Denise would rather Eileen go with her to the police station. He tells Justin that he feels so helpless. Later, when Dave forces Graham to get the coffee in, Graham gets a mouthful from Les who bars him from the cafe! Graham leaves pursued by Les, Les grabs him from behind and throws Graham against a car! Les tells him that he's had enough of Graham's lies and now he wants the truth, Graham denies it all but Les makes it very clear that he won't let Graham go without a confession! Meanwhile, Eileen accompanies Denise to the police station so that she can make a vocal identification of her attacker, she's told to listen to 10 voices on a tape. She later tells Eileen that she listened to them all again and again and chose number 4, only to be told that she had not been able to identify Graham . . .moreless
    • Episode 2072
      Episode 2072
      Season 9 - Episode 47
      Having thought things through, Tanya decides that quitting her job isn't the best solution to her problems and calls John to withdraw her resignation. Delighted, John soon appears bearing flowers! Also, having sorted out her house in Southampton, Babs returns to Stanley Street. Conrad and Alex continue to be disapproving of Katie's man! They tell her that they're just concerned that she's not being used . . . Chrissy gets upset when Chloe starts asking about her grandma (Jackie). Chrissy tells her to stop bothering her, Gary tells Chrissy that she needs to tell the girls about Jackie moving to New Zealand but Chrissy tells him that the time isn't right. Later, Mel finds the cheque from Jackie in her mum's handbag and when Chrissy tells her that she doesn't plan to cash it Mel looses it and accuses Chrissy of thinking of herself over her family and Gary . . . Also, Gary hears that his trial has been put back a couple of weeks. The Boulters (and Justin) are worried that Denise is too afraid to go outside and try to persuade her that it will be fine but Denise tells them that she's happy enough at home for now . . . Later, Denise gets a visit from the police who tell her that they can find physical evidence that Graham had anything to do with her rape and what's more he has an alibi who puts him in Manchester just 2 hours after the attack . . . Denise fears that her last chance of catching her rapist has gone . . . Meanwhile, Graham gets the same news and he's much happier about it! Later, Graham is forced to apologies to Mel after he stood her up the other night because he was arrested (although he leaves that part out). Mel forgives him and agrees to have a drink with him again sometime - but not tonight since she's having a night out with the girls! They get talking as Mel tells him a little about her friends, starting with Kelly . . . after Graham catches on who Kelly is and more to the point who her mother is, he decides to pay Denise a visit . . . Graham knocks on the Boulter's door and when Denise answers he tells her that he just wants to talk so that they can sort this mess out but Denise doesn't hear a word he says and immediately slams the door in his face, turns out all the lights and calls Les at the cafe. Les comes running, Graham has gone and he finds his wife is a shivering heap on the kitchen floor . . .moreless
    • Episode 2071
      Episode 2071
      Season 9 - Episode 46
      Tanya all but begs the police to charge her after she deliberately damaged the bus stop but the police are in fact more interested with getting to the route of the problem and eventually release Tanya without charge. Tanya returns home and finds Liam's mother on her doorstep - she came to see where her son had become a murderer and is surprised to see Tanya there . . . Tanya invites her inside and Liam's mother eventually understands the whole story and tells Tanya to get on with her life for baby Harry's sake if for no one else's . . . Later, Tanya does just that and spends some quality time with her baby. After getting the fright of her life when Graham utters the words: "scouts honor", Denise makes a run for it. Later, Les convinces her to go to the police and tell them everything that she knows. The police take down all the details and Graham soon finds himself in a police interrogation room having been arrested for raping a woman he's never even heard of. He agrees to cooperate completely with the police and since they have nothing firm to hold him with they are forced to release him much to the horror of Les and Denise when they see him later on Stanley Street . . .moreless
    • Episode 2069
      Episode 2069
      Season 9 - Episode 44
      Despite Yasmin's cold feet, she and Adam announce their marriage to their friends at the Corner Cafe to a mixed reaction and despite Yasmin's paranoia they do seem to have all come around . . . Mel gets a date with new boy Graham. After being cleared of all charges, Tanya starts thinking about the future which eventually leads her to writing a letter of resignation . . . later, Tanya presents the letter to John but he tells her that he can't accept it and tells Tanya that she should think very hard before she does anything like that . . . Tanya takes his advice and thinks things through this time it leads her to leaving Harry with Myra and Sadie while she rushes off . . . later, Tanya arrives at an anonymous door. A woman opens it and Tanya introduces herself as a nurse who was working at the hospital when Liam died . . . the woman, Liam's mother, invites Tanya inside . . .moreless
    • Episode 2063
      Episode 2063
      Season 9 - Episode 38
    • Episode 2062
      Episode 2062
      Season 9 - Episode 37
    • Episode 20
      Episode 20
      Season 1 - Episode 20
    • Episode 19
      Episode 19
      Season 1 - Episode 19
    • Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Season 1 - Episode 18
    • Episode 17
      Episode 17
      Season 1 - Episode 17
    • Episode 16
      Episode 16
      Season 1 - Episode 16
    • Episode 2050
      Episode 2050
      Season 9 - Episode 25
    • Episode 2049
      Episode 2049
      Season 9 - Episode 24
      It doesn't get any easier for Justin and Kelly as Denise remains strict over their visiting rights with Suzie and forces them to leave when their four hours are up. The whole situation is taking its toll worst on Kelly who can barely stand to be away from her daughter and tells Justin that she'd give anything even to hear their baby cry. Alex is feeling bad that his family knows he's a virgin, Katie promises not to tell anyone and says that she's got a friend who isn't fussy that she can set him up with if he'd like! Alex just seems to want to be left alone. Babs' big 70s night with Adam arrives and she just can't seem to go through with it. She sees Adam and tells him that she can't get out of babysitting duties and when Yasmin appears in the scene she persuades Adam to take her instead! Yasmin is delighted and spends plenty of time trying to dress to impress - Geri has to help pick out the shoes! Later, while Babs enjoys a quiet night in with Tanya, a movie and junk food, Yasmin and Adam have a great night out. But at the end of the evening Yasmin remains under the impression that Adam has fallen for Babs. Meanwhile, Babs tells Tanya that she feels that Adam has become to clingy and is worried about where a relationship between them could possibly go . . . At the last minute, Olly tries to pull out of the robbery at the Swan. Darren persuades him otherwise but can't persuade Olly to return to the life of crime full time. Olly tells him that things are serious between himself and Lucy. Meanwhile, Jake does his best at staying away from Lucy but that's easier said than done when they work in the same kitchen! Jake tries once again to persuade Lucy that Olly is bad news but she refuses to listen and tells Jake that nothing with ever happen between them. He gets the message and storms out. Later, Lucy returns to the Swan early after her shift at the cafe. She calls Jake to ask him to come over - she feels bad about how they left things. Outside, Katie locks up and heads home and Darren and Olly seize their opportunity. Darren orders Olly to keep watch as he heads into the back of the pub. No sooner has Darren disappeared round the back when Olly calls the police to the scene! Meanwhile, Lucy overhears activity downstairs and goes to investigate. She goes downstairs and from the darkness behind her, Darren leaps out, grabbing Lucy and telling her to keep her mouth shut! As the police arrive outside, Darren forces Lucy to fill a bag with money. Seeing the police have gathered outside the Swan, Jake heads over and finds himself himself helpless in what has now become a hostage situation. Inside, as Darren heads out of the Swan he's intercepted by an officer who tries to talk him out of harming Lucy. There are several exchanges between the officers and Darren. Lucy is set free and she runs to the other side of the bar. Darren tries to make a run for it but he's tackled and pressed against the bar while he's arrested! Whew! Lucy runs outside, straight past Jake and into Olly's waiting arms. Eileen and Pete soon return and while Eileen does her best to comfort Lucy, Jake and Olly help Pete clear up downstairs. Then, Lucy and Jake are left alone. Jake tells Lucy that he thinks that Olly had something to do with the break-in. Lucy denies that Olly would ever do such a thing and has another go at Jake for having a go at Olly. Angered, Jake gets up and tells Lucy to ask Olly for herself. She does just that and of course he denies everything and tells Lucy that he's got more sense that to break into his local. He explain the whole situation but there are still a few things that don't add up. Nevertheless, when Olly becomes frustrated that Lucy doesn't trust him, she reassures him that she does and believes every word he says . . .moreless
    • Episode 2048
      Episode 2048
      Season 9 - Episode 23
      Ben spends another day out hanging with Alex and trying to catch up. Having been living in a world where 50% of the population are female, Ben's surprised that his brother hasn't so much as dated one of them and is even more shocked to discover that his brother is a virgin! The boys decide to try chatting up Yasmin and Mel! It doesn't go well - there's a little bit of awkward conversation about shoes, other than that it's all bad news! Jake tells Dave that Olly is a waste of space on the construction job - he doesn't pull his weight at all. The only problem is that they're having this conversation in the cafe and Lucy overhears! Thinking that Jake is having a go at Olly because she chose him other Jake, she tells Jake what's what! Later, Lucy tries to make amends by bringing Jake (and Olly) coffee on the construction site. Meanwhile, Olly subtly interrogates Eileen and overhears the odd conversation about the security measures that will be taken in the pub when Eileen and Pete go out for the evening on Thursday . . . Olly tells Darren his plan and Darren is impressed and agrees to take on the job . . . Kelly is in a state of shock after the verdict on Suzie. Their families gather around Justin and Kelly in support but nothing they say can make the situation any better. The whole thing is made worse when the local paper makes the news of the ruling public. Outraged that the paper would stoop so low, Myra decides to throw away the shop's entire stock while Cat is left with the job of informing Justin and Kelly. In the salon, Yasmin and Mel speculate over the article. Yas doesn't believe that Justin and Kelly would ever harm Suzie but Mel isn't so sure . . . Justin and Kelly consult with a solicitor who tells them that nothing can be done straight away to overturn the ruling but guardianship of Suzie can be handed over to a relative so that things could be kept with in the family. Kelly is happy that Suzie won't be put into care but is still upset that she won't have full time access to her daughter. Later, Sue sets down the ground rules for Justin and Kelly's visits to see Suzie at the Boulter's house: they're not allowed to be left alone with her and they're not to spend more than 4 hours a day with her! Both Justin and Kelly are outraged and Kelly worries that she won't be able to sign Suzie away . . . Soon, Suzie is released from hospital and Denise accompanies Justin and Kelly. Denise soon makes sure that they know that she's going to stick to the rules very carefully so that social services have no right to take Suzie away. At the Boulter's it becomes late but Kelly can't seem to bring herself to leave Suzie but she knows she must and reassured that she can visit at any time she and Justin leave but as they head out of the door, Suzie begins to cry and her parents are forced to walk out of the house and across the street with Suzie's screams filling the night . . .moreless
    • Episode 2047
      Episode 2047
      Season 9 - Episode 22
      Babs is a little put out when Adam tries to help her re-live her youth by arranging tickets for a 70s night and buying her a "best of the 70s" album! Babs confesses to Tanya that she was drunk when she told Adam about what she got up to in the 70s, in fact she spent most of the time changing Tanya's nappies! Everyone around Katie is trying to make her feel guilty about what she did to Jake and she tells Alex that Conrad has barely spoken to her since. Katie tries to remind people that Jake did in fact cheat on her but no one can make her see the error of her ways . . . Lucy stands up for Jake but ends up just getting a mouthful from Katie. Later, Jake thanks Lucy and lets her know that he's still interested in her but Lucy tells Jake that wouldn't be fair on Olly . . . Following his arrest, Justin is released on bail. He and Kelly spend much of the day worried about what will happen next to him and to Suzie. Meanwhile, Doug heads back to Florida to see his mum with Justin's reassurance that he'll be fine without him. As Doug leaves, he gives Justin an envelope to get to the bank. Justin takes the envelope but gets distracted in conversation with Les and Denise and then Olly. Distracted, Justin leaves the money next to where he was talking to Olly. When Justin's gone, Olly notices the bag and thinks that maybe finding this money could be to his advantage and when Justin asks if Olly's saw the money anywhere, Olly lies and then calls Darren to let him know that he's got his money. However, Olly sees Lucy who comments that she feels so bad for Justin and Kelly right now . . . she goes on and Olly's conscience just can't seem to let him go through with giving Darren the money and so he hands it back to Justin. Darren isn't happy though and tells Olly that since he can't come up with the money, he'll have to find them "a job"! Olly begs Darren but he can see that this is his last chance. Olly goes to the Swan and seeing how much money is changing hands he gets an idea. Remembering that Lucy has the code to the alarm in her diary, Olly memorizes it and tells Darren. Darren isn't impressed that Olly has thought so little about this and says he'll think about it . . . Meanwhile, Justin and Kelly get more bad news. Sue tells them that having taken into account Suzie's injuries and the fact that the police seem to pressing charges against Justin, social services don't have a choice but to take Suzie into care . . .moreless
    • Episode 2051
      Episode 2051
      Season 9 - Episode 26
      Still upset that his family now know that he's still a virgin, things don't get any better for Alex with Katie's teasing over breakfast. Later, he admits to Kelly that he thinks Mel's fit and he'd love to ask her out . . . Kelly is a little surprised by Alex's taste but agrees to get him invited to a party that Lucy is holding for Olly (and Mel is going too!). Later, Alex tries to get some women advice from Katie who tells him that he needs to be more "dangerous". Alex doesn't quite get it and later invites Mel for a ride on his bike and tells her that he's only had a couple of drinks . . . Mel declines and seems amused by Alex's advances. Yasmin gives an economics lesson to Geri - all the things she's learned from Adam. Geri and Mel both comment that Yas can't seem to shut-up about her new man but Yasmin reassures them that she and Adam are just friends . . . Neither Geri or Mel seem to believe her! Jake persists is trying to get Olly into trouble. After getting his job back on the construction, Jake threatens Olly that by the time he's done with him, he'll be nothing to Lucy . . . Firstly, Jake tells Eileen about Olly. Eileen is not amused and immediately confronts Lucy. Lucy backs up Olly and tells her mum the whole story from her point of view. Jake is disappointed when Eileen doesn't try to break the couple up but she tells him that she's now closer with Lucy than ever and she's not willing to throw all that away because of a jealous ex-boyfriend . . . Denise continues to enforce the rules with Suzie with a heavy hand, and it's beginning to get on everyone's nerves. Later, Les asks Denise if she's using Suzie as an excuse to keep herself locked away, Denise assures him that she's not. Meanwhile, Kelly is in a much more optimistic mood even though Justin is due at the police station. While Justin's away, Kelly visits that travel agents to pick up some holiday brochures. But later Kelly learns that everything will have to be put on hold, when Justin returns from the police station he tells her that the police now have enough evidence to prosecute and so they've charged him with GBH against Suzie!moreless
    • Episode 2052
      Episode 2052
      Season 9 - Episode 27
      Alex tries his luck with Mel and heads into the salon supposedly looking for some details on treatments for an ex of his . . . Mel serves him and to be friendly agrees to have a drink with him some time. Alex takes this to mean their going on a date and prepares all day and even scrubs up a bit! Meanwhile, Mel is clueless to the whole thing - she thinks she's just having drinks with mates! Kelly soon puts Mel straight and she feels terrible thinking that she may have led Alex on. Later, Alex nervously talks his way through several drinks only to be told at the end of it all by Mel that she's not interested in him that way. Seeing that he's hurt she tells him that it's too soon after Brendan for her to start thinking about a relationship. Adam returns from wherever he's been and into Yasmin's open arms. They spend the say together and i finishes off with Adam telling Yasmin that he's really fallen for a new woman, Yasmin prompts him for a name and he tells her that he suspects she already knows . . . Eileen makes sure that Olly is very clear on the fact that he is not welcome! She tells him that if he should ever pull a stunt like that again, or if he was to ever hurt Lucy, Eileen will tell Pete the truth and Olly will soon be hanging from a lamp-post! The message seems to get through. Also, on what is a hard day for Justin, he tells Olly and Jake that he can't be doing with them not getting along and makes them shake hands and make up. They half-heartedly shake but for Olly things don't seem quite over . . . later, Jake apologizes to Lucy for dropping Olly in it with Eileen, he also apologizes for the way he's been acting and tells her that as far as he's concerned the battle between himself and Jake is over. He also promises not to tell Olly about their little one night stand! Lucy thanks him and seems chuffed that Jake is finally moving on. Kelly is trying to remain optimistic after the devastating news that Justin might be going to prison for a crime she doesn't believe he's committed. The Boulters, Cat, Justin and Kelly come together and agree not to broadcast the news of Justin being charged. But that doesn't last long. Soon, Cat is provoked by Pete in the shop, he says that he wouldn't be surprised if she'd shaken Suzie! At first Cat is outraged but that soon turns to downright anger and she blurts out that she had nothing to do with since Justin's been charged! As news begins to spread up and down Stanley Street, Cat goes to Denise and Justin with her tail between her legs and apologizes. As it turns out there not too upset - Justin doesn't seem to think that things can get much worse now anyway! Later, having been told that they've had more than they're 4 hours with Suzie, Kelly and Justin go home but the mood is grim and so Kelly suggests they go to the pub. Justin doesn't think that would be such a good idea but Kelly twists his arm and they go. Throughout their few drinks, Justin is looking over his shoulder and tells Kelly that he suspects everyone is talking about them . . . Kelly tries to calm him down but even her temper is tested when she goes to the bar to get more drinks and overhears Pete telling Eileen that he's surprised they even let Kelly and Justin keep the baby! Kelly looses it and lashes out at Pete and anyone else who's willing to have a go. She turns to Lucy for support but Lucy stays very quiet . . . Kelly can't believe that even her closest friends would turn their back on her now! Justin convinces her to go home. Back at the flat, Kelly is more optimistic. She tells Justin that she believes they'll get Suzie back. Justin tells her he isn't so sure and falls back onto the sofa is tears and tells Kelly that they've lost Suzie, they're family has been torn apart . . .moreless
    • Episode 2061
      Episode 2061
      Season 9 - Episode 36
    • Episode 2060
      Episode 2060
      Season 9 - Episode 35
      It's a Costello special! While Chloe helps out her Nan in the shop all day, Mel wonders if it would be so bad if they were forced to sell the house - after all it's only really brought misery for her . . . But Chloe and Myra are determined that they shall not be moved and so when they hear that there's a couple coming to view the house they go about wrecking the place! Meanwhile, Gary tells Chrissy that he's been up all night for the past few nights trying to figure out what to do about the house sale. He still thinks that asking Jackie for the money is the best solution but Chrissy is adamant that she won't be in debt to her mother. Nevertheless, when Gary looses it with Chrissy she is left feeling that she isn't doing enough for her family and so she calls Jackie and asks to meet her. They do meet but Chrissy is disappointed when she sees her mother's true colours . . . Jackie tells Chrissy that she plans to move to New Zealand when her divorce comes through. As Jackie continually ignores Chrissy and seems more and more interested in herself than anything else, Chrissy decides not to ask her for the money. Chrissy tells Jackie that she wishes she'd never sought her out and Jackie tells her she wishes Chrissy hadn't either. Jackie says goodbye and storms out . . . Later, Chrissy talks things through with Gary and comes to the conclusion that she's been a fool to reject him. She remembers the first time she and Gary got together and on that note she grabs a bottle of champagne from the house and puts on a fur coat (and nothing else) and heads to the cab office where Gary's working late. Gary immediately gets what's going on! Chrissy tells him that if the offer of marriage is still open, she'd very much like to accept. Gary goes to the filing cabinet where he's been keeping the ring then places it on Chrissy's finger. They share a brief moment before Chrissy drops the coat!moreless
    • Episode 2059
      Episode 2059
      Season 9 - Episode 34
      After hearing the truth about what happened with Olly, Lucy storms out of Jake's flat closely followed by Jake. He tries to apologize and tells Lucy how much he loves her but she tells him that he can never love her as much as he says he does because there's a whole part of her that he knows nothing about . . . Jake asks Lucy to tell him so she does: all about Mike. Jake's horrified that Dave didn't tell him but he tells Lucy that it doesn't change how he feels about her. At which point, Olly enters and starts on Jake who doesn't take it lying down. Seeing that the two won't ever stop bickering, Lucy tells them to stop and says that she doesn't want to be with either of them instead she's going to call her dad and ask him to send her a ticket to New York! Later, Jake confronts Dave about keeping the whole incident with Mike from him. Dave makes Jake see that he would have done the same thing had he been in that position! Yasmin starts to have real doubts over whether or not this wedding is such a good idea. Eventually she decides that it isn't and tells Geri that she's going to call it off. Ania comes home to find Ben being intimidated by Ray. Her screams alert Conrad across the street - he comes running. In the confusion, Ray ends up pushing Ben who falls back and knocks his head. Having heard Ania's screams, Tanya also comes running, as she examines Ben, Conrad and Ray stare each other down across the room! Things soon cool down and Ray leaves, he's briefly set upon by Alex outside who asks what he's going to do and Ray tells him that having seen Ben lying helplessly on the floor he's realized that he can't do him any real harm . . . Later, Ben confronts Conrad over why he didn't tell him about the newspaper article not realizing that's not even the half of it! Ania forces Conrad to tell Ben the whole truth about the family having to move again and again to get away from Ray. Upset, Ben decides that he doesn't want to be around his family anymore for that day. He tells Conrad to take him back to the institute . . . Jackie and Chloe return from their day out with Chloe practically in tears having been shouted out by her grandma. Jackie tells a furious Chrissy that she doesn't understand what all the fuss is about to which Chrissy responds by showing Jackie the door! Later, having had confirmation from the Webbs that they are set on selling the Costello's home, Gary tells Chrissy that he can't see a way out of this mess . . . then he comes up with a bright idea - why not ask Jackie? Chrissy is angry that Gary would even suggest such a thing but he continues to push the idea until Chrissy's almost at breaking point. She screams at Gary that she owes her mother nothing and that's the way it's going to stay!moreless
    • Episode 2058
      Episode 2058
      Season 9 - Episode 33
      The Costellos find a "For Sale" sign outside their house and all inquiries they make about it lead to dead ends. They'll have to contact the Webbs to find out what's going on. Also, Jackie makes another appearance and apologizes for standing Chloe up last Friday. Chrissy is not impressed but with the promise of a shopping trip, Chloe is soon brought round. Jake discharges himself from hospital and Olly is less than happy to see him back on Stanley Street. Olly is also having trouble making Lucy see that he's telling her the truth. Later, Jake's guilt gets the better of him and he confesses to Dave that he made it up about Olly pushing him! Dave forces Jake to talk to the police and later to Lucy. Lucy doesn't believe Jake at first but soon sees the truth. She asks him why he did it and Jake tells her it's because he loves her and asks Lucy to look into his eyes and tell him that she doesn't feel the same way . . . Yasmin boycotts Geri after she refuses to show support for her next marriage. Geri later tells Yasmin that she can't understand why she's doing this - her last marriage was such a state because it was all rushed and done for all the wrong reasons but Yas can't see it . . . Its another day release for Ben and instead of spending all his time with Alex he wants to get to know Ania. She's reluctant at first but before she knows it she and her big brother are getting along like a house of fire! The mood is dampened later however when Ania mentions that the neighbors will believe anything they read in the paper and afterwords is forced to tell Ben about Katie's little article . . . Ben is upset and forces Ania to show him a copy. He then pays her to go and get a couple of videos from across the street while he reads it. Now home alone, Ben answers a knock at the door. It's Ray - the father of the boy Ben killed! Ray pushes Ben back inside the privacy of the house. Ben asks him what he wants and Ray replies: "justice"!moreless
    • Episode 2057
      Episode 2057
      Season 9 - Episode 32
      Jake wakes up in the hospital to find that Lucy's been watching over him. He's obviously happy until he learns that Lucy is only there as a friend and that she's still with Olly. Lucy makes the mistake of calling Olly to tell him that Jake is awake. Olly takes this to mean that he should come to the hospital . . . Lucy is surprised to see Olly and tells him that he's better leave instead Olly decides to go into Jake's room to "see if he's alright". While he's there, Olly takes pleasure in rubbing it in Jake's face that he's still with Lucy. They kiss much to Jake's disgust. Olly leaves and Jake asks Lucy how she can possibly still be with him? Lucy goes on the defensive and Jake can see that there's only one way around this one: he tells Lucy that he was pushed! Lucy is shocked and immediately throws Olly out of the hospital. Dave overhears their argument and when Olly's out of the way he confirms what Jake told Lucy and then calls the police! Olly soon returns and heads straight for Jake's room. He threatens Jake to tell the truth otherwise he'll do him some serious damage! Jake keeps quiet until their conversation is interrupted by Dave, Lucy and the police! The police question Jake . . . Valentine's night continues in The Swan and Katie's got some matchmaking games for everyone! The game doesn't really go down very well, especially with Tanya who gets stuck with Conrad for the evening or with Mel who gets stuck with Alex while Katie weasels her way in with Mel's man - Drew. Drew on the other hand very much enjoys the attention and lets both Mel and Katie know that there's plenty of him to go around! Also, Alex fails for the third or is it fourth time to win Mel over and Eileen tells Geri that when she's feeling 100% again she should consider coming back to work at The Swan full time. Geri tells Eileen that she isn't so sure because she's pictured her life when she was well again going forward not back . . . Yasmin and Adam continue to enjoy their day but things end on a very wild note when Geri returns home to the news from Yasmin that she and Adam have decided to get married and that they've already booked the registry office for two weeks time!moreless
    • Episode 2056
      Episode 2056
      Season 9 - Episode 31
      Katie tries to persuade Alex and Conrad to join in the party she's arranging at the Swan. Neither of them seem very keen but they still agree to go to support Katie. Later, Alex tells Conrad that even though things didn't go too well with Mel last week he thinks he still might be in with a shot! Also, Babs checks out Conrad. She tells Tanya that she might be interested. Tanya tells her mum that she must need her eyes testing! Cat is worried about Doug (and a little upset) when she doesn't get a card on Valentines day morning. But later, Cat is cheered up when Sadie presents her with a bunch of flowers sent from Doug! In another romantic Valentines day tale, Adam reappears but before he lets Yasmin know that he's back in town he gives Geri a call . . . Later, to Yasmin's surprise, Adam appears in the pub. He apologizes for being out of touch and tells her that he's got a surprise planned. Yasmin hastily takes the afternoon off work and gets into Adam's car. From outside the Swan, he pulls out and then immediately back in again outside Dusty's Store! Adam takes Yasmin upstairs where he's laid out a Valentines themed picnic for the two of them. Adam pours some wine for Yasmin but stays off it himself so that he can keep a clear head . . . the love birds spend the afternoon laughing and enjoying one and other's company . . . Just when he thought his year couldn't get any worse, Justin has to deal with a meeting with people from health and safety after Jake's fall. With the luck he's been having lately he doesn't expect it to go well . . . Justin is also afraid to tell Doug what went on so as to not add to his concerns. Meanwhile, Jake has spent the weekend fighting for his life in intensive care. Lucy talks things over with Olly. He tells her that what happened with Jake was an accident. She believes him of course and apologizes for all the stuff that's happened with Jake. They agree to take each other back and Lucy promises to tell Jake where he stands when he wakes up. Lucy goes to the hospital and lies her way into intensive care by telling them that she's Jake's sister. Dave is less than happy to see her and tells her that he blames her for what's happening to Jake. Lucy apologizes but Dave doesn't really seem convinced. Nevertheless, Dave puts all that behind them so that they can focus on Jake. Later, the doctor removes the equipment that's helping Jake breathe. All seems to go well but the doctor warns that it's up to Jake now . . .moreless
    • Episode 2055
      Episode 2055
      Season 9 - Episode 30
    • Episode 2054
      Episode 2054
      Season 9 - Episode 29
    • Episode 2053
      Episode 2053
      Season 9 - Episode 28
      Out on day release, Ben discovers that Alex will have the house to himself that night! He advises him to throw a party since girls always go for that sort of thing. Alex is reluctant but he might change his mind when he finds out that Ben lost his virginity before he went inside! Also, Mel gets close with one of Jake's friends from the football team. Alex is not impressed and nor is Katie who had her eye on the same guy . . . Jackie shows up unannounced several hours before Chrissy and Gary get home. She runs into both Myra and Mel, she tells both of them that she probably won't hang around for much longer. Nevertheless, Jackie is still on Stanley Street when Chloe gets home from school. Chloe is delighted to see her and when Jackie suggests a walk in the park - Chloe is really excited! Myra is less sure but Mel says she'll go along to keep an eye on things. Later, Mel tells Myra that Jackie didn't really notice her there at all, it was Chloe she wanted to see . . . it becomes late and Jackie still hasn't gone! Chrissy and Gary come home and are surprised to find Jackie in their living room . . . While Justin is visiting Suzie at the Boulters, Denise gets a phone call from Les who tells her that they're one man down at the cafe and now they're run off their feet! He begs Denise to go into work but she tells him that she can't leave Suzie. Les tells her to bring Suzie with her. Denise agrees to come in. Having overheard the conversation, Justin volunteers to look after Suzie. Denise isn't keen on the idea but Justin asks her what's the worst that could happen with her own father looking after her? Reluctant to show any doubt over Justin's innocence, Denise agrees. Later, she regrets the decision when she gets home to find that Justin is nowhere to be found!moreless
    • Episode 2077
      Episode 2077
      Season 9 - Episode 52
    • Episode 2078
      Episode 2078
      Season 9 - Episode 53
      Conrad is still unhappy about Katie's relationship with Drew and he doesn't hesitate to make his feelings known. Later, Conrad buys a bed for Ben in the hope that upon hearing tat he has a proper place to stay is might change his mind about coming home. However, during the assembly process, things go horribly wrong from Conrad as he emerges from upstairs to tell Alex that he's had a little accident with the nail gun and asks his son to drive him to the hospital since he won't be able to sit down . . . Suppressing laughter, Alex takes his dad to the hospital where things go from bad to worse for Conrad when he learns that the nurse treating him will be none other than Tanya! For the first time the two really start hitting it off, even though Conrad did spend the entire time face down with his backside hanging out! At the end of it all Tanya complements Conrad on his nice bum! Pete brings up the idea of kids again with Eileen and at first she isn't sure they should rush things but with the prospect of a weekend away in the country with the man she loves, how could she say no? Much to Mel's annoyance, nobody seems to want to let up about the fact that she's dating Graham. After Denise sees them together in the street, she decides to stick her nose in and remind Mel just what that man did to her. Mel tells Denise that it's none of her business and almost goes back to Graham but when he says something that reminds Mel of what Denise said, she starts acting all hot and cold. By the end of the day, Mel seems far more convinced that she's right and tells Graham that she's not going anywhere! Meanwhile, having won a big contract with a modeling company, Drew's looking to celebrate but not with Katie but he does drop by to The Swan for a quick drink before he heads out with the lads. But much to Drew's annoyance one of the lads, Russ, shows up early and seems very keen to find out all he can about Katie. After Russ tells Katie that he's gay, Drew decides that's enough and ushers his friend out just as Mel comes in. Katie can't help but rub Mel's face in it, Mel shows a little bit of annoyance at Katie's persistence but ignores her and eventually goes away . . . One her way out of the pub, Mel spots Drew and Russ across the street - kissing!moreless
    • Episode 2079
      Episode 2079
      Season 9 - Episode 54
    • Episode 2105
      Episode 2105
      Season 9 - Episode 80
      While Olly ponders why Lucy turned him down when he asked her out the other night, Ben found out that Lucy had a great time with him but it seems she just wants to be friends. Later, Olly's curiosity leads him to confront Lucy who tells him that she thought it was a set-up, since Jake had asked her out not five minute before! Olly decides to confront Jake and they end up arguing very publicly in the Swan but Doug breaks them up. Soon, Jake decides to make amends and apologizes to Olly. They decide not to let Lucy stand between them any longer . . . When Tanya sees Alex, she's surprised when he thanks her for not telling Conrad what really happened the night of the accident - mostly because she did tell Conrad! She decides to go and talk to him about it. They get into a fight when Tanya tells Conrad that he can't keep ignoring this. He tells her that its none of her business and she sees him for what he really is. She tells him she's so pleased she found out in time how selfish he was and he discovers that she was considering going out with him! Tanya leaves and when Alex comes home, he struggles but eventually asks him why he lied to him. Alex denies what Conrad accuses him of but when Ben comes in, it all gets too much and Ben confesses the truth to Conrad. They talk about it to the point where Ben storms out. Conrad apologizes to Alex for giving him such a hard time. Then, Conrad goes to see Tanya to tell her all about his good deeds in the hope that she might want to go for a drink with him. However, Tanya tells Conrad that isn't going to happen . . . Adam tries his best to convince Yasmin that he loves her and doesn't want to leave her. She tells him that she still wants him out. So, in order to prove himself, Adam takes Yasmin to his flat to show her around. He asks her that if he's leading some sort of double life then where's all his stuff. Yasmin takes some convincing but eventually comes round to the idea that her husband is telling the truth. She apologizes and tells him she loves him and they go for a drink in the Swan. But soon Adam has to head off to a conference, Yasmin returns home to her new kitten (Beyoncé!). But Adam's idea of work probably isn't what Yasmin had in mind. He walks into "Melissa's flat" and puts down his work gear. Melissa appears and tells Adam he's late, she hands him some champagne and they kiss . . . lots . . .moreless
    • Episode 2104
      Episode 2104
      Season 9 - Episode 79
      Gary and Chrissy are running out of ideas about where Mel could've gone. They agree that they don't think the police are doing enough and so Gary heads out to some places he thinks Mel might go but he has no success. Also, the pressure is getting to Gary as he snaps at Chloe just for asking for a lift into town. Later, Chloe reminds Myra of a holiday the family had when she was little. Myra remembers the story and immediately tells Gary that she remembers Mel saying that she wanted to go back there. Gary thinks is a bit of a long shot since it was such a long time ago but he's running out of ideas so Gary and Chrissy head off, leaving Chloe with Myra . . . Ben asks Jake and Olly if they fancy going with him for a lads night out to welcome him: "the new boy". But they both decline telling him that they have other plans. It seems that both of their other plans involve asking out Lucy but in turn she turns them both down and so they both end up in the Swan. Soon, Jake and Olly are wishing they'd taken Ben up on his offer but then Ben emerges from the back of the Swan with Lucy in tow! It seems Ben had better things to do anyway! Doug tries to calm Yasmin down as they return to Stanley Street after visiting Adam's flat. When Yasmin sees Adam she's annoyed that he's acting very calmly and gives him a right ear bashing before locking herself away in her room! Adam tries to talk Yasmin down and tells her that if she won't listen to him and trust him then they have no hope as a couple. Yasmin emerges telling Adam that it better be good! Adam explains that his flatmate, Melissa, and he are just friends. When he moved out, she moved her stuff into his room and turned her own room into an office. Adam even offers to call Melissa and have her speak to Yasmin. But Yas is not impressed and when she hears a noise coming from her spare room she immediately assumes that Adam's hiding somebody in there! She rushes in to find a kitten sitting on the bed, Adam tells her it was meant to be a surprise. Later, Yasmin sits down to talk seriously. She tells Adam that the worst part of this whole thing was that she found that she didn't trust him - how could they continue like that? She tells him he can stay until the morning but then she wants him out! Tanya invite Alex back to her place so that he can talk things through. He tries to make her see that covering for Ben was the best thing he could've done but Tanya tries to make Alex see that it wasn't the best thing for him. Neither is able to convince the other and so Alex soon goes he asks Tanya to promise not to tell his dad, but Tanya says that she won't if he does! Later, Tanya feels like her chat with Alex wasn't over and goes looking for him. She runs into Katie who goes off on one the second Tanya mentions Alex's name - Tanya sees how bad things must be for Alex. Eventually, Tanya goes to the Williams' house and sits down with Alex. But their conversation is interrupted when Conrad walks in. Tanya tells him that she was just there to see how Ben was doing but he wasn't in. Conrad makes Alex leave to go and get some washing that he should have done already. When they're alone, Conrad asks Tanya what she's really doing there. She tells him she's worried about Alex. Conrad doesn't believe her and assumes that she's there to see him! He tries to get close to her but Tanya pulls away and tells Conrad that he really needs to talk to Alex. He still isn't convinced that's why she's there so Tanya has to tell him the truth!moreless
    • Episode 2103
      Episode 2103
      Season 9 - Episode 78
      It appears that Babs' reading on the tarot cards have come true! Firstly, Tanya finds comfort in the arms of a passionate man with brown hair. Only Babs thinks it's Dr. John while, in fact, it appears that Conrad is the subject of her affection. Later, Tanya asks Conrad if he meant it when he said that he couldn't stop thinking about her. He tells her that he did! Meanwhile, Conrad's kids are getting themselves into trouble. After Conrad gets Ben a job with Mackenzie and Sons, Jake and Olly take him out for lunch but Ben puts his foot in it a little when he notices Lucy walking by . . . Jake and Olly warn him away but he tells them that he likes a challenge! While Ben makes new friends, Alex is down in the dumps, firstly because his bike has been sold and secondly because Conrad is still giving him such a hard time over crashing the car! Alex tells Ben that now the court hearings and stuff are out of the way, they should tell Conrad the truth. Ben reluctantly agrees . . . But later, during a disagreement with Tanya, Alex lets slip that he's fed up of everyone being cross at him for something he didn't even do . . . Cat spends the day trying to figure out the meaning behind Babs' tarot reading . . . she searches the house high and low to find any valuable antiques she didn't know she has. At first she doesn't come up with much but soon finds a vase in the bathroom that could apparently worth up to £500! And now for Yasmin's surprise she gets a phone call (on Adam's phone) from another tenant in the building where his flat is saying that there's water leaking out of Adam's flat. Yasmin grabs Doug and they head over to see what's up. Doug seems a bit surprised when Yasmin doesn't know where the flat is and is more surprised to discover that she's never even been to her husband's flat before! At the flat, Doug soon finds the cause of the problem but he asks Yasmin that if Adam has such a nice flat then why are they scrounging in Stanley Street? Yasmin doesn't really know the answer and decides to have a nosy around. She soon finds ladies underwear on the radiator in the bathroom and jumps to the conclusion that Adam is having it off with another woman, Doug tries to calm her down and tells her that maybe this is just his flatmate's stuff, or maybe even his flatmate's girlfriend's stuff? Yasmin is just coming around to the idea when the phone rings, the answer machine picks it up and the greeting message sounds like Adam's flatmate is female . . . so now there's just one question on Yasmin's mind - why is there only one bed?moreless
    • Episode 2102
      Episode 2102
      Season 9 - Episode 77
      Gary and Chrissy become very concerned when they're asked to fill out a missing person's report for Mel. There fears are worsened by literature in the police center's reception that says that it becomes less likely to find somebody if they go missing for more than 24 hours although they are assured that every case is different. Meanwhile, Myra breaks down in the back room at the shop. She's comforted by Babs who, after hearing Myra's story, reassures her that it's not her fault and that Gary will come round. However, Myra isn't so sure . . . Despite Adam trying to persuade her not to, Cat decides to bring up the idea of adoption to Yasmin. She sees right through the whole thing straight away and informs both Cat and Adam that she couldn't handle having someone else's kid - she just wants one of her own . . . Later, Yasmin and Cat receive a tarot card reading from Babs who tells Cat that she's in for a windfall and tells Yasmin that she sees children are on the cards but they're interrupted before she can go into any more detail! Also, Myra and Justin talk about the sale of the shop. Myra tells him that her job is secure during the changeover at least while Justin informs her that he's got the contract to do the place up. Alex is still getting a hard time at home. Ben promises to help him pay for his £500 fine but it's little comfort to Alex. Later, Ben puts his foot in it when he sells Alex's motorbike to Olly for £500! Alex is angry that Ben would sell his stuff! Meanwhile, Tanya is having a night out with John. He presents her with some holiday brochures but she tells him that she doesn't deserve all this (maybe she still has the kiss with Conrad fresh in her mind?) - Tanya leaves the cafe is a hurry. John waits around for a while before going round to Tanya's flat to see if she's there, but she's not . . . Tanya has gone for a walk in a rough part of Charnham when Conrad drives by! He tells her that its not safe around here and insists that he give her a lift home. She reluctantly accepts. When they get back to Stanley Street, Conrad and Tanya share a very close moment in the car. Conrad seems to be waiting to kiss her but Tanya holds back, Conrad asks her what she's afraid of . . . but they're interrupted when Tanya spots John coming out of her flat. She gets out of the car and goes to apologize, she tells him that what she really needs is a quiet weekend away . . .moreless
    • Episode 2101
      Episode 2101
      Season 9 - Episode 76
      Melanie's missing and Myra secretly fears she's killed herself, while Chrissy thinks she's been raped. But Gary's not too worried now Graham is locked up behind bars. The police soon change his mind when they take Mel's disappearance very seriously! Yasmin's shaken after finding Adam's information on adoption. Cat suggests Yasmin should look after Davie to see how she gets on. Alex has overslept, when he's due in court. Pete tries to get back into Eileen's good books by being a "new man".moreless
    • Episode 2100
      Episode 2100
      Season 9 - Episode 75
      Now Eileen's in hospital. After an ultrasound, she hears that the baby is OK. Eileen's experienced a miscarriage before, and that's what they said back then, too; she's not convinced. All she wants is for her absent husband, Pete, to be there with her. After much of a to-do, Myra eventually comforts Melanie after she found her trying to kill herself. Mel blames herself for everything that's gone wrong recently. Elsewhere, Gary anxiously awaits the jury to return with their verdict...moreless
    • Episode 2099
      Episode 2099
      Season 9 - Episode 74
      Myra returns home to find Mel in a state after washing down pills with alcohol! Pam's sacked, and she admits to Pete that her life is pretty miserable. He manages to persuade her to visit her mum. Meanwhile, Eileen opens up to Sadie. She explains how ill she feels with the pregnancy, but declares that she's really looking forward to having Pete's baby. When Eileen tells Pete that she wants to go home because she feels so unwell, he takes this as selfishness and insists on staying at Sadie's side; he tells Eileen to go back home alone if that's what she wants so much.moreless
    • Episode 2106
      Episode 2106
      Season 9 - Episode 81
      Yasmin introduced Beyonce to Cat (who is ironically allergic) and to Babs who finds Yasmin's new kitty adorable. Yasmin also lets them both know that things between her and Adam are now fine, it was all just a big misunderstanding. Little does she know . . . Also, Cat begs Babs to give her another tarot card reading in exchange for a pedicure! Babs accepts and later tells Cat that she will be in for some more money but as a result of sadness . . . Pete starts to drive Eileen mad as he keeps her under lock and key and doesn't allow her to do anything at all! When she has to go and pick something small up for dinner she finds herself being told off but in return Pete gets a mouthful as Eileen tells him that he can't keep her wrapped up in cotton wool until October! Dave's options are beginning to run out. Pete tells him that his flat is still available but Dave's pride won't let him accept. Then Dave tells Jake he's come up with a great idea - Graham's rent on the flat above the cab office expires at the end of the month so maybe he could move in there. But things don't go according to plan on that score when Gary tells Dave that a woman has already put down a deposit on the flat. Dave is angered by the fact Gary never told him and he's also angered by the fact that Gary has been putting in minimum hours recently because of crises in his personal life. Later, Dave gets a call from an old friend who's living in Scotland. He tells Dave that he's set up some holiday cottages and he was looking for somebody to run them . . . Dave says he'll think about taking him up on it but this plan takes a knock when Jake tells him he's not so keen. Dave tells Jake that he would feel all wrong about leaving him behind but soon it looks like he might not have a choice . . . Meanwhile, Jake asks Lucy out for a drink - just as friends. She accepts and later, Jake seems surprised when she actually turns up! Gary and Chrissy return from what turned out to be a wild goose chase. Gary is still angry at Myra and how much this is affecting her starts to show. After being told off by Gary, Myra decides to have a quick drink to make herself feel better and misses a phone call. Chrissy walks in as the phone stops ringing and immediately dials 1471 in the hope that it might be Mel. It turns out that it's from a phone box, so Chrissy and Myra let the police know right away. But later, Gary tells them that it was just him. Then, the police show up with some evidence they'd like Chrissy and Gary to look at: it's Mel's bag. The officer asks Chrissy to confirm that it is in fact Mel's bag. She does and the officer informs the Costellos that they found this bag by the canal - there'll be divers sent in to dredge the bottom of the canal under a nearby bridge just in case Mel jumped . . .moreless
    • Episode 2107
      Episode 2107
      Season 9 - Episode 82
      In Pete's absence, Dave takes Eileen to hospital. Eileen fears she could be losing the baby. Gary and Chrissy have had another sleepless night after being told Mel's bag has been found by the canal; Gary knows this is a suicide spot. The gap between Myra and Gary widens. Taking Babs's tarot prediction to heart, Cat immediately steps up Doug's health regime. He's not going to die; not on her watch! Tanya wants Babs to come clean about being a charlatan. Yasmin takes Beyoncé, her kitten, to work; disaster ensues...moreless
    • Episode 2108
      Episode 2108
      Season 9 - Episode 83
      Gary is having a rough day. He's unable to sleep and only manages one fare at work before he finds himself distracted by his home life. Things only get worse when Dave confirms that he's taking the job in Scotland! After forgetting to pick Chloe up from school because he was out, driving around, looking for Mel. Gary finds himself at the other end of a good talking to by Chrissy and Myra who try and remind him that he has another daughter too and that he has other responsibilities other than Mel. They try and reassure him that Mel doesn't want to get in touch with them right now, the police are doing their best and all the Costellos can so is go about their lives . . . While out having a fag brake and hassling Doug about his eating habits, Yasmin's kitten comes to the door of the salon. Cat tries to shoo her away but this has the adverse affect and Beyonce ends up running out of the shop. Cat follows but not fast enough as a car comes speeding down Stanley Street -- SPLAT! -- Horrified at what she has done, Cat takes Beyonce's body and places her in a black plastic bag and keeps quiet to a worried Yasmin all afternoon. When she gets home, Cat buries Beyonce in the back garden but on her travels she finds a shiny coin! It turns out Babs' tarot reading might not have been so off the mark after all! Pete and Eileen try to get over her miscarriage, but it hits them both hard. Individually they are both consoled by Tanya who's working a shift in A&E at the same time. Later, after Eileen has had an operation to remove the fetus, Pete reassures her by telling her that soon she'll get back on her feet and they'll be able to try again. Eileen is taken aback by this and tells Pete that she doesn't want to talk about that right now. But when the consultant comes, Pete can't help but force the issue. Eileen insists that she doesn't want to know but Pete continues to ask the questions: is it possible for Eileen to conceive again? Is there anything that could've been done to save the baby? When the consultant goes away, Eileen tries to make Pete see that having been through two miscarriages in the space of a year, the last thing she wants is to go through another. She also asks Pete why he asked if anything could have been done - Eileen thinks that Pete blames her! They argue. Eileen tells Pete that if he's not going to be there for her, then he may as well just walk away right now! And that's what he does . . .moreless
    • Episode 2115
      Episode 2115
      Season 9 - Episode 90
      Olly is stunned when Pete kicks him out of the flat in order to move Sadie and Pam in. Les is horrified when he wakes up and remembers that he tried to kiss Lucy the night before. Gary tells Chrissy that they have been asked to do a TV appeal about Melanie. Olly tells Lucy that he's thinking about leaving Charnham. Denise is annoyed when she finds out that Lucy didn't show up for work. Babs feels under pressure when Chrissy asks for a tarot reading to help find Melanie. Lucy advises Les to talk to Denise and save his marriage. Chrissy is troubled when Babs starts to read her tarot cards, but stops half way through and packs them away. Convinced that Melanie is dead, Chrissy decides to buy her own tarot cards. Lucy is sad as she watches Olly leave Charnham. Les goes for a drive and sees a prostitute. He's on the verge of picking her up when he comes to her senses and thinks better of it.moreless
    • Episode 2114
      Episode 2114
      Season 9 - Episode 89
      Les and Denise talk about his lack of passion and desire for her. A surprised Gary accepts Conrad's dinner invitation. Babs promises to recommend some dream analysis books for Chrissy. Pam returns to Charnham and promises never to leave Sadie again. Sadie is delighted when Pam says that Pete's offered them a flat to live in. Katie is unimpressed when the boys decide to cook for the Costellos. When Lucy tells Les that she is not keen on meeting up with Olly, Les offers Lucy a drink at the café. The Costellos and the Williams' enjoy each others company and bond over the awful meal. Lucy is horrified when Les leans in to kiss her.moreless
    • Episode 2113
      Episode 2113
      Season 9 - Episode 88
      Ania decides that since she helped Chloe with the posters she should try and make things right with Gary and Chrissy - she pays them a visit. Gary is quite hostile toward her, but Ania apologizes and says that the only reason she helped Chloe was because Chloe doesn't understand what's going on. Chrissy comes to the conclusion that Chloe must be told the truth and so later, both Gary and Chrissy sit Chloe down and tell her in as little detail as possible what they know is going (Gary still thinks that Chrissy tells Chloe too much). Meanwhile, the Katie tells Conrad that they should be lending support to the Costellos and tries to convince him to invite Gary and Chrissy round to dinner. Conrad tells Katie that they should keep their noses out of other people's business! Denise is finding it hard being alone after Justin and Kelly take back Suzie. After spending the morning wondering what to do next, Denise pays Eileen a visit. The ladies talk. Denise tells her that all she wants now is for things to be back like they were before Christmas and Graham etc. Denise confesses that she and Les haven't slept together since . . . Eileen comes to the conclusion that Denise and Les need a romantic night in and she takes Denise out shopping for a new dress. When she gets home, Denise decorates the front room with candles, puts on the dress and makes sure Justin and Kelly will be out of the way. When Les gets in, he's overwhelmed by the whole thing. When Denise starts kissing him, Les asks her to slow down. He says he can't take this all in and says he has to hurry back to work . . . Denise is left all on her own again . . . Seeing how torn apart Sadie is by Pam's departure, Pete heads to Birmingham to confront Pam once and for all. Pam is surprised to see him but she invites him into her flat, but when she sees that Pete might be there a while she tries to usher him out. Before they get very far, a woman enters and Pam introduces her as her girlfriend! Pete assumes that this is the reason Pam abandoned Sadie, but Pam insists that it's not. It soon emerges that Pam girlfriend is pretty clueless to everything that's going on, she's surprised by the fact that Sadie is alive (apparently Pam said her mother was dead) and later, she's even more surprised to learn that the reason Pam left her home five years ago was because she's been in prison for killing a man . . .moreless
    • Episode 2112
      Episode 2112
      Season 9 - Episode 87
      Gary and Chrissy wonder what on earth's going on when they start to receive phone calls from pranksters saying they've seen Mel. Gary heads out to find out what's going on and finds that posters of Mel have been posted up all of Stanley Street with the Costello's number on them. Gary starts ripping the posters down but then Chloe emerges from the Williams house. She tells Gary that she and Ania put the posters up, Chloe just wants somebody to be doing something to find her sister . . . Justin and Kelly have to spend an agonizing time as the judge reviews their case for full-time custody of Suzie. But first, Justin gets a call from the police. He heads to the station with Les, they return so late they almost miss the whole case! But it's good news from the police - they've dropped the GBH charge against Justin! However, that doesn't mean that his childcare skills are not still in the spotlight, a family court is an entirely different arrangement . . . Later, after waiting and waiting, the judge finally delivers his verdict: Justin and Kelly may resume sole custody of Suzie! But they're warned that if any suspicious injuries should happen to Suzie in that time, she could still be taken away from her parents . . . Sadie advises Pete and Eileen on their marriage. She tells them that they need to start talking to one another again - so that they can figure out what they both want . . . Later, when Pete tries to talk, Eileen asks him not to, she just wants to be held. Meanwhile, Pam considers her future and eventually comes to the conclusion that leaving is the best solution. While the house is empty except for Sadie sleeping in her chair, Pam writes her mum a note and then quietly leaves. Sadie awakes in an empty house, and notices Pam's letter on the table in front of her . . . Later, Cat is surprised when Sadie isn't excited about Justin and Kelly's news. Sadie tells Cat that Pam's left and not only that, but she's left a note saying that she never wants to see Sadie again!moreless
    • Episode 2111
      Episode 2111
      Season 9 - Episode 86
      Chloe is becoming more and more suspicious about Mel's whereabouts but her parents still refuse to tell her what's really going on. Later, after a conversation with Ania, Chloe confronts her parents with Mel's MP3 player - she says she never leaves the house without it. Gary still insists that she shouldn't know . . . Justin prepares for his hearing tomorrow. He tells Kelly that he thinks there's a good chance they'll take Suzie away from them. Kelly won't listen to him though, she says she needs Justin to tell her that everything's going be alright. Later, Kelly runs into Doug. She tells him that Justin's lawyer has several expert witnesses who will all testify that Suzie's injuries were not his fault but she also mentions that Justin seems to have shut himself off from everybody. This drives Doug to confront Justin. Doug tells his son that he's ashamed o him for the way he's treating Kelly. Justin thinks this over and decides that his father is right. Justin tells Kelly that he thinks everything will be alright - she makes him agree never to shut her out again. When they've both cooled down, Justin and Kelly take Suzie out to feed the ducks. Denise catches up with them and reminds them that they're not allowed but when she sees how much they want to be together as a family, she lets them go . . . Pam returns with Sadie to Stanley Street. Cat is horrified when Sadie entrusts Pam with her PIN number to draw money from the bank, but Sadie asks Cat that if she can't trust her own daughter then who can she trust. Cat isn't convinced and her suspicions are once again raised when Cat overhears Pam on the phone telling somebody that she'll be able to get all the money she needs from her mum . . . Later, Pam asks Cat if she and Doug wouldn't mind moving out while her mum recovers but Cat informs her that actually this isn't Sadie's house - she lost all her money last year! Pam's reaction once again makes Cat suspicious, she decides to pay Pete a visit. Pete and Cat then confront Pam. But it turns out Cat got it all wrong, the money was in fact for a full-time carer for Sadie. Pete wonders why Sadie's going to need a carer with Pam around but she tells him that the second her mum's settled down, she's going back to Birmingham . . .moreless
    • Episode 2110
      Episode 2110
      Season 9 - Episode 85
      Lucy sneaks home after spending the night with Jake. She finds a new message on the answer machine, it's from Pete who tells Eileen that he's made a mistake and that he'll be home today to make things right - Lucy deletes the message! As night becomes morning, Dave and Jake finish off their packing. They talk about the next step in their lives. Dave seems worried that rekindling his relationship with Lucy might have made Jake think again about going to Scotland with him. But apparently not. Jake pays Lucy a visit at the cafe and without warning he asks her to go with him to Scotland! She says she's not so sure but when she hears that Dave invited Eileen it becomes a different matter . . . Lucy goes to see her mum. Eileen and Lucy talk things through. Soon, they emerge and as Eileen drags Dave off to one side, Lucy tells Jake that she wants to go with him! He is delighted! Meanwhile, Eileen keeps Dave waiting for an answer, he thinks she's going to say "no" but then she turns around and accepts his offer! All seems well as a black cab pulls up outside the Swan. Pete emerges and disappears inside . . . Upstairs at the Swan, Pete finds Eileen packing a bag. He tries to tell her how sorry he is, she tells him that it's too late! Their conversation moves into their living room. Pete becomes emotional: he tells Eileen how he's spent the last day wondering around the neighborhood where he grew up, where he spent his days wandering around afraid to go home where his stepfather would beat him - he thought the reason he wanted another child was so he could prove how much better he was than his stepfather but yesterday he found out that he doesn't want any child - he wants Eileen's child and asks her to reconsider her decision . . . Eileen is adamant when she tells him that she won't try again. Pete accepts this and tells Eileen that if not having kids is the price he has to pay to be with her, he will pay it . . . Eileen thinks but then Lucy enters. Pete begs Lucy to make her mum see that she's making a mistake but Lucy sides with Eileen and the mother and daughter duo walk out on Pete . . . Downstairs, Eileen hands Dave her bag and he puts it in the car. Eileen goes to say goodbye to her neighbors. Chrissy asks her if this is what she really wants, Eileen refuses to answer the question directly - leaving Chrissy doubting whether or not Eileen's doing the right thing . . . Meanwhile, as Dave packs the car, Pete comes out of the Swan. He tells Dave that he's not surprised that it's him who's helping his wife make her getaway. Pete tells Dave that Eileen doesn't love him, or care for him and that the second he drops her off at the station or wherever they're going, she won't keep in touch. Dave turns to Pete and can't help but rub his old rival's face in it. Dave tells Pete that Eileen's coming with him! Their discussion immediately becomes more heated before the men throw themselves at one and other. Passers by like Jake, Olly and Les run to pry Pete and Dave apart. Eileen comes out of the Costellos in time to see the fight being broken up. Pete returns to the pub while Dave is invited to the cafe to have his cuts taken care of. While Dave is being seen to, Olly confronts Jake and asks him directly if Lucy is going with him to Scotland. Jake tells him that she is. Olly accepts this, now he seems to be able to see how much these two love each other . . . Dave soon ushers Jake to the door and they head back out onto the street where their car waits for them. As Eileen and Lucy get into the car, Pete once again returns to the street. He approaches Eileen, Dave steps in his way but Pete tells him that he just wants to say goodbye to his wife. Dave stands down and Pete pulls Eileen to one side, begging her to reconsider. Eileen tells him that she can't - it's over. Unable to watch Eileen drive away, Pete goes back inside the pub. Eileen goes to get in the car. She hesitates. Dave says: "Look after yourself, Eileen" - they both know she's not getting in the car . . . Dave hands Eileen her bag and seeing that he mum isn't coming, Lucy gets out of the car and tells Jake she has to stay. Jake tells Lucy that she has to start living her own life. Lucy promises Jake they'll still be together, she'll come later. Jake lets her go and goes to get in the car. Dave makes sure this is what Jake really wants, Jake reassures him that it is. They get into the car and disappear down Stanley Street as Lucy waves them off . . . Back upstairs at the Swan, Pete struggles to hold back tears as he hears the car drive off. But then he hears footsteps coming up the stairs. He turns to find Eileen . . .moreless
    • Episode 2109
      Episode 2109
      Season 9 - Episode 84
      After Cat finds out that the coin she found while burying Beyonce is worth £300 she tells Doug about it but he wonders what she was doing digging around in the garden so Cat is forced to confess. Doug tells her that she can't keep Yasmin thinking there's hope of finding her kitten alive and so later, Cat tells Yas who is devastated and wonders if she can't look after a kitten for more than a few days what kind of a mother would she be . . . But Adam returns and reassures Yasmin that she'll be a great mum - after all, she's such a great wife . . . Chrissy and Gary get some potentially good news when they hear that Mel's credit card has been used. They eagerly await while the police develop CCTV footage from the cash point . . . Later, the police bring Chrissy and Gary the photos for identification. Gary's optimistic that the fuzzy pictures could be of Mel but Chrissy knows her daughter and she knows that the pictures are not of her . . . It seems like the Costellos are back to square one. After thinking things through, Jake comes to the conclusion that there's nothing to stay for in Charnham and decides to go with Dave to Scotland. When Lucy hears the news she seems surprised by her own reaction and later when Dave makes Lucy see how much she's worth to Jake she decides to confront Jake about her feelings: Lucy tells Jake she loves him. Soon after, Jake and Lucy decide to spend the night together and head back to Jake's flat . . . Meanwhile, Dave visits Eileen with a bunch of flowers after she returns from hospital. She tells him that Pete has gone away and she's not sure when he's coming back. They talk and Eileen reveals that she's fed up of her relationship with Pete: it's too much hard work. When they're interrupted by Lucy, Dave asks Eileen to come for a goodbye drink with him later and she agrees. Later, Dave waits for Eileen in the bar but she doesn't show up so he goes looking for her. He finds her upstairs and she tells him that she was trying to pluck up the courage to face everyone. Dave tells her they can stay upstairs if she'd like. Then, seeing how unhappy and confused Eileen is about what's next for her, he asks her to with him to Scotland . . .moreless
    • Episode 2098
      Episode 2098
      Season 9 - Episode 73
      Gary points out to his barrister that he was not provoked by Bradley and he did want to kill him. Gary is reminded that, if the court hears this, he will never get off. Mel overhears Chrissy saying that she finds it hard to like her at times, as she's acting so selfishly. Bradley's fallen out with his mum too after her outburst on the stand yesterday. Sharon pleads with him to get help for his dark desires. Pete tries to find Pam to let her know her mother's in hospital after suffering a stroke; he finds out that she's been keeping a secret!moreless
    • Episode 2097
      Episode 2097
      Season 9 - Episode 72
      There was more high drama as Gary's court hearing continued: Mel decided not to attend, feeling that what happened to Chloe was all of her fault - she refuses to discuss things and Myra and Chrissy soon give up . . . When Chrissy gets to the courthouse and sees Sharon waiting to testify she can't help but try and make her see the error of her ways. Myra tries to persuade Chrissy to stay away, but she just can't and the second Myra's out of sight - Chrissy confronts Sharon! Sharon tells her that she's back with Martin now and that Bradley's living with them and that everything's really going well for them all so she really doesn't want to rock the boat. Chrissy is outraged by this feeble excuse but their conversation is cut short when Bradley comes up behind Chrissy. Myra and Sharon have to drag Chrissy away from Bradley to see to it that she doesn't do him any damage! In court, Gary's barrister remains optimistic and tells Gary that he must come off as a nice guy who acted out of character. Gary agrees to play along. When the investigating officer shows up late there's a recess and Chrissy wastes no time in catching up with Sharon in the loos! Chrissy begs Sharon, who is clearly in denial over the whole affair. Just as Chrissy seems to be getting through, they're called back to the courtroom and Sharon tells Chrissy that she's sorry . . . Chrissy realizes that her last hope of saving Gary may just have gone by . . . However, when Gary's barrister pursues an aggressive cross examination with Sharon on the stand it pushes her to breaking point and even though the judge tells the jury they should ignore the testimony, they can't help but hear Sharon telling the court that Bradley abused Chloe because he was abused as a boy! Gary and Chrissy can't believe their luck and Bradley can't believe what he's hearing as the judge tries to bring the court to order . . . Sadie finally plucks up the courage to go and see Pam. Pete goes with her, leaving Eileen to enjoy the luxuries of their hotel. Bravely, Sadie knocks on Pam's door. There's no answer and she starts to turn away but then Pam comes to the door. Sadie is delighted to see her but all she gets in return is a slammed door in her face. But Sadie doesn't give up and she begs at the door for Pam to let her in, she eventually does. Sadie tries to see how she is, how she's been and inquires about the pictures of a handsome husband on the sideboard. But Pam isn't in the mood for chatting. She tells Sadie that she's moved on, that she wants nothing to do with her. Before they can finish, there's a baby's cry from the next room - Pam has a baby . . . despite being told to stay in the hallway, Sadie's curiosity gets the better of her and she follows Pam into the kitchen where she's nursing her little baby boy. Sadie tries to make contact, she asks if she can hold the baby, but Pam shuts her off. Sadie tells her that she knows they've never seen eye to eye, but she wants to get to know her again . . . Sadie says: "After all you'll always be my Pam". It's too much for Pam to take and she jumps away from Sadie, she tells her that she is nobody's Pam and orders Sadie out of her house. Sadie leaves and is almost in a state of collapse when she gets to the front gate. Pete helps her into the car and they head back to their hotel. Eileen is surprised to see them, and after hearing the story tells Sadie that she's sure Pam didn't mean it . . . But Sadie's convinced that she did. As they pack to go home, Sadie tells Pete how she wishes he'd never traced Pam's phone number and tells him that she should've left Pam alone! Eileen defends Pete and tells Sadie that it wasn't his fault! As the start to leave, Sadie starts to look uneasy on her feet she clutches her side and falls unconscious to the floor . . .moreless
    • Episode 2086
      Episode 2086
      Season 9 - Episode 61
    • Episode 2085
      Episode 2085
      Season 9 - Episode 60
      Tanya tells Babs all about her horrible evening with John's friends. Babs tells her that these people are such a huge part of John's life that if she wants to be a part of that life as well then she's going to have to get to know them and get on with them as best she can. Later, John calls round with a proposal for Tanya - a weekend away with his horrible friend (who he says liked her). Tanya is reluctant: but what about Harry? Babs steps in and offers to babysit and even though she catches glances from Tanya who insists she really doesn't have to, Babs tells her that a weekend away is just what she needs. Tanya reluctantly packs up and heads off to the country with Doctor John . . . Meanwhile, Conrad tells Katie that he is definitely over Tanya, despite the fact that he keeps going on about her. Katie doesn't believe him! Gary and Myra try to distract Chrissy when Mel doesn't show up for her big day. While Chrissy gets ready, Gary hears the music he's been looking for (from their first wedding) on the radio and nips down the high street to get a copy. Meanwhile, Stanley Street head to the registry office. Cat tells Davie to make sure that he's got his dolly Molly with him to wind Pete up. As they're getting in the cars, Sadie emerges from the house wearing the exact same thing as Cat - there's no time to change so the day must go on! Later, Eileen hides the fact that she's pregnant when Cat tries to borrow a cigarette, she tells her she's given up. By now, Myra and Chloe have lost hope in Mel coming to the wedding but nevertheless they try and call her at Graham's flat and then on her mobile but in both cases the line just goes dead . . . Earlier, Mel has second thoughts about going to the wedding as she eyes up her bridesmaid's dress in Graham's living room. He tries to cheer her up by telling her that they'll have fun with a day in together. He goes out, he's shortly followed by Mel. She runs into Chloe in the street and tries to explain why she isn't going to the wedding but Chloe doesn't want to hear it and tells Mel that she's just being mean. Then, seeing Denise across the street, Mel decides to go over for a chat. Denise invites her into the house, against Kelly's wishes. Inside and alone, Mel quizzes Denise about her belief that Graham raped her. Denise can see that Mel isn't asking everything she wants to, Denise tells her not to be scared and so Mel tells her about Graham lying to her yesterday. Mel decides she's said too much and decides to get out of the house, Denise catches up with her and tells her that she's got a cab going to her parents wedding in ten minutes. Mel doesn't give a clear indication as to whether she plans to go with Denise or not . . . Mel returns to the flat and makes her mind up to go to the wedding. Graham returns, upset. He doesn't tell Mel that he spied her from across the street coming out of the Boulter's house and talking to Denise. As Mel changes in the bedroom, the phone rings, Graham cuts it off. Mel's mobile rings and he cuts that off too. As Mel heads out the door, Graham stops her and tells her they need to talk. He tells her that he can't believe Denise's lies, Mel insists that she doesn't. She gets more and more scared as Graham throws her around the living room. She reaches breaking point and admits that she doesn't know what to believe . . . Graham becomes very angry and Mel becomes even more frightened. Then the door bell goes and Mel dives across the room to answer it, she manages to press the button but before she can make a sound Graham has her with an arm around her waist and his other hand over her mouth. They listen as Gary speaks into the door buzzer downstairs. He tells Mel that he's sorry for what he says and that he and Chrissy really want her to come to the wedding, he even tells her that Graham is welcome and reckons that he's given the guy a pretty hard time considering he seems like such a nice bloke . . . when Gary gives up, Graham releases Mel. She screams and tries to run only to find herself punched around the face and thrown backward . . .moreless
    • Episode 2084
      Episode 2084
      Season 9 - Episode 59
      It's Davie's fifth birthday and since he still has a bee in his bonnet about his son playing with a "girl's doll", Pete decides to get Davie a manly Action Man doll to play with instead (complete with guns and everything!) Davie very politely thanks his dad as Pete cunningly hides the girly doll away behind a cushion! Later, the doll can't be found and Cat suspects that Pete might have done something to it, guilt eventually compels Pete to "look" for the doll, unsurprisingly it doesn't take long before Pete finds it in the same place he hid it. Also, Pete worries that Eileen might be overdoing it but Eileen tells him that shes hardly going to spend the next nine months lying down, is she? Seeing Conrad's optimism over Ben's future release days, Alex feels at liberty to break his silence and tell his family that Ben doesn't plan on coming home for his visit days. But he can't bring himself to tell Conrad that Ben doesn't plan on coming home at all! Later, Alex tells Katie and Ben's decision. She's just starting to digest it when Conrad enters with the news that the institute has called to say that Ben will be coming home for his birthday next Tuesday! Tanya worries when John arranges for her to meet his friends, one of whom used to be a girlfriend of his back in medical school. They don't really get off to a great start with a few doctor/nurse differences of opinion emerging . . . Denise becomes convinced that it was Graham who came into their house last night but Les tells her that they need to be careful before jumping to conclusions (even though he thinks it was probably Graham too). They eventually decide to tell Kelly and Justin who immediately become angry at the man who's tormenting them. It therefore comes as no surprise that when Justin sees Graham in the street he decides to confront him - man to man. Graham plays dumb and seems to convince Justin that he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. Kelly has a similar encounter with Mel only Kelly comes away with full confidence in her mum. As Justin and Kelly debate Denise's state of mind at the Boulters' house, Denise has another private run-in with Graham. He confesses that he did break into the house to give her a little fright but tells Denise that he'll stop tormenting her family if she doesn't go to the police. Later, Denise tells Les that she sees this as somewhat of a victory - they've got Graham on the run! But Les points out that this man is a rapist and there's no telling what he's capable of . . . Meanwhile, after her conversation with Kelly, Mel returns to Graham's flat and tells him about it. She says that the worst thing was that she didn't know where he was last night so she wasn't really able to defend him very well. Graham tells her that he was working a couple of extra shifts for her dad. This tale turns out to be false, however, when Mel bumps into Dave. She decides to confront Graham who tells her that actually he was at a pub and he made up the story about him working because it sounded better. Mel reassures him that she believes him . . .moreless
    • Episode 2083
      Episode 2083
      Season 9 - Episode 58
      Babs is surprised to discover Doctor John emerging from Tanya's bedroom as she enjoys her breakfast. Everyone tries to make the best of an awkward situation. Later, Babs puts Tanya on the spot asking her for all the details! Seeing how the frustration of Ben not coming home is upsetting his dad, Alex decides to pay his twin brother a visit. He's surprised when his brother agrees to see him. They talk for a while and Alex tries to make Ben see that his home visits aren't all about him. But his efforts seem to fall on deaf ears as Ben tells Alex that when he's released in five weeks time, he won't be going to live with his family. In a state of disbelief, Alex returns home, keeping quiet to Conrad about where he's been. Pete and Eileen are overjoyed by the news of her pregnancy but Eileen tells Pete that she doesn't want everyone knowing about it until the scan. After all, she doesn't want it being like last time when she lost the baby and everyone knew. Pete agrees to go along with it but reassures Eileen that nothings going to go wrong this time. Denise's new strategy with Graham seems to have been unexpected. Mel reminds him that he warned Denise that if she didn't stop harassing him then he would go to the police but Graham ignores her comments and tells her that he's got other plans for Denise. Later, the Boulter's return home to find Kelly in a terrible state after she'd heard noises in the empty house and come downstairs to find the back door open! Meanwhile, the feud between Mel and her parents continues. Things are only made worse as Mel realizes that everybody in the neighborhood seems to have been invited except for her boyfriend. By the end of the day, things seem to have cooled down a bit and Mel comes round to the house to apologize for acting bitter toward Chrissy earlier. Things are going well, with even a possible dinner invite for Graham, that is until the issue of Graham at the wedding arises again. Gary makes it very clear that they don't want him there so Mel makes it very clear in return that if Graham's not invited then she won't be going either!moreless
    • Episode 2082
      Episode 2082
      Season 9 - Episode 57
      Mel announces to Gary that she's invited Graham to his wedding. He's not pleased about the idea but tells Mel that he'll talk things over with Chrissy. That conversation is a little one sided with Gary doing most of the talking. They (or rather he) comes to the decision that Graham isn't welcome and later it becomes his job to tell Mel! She isn't happy at all but Gary tells her that it's just family . . . even though Sadie's invited-ish . . . Anyway, Mel isn't happy! Having invited Dr John round for a homemade dinner, Tanya remembers that she can't actually cook! So she enlists Babs' help! Babs to the rescue - she soon gets her daughter organized and gives her a recipe that can't fail. Later, things go horribly wrong in the kitchen and Tanya decides that a takeaway is a much better solution! She apologizes to John who tells her he's not hungry anyway. Tanya also confronts him about why he' with her, after all he's so perfect and she can't even cook. John tells her that for starters she's only seen him on his good days and secondly he's not looking for a "perfect woman" - they're all far too boring. He'd much rather have her . . . lots . . . Having told Les about Graham's latest threats, Denise won't let him tell Kelly. Les calls Brendan and gets the idea into his head that the family should move away to France! Nobody is particularly keen but they all see that something has to be done. Later, Denise sees a woman getting into Graham's cab and wonders why he should get away with what he's done. She decides to confront the issue head on and warns the woman away from Graham. Denise returns home and announces to her family that people deserve to know about Graham's confession, even if they don't believe her, even if she ends up being thrown in prison, Denise believes that people deserve the truth . . . Eileen wakes up again feeling rough but by the afternoon they seem to have gone away again . . . Pete has a thought and heads to the chemist to pick up a pregnancy test. When presented with this, Eileen is adamant that she's not pregnant, after all they haven't officially been trying yet! Later, while visiting Eileen at the pub, Chrissy spots the pregnancy test on the side and makes Eileen think again about taking it. While Eileen hides away in the bathroom, Pete plans a romantic evening. When she emerges, Pete tells Eileen that it's to get them in the right mood for trying but she tells him there's no need for that: she's pregnant!moreless
    • Episode 2081
      Episode 2081
      Season 9 - Episode 56
      Pete's excitement at the prospect of a weekend away with Eileen is dashed when she comes down the flu and they're stuck at home all weekend. Just as she thinks she's feeling better, Eileen ventures down to the pub only when Pete mentions a romantic night in with oysters she once again find herself with her head in the toilet . . . Mel takes pleasure in rubbing Katie's nose in it after her very public break-up with Drew. But Katie takes it harder than expected and finds herself being escorted home in tears by Alex. When they return home, Alex fills Conrad and Ania in on recent events. Conrad goes to comfort Katie in the kitchen while Ania tells Alex: "I told you so!" Later, after a weekend to mull things over, Katie is a bit more cheerful but ends up putting her foot in it when she sees Tanya outside the shop - Tanya tells her that she wasn't busy on Saturday night and thinking that Tanya had turned Conrad down for a date at that time, Katie lays in to her only to later find herself corrected. Preparations for her second big day aren't going too well for Chrissy when she finds out that some of the things she wanted have been discontinued! Also, Chrissy tells Yasmin that keeping things small at her wedding isn't necessarily what she wants . . . Yasmin agrees to help her out. Having confessed the truth about the attack to Denise, Graham tells her that if she tells anyone then they won't believe her. A tearful Denise heads into the safety of her home. Kelly soon returns and Denise tells her what Graham said. Kelly tells her mum that they should go to the police but Denise points out that they'll never believe her. Kelly tells Denise that they will at least have to tell Les. Les returns home after a night at work to hear just that - Denise makes him promise not to do anything that might get him into trouble . . . After a weekend locked indoors, Les and Kelly feel that Denise should get out but Denise refuses. When Denise is out of the way, Kelly and Les also argue as to what to do next. Kelly thinks that people (especially Mel and the police) need to know about Graham's confession but once again her idea is shot down. Meanwhile, Mel enjoys being a lady of leisure but she's annoyed when people in the neighborhood still judge her for being with Graham and she's surprised when Kelly won't even meet her for a drink later . . . Mel continues to show public signs of affection toward Graham and they don't go unnoticed by Denise. Later, Denise decides to do something about it and heads round to the Costello house to see Mel. Mel is pleased to see her especially after her public apology to Graham but things soon turn sour when Denise tells Mel what Graham told her. Denise soon finds her cup of tea snatched from her hand and she's back on the street heading home . . . only Graham spies her from across the street and decides to come over and make it perfectly clear that Denise should stay away from Mel and stop spreading these little truths about him . . .moreless
    • Episode 2080
      Episode 2080
      Season 9 - Episode 55
    • Episode 2087
      Episode 2087
      Season 9 - Episode 62
      Mel continues to hide away in Graham's flat, fearing people finding out that he hit her. Graham tries to stay home with her but Dave won't let him off any more shifts so he's forced out of the flat to go and work. Meanwhile, Denise asks after Mel at the shop, Myra tells her that she hasn't heard from her since the wedding and that every time she rings Mel cuts her off. Denise suggests that maybe it's Graham that's been cutting her off but Myra dismisses her saying that it's probably just Mel's pride that's getting in the way of her picking up the phone. Nevertheless, all this makes Denise suspicious so when she sees Graham heading out she decides to pay Mel a visit. She rings the bell and bangs on the door and begs Mel to let her in, when Mel comes to the door Denise can see exactly what's been going on even though Mel denies it outright. Later, after they've been talking for a while Mel becomes irritated and worried that Graham might be home any minute and that Denise needs to go. Denise tells Mel that she's going to stay and see what Graham has to say for himself, this prompts Mel to tell Denise how the fight she had with Graham came about and that he really did hit her . . . Denise raises the issue of her rape and Mel tells her that she thinks Graham did it . . . Adam and Cat convince Yasmin that she has to break the news to Dave that he's going to have to find a new place to live, Adam goes with her to break the bad news. He actually spends most of the time eying up the flat while Yasmin gives Dave the news. He isn't best pleased but knew it was coming. After she's told him, Yasmin has second thoughts about throwing Dave out and suggests that she just move into Adam's flat but he dismisses the idea because of his roommate. Later, after Adam has an appointment at the fertility clinic, Yasmin doesn't hear from him and so assumes that something is wrong. She soon finds him stumbling down the street drunk. It takes him a while but eventually he breaks the news to her - they can't have kids because he's infertile! The whole Williams clan are excited about Ben's decision to come out of prison for his birthday. As they choose a card for their brother in the shop, Katie and Ania feel like they're being watched by Sadie. She tries to help Ania pick out a card but Katie misreads this as Sadie putting in her nose where it's not wanted. Katie marches her sister out of the shop. Getting the feeling that people don't think the best of her, Sadie decides to go round to the Williams house and wish the boys a happy birthday. After being greeted by a suspicious Katie at the front door, Sadie is invited inside by a suspicious Conrad. The whole thing becomes more clear when Sadie tells Conrad about her daughter, Pam, who is also in prison and she just wanted Conrad to know that he has a neighbor who knows exactly what he's going through. Later, Ben returns home to be greeted with gifts but none of them seem to be to his tastes: Spider-Man DVDs for example. And his dad's big surprise gift doesn't go down too well either: an old banger. It seems that everyone has bought gifts for Ben with Alex in mind . . . Alex tries to make his brother see that Conrad is trying but Ben doesn't want to know and tells him that he's still planning to move to a hostel when he's released. As they all sit down to a birthday dinner, this news is made public knowledge. Conrad isn't sure who he should be more upset with: Ben for choosing a hostel over his own family or Katie and Alex who kept this information from him . . .moreless
    • Episode 2088
      Episode 2088
      Season 9 - Episode 63
      Yasmin can't get over the news that it'll be Adam's problem that stops them from having kids. She researches all the information she can find about his condition but he tells her that it's genetic and not treatable. Yasmin is devastated. Adam tries to comfort her suggesting IVF treatment but Yasmin throws it back in his face saying that she doesn't want another man's child - she only wants his. Adam later suggests they go through adoption but Yasmin just can't come to terms with the devastating news . . . Ben walks out on his family, Alex follows after him. They argue in the street until Ben demands that he just be taken home. Although it hurts Alex to hear Ben call the institute "home", he decides to drive him in their "new" car. They talk things through and when the car breaks down on the way it gives the boys a chance to talk. Things go OK until Alex tells Ben that he's more like Conrad than he thinks. Ben takes in personally and tries to make Alex see that they don't know anything about each other, Alex can't even tell him the name of his favorite band but Alex tells him that's not important they're twins and they have a special bond . . . Ben doesn't buy it. Denise tries to convince Mel to report Graham to the police but Mel says she can't and that Graham probably won't do it again. Denise reminds Mel of what Graham did to her and what he's now done for Mel and his stupid reasoning . . . Mel is soon convinced, Denise hands Mel her coat and they start out of the flat. When they get to the foot of the stairs, Mel tells Denise to go on ahead so that they're not seen together but as Mel comes out of the flat, Graham pulls up in his cab! He tells Mel that he's got a special night planned and gathers together the flowers he bought her and the food he's going to cook for her. Mel plays nice until he goes upstairs. Dave tells Graham that he'll have a cuppa with Mel while Graham prepares upstairs. As Graham heads up to the flat, Mel tells Dave that she's going to pick up some chocolate but as soon as everyone is out of the way, Mel goes to Denise and together they go to the police station. Mel reports the whole thing and the same DI who investigated Denise's rape tells her that they'll have Graham arrested. Meanwhile, Graham finishes his preparations for his romantic night in with Mel. As he heads out to find her, he sees a phone he doesn't recognize on the table, picks it up and puts it in his pocket. Back at the station, Denise heads off while Mel gets photos taken of her bruises for evidence. Mel asks Denise to talk to Myra for her and tell her what's been happening. When Denise gets back to Stanley Street she's stopped in her tracks as a car door swings open. From inside the car Graham shows Denise that he has her phone and when he sees the police pull up outside his flat he tricks Denise into leaning into the car to pick up her phone. As she does, Graham pulls her inside and speeds off down Graystone Road . . .moreless
    • Episode 2089
      Episode 2089
      Season 9 - Episode 64
      Adam and Yasmin are left with the question - where do we go from here? Yasmin tells Adam that all she really wants is a baby, his baby. She doesn't want to adopt or to foster . . . Adam can see no other solution but to end their marriage, he says that this shouldn't have to be Yasmin's problem. She doesn't know what to do for the best. After Ben and Alex leave their party, the Williams' are left to debate what's best. Conrad still insists that this is Ben's home but Katie isn't so sure and tells her dad that if Ben is going to be that unhappy there then maybe it would be for the best that he doesn't come "home" . . . Before they can finish their conversation, the doorbell goes - it's Drew's boyfriend, Russ, with the news that he's been dumped! Katie and Ania listen to what he has to say and then Ania tells them both that they're probably better off without him. Meanwhile, the Williams lads are still arguing. Things get heated and Ben tells Alex exactly what he thinks - Alex is to blame for the whole thing - if only he'd stood up for himself! Alex looses it with his brother and when he leasts expects it lands a fist in his face! Ben takes it awfully well and seems pleased that his brother has at least learned a thing or two about looking after himself. Later, Ben decides to make a move back to the institute and Alex agrees to take him but while he lets the bonnet down, Ben climbs in the driver's seat. Alex reminds his brother that he doesn't have a license and also doesn't know how to drive but Ben points out that Alex can drive so how hard can it be? Alex reluctantly goes along . . . Graham dries at full speed away from Stanley Street and Denise begs him to stop and let her out, she tells him that she won't even report him. He tells her that he's not stupid and knows exactly what she's capable of. Before long, Graham stops by the roadside to think. Denise asks him what he's going to do next, he becomes frustrated with her when she just keeps on at him. He screams at her to shut up! In the silence, Denise decides to play with her mobile phone but Graham grabs it off her . . . Meanwhile, Mel returns to the flat with a police officer to find it empty. She gathers her things but can't find Denise anywhere. She decides to go and see if Denise is at the cafe. It doesn't take Les long to figure out what Graham did to Mel and it doesn't take her long to fill in the rest of the story. But there's still a little concern over Denise's whereabouts, especially when the investigating officer tells Mel that they've been unable to find Graham and arrest him yet! Back at the car, Denise questions Graham about the rape. She asks him why he wanted her to tell him that she loved him and asks if she's the first woman he's raped. He doesn't answer directly to either question. When he turns away from her, Denise sees her chance and quietly takes to phone - she calls Les and speaks to Graham. It doesn't take wither Graham or Les to see what's happening. Graham grabs the phone from a screaming Denise, throws it out the window and drives off. Meanwhile, Les is in fear of his wife's life . . . Alex begs Ben to stop the car and let him drive but Ben tells Alex that he should live a little! Apparently that means swerving all over the road and missing gear changes. At the same time, Denise begs Graham to stop and tries to pull the car over herself. He pushes her away but takes his eyes off the road while he tries to control Denise! As Graham's car comes over the brow of a hill they see an old banger swerving all over the road . . . Ben sees Graham car coming over the hill but can't stop in time. They crash! Graham's car comes to a standstill while Ben and Alex role off down the hill . . .moreless
    • Episode 2096
      Episode 2096
      Season 9 - Episode 71
      From her phone number, Pete figures out that Sadie's daughter, Pam, is now living in Birmingham. He decides to take Sadie to see her so that they can resolve their issues, Pete also persuades Eileen to come along. On their journey, Eileen sees the close relationship that Pete and Sadie share. Later, in spite of Eileen navigation skills, they come across Pam's new home which is in a very nice neighborhood. Then, Pam comes out of her house. Sadie is so taken aback that she tells Pete that she can't go through with it and begs him to drive on instead. Pete reluctantly does as he's told . . . Gary's trial gets underway. Alex testifies and tells the jury that Gary had left the Swan that night swearing to kill Bradley. After that, Bradley himself takes the stand. He tells the court that Gary beat him and that it was completely unprovoked but he could see Gary's point of view. He accuses the Costellos of being a family of liars and says that he acted as a friend to Chloe when she was left out by her family. When Mel hears Bradley testifying that he only got involved with the family because of her, she runs out of the court in tears and later tells her Nan that she can't stand it any more . . . she feels that it's all her fault. Later, despite being pushed under cross examination, Bradley refuses to admit that he provoked Gary in any way. Gary is angered listening to the whole thing and interrupts the hearing to call Bradley a liar. The judge halts proceedings and Gary tells his barrister to bring up what Bradley said about Chloe. Back in session, the barrister does just that but Bradley denies all knowledge and the judge warns Gary's barrister to back off! Outraged, Gary stands up and screams at Bradley that he's a liar and tells him that he should tell the whole truth! The judge decides to hold Gary in contempt of court overnight and announces that proceedings will resume tomorrow . . .moreless
    • Episode 2095
      Episode 2095
      Season 9 - Episode 70
    • Episode 2094
      Episode 2094
      Season 9 - Episode 69
      Conrad doesn't seem surprised to get a visit from Tanya. She tells him that she's just there inquiring about Ben, Conrad isn't convinced and tries to work his charms on her. Tanya heads for the door but it's unclear as to whether she's leaving because she feels uncomfortable or whether she's leaving because she doesn't trust herself . . . Later, Conrad is surprised by the news that Ben plans to come home instead of moving into a hostel! The news is only added to by the fact the institute say that since Ben will be spending the next couple of weeks in a hospital ward, he won't have to return and so he can go straight home. But what Conrad doesn't know is that Alex has made a deal with Ben: Alex will lie to the police on the condition that Ben will come home. However, after having a rough day, especially as far as his family's concerned, Alex is left wondering if lying to the police was the best idea. He tells Ben that he wants to tell the truth but Ben isn't so keen on the idea . . . Gary decides that he needs to make a good impression with the judge when his trial starts so he buys himself a suit! Mel tells him that she hopes he has a better defense than that prompting Gary to have a chat with his daughter about hiding away in the house all day. He tells her that she needs to get out a bit. Mel seems to take this seriously and soon heads over to the shop . . . Also, Chrissy lets Eileen's little secret to Gary and he promises not to tell anyone. They discuss the ethics of having a baby so late in life, Chrissy thinks that Pete and Eileen are very brave! Dave scrambles around trying to find Jake and himself a place to live but with no luck. Eileen suggests that they could move into Justin and Kelly's old flat but Dave tells her that he'd really rather not have Pete Callan as his landlord . . . Later, things go from bad to worse for Dave when he overhears Gary and Chrissy talking about Eileen being pregnant! Dave immediately confronts Eileen about it and continues to warn her away from Pete. Meanwhile, Jake bonds with Olly over lunch and then over a few pints. They have a good old laugh about their past and about all their silly little feuds over Lucy. It turns out they get along quite well with one and other! Sadie is disappointed when for the second day in a row she hasn't received a reply from Pam in the prison. While Sadie's out of the way, Myra asks Cat what Pam's in prison for and Cat tells her that she's in for murder, Myra says she's surprised it's that serious. Cat then discovers that Davie got to the post before she did that morning and had taken one of the letters: it has the prison service logo on the front. Cat gives Sadie the letter and she returns to the privacy of home to read it. Later, after hearing from Cat that Sadie got the letter from Pam, Pete pays her a visit. Sadie tells him that they sent her letter back so she called the prison to find out what's going on and when they heard how worried and upset she was, they reluctantly informed her that Pam was released over a year ago. Pete hugs Sadie as she bursts into tears wondering why Pam didn't even get in touch with her . . .moreless
    • Episode 2093
      Episode 2093
      Season 9 - Episode 68
      The feud between Jake and Olly continues, that is until Jake sees Olly coming out of a building job desperate for help. Jake tells him that since he's the bigger person, he'll help him out. Later, Jake is let down when Olly takes all the credit for fixing the job from Justin. Pete and Eileen aren't very successful at keeping her pregnancy under wraps. Pete quietly lets Sadie know while Eileen lets slip to Chrissy. They forgive one and other and have a good old laugh about it! Also, Sadie tells Pete that she's written to her daughter, Pam, in prison. She tells him that seeing Conrad dealing with Ben reminded her of the guilt she feels for not making more of an attempt with Pam. Pete reassures Sadie that she wasn't the guilty party in that relationship. After being let out of the lift, Conrad isn't sure what lies ahead for him and Tanya. Katie becomes suspicious when she sees her dad acting strange around Tanya. Tanya meanwhile tries her best to move on from the whole thing and feeling guilty about kissing another man, a night in with John is the last thing she's after but not being able to see a way out of it she agrees to go along. An awkward situation isn't made any easier by Babs going on about how she wouldn't mind being stuck in a lift with Conrad Williams any day! To get out of the flat, Tanya goes to see Denise, she also goes to pick up a video from the shop where she runs into Conrad. He tells her that he can't just forget about the kiss, she tells him that she already has! Denise makes steps toward getting over Graham and job one is going back to college. Les and Kelly seem reluctant about the move but go along with it to show support for Denise. Also, Denise urges Kelly to get over her squabble with Melanie reminding her daughter that life's too short. Alex is worried that Ben will blow his cover to the police and makes sure to go over the story with him again and again. When Conrad sees Alex hassling his brother, he throws him out of the hospital. Later, Alex returns only to find that Ben isn't so sure about landing his brother in it, especially after he sees what a hard time Alex is getting at home. Alex doesn't have a chance to persuade Ben to change his mind when the police show up to take a statement. Alex finds himself thrown out again, but this time he doesn't go far, just around the corner so that he can still hear every word. Ben tells the police that he didn't see the other car coming and the officer gets the impression that maybe Ben was driving the car. Alex suddenly makes himself known and stands by his brother while the police push for an answer . . . Ben replies: Alex was driving . . .moreless
    • Episode 2092
      Episode 2092
      Season 9 - Episode 67
      Mel struggles to return to her normal life after the whole ordeal with Graham. She hears her parents talking about her in the kitchen, they note that she couldn't see what Graham was really like. She disappears upstairs. Later, Denise, who's coping with things much better, comes round to see Mel. Mel tells her that she's been through nothing compared to her . . . Olly makes a reappearance, he tells Katie how Pete's given him a few weeks to find a flatmate or else he's out of the flat. Katie says that seems generous for Pete! Meanwhile, Jake runs into Justin and tells him that he's getting his plaster off soon and so he was thinking maybe he could get his old job back? Justin tells him that it might not be such a great idea to have Jake and Olly on the same site again but says he'll give it some thought. Later, Olly takes great pleasure in rubbing Jake's nose in it when Justin decides that there just isn't room for Jake on the workforce . . . The Williams' family lay into Alex after his confession to the police, especially Conrad who makes the mistake of confronting him in the hospital where Tanya overhears the conversation. When Ben's awake and everything seems to be going well, Conrad is annoyed when Tanya starts having a go at him for having a go at Alex, as if he doesn't feel bad enough as it is. She storms off but Conrad decides that she's not going to have the last word and so he follows her. As Tanya gets into a lift, minding her own business, she's confronted by Conrad who forces the lift doors to open so they can argue. But Tanya's determined to go down so to make her life more difficult, Conrad decides to get in. As they descend, the lift comes to a sudden halt and Tanya and Conrad realize they're stuck! Meanwhile, back on the ward, Alex tells Ben that he confessed to the police because he was sticking up for him, just like Ben had done for him with Luke. Ben seems pleased by his brother's loyalty. Back in the lift, an angry Conrad soon becomes a frightened one and he suffers a panic attack - although when Tanya puts it like that, Conrad tells her that's not the case. Nevertheless, he has to undo all of his tight clothing. The two of them bond for a bit. Conrad tells her about his split from Ella and his new found fatherhood while Tanya tells him all about Sean. But they get into an argument, they scream at one and other until Tanya is ready to break down the doors! Conrad tells her that he can't believe he was even thinking about asking her out - Tanya starts to tell him that there's no way she would go out with a man like him, but she's interrupted when in the heat of the moment, Conrad kisses her. In shock, Tanya pulls back but almost immediately re-initiates the kiss . . .moreless
    • Episode 2091
      Episode 2091
      Season 9 - Episode 66
      Gary and Chrissy returns home to find Melanie in the kitchen and their furious when they hear the whole story but Chrissy holds Gary back, telling him that he'll only make the situation worse. Meanwhile, Denise comes to terms with her ordeal by confronting Graham head-on at the hospital. He tells her that she's just his puppet but she tells him that's who she as, she's better now! While Ben's in surgery, Alex tells the police the whole story but, later, when he overhears how much trouble his brother will get into he changes his statement and tells them that he was driving!moreless
    • Episode 2090
      Episode 2090
      Season 9 - Episode 65
      After finishing with Adam, Yasmin goes to see Cat and Doug for a bit of comfort but all she gets is an argument whether or not it's right to dump somebody just because they can't have kids - after all Adam was willing to work around Yasmin's possible infidelity. After talking with Doug about how his relationship with Davie has grown despite the fact that he's not his biological father, Yasmin sees that even though her child wouldn't be her flesh and blood she would no doubt love it all the same. She returns to her flat to tell Adam . . . After hearing the whole story of Russ and Drew's break-up, Katie decides to do some match-making. Things don't really go as planned. Drew eventually comes to the conclusion that the only way he can be with Russ is if Katie agrees to be his plus 1 at all the big showbiz events. Katie tells Drew that she could never do that, she would be living a lie and if the tabloids found out they'd tear them both apart. Denise wakes up after the accident to find an unconscious Graham lying next to her. She soon discovers the disadvantage of central locking and is forced to climb out of the window but her hammering on the glass is enough to stir Graham and he grabs her foot but Denise kicks him away and dives out the window. Graham tells Denise that his foot is stuck and begs her to help him . . . after contemplating things for a minute, Denise decides that saving Graham would be the right thing to do and so she pulls him from the car before it explodes in a ball of flame! While they await the emergency services to arrive, Graham tells Denise how this is all her fault but seeing Graham crawling along the tarmac, she tells him she sees him for what he really is: pathetic. Meanwhile, Les, Kelly and Justin are left worried about Denise's whereabouts while Mel tells the police that she's afraid to be left home alone and so an officer is left to look after her. Following the accident, Alex and Ben are both conscious and Ben persuades Alex to make a run for it into the nearby forest but not before Alex has a chance to do the decent thing and call the emergency services. They don't get far before Ben has to rest, they get a chance to talk some more and for the first time Alex sees how much his brother is hurting after killing Luke and now after potentially killing somebody else. Alex tries to make him see that everything will be OK but when they hear sirens approaching the scene Ben makes a run for it, he doesn't make it far before collapsing in agony onto the forest floor . . .moreless
    • Episode 2046
      Episode 2046
      Season 9 - Episode 21
      When Jake goes to tell Conrad about the baby, Katie is forced to confess that she is in fact not pregnant. Jake is upset that she lied but tells Lucy that this means that they can now be together. However, Lucy's got other ideas. She's just got back together with Olly and doesn't want to confuse things even more . . . Meanwhile, Darren puts yet more pressure on Olly to deliver the money he owes by tomorrow even though Olly tells his he's got no way of getting the money . . . Justin and Kelly continue to struggle with the hospital's supervised visits. Later, they get even worse news than that when Justin is arrested for GBH on Suzie! Kelly can't believe this is happening . . .moreless
    • Episode 476
      Episode 476
      Season 3 - Episode 2
    • Episode 2021
      Episode 2021
      Season 8 - Episode 258
      Tanya returns to A&E after her maternity leave, leaving Sean with baby Harry! After getting a phone call from Nate, Sean rushes off leaving Harry with Justin and Kelly. Soon, the recently appointed babysitters start to notice that all is not right with Harry and call Sean who decides to rush his son to the hospital and into the arms of a horrified Tanya! Denise still refuses to leave the house, despite several attempts to cheer her up. Later, a gang appear on Stanley Street who make Denise think twice about going outside . . . Gary is worried that he's not had a response to his proposal. Later, Chrissy tells him that she doesn't want to say yes and get Chloe's hopes up - something might go wrong again . . . Also, Chrissy talks things over with Eileen. Eileen tells Chrissy that she's not so sure about her and Dave either. Eileen says that she doesn't love Dave and probably never will . . . Sam gets a double dose of bad news. Firstly, he hears that his father has had a fall and later he gets the response to his proposal from Geri. She says she can't marry him!moreless
    • Episode 2020
      Episode 2020
      Season 8 - Episode 257
      After a visit from Cat, Denise is finally persuaded to leave the house and go back to work. Once she gets there however, it all becomes too much to handle and when a group of young guys get a bit rowdy, Denise cuts her losses and heads quietly out of the back door. Conrad insists that he wants Ania to stay with him, but Ella isn't so sure. When Conrad's out of the way, Ella asks Ania what she wants to do. Later, Conrad and Gary bond a little when Gary offers to decorate his neighbor's house. They later share a beer at The Swan and Gary gives Conrad some advice over custody issues. Lucy persuades Eileen to meet her for a drink in The Swan. Lucy is late and Eileen is forced to buy the drinks. She's thrown a little when Pete is actually nice to her! Eileen tells Lucy that she preferred it when she knew where she stood with Pete. Later, while Eileen and Dave enjoy the Christmas celebrations on Stanley Street, she sees Pete watching them . . . Myra tells Gary that she intends to help Chrissy in the search for her mother. Gary comes to the conclusion that if he couldn't stop Chrissy then there's no way he'll be able to stop his mum and Chrissy! Also, Chrissy is excited and confused when Gary and Chloe place a big box under the Christmas tree. She tries to guess what it is but she doesn't get it. Later, Gary lets her open the present early. Inside there's another box and then another box. Chrissy gets deeper and deeper into the package. When Chloe spots that it's snowing outside, the family follow her. Chrissy brings her present. She continues to open box after box then she reaches a small ring-sized box! She opens it and Chloe announces that it's an engagement ring! Gary gets down on one knee and asks Chrissy if she'll marry him . . . again!moreless
    • Episode 2019
      Episode 2019
      Season 8 - Episode 256
      Ella Williams returns from LA with plenty of stories to amuse the kids, but she finds that she's a little bit behind their tastes. Conrad tells Ella about their recent encounter with the press. Ella is outraged that Conrad isn't considering moving after a thing like that, but Conrad stands his ground and tells Ella that they pretty much did their worst and the family survived it! Later, Ella decides that she doesn't want Ania putting through more ridicule when Ben comes out of prison and tells Conrad that Ania will be moving to LA with her . . . Chrissy has all but given up in the search for her mother. She talks to Myra about it though. Myra tells Chrissy about her relationship with Gary's dad and even though they'd had such a bad relationship, how Myra still has fond memories of him. The whole conversation convinces Chrissy that she must find her mother so that she can see the events of her childhood from another point of view. Later, Gary confronts Myra and tells her that an encounter with her mother might just be enough to push Chrissy over the edge! Les and Kelly are worried with how Denise is coping after the mugging. Kelly convinces Les to take Denise out to the pub. They pretty much have to drag her out but eventually she gets there! In the pub, Katie tells Denise how sorry she is about everything. She apologises that after she heard a scream from the ally, she did nothing. Denise shouts at Katie for not acting! Denise runs out of the pub . . . Meanwhile, Katie's having an interesting day. After being told she was fired last night, she decides to try her luck with Pete. He goes for it and gives Katie her job back. Katie soon tells Jake but when Katie asks him if they can go out again, Jake tells her that she can't go out with him and Pete! She has to choose . . . Later, Katie seems to make a choice. When Pete gloats following an encounter between himself, Katie and Eileen, Katie tells him that she won't play is not a replacement for his ex-wife. She tells him it's over! After a conversation with Sadie, Pete decides to deliver Eileen's Christmas cards. During his visit, he also tells her the truth about what happened when he supposedly left her to drown. Eileen isn't sure whether or not to believe it but she seems to. When Dave comes home, he finds Eileen in somewhat of a daze. She tells him about Pete. Dave decides to take Eileen out. On the doorstep, Eileen wishes that Pete would just leave her alone. To comfort her Dave gives her a kiss! Eileen urges him not to be so public about it, so he pulls Eileen back to the shadows between his flat and the pub so that Pete won't catch them. Little to they know that Pete's watching for the other side of the street!moreless
    • Episode 2018
      Episode 2018
      Season 8 - Episode 255
      Chrissy finally plucks up the courage to ask her step-father, Keith, about her mother. He tells her all about his awful marriage and his divorce. When Chrissy pushes him further, Keith decides to shut up all together and leaves. Denise still won't let Les get close. Later, Denise tells Kelly what's been going on and after that she gets a visit from Christian. He apologises for his actions, Denise tells him that she won't be returning to college after Christmas. Sam tells Cat about his proposal to Geri. Cat's worried that it wasn't just a gesture to give Geri something to fight for. Sam reassures Cat that he can't imagine spending his life with anyone else. Alex and Ania are on a downer after they spot Sadie staring at them in the shop. When nobody else is looking, Conrad decides to confront Sadie but instead he meets Myra who tells him that she can see his point of view and then gets him to see the good in people. His conversation with Myra persuades Conrad that hiding away in the house won't solve anything. He decides to take the family down the pub! Later, Conrad buys Sadie a drink and thanks her for making his kids feel so welcome in the neighborhood! The family's mood is also lifted when they hear that Ella (the kids' mum) will definitely make it to Charnham in time for Christmas! Meanwhile, Katie's got her hands full with two men on the go at once. She tells her dad that she can handle it but later, as she and Jake close up they end up kissing and when Pete comes home early he catches them in the act!moreless
    • Episode 2017
      Episode 2017
      Season 8 - Episode 254
      After Jake spends the night at the Williams', he's quite keen to get out of the way before Conrad catches him! Conrad does catch him and later warns Katie to be more careful. Also, Conrad learns that the kids' mum Ella is trying to get a flight out to the UK to spend Christmas with her family and, fed up with the silent treatment, Katie decides to beg her siblings for forgiveness. Les is convinced that Denise is keeping something from him and when Christian shows up on the Boulter's doorstep, he gets a mouthful from Les. Les also pins Christian againt the wall and forces the truth about what happened in the park out of him! Christian tells Les everything. Later, Les asks Denise why she felt she couldn't tell him that Christian made a pass at her? Her answer was that she couldn't trust Les to keep calm . . . It's time for Geri's bone marrow transplant. She gets a letter from her donor and a visit from Cat, Doug, Yas and Sam. As the friends and family leave they wish Geri well. Sam stays behind for a moment. When he's forced to leave he turns and asks Geri to marry him!moreless
    • Episode 2016
      Episode 2016
      Season 8 - Episode 253
      Katie tries to clear the family name by confronting the local gossip: Sadie. Later, Katie saves Jake's job by helping him out during his first night back on the job. Jake's so grateful that he kisses Katie goodnight - but it turns into a bit more than that! Chrissy waits and waits for her potential step-father to turn up at his shop. He eventually does but she can't find it within herself to ask him about her mother. Instead she tells him she's interested in buying a kitchen and they make an appointment for him to go to the Costello's and measure up! Chrissy returns home where Gary tells her that he doesn't think it's right for her to lure her step-father to the house under false pretenses. After Christian returns Denise's scarf to Les, Les tells Lucy all about his wife's fling with Caleb that resulted in Brendan! Angry after hearing about his wife's encounter in the park, Les returns home where he hears the message from Denise on the phone. Les immediately calls the police but they can't seem to do anything. As Les heads out to try and find Denise, she shows up at the front door. Les and Kelly both assumed she's been mugged but it's clear that Denise is hiding something else about her attack . . . when Kelly's gone home and Les has gone to bed, Denise finds herself at the foot of the stairs in tears . . .moreless
    • Episode 2015
      Episode 2015
      Season 8 - Episode 252
      Chrissy finally gets a breakthrough in the search for her mother. She heads off after hearing that her mother remarried and finding out her new step dad's name . . . Katie is horrified to see that Owen also spoke to Ray as part of his story and the whole of Charnham is horrified to discover that they've got the family of a killer living on their doorstep. At first the Williams' don't see the papers but later, it's all brought home to Ania when her new friends in school find out. When Katie shows up she can tell that she's not welcome. While Les and Denise can't get on with each other in private, they try to put on a show on unity for Brendan's farewell meal. Things are going well until Christian calls to speak to Denise. Les gets up announcing that he's lost his appetite. Brendan goes off to pack. Soon, the whole family is on the doorstep saying goodbye to Brendan. Mel spots him leaving from over in the salon. She only found out he was leaving earlier that day. She wishes him well for the future and tells him not to forget her - they still have a divorce to get through yet! He leaves. Les leaves Denise home alone while he entertains children at the cafe. Denise decides to give Christian a call, she says she really needs a friend to talk to. Later, Denise meets Christian in the park. They talk a little. Christian offers words of encouragement but soon gets a bit too close for Denise's liking. He makes a pass at her! Denise decides it's time to call it a day. She leaves. On her way home, Denise gets the feeling she's being followed. She calls Les at the cafe, but the children are so noisy that he can't hear the phone. Then she calls home, leaving a message saying that she thinks she's being followed and begs Les to come and pick her up. As she begins to tell him where she is, somebody hits her over the head and she falls to the floor . . .moreless
    • Episode 2014
      Episode 2014
      Season 8 - Episode 251
      Chrissy returns home with disappointing news: her mother's fried dies a couple of weeks ago. She worries that her search for her mother might be over. Katie gives Owen pictures of the family but later changes her mind about selling her story. She begs Owen not to print the story but he says it's too late. Later, Owen boasts to Yasmin that he's sold his first story to a national newspaper! Jake's a man in demand! After no luck in several job interviews, he finally gets 2 big breaks at once. Both Lucy and Katie praise his work to their respective employers and they both decide to hire. Katie gets to Jake first though and gets him a job behind the bar at The Swan. Denise tells Eileen that Les cares more about the business than anything else. When Sean pops in and Christian's name comes into conversation, it's enough to wind both Les right up! Les and Denise argue and unfortunately for them, a restaurant reviewers gets involved. Les tells Denise that she spends far too much time with her friends and doesn't care enough about the business. Denise tells Les that her friends are the only thing keeping her going. Later, Les accuses Denise of having an affair. He tells her that since he wouldn't be the first time, he can no longer trust her!moreless
    • Episode 2022
      Episode 2022
      Season 8 - Episode 259
      Sean and Tanya learn that the only thing Harry had was an ear infection but Tanya's relief is short lived after she finds out that Sean left Harry to go and see Nate! Sean apologises and says he's learned from his mistakes. Later, he notices a doctor checking out Tanya! He makes a bet that the doctor will ask her out before 2005! Tanya agrees to the bet, not thinking the doctor will make a move but later it seems she's wrong when Dr. John starts to ask about her relationship with Sean! Lucy gets Jake a job at the cafe and later he steals a moment alone with Katie in The Swan while Pete watches jealously from a distance. Sam goes to see Geri after receiving the news that she doesn't want to marry him! She tells him that if she recovers she wants to live a little and having a husband in tow doesn't really fit . . . devastated, Sam decides not to stick around in Charnham. His dad needs him! Sam says his goodbyes to Eileen, Lucy and Geri. After getting a scare, Denise confides in Cat (who can tell there's something more wrong with Denise than just being mugged!) Slowly, the story unravels and at the end of it all, Denise tells Cat the truth - she was raped!moreless
    • Episode 2023
      Episode 2023
      Season 8 - Episode 260
      Les has had enough of Denise's inability to cope with the cafe but after speaking with Cat, he decides that it's time to sit down and talk to his wife. After hearing that Les spoke to Cat, Denise assumes that he knows everything. But after they start to talk it's clear that Les is clueless. After she tells him what really happened, Les calls the police. Later, Denise talks to the police and tells them that the guy who attacked her tied his fleece around her neck and demanded that she tell him she loves him! She also maintains that Christian had nothing to do with it. When the police have gone, Denise tells Les that he shouldn't have gotten the police involved. They argue a little and Les admits that he had given their marriage 6 months and had it not improved, he would have left Denise! Denise blames herself for the attack. She calls it a punishment for how she treated Les. He tells her that nobody deserved what happened to her and he promises never to leave her, no matter what! He realises that there's going to be a lot more to come including catching the attacker and helping Denise get over what has happened . . .moreless
    • Episode 2031
      Episode 2031
      Season 9 - Episode 6
      Chrissy decides to continue the search for her mother, despite Gary's objections. However, things don't start well when Keith, Chrissy's only lead refuses to take her calls and later contacts her to tell her to stop harassing him. It's Myra to the rescue though! She offers to speak to Keith for Chrissy. At the salon, Yasmin and Mel are fed up with the search for Mr Right so they decide to hand over the difficult part to the Internet! Mel fills in their application and their away! Tanya worries about the conclusion of the review into her conduct and on several occasions Babs notices her ignoring baby Harry. Later, Tanya's mood takes another turn for the worst when she hears from Sean's parents that they want the funeral close to them, rather than in London! Tanya asks Babs to go with her to help with arrangements . . . Babs agrees. After Conrad pestering the Institute, they agree to release Ben a few days early, so that the locals won't be expecting him! Meanwhile, Alex and Kelly meet Liza in The Swan. Liza catches Alex's eye when she tries to tell Pete Callan to recycle! Later, Liza takes Alex, Kelly and Suzie back to her place which turns out to be a squat! Alex also lets slip to Kelly that Ben will be out a few days early - Kelly promises not to tell anyone. Back at the Williams' house, feeling harassed by the neighbors (Cat in particular), Ella finds comfort in talking to Conrad. She admits that she doesn't like living in LA and that her "new man" (Simon) doesn't understand. Later, she hears that Simon is planning a trip to London tomorrow! She tells Conrad that she doesn't want to go back to LA!moreless
    • Episode 2030
      Episode 2030
      Season 9 - Episode 5
      Denise is angered that a big deal isn't being made about the attempted rape of another woman. She tells Les that she wants to speak to that other woman and maybe they can figure out who this guy is . . . she also wants to know how the other woman escaped . . . Les tells Denise that if the two were to meet then it would compromise the case. Chrissy has a go at Mel after she stays out all night with Owen. Chrissy tells her that she must tell Yasmin but Mel decides to put it off. Later, Mel does tell Yasmin and tells her that she's really sorry. Together they formulate a plan to get Owen back. When Owen comes by later to rub Yasmin's nose in it, he gets the cold shoulder from Mel, she also announces that Owen is no good in bed! Katie can't stand to see Ania going to LA for the wrong reasons so against Alex's wishes, she tells Conrad and Ella the real reason. They decide to sit down and talk things through with Ania who changes her mind and tells Ella that she wants to stay with her dad in Charnham. Later, the family are brought together by the realisation that it won't be long before Ben's home . . . Babs begs Tanya to reconsider telling John about Liam . . . But Tanya feels so guilty that she has to go through with it. John is shocked and surprised. He tells her he'll consider what to do with the information. Later, Tanya tries to write Sean's eulogy but she worries that she can't remember anything! She finally breaks down in tears at the realisation that Sean has gone and that she'll never see him again . . . When Tanya recovers a little, Babs talks her into going to see John and tell him her version of events - not the cold matter-of-fact way she'd told him before. However, at the hospital, John tells Tanya that the case is out of hands!moreless
    • Episode 2029
      Episode 2029
      Season 9 - Episode 4
      Denise is blaming herself for an attempted rape on another woman. She thinks she should have gone to the police but instead she washed away any evidence on her body and burnt her clothes. Ella and Ania come home from visiting Ella's parents. When prompted, Ania tells everyone that she's decided to move to LA rather than stay with her dad. Later however, Ania confesses to Katie and Alex that she doesn't really want to go to LA - she just said that after she heard Ella telling someone that she's having a hard time there and not really getting along with her husband. Katie and Alex both agree that Ania should tell Conrad and Ella the truth, but Ania makes them promise not to. Tanya confesses to Babs that she knew Liam was having a heart attack when she left him alone in the corridor! Babs begs Tanya to keep it between them but Tanya's not sure she can. Eventually she agrees to do so but later she goes into work and bumps into Liam's mum. Hearing how hurt she was by the death of her son, Tanya feels guiltier than ever. She returns home and tells Babs that she has no choice but to tell John the truth!moreless
    • Episode 2028
      Episode 2028
      Season 9 - Episode 3
      Kelly and Alex discuss his brother coming out of prison. Alex expresses his worries that all will not be well, he also worries that his family is being torn apart: his dad's always out, Katie's sleeping round and Jake's and Ania will more than likely be moving to LA with Ella. Meanwhile, Katie has trouble with the new regime at the Swan! Eileen disapproves of her outfit and what Eileen wants Eileen now gets apparently . . . Les persuades Denise to get checked out after her attack. After visiting the doctor, all appears to be well but Denise worries what if there is something wrong with her. Les reassures her that they'll cross that bridge if they come to it. Later, Kelly finds an article in the local paper about another rape in the area and tells her parents that she thinks it might be the same guy! Babs feels that Tanya is moving much too quickly after Sean's death but Tanya insists that she's just trying to get through the day. Later, Tanya returns to work for the first time and knowing that Sean's killer (Liam) is out there, she can't help but pay him a visit. She doesn't go into his room but later as she walks down the corridor she passes by Liam in the corridor she can't help but talk to him. She tells him that she was one of the nurses that helped him when he came in the other night and tells him that he's very lucky. Liam thanks her but the tone of the conversation changes when Tanya tells him that her best friend was stabbed last week while trying to stop some guys stealing a car. Liam shows no remorse and when it all gets too much for him, Tanya walks away . . . later, she returns to find doctors and nurses attempting emergency procedures to revive Liam . . .moreless
    • Episode 2027
      Episode 2027
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      The news of Sean's stabbing puts a downer on the party at the Williams'. Alex confides in Kelly that all he can think about during this whole thing is his brother . . . meanwhile, Katie uses the situation to get out of the girls promise to strip for the lads. Eileen wakes up in the middle of the night confused. She doesn't know what she's doing . . . she talks things over with Pete. Later, Pete gives her the tape of her confessing to setting him up. He destroys it and tells her it's a fresh start. Uncertain at first, Eileen agrees to give things another go with Pete. She returns home nevertheless to clear the air with Dave but he tells her that it's over between them, he doesn't even want to be her friend anymore! Tanya persuades John to let her spend time with Sean. He reluctantly agrees. After a few minutes he has to interrupts her and drag her away. She tells him that she wants to stay with him . . . a police officer escorts Tanya back to the flat. Seeing where Sean was stabbed, Tanya goes to see. Then, refusing the officer's offer of an escort, Tanya returns to the flat and breaks the news to Babs. Later, the police come round and tell Tanya that they've picked up a guy who told them he was in a car crash with the guy who stabbed Sean. Tanya guesses that it was a man brought into the hospital earlier and she's left with the fact that while the father of her child was lying in the gutter, she was saving the life of the man that killed him!moreless
    • Episode 2026
      Episode 2026
      Season 9 - Episode 1
      As The Swan begins to empty, Sean is still left lying in the gutter, but he's between two parked cars and not within any body's view . . . meanwhile, Babs assumes that Sean's got lucky and run off with a fancy man so she picks up Harry from the creche and takes him home . . . Pete recruits Eileen to help him clear the glasses. As she finishes up, he greets her with a drink. They talk for a little while and they both end up confessing that they still have feelings for one and other! One thing leads to another and, despite Eileen's initial objections, they kiss! Katie, Mel, Yasmin, Kelly, Jake and Olly head back to the Williams' place with alcohol from the Swan. There they meet up with Alex who drinks along with them. When they're done with the ones they have, they send Alex out for more bottles. Then, the girls decide to play a little trick on the guys! Promising them a strip show, the girls dare Olly and Jake to streak down Stanley Street. Not wanting to look like a coward in front of Olly, Jake goes along with it! Later, the girls take great pleasure in locking the guys out of the house with no clothes! Meanwhile, Alex realises that he's out of money and turns back onto Stanley Street. As he approaches his house, he sees Sean lying on the opposite side of the street. Alex immediately calls an ambulance. The police also get involved. At work, it's a busy night for Tanya. The A&E is filled with drunks proposing to her and victims of several drink-related accidents. Later, Tanya is shocked when a stab-wound patient turns out to be Sean! John tries to comfort her and hold her back while the doctors do their job but he can hardly contain her. After more than 15 minutes of trying to revive him, the doctor in charge decides that enough is enough. He calls time of death as 2:30 . . .moreless
    • Episode 2025
      Episode 2025
      Season 8 - Episode 262
      The girls persuade Yasmin not to go clubbing but to spend New Year in the Swan! Later, Katie and Mel trick Yasmin into "experimenting". As Yasmin goes in to kiss Katie, Katie pulls away and calls her a big lezer! After a big party cancels their booking at the cafe, Les and Denise decide to close up for the night. Leaving Lucy and Jake to spend the time with their respective partners. Les and Denise plan to spend the evening at home but when Denise sees how much fun everyone seems to be having, she decides to head over to The Swan to share in the festivities. Jake tells Dave that he's trying too hard with Eileen but Dave won't listen. Eileen tells Dave that Pete asked her to work at the Swan over New Year but that she said no. Dave tells her that's good news - Pete always has an ulterior motive. Later, Dave and Eileen go to The Swan (Eileen doesn't want to be apart from Lucy). It's so hectic behind the bar that when Pete tells Eileen to get her own drink, she does! She also decides to help out all evening leaving Dave in the lurch. As midnight approaches, Eileen talks to Dave but he tells her that he's seen how she's been with Pete all evening - they could hardly keep their hands off each other! Dave tells her that they should stop fooling themselves and call it a day! Tanya is in a mood with Sean, while Babs finds the whole situation amusing! When Clarissa comes back to the flat to collect an earing, she finds Tanya alone. Tanya sees fit to ask her what happened last night . . . later, Sean returns home and he and Tanya talk things through. He makes a New Year's resolution to give Tanya a big hug at least three times a week from now on! Tanya goes out to work and Sean delivers Harry to the creche in the pub before joining the festivities downstairs. As it gets near midnight, Sean goes outside to send Tanya a New Year's text. When he's there he spots some guys getting into a car that isn't theirs! He goes over and interrupts them. The main guy, Liam, decides to pick a fight with Sean who decides that he's had enough and starts back for the pub. But as he does so, Liam stops him and shows him that he has a knife in his pocket. The next thing he knows, Sean is lying in Stanley Street with a knife wound in his torso!moreless
    • Episode 2024
      Episode 2024
      Season 8 - Episode 261
      At breakfast, Dave and Eileen start to talk about Sam's recent departure. Dave tells Eileen that if he didn't think there was anything in the relationship, Sam did the right thing in getting out. Eileen sees a parallel between her son's situation and her own . . . Later, Dave starts to talk to Eileen about finding a new place for when Yasmin throws them out. Eileen accuses Dave of moving too fast. They go for a drink in The Swan and there's tension between Eileen and Pete - they both seem to want to get back together! Will their pride get in the way? Denise is happier having told Les the truth. She also tells Kelly and is soon even beginning to feel like her old self again. Denise still doesn't want to be touched however and is worried as she admits this to Les. He tells her that their marriage is about more than sex. Babs is back and she and Sean have fun at Tanya's expense. Sean also wins a fiver after Dr. John asks Tanya out! Babs decides to take Tanya to Cuti-licious to prepare her for her date. They also run into Conrad, Tanya has a job prying her mother away as she flirts outrageously with this handsome stranger! Later, Sean learns that he has to go out too, leaving Babs in charge of Harry. Tanya's date with the doctor go well but she does admit to him that it might be a little too soon after having Harry for her to get into a serious relationship. He decides to take that as a 'maybe'. Tanya doesn't disagree. Meanwhile, Sean comes home early from his night out with a woman in tow (Clarissa)! He later invites her to stay for the night, since shes too drunk to find her way home. When Tanya returns from her night out she finds Sean in bed with Clarissa!moreless
    • Episode 2013
      Episode 2013
      Season 8 - Episode 250
    • Episode 2012
      Episode 2012
      Season 8 - Episode 249
      Chrissy continues the quest for her mother without much success. Meanwhile, Mel decides to confront Brendan and get her feelings out in the open. She does so and the conversation leaves her feeling a lot better about herself and later convinces Brendan to accept Cameron's offer of a job in France. After falling out over how little time they spend together, Les and Denise make up and later, Denise invites Christian and his girlfriend over for dinner. Les isn't keen on the idea but Denise promises him that the afters will be worth waiting for! Jake sees his parole officer about a job. Later, he tells Lucy that there's not much open for people like him. Lucy then encourages Jake to pursue a job in a career that he really cares about like football for instance. Jake says he'll look into it. Yasmin decides that she should move to the next level with Owen and decides to tell him that she can't have kids. He's a little stunned that Yasmin would bring up the idea of kids at all and tells her that it's way too soon to be talking about that. Conrad tells his family that he's heard that their brother, Ben, will be getting out of prison sooner than they expected. The family worry about what Ray will do if he finds out and Conrad suggests that they may have to move again but Katie puts her foot down. She says that she's made friends and she doesn't want to move again. Later, Conrad confronts Pete about making his daughter work such long hours and Pete tells him what Katie's really been doing at the pub! Conrad warns Katie away from Pete but she tells him that she's an adult and can look after herself. When Katie goes to work, Ray turns up! Katie serves him and the warns him to stay out but he doesn't go and soon gets into a conversation with Pete . . . Conrad decides to pay Pete a visit and warn him away from Katie but Pete says he's not going anywhere. As he leaves, Conrad sees Ray in the corner of the pub. Conrad asks Ray to stay away from his family and in return, Ray announces to the whole pub that Conrad's son is a killer!moreless
    • Episode 2011
      Episode 2011
      Season 8 - Episode 248
      Les finally gets to meet the infamous Christian and he's rude to him! Sean tells Denise that Christian has a crush on her but she dismisses it and reminds Sean that she's married. Also, Denise and Les argue after he promotes Lucy over Brendan. Earlier, Brendan told Les that a friend of his in France had offered him a job . . . After Jake tells Dave what really happened between him and Olly, Dave goes to see Lucy and begs her to talk to Jake. Lucy reluctantly agrees and all she gets for her efforts is the cold shoulder from Jake. But Lucy can tell that she's not being told the whole truth and later, when Olly threatens to go to the police, Lucy tells him that she won't be waiting for him when he gets back. Olly then returns Jake's letter to him and doesn't get much in the way of gratitude. The Williams family secret finally comes out! The family are tracked down by Ray Pellow who confronts Conrad. Conrad warns him not to do the same thing to the family as he had already done after Conrad had split from his wife. Ray tells Conrad that he has every right to tear their family apart, after all that's what Conrad's son (and Alex's twin brother had done to them) . . . he murdered Ray's son! When Ray gets a little too loud and animated, Conrad decides that enough is enough and shows Ray the door. On his way out, Ray spots Ania. She apologises for her brother's mistake but Ray tells her that it was no mistake and begins to tell her in detail how his son was held beneath the water by her brother! Conrad kicks Ray out and the family remain stunned!moreless
    • Episode 1999
      Episode 1999
      Season 8 - Episode 236
      Kelly isn't talking to Justin after yesterday's incident and when Denise realises that it's her fault she goes to see Cat to apologise which later prompts an apology to Denise from Justin! Meanwhile, Mel spends the day looking for her husband! He didn't come home after walking out on their romantic meal for two. Later, a guy turns up on the Boulter's doorstep to return Brendan's wallet. Mel asks if he's one of Brendan's mates and the guy corrects Mel introducing himself as Brendan's boyfriend! Mel then introduces herself as Brendan's wife. Chloe seems to be getting too used to the idea that her mum and dad are living under the same roof again. Myra warns that it's not fair on her. Gary insists that Chrissy isn't going anywhere. Later however, Chrissy tells Gary that she doesn't feel very welcome at the house. Gary tells her not to let Myra get to her. Chrissy tells him that it would probably be best if she did move out. Pete's up early burning the sonogram photos of his unborn child. Eileen hears him and asks him why he didn't come to bed; he tells her he wouldn't have been able to sleep. Eileen gives Pete the gift she'd bought him for their anniversary - it's a photo of them on their wedding day. Pete thanks her and kisses her. Eileen tells Pete that she doesn't want anyone knowing about the miscarriage - she's not ready for the sympathy. Later, Eileen goes to see Lucy. Lucy suggests that they go to Trish together and try to convince her not to tell Pete but Eileen says that Trish will stop at nothing and so she'll have to tell Pete first! Meanwhile, an angry Trish tells Pete off for not answering his phone last night. She tells him that her flat was broken into and she really needed him. He tells her that he had more important things to do - Eileen lost the baby! Trish can hardly hold back a smug look. She tells Pete that now they can be together but Pete tells her that will never happen, he says it's been hard keeping her sweat these last couple of days! Trish threatens him that she still has the tape of Eileen confessing. Then Pete produces it from his jacket! Trish figures out that it was Pete who trashed her flat. Pete has enough of Trish and throws her out, he tells her that she's been in over her head and warns her never to speak to Eileen again and never to show her face again otherwise she'll live to regret it! Later, Pete and Eileen go to their lunch as planned. Pete pours his heart out and tells Eileen how much it meant to him that she was there through the whole prison ordeal and how much he loves her and how different she is to all his past loves. As Pete talks about his prison experiences, Eileen lights a cigarette nervously. When he's done, Pete produces his gift for Eileen, she unwraps it to find her taped confession - happy anniversary!moreless
    • Episode 1998
      Episode 1998
      Season 8 - Episode 235
      Gary and Chrissy both disclose their feeling for each other but not to each other! Chrissy tells Mel that her feelings for Gary have never changed while Gary admits to Dave that he still loves Chrissy. Later, Gary realises that it's too late to go back now. His divorce from Chrissy is finalised. Cat decides not to tell Yas why Marc and his girlfriend have pulled out of the Christening. Cat tells Justin that his brother's girlfriend is pregnant. He's delighted over the fidelity of the MacKenzies boys! Later, the Boulters and MacKenzies continue to argue over the Christening. Cat think that Suzie should get a new dress because Denise's family heirloom is tacky! Denise tells Cat that her outfit is far tackier than the dress. Justin sticks up for Cat and ends up insulting Denise and later gets into a fight with Kelly over just that. Eileen wonders how best to tell Pete that they've lost their child. Lucy suggests keeping the news from him briefly so that she can come to terms with it herself but Eileen is adamant that Pete must be told. Meanwhile, Pete and Trish lie blissfully unaware is Eileen's bed! Trish wonders about the look on Eileen's face when Pete takes the baby away from her and she realises what's really going on! They get up and as Trish has a shower, Pete takes her keys to the pub from her bag! After Trish is done, they head out. Later, Eileen returns to find the flat empty and the answer phone messages unheard. She sits in the dark and waits for Pete. When he returns, Eileen slowly breaks it to him that there is no baby, not any more. She tells him that she needed him and he wasn't there. As Pete enters a state of shock, Eileen collapses in tears into her husband's arms . . .moreless
    • Episode 1997
      Episode 1997
      Season 8 - Episode 234
      Chrissy's lunch with Alan goes well except that Gary walks into the cafe as they kiss goodbye! Pete finally gives in to Trish and they sleep together! Meanwhile, Eileen arrives at the hospital and everybody seems too busy to see her. Later, the doctors tell Eileen that she's lost the baby. Lucy tries to call Pete but he's too busy with Trish to answer the phone!moreless
    • Episode 1996
      Episode 1996
      Season 8 - Episode 233
      Yas sets up a date that Chrissy really can't refuse! When Eileen starts to bleed, she and Lucy rush to the hospital!
    • Episode 1995
      Episode 1995
      Season 8 - Episode 232
    • Episode 1994
      Episode 1994
      Season 8 - Episode 231
      Chrissy is disgusted by the fact that Sharon ignored her husband's abuse of her son. Sharon tells Chrissy that it was worse than she wanted to imagine and she couldn't bring herself to do anything about it. Chrissy reminds Sharon that she called Chloe a liar and then she gets worked up about it and throws Sharon out. Later, Sharon runs into Chrissy again on the street. Chrissy pleads with her to get Bradley to confess but Sharon says that he never will. Sharon tells Chrissy that she plans to leave Charnham, there's nothing there for her anymore. Sharon promises to get Bradley some professional help, which is little comfort to Chrissy who has to live with what Bradley did to Chloe. Justin is a little wound up over the fact that everyone seems to helping with planning the Christening except him. He's also not happy that his invitation to Marc has gone unanswered. Meanwhile, Cat bumps into Denise and tells her that they've hired outside caterers for the Christening, Denise is offended that they didn't ask them since they run a cafe and all! Cat is then offended by this remark that she thinks suggests that she doesn't know about food. Later, Cat cancels the caterers and tells Doug that she'll do the food herself. Sean tells Brendan that he didn't mean anything by touching his leg. Brendan apologises for overreacting. Later, after planning a night out with the girls, Mel suggests that Brendan spend the evening with his friends. Eileen walks into her bedroom to find Pete and Trish together! She asks what the hell is going on and Pete tells her that he's just comforting Trish, he tells Eileen (in front of Trish) that she's the only woman for him! Eileen eventually lets it go but Trish isn't happy and the next time she gets Pete along she tells him so. Then, as Eileen prepares to go to her scan, Trish decides to take her break and 'borrows' Eileen's car! With no one to man the bar, Pete tells Eileen that she should go on without him and he'll catch up later. This frustrates Eileen who even more frustrated to hear that Trish has taken her car! Later, Trish returns just in time to see Eileen get back from her scan. Pete is really angry with Trish and really apologetic with Eileen. Eileen tells Pete that she wants Trish out, she reminds him about this later after Trish asks her whether or not she'll be keeping this baby? Pete, now really angry, takes it out on Trish but she soon changes that! Trish tells Pete that if he fires her she'll sue for wrongful termination and if she doesn't get her own way she'll tell Eileen the truth. Now Pete's scared!moreless
    • Episode 1993
      Episode 1993
      Season 8 - Episode 230
      Sharon tells Chrissy that she thinks Bradley was abused by his dad. Brendan turns to Sean for marriage advice. Sean tells him he's not sure what Brendan should do and in order to comfort him a little, Sean puts his hand on Brendan's leg which Brendan takes the wrong way so he leaps up and tells Sean to get off him! Eileen has to go out to the cash and carry when Trish forgets to order tonic water and then refuses to go and get some. While she's out of the way, Trish persuades Pete to get some alone time in his and Eileen's bedroom but Eileen returns sooner than they expected and when Pete is nowhere to be found she turns to go into the bedroom . . !moreless
    • Episode 1992
      Episode 1992
      Season 8 - Episode 229
      Katie hears that her ex-boyfriend has been signed to a record label which makes her think twice about their relationship! She pays him a visit to see if she can make amends but it turns out that the reason he was signed was because of the fact he's sleeping with a woman from the management of the company - well it's not what you know! Later, Lucy and Kelly offer Katie a night out to make her feel better. Eileen is close to breaking point with Trish, Pete manages to calm her down but later he gets an earful from Trish who tells him that he spends more time with his wife than he does with her! He says he's playing it safe but Trish wants more out of their relationship . . . Sharon visits Bradley and she's in a suspicious frame of mind after her conversation with Chrissy last night. Bradley tells his mum that it's all a big mistake but agrees to plead guilty so that the judge might be lenient with him. Later, Sharon confesses to Chrissy that she thinks Bradley did it! Chrissy tells Sharon that she has to get Bradley to confess but Sharon says that's going too far. Meanwhile, Myra has returned home to an empty house. She goes to see Sadie who tells Myra about Gary. Myra is furious that Chrissy didn't phone her but Chrissy says that she and Gary agreed not to bother her. Frustrated and angry, Myra takes it out on Chrissy and tells her that everything that's going on is her fault! Myra says that Chrissy set Chloe up for Bradley, she thought her how to lie and if she hadn't this never would have happened. Later, Chrissy visits Gary and tells him what Myra said but she dismisses it as Myra being angry. Then, Chrissy notices that Gary is wearing his wedding ring, he says that it's one of the few things they'll allow him that reminds him of home. Gary is dragged away before Chrissy can say "I love you" . . .moreless
    • Episode 2001
      Episode 2001
      Season 8 - Episode 238
      Mel confronts Brendan about his playing away with other men! She moves out and leaves it to Brendan to explain her departure to Denise and Les, neither of whom are very happy. Gary an Chrissy wonder what's next after their kiss. Myra seems worried about how close they're getting, but she seems like the only one. Both Doug and Yas independently show their support for the relationship! Cat tries not to let her party get "common"! She decides against balloon games in favor of the far more proper charades! Pete leaves Eileen to drown but as he's about to drive off he gets an attack of conscience and runs back to the river to save his wife but she's no where to be seen. In a panic, Pete runs into the river screaming Eileen's name! He runs up and down the river bank until he eventually sees that she's safe and being dragged out of the water by two bystanders. Pete goes back to the pub. Meanwhile, Eileen calls Dave and tells him what's happened. As Pete arrives back at the pub, Dave rushes off to get Eileen. Pete packs Eileen's things, even though Lucy tries to talk him out of it. Eileen arrives back on Stanley street to find Lucy and Sam gathering a pile of her clothes from the street. Pete greets Eileen at the front door of the pub and tells her that she's not welcome inside! As heads back inside Eileen orders him to stop! He takes off his wedding rings and throws them at Eileen's feet!moreless
    • Episode 2002
      Episode 2002
      Season 8 - Episode 239
      The rumours fly fast and furiously around Charnham about Pete and Eileen's very public break-up. Pete's giving everyone the cold shoulder, even Sadie. Pete sacks Geri because she'll be "unreliable" while she's being treated for cancer! Later, Eileen sees Pete and tells him that she still loves him after everything he did to her but he quickly tells her that he doesn't love her! Mel comes by to get the last of her stuff. Brendan begs her not to tell anyone why they broke up, but Mel says they'll realize eventually and tells her husband that there's no way that he's not gay!moreless
    • Episode 2010
      Episode 2010
      Season 8 - Episode 247
      Alex apologises to Kelly about running out on her yesterday. He tells her that all that twin talk freaked him out a bit because he's a twin himself and he then reveals that his twin is in a young offenders institute. Alex then makes Kelly promise that she won't tell anyone. This is tested later and it really annoys Justin when Kelly won't tell him what Alex said . . . Eileen and Dave wake up side by side, Dave seems far more pleased about that than Eileen. Sam comes to pick Eileen up so that she can move out but when they get to the bedsit, Sam doesn't like what he sees and brings Eileen back to Stanley Street! Eileen goes to see Chrissy and tells her about last night. Chrissy encourages Eileen to go for things with Dave. Later, Eileen does just that and they kiss. Also, Eileen signs and sends her divorce papers without having a solicitor look over them. Jake returns home to find Lucy with another man! He gets a quick word with her before Olly comes and shows her that he's learned to read and write and gives her a note that he wrote in prison. When Olly shows up, Jake puts his note back into his back pocket but when he's not looking, Olly steals the note. Earlier, Olly got a visit from his solicitor who told him that the charges against him had been dropped! Olly goes to see Lucy and tells her that he's going to plead guilty. Seeing that he's serious, Lucy forgives him and even ends up apologising for treating him so badly! Later, Olly and Lucy attend Jake's welcome home party! In private, Olly shows Jake the letter he stole and threatens him to stay away from Lucy. Shortly afterwords, Olly pushes Jake too far and gets a smack in the mouth! Olly asks Jake if he enjoyed it on the inside, because when the police see what he's done, he'll be going straight back!moreless
    • Episode 2009
      Episode 2009
      Season 8 - Episode 246
      Sam spoils Olly's day by telling Lucy that Olly lied in court! Lucy dumps him and Olly blames Sam. Les is jealous that his wife is spending so much time with a mystery tutor. Later, Kelly tells her dad that if she were in that tutor's class she wouldn't be able to concentrate! Katie and Pete both feel great after their night of passion - Conrad is less than pleased though. Later, Pete proves to Katie that Eileen means nothing to him and serves his wife with divorce papers. He then tells Katie that he hopes they can relive last night at some point! Yasmin breaks her three date rule and sleeps with Owen! He promises to call but after 24 hours of not hearing anything, Yas gets worried! Meanwhile, someone puts in an offer for the shop and flat. Yasmin accepts and pays a visit to Dave to give him a month's notice (since she'll be moving into his flat). After hearing that he's been evicted, Dave decides to drown his sorrows with Eileen. The cuddle up on the sofa together. Later, as Eileen heads off to bed. Dave stops her and they share a goodnight kiss . . .moreless
    • Episode 2008
      Episode 2008
      Season 8 - Episode 245
      After hearing that Brendan has been blaming her for their break-up, Mel makes the reason they broke up very public by announcing to everyone in the cafe (including Yasmin and her date) that Brendan's been sleeping with other men! The Costellos eventually come round to the idea of Chrissy finding her mum, although Gary especially was very skeptical at first. Since she's short of cash after Pete cut her off, Dave offers Eileen a job at the taxi firm. She doesn't want to take it at first but when she sees that she doesn't really have a choice, she accepts. Also, Dave visits Jake in prison. Jake tells him that he looks forward to coming home and that he wants to give things another go with Lucy . . . Kelly and Alex continue to become close, much to Justin's dislike, Kelly even calls him boring! Katie goes on at Pete about how he clearly still loves Eileen, she hasn't seen any evidence to prove otherwise. Pete decides to give her evidence and they kiss!moreless
    • Episode 2007
      Episode 2007
      Season 8 - Episode 244
      Yas gets a date with Owen. Kelly makes a new friend in Alex Williams. After a visit to the psychiatrist, Chrissy decides that she should try to find her mother and resolve her childhood issues.
    • Episode 2006
      Episode 2006
      Season 8 - Episode 243
      Gary is still adamant that Chloe should not be told about Bradley's release but everyone else seems to want her to know so later Gary and Chrissy tell Chloe. As it happens, Chloe takes the news much better than anyone else! Meanwhile, Mel arranges for herself, Myra and Chloe to go out for the evening so that Gary and Chrissy can have the place to themselves. They take full advantage of the situation and after a few glasses of wine and a romantic movie they're in the mood for a dance and a kiss! Eileen persuades Dave to tell Lucy about Jake's imminent release. Lucy is happy at the news. Meanwhile, Eileen tells Sam about Jake and later he talks to Olly to see how serious he is about Lucy. Later, Olly tells Lucy how he hoped that their relationship was going somewhere. After Sam hears about this, he confronts Olly and accuses him of using Lucy but Olly reassures Sam that he was sincere in his feelings for Lucy. Yas starts to think to the future and when she sees a handsome young man come out of the cafe with Brendan, she can't help but jump in and introduce herself! He is a journalist who'd been interviewing Doug. Yas soon returns to the shop and tells Mel of her findings but the conversation soon turns to Mel's split with Brendan when Yas mentions that he hangs out with a lot of good looking men!moreless
    • Episode 2005
      Episode 2005
      Season 8 - Episode 242
      After an argument with Conrad, Katie decides to go back on her decision and agrees to make a statement to the police. Later, however, Gary and Chrissy learn that because she's lied before, a statement from Katie actually won't do any good for Gary's case. Later, the mood in the Costello household isn't improved when a phone call comes to inform them that Bradley has only been given community service for downloading child porn! The family worry whether or not they should tell Chloe . . . Conrad really doesn't want Katie working at The Swan and when he hears from Alex that Katie is getting close with her boss, he's decides to pay them both a visit. Katie is later angry after Conrad humiliated her in front of Pete. Meanwhile, Pete gets a new nameplate for above he door of the pub: 'Pete Callan'. Eileen sees him putting it up and says that the reason that she won't contest the license alteration is because she wants rid of Pete once and for all! Geri and her entourage head to the hospital so that she can begin her treatment. Sam cuts his hair (to match Geri's) for the occasion!!!moreless
    • Episode 2004
      Episode 2004
      Season 8 - Episode 241
      As she makes her final preparations for hospital, Geri cuts her hair. Later, she fears she looks like a boy but Sam reassures her that she doesn't. Cat and Yas also come round bearing gifts to see Geri off. Pete hires Katie full time at the pub. She delighted and later she approaches Pete in the flat and tells him how she finds him sexy! They end up kissing but when Katie mentions "Mrs Callan", Pete orders her to stop. It's a rough day for Gary. He goes to see Pete and begs him to reconsider throwing him and Dave out onto the street. Pete replies that he really doesn't care it's just business. Gary points out that it's not business at all and Pete soon comes round to the idea of letting them keep the office but for a higher rent. Later, Gary and Dave agree that they couldn't afford the place if is was any more expensive. Meanwhile, under pressure from Chrissy, Gary tells his solicitor about Katie's role in the events of the night he beat up Bradley. His solicitor tells him that a jury would look much more favorably on Gary if Katie was to testify. Later, Katie agrees to make a statement but as she does so, Conrad enters and after hearing the whole story he announces that Katie isn't allowed to drag their family down! Gary begs Katie but after listening to her father, she's made up her mind - she will not testify!moreless
    • Episode 2003
      Episode 2003
      Season 8 - Episode 240
      Chloe comes home from school to find her mum and dad kissing in the kitchen . . . she's then informed that they're now officially divorced. As usual, Gary and Chrissy get an earful from Myra. Meanwhile, Dave has been comforting to Eileen and since Pete didn't like him very much to begin with, it's not doing him any favours! Later, Gary and Dave are informed that Pete still legally owns their office and he's evicting them! Katie gets a job behind the bar at the Swan. Geri is less than impressed with her replacement who hasn't quite got the job down yet! Meanwhile, Geri plans to cut her hair as she prepares for her treatment on Friday.moreless
    • Episode 2032
      Episode 2032
      Season 9 - Episode 7
      Yas and Mel set out to meet their ideal men, having got their profiles from the Internet, the girls confidently headed to the cafe to meet their guise. They were disappointed however to learn that there too guise weren't exactly what they expected and they soon made a hasty exit. Tanya seems to be constantly neglecting Harry more and more. Every time Babs turns her back and Harry starts crying, Tanya's nowhere to be seen. Later, Tanya confesses to Babs that every time she looks at her baby, she doesn't see Harry - she sees Sean! Tanya and Babs head for Worcester where Sean will be buried - close to his family. When Justin finds out that Kelly took Suzie to a squat yesterday he's not at all pleased! Kelly defends it saying that it was perfectly safe and accuses Justin of over-reacting. During their argument, Kelly lets slip that Alex is going through a hard time what with his brother coming out tomorrow and everything . . . Justin doesn't ask any questions but soon lets slip to Cat that Ben's release date has been brought forward. Cat is furious that the Williams' thought they could sneak Ben in under the radar! Meanwhile, there's trouble brewing in the Williams household when Simon (Ella's "other half") calls to arrange to meet her. Later, Ella returns from her meeting with Simon annoyed that he doesn't understand where she's coming from and doesn't listen when she tries to explain why she doesn't want to live in LA. She decides to get drunk and cheer herself up but it'll probably just screw things up more when she and Conrad end up kissing!!!moreless
    • Episode 2033
      Episode 2033
      Season 9 - Episode 8
      Mel and Yasmin tried in vain to shut Jake up about their embarrassing "dates" last night. Soon however everyone seems to know! Later, things take a bit more of a serious note when Yas visits Geri in hospital. Geri is so pleased to see her, or in fact to see anyone since she's been in confinement for weeks. Feeling a little bit stronger, Geri decides to take a walk but struggles to cope although Yasmin is there to help her. Later, when Yasmin has gone, Geri also gets a visit from Cat. Geri tells her that she's spoken to Sam a little on the phone but he always seems really distant . . . There's a big development in Chrissy's search for her mother when Keith, her former father-in-law, has a change of heart and pays Charnham a visit. He tells Chrissy that if she decides to search for her mother, she must forget about him and not bother him anymore. Chrissy agrees and Keith tells Chrissy that her mother married a man called Lawrence and gives Chrissy the last place he knew they were. As he leaves, Keith tells Chrissy that for her sake he hopes she never finds her mother . . . It's a big day for the Williams', Ben's release date. First however, Ella has to make the decision to conceal from her kids the fact that she spent the night with their father! She pretends she slept on the sofa. Later, Ania decides to go to school and misses most of her brother's visiting day but she says it's fine since she doesn't know him as well as everybody else. Ben is soon on Stanley Street with mother Ella but when Cat spots them from across the street they get a little verbal abuse before they get inside. Katie later describes the whole day as "awkward", and she's not wrong! Everybody seems uncertain of what to say and how to act, Ella fusses too much and Alex seems to be over-excited. When Alex and Ben finally get some time alone, Ben realizes that he doesn't seem to have much in common with his brother and soon Alex seems to get on Ben's nerves by questioning him again and again about what he wants to do up until the point where Ben tells him to do what he wants! Upset, Alex leaves! Conrad and Ella are angry at him but they're too slow to catch him, anyway, Ben wants to go back to the institute! Although Conrad and Ella feel their day has been cut short, Conrad agrees to take him back but admits that it was so hard watching his disappear through the double doors . . . soon afterwords the phone rings at the Williams' household to inform them that Alex has been arrested!moreless
    • Episode 2034
      Episode 2034
      Season 9 - Episode 9
      Yasmin buys Geri some wigs to make her feel better about coming out of hospital. Geri is reluctant at first but when soon can't help but get into it when Yasmin starts to play around with the wigs! Armed with a name and a town, Myra and Chrissy hit the phone book to find Chrissy's mother. Just as they're about to give up, they find the right house and immediately set off to Richmond. Later, having walked miles, Chrissy and Myra eventually find the house but hearing Jackie's voice from within Chrissy can't go through with it and walks away. Kelly is swamped with work and Justin doesn't seem to understand. He reminds her that coursework doesn't pay the bills . . . since Justin is too busy working to take care of Suzie, Kelly's work has to come second. Later, she manages to offload Suzie onto her mum while she gets some real work done. Also, Kelly has a go at Cat for telling the neighborhood that Ben's release date had been brought forward. Cat argued that the community has a right to know who's living next door . . . After being cautioned by the police, Alex goes about telling his parents that it was no big deal. Later, he brings Liza round after she was thrown out of her squat. Conrad is very reluctant about her moving in but eventually agrees that she can stay temporarily. Meanwhile, Ella is having a rough day. Facing the prospect of returning to LA and after fighting with Cat she turns to alcohol. As she re-reads newspaper articles on Ben, she sips wine alone at the Willaims'. Later, Conrad tries to persuade Ella to stay. They even kiss briefly but Ella pulls away. Conrad realizes that she's been drinking and questions her about it. She tells him to leave her alone and storms out. Now quite drunk, Ella goes to the Swan where seeing how drunk her mum is, Katie refuses to serve her. Ella tells her that she'll find somewhere else to drink and returns to the Williams' house again. Nobody's home so Ella gets started on the stronger stuff and ends up passed out in the front room . . .moreless
    • Episode 199
      Episode 199
      Season 2 - Episode 1
    • Episode 205
      Episode 205
      Season 2 - Episode 8
    • Episode 204
      Episode 204
      Season 2 - Episode 7
    • Episode 203
      Episode 203
      Season 2 - Episode 6
    • Episode 202
      Episode 202
      Season 2 - Episode 5
    • Episode 201
      Episode 201
      Season 2 - Episode 4
    • Episode 1684
      Episode 1684
      Season 7 - Episode 12
    • Episode 15
      Episode 15
      Season 1 - Episode 15
    • Episode 198
      Episode 198
      Season 1 - Episode 22
    • Episode 460
      Episode 460
      Season 3 - Episode 1
    • Episode 477
      Episode 477
      Season 3 - Episode 3
    • Episode 478
      Episode 478
      Season 3 - Episode 4
    • Episode 479
      Episode 479
      Season 3 - Episode 5
    • Episode 980
      Episode 980
      Season 4 - Episode 2
    • Episode 981
      Episode 981
      Season 5 - Episode 1
    • Episode 726
      Episode 726
      Season 4 - Episode 1
    • Episode 725
      Episode 725
      Season 3 - Episode 9
    • Episode 459
      Episode 459
      Season 2 - Episode 9
    • Episode 14
      Episode 14
      Season 1 - Episode 14
    • Episode 13
      Episode 13
      Season 1 - Episode 13
    • Episode 12
      Episode 12
      Season 1 - Episode 12
    • Episode 2042
      Episode 2042
      Season 9 - Episode 17
      Chrissy is in a state preparing for the arrival of her mother, she's worried about what Jackie will say about her cooking. Gary tells Chrissy that she has nothing to worry about. Later, Gary, Chrissy and Mel wait for Jackie's arrival but as it appears she's later and later, Mel decides she's got to go back to work. Jackie does eventually show up and Chrissy really seems to feel that it's hard work getting to know her. They don't agree on which parts of France they like best and Jackie when Gary asks her if she'd like some more salmon, Jackie tells him that she's not fond of it . . . later, Chrissy asks Gary whether or not it'll get easier with her mother. He doesn't know but quickly moves the conversation along to a happier note; he presents Chrissy with 2 airline tickets to Lille! He tells her that Myra's looking after Chloe and he won't take no for an answer . . . Justin and Kelly are angry that the police could be accusing anyone in their family of harming Suzie. They head home to sleep and get cleaned up, which they're in the process of doing when the police come round to ask them some questions. They ask to speak with Kelly alone and while Justin isn't happy about it, he agreed to go out. While Kelly talk things through with the police, Justin decides that he's going to make another attempt to get rid of the squatters. He hires some young lads to fool around with Alex's bike and when he comes out to defend it, Justin nips inside the house! Later, Liza returns to find her home is no longer under her occupation! She screams at Alex, telling him to "run home to daddy". Then Justin gets an earful, but after everything he's been through - he's not going to take it lying down. He lays into Liza and tells her to clear off once and for all! As his temper reaches it's peak, the police emerge from Justin's flat having just spoken to Kelly. They decide that they need to interview Justin in private, but from Justin's point of view, it wasn't a very good idea to interview him when he's already wound up. The police question Justin about whether or not he finds it hard looking after Suzie. Justin protests his innocence but the police draw the conclusion that Justin is a man with a temper! Meanwhile, Cat and Denise watch over Suzie in the hospital. Knowing what she knows, Denise can't keep it to herself and tells Cat about the abuse allegations. Cat is outraged that doctors can go around accusing people of things like that. Later, Denise and Kelly talk things through. Kelly tells her mum that she can't understand what's going on and doesn't know how to make the police see that she, Justin and none of their families would ever hurt Suzie. Denise sees how upset her daughter is, but tells her that she still can't see how Suzie is in such a bad way if what the police are accusing them of never happened . . . Olly calls Sam and asks whether or not he can borrow £300. Unsurprisingly, Sam says no, even though Olly says it's for a holiday for him and Lucy. Meanwhile, Darren, Olly's mate, is putting pressure on him to come up with the cash. Olly tries to put it off and promises to get it to him next month but Darren is not impressed and gives Olly until the end of the week. Later, Olly tells Lucy that his dad is ill and says that he's going down to help take care of him. Lucy doesn't believe him and is angered when Olly won't tell her what's really going on . . . Olly leaves anyway. Lucy turns to Jake. He tells her that what he has with Katie isn't going to work out. Later, Jake offers to walk Lucy home - even though she lives just upstairs. They go into the back but Lucy tells Jake that he'd better not come upstairs - Eileen's home. Jake invites Lucy back to his place but she tells him that she doesn't think that's a very good idea. Jake kisses her. He asks her whether or not she thinks it's a good idea now. They kiss again . . .moreless
    • Episode 2041
      Episode 2041
      Season 9 - Episode 16
      Tanya still feeling down and nothing Babs says or does seems to cheer her up. Babs invites Tanya to lunch but Tanya says she's probably won't be up to it . . . later, Babs gets a call from Adam from the speed dating and she agrees to meet him for lunch! Later, Babs and Adam have a nice lunch together but there is a little bit of an awkward moment when Tanya comes in having decided to accept her mum's offer! That evening, Tanya comments that she didn't realize that Adam was so young, it doesn't seem to be much of an issue for Babs who just thinks it's all wonderful! Jake tries to talk to Lucy about what happened between them the other night, but Lucy isn't up for talking. She tells Jake that she's with Olly and he's with Katie so nothing can ever happen between them. Olly tells Lucy that he'll leave Katie for her, but Lucy tells him it's not that simple. Later, Mel tells Lucy that she agrees with Jake, she says that Lucy and Jake belong together but Lucy says she's not so sure. Things seem to perk up with Olly when he brings Lucy a bunch of flowers and an apology for dumping her the other night. The moment is soon ruined however when Olly tells Lucy that he's going out again that night shortly followed by Sadie who grabs the flowers off Olly and points out that he forgot to pay for them! Olly is in the dog house! Later, he makes it up to Lucy again telling her that he really likes her and really doesn't want to lose her, he even threatens to use the L word! Lucy is almost convinced and as she leans in to kiss him, his phone goes off. He says he has to take it . . . also, Olly meets up with an old friend of his who tries to persuade him back into a life of crime! Olly isn't convinced and tells his mate that he'll get the money he owes him some other way. Later, Olly talks to Justin and asks for an advance on his wages but Justin tells him that he's got a few too many problems of his own right now . . . Justin and Kelly are still really worried about Suzie and they're downright annoyed about being accused of abusing her! Throughout the day, things seem to get better for Suzie but worse for her parents. Suzie starts to breathe on her own again but this is overshadowed by the fact that the doctors want to take further x-rays of her so that they can see what's going on. Later, it all gets too much for Kelly and even though she's not supposed to, she tells Denise what the whole family is now being accused off. Denise is shocked. Justin and Kelly are then called into a meeting with social worker, Sue. She tells them that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that Suzie has been shaken and she tells Justin and Kelly that this is now a police investigation!moreless
    • Episode 2040
      Episode 2040
      Season 9 - Episode 15
      It's speed dating time at The Black Swan but things don't get off to a great start from Katie's point of view when Myra, Sadie and Babs decide to sign up and Jake's football team aren't quite what she had in mind! But things seems to go well, not for poor Yasmin though who at the end of the night is forced to leave empty handed. Babs on the other hand did rather well, she got 4 phone numbers but she decides to give them to Yasmin because the only one she's interested in a handsome management consultant called Adam, who payed far more attention to Babs while he was supposed to be chatting up Yasmin! Also, it's not a bad day all round for Babs, having decided that she's going to stick around to support Tanya she decides she needs to get a job. She asks Sadie but she's got nothing, later Sadie mentions Babs' problem to Dave who comes up with a solution: she can have her old job back! Babs agrees but only when she gets him up to £5.50 an hour and agrees that she can have a lie in on her first day! Chloe prepares a picture for her new grandma for the next time she comes to visit but, with some prompting from Mel, Chrissy tells Chloe that Jackie won't be coming back. However, Jackie proves her wrong and shows up on the doorstep baring flowers! Chrissy lets her in and soon Jackie asks if Chrissy would allow her to take Mel and Chloe out for the day, Jackie tells her that it would be easier if she got to know Chrissy through her daughters, Chrissy is reluctant but Jackie gets up and starts to question whether she'd made the right decision coming here . . . so that she wouldn't leave, Chrissy agrees to let her take out the girls. Mel isn't so keen but when she sees how much it would mean to her mum, she agrees. As it gets dark, Chrissy begins to worry where her mother and children have got to. Gary questions why Chrissy let Jackie take the kids in the first place and she tells him. He thinks that Chrissy is being manipulated . . . everyone does return home and Mel and Chloe seem to have had a good day, although Mel would never confess to it! She rushes off to the speed-dating and Gary takes Chloe into the kitchen so that Chrissy and Jackie can talk alone. Jackie tells Chrissy how much she's enjoyed spending time with the girls and how much she's enjoyed learning about Chrissy, she's obviously been well-informed! Jackie now insists that Chrissy get to know her . . . Feeling a little bit abandoned by Olly, Lucy decides to spend the evening with Jake instead. While the rest of the locals speed date, Jake and Lucy catch up. Later, their conversation moves to the back of the house and without much warning, Jake and Lucy find themselves kissing. When Jake hears Katie in the bar he pulls back and Lucy runs off upstairs . . . Kelly insists that Justin go home and have a shower. He does so but while he's back on Stanley Street he takes Suzie's illness out on all the wrong people, including Sadie and Jake. He later tells Les that he can't stand to be be feeling so helpless . . . he spends some time crying alone in the flat, and screens a phone call from Doug. Then Justin returns to the hospital where soon he and Kelly are told that Suzie's injuries are more extensive than the doctors first realized. With that news the worried parents are left to wait but soon discover that there is evidence that Suzie has been violently shaken, before they know it Justin and Kelly have to make names of all the people who've been left alone with their daughter over the past 3 weeks or so but they're both aware that they are among the suspects!moreless
    • Episode 2039
      Episode 2039
      Season 9 - Episode 14
      Chrissy finally gets the opportunity to interrogate her mother about locking her in the shed but she doesn't get the answer she wants - Jackie denies it! She tells Chrissy that she did shout at her and she was probably too harsh but she would never do such an awful thing as lock her daughter in the shed! Angered by her mother's denial of an event that she clearly remembers, Chrissy continues to push and both mother and daughter wind each other up until Chrissy asks the inevitable: "did you love me more than you loved Helen?" In the heat of the moment Jackie responds: "Yes!" Chrissy rushes out of the room in tears and locks herself in the kitchen. Through the door she tells Jackie to get out! Later, thinking her mother has gone, Chrissy emerges only to find Jackie still sitting in the front room. Jackie apologizes but tries to explain things to Chrissy. She tells her that Helen needed her - she was ill and finally gives Chrissy the reason for her hasty departure: she, like Chrissy, had a breakdown. She tells of how she wandered around from job to job and how she would drink in the evenings to try and forget. A few of the facts echo Chrissy's own actions in her lies about Chloe's illness last year . . . Jackie decides that it would be best if she went. Before she goes she apologizes to Chrissy for everything . . . later, Gary returns home having taken Chloe to the cinema. Chloe asks if grandma will be coming to visit again soon, Chrissy tells her "probably not". Tanya and Babs return home after Sean's funeral. Tanya says she's glad to be back but she's not sure what her next move should be. She tells Babs that she has to stay in the area until her hearing at least but after that she might leave . . . Babs offers to stay and help out with money and Harry until Tanya feels up to it again. Tanya thanks her mother and says she'd like that. Having been left alone in the cafe, Jake and Lucy start talking like they used to. They both seem to realize that there's something still between them . . . they have a brief moment but are interrupted by burning omelets! Geri finally returns home! She tells Yasmin that she's so pleased to be out of hospital. Later, a dampener is put on things when Geri hears about Suzie from Cat over the phone. Yasmin tells her that she didn't want to upset her. Also, Geri finds out that Yas is taking part in a speed-dating session in The Swan tomorrow night. At first she thinks she's joking and ashamed to tell her the truth, Yas tells her that she's just a plant so that the desperate young boys will think they have a chance with a really hot girl! Meanwhile, Mel prepares for the speed-dating. She wants to get it right! At the hospital, Kelly puts on a brave face for Justin and insists that he not blame himself but later she breaks down in front of Denise. Denise gets the impression that Kelly does blame Justin a little but Kelly insists that she doesn't, if anything it seems, she blames herself. She worries that her college work load is responsible but Denise reassures Kelly that if there's anything she's learned in the past few weeks its that there's no point talking with ifs, buts and maybes. What's happened has happened and she's just got to get on with things. Later, Denise confesses to Les that it felt nice to be the shoulder to cry on for a change. Meanwhile, Justin and Kelly get the worrying news that although Suzie's operation went well there's a possibility she could suffer brain damage! Doctor John tells them that the next 24 hours are crucial . . .moreless
    • Episode 2038
      Episode 2038
      Season 9 - Episode 13
      On her hasty exit from Charnham, Jackie meets Gary and then Mel and Chloe and she decides not to return to Richmond straight away . . . She decides to pay Chrissy a visit to apologies for her hasty departure. Chrissy introduces Mel and Chloe to their new grandma! Chloe is pleased to meet her but Mel is less impressed and so is Gary. When Chrissy and Jackie are left alone, Chrissy is both angry and disappointed to discover that Jackie came back out of curiosity. Jackie becomes confused over what Chrissy actually wanted from her and Chrissy tells her that she just wants answers . . . Katie tries to round up men for the speed-dating night in The Swan. When the male volunteers don't meet her standard she calls on Jake to fill in but he's not so keen! Later, Katie offers Jake a night to remember in exchange for his services. He agrees! Yasmin begins to prepare for Geri coming out of hospital. She shows off her new nurse cap to Mel and visits Dave to make sure that his cabs are clean enough! After Suzie's fall, Justin calls Cat who comes immediately. She decides they'd better take her to the hospital just in case. There, Justin is worried out of his mind when there are no doctors available to see his daughter. Soon, doctor John examines Suzie and tells Justin that he'll have to do more tests to determine what's wrong . . . while the tests are carried out, Justin contacts Kelly, Les and Denise who all come to the hospital ASAP . . . later, Justin and Kelly are told that Suzie needs surgery to fix a blood clot, when they ask if she'll be OK, they're told that the doctors will do the best they can . . .moreless
    • Episode 2037
      Episode 2037
      Season 9 - Episode 12
      Chrissy tries to fill in the gaps in her past and tries to get her mother to tell her a little about why she left. But Jackie isn't keen on opening up, but then again nor is Chrissy when the discussion of the reasons for her divorce from Gary . . . later, having gives Chrissy her full hour, Jackie decides that she must go and keep her hair appointment. Seeing that Chrissy is disappointed, Jackie tells Chrissy to give her phone number to her and she'll call. But Chrissy can see that Jackie can't get out of their fast enough. Olly discovers that Liza and two of her mates have moved into the house he and Justin are supposed to be doing up. He tries to get her to move out but it doesn't work. She tells him that since the house is empty - she has a right to be there and if anyone tries to force themselves into the house, the squatters have the right to prosecute them! All of this seems to check out. Meanwhile, Alex and Conrad get into another squabble and so Alex decides that enough is enough! He packs his bags! As Alex heads out the door, Conrad warns him not to expect to be allowed back. Alex moves into the squat with Liza. All this mess leaves Justin running around trying to solve all these problems while looking after Suzie! Justin avoids telling Doug about the squatters and later begs Cat to take care of it. Cat agrees but when Justin starts to ask whether or not she'll call the owners she tells him that conversation will be down to him! Later, Justin does indeed call the call the owners and reassures them that all the legal costs will be paid by Mackenzie & Son and that he's got nothing to worry about. Everything seems to go well but as Justin hangs up the phone he hears a "thud" behind him - Suzie has fallen face first onto the floor . . .moreless
    • Episode 2036
      Episode 2036
      Season 9 - Episode 11
      Kelly and Denise head off to Sean's funeral. Denise seems to want to put everything off until the last minute and they almost miss the coach . . . Things aren't going very well with Lucy and Olly. Everything he says seems to be the wrong thing. Olly decides that to gain Lucy's favour he'll offer Jake a job on the construction with him. Later, Katie isn't happy to hear that she's going to see even less of Jake than she sees already. Ella pays the Williams' a visit but tells them that she isn't going back to LA next week, she's going that afternoon! The family really don't want her to go and Conrad tries his hardest to persuade her to stay but Ella leaves anyway. After a tearful goodbye at the house, she goes to wait for a cab. Meanwhile, Conrad is fed up with Liza scrounging in his house. He tells Alex that he wants her out but after the way Conrad treated Alex yesterday, he's set against Liza leaving! Later, Liza spots an empty house down the street and tells Alex that she's moving in and offers for him to go with her . . . it happens to be the same house that Justin, Olly and Jake are working on! Chrissy can't focus and all it takes is a bunch of flowers to get her all emotional about her mum. She returns home from work and Yasmin gives her permission to spend the rest of the day off. Chrissy decides that she can't leave this situation with her mother go unresolved, so Chrissy calls her mother and using Myra's name she gets Jackie to come and meet her in the cafe. Later, Jackie arrives and seeing Chrissy is furious that she would dare break into her garden and then call her away under false pretenses. At first Jackie is under the impression that Chrissy is having an affair with her husband! Chrissy soon corrects her however and gives her mum clues as to who she is . . . she tells her her real name, tells her where she used to live and that she used to have an older sister called Helen . . . soon Jackie begins to join the dots and the Chrissy makes it very clear: Chrissy: "I'm your daughter"moreless
    • Episode 2035
      Episode 2035
      Season 9 - Episode 10
      After looking after Suzie all day, Denise feels she'd like to take the job on full time. Kelly is delighted but Les is skeptical since Denise used to worry she'd be lumbered with the baby . . . Cat gets an unexpected phone call from Florida to tell her that Doug's mother has had a stroke. Later, she tells Doug who rushes off to Florida. Cat offers to go with him but he says that while he'll miss her, he doesn't think she should drop everything and go. He tells her that he'll be back soon . . . Ania comes home from school early to find her mother passed out on the sofa, Ania knows what to do, showing that she's probably had to do this before. She attempts to lift her mum into an upright position but can't quite manage it alone so she goes to get Katie from the pub, Conrad is also there and so he's alerted to the fact that there's something wrong. He returns home shortly after the girls to find them carrying Ella up the stairs. When Ella's tucked away in bed, Conrad attempts to discover what's been going on that he doesn't know about. Katie tells him pretty much everything. Later, Ella emerges. Katie leaves her parents alone to talk (Ania went back to school). Ella tells Conrad that she started drinking again, after being sober for two years, when she went to LA. Conrad tells her that she doesn't have to go back and tells her that she can stay with her family - he wants to give their marriage another go! Ella goes off to think about it. She talks things through with her new best friend, Eileen. Eileen tells her that had she and Pete not moved on from the past, they wouldn't be together now and she doesn't regret a thing . . . Ella returns home where Alex is beginning to lose it with Conrad after Conrad told him that Liza was no longer welcome to stay the night. When Alex comes back blaming Conrad for Ella drinking problem it's too much for Conrad to take and he grabs his son and throws him down into a chair, but restrains himself from doing any more damage. The kids leave their parents to talk. Ella tells Conrad that she can't stay with him, not while he can't control himself. He argues that it'll never happen again but Ella reminds him that she's used that excuse herself . . . she tells him that it just wouldn't work. In Richmond, Chrissy and Myra talk things through and Chrissy finally plucks up the courage to face her mother. They return to the house only to see a car pulling away. They wonder whether they've missed her . . . Chrissy decides that it'll be now or never and so goes to knock on the door. There's no reply. They decide to come back later but Chrissy becomes obsessed with the perfection of her mother's home and her curiosity leads her into the back garden. Myra tries to hold Chrissy back telling her that she'd rather be arrested for a worthier cause! Seeing a beautiful flower that she likes Chrissy tears one away from the plant but as she does so she hears a stern voice asking what she's doing. Chrissy seems to turn into a young child again, unable to answer to the woman's authoritative tone! She runs from the garden, quickly followed by Myra. Once out of the garden, Chrissy stops to weep as Myra catches up. She asks whether or not that was her mother . . . Chrissy answers an affirmative . . .moreless
    • Episode 2043
      Episode 2043
      Season 9 - Episode 18
      Jake and Lucy spend the night together and its all going great! Lucy decides that the whole thing with Olly is just a waste of time and tells Jake that she wants to be with him! He's delighted and runs along to dump Katie. Meanwhile, Cat, who spied Jake showing Lucy out of his place that morning, gets talking with Dave to see what's going on. Dave tells her that its none of her business but lies that Lucy was just dropping off some Cd's . . . Katie overhears and can tell that there's something going on. She tells Alex that she was planning on dumping Jake but later, when he tries to dump her, Jake is shocked when Katie tells him that she's pregnant with his child! Jake asks if she's sure and Katie says all the right things. Jake leaves to tell Lucy and they discuss things a little. Jake tells Lucy that he wants his kid to have a better dad than he did and says that if Lucy wants to keep the baby then he'll have to be there to support her . . . Its Ben's second day release session and the family are hoping that things will go better than last time. Conrad makes sure that Alex plans to stick around this time and suggests that Alex take his brother to the pub or something. Alex agrees. Later, as Conrad heads off to get Ben, he fetches Alex from the Swan. There, Cat overhears their conversation and when their backs are turned immediately starts gossiping about them! Little does she know that Conrad is standing right behind her. The incident becomes a confrontation and Conrad tries to persuade Cat that if she were in his position that she would do exactly the same thing. Tanya overhears the conversation and decides that she should confront Conrad too. She tells him that she's on the other side of the story and sometimes it just doesn't seem like justice has been served . . . she storms out. Later, when Alex suggests that he and Ben go to the pub, Conrad is less keen on the idea. He tells them that a few of the neighbors have been sticking their noses in where they're not wanted. They go anyway. Conrad was right and while Alex tries to have a quiet drink with his brother, Cat is distracting Ben. Alex decides that enough in enough and decides to confront Cat for himself. He asks her if she'd mind not talking about him and Ben at least while they were in the room. Cat argues the right to talk about whatever and whoever she likes! Alex seems to come away the better man, in Ben's eyes at least as he sees how much his brother thinks of him . . . Justin and Kelly's frustrations grow when everybody at the hospital either can't or won't give them information about Suzie. All Kelly can get out of them is that their daughter's tests will be through tomorrow. In the meantime they'll just have to wait. Later, Kelly speculates that she doesn't think doctor John believes that they didn't harm Suzie . . . Also, Cat and Denise both find out that they will be visited by the child protection team that afternoon . . . Things are going very well between Babs and Adam, although Tanya isn't too impressed to find Adam is waking up next to her mother. Tanya warns her that he's so much younger than her, it won't last and he'll just break her heart. They end up getting into a fight over it and Babs tells Tanya that she won't accept advice from a woman who's spent her life pining over her gay best friend . . . Tanya is not amused! Later, Tanya decides to go out and she takes Harry with her. As she looks through the things at the front of the shop, she leaves Harry by himself for a moment. Shortly afterwords, Tanya could be found in the cafe having lunch alone. Its not for a while later until Lucy mentions that Tanya should probably be relieving Babs of Harry-duty. Tanya suddenly remembers that she left Harry outside! She rushes out, quickly followed by Lucy, but all they find is that Harry has gone . . .moreless
    • Episode 2044
      Episode 2044
      Season 9 - Episode 19
      In a panic, Tanya calls her mum and runs up and down Stanley Street trying to find Harry only to discover that having seen the baby outside the salon, Yasmin had gone out and taken him inside to look after him. Yasmin asks what Tanya thought she was doing. Then, seeing what Tanya had done, Conrad comes over the road to have a go at her for having a go at him about not looking after his children properly earlier . . . Tanya apologizes and Yasmin asks Conrad to move along. Conrad persists a little before he does as he's told and moves along. Tanya and Yasmin talk in the flat. Yasmin asks her whether or not she's considered talking to somebody about what's happened but Tanya doesn't seem keen on the idea. Soon, Babs returns with Adam in tow. Yasmin and Adam soon leave the mother and daughter to it as Babs has a bit of a go at Tanya. Babs tries to comfort Tanya by telling her about when Tanya's dad died but Tanya comes back at her mother that she had never loved Tanya's father! The argument only seems to go downhill from there. Babs ends up in tears at the kitchen table . . . meanwhile, Yasmin and Adam have a coffee together. He complements Yasmin by asking her why she would ever need to go speed-dating. Later, Yasmin tells Mel that she's not really into Adam . . . Justin's frustrations are temporarily relieved when he's told that Suzie is no longer at risk from catching his cold so for the first time in a few days he can see his daughter! His mood is soon turned, however, when he tries to take Suzie outside for a walk and he's stopped by one of the nurses. He hands Suzie over to Kelly and storms out saying he hates being treated like a criminal . . . meanwhile, the police question Cat and Denise. Denise tells them that she doesn't think that Justin and Kelly would ever hurt Suzie. She tells them that she takes care of Suzie from time to time and the police seem to leave with the impression that the stresses of work and college on top of a small baby might be too much for Justin and Kelly. The police ask Cat about when she looks after Suzie. Cat ends up telling them that she thought her days of childcare were over now that Davie has grown up. The police get the impression that Cat finds it hard work looking after Suzie and start to treat her like a suspect . . . later, Cat talks to Doug on the phone and tells him that she doesn't like being treated like that and tells him that she wants him to come home. He tells her he'll be home as soon as his mum's better . . . Jake tells Dave about Katie and the baby. Dave asks him why he couldn't be more careful. Jake is clearly really put down by the news. Meanwhile, Katie tells Alex about her brilliant lie! He is not impressed and tells Katie that she should put Jake out of his misery right away. Katie is more keen on getting one over on Lucy. Later, Lucy pays Katie a visit and tells her that she needs to start taking her responsibilities as a mother seriously otherwise the baby won't stand a chance. Katie dismisses Lucy asking her what it's got to do with her . . . Meanwhile, Olly reappears and has a run in with Darren. Darren asks him why he came back, if he'd stayed away he'd never have found him but then he guesses that Olly came back for his "bit of skirt"! Olly defends Lucy and tells Darren that he doesn't have his money and won't be able to get it by the end of the week. But Darren doesn't care and tells Olly to get his money by tomorrow or else! Olly goes to see Lucy. She doesn't want to see him and he apologizes telling her that he had no choice but to leave. He tells Lucy he loves her, he really loves her and he wants them to be together . . .moreless
    • Episode 11
      Episode 11
      Season 1 - Episode 11
    • Episode 10
      Episode 10
      Season 1 - Episode 10
    • Episode 9
      Episode 9
      Season 1 - Episode 9
    • Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Season 1 - Episode 8
    • Episode 7
      Episode 7
      Season 1 - Episode 7
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Season 1 - Episode 6
    • Episode 1558
      Episode 1558
      Season 7 - Episode 1
    • Episode 2045
      Episode 2045
      Season 9 - Episode 20
      Justin and Kelly struggle with the fact that they can't be left alone with their daughter and as soon as they get too close a nurse tells them she can't allow them to do that . . . Cat is outraged and tells Justin and Kelly that she's going to use her influence as the wife of the mayor to get some answers but knowing that's probably not the kind of publicity Doug needs they calm Cat down they however remain furious! Gary and Chrissy head for a couple of weeks in the sun. Before she goes, Chrissy calls her mum and tells her that they won't be around. Later, to Chrissy's surpirse, Jackie shows up to wish her daughter well! Chrissy is delighted and even gives Jackie an awkward kiss. Gary and Chrissy head off and after being offered a cup of tea by Myra, Jackie leaves too. Cat makes Yasmin realise that while the sale of the shop and the flat is good for her, there's Dave and Jake to think about, not to mention the shop's employees . . . Yasmin realises that it's not going to be as easy as handing over a set of keys . . .moreless
    • Episode 2116
      Episode 2116
      Season 9 - Episode 91
      Seeing that Pam is getting frustrated with looking after her all the time, Sadie insists that Pam spend the day for herself and gives her some money to spend down the pub. Pam is reluctant to leave Sadie alone but Sadie insists that it'll be OK. Later, Pete calls to see how Sadie's doing but when she hears the door go, Sadie falls out of her chair and can't get onto her feet again. Pete is quick to find Pam and when they find Sadie, Pam finds herself on the other end of one of Pete's lectures . . . After what happened last week and because it's her birthday, Les buys Lucy a set of chef's knives (very expensive), the only thing is, he forgets to mention this to his wife! Later, Denise confronts Les for shutting her out yet again! Gary and Chrissy prepare to go and do a televised appeal to find Mel but neither of them seem very confident that it'll work . . . As Tanya reluctantly heads out for a night at the theater with John, they find themselves the victims of a mugging! Conrad soon steps in and chases off the muggers but not before they can get away with John's wallet. Later, while John goes with the police to look for the muggers, he leaves Tanya alone in Conrad's capable hands. Conrad tries to convince Tanya that they should be together, Tanya's not so sure. However, they soon find themselves almost kissing . . . but they hear the door go and Tanya jumps away from Conrad. John comes up and gives Tanya a kiss, he says he's been thinking - maybe they should move in together?!moreless
    • Episode 2117
      Episode 2117
      Season 9 - Episode 92
      Tanya tells John that she'll think about moving in together. Later, she thinks she might have put him off when he cancels their date together. Tanya finds herself drinking alone in the Swan and watching Conrad chat up Pam. When John turns up unexpectedly, Tanya agrees to move in with him but is she doing it just to spite Conrad? Every conversation Les and Denise seem to have are rows. Denise talks things over with Eileen who tells her that the best thing to do would probably be to get some professional help before it's too late . . . Gary and Chrissy take part in the televised appeal for Mel but they're disappointed when there are only five journalists there. Gary comes to think that the whole thing was just a set-up to see if he and Chrissy looking guilty. He takes his anger out on the liaison officer and tells him to forget about finding Mel - he doesn't need to be treated like this!moreless
    • Episode 2118
      Episode 2118
      Season 9 - Episode 93
      Tanya breaks the news that John is moving in to both Conrad and Babs. Babs takes it as her cue to move out and Tanya stops Conrad before he can start trying to talk her out of it. Later, Conrad has another drink with Pam. He thinks things are going well but she soon sets the record strait. Conrad says he understands and goes off in a huff! Gary becomes frustrated when one of the local papers prints all about his GBH charge in the column they're supposed to be using to help find Mel. The police tell Gary and Chrissy that they've had about 50 responses to the appeal so far, which is good, and they're hopeful that one or two of those might give them a lead. Also, Gary becomes worried when Chloe doesn't come home on time. In turns out she's just with Ania but he soon lays down the law! Denise tells Les that she arranged for them to go and see their GP about marriage guidance. He's set against the idea. Later, when the time comes around for Les to leave work early for their session with the GP, Les goes but while Denise waits for him at the doctor's office, Les is out soliciting prostitutes! This time, he actually picks a woman up. He takes her to a quiet dump where, instead of the services she would usually be performing, she finds herself chatting to Les about the state of his marriage. Eventually he confesses that he wants to sleep with her, he hands over the money and as she undoes his trousers, the police pull up alongside Les' car and ask him to step out . . .moreless
    • Episode 2232
      Episode 2232
      Season 9 - Episode 207
      When she sees Hector's dog on heat routine, Katie guesses that he fancies Meredith. Meanwhile, Sami's mother shows up at the shop to find that his son is absent. She heads upstairs to the flat where she finds Brett half naked! Never mind, they get on like a house on fire! Later, Sami's mum tells him that she's found him the perfect wife and that she's set up a meeting for them tomorrow. Also, Eileen's in two minds as to whether or not to accept the property developers offer but when Chrissy lets slip to Cat that Eileen plans to sell to the developers, Cat is outraged and organises a meeting to rally support and save the swan. When Eileen sees that people are taking her plans far too personally and taking it out on her. She makes up her mind and at the "Save Our Swan" meeting, she signs the place over to the property developers!moreless
    • Episode 2231
      Episode 2231
      Season 9 - Episode 206
      And then there were two, Katie and Ben contemplate life on Stanley Street without the rest of their family. Meanwhile, Sami avoids calls from his family as he tries to figure out what to do for the best. Also, fed up of the grief that she's getting, Eileen promises Cat that she won't sell the pub to the gay couple but she doesn't let on that she plans to sell to property developers instead!moreless
    • Episode 2230
      Episode 2230
      Season 9 - Episode 205
      From his death bed, Sami's father tells his son that it's his final wish to see his son married! Meanwhile, following the earlier argument with Conrad, Alex decides that he's moving to LA to his mum. Conrad is left all alone . . . Later, he heads out only to run into Tanya on the street. She asks him if he really meant that he loved her. Conrad says he did and she tells him that she wants them to be together. They kiss.moreless
    • Episode 2229
      Episode 2229
      Season 9 - Episode 204
      Conrad's having a rough day, having been sacked, he gets drunk and decides to head up to Cumbria but Alex won't give him the keys to his car. Alex gets a smack in the face for his troubles! Meanwhile, Cat sets Marc and Justin on the case to discover who's taking over the pub - they're stunned to learn that it could be a gay couple who plan to turn the place into a gay bar! Also, Sami starts to pick himself up but he's taken aback when he gets an answer machine message from his mother to say that his father has been taken seriously ill . . .moreless
    • Episode 2228
      Episode 2228
      Season 9 - Episode 203
      Cat is horrified to see that Eileen is selling the Swan and demands that the pub not be sold to a chain. Eileen tells Cat that she'll sell to whomever she likes! Meanwhile, Yasmin pops round to see Sami and bumps into his one night stand. Sami finally admits to Yasmin that he's a mess without Max. She decides to cheer him up! They run into Alex in the street and drag him into the salon for a makeover! Also, Katie gets Tanya's new address in Cumbria from Hector and gives it to Conrad . . .moreless
    • Episode 2227
      Episode 2227
      Season 9 - Episode 202
      Katie decides to move out from her dad's place and in with Meredith, George and Hector - but only if she can have Meredith's room. Meanwhile, Hector gets frustrated with his new living arrangements and tells the girls that he's moving out! Also, Yasmin gets all the gossip from Brett on Sami's advances the night before. Later, she tells Sami that he's in denial.moreless
    • Episode 2226
      Episode 2226
      Season 9 - Episode 201
      George tries to convince Hector and Meredith to house-share. Neither is too keen but they eventually give in. Meanwhile, Eileen plans a party to celebrate getting the pub back but out of all the residents, only Sami shows up. Later, having got himself very drunk, Sami heads over to Yasmin's flat to see Brett and tries to kiss him but Brett pushes Sami away and tells him that he doesn't want him like this . . .moreless
    • Episode 2225
      Episode 2225
      Season 9 - Episode 200
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2233
      Episode 2233
      Season 9 - Episode 208
      As the "Save Our Swan" campaign turns even nastier, Chrissy backs out but later tells Eileen that she still doesn't agree with her plans. With people now boycotting the pub, Eileen sees no reason to keep it open and she shoos out the only two punters. Later, as Eileen relaxes to a quiet evening, she hears noises coming from the pub downstairs; she heads down to find thieves. When they sop Eileen, they push her back and down to the floor before emptying the till and making a run for it. Meanwhile, Sami meets his wife to be. They get on really well which makes what he has to do even more difficult.moreless
    • Episode 2234
      Episode 2234
      Season 9 - Episode 209
      Party time! Meredith, George, Hector and Katie warm their new home. Much to Hector's disappointment, Meredith's boyfriend shows up. Also, after hearing that the locals are none too pleased with their plans the property developers reconsider buying the Swan. Meanwhile, it's Chloe's birthday and after hearing from the developers, Eileen has a bit too much to drink before showing up at Chloe's party. As the kids play in the rest of the house, Chrissy and Eileen talk in the kitchen. When Eileen becomes hostile, Chrissy tells her a few home truths and asks her to leave. Eileen reluctantly does so. She returns to an empty pub. Out of frustration, Eileen smashes the place up and breaks down. To calm herself she has a cigarette, lighting it with a match that she then thrown in the bin. As Eileen stands alone in the darkened Swan, the bin catches alight. Eileen picks it up and places it on a stool and watches as it continues to burn . . .moreless
    • Episode 2242
      Episode 2242
      Season 9 - Episode 217
      Chrissy finally arranges an appointment with a doctor. Eve worries about telling Nathan that she's pregnant. Shireen demands that Sami decide whether or not he'll marry her . . .
    • Episode 2241
      Episode 2241
      Season 9 - Episode 216
      Myra urges Chrissy to go to the doctor but Chrissy's too afraid of bad news. Nathan and Eve worry about their finances and it looks like they might have something else to worry about again in a minute . . . Sami tells Brett about Shireen's offer, Brett tries to convince Sami that it's a bad idea but Sami can't really see the downside . . .moreless
    • Episode 2240
      Episode 2240
      Season 9 - Episode 215
      The vicar convinces Babs to help him direct a play. Coral and Jason make a move on number 10. Shireen proposes to Sami that they get married so that they can please their parents, then she can run off to the US with the man of her dreams and he can go on living as usual. Chrissy admits to Gary that she can hardly keep up with her life anymore then later she admits to Myra that she's found a lump in her breast . . .moreless
    • Episode 2239
      Episode 2239
      Season 9 - Episode 214
      Shireen guesses that Sami is gay, he's quick to deny it but she's just as quick to prove he's lying! Meanwhile, Chrissy tries to make it up to Chloe but realizes that her little girl is growing up fast. Also, Babs dates a vicar!
    • Episode 2238
      Episode 2238
      Season 9 - Episode 213
      Chrissy meets Eileen in secret. Myra and Sami prepare to embarrass Babs with her French film performance. Mrs. Wilkinson accepts an offer on number 8, but who will be the newest Stanley Street residents?
    • Episode 2237
      Episode 2237
      Season 9 - Episode 212
      Chrissy becomes obsessed with finding Eileen. The Stanley Street property market heats up. Sami tells his mother that he's going out with Yasmin.
    • Episode 2236
      Episode 2236
      Season 9 - Episode 211
      When Chrissy hears that the pub was set alight on purpose, she assumes like everyone else that it was Eileen. Later, Chrissy gets a goodbye letter from Eileen that leaves her wondering if perhaps Eileen was suicidal . . . Yasmin and Sami formulate a plan that can get him out of marrying Shireen; the best they can come up with is that Sami already has a girlfriend. Sami later tells Shireen this who reluctantly accepts his excuse. A new couple (Coral and Jason Wilding) arrive on Stanley Street and it's not long before they're making their presence felt . . .moreless
    • Episode 2235
      Episode 2235
      Season 9 - Episode 210
      The house warming party continues. As Meredith kisses boyfriend Markham on the dance floor, Hector turns to Katie for comfort. Meanwhile, the Swan goes up in flames and Chrissy along with the rest of Stanley Street wonder if Eileen got out in time . . .
    • Episode 2224
      Episode 2224
      Season 9 - Episode 199
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2223
      Episode 2223
      Season 9 - Episode 198
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2212
      Episode 2212
      Season 9 - Episode 187
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2211
      Episode 2211
      Season 9 - Episode 186
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2210
      Episode 2210
      Season 9 - Episode 185
      Eileen is lost for words when she discovers that Pete has recently changed his will to leave her with nothing! Meanwhile, Conrad manages to lock himself out of the house wearing nothing but a towel! Abi decides to be charitable and takes Conrad over to Tanya's and dresses him up in John's clothes. When Tanya comes in she's taken aback by Conrad. Abi goes out and Conrad and Tanya get to talking. He thinks she still has feelings for him, she denies it but later, they end up kissing in the kitchen! Also, things are going great for Max and Sami but then Max gets a call to say that Carrie's sister has died suddenly, Max decides to go back to the house to comfort his wife and kids. Sami is not amused . . .moreless
    • Episode 2209
      Episode 2209
      Season 9 - Episode 184
      Marc and Yasmin's feud continues. She finds a post on her website that says that she's offering a discount at the salon, Marc denies he posted it but Yas doesn't believe him and when a parcel comes for him, she throws it in the bin! Meanwhile, Pete's body is released so that Eileen is free to have a funeral. Chrissy tries to convince Eileen to go and see Pete in the mortuary for closure and to say her goodbyes. Eileen's not so sure but later agrees to go along with Chrissy.moreless
    • Episode 2208
      Episode 2208
      Season 9 - Episode 183
      Max and Myra get more than they bargained for in their still-life art class! Meanwhile, Yasmin's put out when everyone enjoys Marc's new food so she pretends to see a cockroach in an attempt to put people off coming back. Also, Tanya lays into John for being unreliable about the wedding and after much going back and forth, Eileen decides to tell the police the truth about Trish.moreless
    • Episode 2207
      Episode 2207
      Season 9 - Episode 182
      Marc and Yasmin use Justin as a pawn as they wind one another up. Meanwhile, Conrad spills coffee over Abi's top, he offers to get it dry-cleaned to she takes the top off in the middle of the street. Also, Eileen tries in vain to convince social services to return Thomas to her care. Later, prompted by a phone call from Trish, Eileen goes to see her. Trish begs Eileen not to tell the police that she brought the gun into the Swan so that she can have Thomas back. Eileen refuses and tells Trish that Thomas will be better off away from both of them!moreless
    • Episode 2206
      Episode 2206
      Season 9 - Episode 181
      Sean's sister Abi arrives in Charnham to be Tanya's bridesmaid. Meanwhile, Eileen decides that she wants to adopt Thomas and raise him as her own but it seems her plans are shattered when social services take Thomas into care.
    • Episode 2205
      Episode 2205
      Season 9 - Episode 180
      The siege at the Swan comes to an end with Pete loosing his life . . .
    • Episode 2213
      Episode 2213
      Season 9 - Episode 188
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2214
      Episode 2214
      Season 9 - Episode 189
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2222
      Episode 2222
      Season 9 - Episode 197
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2221
      Episode 2221
      Season 9 - Episode 196
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2220
      Episode 2220
      Season 9 - Episode 195
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2219
      Episode 2219
      Season 9 - Episode 194
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2218
      Episode 2218
      Season 9 - Episode 193
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2217
      Episode 2217
      Season 9 - Episode 192
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2216
      Episode 2216
      Season 9 - Episode 191
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2215
      Episode 2215
      Season 9 - Episode 190
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2243
      Episode 2243
      Season 9 - Episode 218
      Brett makes a startling confession that he likes Sami but what is Sami to do when he soon realises that there might be something there.
    • Episode 2244
      Episode 2244
      Season 9 - Episode 219
      Sami is put out by Brett's visitor - his ex-boyfriend come to make amends!
    • Episode 2273
      Episode 2273
      Season 9 - Episode 248
      Nathan learns that Eve was involved in the hit and run and he tells the doctors that she is pregnant which changes their initially positive prognosis. Yasmin impresses Damian when Vera leaves her with her unruly Brownies! Gary has a rough first day on his new job as Santa's helper, it doesn't help matters when he runs into Belinda but she does give him some advice that later causes friction between Gary and Chrissy...Hester gives Katie a hard time while forcing her to perform manual labour, Katie tries to get out of it by apologising for coming on to her husband but when Rex returns from a day of relaxation he tells Katie that Hester isn't his wife, she's his sister!moreless
    • Episode 2272
      Episode 2272
      Season 9 - Episode 247
      As Hector, George and Meredith treat Eve at the hospital, Nathan is left to interview the hit and run driver who shows up at the police station to confess all! Luckily for the driver, Nathan doesn't know that the victim is his wife, he remains in the dark as he constantly avoids answering his phone to the police because he thinks they're calling him in to work... Meanwhile, Babs starts to get on Myra's nerves as she insists that all employees (i.e. Myra) should wear a uniform, Gary continues to promise Chloe the best Christmas even though he can't see a way to pull it off and Katie and Rex bond but as she takes off her clothes, in an attempt to lure him, a woman whom we assume is Rex's wife shows up!moreless
    • Episode 2271
      Episode 2271
      Season 9 - Episode 246
      Chrissy discovers that Gary's been banned from driving and she's less than pleased having been kept in the dark. After their kiss, Yasmin pursues the vicar but he tells Cat that the whole thing was just a silly mistake. Babs moves in above the shop with the intention of buying. As Eve takes Christmas presents round to her family, a little girl runs out into the road in front of her - Eve drops the presents and dives to save the girl but ends up being hit by a car!moreless
    • Episode 2270
      Episode 2270
      Season 9 - Episode 245
      Sami wakes up in hospital and insists that he doesn't want to press charges against his mother. Later, Sami visits his mother at the police station where she is then released as Sami heads off to Australia with Brett...Meanwhile, Doug threatens Tony to stay away from his wife, critics praise the panto and Meredith returns from two nights at the airport making out to George and Hector that she's had a great time in Dubai unaware that they know truth!moreless
    • Episode 2269
      Episode 2269
      Season 9 - Episode 244
      Cat is disappointed when Tony tells her that they're not having a relationship - it was just sex! The debut of the panto very nearly goes according to plan. Sami's mother pays him a visit and offers him forgiveness as long as he gets help...Sami refuses so his mother shoves a knife in his back!moreless
    • Episode 2268
      Episode 2268
      Season 9 - Episode 243
      Sami decides that he wants to go to his father's burial despite his brother's warnings to stay away. Babs agrees to return to the panto while George tries to call Meredith but she's left confused when she gets the impression Meredith isn't even out of the country. Also, Babs warns Doug that he needs to pay Cat more attention, he agrees, buys Cat a bunch of flowers and heads off to the panto rehearsal hall in time to catch Cat making out with Tony!moreless
    • Episode 2267
      Episode 2267
      Season 9 - Episode 242
      Shireen tries to persuade Sami to go through with the wedding and threatens to reveal his sexuality to his family if he doesn't! Sami decides that he can't do it and so Shireen keeps her promise . . . Meanwhile, Babs becomes more and more frustrated with the cast of the panto eventually forcing her to resign as director, Meredith suns herself while George and Hector slave away and Cat kisses Tony!moreless
    • Episode 2266
      Episode 2266
      Season 9 - Episode 241
      As Sami prepares to get married he gets an unexpected visitor: Brett! Meanwhile, Meredith gets the chance to take a holiday abroad and uses a fictitious ill relative to get out of work. Also, Tony tells Cat that his wife has left him . . .
    • Episode 2274
      Episode 2274
      Season 9 - Episode 249
      Eve wakes up in hospital wondering what has happened. How is Nathan going to tell her that not only did she get hit by a car, but she's also lost the baby and a fallopian tube? Yasmin moves into the church choir and a woman called Vera, behaving more like Cruella de Ville, gives her a hard time. Maybe the title should go to Hester, though, as she hits Katie across the face! Gary sits Nathan down and tells him that what happened to Eve is a blessing really. Belinda gives Gary £1,000 for a perfect Christmas.moreless
    • Episode 2275
      Episode 2275
      Season 9 - Episode 250
      The Phoenix opens its doors to Charnham while Rex and Cruella de Hester toast to new beginnings. Yasmin finds some cheerier hymns. Cruella de Vera walks out on choir practice after everyone starts to have a bit of fun. Meredith works on being more like a Cruella after admitting she's enjoying watching Katie humiliating herself over Rex day after day. Belinda lets slip to Chrissy that she knew Gary better than either of them have let on. It's obvious that she wants more than friendship from her former boyfriend.moreless
    • Episode 2283
      Episode 2283
      Season 9 - Episode 258
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2282
      Episode 2282
      Season 9 - Episode 257
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2281
      Episode 2281
      Season 9 - Episode 256
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2280
      Episode 2280
      Season 9 - Episode 255
      Damian makes sure that Yasmin doesn't have a lonely Christmas; he has more than presents and decorations for her. Elsewhere, it seems that Chrissy doesn't want her wish after all and throws long-lost Melanie out of the house. Chrissy's vexed that her daughter showed up only to pick some things up and say goodbye. Coral gets rid of her nightmare sister and nit-ridden kids at last. Upstairs in the pub, Katie's making inroads with Rex over dinner; unfortunately, Hester is there too, looking like a Blackpool donkey on a Bank Holiday Monday.moreless
    • Episode 2279
      Episode 2279
      Season 9 - Episode 254
      Roxanne's pushing her luck at the Wildings', but maybe taking a credit card is taking things a bit too far. Chrissy can't resist a snoop and agrees to go to the Christmas drinks that Jason and Coral are having. Eve refuses to do Coral's hair after she discovers nits. Meredith's begging George for her forgiveness, as she really should be paying more attention when administering diamorphine. Nathan and Gary make sure Chloe gets her white Christmas, while Roxanne does her best to unwrap Jason. One of Chrissy's wishes comes true.moreless
    • Episode 2278
      Episode 2278
      Season 9 - Episode 253
      It's do or die time for the church choir; will it be jubilation or humiliation for Yasmin? Hector and George finally tell Meredith that they know she didn't go to Dubai. Rather than swallowing her own stuffing, Santa Barbara swallows her pride and digs out the stuff Myra got in for the shop and sells it as her own. It may not be gourmet, but at least it's edible. George curtly informs Hector that becoming another notch on the stuntman's bedpost is exactly what she needs, but Meredith "should be buried in a Y-shaped coffin" Lovechild gets to him first.moreless
    • Episode 2277
      Episode 2277
      Season 9 - Episode 252
      Gary isn't following Chrissy's demand to pay the money back to Belinda as he's spent the lot. After an injured stuntman takes a fancy to George, Hector finally notices her and takes heed the advice about the quiet ones from the randy patient. Belinda tells a miffed Chrissy she made a pass at Gary. Cat helps Yasmin inject a little soul into the choir, who up until now sounded like a chorus of dying cats. Roxanne gets her own way and gets to stay for longer at the Wildings'. And the Christmas lights get turned on outside The Phoenix.moreless
    • Episode 2276
      Episode 2276
      Season 9 - Episode 251
      Eve comes home from hospital to a lovely Christmas tree and a doting Nathan, who has an engagement ring for her. Hester warns Rex to be careful with Katie, saying that she's already got him out of one mess and can't cover for him again - whatever that means. Yasmin's wondering if going gospel is a tall order for the church choir. Chrissy confronts Myra over the card to Gary from Belinda. Coral's sister shows up with a caravan of offspring all set to ruin the poshoes' festive plans.moreless
    • Episode 2265
      Episode 2265
      Season 9 - Episode 240
      Eve, not one for murder, becomes very tempted to kill after an afternoon of trying to teach Coral to cook. Their tongues are sharper than the knives they're using. The panto has sold out, and Babs is freaking out. She demands double rehearsals from the cast but then Katie pulls the proverbial rug from under her by resigning! She had to; it was either the panto or her new job at the pub. But after finding a new Dick, Babs is happy once again. Myra's sure that there are more spirits in the pub than the ones in the bottles; after a strange occurrence, she's not alone in her suspicions...moreless
    • Episode 2264
      Episode 2264
      Season 9 - Episode 239
      This morning, Ben can put his first notch on his bedpost! After a disastrous night of entertaining, Coral worries that she's ruined Jason's chances of promotion. Marc tells Yasmin exactly how he feels about her. Babs comes up with a plan to boost panto ticket sales. Chrissy and Gary are ecstatic following a good result from the amnio test. They're soon brought down to earth on discovering that Chloe's been drinking alcohol. Gary lies about being banned from driving. And Rex starts to think that maybe the pub is cursed.moreless
    • Episode 2253
      Episode 2253
      Season 9 - Episode 228
      Chrissy wrestles with her faith and eventually decides to put it before her health - she tells Gary that she's keeping the baby! Also, Doug gets a shock when Katie introduces him to his granddaughter and Eve lends Coral a hand as she makes a start on moving into Stanley Street.moreless
    • Episode 2252
      Episode 2252
      Season 9 - Episode 227
      A woman shows up at the cafe with a child - turns out she's a former girlfriend of Marc's (Lara) and the girl is his daughter Poppy! Lara asks Marc to look after Poppy while she goes to her mother's funeral; Marc has no choice but to accept . . . Meanwhile, Babs convinces Cat to be in the panto. Also, Chrissy learns that she has to have chemotherapy and the doctor insists that she shouldn't go through with the pregnancy . . .moreless
    • Episode 2251
      Episode 2251
      Season 9 - Episode 226
      When Katie hears Marc's real plans for Amsterdam she feels bad for knocking him back and decides to bring Amsterdam to him! Meanwhile, Gary's frustrated when he overhears Chrissy opening up to Eve - the stress of their situation is clearly starting to get to him. Gary decides to make Chrissy a meal for two to cheer them both up. However, the meal turns rotten when Yasmin shows up to tell Chrissy that due to her current financial situation she's going to have to make Chrissy redundant!moreless
    • Episode 2249
      Episode 2249
      Season 9 - Episode 224
      Chloe finally discovers where her mum's been all week and begs Gary to reassure her that Chrissy isn't going to die, Gary does so even though he's not so sure himself . . . Later, the doctor reveals to a startled Chrissy that she's pregnant! Meanwhile, Katie tells Marc that their night together was just a one night stand and later she attends rehearsals with Yasmin. The tension between the two is visible and eventually Babs has enough and storms out! Also, Jason and Coral go to dinner at Nathan and Eve's.moreless
    • Episode 2248
      Episode 2248
      Season 9 - Episode 223
      Marc and Yasmin have second thoughts over sleeping together - Marc gets over it by sleeping with Katie! Meanwhile, George arranges for one of her patients to visit her friends on Remembrance Day and Chrissy tells Eve that she deserves to have cancer because of the lies she told about Chloe . . .moreless
    • Episode 2247
      Episode 2247
      Season 9 - Episode 222
      Brett offers Sami a one way ticket to Austrailia . . . Meanwhile, Eve cheers Chrissy up with a makeover and Yasmin sleeps with Marc!
    • Episode 2246
      Episode 2246
      Season 9 - Episode 221
      Brett is put out when he discovers that Sami still plans to go ahead with the wedding and he gives Sami an ultimatum! Meanwhile, Meredith feigns a migraine to get the day off work and spend it with her boyfriend! Also, while Gary and Chrissy worry about her upcoming operation, they leave Chloe in the dark . . .moreless
    • Episode 2245
      Episode 2245
      Season 9 - Episode 220
      Chrissy learns that she has cancer . . .
    • Episode 2254
      Episode 2254
      Season 9 - Episode 229
      Gary admits to Chrissy that he doesn't want this baby! Meanwhile, Cat struggles to keep Marc's secret from Yasmin but soon it's too late as Yasmin meets Poppy . . . Also, Coral goes all out to retrieve her missing lovebird . . .
    • Episode 2255
      Episode 2255
      Season 9 - Episode 230
      Marc struggles to find anyone to look after Poppy - so he turns to Yasmin! She refuses for the obvious reasons. Later, Justin finds a note from Marc saying that he's left . . . Meanwhile; Gary has trouble sharing Nathan's enthusiasm for impending fatherhood while Chrissy takes Chloe shopping for her first bra.moreless
    • Episode 2263
      Episode 2263
      Season 9 - Episode 238
      Eve kindly steps in and helps Coral prepare for the Mr Saito dinner tonight. Jason and Coral are surprised to see him enjoying his meal (at first). Ben and Katie go head to head over the bar manager's job. Yasmin's all in a tiz with Marc. Her heart sinks when she sees him in the arms of another woman. Gary takes Chrissy to hospital after she gets stomach cramps. While there, the registrar reveals the baby is a boy. Now Gary's looking forward to the birth, but Chloe doesn't take the news very well. Ben admits to Justin that he's a virgin just before they go out on the pull.moreless
    • Episode 2262
      Episode 2262
      Season 9 - Episode 237
      Rex, the new pub owner, placates Katie by tempting her with a job after soaking her yesterday while speeding through a puddle. Myra's not so easily charmed, though, and throws in the speculation that the pub's haunted just for good measure. Not one to be put off by entertaining one of her husband's Japanese business associates, Coral calls in the caterers. Chrissy has her amnio test today and Gary opts to pay for a speedy result - like money's not an issue. During panto rehearsals, Yasmin realises that she's still in love with Marc.moreless
    • Episode 2261
      Episode 2261
      Season 9 - Episode 236
      Coral starts the day by letting Jason know she is on strike until she sees the cash for the home renovation. Gary's determined to find out if the baby has Down's syndrome before it's born. Chrissy makes it clear to him that, if she loses the baby because of the amniocenteses test, she will never forgive him. Chelsea's widowed mum shows up and turns out to be Gary's first love, not that Gary admits it to Chrissy. Lara shows up four hours early and takes Poppy off to live in France, leaving Marc devastated.moreless
    • Episode 2260
      Episode 2260
      Season 9 - Episode 235
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2259
      Episode 2259
      Season 9 - Episode 234
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2258
      Episode 2258
      Season 9 - Episode 233
      Upcoming episode
    • Episode 2257
      Episode 2257
      Season 9 - Episode 232
      As Mel's birthday gets closer, Chloe decides that she has to find her sister . . . Meanwhile, Meredith lets George down for a night out so George ends up spending a quiet evening with Hector. Also, Marc discovers the challanges of fatherhood!
    • Episode 2256
      Episode 2256
      Season 9 - Episode 231
      Gary and Chrissy decides that the time has come to tell Chloe about the baby. Gary wants Chloe to know the whole truth, Chrissy's reluctant but eventually agrees then when they tell Chloe - Gary backs out and reassures her that everything's going to be OK. However, Chloe later finds a letter from the doctor saying that it's going to be everything but OK - she confronts Chrissy who tells Chloe to whole truth. Chloe refuses to accept that Chrissy would be so selfish and she storms out . . .moreless
    • Episode 2204
      Episode 2204
      Season 9 - Episode 179
      Eileen decides to make a quick getaway from the B&B and she takes Thomas to Chrissy and tells her that she thinks it might be best if she and Pete didn't adopt him after all. Eileen asks Chrissy to look after Thomas while she tries to make Pete see sense . . . Meanwhile, Pete's been unable to wake Trish. Panicking, he dives out the window only to find that Eileen's gone. He takes a cab back to the Swan where he tells Eileen to pack a bag. He tells her that he's accidentally killed Trish - oops! It's not long before Pete realizes that Thomas isn't around, Eileen tells him that Thomas is safe but she doesn't think either of them should go with Pete. Pete leaves and conducts a quick search for Thomas. He's unsuccessful. Pete returns to the Swan where he demands the truth from Eileen. Then, as if from nowhere, Trish appears. She too wants the truth. She points a gun at Pete and Eileen and demands the return of her baby!moreless
    • Episode 2203
      Episode 2203
      Season 9 - Episode 178
      Pete gets back to the Swan to learn that Trish has taken Thomas; Eileen can't bring herself to tell Pete the truth . . . Pete calls the police then starts a search of his own. Gary gives Pete the breakthrough he needs having been able to track down the cab that Trish took from the Swan. Pete and Eileen head out to catch up with Trish. They do so at a B&B. They head inside to find Trish and Thomas alone in their room. Pete attempts to grab his son from Trish but she won't have it. All the commotion causes Thomas to cry and Eileen to beg the parents to stop hurting their son. Trish decides to hand Thomas over to Pete and Eileen. Pete orders Eileen to take his son back to the car while he makes sure that Trish plans to leave and never come back . . . Trish goes along with small talk for a moment before throwing a lamp at Pete's head! He tackles her to the ground; she struggles away from his and starts for the straw where she's keeping her gun. Pete dives after her and knocks Trish over; as she falls she knocks her head against a table. Pete grabs Trish and attempts to wake her, but is it too late?moreless
    • Episode 2202
      Episode 2202
      Season 9 - Episode 177
      The party is soon over at the Swan and Pete promptly shows Trish the door. Outside, seeing Trish's desperation, Chrissy invites Trish back to the Costellos and calls Eileen. Eileen comes and spends some time alone with Trish trying to make her see how impractical she's being. Eileen seems to convince Trish who leaves. Eileen returns to the Swan where she tells Pete that she's convinced Trish is gone for good. Meanwhile, however, Trish buys a gun and heads back the Stanley Street . . . Later, Trish fools Pete into leaving Eileen alone at the Swan where she corners Eileen and slowly convinces Eileen to let her take Thomas. As Trish heads out the door, Eileen realises the mistake she's made and quickly follows after Trish. But it's too late! Trish and Thomas are gone . . .moreless
    • Episode 2151
      Episode 2151
      Season 9 - Episode 126
      Pete and Chrissy worry that Eileen's getting to friendly with Trish. John's father returns, he gets the cold shoulder from Tanya but Babs decides to hear him out. Conrad discovers that one of his daughters has got an appointment at an abortion clinic, but it's not the one he thinks it is . . .moreless
    • Episode 2145
      Episode 2145
      Season 9 - Episode 120
      Gary goes to the mortuary, Yasmin and Sami find out they've been set up, Cat celebrates her birthday while Eileen and Trish reminisce about the good times they spent together in Hastings and Tanya wants to ask John a question . . .
    • Episode 2144
      Episode 2144
      Season 9 - Episode 119
      Cat and Max conspire to set Sami and Yasmin up. Katie helps Nikki plan a surprise for Conrad while John thinks about popping Tanya the question! Jane returns and PC Will visits the Costello's.
    • Episode 2143
      Episode 2143
      Season 9 - Episode 118
      John conveys his concerns to Babs about Tanya's feelings for Conrad, its Cat's birthday and she thinks Doug's got a big surprise planned (but he hasn't!), Jane finally agrees to talk to the police and later Gary decides to find out once and for all if she really is a fraud and pays the price for it . . . Also, Denise leaves Stanley Street as she and Les declare their marriage all but over.moreless
    • Episode 2142
      Episode 2142
      Season 9 - Episode 117
      When Chrissy learns that Jane has been hospitalised she decides to offer her a bed for the night, against Gary's wishes. While Justin tries to keep Les away from Kelly so that she can recover fully, Denise tells Les that she's going to move out instead of him! Doctor John gets the impression that Tanya might have feelings for another man . . .moreless
    • Episode 2141
      Episode 2141
      Season 9 - Episode 116
      Yasmin's adopted a new positive attitude after her run in with Adam on Friday, Conrad goes on a second date with Doctor Nikki, Les and Denise hope Kelly won't notice that he's sleeping in the spare room and Jane returns but will she have any more news on Mel?
    • Episode 2140
      Episode 2140
      Season 9 - Episode 115
      Yasmin and Melissa finally confront Adam and when the lies become too much for him - he confesses! Meanwhile, Denise thinks Les has told her the whole truth . . . until she talks to Eileen!
    • Episode 2139
      Episode 2139
      Season 9 - Episode 114
      Les and Denise talk things through but neither of them feels better for it later on. Conrad tries to make Ben see the error of his ways and Yasmin is hot on Adam's heels as she meets his girlfriend!
    • Episode 2166
      Episode 2166
      Season 9 - Episode 141
      It's Max and Sami's first anniversary but Carrie's about to put a spanner in the works! Alex helps Scarlett with a project to help Les. Tanya finally makes a decision . . .
    • Episode 2152
      Episode 2152
      Season 9 - Episode 127
      Sadie infuriates Pam by telling Cat about her liaison with Conrad. Trish sucking up to Eileen is getting on Pete's and Chrissy's nerves. Conrad wants to treat Ania and send her off to see her mum in LA.
    • Episode 2160
      Episode 2160
      Season 9 - Episode 135
      Chrissy and Gary look to a psychic to ascertain whether Mel is dead or alive! Babs makes a phone call to her secret lover. Kelly and Scarlett take Jane out for a drink. Max shares Ben's secret with Sami who soon drops the charges. Later, to Sami's surprise, Max's wife shows up at the shop!moreless
    • Episode 2159
      Episode 2159
      Season 9 - Episode 134
      Pete and Eileen upset Trish by moving her out of the Swan and into Sadie's old flat. Alex tries to convince Ben to apologise to Sami but it seems it's too late - Ben is arrested! Later, after a heart-to-heart with Ben, Max takes his side over Sami!
    • Episode 2158
      Episode 2158
      Season 9 - Episode 133
      Mel's diary becomes the focus of everyone's attention at the Costello's. Eileen makes a suggestion to Pete. Max is shocked to see Sami's black eye.
    • Episode 2157
      Episode 2157
      Season 9 - Episode 132
      It's party time for Ben and Alex. Sami gets a smack in the face. Sadie asks Pete to let her go. Chloe's shaken to find Mel's diary.
    • Episode 2156
      Episode 2156
      Season 9 - Episode 131
      Jane gets another job. Pete argues with most of the women in Charnham. Sadie moves out.
    • Episode 2155
      Episode 2155
      Season 9 - Episode 130
      Doug gets an upsetting call from his son, Marc. Les worries about seeing Denise again at Susie's 1st birthday party. Pete and Eileen prepare to renew their vows but will Trish let the happy couple enjoy an unspoiled day?
    • Episode 2154
      Episode 2154
      Season 9 - Episode 129
      Sadie sets about ruining Pam's relationship with Theresa. Jane gets fired and Chrissy confronts Eileen about Trish.
    • Episode 2153
      Episode 2153
      Season 9 - Episode 128
      The Williams' are hiding something from Ben, Trish is hiding something from Chrissy and Sadie is hiding something from Pam!
    • Episode 2138
      Episode 2138
      Season 9 - Episode 113
      Denise tells Les she's hearbroken. Max and Sami have trouble with their pipes and Yasmin starts on Adam's case again . . .
    • Episode 2137
      Episode 2137
      Season 9 - Episode 112
      The doctors can't figure out what's wrong with Kelly, Les can't seem to figure out what's wrong with Denise and Max and Sami start hiring staff for the shop but Myra and Sadie aren't quite what they're looking for . . .
    • Episode 2126
      Episode 2126
      Season 9 - Episode 101
      Babs decides to let Yasmin fight her own battles with Adam. Tanya is secretly pleased when Sadie tells her that Pam and Conrad are just friends and that Pam is gay. Trish begs Eileen to go to the hospital with her - she says that she's going to give up on Pete as she now realizes that he will never love her. Trish is told by a doctor that her baby is healthy and that she's having a boy. Eileen tells her that she needs to clean up her act for the sake of the baby. Later, Eileen comforts Trish who says she has nothing to offer her baby and says that she doesn't want to keep him. Pete picks Eileen and Trish up from the hospital. Eileen tells him that she is concerned for Trish and her baby's health. When they seem to have settled into the Swan Eileen becomes desperately worried when Trish disappears!moreless
    • Episode 2125
      Episode 2125
      Season 9 - Episode 100
      When Jane drops Chrissy's purse through the letter box, Chrissy thinks its a sign she might have been telling the truth about Mel. But Gary and Myra try and see to it that Chrissy doesn't get her hopes up . . . Yasmin is fuming at Babs (who isn't really sure why). When Babs catches on to what's happening she tells Yasmin the truth about what happened between her and Adam and what's going on between Adam and Melissa - Yasmin doesn't believe her! Later, when Ada gets wind of the news that Babs has been to see Yasmin, he pays her a visit and warns her away. He's so threatening that Babs can see no other way out but to agree to keep her mouth shut. Eileen tells Chrissy that she's worried Pete might be coming to like the idea of having a baby even if its with Trish. Meanwhile, Pete makes his feelings to Trish clear - he wants nothing to do with her. Once again Trish pushes Pete, but he pushes her away - a bit too hard as Trish falls to the kitchen floor knocking her stomach on the side as she goes! Pete says he's not going to fall for that one but then he sees that Trish might not just be fooling around . . .moreless
    • Episode 2124
      Episode 2124
      Season 9 - Episode 99
      Chrissy's still optimistic that Jane told them the truth. But Gary and Myra both try to make her see that's probably not the case. The Costellos also get a visit from PC Will who tells them off for not calling the police when they knew they were meeting this source - they do have some experience of this after all! Will has to inform Gary and Chrissy that police think that this is probably a hoax . . . Tanya has to hold Babs back from telling Yasmin what she saw. But later, she goes about telling her anyway - but at least she gives Adam a chance to explain. He tells Yasmin that he was with Melisa, she'd had some bad news and so he was comforting her . . . Yas is surprised that Adam hadn't told him but soon moves on. But Adam can't get the encounter out of his mind and so later he goes to see Babs to explain the situation fully. But he can tell that Babs doesn't believe him . . . fearful that Babs might tell Yasmin, Adam preempts her and tells Yas that while he was helping Babs with her shopping bags, she told him they'd made such a mistake by breaking up and even tried to kiss him! Yasmin is shocked and even though she promised Adam not to do anything - he gets the feeling she probably will! Trish thanks Cat and Doug with a big fry up for breakfast. Doug seems a little put out though when Cat invites Trish to say longer! Pete isn't too happy to see that Trish is staying there at all, he warns Cat that Trish is a liar and she can't be trusted. But Cat sees things as black and white: Trish is pregnant and alone and is in need of some help. Later, Trish rubs it in Pete and Eileen's face by spending the afternoon and the whole evening getting drunk in the Swan. Pete tries to show Eileen that he doesn't care that Trish might be harming his baby but she can see right through it. When she catches Pete alone, Trish tries to bring him round to her way of thinking and hands him a little piece of paper she's hoping might change his mind. Its a sonogram of Trish's baby. Pete can't help but take a moment as he examines the child he's probably pretty certain is his . . .moreless
    • Episode 2123
      Episode 2123
      Season 9 - Episode 98
      Gary's convinced that Jane won't show, but she does and what she has to say keeps Gary and Chrissy hooked. She tells them that she's been hanging out with Mel in squats and that she'd been hearing how Mel hasn't been getting alone with her parents recently . . . Chrissy thinks its all their fault. When they've finished with their questions, Chrissy begs Jane to talk to the police and tell them what she knows. Jane is reluctant but agrees. As Gary searches for the liaison officer's number, Jane asks to use the bathroom. While Gary and Chrissy chat in the front room, they hear the front door go - Jane has made a run for it! She drops Chrissy's handbag on the way out, but takes her purse. Gary tells a distressed Chrissy that they must face the possibility that they've been had! Babs returns from her visit to the high street all shaken up. She tells Tanya that she saw Adam with another woman. Tanya dissuades her mother from talking to Yasmin about this as it would only cause trouble. Meanwhile, Yasmin tells Cat how lucky she is to have Adam and how he ticks all the boxes! Later, Yas is surprised when Adam returns home early, he says he's postponed the trip so that he could be with his lovely wife. As he hugs Yasmin, Adam sees Babs across the street and gives her a very threatening look . . . Tanya warns Babs to leave it . . . Eileen can't believe what she hearing and at first she doesn't believe that Trish's baby could be Pete's, but then she talks to Pete alone and he's forced to admit that he didn't use protection while he was sleeping with Trish. Eileen does the maths and figures that the time line works, she is almost certain that Pete is the father! Meanwhile, Trish wallows in self pity outside the corner cafe. Cat takes pity on her once again and when she hears Trish's side of the story, she can't help but feel sorry for her and immediately offers her a place to stay . . . Back at the Swan, Pete and Eileen are left considering their options now that Trish and her baby are on the scene.moreless
    • Episode 2122
      Episode 2122
      Season 9 - Episode 97
    • Episode 2121
      Episode 2121
      Season 9 - Episode 96
      Chrissy's optimism is shattered when the police are forced to admit that they've lost the signal from Mel's phone. Gary guesses that it's because she's on the tube or because her battery's dead. Unwilling to dismiss anything the police officer says anything's possible but he seems pessimistic . . . Also, Myra tells Gary and Chrissy that she's noticed that Chloe is much happier since they started to include her a bit more. Les and Denise finally get round to seeing their GP but its bad news since they won't be able to see a marriage guidance councilor for another two months. Later, Denise tells Eileen that she's worried anything could happen in that time . . . Adam is overwhelmed when Yasmin buys his a shiny new present: a brand new sports car! He can't quite believe it and tries to talk her out of it but Yasmin insists that this is just a "little" present to show how much she loves him . . . Adam accepts and tells Yasmin how much he loves it! Babs buys herself a sexy new top but when she shows it to John he thinks Babs bought it for Tanya and unbeknown to him, he ends up offending Babs. She wears the top when she goes out anyway! Later, Babs has a drink with Yasmin and asks her opinion about the top, Yasmin says she really likes it but then goes on to tell Babs about a range of new beauty products for customers of a certain age that they've just got in at the salon, Yasmin asks Babs if she'd like to be booked in. Babs is left looking worried that she might be getting old . . . Eileen spreads the good news about her and Pete renewing their wedding vows. Chrissy and Sadie are both really happy for them both. Meanwhile, Pete tries to take in Trish's revelation. He tells her to get out of his pub but she tries to convince him to let her stay and then they could be a family . . . Pete resists but Trish continues to push then curiosity gets the better of her and Trish has to ask how Pete finally got rid of Eileen. He doesn't answer and Trish takes that to mean that he's killed her! But soon Pete reveals the truth. Trish can't believe her ears and storms out of the pub and goes to cry at the bus stop. Cat spots Trish from across the street and goes to say hello but when she sees that Trish is upset she decides to invite her in for a cup of tea. Trish doesn't wait long to tell Cat who the father of her baby is and soon after she manages to pry out of Cat what's gone on between Pete and Eileen since. She's particularly interested in the fact that Pete left Eileen shortly after her second miscarriage. Trish thanks Cat then heads off. She calls Pete on his mobile and insists that he meet her outside the pub that second otherwise she was going in! With Eileen inside, Pete decides that he can't risk the two women running into one another. He dives out of the Swan and drags Trish to a quiet corner where they can talk. She tries to sell him the idea of a family again, she tells him its fate her being here soon after Pete being told that he will never have another child. She tells him that this is his chance . . . Pete hesitates . . .moreless
    • Episode 2120
      Episode 2120
      Season 9 - Episode 95
      Chrissy stays up late calling Mel and leaving messages on her answer machine, begging her to call again. Later, Chloe gets an earful from Chrissy when she's found chatting away on the house phone. Myra talks to Chloe and later talks to Gary and Chrissy about including her more in what's going on. They agree and Chloe even gets £20's worth of mobile phone credit out of it! Soon after, the police are round with good news. They tell Gary and Chrissy that whoever is using Mel's phone is still on London and they're going to stick around in case they call again. The phone soon rings and there's silence at the other end. Chrissy asks if that's Mel. There's a pause before the phone is hung up. The officer is soon onto his office and confirms to Gary and Chrissy that the call was made from West London! Chrissy announces with joy that Mel must be coming home . . . Conrad and Pam continue to have fun at Katie's expense! They have a good old laugh over it but Katie somehow can't see the funny side! Lucy tells Les that she wants nothing to do with his personal life but later she sees that he needs somebody to talk to. He tells her that Denise thinks that he's finally started to open up to her but as it turns out he's not . . . he never told her where he really was yesterday anyway! Later, Les decides to confront things head on and he sits down to talk to Denise. But one thing leads to another and he ends up signing up for counseling sessions instead . . . Eileen tells Pete that she's going to go round and see Sadie later, and to help out Pam. Pete sees how lucky he is to have Eileen and decides to surprise her with a lunch out. She gets all dressed up and when they're done with their meal, Pete produces an eternity ring - he tells Eileen he was going to give it to her after the baby was born but then he realized that she's the only one he needs . . . she's so overcome and asks what Pete's after. He tells her that after having such a hard year last year they need to have a day for themselves and proposes they renew their wedding vows. Eileen agrees, good thing too since Pete has already booked a meeting with the vicar! As the evening approaches, Pete and Eileen return to The Swan. As they head inside, Eileen tells Pete that she's just got to go and pick some things up from the shop and she heads off. Pete meanwhile heads inside. He potters about for a bit before heading upstairs to prepare a romantic evening for Eileen. But in the kitchen he finds none other than Trish! He's more than surprised and orders her out of town but she says she has an announcement to make first . . . she's pregnant with Pete's child!moreless
    • Episode 2119
      Episode 2119
      Season 9 - Episode 94
      Les really can't wait to get out of the police station and Denise worries that her warning earlier that if he didn't go to the GP's appointment then they were finished may have been a bit too harsh - she tells Kelly that she didn't mean it. Later, much to his relief, Les gets out with a caution while Denise still worries about where he's got to. Les decides to go for a drink at the Swan. However, Kelly soon finds him and lays into him for not calling Denise. Kelly orders Les home. He heads out of the pub but takes one look at his house across the street and decides against it, instead he goes to the cafe to apologize to Lucy. She asks him where he's been all afternoon, he's forced to admit the truth but he's put out when Lucy can't offer him any pearls of wisdom . . . Les decides to put in an appearance with Denise. They end up apologizing to one another but Denise interrupts Les as he's about to confess where he's been all afternoon! They decide that maybe marriage guidance wasn't the best way to go about solving their problems but neither of them seem sure about what is . . . When Conrad returns home early from his drink with Pam, Katie can tell that there's something not right with him. He tells her to stay out of it, hut Katie being Katie she doesn't and decides to confront Pam. Katie tells Pam that maybe she should have made herself clearer to Conrad rather than leading him on! Later, Pam apologizes to Conrad, he doesn't seem to think she has anything to apologize for and when he finds out that Katie's been talking to Pam he decides to teach her a lesson and asks Pam to help him out . . . Eileen feels like they should be doing something to help Gary and Chrissy during this difficult time for them. Pete agrees so she makes him invite Gary and Chrissy over for a drink later. But when Pete pitches the idea to Gary, he's not so keen. But when Gary gets obsessive about calling round all Mel's friends to see if any of them have heard from her since the appeal, Chrissy suggests that maybe they need a break from all this. They go out for a drink with Eileen and Pete and as it turns out they have quite a nice time. They return home late and agree that they did the right thing at least attempting to get on with their lives. As they're about to head off to bed, the phone rings. Chrissy picks it up, there's silence at the other end. Chrissy thinks its another hoax and the person on the other end gets a good earful but when Chrissy dials 1471 she hears Mel's phone number being read back to her . . .moreless
    • Episode 2127
      Episode 2127
      Season 9 - Episode 102
      After John tells her that he's got a surprise up his sleeve, she's left pondering what it could be . . . Later, John reveals that he's found a house that would be just perfect for "the three of them" - but its away from Stanley Street and Tanya's not so sure about leaving the area . . . John seems quite taken with the idea however. Justin worries that he's not going to get the job at the shop finished in two weeks, especially since half his work force have up and left Charnham! Ben suggests that maybe Alex and Conrad could pitch in. Justin agrees and offers the Williams' work - they accept so they're back on track. Also, Conrad and Ben help out Sadie and Pam when they're computer breaks down and Sadie tells Pam that she'd love to get back to work . . . Eileen worries about Trish's whereabouts and she's relieved when Trish rings her. Pete tries to deter his wife from going to help but Eileen insists - Trish needs their help. Pete remains adamant that Trish is out for something. When Eileen later shows up with Trish, Pete gives her the cold shoulder despite Eileen asking him to back off and Trish telling him that she's got no ulterior motives - she also mentions to Pete that the baby is a boy . . . Later, Eileen tells Pete that she noticed his reaction when Trish told him the baby was a boy. They both know he wants this baby, but Pete insists that he wants nothing to do with Trish . . . Yasmin tells Cat about Babs' accusations. Cat comes up with a solution: ask Melissa to dinner. Yasmin likes it and pitches the idea to Adam who's a little taken aback but agrees to give Melissa a ring. However, when Yasmin checks in with Adam later, he still hasn't made the phone call and so Yasmin watches as Adam makes the supposed phone call - Melissa accepts! Adam decides to go for a run, leaving his laptop on the surface for anyone to flick through . . . Yasmin resists and goes food shopping instead but when she gets back and when Adam gets in from his run he tells her that Melissa called and had to cancel because of some business at work - shocking! When Adam goes for a shower, Yas checks out Adam's e-mails. She sees that he has many from the same person - a woman. Yasmin immediately assumes the worst and when Adam comes in, she accuses him of having an affair. He tells her its not like that at all . . . He's been corresponding with this woman in Germany who wants to sell Adam and Yasmin her baby!moreless
    • Episode 2128
      Episode 2128
      Season 9 - Episode 103
      There's baby talk amongst the Callans and the Greens. Eileen tries to convince Pete to accept Trish's baby as his own while Yasmin comes to a decision about baby Lily. Meanwhile, John's in for a surprise when he tells Tanya that the house they went to look at has been snapped up by somebody else.moreless
    • Episode 2136
      Episode 2136
      Season 9 - Episode 111
      Denise is in a state of shock after seeing Les picking up a prostitute, Babs and Yasmin play detective in the hope of uncovering clues to track Adam down and the new owners arrive at the shop: Max Lawson and Sami Shafiq.
    • Episode 2135
      Episode 2135
      Season 9 - Episode 110
    • Episode 2134
      Episode 2134
      Season 9 - Episode 109
    • Episode 2133
      Episode 2133
      Season 9 - Episode 108
    • Episode 2132
      Episode 2132
      Season 9 - Episode 107
    • Episode 2131
      Episode 2131
      Season 9 - Episode 106
    • Episode 2130
      Episode 2130
      Season 9 - Episode 105
    • Episode 2129
      Episode 2129
      Season 9 - Episode 104
    • Episode 2161
      Episode 2161
      Season 9 - Episode 136
      John surprises Tanya when he announces they could have a Christmas wedding! Myra warns Gary and Chrissy away from psychic readings! Sami casually shows Max's wife around the shop and flat while hiding Max's true sexuality . . . Soon, Max's wife leaves but now that she knows where he lives, Max faces a difficult decision . . .moreless
    • Episode 2162
      Episode 2162
      Season 9 - Episode 137
      Ben and Alex finally start on the mammoth task of decorating the house! Max tells Carrie that he's gay and she reacts much worse that he thought she would. Babs heads away for the weekend to visit an old friend, but Tanya and John seem to think she's going to see a man. She is! And you'll never guess who it is . . .moreless
    • Episode 2250
      Episode 2250
      Season 9 - Episode 225
      Marc decides to surprise Katie with a trip to Amsterdam but she knocks him back. At the hospital, Hector, George and Meredith take part in the Remembrance Day service - Meredith makes out like she doesn't care but when nobody's looking she puts £20 into the collection . . . Also at the hospital, the doctor tells Chrissy that her best option for treatment is to have a termination but Chrissy wants to know if the cancer's spread before she agrees to anything so drastic . . .moreless
    • Episode 2190
      Episode 2190
      Season 9 - Episode 165
      Cat enjoys taunting Marc about Geri and Yasmin. Later, Cat finds herself on the front page of the local paper - they're reporting her arrest. Cat feels foolish that she thought Doug’s secrecy over Marc meant he was having an affair and is frightened when Doug seems unhappy about their marriage. Will is gutted when Katie knocks him back so he sets her up to see what she really thinks about him. Jane is surprised and overwhelmed when the Costellos plan a surprise birthday party for her. Later, the Costellos receive an e-mail from Mel!moreless
    • Episode 2189
      Episode 2189
      Season 9 - Episode 164
      Pete and Eileen receive a postcard from Trish in Spain. Then, Pete tells Eileen he wants to set a date for the christening. Eileen asks Chrissy to be Thomas’ Godmother. Alex is pleased when Jane agrees to another date tonight. The date goes well but the couple are interrupted by Ben just as they're about to kiss! Babs is taken aback when Tanya tells her they’re thinking about moving to the Lake District. Later, Tanya has a go at Babs for warning Conrad away from her. Tanya says that she's confident she's made the right decision with John. Cat attacks Doug’s underwear with a pair of scissors and drunkenly confides in Eileen about Doug’s philandering. Later, she's thrown out of the Swan and is then arrested for being drunk and disorderly. When she returns from the police station, Cat confronts Doug about his affair, she and Justin are stunned to see that rather than having an affair with his sexy secretary, Doug has been meeting up with his son Marc!moreless
    • Episode 2188
      Episode 2188
      Season 9 - Episode 163
      Gary tells Will that he wants him to leave Jane alone as she’s part of the family. Babs warns Conrad away from Tanya who will soon be returning from her holiday with John. Sami is emotional as he leaves for Italy. Cat tells Chrissy that she's going on a diet and later confides in Yasmin that she thinks Doug is having an affair. It seems that Cat's suspicions are confirmed when Doug lies about his whereabouts and Cat discovers from his personal organiser that instead of having a council meeting, Doug is having dinner with "M" - could it be his new secretary Mandy?moreless
    • Episode 2187
      Episode 2187
      Season 9 - Episode 162
      Alex decides to take Jane out for a thank you drink. Initially Jane turns him down because she has to babysit Chloe, when Chrissy finds out she tells Jane not to worry about babysitting and insists Jane goes out with Alex. Their evening goes well, but Jane in uncomfortable around PC Will after he warned her earlier that he'd be keeping an eye on her. Cat is thrown when Gary teases Doug about his gorgeous secretary. Sami decides to visit Carrie to try and resolve their issues. Carrie doesn't appreciate it and tells Sami that Max told her how he wished he wasn't gay . . . Later, Sami confronts Max and suggests that it might be time they call it a day!moreless
    • Episode 2186
      Episode 2186
      Season 9 - Episode 161
      Max goes to see Carrie in an attempt to make amends. He lets himself into her house and finds Jamie home alone. Jamie soon breaks down in tears and begs his dad to come home! Later, Carrie and Becky return. Max upsets Becky when he says he can't even stay for dinner. Then, away from the children, Carrie demands that Max hand over his key to her house . . . Meanwhile, Jane starts to warm to Alex when he helps her and she helps him get a job at the cab office with Gary. Also, Cat is frustrated with Doug’s lack of interest in her romantic meal. When she pops out to get a bottle of wine, he makes a mysterious phone call . . .moreless
    • Episode 2185
      Episode 2185
      Season 9 - Episode 160
      Trish raises the price of baby Thomas, but to Eileen's horror Pete refuses to play ball! Carrie tells Max that she wants his to come back to her, she even offers to turn a blind eye if he wants to go off with men! Meanwhile, Sami thinks that Max's family should get used to the idea that he's gay . . .moreless
    • Episode 2184
      Episode 2184
      Season 9 - Episode 159
      Katie turns down dinner with Will. Max gets angry when Ben shows up at the hospital to visit Jamie. Later, Max pleads with Jamie for forgiveness. Pete and Eileen get the results of the paternity test - Pete is Thomas' father!
    • Episode 2191
      Episode 2191
      Season 9 - Episode 166
      Doctor John gets offered a better job in the Lake District and he and Tanya tell Myra that they plan to put an offer in on a house. Later, Babs is put out when she hears her daughter's news second hand from Myra . . . In an attempt to make amends with Doug, Cat tries to make amends with Marc and invites him to dinner. Marc reluctantly accepts. At dinner, Justin and Doug are pleased and surprised when Cat tells Marc that he's welcome to stay at the house rather than go back to the hotel. Later, Cat goes back to square one when Doug realises that she only invited Marc to stay as a way of getting round him. Jane feels like she's been sidelined at the Costellos. It seems this is confirmed when Chrissy tells her to go out with Alex rather than stay in with the family. Alex and Jane get quite drunk before heading back to the Costellos. Jane hints a couple of time that she's keeping a secret from Alex and the Costellos and talks about Mel as if she'd never met her . . . Later, in Mel's room, when Alex starts to question Jane about what really happened between her and Mel, Jane kisses him to shut him up. After sleeping together, Alex starts to talk about Melanie, Jane gets upset and asks a very confused Alex to leave.moreless
    • Episode 2192
      Episode 2192
      Season 9 - Episode 167
      Max finds life without Sami difficult. Cat is astonished when Doug tells her he’s resigned from being mayor. It seems the Costellos are closing in on the truth about Jane, so she tells them a lie that Alex raped her!
    • Episode 2201
      Episode 2201
      Season 9 - Episode 176
      There's much confusion on Stanley Street. People think they've heard gun fire! Then a body is taken out of the Black Swan . . . FLASHBACK: Five hours earlier After Thomas' christening, Trish shows up at the Swan and tells Eileen that she wants her baby back! Eileen stalls her and sends Chrissy up to find out what Trish really wants. Later, as Pete makes his toast to family and friends, Trish emerges in the bar and announces to everyone that she's taking her baby back right now . . .moreless
    • Episode 2200
      Episode 2200
      Season 9 - Episode 175
      Max wonders why Sami and Brett are spending so much time together and suspects the worse. Pete and Eileen make amends for Thomas' christening but when Conrad sees that Pete's been abusing Eileen he decides to confront him. Meanwhile, there's a surprise guest at the christening: Trish is back . . . again!moreless
    • Episode 2199
      Episode 2199
      Season 9 - Episode 174
      Brett makes a move on Sami, Yasmin and Marc are paying each other too much attention for a couple who aren't interested in each other and while Gary reluctantly tells a social worker that Pete will make a great father, Pete pushes Eileen to the limit . . .
    • Episode 2198
      Episode 2198
      Season 9 - Episode 173
      Max feels left out with Sami's new friends, Les packs his bags and leaves Charnham for good and Eileen has trouble convincing a social worker of her capabilities as a parent.
    • Episode 2196
      Episode 2196
      Season 9 - Episode 171
      The Costellos finally learn the truth about Jane and Max's mother pops in for a surprise visit . . .
    • Episode 2195
      Episode 2195
      Season 9 - Episode 170
      This entire episode focuses on the Costellos and Jane. It soon becomes clear to Chrissy that Jane isn't telling them the whole truth about her relationship with Mel. Gary, however, won't hear of it and stands by Jane. That is until she tries to kiss him! Eventually, Gary and Chrissy realise that everything Jane has told them about Mel came from Mel's diary. Gary and Chrissy confront Jane. Realising that she's been backed into a corner, Jane makes a run for the door. Gary chases her, grabs her and pulls her back. He screams at her, demanding to know the truth. When Gary sees how much he's scared Jane and Chrissy. He lets her go. Jane runs into the street and straight into PC Will. She tells him that Gary assaulted her and that she though she was going to die. Could Gary be facing more charges?moreless
    • Episode 2194
      Episode 2194
      Season 9 - Episode 169
      When Alex confides in Ben about Jane's secret - it seems like it might be the worst thing he could do since soon afterwards, Ben confronts Jane! Keeping her promise, Jane goes to the police and tells them that Alex raped her. Chrissy is still suspicious of the allegations . . . Later, having been arrested and questioned by the police, Alex returns to Stanley Street on bail. He takes Chrissy to one side and tells her the truth about Jane. Chrissy seems to believe Alex and when she next sees Jane. Chrissy confronts her . . . Meanwhile, Marc agrees to take over the cafe from Les, something that Yasmin is less than pleased about!moreless
    • Episode 2193
      Episode 2193
      Season 9 - Episode 168
      Babs is uncertain about her future with Howard. Doug and Marc ponder their futures. Gary tries to get to the bottom of Jane's allegations while Jane blackmails Alex . . .
    • Episode 2183
      Episode 2183
      Season 9 - Episode 158
      Jamie's missing and Max is forced to call Carrie. Later, they find Jamie in hospital, he refuses to speak to his dad! Justin admits to Doug and Cat that he cheated on Kelly. Then, Kelly leaves Charnham. hrissy hates how she looks in glasses but is reassured when Gary finds them a turn on.moreless
    • Episode 2182
      Episode 2182
      Season 9 - Episode 157
      Feeling guilty after spending the night with Scarlett, Justin confesses all to Kelly blaming it on Scarlett. PC Will gives Mel's diary back to the Costellos. Jamiefinally hears the truth about his dad's sexuality and goes searching for proof.
    • Episode 2171
      Episode 2171
      Season 9 - Episode 146
      Les is feeling awkward after his kiss with Scarlett. Pete and Eileen contemplate life after the baby is born. The men in Tanya's life react to her big news.
    • Episode 2170
      Episode 2170
      Season 9 - Episode 145
      Babs returns home to find John has slept on the couch . . . Later, knowing the truth about Tanya and Conrad, Howard comforts his son. Pete warns Eileen not to spend too much time with Trish. Scarlett and Les prepare for their promotional night at the café.
    • Episode 2169
      Episode 2169
      Season 9 - Episode 144
      Trish throws a dinner party. Scarlett questions Les about his relationship with Denise. Howard knows the truth about Tanya and Conrad and Tanya knows that it's only a matter of time before she must confess . . .
    • Episode 2168
      Episode 2168
      Season 9 - Episode 143
      Alex tries to get himself noticed with Scarlett. Sami tries to spend an evening alone with Max. Howard tells John about Babs and Myra starts to give Conrad second thoughts about Tanya . . .
    • Episode 2167
      Episode 2167
      Season 9 - Episode 142
      Scarlett has got big plans for the café and Les reluctantly agrees. Sami's got the hump with Max. Tanya finds out what her mother's been up to with John's father but she's just relieved that John doesn't spot her leaving Conrad's!
    • Episode 2165
      Episode 2165
      Season 9 - Episode 140
      Scarlett whisks up some tempting treats for Les. John's making an effort to rekindle his relationship with his father while Tanya's rekindling another type of relationship with Conrad! Max wonders if his wife can stop him from seeing his kids.
    • Episode 2164
      Episode 2164
      Season 9 - Episode 139
      Carrie's back and she wants things her way! Howard and John revisit their past. Tanya confides in Myra and later pays a visit to Conrad . . .
    • Episode 2163
      Episode 2163
      Season 9 - Episode 138
      Carrie tries to persuade Max to come back to her - but he's not for turning. Scarlett steps in at the cafe to give Les a hand. Tanya gets the jitters about trying on her wedding dress and later she kisses Conrad . . . again!
    • Episode 2172
      Episode 2172
      Season 9 - Episode 147
      Les and Scarlett get together on the café tables! Babs and Howard hear Tanya and John's news while Conrad is left in the dark. Eileen and Chrissy have a heart to heart.
    • Episode 2173
      Episode 2173
      Season 9 - Episode 148
      Eileen and Pete baby sit Davie. Later, Eileen discovers that Trish may have been decieving them the whole time . . . Katie starts matchmaking for Conrad and Nikki . . . again! Justin pops the question.
    • Episode 2181
      Episode 2181
      Season 9 - Episode 156
      Tired of being Max's straight flatmate, Sami moves in with Yasmin meanwhile Ben drops hints about Max's sexuality to Jamie. Chrissy can't believe that she has to wear specs. Pete's still angry about Eileen keeping Trish's secret. Justin and Scarlett kiss again.
    • Episode 2180
      Episode 2180
      Season 9 - Episode 155
      Justin begs Kelly not to throw him out. Jamie wants permission from his dad to go travelling around the world next year, meanwhile, Yasmin steps in and takes Max's place for the Pride celebrations. Trish stitches up Pete.
    • Episode 2179
      Episode 2179
      Season 9 - Episode 154
      Pete and Eileen freak out looking for Trish and the baby. Max and Sami are flustered when Jamie walks in on them - but he's left none the wiser to his dad's sexuality. Kelly has a heart to heart with Justin just before she drops a devastating bombshell.
    • Episode 2178
      Episode 2178
      Season 9 - Episode 153
      Kelly has a day of revelations and starts to see Scarlett in a different light. Sami prepares for the gay pride festival. Pete and Eileen worry that Trish has become too attached to the baby.
    • Episode 2177
      Episode 2177
      Season 9 - Episode 152
      Justin's carelessness twice leads Kelly to finding out something she didn't already know. Tanya and John go away for a few days and Babs tells Howard she doesn't want to go to America after all. Trish begins to realise that giving up her baby won't be as easy as she thought it would . . .moreless
    • Episode 2176
      Episode 2176
      Season 9 - Episode 151
      Babs finds out about Tanya and Conrad. Justin tries to make it up to Kelly, but she's not really sure what he's done wrong. Pete's got naming ideas, while Trish has other ideas . . .
    • Episode 2175
      Episode 2175
      Season 9 - Episode 150
      Scarlett wants to get serious with Les but when he turns her down, she ends up kissing Justin! Tanya and John announce they're re-engagement while Conrad tries to get used to the idea that the woman he loves is marrying another man. Trish goes into labour and begs Eileen not to tell Pete that the baby might not be his - Eileen can't bring herself to tell Pete, she does, however, confide in Chrissy . . .moreless
    • Episode 2174
      Episode 2174
      Season 9 - Episode 149
      Kelly says "no"! Babs encourages Tanya to marry John. Eileen confronts Trish.
    • Episode 1991
      Episode 1991
      Season 8 - Episode 228
      Conrad has no luck in talking Ania into letting him take her to school and later he has the same sort of luck with trying to get Alex and Katie jobs. Katie tells him that she's working all the time, method acting - preparing for her big break! While Alex suggests that he just sign on for now. After visiting Gary in prison, Chrissy decides to pay Bradley a visit and see if she can't help get him to confess to the police. Before Chrissy can finish her interrogation, Sharon storms in furious that Chrissy is intimidating her son! Chrissy leaves. Later, the police visit the Costello's and tell Chrissy that Bradley bought the porn on his computer and that they're likely to get a conviction. Chrissy is thrilled by this news but she's disappointed that they won't prosecute him for touching Chloe. In the evening, when Chrissy is home alone, Sharon pays her a visit. She tells Chrissy that she should never have come to the hospital and continually calls Chloe a liar! Then Chrissy tells Sharon that the police have been to see her and that Bradley isn't innocent at all . . . Sharon is left speechless for once! Eileen continues to show her reluctance to hand over the pub license to Pete. She finds the documents and hides them behind the till. Later, Pete finds them and tells Trish that they have to be more careful. Eileen can't find out that he's leaving her until after she's had his child.moreless
    • Episode 1990
      Episode 1990
      Season 8 - Episode 227
      Pete convinces Eileen that it's a good idea for her to give up the pub license. Afterwords, he and Trish celebrate quietly but in public. Sam is suspicious of recent goings on . . . Conrad tries to buy Ania's affections with a brand new pair of trainers and a brand new school uniform, the problem with all this is that he runs out of money to buy food. Katie warns Conrad that trying to bribe Ania into loving him is not the best way to go. It's Gary's day in court. He's confident that he'll get off and promises to be home when Chloe gets home from school. After Chrissy's support throughout the past couple of weeks, Gary considers wearing his wedding ring to the hearing but decides against it and instead keeps it in his top pocket. Sharon shows up to the hearing telling Gary that she hopes they throw away the key. Chrissy almost looses it with her, but Gary restrain his wife. Gary's solicitor arrives a little late and looks worried at their allocated magistrate but says it'll be fine. Both sides present their case and the magistrate rules that Gary should be detained until his trial because she believes that he is capable of offending again. Chrissy and Mel, who joined Gary in the court, look horrified at the verdict. Sharon looks very pleased with herself.moreless
    • Episode 1772
      Episode 1772
      Season 8 - Episode 9
      While Melanie thinks things are going really well with Brendan, Kelly thinks that he's cheating on her. Kelly overhears Brendan on the phone; he tells the person on the other end that he's got plans that night. Kelly tells him that she didn't know he was seeing Mel that night. He tells her he's not. Later, Brendan comes round to the Costello's place. When Gary hears they've been left alone he bursts in but he's embarrassed to find them sitting apart reading magazines on the couch. Brendan leaves. After an argument with Gary and Chrissy, Mel decides to go and see Brendan. Kelly tells her that he's gone out for the evening. Mel finds Brendan at the Davenport's. She asks if he'll spend the evening with her, he reluctantly agrees pointing out that he did have other plans. She tells him that nobody could be as important as her surely? As Brendan and Mel leave, we see that Lewis looks jealous . . . Brendan and Mel spend the evening watching TV with the Boulters. As she goes to bed, Denise invites Mel to stay the night, Mel agrees but Brendan doesn't look too keen on the idea. A little later, Mel tells Brendan that she's ready for bed. He tells her that he's just going to lock up downstairs and then he'll be up. Mel goes upstairs. Meanwhile, Kelly tells Brendan that she doesn't want to get stuck in the middle when Mel finds out that he's cheating on her. Brendan tells his sister that it isn't true. Gary and Chrissy don't seem to be getting along very well and the only person Gary seems to be able to share his problems with is the dispatcher, Daphne. He and Chrissy argue about Mel's relationship with Brendan. Neither approves but they both have very different ways of showing it. Chrissy prefers the discreet way. She tells Mel that she can see what Mel sees in Brendan. While Gary prefers to tell Mel how great her previous boyfriend, Bradley was. Chrissy tells Gary that he's just pushing the pair closer together. Sean and Tanya aren't getting along. It's been five days since Tanya's heard from Nick and she starting to think that he's dumped her. Sean is still excited about the baby. Tanya points out what having a baby is going to do to her body. Later, Tanya tells Geri her problems over the bar in the swan. Tanya tells Geri she's pregnant. Geri is pleased for her. When Geri's finished her shift, she and Tanya go to Tanya and Sean's flat. They wonder if the perfect man exists and come to the conclusion that he doesn't, at which point Sean walks in. He's pleased to see that Tanya is feeling better. When Geri suggests they get a take away, Sean says he'll cook. At the end of the evening Sean tells the girls that they can leave the washing up, he'll do it in the morning. Cat's trying to get fit for Doug, but when he finds out he tells her that she's a real woman and she shouldn't try to change herself for any man; especially him. She asks him if he's still interested in her. He says that he is but he's had a lot on his mind. Tomorrow would have been his wife's birthday. Later, Cat tells Geri that she doesn't really think that Doug is over his wife. She recalls Doug giving her the necklace at Christmas, she thinks it's going to be tough competing with a woman who's six feet under. In the morning, Eileen gets a phone call from Pete's solicitor. She tells Eileen that Pete's been moved to a prison up in the north. Meanwhile, Lucy's bought Pete a gift but Eileen's afraid she won't be able to give it to him. Lucy feels respectable for Pete's arrest and, after talking with Cheryl, Eileen assures her that she and Pete would never have been able to leave her behind. Eileen says they have to be strong for Pete.moreless
    • Episode 1771
      Episode 1771
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Gary and Chrissy began with a quiet night in. Gary tells Chrissy that he worried about Chloe; he doesn't think he's doing enough for her. Chrissy tries to persuade him not to come to the hospital with her but he says that he hasn't been to any of Chloe's hospital appointments and she's going to start thinking that he doesn't care. Mel goes out with Brendan for the evening. Not long after, Gary tells Chrissy that he's covering a mate's shift on the cabs - he could be back late. Later, Mel returns early. She tells Chrissy that Brendan wanted an early night. Right behind her, Gary comes in. The girls comment that he stinks of cheap perfume. He tells them it's because of the Essex girls he's just had in the back of his cab. He quickly goes to bed leaving Chrissy alone to watch TV. The next morning, Chrissy tells Mel that they could go shopping together at lunch time if she'd like. They can buy some new clothes and put it on the credit card. Later, they do so. Gary catches them and tells them that someone's going to have to pay for that credit card! Before he can give them a real telling off he receives a call on his radio and has to go on a job. Later again, Chrissy and Denise talk about how nice it is that Brendan and Melanie are together. Denise tells her that the longest Brendan's had a girlfriend for is 3 weeks. Gary then confronts Mel and tells her that he doesn't approve of her seeing somebody that they hardly know. Chrissy points out that's the wrong way to go about things and by saying things like that he's only going to push them closer together. Geri returns. She tells Cat that Yasmin and Marc deserve each other. Cat tells Geri of her problems with Doug. Kelly and Justin come back from the hospital after the ultrasound. They're very friendly. Les sees Justin and is disapproving. Throughout the day Justin has to decide what to do about Kelly's baby. Later, he comes to the conclusion that he couldn't be a very good father at the moment. He can barely look after himself. He tells Kelly that he will support her and the baby financially but can't play a bigger role. Kelly accepts it. They agree to be friends. Lucy tells Pete and Eileen hat they're crazy to even consider going on the run. The police will catch them and they'll both go to prison. She storms out. Pete decides to lie low for the night and decide what to do in the morning. Later, Eileen is panicking about Lucy. Dave guesses that Pete had been in touch. He finds Pete and Eileen's passports and puts two and two together. Dave tells her that she can't leave, he tells her that he cares about her and that he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Eileen begs Dave not to tell Cheryl about her plans with Pete. In the morning, Lucy still isn't home. Eileen is very worried. Eventually, Lucy comes home. Eileen tells her where she's meeting Pete. Lucy tells Eileen that she'd promised never to leave her again, Eileen apologises. Lucy leaves again. While Eileen is packing her things upstairs in the pub, Dave and Cheryl are talking downstairs. Dave tells her about Eileen and Pete's plan. Cheryl sets off to try and find Lucy. Eileen heads to an old warehouse where she's going to meet Pete. Meanwhile, Cheryl catches up with Lucy who slowly confesses everything. Including where Pete and her mum are meeting. Cheryl quickly calls her supervisor. Eileen and Pete meet. Eileen tells him that she can't leave Lucy again. He understands. Before he can make a move on his own, however, they hear cars outside - it's the police! Pete figures out that Lucy must have alerted them thinking she was doing the right thing. The police enter the building and arrest Pete . . . again!moreless
    • Episode 1770
      Episode 1770
      Season 8 - Episode 7
      Justin is trying to find Kelly after he spoke with Doug. He hears from Lewis that she's gone to the hospital - Justin immediately jumps to the wrong conclusions; he assumes Kelly has changed her mind about keeping the baby and has gone for a termination. In fact she has gone for an ultrasound. Justin rushes to the hospital to beg Kelly not to go through with the termination. Later, at the hospital, Justin catches up with Kelly while she's in the examination room. They argue at first but then Justin sees the screen with their baby . . . they watch it together . . . Nick was upset that Tanya didn't tell him about the baby sooner. She told him she's only just found out. She also told Sean to tell Doug and Justin not to spread the word. Later, when Sean asks Justin to keep the baby thing quiet, Justin thinks Sean's talking about Kelly's baby and tells him that he has a right to know because he's the father . . . meanwhile, Nick tells Tanya that he's happy for her and Sean but when Tanya mentions their relationship he goes quiet. He tells her that he needs space. He's going to Paris on a shoot, he was going to ask Tanya to go with him but he's now going to use the time to think things over . . . Later, Tanya is upset. She tells Sean about Nick's reaction. Babs emerges from her room and tells Tanya and Sean that she's leaving. Tanya tells her that she doesn't want her to go but Babs tells her that she doesn't mean it! Babs leaves. Sean turns to Tanya and says: "It's just you and me kid!" While Pete's on the run, Mike tries to persuade Eileen not to hand herself into the police. She tells him that there's nothing he can do or say to change her mind. He asks her to come away with him; he tells her that they've always been good together. She refuses. Later, Eileen returns to the pub. She tells Lucy how wonderful she is and how me she loves her. As she leaves the room she says "good-bye". Eileen rushes out of the pub. Lucy tells Dave that she's worried about her mum. At that minute Cheryl comes into the pub with police officers. She tells them that Pete has escaped. The police officers search the pub. Meanwhile, Eileen walks at pace away from the pub. She turns the corner at the end of Stanley Street when she jumped from behind by Pete. She's so surprised to see him. They talk behind the cafe, where their troubles began. Pete tells her to open the back door of the pub for him, she agrees. Eileen returns to the pub. The police have just left; except for Cheryl who stays around for a pint. Dave asks Cheryl to dinner. Meanwhile, Eileen tries to act surprised when Lucy tells her that Pete's got out. Eileen tells Lucy to stay downstairs and help Dave while she has a nap. She goes upstairs where she and Pete talk. She tells him that he can't exactly stay at the pub; the police are sure to come back. He tells her that he's going on the run. She tells him that he can't keep running for the rest of his life. He says that he has to pay for what he's done in the past. He's hurt a lot of people, including Eileen and Lucy. Eileen can't bare it any longer, she gets down on her knees and as she is about to confess everything to Pete, Lucy walks in! She is so shocked to see Pete standing there. Pete and Eileen tell them that he's not staying long he's going on the run, Lucy calls them crazy. Later, after Pete's had a shave and a change of clothes, he's almost out the door but Lucy begins to cry. He tells her that he'll always remember her and think of her every day. Eileen tells Pete that it's daft him going alone. She'll miss him too much and she'll be worried and Lucy'll be miserable. Eileen tells him that they're coming along as well!moreless
    • Episode 1769
      Episode 1769
      Season 8 - Episode 6
      Gary wakes up late; Chloe has gone to school early for "some music thing". Gary and Myra worry that Chloe is over doing it. Chrissy tells them not to worry but Gary starts searching for the hospital's contact details so that he can call them about Chloe's condition. Chrissy tells him that she's filed all that stuff together and that she'll call the hospital later. Later, while Gary and Myra are out, Chrissy researches Hodgkin's disease on the internet. When Gary and Myra return she tells them that the hospital told her that Chloe's appointment was next Friday. Gary and Myra said that they would go along with Chrissy, as much as she tried to persuade them otherwise they decided that they would definitely go. Kelly has an ultrasound. Denise offers to go with her but Kelly tells her that it'll be fine. Meanwhile, Cameron tells Doug about Kelly's miscarriage. He's surprised that she could've only miscarries one twin but even more surprised that Justin didn't tell him about it. Later, Doug and Justin talk one on one. Doug seems to persuade Justin to at least think about standing by Kelly. It's been two days since Sean and Tanya got their great news. Sean can't smile wide enough and wants to tell the world. He settles for telling Doug over a pint in the Swan. Meanwhile, Babs reminds Tanya of the effect that this news will have on her relationship with Nick. Later, as Tanya passes in the street, Doug congratulates her on the good news. She quickly sees Sean and points out that anything could happen in the first 12 weeks. He agrees not to tell anyone else. But Doug does tell Justin who comments how happy the couple look. As Justin passes them in the pub he congratulates them, unfortunately Nick's standing right behind him and overhears! Lucy is worried about Eileen, despite her telling her not to she goes to see Pete. She asks him why he's not going to him mum's funeral, he points out that she doesn't really understand the relationship he had with his mother. He blames her for being like he is. Pete asks Lucy if that's the only reason she's come. She tells him about Mike. She says that Mike is taking advantage while Pete isn't there. Pete gets angry and thumps the table which catches the attention of Prison Officer Harris, who asks Lucy to leave. As she does so she asks Pete to go to the funeral. Later, Pete tells the Prison guard that he wants to go to the funeral. The guard agrees. When they arrive at the service, Pete tells the guard he needs to go to the loo. Minutes later and Pete has not emerged, when the guards enter the toilet - Pete's nowhere in sight, there's only an open window. Pete's made a bid for freedom . . . Meanwhile, back in the pub; Eileen is all shaken up about Mike. Dave tells her that she can't be weak. As long as she's weak, Mike will manipulate her. She has to stand up for herself. Later, Eileen calls Mike and tells him to meet her at the common at three. At the meeting, Eileen hands him a bag of money. He says that it's twice what he asked for! She tells him that it doesn't matter; she's going to the police. She marches off, Mike follows her . . .moreless
    • Episode 1768
      Episode 1768
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      The prison tells Eileen that Pete has been moved into a more secure unit after he smashed up his cell. Later, Eileen is in a meeting with her accountant, Sadie sees the accountant go upstairs with Eileen and asks Lucy why Eileen needs to be talking to Pete's accountant. Lucy tells her that Pete has signed over his assets to Eileen. Sadie is shocked. Mike turns up at the pub to stir up trouble. Lucy tells him that Eileen isn't there and that he should just get lost! She also lets slip to him that the pub now belongs to Eileen. He pushes his way through to the back room. When Eileen comes down Lucy tells her about Mike. Eileen talks to Mike in private. She tells him that she can't get all the money he wants. He tells her that he knows about the pub; Eileen figures out that Lucy told him. He tells her he wants all his money; she tells him that he'll get his next payment tomorrow. Later again, Mike texts Eileen and tells her to meet him outside and bring money. She takes him £1000. He tells her that the initial £10,000 isn't enough any more and he wants more. She argues with him but he reminds her about the tape. He tells her, he wants £15,000! Cat is even more frustrated with Doug. Dave suggests that she might be intimidating him. She points out that she's done nothing of the sort. Later, Cat confesses to Chrissy that she thinks it's over between her and Doug. Justin is feeling low. He spends the night at his dad's place rather that at the Davenport's. Lewis tells Cameron that it's probably because Cameron is spending so much time with Brendan. Cameron invites Justin for a lad's night out, he agrees. Later, they meet in the swan and meet some ladies. The guise "work their magic" and invite the pair back to the flat. While Cameron and his girl get 'friendly' in the bedroom, Justin and his girl start to get comfy on the couch. But Justin tells her that he can't. Offended, she calls her friend and they walk out. Cameron is annoyed but Justin tells him that he can't be doing things like that, he has responsibilities - he's going to be a dad. Tanya just can't seem to break the bad news to Sean. She ends up having to break it to him in a hurry and they don't have time to talk about it. Later, they do talk. Sean accuses Tanya of being selfish and reminds her that this is his only chance of having a baby. She tells him how she feels about Nick and is worried that if she and Sean have a baby then it's probably going to get in the way of their relationship. They're both upset. While Sean talks to Babs, Tanya takes another pregnancy test to be certain that she's not pregnant. But she is! She tells Sean the good news. They're both delighted . .moreless
    • Episode 1767
      Episode 1767
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      Cat was disappointed with the lack of action from Doug. So disappointed she thought she'd tell all of the customers at the salon! Chrissy was so frustrated with it all by the end of the day that when she saw Doug in the pub she asked him to give Cat what she wanted to shut her up. Meanwhile, Cat enters the pub and sees the pair talking. When Chrissy leaves, Doug tells Cat that she's putting too much pressure on him and that they need to slow down. She guesses that Chrissy has said something but Doug denies it. Cameron completes his first day at the fitness centre. Sean is still upset that Tanya didn't tell him Nick's opinion. Later, Babs tells Tanya that she has to do what she wants to do, but tells her that things can't really go well with Nick if she decides to have the baby with Sean. Babs also points out that Tanya may not have to make a decision, she may be pregnant already. Later, Tanya takes a pregnancy test - it comes out negative. Out of frustration she tells Nick that she's going to stop trying with Sean. He's delighted, but Tanya can't figure out how to break the news to Sean. The Boulters didn't have a great day. Les began the day by moaning about Doug's relaxed approach to building - and Justin's. He argued with Kelly and later told Denise that Kelly doesn't know anything about love. Denise said that the two of them weren't exactly experts either . . . Denise unloaded on Eileen at the pub. But their conversation was interrupted by a phone call. Later, Kelly bumps into Justin. She gets the impression from him that he didn't want anything to do with the baby. Later, she tells her mum that she's all alone. Eileen calls the prison and finds out that she and Lucy can't go and see Pete until the evening because of his poor behaviour. Things change when Eileen receives a phone call telling her that Pete's mum has died. She quickly rushes to the prison to see Pete. He's in a state of despair and walks away from the table during their conversation. Later, when Pete is alone in his cell he brakes down. He throws everything to the floor in a state of rage . . .moreless
    • Episode 1766
      Episode 1766
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      Lucy is worried about Eileen who tells her that she's worried and missing Pete. Lucy doesn't seem to believe her. Eileen tells Lucy that Pete ahs put all his assets in her name. Meanwhile, Pete gets frustrated in prison and winds up a prison officer. The officer gets too much for Pete and he attacks him which gets him into trouble. Later, the prison won't allow Lucy to see Pete because of his poor behaviour. Later, Dave tells Eileen that she'd better play it cool otherwise she's going to give the whole game away. Chrissy swallows her pride and asks Cat back to work. She agrees, but won't be pushed around. Later Cat jumps at the chance to leave work and go to the pub with Tanya. Cat is frustrated with Doug. He doesn't seem interested in her. Meanwhile, he confides in Babs. He tells her that he doesn't really know what he's supposed to be doing. He takes Cat a magazine and some flowers and agrees to have dinner with her. At dinner, the two got comfortable on the couch but everything kept getting in the way of them kissing . . . Justin had only one thing on his mind: Kelly. Doug got frustrated with him because he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing at work. Later, Les told Justin that he wasn't to see Kelly any more. Brendan told Cameron that he got the job at the fitness centre. Sean can tell that there's something wrong with Tanya. Later, Nick comes round to the house when Tanya isn't there. He has a go at Sean because he didn't seem to be taking what Nick had told Tanya seriously. Sean confessed that he didn't know what he was talking about. Nick tells Sean that he doesn't approve of him and Tanya having a baby together. Later, Sean confronts Tanya; she tells him it's not an issue. He disagrees.moreless
    • Episode 1765
      Episode 1765
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      Tanya snapped at her mum for going on about her and Sean having a baby together. Sean guessed that it was because she and Nick were going through a rough patch. Tanya told Sean that the reason she and Nick had fallen out had nothing to do with her having a baby with him when in fact that's the reason he left. Cat was upset after Doug left her the night before. She worried about it all day but everything was made OK when she saw Doug. He told her that he didn't want to rush into anything - he wanted to spend some time with her first. Cat admitted that she wasn't really used to that approach to dating. Brendan came round to dinner at the Costellos. Mel was really embarrassed that her family wouldn't shut up about her previous boyfriend. Chrissy was very disappointed to hear that Brendan wasn't seeking a career, until Mel pointed out that Chrissy herself worked as a receptionist at a beauty salon. The pair argued a little. Brendan left early. Cameron and Lewis convinced Justin that things would be different now that Kelly wasn't pregnant. He really wanted to see her and she really needed to see him and tell him that there is still a baby . . . but Les and Brendan are standing in their way. Kelly decides that she wants to keep the baby. Later, Kelly tells Denise that she's in love with Justin. Denise sympathises and goes to fetch him. Later, Justin and Kelly talk. But he says all the wrong things. He tells her that he wasn't ready to be a father and now that she's not pregnant they can do all the normal things like go out and have fun. Kelly tells him that she's still pregnant and since she knows how he feels she's going to carry the baby and raise it on her own! Dave told Eileen that if she didn't go to the police by the end of the day and confess he would go for her. Eileen said that she would go but then got a call from Pete asking her to go and see him. She tells Dave that she's going to go and tell Pete first and then she'll go to the police. Later, Pete notices that Eileen isn't wearing the necklace he gave her for New Year. He then hands her a piece of paper and a pen. He asks her to sign it and that when she does everything he owns will be hers. She almost begs him not to do it. She tells him that she doesn't deserve it. She tries again and again to confess but each time breaks down and in the end she signs the paper. At first she signs 'Eileen Day', Pete notices her error and she scribbles out 'Day' and replaces it with 'Callan'. Eileen returns to the pub. She tells Dave that she owns everything and didn't confess. Dave shows her a picture of Josh and tells her that Pete murdered him. He tells her that Pete is where he should be and that Lucy needs Eileen. Dave tells Eileen that he won't go to the police - Eileen will have to live with what she's done for the rest of her life and that's punishment enough!moreless
    • Episode 1773
      Episode 1773
      Season 8 - Episode 10
      Yasmin and Marc return from their honeymoon. Yasmin is surprised to find Sadie running the shop. Marc carries his bride of almost 3 weeks upstairs. He tells her he wants to start as he means to go on and goes to run a hot bath for them both. Later, the presents arrive at the flat. Yasmin stops Marc from opening them all at once, she tells him that they should open them one at a time, smallest first, just like she and Benji used to do. Marc agrees and picks a small present from the top of the pile. They read the card; the gift is from Geri. They open it to find a pair of egg-cups. Yasmin comments: "last of the big spenders . . .", but Marc tells her not to be so harsh. The wedding wasn't supposed to be for real after all. When Yasmin goes downstairs to check that the books are in order, Geri is there. Yasmin tries to apologise. Geri asks her what she wants from her; if she wants forgiveness or a friend. Yasmin says that hopefully, in time. Geri is disgusted and storms out of the shop. Yasmin returns upstairs and when Marc isn't looking she throws Geri's gift in the bin. Sean gets a call from an ex who tells him that he's getting married. Sean is clearly upset. Later, Tanya tells Geri that Sean is really down that he doesn't have a man in his life. Geri suggests that they play matchmaker and set him up with a friend of hers. Tanya thinks it's a great idea. Geri mention's the idea to Sean who agrees but then Geri accidentally mentions that it was her and Tanya's idea. Sean was annoyed that he was receiving charity. He and Tanya get in a fight. She tells him that he could've been more supportive towards Nick; he tells her that he didn't like him because he had "funny eyes". Later, the pair makes amends. They tell each other that they'd be perfect for each other if he weren't gay or if she were a gay man . . . Eileen's missing Pete already. She tells Chrissy that she'd give anything just for a peck on the cheek from him. Justin can see there's something wrong with his dad. He guesses that it's because it would've been his mum's birthday. Doug tells him that it is but it's also because of Cat. He feels intimidates by her. She had so much more experience than him. He doesn't know what to do. At breakfast at the Boulter's, Mel thanks the family for letting her stay the night. She leaves early so that she won't be late for work. After she's left, Kelly comments that she and Brendan won't last. Brendan tells her to drop it. Kelly leaves. As she walks down the street, she bumps into Justin. She tells him that Brendan is cheating on Mel and asks him if she should tell Mel. He tells her that she should but Kelly thinks that Justin's just trying to get one over on Brendan. She storms off and Justin spots Mel coming out of the salon. He rushes over and warns her that Brendan might be cheating on her. She tells him that's rubbish and finds out that it was Kelly who told him. Later, Kelly comes into the salon to make a booking but she gets a mouthful from Melanie who tells her she's just jealous and that her life's a mess. Kelly tells her that she's just concerned for her and walks off. When she's finished work, Mel decides to go out with Brendan. She asks him if he's been cheating on her. He denies it, and she believes him. They continue to have a great night until Mel gets a call from Chrissy asking her to come home immediately . . . Gary and Chrissy seem to be drifting further apart. Chrissy tells Eileen that in recent months the spark has gone from their marriage. As Chrissy locks up the salon at the end of the day, Gary meets her and asks her for a drink. Things are going well until they bump into Kelly who tells them that Mel slept round at the Boulter's place last night. This is news to Gary and Chrissy who thought she was with one of her friends where they used to live. The pair returns home where Chrissy calls Mel. Gary also receives a phone call from Daphne at work who asks him to do an early run from the airport. He agrees and tells Chrissy they need the money. Later, Mel returns home. Chrissy tells her off for lying to them about her whereabouts last night. Mel storms out. Chrissy tells Gary that the family need to stick together, especially because of Chloe's illness. Chrissy suggests they go to bed but Gary says he'll sleep on the couch; he doesn't want to disturb her when he gets up in the morning. She insists that he comes to bed with her and tells him that she doesn't want to be alone. But Gary sleeps on the couch. Chrissy realises that by inventing Chloe's illness she'd attempted to bring the family together but instead she's driving it apart . . .moreless
    • Episode 1774
      Episode 1774
      Season 8 - Episode 11
      Yasmin and Marc finally get out of bed! But Yasmin soon goes back leaving Marc to cook breakfast. As he's about to throw something away he notices Geri's wedding gift to them in the bin. He confronts Yasmin about it. He tells her that what they did was unfair to Geri. Yasmin argued that Geri's attitude towards her was not acceptable and she'd got caught up in the heat of the moment. The couple make amends and decide to throw a dinner party for the Mackenzie's so that Yasmin can get to know Doug and Justin a bit better. Later, Yasmin checks up on the salon. She's not happy to learn that Chrissy's left Melanie in charge while she goes out. Also, Yasmin bumps into Cat. The mood is very uncomfortable but Yasmin tells her that it's daft them not being friends. Cat tells Yasmin that she's still not happy about what they did to Geri; Yasmin tells Cat that she's not happy that she broadcast the fact that the wedding was a fake to the entire congregation. They call a truce and Yasmin invites Cat to dinner, she fails to mention that Doug will be there. At dinner, there are no mishaps. Until Justin opens his mouth! He tells Yasmin that Marc usually goes for beautiful women. Even though he backtracks and tells Yasmin that what he meant to say was that she had brains and beauty, Yasmin takes the comment personally and after their guests leave, Yasmin can't get what Justin said out of her mind . . . Cat decides that jogging isn't her thing. She's signed up with Brendan at the gym. When Sean hears about it he doesn't think it's a bad idea at all and decides to join as well. He asks Brendan who seems reluctant but Cameron tells him that they'd be happy to coach him. Later, Sean tells Tanya his plan and she can see through it straight away. The Boulters find out at breakfast that Mel didn't tell Gary and Chrissy that she was staying over. Les and Denise feel guilty and give Brendan a talking to. He can't see they've done anything wrong. Meanwhile, at the Costello's, Myra receives the money from selling her villa in Spain. Chloe thinks that this means all their problems are solved. They also receive flowers for Mel from Bradley but she immediately throws them in the bin. Later, Denise bumps into Chrissy on the street, she apologises about Mel not telling them where she was staying and insisted she and Les didn't know. Denise invites Gary and Chrissy to dinner. Chrissy says yes but later admits to Gary that she was very reluctant and couldn't really say no. We discover that Denise is doing an English course at college but she hasn't told Les. She confides in Eileen and tells her that if Les found out he'd be very annoyed. All this chatting means that Denise is late to dinner with the Costello's. Everything starts well but soon goes downhill . . . Chrissy begins by telling them that Gary had not always been a cab driver, he used to work in the City. She continues by asking Denise where she comes from and when Denise replies Bromwich, Chrissy asks her where she was from originally. Les catches what she's talking about and tells her that their parents were from Jamaica. Chrissy goes on and tells them what a lovely holiday they'd spent in Jamaica; she says it was very expensive but worth it. Brendan tells her that they've never been and, very patronisingly, Chrissy tells him that she'd said it was very expensive. The conversation only gets worse as Chrissy moves onto how wonderful Mel's boyfriend was in Chigwell and the Boulter's get the impression that Chrissy doesn't approve of Brendan's line of work. On that note, Gary excuses himself telling them all that he has a shift on the cabs. Brendan also storms out closely followed by Mel. She suggests they go clubbing but he tells her that he just wants to be on his own. Chrissy goes home. Mel follows her and they have an argument. Mel tells Chrissy that the rest of the family is trying to move on and start a new life and trying to make new friends while she just wishes that she was back in her old life. Mel decides that she's had enough and moves out. Chrissy follows her down the street, begging her not to go. But nothing Chrissy can say will change Mel's mind.moreless
    • Episode 1782
      Episode 1782
      Season 8 - Episode 19
      Sean hears that there was an attack outside Radar, the club he was at the other night where he bumped into Brendan! Cheryl reveals that the police are looking for a man which matches Brendan's description . . . It's an uncomfortable working environment for Marc and Geri . . . The ladies darts team are up against the Cows!!! But there's no sign of Chrissy! I guess Daphne should stand in . . . Cheryl complains that her flat has been taken over by rats, Dave takes her in on the same day he receives some dodgy stock . . . Tanya and Nick spend the day in bed. She thinks he's a nice guy but later he leaves Charlie all alone again . . . Is Chrissy being paranoid, or is Gary having an affair? All will be revealed when a drunken Chrissy confronts Daphne in the Swan!!!moreless
    • Episode 1781
      Episode 1781
      Season 8 - Episode 18
      From BBC Pure Soap: Yasmin was her usual tactless self when she wanted Chrissy to put her make-up on. Melanie got fed up with Brendan's lack of action in the bedroom; he just made a pathetic excuse. Denise rushed to see why Les was in tears only to find it was tears of laughter he was sharing with Caleb. Caleb said to her later that she only had to say the word and he would leave. Daphne explained to Gary the reasons why the other drivers from work couldn't make the night out. Gary had a good laugh with her, Daphne enjoyed flirting with him. Eileen made a mental note. Brendan was annoyed that Sean had gone out with his family. Later that night he paid Sean a visit and told him how he was not gay and to stay away or he'd kill him.moreless
    • Episode 1780
      Episode 1780
      Season 8 - Episode 17
      From BBC Pure Soap: Caleb told stories about his visit to Africa and handled Denise's loaded questions with charm and ease. Melanie was chuffed to be part of Brendan's life again. Kelly dreamt of going to Africa. Chrissy invited Charlie to tea with Chloe. Chloe told him how she played a secret game with her mum. Charlie wished his dad would play with him. He injured himself when Nick abandoned him at home. Sean told Brendan he had seen him in a gay club leaving with a man. Brendan denied it and left the pub with Melanie. Chrissy was out alone as Gary was working late again with Daphne. Tanya met Charlie for the first time and spoilt him with a trip to the city zoo and then the park followed by burgers. Nick dined her in the evening and told her she would make a great mum.moreless
    • Episode 1779
      Episode 1779
      Season 8 - Episode 16
      Tanya's upset about her phone call to Nick last night. She wishes she hadn't made it. She tells Sean and he sympathises. Later, Nick comes to the flat after speaking to Sean earlier; he tells Tanya that he was on his way anyway. They make up. Nick tells her that he doesn't mind the baby idea. He wants to be part of Tanya and the baby's lives. Tanya worries that he won't change his mind again in another 3 months. He promises not to. Tanya invites Nick to the Boulter's house warming party. At the party, Nick tells Tanya that he wants her to meet his son, Charlie. He tells her that it's no good tonight but she should meet him soon . . . At breakfast, Chrissy asks Gary not to be late back from work because they're going to the Boulter's party. Gary doesn't want to go but Chrissy tells him that she's promised Denise they will. Later, Gary calls home and speaks to Myra. He tells her that he's got a fair to Wembley and that he'll be late back. Chrissy is very disappointed. The four ladies head to the party without Gary. A few hours later, Chrissy and Chloe leave the party. The go home to an empty house. Chrissy tells Chloe to go and get into hers and Gary's bed. When Gary comes in, he finds Chrissy and Chloe asleep together in his bed. He kisses Chrissy goodnight. At the party, Cat worries that Doug is busy chasing after some French tart. Sadie assures her that Doug only has eyes for her. Yasmin and Marc get their honeymoon pictures back. Marc shows them off at the party. Yasmin is furious when she finds him showing everyone. He reassures her that he wasn't showing them the beach photos (which Cameron was very keen to see!). Yas gets the wrong impression and thinks that Marc is calling her fat. He reassures her that she's not, in fact she's beautiful. He suggests they go back to the flat and continue a little party of their own! Back at the flat, when Marc isn't looking, Yasmin throws some of the beach photos in the bin. Sean is unsure of how he should behave towards Brendan after what he saw last night. Tanya points out that he can't be sure of what he saw. Meanwhile, Mel can't get hold of Brendan and Brendan can't get rid of Mel! She keeps calling him but he keeps diverting the call. Later, he comes to see her at the salon, she asks him where he was last night, and he tells her that he was with some mates. She asks who but he tells her that she's not his mother; she points out that she is his girlfriend! He asks her if she's ending with him, she tells him that she doesn't know. Later, at the party, Brendan apologises to Mel for being such a pain. He's bought her a silver bracelet. She loves it, Lewis and Kelly both see through Brendan's "gesture". Also, Brendan moans about Sean making a fool of himself. Cameron and he have a discussion about homosexuals. Brendan tells him that it's alright for him, Sean doesn't fancy him. Cameron tells Brendan about a gay guy he knew in the army. Cameron tells Brendan that he was a good guy, but he got fired when he came out. Les gets a mysterious phone call. He tells Denise that he has a surprise for her at the party. At the party, Les' surprise is their old family friend Caleb! Denise is shocked to see him there. When they get some peace, Denise asks Caleb what he's doing there He tells her that he had no choice but to come. Denise tells him that he can't do this; it was hard enough the first time. Before they can finish their conversation, Les interrupts them. Les and Caleb reminisce and catch up. Later, Les gathers all the party goers in the living room for an announcement; he tells them that Caleb's his new chef! Denise looks horrified!moreless
    • Episode 1778
      Episode 1778
      Season 8 - Episode 15
      Geri and Marc are feeling uncomfortable as Marc starts work on the pub. She asks him if what they had was just a fling or whether it really meant something. He tells her that he really had feelings for her. She can't believe him. Geri believes that Marc and Yasmin were either carrying on behind her back or else what she and Marc had wasn't real. He assures her that it was. Meanwhile, Sadie's spotted Marc's van outside and asks Yasmin what he's up to. She tells Sadie that Marc's doing some work for Eileen at the pub; Sadie asks Yasmin if she's comfortable with that. Yasmin tells her that Geri's just going to have to learn to get along with her and Marc. Sadie points out that would have to work both ways . . . Later, at the Swan, Yasmin and Geri seem to make peace. Geri's going out with Sean and Tanya and invites Yasmin who agrees to come. In the club, Yasmin and Geri argue amongst themselves. Geri tells Yasmin that she needs time to get over what Yasmin and Marc have done to her. She tells Yasmin that the couple belong together; they're both selfish. Yasmin tells her that's not fair. But Geri tells Yasmin that she'll have to watch out for competition. Marc will get bored soon enough. Yasmin is clearly hurt by this statement and before she has a chance to fight back - Geri storms out. Eileen gets a phone call asking her to put together a women's dart team. She ropes most of the ladies into at least trying out. In the evening, all the girls throw some darts at the board and the ones with the highest score get in. Cat was made captain, Geri and Denise also made the team. Denise didn't try out because she was at her English class. Yasmin and Chrissy both tried out but neither got in the team. Chrissy was disappointed; she wanted to make an impression in front of Daphne while Yasmin wanted to beat Geri. Myra is full of her "these kids today . . ." speech as well as being full of praise for Daphne. Gary tells Chrissy that he'll be home late from work because some of the lads are going to a real ale house. Chrissy points out that Gary doesn't even like that sort of thing but he tells her that Daphne says it's a team building exercise. Chrissy is very disappointed to learn that Daphne will be there. Later, Gary and Daphne swing by the Swan. They see Chrissy's poor attempt at darts before heading off. Denise calls Caleb and asks if they can meet up. He agrees. Later, she lies to Les about where she's going and meets Caleb in the park. They reminisce and catch up. He tells her about his travels in Africa. We get the impression that Denise is very bored with life. But she tells Caleb about their new house and new business venture. She also mentions that she's studying English in secret. Caleb is surprised to hear that Les still doesn't understand her after so many years. Denise and Caleb are clearly very comfortable together, far less comfortable than Denise and Les . . . Sean had a date last night, which lasted until the morning so he was in a good mood while Tanya was upset about Nick. When Geri asks her how things are, Tanya tells her that things are not. Geri notices that Tanya seems to be trying to convince herself. Since neither of them is feeling great at the moment the plan a girls night out. Sean decides to go out and the girls then decide to go with him to a gay club. At the club, Tanya's abandons by Geri who's arguing with Yasmin while Sean has spotted a guy, Tanya tells him to go for it! She then goes to the loo where she phones Nick. She gets his answering machine but leaves a message. She tells him she loves him. Brendan sees Sean kissing goodbye to a guy first thing in the morning across the street. He's avoiding Mel. She tries to call him on his mobile but he diverts the call. Later, he runs into her on the street and tells her that his battery's dead on his phone. She asks if she can come round later but he says he's going clubbing. Mel's keen on the idea but Brendan tells her that it's lads only. Brendan then asks Cameron to cover his shift at work later . . . Later, at the club, Sean's still looking for his mystery man. He heads upstairs where he finds him. He begins to approach but is stopped in his tracks when the guy he's after starts getting chatted up by somebody else: Brendan!moreless
    • Episode 1777
      Episode 1777
      Season 8 - Episode 14
      Despite recent events, Tanya decides to go to work to take her mind off things. As she steps out of the front door, however, Nick pulls up in his car. Tanya runs for the bus while Sean holds Nick back. As the bus pulls away, Sean slams the door in Nick's face. Nick returns to his car where he goes about calling Sean and Tanya's number. He begs Sean to let him in so that he can have his say. After his 12 message, Sean finally gives in and allows Nick to come in. Sean tells Nick that he has five minutes. Nick tries to persuade Sean that he was confused. Sean was surprised that Nick didn't pretend that the girl Tanya saw was his sister or something. Nick tells Sean that he was confused and upset. He thought he and Tanya were finished and he'd got drunk, not that that was an excuse. Nick also tells Sean that it's not the idea of Tanya having a baby with Sean that upsets him; it's that fact that she's having a baby at all. He has a son and knows how much maintenance kids need. Gradually Sean comes round to Nick's way of thinking. Later, Tanya comes home. Sean rushes to meet her at the front door. He tells her that there's someone to see her and she knows straight away that it's Nick. Tanya shouts at Nick, Nick begs for forgiveness. Sean tells Tanya he thinks she should give Nick a chance, Tanya yells at Sean. Eventually, Nick is thrown out. He tries to push his way back in but Sean stops him. He says: "Not now." Inside, Tanya and Sean talk things through. Tanya tells him that she doesn't really want to go out tonight. She goes to bed early. The Mackenzie's finish their job at the cafe. As Doug's moving his things out he gets a phone call from a friend of his in France. The friend asks Doug to go to France to do a job for him. Doug agrees, thinking he has nothing to stick around in Charnham for. Meanwhile, Cat's having a bad day. She can't get Doug's proposal out of her mind. She tries to convince herself that she's done the right thing, but everyone she speaks to doesn't seem to agree. Later, as she locks up the salon, Cat sees Doug climbing into Gary's cab. They drive off. She asks Justin where he's going and Justin has to break the news that Doug's gone to France and won't be back for a couple of weeks. Yasmin receives the wedding photos back. But she thinks she looks fat in them. She tells Marc that she's going to call the magazine and tell them that they can't publish the pictures like that. Marc tries to reassure her that she looks stunning in the pictures but Yas just doesn't believe him. Later, Geri steps out of her front door to find Yasmin and Marc kissing. She walks off. Yas follows her. She tells Geri that she's sorry. Geri tells her that she's not forgiven. Sadie points out to Yasmin that people can't just switch off their feeling no matter how much she wants them to. Eileen has decided to give the pub a face lift. She wants to modernise the place, make it lighter. She shows her ideas to Dace: "Is that a parrot?" He asks. She tells him that it going to be very expensive. Dave then goes to Doug and tells him that there's a bit of work going down the pub. Doug thanks him and later goes to see Eileen. But Doug decides to go to France and instead delegates the job to Marc. Marc isn't exactly happy with the working arrangements, nor is Geri. But he tells Eileen that he's going to be fine with it. Mel and Brendan make plans but he decides that he doesn't feel like it when it comes round to it and instead spends the evening with Cameron and Lewis. He tells the brothers that Mel is getting a little clingy. Lewis tells Brendan that he should at least call Mel, but Brendan doesn't. Meanwhile, Mel is left in the pub all by her self. Chrissy's getting paranoid. She thinks that Gary is having an affair with Daphne. She confides in Denise who tells her that every marriage goes through a rough patch. Chrissy tells her that she always used to think that Gary would have an affair with a younger or more attractive woman but after a cup of tea with Denise she starts to think that Gary could never do that. When she gets home from work, Chrissy is greeted at the door by Chloe who tells her that they've got a visitor: Daphne from dads work! Chrissy is shocked to see her there but plays nice. When Gary comes in, Chrissy greets him with a warm hug and a kiss as if marking her territory. Myra tells Gary that Daphne was just dropping off his mobile phone, he'd left it at the office - he must be more careful with that phone! Daphne's invited to dinner, much to Chrissy's disappointment. At the dinner table, it's clear that Daphne gets along much better with Myra that Chrissy ever will. Much to Chrissy's horror she gets along much better with Gary too! Half way through the meal, Chrissy excuses herself complaining of a headache. At the foot of the stairs, Chrissy breaks into tears . . .moreless
    • Episode 1776
      Episode 1776
      Season 8 - Episode 13
      From BBC Pure Soap: Doug popped over to see what Cat's answer was after his proposal of marriage. Realising it wasn't a joke; Cat said she needed to think about it. After talking with Geri, she said no. Melanie was disgusted her own mother grassed her up to Yasmin. Chrissy was venting her feelings over Melanie not living at home anymore. She soon moved back in after Gary asked her to. Denise had made a huge effort to spoil Les after neglecting him. When he wondered what his wayward friend Caleb was up to, Denise had to lie and say she didn't know. Kelly caught Brendan lying over whose house he had slept over at, she was concerned for Melanie. Despite their families' feelings, Brendan and Melanie seemed very happy together.moreless
    • Episode 1775
      Episode 1775
      Season 8 - Episode 12
      From BBC Pure Soap: Cat was uncharacteristically speechless when Doug explained the reason he'd been acting weird. He wanted commitment not some fly by night relationship – he popped the question. Chrissy was beside herself – she couldn't contact Melanie and Gary hadn't touched her in weeks. He said he was tired from working so much and he still wanted her. They had make-up sex. Melanie wouldn't speak to her mum but told her father she was at Lewis's place and wouldn't be back. Chrissy plotted so Gary or Myra couldn't attend Chloe's ‘scan' at the hospital. Denise snuck off to meet a mystery man, Caleb. Apparently they meet every year on the same day to commemorate an event but he had missed the previous two…?moreless
    • Episode 1764
      Episode 1764
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      Eileen told Dave how the fire came about. She told him that she couldn't stand Pete for what he'd done to her and her family. Dave told her that she'd put him in a very awkward position but she argued that he must have thought about doing something like this to Pete. When she mentions Josh, Dave tells her that this fire had nothing to do with Josh. Eileen broke down. She asked Dave if he would go to the police. He told her that he didn't know what to do. Lucy interrupted them to ask them both for help in the pub before Dave could make up his mind. Lucy told Dave to go; she could take care of her mum now. As Dave left, Eileen thanked him. He said not to. Tanya was embarrassed at her mum's behaviour towards Nick. She jokingly said that perhaps she should meet his family so that they could embarrass him. He agreed that it was about time she met his family. Later, Nick tells Tanya that he agrees with her mum as far as the baby's concerned. He thinks that her having a baby with Sean is a bad idea. Babs has got her mind set on Doug. She dances with him - much to Cat's disappointment. When she invites him to carry on the party back at her place though, Doug tells her that he's already got plans. He goes back to Cat's house. They get comfortable on the sofa but Doug leaves when Cat suggests that they move upstairs. Cat has a cigarette - even though it was her new year's resolution to quit. Kelly collapses. She manages to crawl to the front of the house but can't shout loud enough to get anyone's attention. Justin comes to her rescue. He carries her inside and calls an ambulance. The paramedics quickly rush Kelly to hospital. Cat sees the ambulance drive off and tells Denise and Les. At the hospital, Justin figures out that Kelly has lost the baby. The doctor tells her that it's not due to her drinking. When the doctor's are done he asks to see her. Justin tells Kelly about his mum and how he used to blame himself for her death but after a while realised that it wasn't his fault. He told her that she shouldn't blame herself for what had happened to the baby. They held hands but were soon interrupted by Denise and Les, who'd been brought to the hospital by Gary. Kelly figured out that something had happened in the pub after she'd left. Meanwhile, Justin is comforted by Gary. Later, Les comes out of Kelly's room. He asks Justin to leave and tells him that he can't do anything else for her. When Les goes back into Kelly's room the doctor has just finished a scan. She tells Kelly and her parents that Kelly was carrying twins - and that she only lost one of them!!! Kelly can't believe that she's still pregnant!!!moreless
    • Episode 1763
      Episode 1763
      Season 7 - Episode 91
      The salon's run into trouble. With Yasmin out of the way, Chrissy's bossing everybody about a little too much. Last night Cat quit and since she'd the only qualified person working at the salon there have been a few unhappy customers. Later, Brendan cancels on Mel to have a Boulter family night so Mel's stuck home with Chrissy and Chloe. Gary's working and Myra's at the Swan. They have a go at charades; Mel gets board and starts drinking. Later, they all settle down in front of the TV. Brendan calls round and he and Mel go out together. Chrissy asks Brendan to dinner tomorrow. As midnight approaches, Gary comes home and tells Chrissy that he'd rather spend the night with her than at work.


      Most of the residents of Charnham were at the Swan seeing in the New Year. Nick turned up and surprised Tanya, much to Sean's disappointment - he was already down in the dumps because he'd never really had a proper boyfriend. Later, Sean tells Sadie, Myra and Barbara that the craziest place he'd ever done it was in the Royal Box at a ballet performance . . . Tensions were running high with the Boulters. Kelly got frustrated with her parents when she let Brendan leave the party but not her. Les told her that Brendan was older and wasn't pregnant. Later, Les and Doug got into a fight. At first it was only verbal but Doug hit Les when he started insulting Justin's mother! Dave split the pair up. Mike was causing everybody trouble. At the beginning of the evening he spoke to Eileen who lied and told him that she hadn't had time to see Pete yesterday. The truth was revealed at midnight when Lucy presented Eileen with a necklace from Pete. As the clock struck twelve, Eileen and Mike moved upstairs where Mike discovered the truth - Eileen had fallen in love with Pete! He took her by the throat but the pair were interrupted by Dave who threw Mike out. When Dave threatened to call the police Eileen was forced to confess - she'd killed Roy.moreless

    • Episode 1762
      Episode 1762
      Season 7 - Episode 90
      From BBC Pure Soap: Tanya and Sean thought they had an intruder; it turned out to be Tanya's mum, Babs. She and Sean went off to do girlie things while Tanya preferred to do overtime at A&E. Eileen had another clandestine meeting with Mike. He told her they were succeeding in bringing Pete to his knees. Mike planned on getting all of Pete's money instead of his small change. Sadie, fed up with Eileen, declined the offer of her job back and was happy to oblige when Myra asked her to help out at Dusty's Store. Pete told Eileen he wanted her to have control over all his businesses and money. He said he trusted her with his life which made her realise she truly did love him.moreless
    • Episode 1751
      Episode 1751
      Season 7 - Episode 79
      Trevor turns up at the salon only to receive a mouthful of abuse from Yasmin after he allowed the magazine to print an article on Josh's murder. Yasmin soon forgave him, though, after he gave her some exclusive new outfits! Another surprised visitor at the salon was Marc's mum who was furious that she had to read about his engagement to Yasmin in a magazine article. Later, Marc explained to his mum that the wedding was a sham, she was furious that her son would marry for money and told him to think very carefully about what he was about to do. He hasn't got long to think though, the wedding's next week!!! Marc suggests to Justin that he should set their dad up with Cat since he seems to be a bit lonely at the moment. When Justin asks Cat she takes it as an insult and quickly turns him down. Later, Doug approaches Cat himself and asks her to dinner. She tells him that she's already been asked out on his behalf by Justin and that she's not interested. Kelly and Benji aren't getting along. Justin asks Kelly if she's had an abortion since she's been drinking so much, she's upset that Justin thinks she would do that. The Boulter's have bought the cafe, Denise bumps into Doug in the street. Despite the circumstances of their last meeting, Doug offers to do Denise and Les a quote for doing up the cafe. She takes his card and tells him she'll give him a ring. Pete's in court. They're charging him with the murder of Roy and arson at the cafe. DI Kirkdale is questioned about the case. He tells the court how Pete was planning to flee the country to escape the police and tells them of Pete's previous conviction of manslaughter. He says that if Pete were to get bail then he would attempt to alter the statements of witnesses and try to escape the jurisdiction. The judge agreed and denied Pete bail. Later Pete was taken, in a police van, to prison where he will remain until his trial. Eileen went to court to 'support' her husband. Later, Eileen had to break the news to Lucy and Sadie that Pete wouldn't be home for Christmas. Sadie began to have her doubts about Pete's innocence. Eileen put a picture of her and Pete away . . .moreless
    • Episode 1750
      Episode 1750
      Season 7 - Episode 78
      It was the grand opening at Yasmin's salon, such a shame she had so few customers. Marc brings Yasmin and her employees a bowl of fruit, Cat's disappointed there's no chocolate!!! Later, customers start coming and going and the salon's first day in business is a success but Yasmin finds a magazine article written by Trevor portraying Yasmin as the poor widow who's found love again after she told him about Josh's murder. Yasmin calls the magazine and demands that Trevor gets fired. Benji's upset that Kelly got back so late, Kelly told him she was at his sister's hen party but he pointed out the bride-to-be got home four hours before her. Myra overhears them arguing. After Benji's gone, Myra tells Kelly that when she was pregnant with Gary she drank and smoke and points out that it didn't do him any harm. She says that it's her body and she can do what she likes with it . . . Later, Sadie asks Kelly whether she's sure she should be drinking in her position. Kelly told her that Myra said that it was OK for her to drink. Sadie tells Kelly to be careful. Later, Sadie confronts Myra who denies that she told Kelly it was OK to drink when you're pregnant; she simply told her own experience of it. In the evening, Kelly goes to the Swan for a drink with Mel. Kelly gets very drunk, the girls evening is interrupted by Benji who takes Kelly home. Cameron and Lewis ask Justin to get rid of Doug. Justin tells his dad that the guys just need space. Doug looks upset as he leaves and Justin looks guilty that he had to ask him to go. DI Kirkdale continued to poke around Stanley Street. First he talks to Lucy who repeats that she was with Jake; when asked about Pete's whereabouts she told him that Pete was there when she got to the scene. Sadie comes to talk to Kirkdale with the intention of changing her statement. She tells him that she's not sure whether Pete did arrive separately from Eileen or not. Kirkdale gets the feeling that Eileen had convinced Sadie to change her story. He asked Sadie what she thought happened. She told them that Eileen had come out of the pub alone . . . Meanwhile, Eileen and Pete got their story straight down to what kind of wine they were drinking on the night of the fire. Kirkdale comes to the pub and asks Eileen to come with him, Pete's reluctant but Eileen tells him that they have nothing to hide and that she'll be back before he knows it! When Kirkdale tells Eileen that they have a witness who says that Eileen came out of the pub on her own, Eileen says that Pete had come out before her and that she'd called 999. Kirkdale tells her that they can check whether she called 999 or not. Eileen tells them that Pete was with her for part of the night . . . she tells them what happened - apart from the bit where she planned the whole thing . . . Later; DI Kirkdale arrested Pete for arson and the murder of Roy Farmer. Eileen arrived back at the pub as Pete was being forced into the police car. He accused her of betraying him. She told him the police had tricked her and that she was so sorry. As the car pulled away Eileen allowed herself a little smile . . .moreless
    • Episode 1749
      Episode 1749
      Season 7 - Episode 77
      The HEN PARTY!!!

      This episode is entirely about Yasmin's hen party. Lucy's not feeling too great after talking to Jake. Eileen tells her that Jake's lucky to have her. Eileen seems gloomy, she isn't pleased that Pete hasn't been charged and looks worried that the police might find out the truth . . . Chrissy and Mel are arguing. Mel tells Chrissy that she and Gary never have time for her any more; they're permanently preoccupied with Chloe. Later, Chrissy apologises to Mel and tells her that they love her just as much as Chloe but she has to take a certain priority at the moment because she has cancer. Mel accepts this. Geri surprises the girls by taking them paint-balling!!! They divide into two teams, Yasmin's team and Geri's team. Yasmin's team has Kelly, Chrissy, Mel and Cat while on Geri's team there's Tanya, Lucy and Eileen. Cat isn't at all keen on the idea - especially since she can't smoke through her helmet!!! It's a close battle but Yasmin's team wins. At the end of the game, Yasmin claims: "All's fair in love and war", Geri points out that Yasmin's won the war but she'll settle for the love . . . The party moves back to the Costello's house. They all sit round the coffee table in the front room and play truth or dare. Tanya's put in an uncomfortable position when she's asked about her relationships with Sean and Nick. The girls ask Kelly who she'd go with if Benji wasn't around, she tells them that there isn't anybody else. Kelly's drinking quite a lot for somebody who's pregnant. Later, Mel, Lucy and Kelly decide to go for a night on the town. They all go and get dressed, when they meet in the pub Kelly lets slip that there is somebody else other than Benji. She tells them that she really fancies Justin and admits that she slept with him and that he might be the father of her baby. As the party quietens down at the Costello's, Chrissy and Yasmin are left alone. Chrissy can see that there's something wrong with Yasmin, Yasmin tells her that she'd in love with Marc; Chrissy tells her that's how it should be but then Yasmin confesses the truth!!! Yasmin admits that she's in a very difficult position . . .moreless

    • Episode 1748
      Episode 1748
      Season 7 - Episode 76
      Benji was frustrated that he couldn't tell Kelly the truth about Marc and Yasmin. He pointed out to Yasmin that she would figure it out sooner or later (Yasmin said later would be better) and that when she found out she would be upset with Benji for not telling her. Later, Marc, Justin and Benji are fitted for their suits. Justin and Benji make fun of Marc. Kelly asks Benji what he and Yasmin were talking about earlier; she gets paranoid that they were talking about her. Benji told her the truth and Yasmin made her promise not to tell anyone. When Yasmin sees Marc in his wedding suit she starts to feel sorry that the wedding isn't for real. After hearing how Chrissy won Gary she attempts to get Marc for real. She goes to his room with a bottle of champagne but the door in answered by Geri. Yasmin tells her that she'd got the champagne from the supplier when they found out she was getting married. She gave the bottle to Geri and Marc to share. Geri's keeping very quiet about the hen night; most of the street's ladies are invited. Sadie can't make it. Pete went to the police station to find out whether or not they would be pressing charges against him. Lucy pointed out to Eileen that she didn't seem too worried. Eileen said that it was because she knew Pete was innocent. Later, Pete returned from the station, the police didn't have enough evidence to charge him. What they had was circumstantial. Eileen told him that she was delighted; Dave was angry that they could lock Jake up but keep Pete Callan out of prison. Melanie got excited when she heard Gary and Chrissy talking about Christmas. They said that they should work on making it nice for the kids, but Mel was soon upset when Gary said that what they should really be focusing on was making Christmas nice for Chloe. Mel's day didn't get much better when her boyfriend e-mailed her from Australia to tell her that he wouldn't be home for Christmas. Sadie and Doug thought it'd be nice if the neighbourhood all chipped in for a Christmas present for Chloe, but when Sadie asked Myra what she might like; Myra told her that Chloe was not a charity case, whatever she needed her family could provide for her.moreless
    • Episode 1747
      Episode 1747
      Season 7 - Episode 75
      Eileen and Dave met in the cafe. Dave was boasting that he was cooking dinner for Cheryl. Eileen was trying to get rid of him until she found out that Cheryl was a police officer . . . Later, Eileen visits Dave with a cookery book. She tells him that he should keep it as an early Christmas present. She drops a few hints and Dave eventually picks up on the fact that Eileen and Pete are planning to leave the country! Earlier, Eileen tried her hardest to avoid leaving with Pete, she was putting everything off and eventually pointed out that if they left the country to flee from the police then they wouldn't be coming back very soon and he perhaps wouldn't get a chance to see Davie Jr again. Pete went round to Sadie's but Davie wasn't there, Cat had taken him to Doug's to baby-sit. Later, Dave asks Cheryl to call her DI and tell him that Pete Callan is planning to leave the country. Cheryl agrees on the condition that Dave doesn't mention it for the rest of the evening. As Pete, Eileen and Lucy are heading out the door DI Kirkdale interrupts them and points out that all of the airports in the country were on the lookout for Pete. Yasmin interviews potential receptionists for her salon, Geri points out that she needs a job. Meanwhile, Benji hires Myra as the new assistant manager at the shop, Chrissy isn't happy about the arrangement at all. She visits Yasmin and tells her that she has secretarial skills. Yasmin hires her; Geri is slightly upset that Yasmin didn't pick her. Mel isn't happy with her mum when she finds out that they'll be working together. Yasmin and Benji now employ 3 members of the Costello family. Geri can't get a booking anywhere for Yasmin's hen party. She eventually gets an idea but tells everyone that it's a surprise. Justin and Cameron meet two ladies on their jogging outing. They invite them to the pub for a drink. When the boys go to the bar Kelly sits with the girls and they soon leave. Later, Kelly gets so drunk that Justin has to take her home. Benji is very upset that Kelly might be harming the baby. Doug's trying hard to spend some time with his boys. He admits to Cat that he's never lived alone before. He spends some time with Justin at Cameron and Lewis's place but soon makes a mess of things when he drops the PlayStation controller into a mug of tea. He tries to replace it but Justin points out that it's for the wrong console; Lewis tells him that it'll be fine.moreless
    • Episode 1746
      Episode 1746
      Season 7 - Episode 74
      From BBC Pure Soap: Dave told Eileen that hanging should be brought back just for Pete Callan. He didn't understand why she supported a murderer. Kelly took instruction from Yasmin on how it was poor etiquette to kick Benji out of her bed. Kelly asked why she and Marc slept in different rooms. Marc insisted she was not to be told the truth. Under police pressure Pete hatched an escape plan for him, Eileen and Lucy to flee the country. He wanted to take them to a resort off the coast of Thailand, they weren't so sure. Geri took Tanya's advice after a guarded conversation over frozen meals for one. She told her not to let anything get in the way of true love.moreless
    • Episode 1745
      Episode 1745
      Season 7 - Episode 73
      From BBC Pure Soap: Dave burst into the courtroom at the eleventh hour with documents proving Jake was his official career and therefore an ‘exceptional circumstance' to prevent Jake's jail term. Jake took the honest road and made an emotional speech in court. He confessed he was never Dave's carer but that he felt remorse and sorrow at his actions. He went down for 2 years. D.I Kirkdale was hot on Pete's trail; he lurked around the pub and threatened Pete that the game was up. Pete worried enough to burn any incriminating documents without a trace. Yasmin's stress levels hit a new high when she discovered gardening tools delivered to the beauty salon by mistake. Happily Trevor came by to ask a favour and took her mind off the disaster.moreless
    • Episode 1744
      Episode 1744
      Season 7 - Episode 72
      Cheryl visits Dave. She tells him that she's sorry to hear that Jake pleaded guilty, but told him that it could've been worse for Jake if he'd pleaded not guilty and was later found guilty by a jury. Dave said he'd do anything to get Jake off. Later, the couple get cosy. Dave tries to kiss Cheryl but she stops him and tells him that there's something he has to know about her before their relationship can go any further. She tells him that she can' have children. Dave tells her that it's not an issue and admits to her that he has MS, he didn't tell her before because he was scared. He tells her that he'll understand if she leaves him. She calls him an idiot and they kiss. Later, Cheryl lets slip to Dave that Jake could get off if he was Dave's carer. Cheryl tells him that it would be a stupid idea to tell a court something that wasn't true, Dave could end up in trouble. He tells her that he'll do anything to protect Jake. Sadie gets ready to decorate the pub in time for Christmas. Cameron's interview at Brendan's fitness club went very well, he may get a job but he has to improve his own fitness. Justin volunteers to go for a run with him. Geri still can't stand the thought of Yasmin and Marc being together. Marc begs her not to dump him for good. Doug tells Marc that he has to decide what he wants; Marc tells him that he knows what he wants. D.I. Kirkdale comes to the out for a drink, Pete throws him out. Eileen tells him that she doesn't think that was a very wise move. Sean's down in the dumps. Tanya and Yasmin decide to set him up with Trevor. They leave the pair to it, shortly afterwards Tanya tells Nick that they've set the pair up and Nick points out that Trevor isn't gay. Tanya, Yasmin and Nick rush in and apologise. Yasmin needs a beautician for her salon. Chrissy tells Mel that she might go for the job. Melanie points out that her mum has no qualifications, but Chrissy tells her that she's been on the other end enough times to know what it's all about. Later, Mel visits Yasmin and volunteers herself as a trainee in the job that Chrissy wanted. Yasmin accepted on the grounds that Mel does her share of the sweeping and coffee making. Chrissy was furious when Mel told her that she'd stolen her job.moreless
    • Episode 1752
      Episode 1752
      Season 7 - Episode 80
      Marc's mum, Janey, is in town. She meets up with Yasmin for a drink. Janey tells Yasmin that she's used to learning about her son's business from somewhere else, but from the national media is a new low. Later, Yasmin tries to convince Marc that he should invite his mum to the wedding. He tells her that he would if the wedding were the real thing and meant something, but it doesn't. Also, Janey bumps into Denise Boulter, it turns out they're old friends. Denise tells her how she and Les have bought the cafe and are planning to do it up. Janey says that her husband owns a building company and she's sure that she could get the Boulters a good deal. Denise agrees. Later, Doug presents Denise with a quote for the work that needs doing on the cafe. She apologises and tells him that an old friend of hers has told her that her husband can give her a good price. Doug's disappointed; not half as disappointed as he'll be when he finds out that the contracts gone to his ex-wife's new husband . . . Cat is worried about where she's going to get money from for Davie now that Pete's locked up. Eileen tells her that Pete's solicitor is handling his finances. Doug apologises again to Cat for Justin's behaviour yesterday. She told him that she'd had a little laugh at the situation after she'd got home. Eileen offers Geri some bar work. Geri's keen on the idea; she hasn't had a job since the cafe burnt down. Doug and Justin sort out their differences. They reminisce about Christmas before Justin's mum died. Later when the Davenport's flat is vacated, Doug decorates it and buys a tree. When the guys get home he puts a star that Justin made with his mum on top. Sean spent the day looking for Kelly, when he eventually found her it was good news. The girl who was playing Juliet in their college production of Romeo and Juliet had broken her leg and since Kelly was the understudy she'd have to take on the part. Sadie was really pleased for her; she'd been helping her learn her lines. Eileen went to see Pete in prison. He was very upset that she'd let him down. She begged for his forgiveness and told him that she would do anything for him. He asked her to find the homeless girl he'd met on the night of the fire and bring her forward as a witness. She agreed and Pete gave her a detailed description of the girl. Eileen told Pete that she would need money and he told her that her Switch card to his account would be arriving soon. She asked if it would be a good idea if she managed Pete's businesses while he was inside, he told her that his solicitor would be handling all that kind of thing. Meanwhile, Mike showed up at the Swan. Sadie told him that Eileen wasn't there. Later, Mike returns and speaks with Eileen. He tells her that she needs to move quickly to get his money, he wants £1,000 a week for the next 8 weeks and if he doesn't get it he threatens to go to the police. When she says he has no evidence he produces a tape player with a recording of their last meeting on it. It clearly has Eileen admitting that she set the whole thing up. She's trapped!!!moreless
    • Episode 1753
      Episode 1753
      Season 7 - Episode 81
      From BBC Pure Soap: Chloe came home upset after a friend at school told her she had cancer. Myra told her the truth, Chrissy was furious. Chloe cried some more. Janey gladly informed Doug her husband won the contract to refurbish the café for the Boulters. He wasn't happy about his ex-wife being so close to home. Suspicion started when Sadie mentioned to Lucy about the dodgy and disagreeable character Mike being back in the pub hanging around for Eileen. Lucy made a mental note. It was the fourth anniversary since Yasmin and Dave's late son Josh were married. Yasmin told Trevor the wedding was off because it was just a scam.moreless
    • Episode 1761
      Episode 1761
      Season 7 - Episode 89
      Eileen and Sadie couldn't agree how to run the pub. Eileen wondered if Pete's name was allowed to be above the door if he was in prison. Sadie argued that it wasn't a great showing of support if she took Pete's name down. Lucy suggested that they should have a new years raffle; Sadie said that she didn't have time to arrange such a thing so Eileen said that she'd arrange the party. Sadie was mortified! When Sadie saw Eileen flirting with the agent from the brewery she took an early break and went to see Pete in prison. She warned him that Eileen had forgotten about him and that she was trying to take over his business. Pete threw Sadie out telling her that she should never insult his wife. Meanwhile, Eileen asked Dave if he'd mind helping out at the pub. He took the job. When Sadie returned to find Dave behind the bar she was furious; she and Eileen fought. Sadie quit her job. Chloe didn't want to go to school and so she pretended to faint in front of Gary. When he left the room, Chloe told Chrissy that she was just playing their little game. Chrissy was horrified and told Chloe that she shouldn't do anything like that ever again. Chloe stayed home and played Cluedo with Gary - he got to be Miss Scarlet but missed out on a day of work. Yasmin and Marc returned to Stanley Street to gather their belongings to go on their honeymoon. Yasmin asked Chrissy to look after the salon while she was away - Chrissy was delighted. The happy couple also asked Benji to move out of the flat because they wanted the place to themselves. Cat told Yasmin that Geri was very upset and she'd gone to stay with her mum in Wales. Les couldn't understand why Kelly had dumped Benji. Kelly told him it was because she didn't love him. Kelly booked herself a termination. Later, Benji came round to drop off the rest of Kelly's belongings. She told him that she'd known all along that the baby wasn't his. She thought she was pregnant before she slept with him. Meanwhile, Justin tells Lucy that he's met the hottest girl in the world and that they're going out. Later, Benji decides to move to Aiya Napa and DJ over there. Before he goes he tells Justin (in front of his new girlfriend) that Kelly's baby is his. Justin's girlfriend storms off and leaves Justin confused. Benji jumps in the taxi bound for the airport with Yasmin and Marc.moreless
    • Episode 1760
      Episode 1760
      Season 7 - Episode 88
      The WEDDING DAY . . .

      It's Yasmin's big day but all is not well . . .
      Geri stormed out and threatened to abandon the wedding; Cat chased after her and asked her what was wrong. Geri tells Cat that Yasmin and Marc are in love and that the wedding is for real. Cat tells her that she's being ridiculous and that she has no proof. Cat eventually persuades Geri to come back to the hotel. Meanwhile, Yasmin and Marc meet in secret. She talks to him from her balcony. They tell each other that they love one another. Later, Cat gets drunk on Champagne. She finds out that Yasmin and Marc are getting married for real. When the registrar asks if anyone knows of any lawful impediment why Yasmin and Marc cannot be married, the entire congregation hears Cat tell Doug that it was all a fake. Geri tells everyone that it's not make believe anymore. She hits Yasmin who falls to the floor. Geri storms out. When Trevor sees Yasmin lying on the floor he faints!!! Later, Yasmin and Marc get married. Yasmin has a large cut on her forehead. During Justin's dodgy best man's speech, Marc goes up to Geri's room to apologise. He tells her that he does love her . . . he's just not in love with her. She throws him out. Just as things start to cool down and Yasmin's getting ready to throw her bouquet, Geri emerges with her bags and coat. Yasmin throws her bouquet, it lands on the floor. Geri picks it up. Yasmin tells Geri that she's so sorry but Geri tells her that she'll never forgive her for what she's done. Justin pulled!!! But she later dumped him after he tried to grope her on the dance floor. The girl ended up with Trevor. Lucy and Mel soon had their fun with Justin, they seduced him and removed his clothed before locking him in a laundry cupboard!!! Mel liked the look of Brendan in a suit. She didn't waste any time in approaching him and they kiss! Doug tells Janey that she stole his job on the Boulter's restaurant. Janey apologises and tells the Boulter's that her husband can't do the work, the Boulter's hire Doug. Cat finds out that the necklace Doug gave her earlier in the week belonged to his dead wife. She tells him that she doesn't want it and gives it back. Sadie and Janey agree that there's a spark between Doug and Cat. The Boulters turn up at the wedding. Benji tells Denise that Kelly said no to his proposal but it's too late. Denise had already told Les and Brendan that the pair was getting married. Later, Kelly tells Benji that they have to tell their parents the truth. They do, Les is annoyed. Denise explains to him that Kelly wants to get married for love and that she's not in love with Benji. Meanwhile, Kelly tells Benji that she's fed up of having everybody tell her what to do in her life. She says that she's going to be an actress and she's not going to have the baby, she decides to have an abortion!!!moreless

    • Episode 1759
      Episode 1759
      Season 7 - Episode 87
      From BBC Pure Soap: Marc's gut feeling was that Yasmin was ‘the one'. He asked her to marry him for real and although she kept him waiting, she was delighted and said yes. Geri sensed something was up. Kelly was her usual spoilt self around Benji. He had forgotten to bring the engagement ring but improvised with a curtain ring when he popped the question. Kelly coldly turned him down. Doug had put his mother's gold locket in a cracker he asked Cat to pull with him. Feeling special she agreed to wear the locket the following day at the wedding. When Mike showed up again at the pub both Lucy and Dave became suspicious. Lucy sent Dave out to follow Eileen and caught her paying Mike the blackmail money.moreless
    • Episode 1758
      Episode 1758
      Season 7 - Episode 86
      From BBC Pure Soap: Lucy was about to leave to go to a party with Melanie when Eileen collapsed whilst closing the pub. Eileen swore she was alright and insisted Lucy went out. The entire wedding party arrived at the venue and all of them quibbled about what room they would be staying in and who they would be sharing with. Yet again Doug was the peace maker. During the wedding rehearsal the Bride and Groom-to-be were asked to kiss. Later, Trevor encouraged Yasmin saying Marc meant the kiss because his eyes were closed. Doug dressed up as Santa for little Davie who heard a Christmas tale and received a football. Cat was enchanted, they exchanged an awkward kiss in the bar later that evening.moreless
    • Episode 1757
      Episode 1757
      Season 7 - Episode 85
      At breakfast, Mel asks her parents if she can go to a party on Christmas Eve. They agree as long as she doesn't mind getting a taxi there from the church where the family are all going to mass. She agrees. Gary notices that Chloe has an odd rash on her arms; Chloe tells him that she's had it since yesterday. Gary and Myra think that Chloe should go to the doctor but Chrissy thinks they should wait and see if it clears up by the end of the day. Later, Mel invites Lucy to the party tomorrow. When Chrissy hears this she invites Eileen to mass and tells her that Lucy's going. Their conversation is interrupted when Chrissy spots Myra taking Chloe to the doctor. Chrissy grabs Chloe from Myra and tells her that she'll take her. In the evening, Chrissy returns home with Chloe. Chrissy tells Gary that the rash is nothing to worry about and rushes out. Chrissy goes to church. She prays and speaks to the priest; she tells him that she can't bear to go home. He asks her if she would like to confess, she would. She tells him how when her new neighbours found out Chloe was ill they were all keen to help but then confesses that it's not true . . . Chloe doesn't have cancer at all!!! The priest tells her that she must tell Gary but she tells him that she can't. Doug is throwing an early Christmas dinner at the Davenport's - Cameron and Lewis have gone to France. Justin, Marc, Geri, Cat, Benji, Kelly and Yasmin are all invited. When Kelly sees Yasmin's wedding dress lying around she decides to play around with it. She holds it in front of herself and looks at herself in the mirror. Benji walks in on her. Later, Benji asks Denise for her help in picking out an engagement ring for Kelly. She agrees and says that she hopes it's what he and Kelly wants. Benji says that he'll propose on Christmas day. Geri wants to tell everyone that she and Marc are moving to Ireland but he wants to keep it quiet so that he doesn't upset his dad. Geri gets upset with Yasmin at the dinner party and announces with pride that she and Marc are moving to Ireland in a month. Yasmin's upset and so is Doug. Yasmin's having a bad day all round. She tells Trevor that she's upset that she's not marrying Marc for real. She confesses that he gets a 9/10 on the great guy scale (the only person to get 10/10 was Denzel Washington). She only gets more upset when she hears Geri's news at the dinner party and the day only gets worse when she goes home to find that her wedding dress has been stained with a permanent marker!!!moreless
    • Episode 1756
      Episode 1756
      Season 7 - Episode 84
      The residents of Stanley Street all bought Chloe presents which she was grateful for. Myra argued that Christmas was a fairytale designed to con people out of money while Chrissy told her that she was very religious and told Chloe that she'd take her to midnight mass. The stag party continued at the police station, the Davenport brothers were locked up together. Cameron told Lewis that he shouldn't be doing drugs; Lewis told him that everyone does it. Justin was locked up with Benji. Benji tells Justin the truth about the wedding. They also argued about Kelly, Justin wound Benji up until he hit him. Marc and Doug were put together, Marc can't decide what to do about the wedding but before they can get too deep into things Benji is brought into the cell and told that he's swapping with Marc. Doug apologises to Benji for Justin's behaviour. Marc and Justin talk, Justin's upset that Marc didn't tell him the truth about the wedding. Brendan and Sean are in a cell together, Brendan apologises to Sean for winding him up. They talk about Sean's family, about how his parents don't accept that he's gay but his sister's fine with it and they get along really well. Sean tells Brendan that you shouldn't hide who you really are. Meanwhile, back on Stanley Street, Yasmin hears that the boys have been arrested. She gathers Tanya, Kelly and Geri together. She announces that she's going to the police station. Geri pulls her to one side and points out that she's Marc's girlfriend and she should be there for him. Yasmin tells her that she has to keep up appearances. When Yasmin and Kelly are gone, Tanya tells Geri that she shouldn't keep stalking Marc and that she should accept that he's marrying someone else. Geri tells Tanya that she and Marc are together and that the wedding is a sham. Later, the stag party arrive back at home. Marc tells Geri that his mum's offered him a job working for her husband in Ireland after the wedding. Geri invites herself along. Later, Marc admits to Justin that he doesn't really want Geri to come with him and that he's in love with Yasmin as well!!! Benji is upset that Kelly lied to him. They argue and Kelly tells him she'll move out by the end of the day. Later, Benji talks to Kelly on Yasmin's advice. He tells her that he understands what she's going through and admits that he may have been a little too controlling. He tells her that he'll give her as much space as she needs. She agrees to stay with him.moreless
    • Episode 1755
      Episode 1755
      Season 7 - Episode 83
      Justin takes Kelly to the hospital where Tanya takes care of her. She told her that it was anaemia that caused her to collapse. Benji came to the hospital and was annoyed to find Justin there; Benji tells Justin to go home. He told Tanya that none of this would've happened if Kelly's listened to him. Kelly was annoyed that Benji was thinking more about the baby than he was about her. Later, Denise and Les are shocked to hear that their daughter has been taken to hospital. Justin tells them that they shouldn't go after her. After her ordeal, Kelly is asked to be Yasmin's bridesmaid after Lucy dropped out because she wanted to spend Christmas with her mum. Doug started putting his surprise together for Chloe. He buys a tree and decorations and sets them all up at the end of Stanley Street. The neighbours all gather round and sing Christmas carols ('It's a Wonderful Life' style!) while Doug switches on the lights. Chloe enjoys her surprise. Justin tells Cameron and Lewis that he's been too busy to book anywhere for the stag night and asks if they can use their flat. They reluctantly agree:

      The STAG NIGHT!!!

      Justin arranges Marc's stag night . . . badly:
      Sean's looking lonely in the Swan and so Sadie asks Marc to invite him along. Sean only agrees when he hears that Brendan's coming!!! Sean goes home to change and tells Tanya that he fancies Brendan. Tanya points out that Brendan's straight; Sean sees it as a challenge. At the 'party', Brendan sees Sean giving him the eye, he makes a bet with Benji that he can make Sean ask him out by the end of the night. Later, Sean approaches Brendan telling him that his secret's safe with him, Brendan hits him . . . again, Sean ends up on the floor. Benji bugs Justin all night about his relationship with Kelly; he tells him that if he ever gets her drunk again then he'll be the next one in hospital. Justin tells Benji that if Kelly was so happy with him then she wouldn't have to drink so much to escape from him. Cameron and Lewis tell Justin that he thrown a terrible stag night, there aren't even any women. Justin goes to the nearest phone box, picks up some cards and hires two prostitutes. Marc can't believe that his brother would be that stupid, he tells Justin to get rid of the hookers. When Justin asks them to leave they tell him that they want their money and they're not going anywhere without it. Chaos breaks out when Cameron and Lewis catch some of Marc's friends stealing their food. A food fight begins leading to the guys stealing Marc's clothes and throwing him out on the street where everybody's singing Christmas carols around the Christmas tree. Marc comes upstairs and demands that Justin gives his clothes back but they hear sirens outside - the prostitutes have called the police!!!moreless

    • Episode 1754
      Episode 1754
      Season 7 - Episode 82
      From BBC Pure Soap: Myra explained to Gary it was not her who told Chloe she was suffering from cancer but a school friend. Gary was livid with his mum and stormed out after a few choice words. Kelly took up the offer of a few pre-stag night drinks. Geri and Sadie wouldn't serve her any more drinks. It wasn't long before Justin ordered an ambulance after Kelly collapsed. After a lot of emotional black mail and pressure from Trevor, Yasmin conceded and decided to go ahead with the wedding after all. Marc was happy she had changed her mind. Eileen was surprised to see Chrissy and Chloe out in town when they were supposed to be at the hospital.moreless
    • Episode 1783
      Episode 1783
      Season 8 - Episode 20
      Tanya calls Nick, Charlie answers the phone and lies to her . . . Tension's are running high between Les and Denise. He almost catches her doing her English homework on the computer . . . Dave tries to hide his dodgy merchandise from Cheryl but a slip of the toung by Geri could spoil his plans! Chrissy and Gary try to settle their differences. Also Chrissy asks Chloe to lie and she gets a visit from Daphne . . . Sean's playing detective. He chases Brendan down the street trying to uncover info about the gay-bashing at the club, Tanya says the victim is in a serious way; could this be another murder in Charnham?moreless
    • Episode 1784
      Episode 1784
      Season 8 - Episode 21
      The pressures getting to Brendan . . . Tanya's suspicious when she catches Charlie out of school and Nick's no where to be seen . . . Les brings the opening date of the cafe forward but it means Denise will miss one of her classes . . . Cheryl catches Dave with the counterfeit CDs, so will she do the right thing and arrest him?! The truth will out for Chrissy! When Gary and Myra go the hospital unexpectedly to sit in on Chloe's interview they find that the hospital hasn't seen Chloe for three months . . .moreless
    • Episode 1811
      Episode 1811
      Season 8 - Episode 48
      The Costellos, minus Chloe, are interviewed one by one by the police. Mel is held in custody after she admits to taking £500 out of Chloe's account for Lewis. Cat and Doug finish off their engagement party, Doug has to practically carry Cat home! Also, Justin has a confession to make. Geri tells Marc that she can't be the other woman and tells him that if they're going to be together then he's going to have to dump Yasmin . . .moreless
    • Episode 1810
      Episode 1810
      Season 8 - Episode 47
      From BBC Pure Soap: Chloe told the police that she wasn't ill. The police gathered more evidence incriminating the Costello family. Daphne popped in, Gary told her it was all true that Chrissy had been lying. After getting caught in the explosion from the faulty oven Justin said he'd fixed, Les gave him a roasting. Kelly told Justin he was a pillock. Justin was back at square one. Tanya made an announcement to the party-goers. It was good news this time; she was pregnant. Sean was very happy and proud; while Brendan was put out by the news. The Costellos were publicly humiliated when the Police took them away for questioning too. Sadie took in Chloe for the night. Everyone was in shock over the truth.moreless
    • Episode 1809
      Episode 1809
      Season 8 - Episode 46
      From BBC Pure Soap: Tanya organised games at the engagement party. Most party goers got drunk and played along. Geri and Marc were mistakenly put together in the ‘guess who's kissing' game. Melanie returned home to the news of her mother's arrest. She immediately told her dad that she knew Chrissy had been lying. Gary and Myra couldn't believe what she had said. Lewis helped Lucy ‘powder' her nose. After listening to her garbled monologue, Tanya and Sean deduced she must be on drugs. They decided they'd done enough interfering for one day. The police confirmed to Chrissy that none of the doctors they had questioned said Chloe had Hodgkin's disease. Chrissy broke down and confessed her lie!moreless
    • Episode 1808
      Episode 1808
      Season 8 - Episode 45
      From BBC Pure Soap: While Chrissy was being questioned she almost convinced the police she was innocent. While the police made enquiries at the hospitals Chrissy was held in the police cell. Cat was upset the engagement party ended up being held at the pub. Coupled with the shock of Eileen being right about Chrissy, it took a few vodka and tonics to get her in the party mood. Gary and Myra struggled to come to terms with the fact Chrissy had been arrested. Myra suggested looking under Chloe's plasters for the truth; Gary was furious that Myra didn't trust Chrissy. Justin struggled to fix the cooker at the Boulters café. After muddling through he walked in to the pub with the happy news for Les that it had been repaired.moreless
    • Episode 1830
      Episode 1830
      Season 8 - Episode 67
      Kelly is upset that her parents won't support her as long as she's with Justin. Although she'd prefer to avoid it, she goes to work with her parents. Brendan wakes up with Sean who cooks him breakfast but Brendan quickly left when Sean suggested that the next time they have dinner together Tanya should be there . . . Sadie's still concerned about money and confesses to Cat that she doesn't really like Jeff any more that she does but she can't resist him because he spends so much money on her. Lewis invites Lucy for a night out with his "friends" from college. She agrees after Kelly tells her that one of these "friends" is a drug dealer . . . later, Lucy finds out that Lewis is dealing drugs and tries to persuade him that this is no way to live . . . Tanya pops round to Nicks after leaving her keys there. She finds Charlie on his own. Charlie tries to tell her that Nick will be back soon but she doesn't believe him and calls Nick. He heads back to London. Once there, he and Tanya have an argument. She tries to offer to help but Nick thinks she's patronising him and throws her out. Tanya goes home and tells Sean what happened; he tries to persuade her to report Nick . . . Meanwhile, Nick loses his temper with Charlie. He tells him that he's ruined everything in his life and knocks him to the floor!moreless
    • Episode 1829
      Episode 1829
      Season 8 - Episode 66
      From BBC Pure Soap: Cat choked on her drink when Geri told Yasmin her secret lover was married. Yasmin started to think how it would feel if it was Marc. Cat warned Geri she was playing with fire. Lewis saw the destruction his cocaine had caused and Kelly asked him how he could live with it. Later he tried to explain to Denise it was his ‘gear' and not Justin's, she didn't believe him though. Charlie spilt his drink over Nick's negatives ruining some of his best work. Nick stopped himself from hitting Charlie when Tanya walked into the room. He acted like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Sadie hosted a dinner party for Jeff, her new flame, with the MacKenzie clan. Jeff faked a heart attack as an April fool prank. Nobody found it funny, they just thought he was an idiot.moreless
    • Episode 1807
      Episode 1807
      Season 8 - Episode 44
      From BBC Pure Soap: Caleb and Les had let down Cat over her engagement party venue as their oven was broken. Justin offered to fix it. He said he was Corgi trained, but was left not having a clue how to repair it. Tanya told Eileen that she was right about Chrissy. Doug overheard and they all agreed to ask for Cheryl's advice, off the record. She reported it to her DI immediately. Agonising over her looks, Yasmin thought it was bad enough having a spot on her face let alone a bump from pregnancy. She told Marc she didn't want a baby just yet. Gary arranged a surprise renewal of his wedding vows with Chrissy. Once home the police arrived; Chrissy was arrested after refusing to supply evidence of Chloe's illness and treatment.moreless
    • Episode 1806
      Episode 1806
      Season 8 - Episode 43
      The clock strikes 12 . . . Doug and Cat can't get any peace from Sadie. The alarm is set off in the salon. Justin helps out Les and Kelly. And, the story of the week begins, Gary and Chrissy's wedding anniversary arrives, Mel warns Chrissy to tell Gary the truth but she just falls deeper into the lies! But it'll all be over soon, if Tanya has her way . . .moreless
    • Episode 1812
      Episode 1812
      Season 8 - Episode 49
    • Episode 1813
      Episode 1813
      Season 8 - Episode 50
    • Episode 1821
      Episode 1821
      Season 8 - Episode 58
      Gary and Myra continue their search for Chrissy and Chloe but when they have no luck they decide to return home. They walk in to catch Mel and Brendan in a compromising position. Gary is angry and upset that all Mel can think about is boys at a time like this. In the heat of the moment, she tells him that she blames him for everything because he made a mistake. Also, Chloe asks Chrissy to take her home. But Chrissy takes her to her childhood home. There, they meet Chrissy's "Auntie" Jean. They talk about the past, Chrissy talks about her sister who died when she was the same age as Chloe. Chrissy seems to be slipping further into madness when she tells Jean that Gary works in finance and that he's currently out of the country on business . . . Caleb tells Denise that he wife was diagnosed HIV positive post-mortum. He tells her that he's too afraid to have the test. Sh urges him to take one. He then decides it's time to leave. Before he does so though, he bumps into Sean in the street and warns him off Brendan!moreless
    • Episode 1820
      Episode 1820
      Season 8 - Episode 57
      Gary and Myra head to Leeds in search of Chrissy and Chloe. They have no luck but we do catch a glimpse of the pair and Gary and Myra give up the search . . . also, Yasmin offers Chrissy's job at the salon to Daphne. Geri treats Yasmin as if she's being paranoid when she tells Geri to stay away from Marc. Also, Yasmin throws away her birth control pills and Geri dumps Cameron. Brendan wakes up with Sean. He gets an earache from his parents when he gets into work late. Caleb tells him that he saw him kissing Sean. Brendan tells him it was nothing. They are interrupted by Les but later, Caleb and Brendan talk. Caleb tells him that he has to make a decision about what he wants, but pushes him in Mel's direction. Also, Caleb tells Les and Brendan that he's decided to leave. He also tells them about his wife . . .moreless
    • Episode 1819
      Episode 1819
      Season 8 - Episode 56
      It's Brendan's birthday. Caleb tells Brendan that he used to date Denise. He gets very sentimental about kids while talking to Brendan and later demands proof from Denise as to whether Brendan is in fact his son. Also, Brendan gets a brand new watch from Caleb and later gets a watch from Les that had belonged to his father. At the end of the evening, Denise subtly threw Caleb out into the street where he caught a glimpse of Brendan kissing Sean!moreless
    • Episode 1818
      Episode 1818
      Season 8 - Episode 55
      From BBC Pure Soap: Tanya returned home unexpected and was annoyed Sean had been using her bedroom with a young lover. Sean said he should never have given her the double room as she's always at Nick's. Caleb's plan backfired on him. When Les found out Denise had been studying English at college for the last two years instead of going to aerobics, he was proud of her. Denise told Caleb to leave. After the darts team lost they had a vote; Cat was shocked she'd been voted not to be a captain and that Cheryl would be instead. Yasmin and Geri bitched at each other all night. Tanya told Charlie she was pregnant. He instantly assumed Nick was the father and the baby would be his brother or sister. Tanya told Nick to put him straight.moreless
    • Episode 1817
      Episode 1817
      Season 8 - Episode 54
      Les arrives in Liverpool to find out that his father has died. Meanwhile, Denise tells Caleb that she can't have a relationship until Kelly has had her baby; Caleb says he can't wait that long and tells Denise that they have to tell Les sooner. She considers telling him after the funeral. The next day, Les returns and tells Denise how much she means to him. He vows never to leave her, like his father left his family. She vows the same . . . Gary and Mel build bridges. Mel confesses that she's scared and tells Gary that she doesn't want to go to prison. He comforts her and tells her everything will be OK. But the next day he makes the mistake of asking for Cheryl's help. He wants her to put in a good word for Mel, but she says that if Mel's telling the truth she's got nothing to be afraid of. Sean feels he and Tanya are drifting further apart. He spends the night with a guy he met in a club, he wants to tell Tanya all about it but she's spending the evening with Nick. Also, Charlie gives up the only bed in the flat for his dad and Tanya. Marc goes out after his romantic evening with Yasmin. He meets Geri and tells her that he didn't break up with Yasmin. Geri tells him that she won't be strung along but sleeps with Marc anyway. When Marc returns home he doesn't seem interested in Yasmin. She thinks there's something going on and her suspicions only get worse when Marc tells her that Geri has split up with Cameron . . .moreless
    • Episode 1816
      Episode 1816
      Season 8 - Episode 53
      Gary tries to keep Chloe's kidnapping quiet while he tries to figure out what to do, but Mel tells Brendan. Also, Brendan is given the cold shoulder by Sean who wants him to figure out what he wants. Les is called away when his father is taken ill, leaving Denise and Caleb to get up to no good!!! Geri tells Marc that she's going to dump Cameron and tells him that he's going to dump Yasmin. But while Geri lets Cameron down gently, Marc and Yasmin enjoy a romantic evening in. Also, Cat's on to Marc and Geri's relationship!moreless
    • Episode 1815
      Episode 1815
      Season 8 - Episode 52
    • Episode 1814
      Episode 1814
      Season 8 - Episode 51
    • Episode 1805
      Episode 1805
      Season 8 - Episode 42
      Justin wants to build bridges with Les "Mr Boulter", because Kelly won't be with him if he doesn't approve. He asks for Denise's help . . . Yasmin tells Cat that if she wants to loose wait for her wedding, she's going to have to get down the gym . . . also, Marc is getting fed up of married life and Yasmin's still concerned about her weight . . . Mel tells Chrissy that the plan will work, but Chrissy can't stop the lies which could lead to the truth coming out!moreless
    • Episode 1804
      Episode 1804
      Season 8 - Episode 41
    • Episode 1803
      Episode 1803
      Season 8 - Episode 40
    • Episode 1792
      Episode 1792
      Season 8 - Episode 29
      From BBC Pure Soap: Cheryl officially moved in with Dave. Even after her cull of drainpipe jeans and Adam Ant singles she still had a mountain of belongings. Dave was happy about the commitment from her. Tanya helped out Gary and took Chloe to school for him. Chloe nearly told Tanya about the game she had to play with her mum; Chrissy turned up in the nick of time. Tanya made a mental note. Caleb challenged Denise after she told him he could be Brendan's father. She reminded him how they slept together while she was with Les. Caleb was annoyed he'd only found out now. Justin told Cameron how he thought Lewis must have a girlfriend as he was never around. Cameron gave his skint brother his wallet to buy a round with; Lewis stole £10 from it.moreless
    • Episode 1791
      Episode 1791
      Season 8 - Episode 28
      From BBC Pure Soap: Melanie left for her course in Essex for the week. Brendan played the happy fiancé and walked her to the station. Kelly told Melanie she loved Justin. Denise refused to run off with Caleb; he couldn't stand seeing her with another man. In a bid to stop him leaving, Denise told him Brendan could be his son. Cameron and Sadie read about the fund raising slave auction in aid of Chloe in the local newspaper. Myra was there and felt very touched with everyone's kind spirit. When Eileen mentioned to Cat how she thought Chrissy had not been taking Chloe to her treatment, Cat was quick to chastise her for backstabbing.moreless
    • Episode 1790
      Episode 1790
      Season 8 - Episode 27
      Cat, Marc and Justin wait in the hospital while the doctor's see to Doug. The wait brings back painful memories of his mum for Justin . . . Nick has a proposal for Geri! Dave and Cheryl decide to get serious. Brendan and Mel announce to everyone that they're getting married! Chrissy is furious, Denise and Les don't approve either . . . Eileen confronts Chrissy about her missing Chloe's appointments at the hospital. Caleb decides to leave, but Denise persuades him to stay and they share an intimate moment!moreless
    • Episode 1789
      Episode 1789
      Season 8 - Episode 26
      From BBC Pure Soap: After a night of passion with Sean, Brendan left his bedroom swiftly and silently. By the evening Brendan had bought Melanie an engagement ring which she was delighted to accept. The opening of the Boulters' café was a great success. Denise demonstrated that nothing could faze her management skills; when the table and chairs didn't turn up she just made it a buffet. Caleb was acting moody, Denise couldn't fathom out what was his problem. The food he made for the evening was excellent, everyone enjoyed it. Kelly and Brendan were a great support too. Doug complained of heartburn and couldn't eat his food. In the middle of Les's speech Doug collapsed in agony.moreless
    • Episode 1788
      Episode 1788
      Season 8 - Episode 25
      Chrissy is caught at home with Chloe when they're supposed to be at the hospital! Doug is at Cat's bidding! They go to the gym together but Cameron and Justin are worried that Doug might be over doing it . . . Caleb's got problems with acomodation, Les invites him to stay with them but Denise persuades him that Caleb would rather have a place of his own. But while he's supposed to be flat hunting he acctually helping Eileen out at the pub! Brendan is Sean's slave . . . they get close, maybe too close . . .moreless
    • Episode 1787
      Episode 1787
      Season 8 - Episode 24
      From BBC Pure Soap: Brendan agreed to go to the police and help with their enquiries in a bid to solve the homophobic attack. Melanie asked him if he was seeing anyone else, he told her she was the only woman. Cat heard Doug was back and told Geri she had changed her mind and was going to agree to marry him. When they met, Doug told her to forget he ever proposed. Eileen celebrated being the new licensee at the pub by throwing a party; following the bad news about Chloe it was turned into a fund raising slave auction for her. Yasmin was the highest bidder for Marc. Eileen followed a tearful Chrissy outside. Chrissy was inconsolable and blurted how Chloe didn't need anything. Eileen told Lucy she smelt a rat!moreless
    • Episode 1786
      Episode 1786
      Season 8 - Episode 23
      Sean tells Tanya about Brendan, meanwhile, the police hear take evidence from the victim of the attack - he points the finger at Brendan! Geri and Marc are forced to work in close quarters and Yasmin has to stand in on the darts team. Sadie sees the opportunity for a little match making . . . The restaurant prepares to open its doors. Eileen becomes the sole licensee at the pub and plans a slave auction to raise money for Chloe . . . Chrissy's almost caught out by Tanya and Chloe tells her mum that she doesn't like their game anymore.moreless