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Channel Five (ended 2005)


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  • Episode 2025
    Episode 2025
    Episode 262
    The girls persuade Yasmin not to go clubbing but to spend New Year in the Swan! Later, Katie and Mel trick Yasmin into "experimenting". As Yasmin goes in to kiss Katie, Katie pulls away and calls her a big lezer! After a big party cancels their booking at the cafe, Les and Denise decide to close up for the night. Leaving Lucy and Jake to spend the time with their respective partners. Les and Denise plan to spend the evening at home but when Denise sees how much fun everyone seems to be having, she decides to head over to The Swan to share in the festivities. Jake tells Dave that he's trying too hard with Eileen but Dave won't listen. Eileen tells Dave that Pete asked her to work at the Swan over New Year but that she said no. Dave tells her that's good news - Pete always has an ulterior motive. Later, Dave and Eileen go to The Swan (Eileen doesn't want to be apart from Lucy). It's so hectic behind the bar that when Pete tells Eileen to get her own drink, she does! She also decides to help out all evening leaving Dave in the lurch. As midnight approaches, Eileen talks to Dave but he tells her that he's seen how she's been with Pete all evening - they could hardly keep their hands off each other! Dave tells her that they should stop fooling themselves and call it a day! Tanya is in a mood with Sean, while Babs finds the whole situation amusing! When Clarissa comes back to the flat to collect an earing, she finds Tanya alone. Tanya sees fit to ask her what happened last night . . . later, Sean returns home and he and Tanya talk things through. He makes a New Year's resolution to give Tanya a big hug at least three times a week from now on! Tanya goes out to work and Sean delivers Harry to the creche in the pub before joining the festivities downstairs. As it gets near midnight, Sean goes outside to send Tanya a New Year's text. When he's there he spots some guys getting into a car that isn't theirs! He goes over and interrupts them. The main guy, Liam, decides to pick a fight with Sean who decides that he's had enough and starts back for the pub. But as he does so, Liam stops him and shows him that he has a knife in his pocket. The next thing he knows, Sean is lying in Stanley Street with a knife wound in his torso!moreless
  • Episode 2024
    Episode 2024
    Episode 261
    At breakfast, Dave and Eileen start to talk about Sam's recent departure. Dave tells Eileen that if he didn't think there was anything in the relationship, Sam did the right thing in getting out. Eileen sees a parallel between her son's situation and her own . . . Later, Dave starts to talk to Eileen about finding a new place for when Yasmin throws them out. Eileen accuses Dave of moving too fast. They go for a drink in The Swan and there's tension between Eileen and Pete - they both seem to want to get back together! Will their pride get in the way? Denise is happier having told Les the truth. She also tells Kelly and is soon even beginning to feel like her old self again. Denise still doesn't want to be touched however and is worried as she admits this to Les. He tells her that their marriage is about more than sex. Babs is back and she and Sean have fun at Tanya's expense. Sean also wins a fiver after Dr. John asks Tanya out! Babs decides to take Tanya to Cuti-licious to prepare her for her date. They also run into Conrad, Tanya has a job prying her mother away as she flirts outrageously with this handsome stranger! Later, Sean learns that he has to go out too, leaving Babs in charge of Harry. Tanya's date with the doctor go well but she does admit to him that it might be a little too soon after having Harry for her to get into a serious relationship. He decides to take that as a 'maybe'. Tanya doesn't disagree. Meanwhile, Sean comes home early from his night out with a woman in tow (Clarissa)! He later invites her to stay for the night, since shes too drunk to find her way home. When Tanya returns from her night out she finds Sean in bed with Clarissa!moreless
  • Episode 2023
    Episode 2023
    Episode 260
    Les has had enough of Denise's inability to cope with the cafe but after speaking with Cat, he decides that it's time to sit down and talk to his wife. After hearing that Les spoke to Cat, Denise assumes that he knows everything. But after they start to talk it's clear that Les is clueless. After she tells him what really happened, Les calls the police. Later, Denise talks to the police and tells them that the guy who attacked her tied his fleece around her neck and demanded that she tell him she loves him! She also maintains that Christian had nothing to do with it. When the police have gone, Denise tells Les that he shouldn't have gotten the police involved. They argue a little and Les admits that he had given their marriage 6 months and had it not improved, he would have left Denise! Denise blames herself for the attack. She calls it a punishment for how she treated Les. He tells her that nobody deserved what happened to her and he promises never to leave her, no matter what! He realises that there's going to be a lot more to come including catching the attacker and helping Denise get over what has happened . . .moreless
  • Episode 2022
    Episode 2022
    Episode 259
    Sean and Tanya learn that the only thing Harry had was an ear infection but Tanya's relief is short lived after she finds out that Sean left Harry to go and see Nate! Sean apologises and says he's learned from his mistakes. Later, he notices a doctor checking out Tanya! He makes a bet that the doctor will ask her out before 2005! Tanya agrees to the bet, not thinking the doctor will make a move but later it seems she's wrong when Dr. John starts to ask about her relationship with Sean! Lucy gets Jake a job at the cafe and later he steals a moment alone with Katie in The Swan while Pete watches jealously from a distance. Sam goes to see Geri after receiving the news that she doesn't want to marry him! She tells him that if she recovers she wants to live a little and having a husband in tow doesn't really fit . . . devastated, Sam decides not to stick around in Charnham. His dad needs him! Sam says his goodbyes to Eileen, Lucy and Geri. After getting a scare, Denise confides in Cat (who can tell there's something more wrong with Denise than just being mugged!) Slowly, the story unravels and at the end of it all, Denise tells Cat the truth - she was raped!moreless
  • Episode 2021
    Episode 2021
    Episode 258
    Tanya returns to A&E after her maternity leave, leaving Sean with baby Harry! After getting a phone call from Nate, Sean rushes off leaving Harry with Justin and Kelly. Soon, the recently appointed babysitters start to notice that all is not right with Harry and call Sean who decides to rush his son to the hospital and into the arms of a horrified Tanya! Denise still refuses to leave the house, despite several attempts to cheer her up. Later, a gang appear on Stanley Street who make Denise think twice about going outside . . . Gary is worried that he's not had a response to his proposal. Later, Chrissy tells him that she doesn't want to say yes and get Chloe's hopes up - something might go wrong again . . . Also, Chrissy talks things over with Eileen. Eileen tells Chrissy that she's not so sure about her and Dave either. Eileen says that she doesn't love Dave and probably never will . . . Sam gets a double dose of bad news. Firstly, he hears that his father has had a fall and later he gets the response to his proposal from Geri. She says she can't marry him!moreless
  • Episode 2020
    Episode 2020
    Episode 257
    After a visit from Cat, Denise is finally persuaded to leave the house and go back to work. Once she gets there however, it all becomes too much to handle and when a group of young guys get a bit rowdy, Denise cuts her losses and heads quietly out of the back door. Conrad insists that he wants Ania to stay with him, but Ella isn't so sure. When Conrad's out of the way, Ella asks Ania what she wants to do. Later, Conrad and Gary bond a little when Gary offers to decorate his neighbor's house. They later share a beer at The Swan and Gary gives Conrad some advice over custody issues. Lucy persuades Eileen to meet her for a drink in The Swan. Lucy is late and Eileen is forced to buy the drinks. She's thrown a little when Pete is actually nice to her! Eileen tells Lucy that she preferred it when she knew where she stood with Pete. Later, while Eileen and Dave enjoy the Christmas celebrations on Stanley Street, she sees Pete watching them . . . Myra tells Gary that she intends to help Chrissy in the search for her mother. Gary comes to the conclusion that if he couldn't stop Chrissy then there's no way he'll be able to stop his mum and Chrissy! Also, Chrissy is excited and confused when Gary and Chloe place a big box under the Christmas tree. She tries to guess what it is but she doesn't get it. Later, Gary lets her open the present early. Inside there's another box and then another box. Chrissy gets deeper and deeper into the package. When Chloe spots that it's snowing outside, the family follow her. Chrissy brings her present. She continues to open box after box then she reaches a small ring-sized box! She opens it and Chloe announces that it's an engagement ring! Gary gets down on one knee and asks Chrissy if she'll marry him . . . again!moreless
  • Episode 2019
    Episode 2019
    Episode 256
    Ella Williams returns from LA with plenty of stories to amuse the kids, but she finds that she's a little bit behind their tastes. Conrad tells Ella about their recent encounter with the press. Ella is outraged that Conrad isn't considering moving after a thing like that, but Conrad stands his ground and tells Ella that they pretty much did their worst and the family survived it! Later, Ella decides that she doesn't want Ania putting through more ridicule when Ben comes out of prison and tells Conrad that Ania will be moving to LA with her . . . Chrissy has all but given up in the search for her mother. She talks to Myra about it though. Myra tells Chrissy about her relationship with Gary's dad and even though they'd had such a bad relationship, how Myra still has fond memories of him. The whole conversation convinces Chrissy that she must find her mother so that she can see the events of her childhood from another point of view. Later, Gary confronts Myra and tells her that an encounter with her mother might just be enough to push Chrissy over the edge! Les and Kelly are worried with how Denise is coping after the mugging. Kelly convinces Les to take Denise out to the pub. They pretty much have to drag her out but eventually she gets there! In the pub, Katie tells Denise how sorry she is about everything. She apologises that after she heard a scream from the ally, she did nothing. Denise shouts at Katie for not acting! Denise runs out of the pub . . . Meanwhile, Katie's having an interesting day. After being told she was fired last night, she decides to try her luck with Pete. He goes for it and gives Katie her job back. Katie soon tells Jake but when Katie asks him if they can go out again, Jake tells her that she can't go out with him and Pete! She has to choose . . . Later, Katie seems to make a choice. When Pete gloats following an encounter between himself, Katie and Eileen, Katie tells him that she won't play is not a replacement for his ex-wife. She tells him it's over! After a conversation with Sadie, Pete decides to deliver Eileen's Christmas cards. During his visit, he also tells her the truth about what happened when he supposedly left her to drown. Eileen isn't sure whether or not to believe it but she seems to. When Dave comes home, he finds Eileen in somewhat of a daze. She tells him about Pete. Dave decides to take Eileen out. On the doorstep, Eileen wishes that Pete would just leave her alone. To comfort her Dave gives her a kiss! Eileen urges him not to be so public about it, so he pulls Eileen back to the shadows between his flat and the pub so that Pete won't catch them. Little to they know that Pete's watching for the other side of the street!moreless
  • Episode 2018
    Episode 2018
    Episode 255
    Chrissy finally plucks up the courage to ask her step-father, Keith, about her mother. He tells her all about his awful marriage and his divorce. When Chrissy pushes him further, Keith decides to shut up all together and leaves. Denise still won't let Les get close. Later, Denise tells Kelly what's been going on and after that she gets a visit from Christian. He apologises for his actions, Denise tells him that she won't be returning to college after Christmas. Sam tells Cat about his proposal to Geri. Cat's worried that it wasn't just a gesture to give Geri something to fight for. Sam reassures Cat that he can't imagine spending his life with anyone else. Alex and Ania are on a downer after they spot Sadie staring at them in the shop. When nobody else is looking, Conrad decides to confront Sadie but instead he meets Myra who tells him that she can see his point of view and then gets him to see the good in people. His conversation with Myra persuades Conrad that hiding away in the house won't solve anything. He decides to take the family down the pub! Later, Conrad buys Sadie a drink and thanks her for making his kids feel so welcome in the neighborhood! The family's mood is also lifted when they hear that Ella (the kids' mum) will definitely make it to Charnham in time for Christmas! Meanwhile, Katie's got her hands full with two men on the go at once. She tells her dad that she can handle it but later, as she and Jake close up they end up kissing and when Pete comes home early he catches them in the act!moreless
  • Episode 2017
    Episode 2017
    Episode 254
    After Jake spends the night at the Williams', he's quite keen to get out of the way before Conrad catches him! Conrad does catch him and later warns Katie to be more careful. Also, Conrad learns that the kids' mum Ella is trying to get a flight out to the UK to spend Christmas with her family and, fed up with the silent treatment, Katie decides to beg her siblings for forgiveness. Les is convinced that Denise is keeping something from him and when Christian shows up on the Boulter's doorstep, he gets a mouthful from Les. Les also pins Christian againt the wall and forces the truth about what happened in the park out of him! Christian tells Les everything. Later, Les asks Denise why she felt she couldn't tell him that Christian made a pass at her? Her answer was that she couldn't trust Les to keep calm . . . It's time for Geri's bone marrow transplant. She gets a letter from her donor and a visit from Cat, Doug, Yas and Sam. As the friends and family leave they wish Geri well. Sam stays behind for a moment. When he's forced to leave he turns and asks Geri to marry him!moreless
  • Episode 2016
    Episode 2016
    Episode 253
    Katie tries to clear the family name by confronting the local gossip: Sadie. Later, Katie saves Jake's job by helping him out during his first night back on the job. Jake's so grateful that he kisses Katie goodnight - but it turns into a bit more than that! Chrissy waits and waits for her potential step-father to turn up at his shop. He eventually does but she can't find it within herself to ask him about her mother. Instead she tells him she's interested in buying a kitchen and they make an appointment for him to go to the Costello's and measure up! Chrissy returns home where Gary tells her that he doesn't think it's right for her to lure her step-father to the house under false pretenses. After Christian returns Denise's scarf to Les, Les tells Lucy all about his wife's fling with Caleb that resulted in Brendan! Angry after hearing about his wife's encounter in the park, Les returns home where he hears the message from Denise on the phone. Les immediately calls the police but they can't seem to do anything. As Les heads out to try and find Denise, she shows up at the front door. Les and Kelly both assumed she's been mugged but it's clear that Denise is hiding something else about her attack . . . when Kelly's gone home and Les has gone to bed, Denise finds herself at the foot of the stairs in tears . . .moreless
  • Episode 2015
    Episode 2015
    Episode 252
    Chrissy finally gets a breakthrough in the search for her mother. She heads off after hearing that her mother remarried and finding out her new step dad's name . . . Katie is horrified to see that Owen also spoke to Ray as part of his story and the whole of Charnham is horrified to discover that they've got the family of a killer living on their doorstep. At first the Williams' don't see the papers but later, it's all brought home to Ania when her new friends in school find out. When Katie shows up she can tell that she's not welcome. While Les and Denise can't get on with each other in private, they try to put on a show on unity for Brendan's farewell meal. Things are going well until Christian calls to speak to Denise. Les gets up announcing that he's lost his appetite. Brendan goes off to pack. Soon, the whole family is on the doorstep saying goodbye to Brendan. Mel spots him leaving from over in the salon. She only found out he was leaving earlier that day. She wishes him well for the future and tells him not to forget her - they still have a divorce to get through yet! He leaves. Les leaves Denise home alone while he entertains children at the cafe. Denise decides to give Christian a call, she says she really needs a friend to talk to. Later, Denise meets Christian in the park. They talk a little. Christian offers words of encouragement but soon gets a bit too close for Denise's liking. He makes a pass at her! Denise decides it's time to call it a day. She leaves. On her way home, Denise gets the feeling she's being followed. She calls Les at the cafe, but the children are so noisy that he can't hear the phone. Then she calls home, leaving a message saying that she thinks she's being followed and begs Les to come and pick her up. As she begins to tell him where she is, somebody hits her over the head and she falls to the floor . . .moreless
  • Episode 2014
    Episode 2014
    Episode 251
    Chrissy returns home with disappointing news: her mother's fried dies a couple of weeks ago. She worries that her search for her mother might be over. Katie gives Owen pictures of the family but later changes her mind about selling her story. She begs Owen not to print the story but he says it's too late. Later, Owen boasts to Yasmin that he's sold his first story to a national newspaper! Jake's a man in demand! After no luck in several job interviews, he finally gets 2 big breaks at once. Both Lucy and Katie praise his work to their respective employers and they both decide to hire. Katie gets to Jake first though and gets him a job behind the bar at The Swan. Denise tells Eileen that Les cares more about the business than anything else. When Sean pops in and Christian's name comes into conversation, it's enough to wind both Les right up! Les and Denise argue and unfortunately for them, a restaurant reviewers gets involved. Les tells Denise that she spends far too much time with her friends and doesn't care enough about the business. Denise tells Les that her friends are the only thing keeping her going. Later, Les accuses Denise of having an affair. He tells her that since he wouldn't be the first time, he can no longer trust her!moreless
  • Episode 2013
    Episode 2013
    Episode 250
  • Episode 2012
    Episode 2012
    Episode 249
    Chrissy continues the quest for her mother without much success. Meanwhile, Mel decides to confront Brendan and get her feelings out in the open. She does so and the conversation leaves her feeling a lot better about herself and later convinces Brendan to accept Cameron's offer of a job in France. After falling out over how little time they spend together, Les and Denise make up and later, Denise invites Christian and his girlfriend over for dinner. Les isn't keen on the idea but Denise promises him that the afters will be worth waiting for! Jake sees his parole officer about a job. Later, he tells Lucy that there's not much open for people like him. Lucy then encourages Jake to pursue a job in a career that he really cares about like football for instance. Jake says he'll look into it. Yasmin decides that she should move to the next level with Owen and decides to tell him that she can't have kids. He's a little stunned that Yasmin would bring up the idea of kids at all and tells her that it's way too soon to be talking about that. Conrad tells his family that he's heard that their brother, Ben, will be getting out of prison sooner than they expected. The family worry about what Ray will do if he finds out and Conrad suggests that they may have to move again but Katie puts her foot down. She says that she's made friends and she doesn't want to move again. Later, Conrad confronts Pete about making his daughter work such long hours and Pete tells him what Katie's really been doing at the pub! Conrad warns Katie away from Pete but she tells him that she's an adult and can look after herself. When Katie goes to work, Ray turns up! Katie serves him and the warns him to stay out but he doesn't go and soon gets into a conversation with Pete . . . Conrad decides to pay Pete a visit and warn him away from Katie but Pete says he's not going anywhere. As he leaves, Conrad sees Ray in the corner of the pub. Conrad asks Ray to stay away from his family and in return, Ray announces to the whole pub that Conrad's son is a killer!moreless
  • Episode 2011
    Episode 2011
    Episode 248
    Les finally gets to meet the infamous Christian and he's rude to him! Sean tells Denise that Christian has a crush on her but she dismisses it and reminds Sean that she's married. Also, Denise and Les argue after he promotes Lucy over Brendan. Earlier, Brendan told Les that a friend of his in France had offered him a job . . . After Jake tells Dave what really happened between him and Olly, Dave goes to see Lucy and begs her to talk to Jake. Lucy reluctantly agrees and all she gets for her efforts is the cold shoulder from Jake. But Lucy can tell that she's not being told the whole truth and later, when Olly threatens to go to the police, Lucy tells him that she won't be waiting for him when he gets back. Olly then returns Jake's letter to him and doesn't get much in the way of gratitude. The Williams family secret finally comes out! The family are tracked down by Ray Pellow who confronts Conrad. Conrad warns him not to do the same thing to the family as he had already done after Conrad had split from his wife. Ray tells Conrad that he has every right to tear their family apart, after all that's what Conrad's son (and Alex's twin brother had done to them) . . . he murdered Ray's son! When Ray gets a little too loud and animated, Conrad decides that enough is enough and shows Ray the door. On his way out, Ray spots Ania. She apologises for her brother's mistake but Ray tells her that it was no mistake and begins to tell her in detail how his son was held beneath the water by her brother! Conrad kicks Ray out and the family remain stunned!moreless
  • Episode 2010
    Episode 2010
    Episode 247
    Alex apologises to Kelly about running out on her yesterday. He tells her that all that twin talk freaked him out a bit because he's a twin himself and he then reveals that his twin is in a young offenders institute. Alex then makes Kelly promise that she won't tell anyone. This is tested later and it really annoys Justin when Kelly won't tell him what Alex said . . . Eileen and Dave wake up side by side, Dave seems far more pleased about that than Eileen. Sam comes to pick Eileen up so that she can move out but when they get to the bedsit, Sam doesn't like what he sees and brings Eileen back to Stanley Street! Eileen goes to see Chrissy and tells her about last night. Chrissy encourages Eileen to go for things with Dave. Later, Eileen does just that and they kiss. Also, Eileen signs and sends her divorce papers without having a solicitor look over them. Jake returns home to find Lucy with another man! He gets a quick word with her before Olly comes and shows her that he's learned to read and write and gives her a note that he wrote in prison. When Olly shows up, Jake puts his note back into his back pocket but when he's not looking, Olly steals the note. Earlier, Olly got a visit from his solicitor who told him that the charges against him had been dropped! Olly goes to see Lucy and tells her that he's going to plead guilty. Seeing that he's serious, Lucy forgives him and even ends up apologising for treating him so badly! Later, Olly and Lucy attend Jake's welcome home party! In private, Olly shows Jake the letter he stole and threatens him to stay away from Lucy. Shortly afterwords, Olly pushes Jake too far and gets a smack in the mouth! Olly asks Jake if he enjoyed it on the inside, because when the police see what he's done, he'll be going straight back!moreless
  • Episode 2009
    Episode 2009
    Episode 246
    Sam spoils Olly's day by telling Lucy that Olly lied in court! Lucy dumps him and Olly blames Sam. Les is jealous that his wife is spending so much time with a mystery tutor. Later, Kelly tells her dad that if she were in that tutor's class she wouldn't be able to concentrate! Katie and Pete both feel great after their night of passion - Conrad is less than pleased though. Later, Pete proves to Katie that Eileen means nothing to him and serves his wife with divorce papers. He then tells Katie that he hopes they can relive last night at some point! Yasmin breaks her three date rule and sleeps with Owen! He promises to call but after 24 hours of not hearing anything, Yas gets worried! Meanwhile, someone puts in an offer for the shop and flat. Yasmin accepts and pays a visit to Dave to give him a month's notice (since she'll be moving into his flat). After hearing that he's been evicted, Dave decides to drown his sorrows with Eileen. The cuddle up on the sofa together. Later, as Eileen heads off to bed. Dave stops her and they share a goodnight kiss . . .moreless
  • Episode 2008
    Episode 2008
    Episode 245
    After hearing that Brendan has been blaming her for their break-up, Mel makes the reason they broke up very public by announcing to everyone in the cafe (including Yasmin and her date) that Brendan's been sleeping with other men! The Costellos eventually come round to the idea of Chrissy finding her mum, although Gary especially was very skeptical at first. Since she's short of cash after Pete cut her off, Dave offers Eileen a job at the taxi firm. She doesn't want to take it at first but when she sees that she doesn't really have a choice, she accepts. Also, Dave visits Jake in prison. Jake tells him that he looks forward to coming home and that he wants to give things another go with Lucy . . . Kelly and Alex continue to become close, much to Justin's dislike, Kelly even calls him boring! Katie goes on at Pete about how he clearly still loves Eileen, she hasn't seen any evidence to prove otherwise. Pete decides to give her evidence and they kiss!moreless
  • Episode 2007
    Episode 2007
    Episode 244
    Yas gets a date with Owen. Kelly makes a new friend in Alex Williams. After a visit to the psychiatrist, Chrissy decides that she should try to find her mother and resolve her childhood issues.
  • Episode 2006
    Episode 2006
    Episode 243
    Gary is still adamant that Chloe should not be told about Bradley's release but everyone else seems to want her to know so later Gary and Chrissy tell Chloe. As it happens, Chloe takes the news much better than anyone else! Meanwhile, Mel arranges for herself, Myra and Chloe to go out for the evening so that Gary and Chrissy can have the place to themselves. They take full advantage of the situation and after a few glasses of wine and a romantic movie they're in the mood for a dance and a kiss! Eileen persuades Dave to tell Lucy about Jake's imminent release. Lucy is happy at the news. Meanwhile, Eileen tells Sam about Jake and later he talks to Olly to see how serious he is about Lucy. Later, Olly tells Lucy how he hoped that their relationship was going somewhere. After Sam hears about this, he confronts Olly and accuses him of using Lucy but Olly reassures Sam that he was sincere in his feelings for Lucy. Yas starts to think to the future and when she sees a handsome young man come out of the cafe with Brendan, she can't help but jump in and introduce herself! He is a journalist who'd been interviewing Doug. Yas soon returns to the shop and tells Mel of her findings but the conversation soon turns to Mel's split with Brendan when Yas mentions that he hangs out with a lot of good looking men!moreless
  • Episode 2005
    Episode 2005
    Episode 242
    After an argument with Conrad, Katie decides to go back on her decision and agrees to make a statement to the police. Later, however, Gary and Chrissy learn that because she's lied before, a statement from Katie actually won't do any good for Gary's case. Later, the mood in the Costello household isn't improved when a phone call comes to inform them that Bradley has only been given community service for downloading child porn! The family worry whether or not they should tell Chloe . . . Conrad really doesn't want Katie working at The Swan and when he hears from Alex that Katie is getting close with her boss, he's decides to pay them both a visit. Katie is later angry after Conrad humiliated her in front of Pete. Meanwhile, Pete gets a new nameplate for above he door of the pub: 'Pete Callan'. Eileen sees him putting it up and says that the reason that she won't contest the license alteration is because she wants rid of Pete once and for all! Geri and her entourage head to the hospital so that she can begin her treatment. Sam cuts his hair (to match Geri's) for the occasion!!!moreless
  • Episode 2004
    Episode 2004
    Episode 241
    As she makes her final preparations for hospital, Geri cuts her hair. Later, she fears she looks like a boy but Sam reassures her that she doesn't. Cat and Yas also come round bearing gifts to see Geri off. Pete hires Katie full time at the pub. She delighted and later she approaches Pete in the flat and tells him how she finds him sexy! They end up kissing but when Katie mentions "Mrs Callan", Pete orders her to stop. It's a rough day for Gary. He goes to see Pete and begs him to reconsider throwing him and Dave out onto the street. Pete replies that he really doesn't care it's just business. Gary points out that it's not business at all and Pete soon comes round to the idea of letting them keep the office but for a higher rent. Later, Gary and Dave agree that they couldn't afford the place if is was any more expensive. Meanwhile, under pressure from Chrissy, Gary tells his solicitor about Katie's role in the events of the night he beat up Bradley. His solicitor tells him that a jury would look much more favorably on Gary if Katie was to testify. Later, Katie agrees to make a statement but as she does so, Conrad enters and after hearing the whole story he announces that Katie isn't allowed to drag their family down! Gary begs Katie but after listening to her father, she's made up her mind - she will not testify!moreless
  • Episode 2003
    Episode 2003
    Episode 240
    Chloe comes home from school to find her mum and dad kissing in the kitchen . . . she's then informed that they're now officially divorced. As usual, Gary and Chrissy get an earful from Myra. Meanwhile, Dave has been comforting to Eileen and since Pete didn't like him very much to begin with, it's not doing him any favours! Later, Gary and Dave are informed that Pete still legally owns their office and he's evicting them! Katie gets a job behind the bar at the Swan. Geri is less than impressed with her replacement who hasn't quite got the job down yet! Meanwhile, Geri plans to cut her hair as she prepares for her treatment on Friday.moreless
  • Episode 2002
    Episode 2002
    Episode 239
    The rumours fly fast and furiously around Charnham about Pete and Eileen's very public break-up. Pete's giving everyone the cold shoulder, even Sadie. Pete sacks Geri because she'll be "unreliable" while she's being treated for cancer! Later, Eileen sees Pete and tells him that she still loves him after everything he did to her but he quickly tells her that he doesn't love her! Mel comes by to get the last of her stuff. Brendan begs her not to tell anyone why they broke up, but Mel says they'll realize eventually and tells her husband that there's no way that he's not gay!moreless
  • Episode 2001
    Episode 2001
    Episode 238
    Mel confronts Brendan about his playing away with other men! She moves out and leaves it to Brendan to explain her departure to Denise and Les, neither of whom are very happy. Gary an Chrissy wonder what's next after their kiss. Myra seems worried about how close they're getting, but she seems like the only one. Both Doug and Yas independently show their support for the relationship! Cat tries not to let her party get "common"! She decides against balloon games in favor of the far more proper charades! Pete leaves Eileen to drown but as he's about to drive off he gets an attack of conscience and runs back to the river to save his wife but she's no where to be seen. In a panic, Pete runs into the river screaming Eileen's name! He runs up and down the river bank until he eventually sees that she's safe and being dragged out of the water by two bystanders. Pete goes back to the pub. Meanwhile, Eileen calls Dave and tells him what's happened. As Pete arrives back at the pub, Dave rushes off to get Eileen. Pete packs Eileen's things, even though Lucy tries to talk him out of it. Eileen arrives back on Stanley street to find Lucy and Sam gathering a pile of her clothes from the street. Pete greets Eileen at the front door of the pub and tells her that she's not welcome inside! As heads back inside Eileen orders him to stop! He takes off his wedding rings and throws them at Eileen's feet!moreless
  • Episode 2000
    Episode 2000
    Episode 237
    Jason, Brendan's boyfriend, thinks it's best he leave but Mel invites him in! They talk for a bit and wait for Brendan but he never shows up. Mel goes to the Christening alone, she acts coldly toward Les and Denise. Later, when Brendan finally shows his face, Mel hands him her wedding rings and tells him she doesn't want to wear them anymore! Meanwhile, Justin gets a text from Marc and Yas overhears him announce that Marc's new girlfriend is pregnant! Chrissy and Gary are in a great mood as they head off to the Christening, such a great mood that Myra is afraid to leave them alone! Chrissy then gets a call from her date fro yesterday, which ruins the mod temporarily. Later, Chrissy and Gary kiss! Lucy, Sam and Dave are worried for Eileen's safety. Lucy calls Eileen's mobile. Somebody answers; Lucy thinks that it's her mum and warns her that Pete knows but it turns out that it's Pete on the other end of the phone! He tells Lucy that she's a very good liar and hangs up the phone. Lucy threatens to call the police but Dave stops her and says that'll do more harm than good. Meanwhile, Pete fills Eileen in on how much he knows and for how long he's known. There are no secrets anymore. After the call from Lucy, Pete threatens to harm Lucy but Eileen tells him not to dare, that he should punish her if anybody! Eileen eventually gets sick of the conversation and walks out. Pete follows. They fight by the river but while he threatens her again and again Pete doesn't lay a finger on Eileen. She tells him that he can't, because he loves her. Eventually she gets fed up and starts away from Pete but she trips over herself and almost falls in the river but Pete catches her! They argue some more and then Pete gets so wound up by Eileen that he ends up pushing her over the edge and into the water where she struggles for breath and begs Pete to help her - she can't swim!moreless
  • Episode 1999
    Episode 1999
    Episode 236
    Kelly isn't talking to Justin after yesterday's incident and when Denise realises that it's her fault she goes to see Cat to apologise which later prompts an apology to Denise from Justin! Meanwhile, Mel spends the day looking for her husband! He didn't come home after walking out on their romantic meal for two. Later, a guy turns up on the Boulter's doorstep to return Brendan's wallet. Mel asks if he's one of Brendan's mates and the guy corrects Mel introducing himself as Brendan's boyfriend! Mel then introduces herself as Brendan's wife. Chloe seems to be getting too used to the idea that her mum and dad are living under the same roof again. Myra warns that it's not fair on her. Gary insists that Chrissy isn't going anywhere. Later however, Chrissy tells Gary that she doesn't feel very welcome at the house. Gary tells her not to let Myra get to her. Chrissy tells him that it would probably be best if she did move out. Pete's up early burning the sonogram photos of his unborn child. Eileen hears him and asks him why he didn't come to bed; he tells her he wouldn't have been able to sleep. Eileen gives Pete the gift she'd bought him for their anniversary - it's a photo of them on their wedding day. Pete thanks her and kisses her. Eileen tells Pete that she doesn't want anyone knowing about the miscarriage - she's not ready for the sympathy. Later, Eileen goes to see Lucy. Lucy suggests that they go to Trish together and try to convince her not to tell Pete but Eileen says that Trish will stop at nothing and so she'll have to tell Pete first! Meanwhile, an angry Trish tells Pete off for not answering his phone last night. She tells him that her flat was broken into and she really needed him. He tells her that he had more important things to do - Eileen lost the baby! Trish can hardly hold back a smug look. She tells Pete that now they can be together but Pete tells her that will never happen, he says it's been hard keeping her sweat these last couple of days! Trish threatens him that she still has the tape of Eileen confessing. Then Pete produces it from his jacket! Trish figures out that it was Pete who trashed her flat. Pete has enough of Trish and throws her out, he tells her that she's been in over her head and warns her never to speak to Eileen again and never to show her face again otherwise she'll live to regret it! Later, Pete and Eileen go to their lunch as planned. Pete pours his heart out and tells Eileen how much it meant to him that she was there through the whole prison ordeal and how much he loves her and how different she is to all his past loves. As Pete talks about his prison experiences, Eileen lights a cigarette nervously. When he's done, Pete produces his gift for Eileen, she unwraps it to find her taped confession - happy anniversary!moreless
  • Episode 1998
    Episode 1998
    Episode 235
    Gary and Chrissy both disclose their feeling for each other but not to each other! Chrissy tells Mel that her feelings for Gary have never changed while Gary admits to Dave that he still loves Chrissy. Later, Gary realises that it's too late to go back now. His divorce from Chrissy is finalised. Cat decides not to tell Yas why Marc and his girlfriend have pulled out of the Christening. Cat tells Justin that his brother's girlfriend is pregnant. He's delighted over the fidelity of the MacKenzies boys! Later, the Boulters and MacKenzies continue to argue over the Christening. Cat think that Suzie should get a new dress because Denise's family heirloom is tacky! Denise tells Cat that her outfit is far tackier than the dress. Justin sticks up for Cat and ends up insulting Denise and later gets into a fight with Kelly over just that. Eileen wonders how best to tell Pete that they've lost their child. Lucy suggests keeping the news from him briefly so that she can come to terms with it herself but Eileen is adamant that Pete must be told. Meanwhile, Pete and Trish lie blissfully unaware is Eileen's bed! Trish wonders about the look on Eileen's face when Pete takes the baby away from her and she realises what's really going on! They get up and as Trish has a shower, Pete takes her keys to the pub from her bag! After Trish is done, they head out. Later, Eileen returns to find the flat empty and the answer phone messages unheard. She sits in the dark and waits for Pete. When he returns, Eileen slowly breaks it to him that there is no baby, not any more. She tells him that she needed him and he wasn't there. As Pete enters a state of shock, Eileen collapses in tears into her husband's arms . . .moreless
  • Episode 1997
    Episode 1997
    Episode 234
    Chrissy's lunch with Alan goes well except that Gary walks into the cafe as they kiss goodbye! Pete finally gives in to Trish and they sleep together! Meanwhile, Eileen arrives at the hospital and everybody seems too busy to see her. Later, the doctors tell Eileen that she's lost the baby. Lucy tries to call Pete but he's too busy with Trish to answer the phone!moreless
  • Episode 1996
    Episode 1996
    Episode 233
    Yas sets up a date that Chrissy really can't refuse! When Eileen starts to bleed, she and Lucy rush to the hospital!
  • Episode 1995
    Episode 1995
    Episode 232
  • Episode 1994
    Episode 1994
    Episode 231
    Chrissy is disgusted by the fact that Sharon ignored her husband's abuse of her son. Sharon tells Chrissy that it was worse than she wanted to imagine and she couldn't bring herself to do anything about it. Chrissy reminds Sharon that she called Chloe a liar and then she gets worked up about it and throws Sharon out. Later, Sharon runs into Chrissy again on the street. Chrissy pleads with her to get Bradley to confess but Sharon says that he never will. Sharon tells Chrissy that she plans to leave Charnham, there's nothing there for her anymore. Sharon promises to get Bradley some professional help, which is little comfort to Chrissy who has to live with what Bradley did to Chloe. Justin is a little wound up over the fact that everyone seems to helping with planning the Christening except him. He's also not happy that his invitation to Marc has gone unanswered. Meanwhile, Cat bumps into Denise and tells her that they've hired outside caterers for the Christening, Denise is offended that they didn't ask them since they run a cafe and all! Cat is then offended by this remark that she thinks suggests that she doesn't know about food. Later, Cat cancels the caterers and tells Doug that she'll do the food herself. Sean tells Brendan that he didn't mean anything by touching his leg. Brendan apologises for overreacting. Later, after planning a night out with the girls, Mel suggests that Brendan spend the evening with his friends. Eileen walks into her bedroom to find Pete and Trish together! She asks what the hell is going on and Pete tells her that he's just comforting Trish, he tells Eileen (in front of Trish) that she's the only woman for him! Eileen eventually lets it go but Trish isn't happy and the next time she gets Pete along she tells him so. Then, as Eileen prepares to go to her scan, Trish decides to take her break and 'borrows' Eileen's car! With no one to man the bar, Pete tells Eileen that she should go on without him and he'll catch up later. This frustrates Eileen who even more frustrated to hear that Trish has taken her car! Later, Trish returns just in time to see Eileen get back from her scan. Pete is really angry with Trish and really apologetic with Eileen. Eileen tells Pete that she wants Trish out, she reminds him about this later after Trish asks her whether or not she'll be keeping this baby? Pete, now really angry, takes it out on Trish but she soon changes that! Trish tells Pete that if he fires her she'll sue for wrongful termination and if she doesn't get her own way she'll tell Eileen the truth. Now Pete's scared!moreless
  • Episode 1993
    Episode 1993
    Episode 230
    Sharon tells Chrissy that she thinks Bradley was abused by his dad. Brendan turns to Sean for marriage advice. Sean tells him he's not sure what Brendan should do and in order to comfort him a little, Sean puts his hand on Brendan's leg which Brendan takes the wrong way so he leaps up and tells Sean to get off him! Eileen has to go out to the cash and carry when Trish forgets to order tonic water and then refuses to go and get some. While she's out of the way, Trish persuades Pete to get some alone time in his and Eileen's bedroom but Eileen returns sooner than they expected and when Pete is nowhere to be found she turns to go into the bedroom . . !moreless
  • Episode 1992
    Episode 1992
    Episode 229
    Katie hears that her ex-boyfriend has been signed to a record label which makes her think twice about their relationship! She pays him a visit to see if she can make amends but it turns out that the reason he was signed was because of the fact he's sleeping with a woman from the management of the company - well it's not what you know! Later, Lucy and Kelly offer Katie a night out to make her feel better. Eileen is close to breaking point with Trish, Pete manages to calm her down but later he gets an earful from Trish who tells him that he spends more time with his wife than he does with her! He says he's playing it safe but Trish wants more out of their relationship . . . Sharon visits Bradley and she's in a suspicious frame of mind after her conversation with Chrissy last night. Bradley tells his mum that it's all a big mistake but agrees to plead guilty so that the judge might be lenient with him. Later, Sharon confesses to Chrissy that she thinks Bradley did it! Chrissy tells Sharon that she has to get Bradley to confess but Sharon says that's going too far. Meanwhile, Myra has returned home to an empty house. She goes to see Sadie who tells Myra about Gary. Myra is furious that Chrissy didn't phone her but Chrissy says that she and Gary agreed not to bother her. Frustrated and angry, Myra takes it out on Chrissy and tells her that everything that's going on is her fault! Myra says that Chrissy set Chloe up for Bradley, she thought her how to lie and if she hadn't this never would have happened. Later, Chrissy visits Gary and tells him what Myra said but she dismisses it as Myra being angry. Then, Chrissy notices that Gary is wearing his wedding ring, he says that it's one of the few things they'll allow him that reminds him of home. Gary is dragged away before Chrissy can say "I love you" . . .moreless
  • Episode 1991
    Episode 1991
    Episode 228
    Conrad has no luck in talking Ania into letting him take her to school and later he has the same sort of luck with trying to get Alex and Katie jobs. Katie tells him that she's working all the time, method acting - preparing for her big break! While Alex suggests that he just sign on for now. After visiting Gary in prison, Chrissy decides to pay Bradley a visit and see if she can't help get him to confess to the police. Before Chrissy can finish her interrogation, Sharon storms in furious that Chrissy is intimidating her son! Chrissy leaves. Later, the police visit the Costello's and tell Chrissy that Bradley bought the porn on his computer and that they're likely to get a conviction. Chrissy is thrilled by this news but she's disappointed that they won't prosecute him for touching Chloe. In the evening, when Chrissy is home alone, Sharon pays her a visit. She tells Chrissy that she should never have come to the hospital and continually calls Chloe a liar! Then Chrissy tells Sharon that the police have been to see her and that Bradley isn't innocent at all . . . Sharon is left speechless for once! Eileen continues to show her reluctance to hand over the pub license to Pete. She finds the documents and hides them behind the till. Later, Pete finds them and tells Trish that they have to be more careful. Eileen can't find out that he's leaving her until after she's had his child.moreless
  • Episode 1990
    Episode 1990
    Episode 227
    Pete convinces Eileen that it's a good idea for her to give up the pub license. Afterwords, he and Trish celebrate quietly but in public. Sam is suspicious of recent goings on . . . Conrad tries to buy Ania's affections with a brand new pair of trainers and a brand new school uniform, the problem with all this is that he runs out of money to buy food. Katie warns Conrad that trying to bribe Ania into loving him is not the best way to go. It's Gary's day in court. He's confident that he'll get off and promises to be home when Chloe gets home from school. After Chrissy's support throughout the past couple of weeks, Gary considers wearing his wedding ring to the hearing but decides against it and instead keeps it in his top pocket. Sharon shows up to the hearing telling Gary that she hopes they throw away the key. Chrissy almost looses it with her, but Gary restrain his wife. Gary's solicitor arrives a little late and looks worried at their allocated magistrate but says it'll be fine. Both sides present their case and the magistrate rules that Gary should be detained until his trial because she believes that he is capable of offending again. Chrissy and Mel, who joined Gary in the court, look horrified at the verdict. Sharon looks very pleased with herself.moreless
  • Episode 1989
    Episode 1989
    Episode 226
  • Episode 1988
    Episode 1988
    Episode 225
    Katie and Conrad have found that Ania's missing from her bedroom. Conrad can't think of anywhere she might be which adds to his attitude that she doesn't know his kids. Katie reassures him that this isn't his fault. Later, after ringing round all of Ania's friends, they've all but given up when Alex comes home and tells them that Ania has a den out by their old house. They head off to find her . . . Pete is still playing happy families but Sam isn't buying it. Later, with Eileen lying down upstairs and Sam out on a building job, Pete is left to man the bar alone. He tells Eileen that they need to hire more staff, especially since they can't rely on Geri being around in the long term . . . he suggests Trish but Eileen tells him that she doesn't want Trish there. However, later, Trish shows up and tells Pete that a couple of 30 second phone conversations can hardly be called a relationship. She asks whether his trip to Ireland reminded him what he'd once seen in Eileen. Pete tells Trish that there's no chance that will ever happen . . . then, Eileen enters the bar and sees her husband with the women whose out for vengeance against her. Eileen asks Pete what's going on and Pete says that Trish is begging for her old job back. Eileen asks for a word with Pete in private but he says there's no need for that and he hires Trish on the spot! Bradley tells Sharon that it was Gary who put him in hospital. She says that he must tel the police and that Gary must not get away with it, but Bradley tells Sharon that he deserved what he got. Sharon says that he didn't and Bradley begins to explain what he'd done and starts to tell her about how his father had touched him while on a holiday in the south of France. But Sharon cuts him off before the end of the story and tells Bradley to get some rest. Later, the police show up to collect a statement. They begin to talk to Bradley alone but they're soon interrupted by Sharon who tells them that she wants Gary arrested and charged and banged up for what he's done. The police have to all but physically remove Sharon while they talk to Bradley in private. As she leaves, Sharon tells Bradley that it's not only himself he's got to think about but it's her as well - they're a team . . . Bradley tells the police that Gary broke into the Williams' house and beat him without any provocation. The police tell him that Gary doesn't seem like a violent man, but Bradley refuses to comment. As they leave, Bradley tells the police that he also wants Gary banged up. The police say they'll question Gary and then they tell Bradley that when the doctors are done with him, the police will be back to take him to the detention center for breaking his bail conditions. Bradley is horrified at the news. Meanwhile, the news that Bradley has come round prompts Gary to confess all to Chrissy. She tells him that she already knows, she's seen clues. He tells her that he plans to confess to the police. earlier, Sharon payed Gary a visit and assaulted him, asking if he was happy now that he's beaten the living daylight out of her little boy. She calls Chloe a little witch! At which point, Chrissy comes over from the other side of the street and pins Sharon against a nearby car and tells her to keep away from her family! Later, after Gary's revelation to Chrissy, he heads next door to tell Katie that he's off to confess so that she won't get into trouble but on his way the police pull up and arrest Gary for GBH. He goes along quietly.moreless
  • Episode 1987
    Episode 1987
    Episode 224
    Pete and Eileen return and Sam's surprised by Pete's good mood but when everybody's back's are turned, Pete turns nasty. Receiving a call from Trish he tells her that he can's stand to be in the same room as Eileen and that he'd hated playing happy families for the past couple of weeks. Eileen tells Sam that Pete was a charmer the whole time and won round her family. Later, Pete gets nasty again when he encounters Conrad who informs him that his house is off the market. Not impressed, Pete bars Conrad! Katie tries to comfort a guilty Gary. She tells him that the police won't even think about looking for him. He's really not so sure. Later, Mel confronts her dad about the blood she found on his shirt last night. They're interrupted by the police who question Chrissy, Gary and Mel. They all confirm that they were each in the pub and that they can act as alibis to each other. When the police leave and Chrissy gets out of their way, Mel confronts Gary. At first he denies it but Mel soon brakes him and he tells her that Bradley had confessed to touching Chloe and he said that it was her fault! Mel is outraged and gets very emotional. She tells Gary that Bradley was her first . . . and brakes down into tears. Gary comforts her. Mel can't get her head round things and so decides to have a quiet drink in the lounge bar of the pub. She's interrupted by Lucy who tells Mel that she feels bad about reporting Bradley to the police. Mel tells her that Bradley got what was coming to him but Lucy doesn't see it that way at all. She says that nobody deserves that. They agree to disagree. Lucy says that she's going down to the hospital, she wants to see Bradley one more time, in case he dies. Mel goes with her. They buy flowers, Sharon thanks Lucy but tells Mel that she's not welcome. As Lucy sees Bradley she sees that he's awake! She calls Sharon over who calls over a nurse. Mel texts a slightly relived Gary but now there's always the chance that Bradley will be able to identify his attacker!moreless
  • Episode 1986
    Episode 1986
    Episode 223
    Lucy and Olly get close, much to Sam's dislike. Olly asks Lucy why she always goes for the bad boys. She tells him that Jake wasn't a bad boy and tells him Jake's story. Meanwhile, Geri has returned from the hospital very emotional and she won't talk to Sam. He eventually drags it out of her that the hospital told her that they've found a donor on the bone marrow register. Geri does not share Sam's delight at the news, she says she doesn't want to get her hopes up. Katie comes home to find Gary standing over a bleeding Bradley. She immediately reacts with some first aid and tells Gary that he should get out of their before the police arrive. But Gary says that he doesn't want to lie, that he wants to tell the police exactly what Bradley said to him and exactly what he did about it. Katie says that when the police get there it'll be his word against Bradley's. Gary reluctantly leaves. When he gets home, he's surprised to find Mel in the kitchen. He removes his blood stained shirt and puts it into the washing machine. As Gary heads back out, an ambulance arrives next door. Meanwhile, Mel stops the washing machine and removes Gary's shirt and on the sleeve she finds blood. Back at the pub, Yasmin arrives and announces that she's just seen Bradley being carted into an ambulance. When Gary hears the gossip start he drags Chrissy out of the pub and back home. Obviously feeling guilty, Gary heads out to work a shift on the cabs in spite having been drinking. His first call is to the Swan to pick up Katie. She tells him that she's told the police that she didn't see who Bradley's attacker was, all she saw was a 6ft tall man with dark hair and a tattoo on the back of his neck. Gary's brief relief at hearing that the police bought the storyline is soon dampened by the news that Bradley is in a critical condition . . .moreless
  • Episode 1985
    Episode 1985
    Episode 222
    After seeing Bradley go into next door with Sharon, Chloe goes inside to tel her parents but she can't seem to get a word in edge ways. They think her reluctance to go is because of Bradley and tell her that there's no way he's going to come near her - what is she to believe? Meanwhile, Conrad and Alex return home to find Sharon and Bradley in the front room. Alex leaves for home promising his dad that he wouldn't give up the fact that Bradley was in the neighborhood to anyone. Then Conrad tells Sharon that he wants Bradley out of his house immediately and that she's caused him enough grief so she can go too! Conrad goes to work and says that he wants them both gone by the time he gets home. Over the road, the Costellos show up for the party at the Swan. Later, after talking with Katie about Bradley, Alex decides to do what he believes to be the right thing. He tells Gary where Bradley's hiding out! Gary heads out of the pub quietly, leaving Chrissy and Chloe wondering where he's got to, he goes over the road and bangs on the door threatening to kill Bradley. When he hears Bradley's voice inside, Gary looses it and breaks the make-shift "window" and opens the door from the inside. Gary and Bradley share a heated conversation and at one point Gary grabs Bradley by the throat and threatens him. When he's been pushed too far, Bradley tells Gary that he didn't mean to do what he did . . . Gary says that he's not surprised and it gives him no real pleasure in hearing the truth since he'd known it all along. Bradley tries to defend himself as best he knows how - he blames Chloe for tempting him. That turned out to be the wrong move . . . Gary smacks him and Bradley falls back and hits his head. Gary screams at him but when he sees blood on the back of Bradley's head he realises that Bradley can't hear him . . .moreless
  • Episode 1984
    Episode 1984
    Episode 221
    From the official Family Affairs website: Gary shows up at Martin's house and goes head-to-head with Bradley! Martin's surprised to find out about the "Chloe business". Later, Chloe's left outside for a moment, alone, then Bradley shows up! Katie's bandages are off her nose and she's pleased as punch with the results. But Katie didn't pay through the nose for the job; her ex-boyfriend did - and now he's looking for the cash back. Meanwhile, another brick flies through the Williams's window. Melanie's feeling rejected by her husband; he'd rather go out with the boys than attend to her needs...moreless
  • Episode 1983
    Episode 1983
    Episode 220
    From the official Family Affairs website: After hearing about the new evidence against Bradley, Chrissy struggles to stay positive. Will she see justice done? Sharon doesn't make any effort with Conrad's kids; anyone would think it's her divine right to get what she wants! Still standing by Bradley, Sharon suggests that Gary downloaded paedophilic images from the internet. Meanwhile, Mel's fed up with sharing the Boulters' home. Brendan gets it in the neck and is told to find another job so they can afford to move into a place of their own. And Sadie is set to plan a Guy Fawkes party - the best Charnham's ever seen.moreless
  • Episode 1982
    Episode 1982
    Episode 219
    After another chat with Chloe, the police manage to obtain a warrant to search the Williams' house for any of Bradley's stuff. On his computer they find paedophilic images. Bradley denies that they're anything to do with him, accusing Gary of planting the evidence on his computer while he wasn't there. Later, the police discover that some of the images were bought by Bradley's credit cards months before he moved in with the Costellos! Despite this is not quite enough evidence to keep him in prison and he's released on bail with the guarantee that he won't go within 5 miles of Chloe's home or school. He goes to stay with his step dad. Meanwhile, the Williams' Sunday dinner is ruined when the police invade the house searching for any incriminating evidence on Bradley. Katie tells her dad that he should dump Sharon and Bradley, especially if the allegations against him turn out to be true. Katie says that there's no way Ella will let Ania move in with Bradley hanging around . . .moreless
  • Episode 1981
    Episode 1981
    Episode 218
    Conrad does some serious thinking but eventually decides that his kids can come and live with him when his wife goes to live abroad. Katie is thrilled by the news (along with the news that she can stay in her father's house rent-free on the promise that she'll help out!). Meanwhile, Sharon's having a rough day while Bradley is questioned by the police. Bradley tells them that he's innocent and that his round the world plans were never going affect his bail rules. The police don't believe him, even though they talk to Lucy who tells them she's not so sure of things anymore, but since the police have the right to hold Bradley for 48 hours they're going to! Gary and Chrissy are very pleased that Bradley's been locked up again. They also get a visitor from the police who tells them that they've got to be really careful about what they say around Chloe, because if a defense lawyer can twist Chloe's words round to make it seem like Gary and Chrissy told her what to say then all the bother that they're going to have to go through for the next few months will all be for nothing. Also, the police officer says that it would be best if Chloe had as much support as possible at the moment so Gary ad Chrissy make plans for Chrissy to move back in. Meanwhile, Myra gets a phone call from Spain to say that one of her best friends has died but she tells Gary that she can't think of going off to the funeral in Spain at a time like this . . .moreless
  • Episode 1980
    Episode 1980
    Episode 217
    The same day from different points of view: The Williams family's day: Conrad is awoken by the sound of Gary's car alarm and he really isn't impressed. Conrad goes back inside and tells his daughter that Gary probably set the car alarm off on purpose to wind him up! Then he has a fight with Katie when he learns that she's broken up with her boyfriend and is looking for a place to stay. They take their argument out into the street just in time to meet Sharon and Bradley's cab. Conrad is surprised to see them back so soon and Sharon questions whether or not they're welcome. Seeing that Bradley's back, Gary approaches Sharon from the other side of the street. Conrad hurries Bradley inside while Sharon talks to Gary. Bradley tells Conrad that he has to see the police today and that's the only reason they came back. Sharon comes in and slags off Gary, she says she doesn't know what Chrissy thinks she's playing at and so she goes to see her to ask her to stop. Conrad can't seem to stop her. Sharon meets Chrissy in the street and she asks Chrissy why she's doing this again and offers her help. From out of no where, Gary comes and pushes Sharon away from Chrissy. Sharon walks off. Lucy sees Sharon talking to Chrissy and goes to see Bradley. He tells her that he doesn't plan to go to the police but instead that he's planning to go off around the world like he'd planned and he asks Lucy to go with him. She agrees and goes to pack her things while Bradley heads next door to get his stuff from the Costellos. On their way out, they run into an unfamiliar face who turns out to be Conrad's ex-wife! She comes in and tells Conrad that she's planning on moving out of the country with her new man. Conrad tells her that he won't let her take his children away with her but she says that she doesn't plan to take the kids, that she'd prefer if they stayed with him. That's not exactly what he had in mind and they argue with raised voices. From next door, Gary bangs on the wall and tells them to keep it down. Conrad shouts back that Gary's all talk! Moments later, a brick flies through the front room window of the house! Conrad picks up the brick, goes outside and finds Gary gloating from where the brick must have been thrown! The Contello family's day: A young boy playing football by Gary's car accidentally sets off the alarm. Gary comes out to shut it off but can't and all he gets is verbal abuse from Conrad next door. Gary goes back home and tells Myra that he thinks that Conrad probably set off the alarm to wind him up. Later, Gary and Chrissy wonder whether or not they should go ahead with a trial. Chloe asks Myra if it's her fault nobody likes each other anymore? Myra tells her that it's nobody's fault. Chloe says that she didn't like what Bradley did to her and Myra reassures her that she did the right thing in telling the truth and says that she's a very brave girl. Meanwhile, Chrissy encounters Sharon in the street, Sharon tells her to stop lying. Seeing that Sharon is threatening Chrissy, Gary comes from over the road and removes Sharon's arm from Chrissy's then holds Chrissy's hand and tells Sharon to back off. They go into the house where they ask Chloe if she'd mind being brave a little bit longer and to telling the police what Bradley did to her a few more times. Chloe says that she wouldn't because telling the truth was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Mel gets a call from Lucy who wants to meet up with her. When they meet, Lucy tells Mel that Bradley's planning on doing a runner and it's clear that she's beginning to doubt whether or not he's been lying about Chloe . . . Mel takes Lucy back to the Costello's and tells Gary and Chrissy what Lucy said. Gary calls the police, as he does, Lucy has second thoughts but Gary calls anyway. Feeling guilty, Lucy runs out. As he puts the phone down, Gary hears shouting next door and bangs on the wall for them to shut up. All he gets is Conrad shouting back that Gary's "all talk". Angry, Gary heads for the front door but Chrissy holds him back and tells him that won't solve anything. Then they hear shattering glass next door. They head outside where a crowd is beginning to gather. Seeing that somebody has broken next door's window, Gary stands opposite it and smiles in disbelief! Then, Conrad comes out of the house and accuses Gary of throwing the brick. The two of them get into a fight. In all the excitement, Bradley slips out of the house and heads down the street. There he encounters Lucy, he tells her that he was worried that she wasn't coming. She says that she's sorry just as a police car pulls up behind her. The detective from the child protection team steps out and arrests Bradley for skipping bail, another officer finds the plane tickets in Bradley's pocket! As he's hustled into the car all Bradley can do is look at Lucy in disbelief while she appologises once again . . .moreless
  • Episode 1979
    Episode 1979
    Episode 216
    Tanya moans at Sean that Babs is really not helping, Sean says that she should do something about it but Tanya doesn't seem to able to. Sean has a go at hinting to Babs that Tanya would like some time alone with the baby but all he gets is grief that Babs no longer trusts him to always be around for the baby. Later, Dave has a go and he's a little more frank with Babs, she returns to the flat and announces that she's resigned from her job and that she's returning to Southampton tomorrow! Justin tells Doug that he's not really ready to get married but he really thinks that Kelly wants to. Meanwhile, Kelly tells Cat that she thinks that Justin's going to ask her to marry him but Kelly says that she doesn't want to get married. Later, when Cat and Doug get together they realise what's going on and Doug goes to see the happy couple just to let them know! Also, Cat manages to convince Kelly that Yasmin wouldn't be that bad as Suzy's godmother. Yasmin is delighted when Justin and Kelly ask her and she asks if they're sure that the baby doesn't want her ears pierced! Later, as Cat and Doug head to the pub, Cat bends over to pick up some change but she can't get up again due to back pains, at first Doug thinks she's joking but she really isn't . . . Rumours spread like wild fire around Charnham, especially in the shop where Sadie only adds fuel to the fire. The rumours cause Bradley problems at work; Les has agreed to let him keep his job since he hasn't been charged with anything, but when Yasmin refuses o be served by Bradley, Les suggests that perhaps Bradley better stay in the kitchen. Displeased by the suggestion, Bradley quits but is disappointed that Lucy doesn't join him in a walkout. Later, Lucy explains her actions to Bradley. She says that Les has been really good to her and she doesn't want to throw her potential career away. Bradley eventually accepts this. Earlier, after Bradley storms out of the cafe, while talking to Mel, Lucy accuses Chrissy of lying about this, like she did with the cancer. Mel returns home and has a go at her mum but after having talked things through with Myra she realises that she's in the wrong and appologises to Chrissy. Chrissy says that they must ignore these rumours and stay strong for Chloe. Later, the police detective comes to see the Costellos and presents them with a difficult decision. On the one hand they could press charges against Bradley, but it would be a long drawn out affair and not easy on Chloe. Chloe would have to testify in court and no doubt undergo a heavy cross-examination because she has been known to tell lies before. If Chrissy and Gary press charges it could tear their family apart . . .moreless
  • Episode 1978
    Episode 1978
    Episode 215
    Babs seems to be trying to set Tanya up with Dave! But Dave really isn't interested. Also, Tanya wants to call the baby Harry but Sean isn't keen. He suggests that the baby be called Orson (after Orson Wells), Tanya seems to like it too . . . Yasmin continues to drop very strong hints that she'd like to be the godmother to Justin and Kelly's baby but they're not so sure. Kelly is more worried about the fact that the vicar wants them to get married before he Christens Suzy. It's not compulsory but Kelly drops very strong hints at Justin that a proposal wouldn't go a miss! Later, Justin tells Olly that he's not so sure . . . Rumours about Bradley are making their way through Charnham faster than wild fire. Nobody is really sure what's going on though: Gary struggles to come to terms with what Bradley has done and feels like he can't so much as look at Chloe without feeling guilty. Chrissy doesn't have as much of a problem. Together they reassure Chloe that she won't have to see Bradley again because he's gone to prison for a very long time. However, they later learn that the police don't have enough evidence to press charges against Bradley and he's been released on bail. While at the cab office, Gary tells Dave that Bradley has been abusing Chloe, their conversation is overheard by newcomer Katie Williams who tells Gary that he's got nothing to worry about because Bradley wouldn't harm a fly. She also lets slip that Bradley's staying at Conrad's house. Gary immediately heads round their but Conrad and Sharon stand between Gary and Bradley. Chrissy sees there's a struggle next door and goes to stop Gary but Chloe follows her. Gary is only deterred when he hears Chloe begging him to stop . . . Later, Chrissy gives Gary the opportunity to go out to the pub while she babysits. At the pub, Gary encounters Conrad and Sharon. Lucy tries to stop Gary before he's started but she only makes matters worse as Gary announces to the whole pub that Bradley is a pedophile!moreless
  • Episode 1977
    Episode 1977
    Episode 214
    Kelly tells the vicar how important it is that Suzie be welcomed into Christianity, Justin tells the vicar that God's cool and just as the vicar is about to give up, Justin asks if Suzie's twin who was miscarried could be blessed. The vicar agrees to baptise Suzie. Gary learns that Chloe has been taken away from school by Bradley after he as late picking her up. Shortly afterwords, he calls the police and returns home to tell Myra what's happened and tells her that he doesn't plan to tell Chrissy but Myra tells him that he must. Later, Gary confesses to Chrissy and this time it's her chance to blame Gary for messing up. While they argue, the police inquire about Bradley at the cafe and learn that Lucy saw him earlier in the park. Meanwhile, Chloe makes sure that Bradley isn't angry with her because of what she said. He says he's not and she tells him that they're still friends. Together they come up with a plan to get Bradley off the hook. Chloe says that she'll tell the police that she was angry with Bradley and made the whole thing up. Although he's skeptical, Bradley can see no other choice and so returns to Stanley Street with Chloe where a worried Gary and Chrissy are waiting. The police arrest Bradley but as he's dragged into the police cars he calls to Chloe to tell them that he's innocent but she stays silent . . .moreless
  • Episode 1976
    Episode 1976
    Episode 213
    Gary struggles to come to terms with what Bradley has done and when the child protection unit turn up to talk to Chloe he acts overprotective but eventually lets them interview Chloe alone. Later, Gary says he'll pick Chloe up from school but gets a call from Dave who asks him to come into the office where he informs Gary that he's loosing his cab license. Meanwhile, Gary is late picking Chloe up from school and Bradley shows up and tells Chloe that he's picking her up today. Chloe goes with him . . .moreless
  • Episode 1975
    Episode 1975
    Episode 212
    Sam tells Olly that he's proud of him for standing up in court but then Olly reveals that he lied and said he was framed! Sam is disgusted and all Olly can do is tell Sam that he can't really talk having snogged his own sister in front of everybody! And as if Sam wasn't annoyed enough already, Olly asks Sam whether or not he should ask Lucy out. Despite Sam telling Olly that it would be weird to see his brother date his sister Olly later goes to see Lucy to ask her out but she says she's too busy with Bradley. The social workers learn what Chloe said about Bradley from Gary and Chrissy's points of view and then they talk to Chloe alone and slowly discover the truth! As Gary and Chrissy are invited back into the kitchen, where the conversation is taking place, Mel and Myra stay in the front room while Myra tells Mel what's going on. Mel can't believe it and is horrified that Chloe would say such a thing about Bradley. Meanwhile, Gary and Chrissy hear in detail exactly what Bradley did to Chloe and exactly what he made Chloe do to him . . . Later, Mel takes Chloe upstairs to listen to music and Gary decides to take the law into his own hands. Gary goes to the cafe and tears Bradley outside into the street where he beats him, Conrad pulls them apart while Sharon tries to defend her son. Sharon takes Bradley up to the flat while Myra persuades Gary to cool off and to leave it to the police. When the police turn up they talk to Chloe. Meanwhile, Bradley swears to Sharon that he didn't touch Chloe, Sharon says she believes him and goes to the Costellos to try and clear the air. When the police finish with Chloe, Gary leads them and Sharon over to the flat where Bradley is nowhere to be found! Gary claims he's done a runner but Sharon says that he wouldn't (but he has). Later, the Costellos are left alone in disbelief. While Myra sobs in the kitchen, Gary tells Chrissy in the front room that this is all her fault for installing lies and games into Chloe and not coming to him sooner about her accusations about Bradley. He tells her to get out and to leave Chloe with him - she's not a real mother . . . Chrissy leaves in tears and returns to Yasmin's flat where Sharon is waiting. They both declare their belief in their own child's story. Meanwhile, Myra comes into the front room and she and Gary both can't believe how they didn't see this coming! They both say how much they trusted Bradley, Gary can't believe he's been tricked again and vows that the next time he sees Bradley: he'll kill him!moreless
  • Episode 1974
    Episode 1974
    Episode 211
    Yasmin returns to find the salon empty and her flat very very full of people! Yasmin eventually catches Cat having a quick snooze in the back of the salon. Later, Yasmin reveals that she and Benji have decided to sell the shop and the flat so that Benji can buy a house in Cyprus and so that Yas can concentrate on Cutilicious! On Chloe's birthday Bradley wonders whether or not to give her an expensive piece of jewelry. Meanwhile, the party's hardly getting started with Chloe seeming really sad. Later, social workers visit the Costello's house and say that because of information that they received from the child psychologist they believe that Chloe could be being abused and their Gary believes that he's their prime suspect!moreless
  • Episode 1973
    Episode 1973
    Episode 210
    Chrissy asks Gary to pick Chloe up from school, he says yes but when a job comes up (taking Pete and Eileen to the airport as is happens), Gary has to ask Bradley to cover for him. Bradley is very reluctant but agrees and asks Lucy if she'll babysit with him. Later, Lucy lets Bradley down and he's left alone with Chloe! Seeing he has an opportunity, Bradley approaches Chloe, she asks him if they're going to play their game, he says no and she says that she doesn't want to . . . despite this, Bradley still gets closer to Chloe and starts to run his fingers through her hair! Chrissy comes into the house just in time and Bradley jumps back! Seeing Bradley and Chloe alone together prompts Chrissy to tell Gary that Chloe's been lying again and tells him what Chloe's told her. Gary blames Chrissy and tells her that it's her fault that Chloe is so messed up and in spite of the fact that they've been getting on better and better recently, as far as he's concerned their marriage is over! Sharon and Conrad have dinner together, they discuss their histories and Conrad's family history. Apparently the surname "Williams" was only adopted because it made it easier for him to join the army. His real name is not English. Sharon tells Conrad about both her marriages. Later, Sharon says that she would invite Conrad up to her flat but it's a bit busy so he invites Sharon back to his place . . . Pete tells Eileen that he's decided to go with her to the family wedding in Ireland. Eileen is delighted by the news and is even more delighted when she gets to rub it in Trish's face! Trish is shocked by the news and confronts Pete, he tells her that he needs Eileen to be convinced that he loves her but reassures Trish that he doesn't. Later, Eileen asks Pete to get rid of Trish so that she's not around when they get back. Pete is reluctant and when Eileen calls him on it he tells her that he's got no problem with letting Trish go and afterwords he does just that. Pete reassures Trish that he'll make it up to her. Also, Sam makes a get well soon video for Geri.moreless
  • Episode 1972
    Episode 1972
    Episode 209
  • Episode 1971
    Episode 1971
    Episode 208
    Myra and Gary discuss Chloe's current mood swings. Myra suggests that Chloe should see a child psychologist, Gary agrees and pitches the idea to Chrissy who doesn't seem too happy about it. Lucy's looking for a place to live and Les is looking for an apprentice, he gives Lucy first refusal and she accepts the offer as well as the offer of Kelly's old room from Les and Denise. Trish pays a visit to the Swan to further torment Eileen. While Trish drinks to a marriage made in heaven with Pete, Eileen is stuck with no alcohol and no cigarettes! The doctor tells Geri that it could be too late for a bone-marrow transplant! Also, Sam and Geri make up after their argument and Sam tells her that he doesn't mind that she slept with Olly.moreless
  • Episode 1970
    Episode 1970
    Episode 207
    Eileen tells Lucy and Pete that she didn't go through with the abortion. Eileen tells Pete that she realised that this baby would be different because she had him to help her . . . At Yasmin's flat, Sam overhears Olly and Geri talking about their night of passion and loses it with Geri. The fight continues to the pub but having chased Sam from the flat, Geri is out of breath and unable to catch it. She heads off to an appointment with her consultant who tells her that she may have contracted pneumonia! Babs tells Dave that she's noticed that they've became closer recently and starts chatting him up! When Dave figures out what's going on he politely turns Babs down, thanking her for afternoon tea!moreless
  • Episode 1969
    Episode 1969
    Episode 206
    Lucy persuades Kelly to leave Suzy in her care, but later Kelly regrets her decision when she returns home to find the baby crying while Lucy listens to music in her room oblivious. Kelly and Lucy row and Kelly tells Lucy that she wants her out of the flat - she's had enough! Tanya catches on that Babs fancies Dave. Babs insists it isn't true but later admits her true feelings. Also, Babs tries to attract Dave's attention with afternoon tea! Olly is on top of the world after his night with Geri. Later, as Olly and Sam clear out Geri's room for decorating, Olly finds a bag of pills. Sam is forced to admit that Geri has cancer. Olly can't believe it and later tells Geri that he has no interest in pursuing a relationship with her. Geri asks him if he'd known about her cancer whether or not he would have slept with her the previous night. Olly says 'yes', but he's obviously lying. Meanwhile, Cat persuades Sam to tell Geri how he really feels and later he tells her! She's so overcome and no doubt regrets sleeping with Olly . . . Eileen texts Chrissy and asks for a favour, she asks her to cover for her and say that she'll be with her when in fact Eileen's going to the abortion clinic. Meanwhile, Trish calls Pete and asks to meet him. He agrees and Sam overhears the end of the conversation. He dials 1471 to see who was at the other end and when he finds out it was Trish he tells Eileen straight away. Eileen tells Sam that Trish can never find out that Eileen's going to have an abortion . . . Sam tells Eileen that if Trish is still hanging around she can't have an abortion . . . Eileen decides to go to the clinic anyway. On her way out she runs into Lucy and Eileen tells Lucy that she's going to the clinic. Lucy says that she really needs to talk but says that her mum should do what she has to do. As Eileen heads to the clinic, Lucy heads to the shop to buy vodka. Later, a drunken Lucy encounters Pete and she mentions that Eileen has an appointment but then remembers that she probably shouldn't have said that and half-heartedly tells him that Eileen's probably gone shopping or something. When Eileen returns home she finds Pete sitting in the dark in their living room. She asks him what's wrong and he tells her that he knows she's lied to him then a barmaid comes upstairs and announces that the police are downstairs . . .moreless
  • Episode 1968
    Episode 1968
    Episode 205
  • Episode 1967
    Episode 1967
    Episode 204
  • Episode 1966
    Episode 1966
    Episode 203
  • Episode 1965
    Episode 1965
    Episode 202
  • Episode 1964
    Episode 1964
    Episode 201
  • Episode 1963
    Episode 1963
    Episode 200
    As Tanya goes into labor and Sean is left to consider what a huge deal this is, unfortunately Nate just doesn't get it and he and Sean break up.
  • Episode 1962
    Episode 1962
    Episode 199
    Pete meets with Trish and tells her that neither he nor she can tell Eileen what he knows. She's carrying his child after all and he doesn't want to rink loosing it. He promises to Trish, however that Eileen will pay fully for what she's done (after the birth of his child). In the meantime, Pete says he can make her suffer. Later, Pete attacks Sam from behind and beats him . . . Chrissy is concerned that Chloe's not happy. She talks to Bradley about it. Later, Bradley arranges a get together between Chloe and one of her school friends Vicky. When they're alone Vicky tells Chloe that she didn't want to come, two of her other friends were invited but their parents got them out of it! Vicky tells Chloe that the reason nobody likes her anymore is because she goes on about Bradley all the time as if he's her boyfriend. Denise enjoys her first day at college but she later tells Kelly that she's not so sure whether or not she should go to a freshers party that evening. Kelly asks her 'why not?' and since she can't see a reason other than the age difference, Denise decides to go! Meanwhile, it's Kelly's first day at college too and so it's the first day she has to leave Suzy with a nursery. Everything goes well! Babs applies for Trish's job at the cab firm claiming that she can do a better job than they're doing. Later, Tanya tells Babs that she's not so sure about Southampton anymore and to Tanya's surprise Babs agrees! Babs tells Tanya that she's had the offer of a job at the cab firm and she wants to take it - mainly because of the handsome owner (Dave!). Also, Tanya tries cooking dinner for Sean and Nate but ends up falling asleep and it all burns. Sean and Tanya send Nate out to get a takeaway while they talk about the future. Sean begs Tanya not to move away and promises that if she stays then he'll be round everyday. Tanya says that he can't spend that much time with the baby and ignore Nate. Sean says that it wouldn't make such a difference since Nate spends most of his time clubbing. Tanya tells him that Babs has offered to move to Charnham instead - a plan that Sean much prefers! When Nate returns, Tanya goes into labor but Sean's been drinking and Nate's been taking coke so how will she get to the hospital?moreless
  • Episode 1961
    Episode 1961
    Episode 198
    Eileen worries about how much Pete knows. She shares her concerns with Lucy and Sam. Lucy can't imagine that Pete doesn't know. Meanwhile, Pete's over the moon about the news that Eileen's pregnant. He even calls in to the cab office to let Dave know - and to get Trish's phone number . . . later, as Pete phones Trish and arranges to meet her tomorrow, Dave visits Eileen in hospital to apologise. Dave warns Eileen that she'll never be able to get away from Pete if she keeps his child he also tells Eileen that he gave Trish's number to Pete! Tanya's baby is showing no signs of arriving. Sean comes to visit and Tanya tells him that she's decided to move to Southampton so that she can have full time help with the baby. Sean is devastated and reveals that things aren't going great with Nate, who seems to be spending most of his time out clubbing. Meanwhile, Babs can't get a cab to save her life. She heads to the cab office to complain but all she finds is a dazed Dave and a notice advertising a job vacancy as a phone operator . . . It's registration day at the college for Denise and she's visibly very nervous. Sean tells her that there's no need for her to be so worked up. Chrissy arranges for her and Chloe to go and see a movie and go for a pizza after dinner but is disappointed to learn that Chloe's got a dentist appointment that she knew nothing about. Chrissy's even more put out when she learns that Bradley is going to take Chloe to the dentist and then for an ice cream afterwords so Chrissy won't see her at all! Later, Bradley goes to the beauty salon to apologise to Chrissy who asks him if he could bring Chloe to the salon after the dentist. Bradley agrees.moreless
  • Episode 1960
    Episode 1960
    Episode 197
    The police and paramedics arrive at the scene of the accident. While Eileen is rushed to hospital, Dave is questioned about his involvement. The officer eventually charges him with driving without due care and attention. Trish and Lucy face off in Stanley Street! Also, Olly gets a place to stay at Kelly and Justin's. Later, Trish pays Pete a visit. She takes her time and takes great pleasure in helping him work out who set him up for the fire. When she tells him that it's Eileen he refuses to believe her. He tells her that if Eileen had set him up for the fire she wouldn't have testified against him in court but Trish tells him that she probably felt a bit guilty, after all it was only supposed to be arson. When the truth finally sets in the phone rings, it's the hospital who tell Pete that Eileen has been taken into surgery after being hit by a car. In disbelief, Pete heads to the hospital, warning Trish to "keep it shut" as he goes. At the hospital, Dave shows up and confesses to Pete that he was driving the car that hit Eileen. Pete is less than pleased! He pins Dave against a wall and threatens that if anything happens to Eileen, Dave will pay! The A&E staff pull the pair apart and Pete is taken to one side where the doctor tells him that Eileen will be fine and reveals that there's "something else" they should talk about. Dave returns to Stanley Street to tell Lucy and Sam what's happened to Eileen. They tell him that Trish was threatening to tell Pete the truth! Dave is shocked but says that he doesn't think that Pete knew when he saw him . . . Meanwhile, Eileen wakes up to find Pete watching over her. He asks her why she didn't tell him she was pregnant!moreless
  • Episode 1959
    Episode 1959
    Episode 196
    Sam tells Lucy about when he went back home while Trish tells Eileen how she found out the truth about Roy's death and how Mike dumping her led to her loosing her unborn daughter . . . Back in the present, Sam gets a call from Olly who asks to meet with him. Sam goes along and Olly tells him that he needs a place to stay. They talk through their issues and Sam eventually agrees to see what he can do about finding Olly a place to stay. Meanwhile, Trish tells Eileen that all she wants is for Eileen to suffer as much as she's been made to suffer. She gives Eileen half an hour to tell Pete the truth! Eileen goes to the Swan but, unable to find Pete, she decides to pack a bag instead. Then, Eileen goes to see Lucy who tells her that she can't leave her, that she promised she wouldn't leave Lucy again. Eileen promises to stay which means that she must tell Pete the truth. Eileen finds Pete, just in time, but all she tells him is how much she loves him and reminds him how much she wanted him home after he'd been in prison. She runs out and tries to call Dave, who's in the car. Neither are paying full attention and as Dave takes his eyes off the road for a second, Eileen steps out in front of him!moreless
  • Episode 1958
    Episode 1958
    Episode 195
    While Sam finds out he's adopted, the Trish and Eileen saga moves closer to the present day with a different perspective on some of the events previously seen. Including Trish's visit to Stanley Street during The Black Swan boycott. Also, after Sam discovers his past he searches for Eileen and Mike and shares some great moments with his biological father before his death. Meanwhile, a confused Mike asks Trish to go away with him to Spain, but learning of his son's identity, he asks Sam to go but later he asks Eileen, whom he really wants to go with him. Later, when Eileen refuses him, Mike tries to rape her and Eileen and Trish relive his death . . .moreless
  • Episode 1957
    Episode 1957
    Episode 194
    From the official Family Affairs website: Eileen and Trish piece together the events of the past. Will Eileen have a better chance getting blood out of a stone than making Trish understand the event that lead to Mike's death? Mike gave Trish a "ring of confidence" and Eileen is about to find out more than she intended! Lucy hears all about Olly's history from Sam and why he's on the run. Is Olly really such a scum bag?moreless
  • Episode 1956
    Episode 1956
    Episode 193
    Eileen tells Trish about her time on the run in Hastings. Starting from when she left Pete until her Halloween return! Trish fills in a few gaps and tells Eileen that she was seeing Mike at that time. Meanwhile, Sam tells Lucy about the time leading up to his mother's death and tells her how he handed his brother over to the police because he thought it was the right thing to do. As Olly's story develops, Sam's relationship with Jenny is beginning to fall apart . . .moreless
  • Episode 1955
    Episode 1955
    Episode 192
    The Sunday lunch goes well until Kelly tells the vicar that she and Justin aren't married! Luckily, the vicar thinks that Kelly's desires are honourable enough to grant a Christening for baby Suzy. Eileen can smell burning but Trish won't let her go and see if Lucy's OK. Meanwhile, Sam rescues Lucy before she dies from smoke inhalation . . .moreless
  • Episode 1954
    Episode 1954
    Episode 191
    It's Sunday, Cat panics when she can't remember where she left Doug's Chain of Office after a heavy night with the alcohol! Luckily, Denise has picked them up and she helps Cat clean them in time for church. Later, everyone returns to the Boulter's for Sunday dinner. Doug and Les head straight to the pub while Lucy and Cat have pre-dinner drinks at the house. Unfortunately Lucy doesn't get as far as dinner because she gets too drunk, gets into a fight with Kelly and ends up leaving. Back at the flat, Lucy struggles to open the door to the flat (because she's too drunk to find the key hole). Eileen comes along to see if she's OK and when he hears something going on, Pete turns up too. Lucy ends up mentioning to Pete that Eileen's a murderer. Eileen tells him that Lucy's just drunk and blames Eileen for Mike's death. Then, Eileen heads up to Dave's flat after she receives a text telling her to meet him there. But when Eileen gets to the flat she finds Trish who tells her to sit down, that she's not going anywhere and that Dave will be gone a while . . .moreless
  • Episode 1953
    Episode 1953
    Episode 190
    Olly comes back, despite his brother's warnings. As Sam orders him out, Pete and Eileen return home. They also find Lucy in the flat with Olly after she lied to the police that he wasn't there. Lucy starts talking about secrets and lies and eventually convinces Eileen that it wouldn'd be that bad if Olly stayed at the Swan . . . Eileen is more concerned when she learns that Trish has been sleeping in her bed and that Trish and Sam have been getting close! Also, Lucy gets an invitation to Sunday lunch at the Boulter's. Tanya, Sean and Babs are still waiting for the baby and try to hurry things along with all sorts of potions!moreless
  • Episode 1952
    Episode 1952
    Episode 189
    Sam's brother, Olly, shows up and Trish makes him feel very at home. Sam tells him he can stay for one night but when he catches him stealing some money he throws him out and warns him not to come back. Also, Trish continues to make Geri's life hell in the Swan. Lucy finds out that she's got to do comunity service. Cat wants the christening to be the party of the year.moreless
  • Episode 1951
    Episode 1951
    Episode 188
    Trish confronts Dave and Lucy and they both confront Sam! Later, Trish throws her weight around in the bar, much to Geri's dislike! There's more conflict between the Boulters and the Mackenzies when they can't agree on who should cater the Christening.
  • Episode 1950
    Episode 1950
    Episode 187
    Sam tells Trish the truth about what happened to Mike. Tensions loom between the Boulters and the Mackenzies. Sharon winds Chrissy up about the hunky new neighbour.
  • Episode 1949
    Episode 1949
    Episode 186
    Trish sets her sights on Sam. Tanya agrees to move to Southampton with her mother. Sam convinces Lucy to talk to the police.
  • Episode 1948
    Episode 1948
    Episode 185
    Eileen is driven too far by Trish, but will it backfire on her? Lucy runs away when she learns the police are looking for her. Tanya is devastated when Sean tells her he can't return to the way things were.
  • Episode 1947
    Episode 1947
    Episode 184
    Lucy's breakdown takes a dramatic turn. Babs tears a few strips of Sean. The Charnham Book Club gets off to a rocky beginning. Trish organises a dinner party - with a mystery guest.
  • Episode 1946
    Episode 1946
    Episode 183
    Eileen gets another surprise - a package from Mike. Trish swears to make Eileen pay. Babs makes Tanya a surprise offer.
  • Episode 1945
    Episode 1945
    Episode 182
    Trish pretends to comfort Eileen while subtly pushing her to confess to her crimes. Pete vows to find the culprit behind the intimidation campaign. Sharon is unsympathetic to a tired Geri until Chrissy explains about her leukaemia. The welcome return of Babs allows Tanya to see a light at the end of the tunnel.moreless
  • Episode 1944
    Episode 1944
    Episode 181
    Trish is gutted to learn that Eileen and Pete have reconciled. Lucy attempts to open up to Kelly but ends up insulting her. Bradley is feeling low and finds a friend in Chloe. Tanya struggles with the frightening realisation of single motherhood.
  • Episode 1943
    Episode 1943
    Episode 180
    Trish continues to scheme, leading Pete to make an angry decision about his marriage. Lucy is crushed when Sam makes his feelings clear. Bradley is shocked when Sharon reveals some family secrets. A new arrival in Charnham makes a bad first impression on the Costellos.
  • Episode 1942
    Episode 1942
    Episode 179
    Trish sinks to new depths to drive a wedge between Eileen and Pete. Lucy violently lashes out after a confrontation with Sam. Justin and Kelly grow tired of Lucy's destructive behavior. Chloe is convinced that the house next door is haunted.
  • Episode 1941
    Episode 1941
    Episode 178
    Dave takes Eileen by surprise with a heartfelt announcement. Cat and Pete are not prepared for the doctor's news on Davie's condition.
  • Episode 1940
    Episode 1940
    Episode 177
    Eileen and Dave wait anxiously at the hospital for news on Davie. Myra is gob smacked when she finds out the truth behind the library cuts. Chrissy and Sharon get an embarrassing shock when they decide to play detective.
  • Episode 1939
    Episode 1939
    Episode 176
    Trish subtly winds Pete up about Eileen and Dave's relationship. Lucy's irrational behavior provokes much gossip. Despite Doug's concerns, Cat is determined to march against the library cuts.
  • Episode 1938
    Episode 1938
    Episode 175
    Lucy's behavior gets increasingly out of control. Eileen breaks her bad news to Pete. Davie has his first day at school.
  • Episode 1937
    Episode 1937
    Episode 174
    Eileen has some bad news from the doctors. Pete finds a shoulder to cry on in Trish. Lucy's makeover has surprising results.
  • Episode 1936
    Episode 1936
    Episode 173
    Despite Pete's best efforts, tensions increase between Eileen and Lucy. A surprise visitor is in need of Chrissy's support. Tanya's birthday doesn't go quite as expected.
  • Episode 1935
    Episode 1935
    Episode 172
    Charlie leaves and Sean never gets the chance to say goodbye because he's been spending the night with Nate. Nate tells Sean that he doesn't want to get involved with somebody with so much going on in his life. Later, Sean returns home and encounters Danny who promptly dumps him after learning Sean was with Nate last night. Sean returns to the flat to find a tearful Tanya. Sean tells Tanya that he's sorry that Charlie's gone but he had no interest in being his dad. Soon, Sean begins to question whether or not he wants to be a dad. Tanya tells him he's being selfish and says that she's lucky that she found out the truth about him just in time. She throws him out of the flat and then collapses in tears. Eileen tries to build bridges with Trish who subtly comes on to Pete. Also, Eileen tries to make amends with Lucy but she's having none of it. Gary and Dave toast the opening of their new cab firm. Later, Gary and Chrissy meet with a specialist who helps them start talking again. Afterwords, they return to Gary's and reminisce . . .moreless
  • Episode 1934
    Episode 1934
    Episode 171
    Tanya and Sean make up and agree not to fight again. But the peace doesn't last long . . . Sean storms out after Tanya has a go at him for ignoring Danny which leads to an argument between Sean and Danny. Sean goes to the cafe where Tanya soon follows. She wants to talk about Charlie but Sean isn't in the mood for talking and tells Tanya that he doesn't know if they're doing the right thing with Charlie. Meanwhile, Charlie and Chloe discuss how they will miss each other if he goes back to live with his mum. Later, Sean goes to Nate and tells him that he feels like everyone is treating him like he's doing something wrong and so he may as well be doing something wrong . . . back on Stanley Street, Sue shows up and informs Tanya that Sarah wants Charlie back. Tanya tells her that's a ridiculous idea because Sarah isn't stable. Sue tells her that Sarah has reached a stage where she is stable and able to care for Charlie and if he wants to, he will go and live with his mum. Sue sits down to talk with Charlie and Tanya phones Sean and begs him to call her. She gets a phone call from her mum and tells her that Sean is looking forward to being a dad and that everything is fine. Neither of which is really true . . . then, Danny comes round. He says goodbye to Tanya and tells her that he doesn't know why she put up with Sean. Danny leaves. When Sue's done, she tells Tanya that Charlie has made a decision - he wants to go and live with his mum . . . Bradley and Lucy go out for a drink. He wants to take her away from Charnham but she says that the Swan will be fine. They decide to get very very drunk and while Pete wants to step in, Eileen tells him to leave them to it. Later, Sam comes to the Swan in time to catch Lucy falling over. He tells Bradley to get out and escorts Lucy into the next room where he sobers her up. They talk and eventually see eye to eye again. Sam tells her that Eileen only did what she did for Lucy's sake. Lucy was upset when she learned that Eileen had told Sam about her attempted overdose last year. "Gaz and Dave's" cab firm gets up and running. Although they still need someone to operate the phones. Myra volunteers for the job but Gary tells Dave that it wouldn't be easy working with family. Instead, Dave hires Trish. Gary makes Dave tell Myra who isn't really insulted . . . although when asked if she'd like to help with the leafleting campaign she tells him that her old legs won't be able to handle all that walking . . . Denise comes to the conclusion that she doesn't want to choose university over her family. Les is pleased.moreless
  • Episode 1933
    Episode 1933
    Episode 170
    Chrissy goes to tell Gary that she will fight him all the way for custody over Chloe. Gary can't believe that she's going to contest. Chloe overhears their argument and runs out of the house where Myra sees her. Myra goes to tell Gary and Chrissy that they shouldn't be so concerned with getting at each other, instead they should be doing everything for Chloe's sake. Also, Gary's under so much pressure from the divorce that he doesn't seem to have enough time for the cab business . . . Cat and Doug proudly announce that the market stall rates have been dropped back to their original amount. Everyone is very pleased . . . later, Denise is horrified to learn that the library will be closing on Wednesday afternoons and asks Cat to look things over with Doug but Cat tells her there's nothing she can do. Also, Cat seems to be the only one who is getting excited about the darts match. She has to get a team together at the last minute because most people can't play. They loose the game. Denise decides that she wants to go to university but the only one that will accept her is Birmingham. Les is less than happy to hear that if she goes, Denise will be away from home all through the week. Also, Brendan and Mel are counting the pennies but they just don't have enough to move out of the Boulters just yet. Mel has the idea of Brendan asking for a raise, he does but Les and Denise tell him that they're only just about breaking even and so they can't afford it. Dave voices his concerns to Trish that he's probably not ready for a serious relationship because he's on the rebound. She can see that he's been talking to somebody and easily figures out it was Eileen. Later, Trish tells Eileen to mind her own business. In the process, she nicely manages to stir things up between Eileen and Pete. Pete asks Eileen what Trish was on about and Eileen tells him that Trish is just jealous of them. Sean apologises to Danny. Danny apologises to Charlie. But the peace doesn't last long . . . Tanya goes out and Sean gets text. He says it's from work and asks Danny to look after Charlie and take him to Chloe's. Later, Sean gets into a fight with Tanya and Danny joins in on her side. They both accuse him of being selfish. Danny tells Sean that when he decided to go out with Sean he didn't sign up to be a babysitter and chauffeur. Danny leaves and Sean and Tanya are left to it. He tells her how muddled up he is and says he just wants to talk to her like they used to talk and not have her treat him like her husband. Tanya questions Sean's feelings for their baby. She tells him that if he's having any doubts at all he should just leave . . . also, Charlie and Chloe speculate as to whether or not you can catch "gay" but Chloe tells Charlie that he would probably have caught it by now. Then, Sarah returns to see Charlie - luckily for her Sean and Tanya aren't around. Sarah tells Charlie that she wants him to go and live with her and her sister (who has a big pool). She tells Charlie to think about it . . .moreless
  • Episode 1932
    Episode 1932
    Episode 169
    Gary decides to play dirty and Dave decides to take it easy with Trish.
  • Episode 1931
    Episode 1931
    Episode 168
    Eileen tries to keep Lucy away from Pete, Tanya tries to keep Sean away from ex-boyfriend Nate and Chrissy samples the single's life!
  • Episode 1930
    Episode 1930
    Episode 167
    At the police station Lucy starts to tell the detective exactly what happened in the flat when Mike died. She gets too emotional and has to stop so the detective tells Lucy how she think it happened. But in her version of events, she sees Pete entering at the last minute and killing Mike. Lucy tells her that she's got it all wrong and changes her mind to repeat Eileen's version of events and then says that she'd prefer to leave. The detective warns Lucy that if she is hiding something then she will find it and says that she knows something happened in that pub, she can tell that everybody is lying - it's only a matter of time . . . Lucy returns to Stanley Street and sees Eileen. Eileen tries to defend her actions and tells Lucy that it was for her. Lucy tells Eileen that because she hasn't told the police everything doesn't mean that she agrees with her mum and tells her that her relationship with Pete is built on lies so Lucy warns Eileen: tell Pete the truth or else she will . . . Sam has lunch with his adoptive dad, Joe. Eileen briefly interrupts and she meets Sam's dad for the first time. Joe asks Sam to talk with his brother because he's got in with the wrong crowd, Sam says he'll see what he can do and Joe asks his son to visit more often. Sean tells Danny that they shouldn't be thinking about their future together. Sean tells him that he needs space and Danny isn't happy at all. He leaves, bumping into Tanya on the street. She tells him how sorry she is and when she gets home has a go at Sean for running out of every relationship as soon as it gets serious. Sean tells her that Danny loved him and he didn't love Danny - he loves Nate. Tanya tells him that was only lust, Sean manages to keep it secret that he's seeing Nate again but she does discover that he was having lunch with a handsome stranger at the cafe. Sean goes out for the evening with Nate, they'd planned to go to a singles party but instead decide to go clubbing - just the two of them . . . Cat and Doug hold an evening for his cabinet members at the cafe. Les and Denise are less than happy with Cat's behavior. She treats them as if she's better than them . . . There is little love for the market among the cabinet ministers with some saying that there's no point in i since the council will only be operating at a loss. Cat tells Doug, in front of everyone, that she's sure he'll be able to find the funds from somewhere. Dave and Trish get close over a bottle of wine. They drink to each other's misery and then get close and even kiss.moreless
  • Episode 1929
    Episode 1929
    Episode 166
    Lucy comes home after spending a few days away from Charnham. Eileen is worried that she's going to tell the police at which point, the police enter and want to talk to Lucy down at the station . . . Also, Sam changes his statement and tells the police that he doesn't believe that Eileen and Pete had anything to do with the fire - the detective doesn't like it. Sean has lunch with his ex-boyfriend, Nate. We discover that Tanya doesn't like him. Dave gets the good news that the licence for the cab company has come through.moreless
  • Episode 1928
    Episode 1928
    Episode 165
    Lucy tells Sam the whole story. He's surprised to hear that Dave was in on the whole thing. Sam asks Lucy why she went along with Pete's plan. She tells him that he doesn't understand - Pete will always be there for her like nobody else . . . Sam is speechless at Lucy's revelations. She tells him she can't take this anymore and tells him that she's going to go to the police. She goes to climb on a bus to the police station and Sam hurries off to tell Eileen. But Lucy doesn't get on the bus. Instead, she runs into Bradley. He sees that she's upset and invites her back to his place for a beer and a chat. Meanwhile, Eileen has told the detective about her past with Mike. Eileen tells her that he showed up out of nowhere a few months ago and confessed his love for her and said that he wanted her to run away with him. She told him that it was a ridiculous idea and that she was with Pete. She says that on the day he died, Mike came to the pub and tries to rape her but she found the strength to push him away. She says that he realises that he's gone to far and leaves. The detective seems convinced but warns Eileen that it's still her story against Sam's. She leaves. Eileen calls Pete and tells him that he can come home. She fills him in on what she told the detective. Later, Sam shows up at the pub and tells Eileen that Lucy has gone to the police to tell them what really happened. Eileen panics and when the police detective returns to the pub, Eileen and Pete fear the worst but the detective just wants to speak to Pete to clarify Eileen's story. He does so and says that Eileen didn't tell him about the assault at first but if she had done and he could have got to Mike first, he would have killed him and hung his body for everyone to see and not just thrown him in the river . . . Meanwhile, Eileen goes outside and sees Lucy coming out of Bradley's house. She calls her over but Lucy goes to the bus stop. Eileen begs her not to go to the police but Lucy says that she can't keep lying she can't live with killing a man and tells Eileen that she doesn't know what it's like but Eileen tells her that she does know what it's like because she's killed a man too. Lucy doesn't believe her and calls Eileen a liar but then Eileen tells Lucy that she killed Roy . . . Denise decides that the first book that the club are going to read is Great Expectations. They agree to meet again in a month. The members go home, including Sean and Danny. They find that Charlie has spilled the beans to Derek about his son's sexuality. Sean and Charlie leave them to it and Derek tells Danny that he shouldn't have lied to him. He's disappointed because he thought he knew his son but he's clearly wrong. Derek decides to go back home to see if he can patch things up with Danny's mother. As he leaves, Danny goes to give his dad a hug but Derek stops him and Danny has to settle for a hand shake. Later, Sean and Danny talk things over and Danny asks Sean if they're OK. Sean tells him they're fine . . .moreless
  • Episode 1927
    Episode 1927
    Episode 164
    Sam can't decide whether or not telling the police what he knows will help Eileen or not. But the detective doesn't accept his silence, she reminds him that he contacted them and that wasting police time is an offense. Eventually, Sam gives up what he knows about Mike's death and tells the detective that Eileen had confessed to the murder and Pete had disposed of the body. But the detective doesn't buy it and puts it down to Sam just having been beaten by Pete and he's out for revenge. He almost tries to prove his point by showing the detective the tape but decides not to. She lets Sam go and goes to the Swan to confirm his story. Pete is out, he's gone to Dave's flat where Trish is staying. Upstairs at the pub, Eileen tells the detective that the police can't keep interfering with their lives, they are trying to run a business after all. Eileen acts surprised when the detective tells her that Sam has told her what he has. Eileen says that Sam seems to blame her and Pete for Mike's death but she doesn't know why. Meanwhile, Sam returns to the Swan and is confronted by Lucy. She asks him how he could do such a thing. He tells her that it's only right that the police know the truth but Lucy tells him that's not the truth: Eileen didn't kill Mike - she did! Tanya tells Sean that he's got to tell Danny how he feels. Later, Danny makes sure that Charlie's got his story straight. Sean's his dad and Danny's the father of Tanya's baby. Sean asks Charlie to leave and he tries to tell Danny how he feels but Derek returns home from his walk. When Danny's left the room, Derek tells Sean that he's been thinking about what Danny was trying to tell him earlier and says that he's notices how close Danny is to Sean and that he doesn't think that Tanya and Danny are really together . . . Danny and Sean go out to Denise's book club while Derek is left babysitting. Derek begins to ask Charlie what's really going on and Charlie all but tells him is son is gay . . . The first meeting of the book club goes well. They all manage to decide that they'll read a book a month and that each person will take it in turns to choose the book.moreless
  • Episode 1926
    Episode 1926
    Episode 163
    Sam asks the police over the phone to come to the pub to meet with him. When he hangs up, Eileen begs him not to tell them anything or at least not to show them the tape and tells him how she fears for her life when Pete discovers the truth. Dave comes to the flat to tell Eileen that no one in managing the bar and Eileen asks him to take care of it. As he heads downstairs he overhears Eileen begging Sam and figures out that Sam must know. He gets downstairs to find Pete and tells him that Sam knows about Mike. Pete rushes upstairs and has it out with Sam. Pete ends up beating Sam, leaving him with a scar across his face and a cut on his lip. Sam runs. Pete decides that he, Eileen and Lucy have to escape. They start packing . . . meanwhile, Sam heads to the Cafe to find Lucy. She bandages him up. They start to bicker when Sam doesn't tell Lucy why he and Pete got into a fight. Denise suggests that Lucy should take her break. Leaving Sam in the cafe, Lucy goes into the street where Dave has come to find her. He tells her what Sam knows and that Pete wants them all to run away. When they get to the pub, Lucy tells Pete and Eileen what a stupid idea it is. With help from Eileen, Pete agrees that running away might not be the best decision; after all, Sam had no evidence at which point he notices that Eileen is looking a bit guilty - what is she hiding? Eileen manages to convince Pete that she isn't hiding anything and together they realise that somebody has to find Sam and convince him not to tell the police anything. Eileen is more concerned that Sam will show Pete the tape and so she has to keep them apart. She goes to find Sam . . . Dave tells her that Sam was last seen in the cafe and so Eileen goes there. She finds Sam on the phone to the police around the corner from the cafe. He points out that this is where she killed Roy and she tells him that a day won't go by that she won't regret what she's done and have to live with the consequences. Sam tells Eileen that he won't let Pete et away with just dumping Mike's body like that (especially after the damage Pete's just caused him). Sam seems almost convinced, he tells Eileen he'll think about it and refuses to hand over the tape before disappearing. As Eileen heads back to the pub, she runs into Trish who's all ready to move in. Back at the pub, the police show up. Pete tells Dave and Lucy to go upstairs and hide everything that looks like they were planning to run while he stalls the police. When they ask if Sam is at the pub, Pete tells them he's not but the detective doesn't believe him and so wants to see upstairs. Pete tells her that she can't keep harassing him and his family like this. In spite of that she manages to push her way past and up to the flat. She finds nothing. Back on the street, Eileen explains to Trish how everything is a bit mad at the pub at the moment so now probably isn't the best time to stay. Dave comes out of the pub and Eileen asks him if he knows anywhere Trish could stay. He offers her his spare room which she seems happy with. Eileen goes inside to find the police on their way out. She acts like she wasn't expecting them. Pete, Eileen and Lucy all confirm that they haven't seen Sam in ages. Lucy excuses herself saying that she has to get back to work. Outside, she sees Sam across the street. She begs him not to tell the police anything but he tells her that it would probably be in Eileen's best interest if he told them the truth. Lucy is about to tell him that she killed Mike and not Eileen when the police come out of the pub. The detective asks Sam if he still has some information. He says 'yes' and goes with the police . . .moreless
  • Episode 1925
    Episode 1925
    Episode 162
    The police talk to Pete informally. He tells them almost all of the truth - leaving out the bit where Mike dies in his flat and that he throws the body in the river of course. The police don't have enough evidence to hold him for questioning on the murder and since Kirkdale doesn't want to press charges over the assault they're forced to let him go. As he leaves, the detective tells Pete that she won't rest until she finds out the truth . . . Meanwhile, Sam is in the process of doing just that but can't seem to get a minute's peace to listen to the tape. When he finally gets a minute, Eileen overhears but is unable to turn the tape player off in time and so Sam discovers the truth about Roy's death. However, Sam starts putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 so Eileen is forced to tell her son the truth. She tells Sam that she killed Mike, instead of Lucy though. Sam can't believe what he's hearing and tells Eileen she's sick. He picks up the phone, calls the police and tells them he's got some information concerning the murder of Mike Shaw . . .moreless
  • Episode 1924
    Episode 1924
    Episode 161
    The police find nothing in the search of the pub. Chrissy tells Eileen that she's not going to go to the police. Eileen seems grateful. Trish is still hanging around Charnham; she asks Eileen to lunch so that they can catch up. Eileen reluctantly accepts. At lunch, when Eileen asks Trish when she's going back home, Trish confesses that her landlord has thrown her out because she hasn't payed her rent for the past six months. Eileen tells her that all the rooms are filled at the pub what with Sam staying, Trish says she'll settle for a couch so Eileen agrees. Meanwhile, Kirkdale pays Pete a visit and announces to the whole pub that Pete is a murderer. Pete hits him and Kirkdale tells him that Pete will live to regret that. Later, Pete is arrested for assault. Also, Sam receives a package, it contains a tape and tape player. He listens - it's the tape upon which Eileen confesses to her involvement in the fire at the cafe! Sean and Tanya tell Danny that the lying has to stop and so he agrees to tell his dad that he's gay. On his way out he tells Sean he loves him. Later, Sean confesses to Tanya that he doesn't feel the same way. Meanwhile, Danny just can't seem to find the words to tell his dad the truth . . . Cat is upset when she finds out that Les and Denise have been babysitting Suzy before her and Doug. She confronts Justin who tells her that it was a last minute decision and that he would rather leave his daughter with Cat and Doug over the Boulters any day. Geri buys a camcorder with the intention of making a video diary in case she's not around for long. Yasmin and Sam try to reassure her that this little dilemma is sure to have a happy ending.moreless
  • Episode 1923
    Episode 1923
    Episode 160
    It's the day of Mike's funeral and Lucy wants no part of it but then Sam insists that she go with him and she agrees. Trish, an old friend of Eileen's, turns up. They catch up at the Swan after the funeral. Meanwhile, the police find no evidence in Pete's car but after hearing Lucy mention the "poison pen letters" that Eileen had been receiving the chief investigator decides to close the Swan to conduct forensic tests. Tanya and Charlie return from vacation to find a strange man sleeping on the sofa. He introduces himself as Danny's father and tells Tanya that Danny never told him that his girlfriend was pregnant. They all head to the Swan and meet up with Sean and Danny. Tanya jokingly plays along with the whole thing but afterwords tries to convince Danny to tell his father the truth. As a matter of encouragement, Sean comes out to Danny's father who doesn't believe it. Chrissy gets a postcard from Chloe with no mention of or from Gary. Later, Chrissy visits Geri who's in a good mood considering. They cheer each other up. Les finds out that Denise is planning to go to University despite telling him that she wasn't. He's angry that she didn't tell him but pleased for her overall. Also, the pair babysit their granddaughter while Justin's working and Kelly catches up with her mates.moreless
  • Episode 1922
    Episode 1922
    Episode 159
  • Episode 1921
    Episode 1921
    Episode 158
  • Episode 1920
    Episode 1920
    Episode 157
  • Episode 1919
    Episode 1919
    Episode 156
  • Episode 1918
    Episode 1918
    Episode 155
  • Episode 1917
    Episode 1917
    Episode 154
  • Episode 1916
    Episode 1916
    Episode 153
  • Episode 1915
    Episode 1915
    Episode 152
  • Episode 1914
    Episode 1914
    Episode 151
  • Episode 1913
    Episode 1913
    Episode 150
  • Episode 1912
    Episode 1912
    Episode 149
  • Episode 1911
    Episode 1911
    Episode 148
  • Episode 1910
    Episode 1910
    Episode 147
  • Episode 1909
    Episode 1909
    Episode 146
    Eileen tells Dave about the flowers. Pete already knows but Eileen managed to get the card out of sight. Pete is suspicious that there was no card. Eileen and Dave wonder who could be doing this and name Sam as their prime suspect. Yasmin continues to act strangely around baby Susan. Chrissy asks Chloe to pretend that she still lives at home when her probation officer comes round. Chloe agrees only because Chrissy tells her that it will help Gary and Chrissy get back together. When Greg, the probation officer comes round, Chloe says a quick "hello", acts bored and asks if she can go and play with Charlie. Chrissy agrees. Chloe runs over the road and runs into Myra who asks why Chloe isn't with Chrissy. Chloe tells her that the probation officer is round at the house. Myra goes to see what's going on. Chloe goes to see Charlie. Sean asks them if they would take a video back to Dusty's, so that he and Tanya can talk after she's spoken to Sarah again. Chloe then persuades Charlie to go for a walk. They go to a supermarket where Chloe complains that she thirsty. Neither of them have any money so they go out of the store but then Chloe reveals that she's stolen two juice bottles from the shop. Charlie's horrified and Chloe just calls him a coward but when he tells her that he's not she wants him to prove it so they go back into the shop! Chloe tells Charlie to steal a pair of sunglasses he picks them up but then a security guard walks round the corner and he quickly replaces them on the stand. When the security guard has passed, Chloe calls Charlie a coward again and grabs the glasses and hides them under her jacket. They head out of the store but the security guard stand in their way and in a moment of panic, Chloe drops the stolen sunglasses . . .moreless
  • Episode 1908
    Episode 1908
    Episode 145
  • Episode 1907
    Episode 1907
    Episode 144
  • Episode 1906
    Episode 1906
    Episode 143
  • Episode 1905
    Episode 1905
    Episode 142
  • Episode 1904
    Episode 1904
    Episode 141
  • Episode 1903
    Episode 1903
    Episode 140
  • Episode 1902
    Episode 1902
    Episode 139
  • Episode 1901
    Episode 1901
    Episode 138
  • Episode 1900
    Episode 1900
    Episode 137
  • Episode 1899
    Episode 1899
    Episode 136
  • Episode 1898
    Episode 1898
    Episode 135
  • Episode 1897
    Episode 1897
    Episode 134
    As Pete and Eileen head away for a few days, Sam shows up. Eileen and Lucy agree to let him work in the pub while Pete and Eileen are away but Pete is less than happy with the arrangement. Later, Sam and Lucy gets talking and Lucy tells Sam that Mike has got some really dodgy connections. Sam is convinced that something has happened to Mike and tells Lucy that he's going to report him as a missing person . . . Justin and Kelly's baby is given a clean bill of health the new parents are delighted. Meanwhile, Doug and Cat haven't had the opportunity to consummate their marriage after more than three days . . . with the burden of the baby lifted the almost-newlyweds head for an early night . . . Sean voices his concerns to Danny that the flat won't be big enough for himself, Tanya, Charlie and the baby and also there's no room for Danny to stay over! Lewis tells Cameron that he doesn't want to move to France.moreless
  • Episode 1896
    Episode 1896
    Episode 133
  • Episode 1895
    Episode 1895
    Episode 132
  • Episode 1894
    Episode 1894
    Episode 131
  • Episode 1893
    Episode 1893
    Episode 130
  • Episode 1892
    Episode 1892
    Episode 129
  • Episode 1891
    Episode 1891
    Episode 128
  • Episode 1890
    Episode 1890
    Episode 127
    Chrissy and Gary finally find the time to sit down and talk. Chrissy tells Gary that if he wants she will move out. He agrees and she goes home to pack her things but cries as she does so . . . Justin tries to find out about fatherhood but asks the wrong people: Gary and Pete. Cheryl's worried about how Patrick's treating Dave but Geri and Eileen persuade her that she'll only make matters worse if she goes to the station. But after a quick comment from Pete, Cheryl decides that she can't go any longer and heads off to the station. Lewis is having another bad day. He tries to find any drugs that may have been stashed around the flat but Cameron tells him there's no chance of him finding anything. Lewis tries to make up with his brother but Cameron tells him that he doesn't trust drug addicts. Cameron runs into Justin and warns him not to give any money to Lewis so when Lewis tries to get money off Justin later, he gets nothing . . . having exhausted all of his sources of cash, Lewis calls a dealer and tells him that he'll sell some stuff for him if he can get some for himself. Lewis meets Tommy, the dealer but as they make their transaction, an angry Cheryl walks past and overhears them. Tommy makes a run for it, leaving Lewis with a handful of drugs. When Cheryl isn't looking, Lewis swallows the bag of drugs! Later, as Lewis and Cheryl wait for a ride back to the station, he begins to feel light headed and then collapses on the pavement . . .moreless
  • Episode 1889
    Episode 1889
    Episode 126
    Cheryl confronts Patrick about the file she found. He threatens to get Dave arrested if Cheryl doesn't take the job away from London and Dave . . . Later, Cheryl tells Dave all that she knows about Patrick but he's not sure that he believes her . . . he heads to the Swan where he runs into Patrick who pushes him just far enough so that Dave snaps and swings for Patrick. Patrick arrests Dave for assaulting a police officer . . . Chrissy and Gary get Mel separate cards on her birthday. Later, Myra goes to see Chrissy at work because she's concerned about Mel and Chloe. Chrissy tells Myra that she's surprised that Gary can't forgive her but Myra asks does Chrissy really think that's possible after what she's done? Chrissy realises that she might loose everything . . . Tanya finds out from Lucy what's been going on while she was away. She hears all about Brendan's new sexuality and about Danny and Sean!moreless
  • Episode 1888
    Episode 1888
    Episode 125
    Cameron persuades Mel to talk to Lewis about his drugs, she reluctantly agrees but when she goes to talk to Lewis he blows her off and reminds her that she told him that she didn't like him . . . also, Brendan approaches Mel and tells her that he only told her about the guys because he thought she deserved to know the truth and tells her that he still wants to be with her. He gives her a gift that he says he bought before their engagement party, she doesn't want to open it so Lucy does instead. Inside there are two tickets to New York! Meanwhile, Chloe reminds Gary and Chrissy that it's Mel's 18th birthday the next day! They hurry to buy her useless presents and find unused balloon from Christmas but when Mel gets home she catches everybody in the act and tells them that she's not all that bothered about her birthday after everything. Tanya and Charlie return home and Tanya tells Sean that Charlie and Babs got on like a house on fire much to Sean's surprise. Sean tells Tanya that all he's been up to is gardening . . . Yasmin offers Geri a bed for the night after she starts complaining about Dave and Cheryl again. At first, Geri is reluctant to accept because of the girl's history together but when Yasmin throws comparing the competitors legs in Wimbledon, Geri can't say no . . . Cheryl figures out that Patrick's up to something. Her suspicions are confirmed when a young guy is called in for questioning and in a drunken state asks to see Patrick. When he's cleared up and gone home, Cheryl breaks into Patrick's office and into his filing cabinet. She finds the bracelet that Dave had given her that she thought she'd lost and also copies of the pictures sent by her stalker . . . Cheryl figures out that Patrick is her stalker! As the revelation comes to her, she hears Patrick coming back. In a moment of panic she locks up the filing cabinet but forgets to put the bracelet back. She tells Patrick she was just looking for a file . . .moreless
  • Episode 1887
    Episode 1887
    Episode 124
    Cheryl gets drunk and throws a darts match which her teammates are less than impressed with! Dave looses his patience with her and pushes her to move out of the flat ASAP. Geri finds out that she's got leukemia. Yasmin is devastated by the news and Cat (who has just returns from her break with Doug in the health spa) is deeply concerned. Geri seems pretty calm about the whole thing until her consultation where the doctor informs her that the treatment she has may disable her ability to have children. Lewis has a very bad day; firstly, on Justin's advice, he goes to see Mel to see if anything of their relationship can be salvaged but she's not interested because he turns up high and when she calls him on it, he offers Mel drugs! Later, Lewis has a go at Brendan at the cafe in front of Les and Denise which costs him his job and then, later when Cameron goes round to see Mel she tells him that Lewis is using again! Cameron goes home and tells Lewis that he doesn't want anything more to do with him!moreless
  • Episode 1886
    Episode 1886
    Episode 123
    Denise tries to come to terms with her son's sexuality but Brendan tells Sean that he is not gay and that he's put all that stuff behind him now. Despite this, Mel still refuses to talk to him. Also, when Chloe asks what's going on with Mel and Brendan her parents are surprised to hear that she's more understanding and less sexist than any of them because she's been spending time talking to Charlie and Sean. Dave confesses to Eileen that he doesn't want to break up with Cheryl but he doesn't really have another option. Also, he's struggling to raise the funds for Cash and Dash. Geri heads to the hospital to get her test results but only Yasmin knows. Yasmin gives Geri a rabbit's foot that used to belong to her grandmother who used it as a source of good luck! At the hospital, Geri nearly leaves without hearing her results but seeing the rabbit's foot makes her stick around until her name is called out at least . . .moreless
  • Episode 1885
    Episode 1885
    Episode 122
    Marc is surprised to see Geri working in the Swan, Yasmin and Geri wind him up. Later, Marc follows Geri home and she tells him to get lost. Mel is upset with Gary for how he's treating Chrissy and tells him that he can't give the toast at their engagement party. But there won't be time for speeches anyway because Les and Denise force Brendan to tell her the truth about his sexuality! She's shocked and horrified and even more so when she finds out that Lewis knew the whole time. Lewis tells Mel that he wants to be with her and they kiss but she pulls away and tells him that she doesn't want to be with him. Mel then returns to the party where she announces to everyone that she and Brendan won't be getting married since she would rather not marry somebody who would rather sleep with men . . .moreless
  • Episode 1884
    Episode 1884
    Episode 121
    Cheryl confronts Patrick about telling Dave about their night together, he lies and tells her that Dave pretty much knew anyway all he had to do was fill in the blanks. Also, Dave tells Cheryl to keep the money she gave him for the cab firm and later tells Eileen that he's going to have to find another way of collecting the cash. He chooses not to tell Gary until he's absolutely certain he can't get the money . . . It's a rough day for Chrissy after Gary's revelations last night. She tries to make him see sense and uses Mel and Chloe as pawns. But Gary will have none of it and is insistent that he and Chrissy should not be together. They decide to leave things until after Brendan and Mel's engagement part but when Mel asks for a family portrait it all gets too much for Chrissy and she runs to her room in tears. At first Mel has a go at her mum for being so selfish but then Chrissy tells Mel that Gary didn't love her any more . . . Les has got a bee in his bonnet and he finally lets it out! He confronts Brendan and asks him outright if he's gay. Brendan is outraged and grabs his rather aggressively but lets him go and storms out! At first he thinks Lewis has let the cat out of the bag but when Lewis denies all knowledge, Brendan turns to Sean. Sean reassures Brendan that nobody knows about their fling from him but then Danny comes in and lets Brendan know that he knows . . . Brendan storms out. Meanwhile, Les is out searching for Brendan. Denise returns home and Les tells her that he asked Brendan if he was gay. Denise can't believe it and can see no reason for Les doing such a thing and the fact that Les confesses that Caleb told him only confirms her suspicions that it's all lies! But none of this changes Les' mind . . .moreless
  • Episode 1883
    Episode 1883
    Episode 120
    Dave decides not to believe Patrick's accusations but he does ask Cheryl about her relationship with him. She tells Dave that they're just work colleagues but later, after he speaks with Patrick, Dave gets paranoid when Cheryl's out late with the darts team. They have it out when she gets home and Dave tells Cheryl that they should never have got back together. Also, Eileen offers Gary and Dave "Cash & Dash" as a premises for their cab firm. Yasmin tries to bond with Geri and is concerned about her health. Geri has a bone marrow test tomorrow but Yasmin is the only one who knows and she volunteers to go with Geri. Geri decides not to take up the offer. It's a big day for Chrissy, she's organising a dinner party! Her parole officer is pleased that she and Gary are doing things as a couple but Gary isn't so keen. Chrissy and Sharon have no luck in getting Bradley and Mel back together and later, Sharon notices that Gary isn't wearing his wedding ring. Chrissy lies that he's getting it resized because he's lost so much weight what with not having been having lunches every day in The City. In truth, Gary can't bring himself to wearing the ring. He confronts Chrissy and tells her that she can't keep trying to manipulate their daughters. He tells her that he wants a trial separation. Chrissy is devastated.moreless
  • Episode 1882
    Episode 1882
    Episode 119
    Geri returns to find Marc half naked living under Cat and Doug's roof. Needing a place to stay she turns to Dave but soon finds out that he and Cheryl have broken up and that he's now sleeping in her old room. She decides to give match making a go and talks to both Cheryl and Dave and convinces them that they need to talk to each other. Cheryl is having a rough day after the night before when she slept with Patrick. She tells him that it wasn't exactly a mistake but she didn't mean for it to happen. Later, Cheryl and Dave finally sit down and talk. They realise that neither of them wants to break up and so decide to give things another go and Dave decides to let Cheryl lend him the money for the cab firm, to avoid any other dodgy dealings. Cheryl decides not to tell Dave about her fling with Patrick so he's a little surprised when Patrick tells him what happened . . . Chrissy's plotting against Brendan and Mel, and seems to want everyone to know. She tells Les and Gary that she's set up the dinner party with the Fosters so that Mel will come to her senses! Meanwhile, Brendan gets irritated when he finds out that Mel invited Sean to their engagement party. Later, after bumping into Brendan, Sean tells Danny what happened between them.moreless
  • Episode 1881
    Episode 1881
    Episode 118
    After the weekend, Cheryl is left wondering if breaking up with Dave was the right thing to do. He assures her that it was. She goes to work frustrated and ends up lashing out on a suspect who pushes her too far and she slaps him! Later, we see Patrick pay off the guy who wound up Cheryl, he tells him that he did a good job . . . Oblivious, Cheryl decides to have an after hours drinking session with Patrick. One thing leads to another and at the end of the evening they kiss. Patrick invites Cheryl back to his place; she accepts! Sean and Danny have been out every night over the weekend and Sean wants a quiet night in, so he's a little bit put our when Danny shows up at the flat. Later, Sean confirms that Danny is clear on the fact that they are just good friends. Also, Les is very quiet during Brendan and Mel's engagement party planning session. Later, he has a quiet drink with Sean and tells him about his friend who's just found out his son is gay . . . Bradley's mum shows up to surprise Chrissy. They have a drink together and Chrissy catches up with all the gossip from Chigwell including a man who's left his wife to be with another man . . . Chrissy probably won't find such matters so funny when she finds out about Brendan's little secret . . . Chrissy also tells the story of Mel's relationship with Brendan and confesses that she still doesn't approve so she invites her and Bradley to dinner on Wednesday so that perhaps they can get to know each other again . . . also, Chrissy finally persuades Gary to get the money for his cab firm from Myra.moreless
  • Episode 1880
    Episode 1880
    Episode 117
    Danny shows up at Sean's place and since Tanya is out of town he invites him in. They spend the early evening together and then head to Sadie's party where Danny gets to know the neighbours. Later, they head home and when Danny tells Sean he's going to miss his tube Sean offers for him to stay the night . . . in separate bedrooms of course! Eileen tells Sam that she'd some to Mike's flat looking for Mike. She wanted to make sure that Mike had kept his promise to Sam. Later, Sam shows up at the Swan and Eileen tells him how sorry she is but says that what Pete told him was true and that now wasn't the right time for him to be in Charnham. Afterward, Eileen goes into the street and finds a quiet dark corner and sobs . . . Sadie's birthday goes great, her cousin Ursula does not show up but does send a pompous e-mail that Sadie felt upstaged her. Despite that, everyone has a great time and Pete makes his speech declaring that Sadie is the best friend anyone could ever have and toasts her as the first lady of Charnham! Cheryl confronts Dave about his supposed affair with Eileen. He tells her that he'd gone to see Sam with Eileen because she was in a "right state". Cheryl apologises for playing the jealous girlfriend but Dave has a confession to make. He tells her about the stolen mobiles and about his deal with Patrick. Despite Dave's honesty when Cheryl asks him if he would have told her had Patrick not caught him, she tells him it's over!moreless
  • Episode 1879
    Episode 1879
    Episode 116
    Sadie worries about being upstaged when she hears her cousin Ursula has been invited to her birthday party but later relaxes as she catches up with her thespian friends! Eileen has a nightmare in which Mike comes back to the pub and attacks her. Her paranoia drives her to insisting that Dave take her to Mike's flat so they can retrieve the original copy of the tape on which Eileen confesses to the arson at the cafe. When they get there, they can't find it and then, as they're about to leave, Sam turns up at the door! Tanya and Charlie decide to spend a few days with Tanya's mother, they leave that evening.moreless
  • Episode 1878
    Episode 1878
    Episode 115
    Eileen's annoyed when Pete tells Sam to get lost. Later, Pete tells Eileen that he dumped Mike's body in a river after weighing it down . . . Gary hurries Dave with the money for the cab firm after he hears that somebody else is in the running. This news leads Dave to make a bad decision: he agrees to sell some mobile phones that, um, "fell off the back of the lorry"! Patrick catches Dave in the act and tels him that he won't arrest him if he tells Cheryl the truth . . .moreless
  • Episode 1877
    Episode 1877
    Episode 114
    Eileen distracts Pete long enough to tear the tape apart. When Pete plays it he thinks the tape player has chewed up the tape . . . also, when Pete questions Eileen about what Mike was doing back in Charnham she has to tell him about Sam to convince him that there was nothing going on with her and Mike. Pete forgives but Eileen can't forget what they've done to Mike and when Sam turns up asking about the whereabouts of his dad it brings the whole thing home for Eileen and Lucy. Lucy convinces her mum to get rid of Sam for the time being and later, Pete suggests that Sam should stay away for a while, for Lucy's sake of course . . .moreless
  • Episode 1876
    Episode 1876
    Episode 113
    Dave and Eileen tell Lucy that she only killed Mike in self defense and that this isn't her fault! Dave persuades Eileen to tell the police the truth and goes to fetch Cheryl. In the meantime, Pete returns and when Eileen tells him what's happened he decides that what they need to do is keep a lid on things and dispose of the body because this is just the opportunity the police have been waiting for to get back at him. Eileen gets rid of Cheryl while Pete gets rid of Mike . . . he finds a tape in Mike's pocket and when he returns from getting rid of Mike he starts to play the tape for Eileen . . .moreless
  • Episode 1875
    Episode 1875
    Episode 112
    The jury have not been able to reach a verdict so, as if to prolong Eileen's agony, the judge sends them back to deliberate further until they can reach a verdict upon which they are all agreed. Meanwhile, Dave finds the pictures from Cheryl's stalker. She tells him about Patrick's plan to catch her stalker. She agrees to go through the proper channels but Patrick is less than happy when Cheryl breaks the news to him. Although he tells her that he'll back her up if anyone at work gives her a hard time. Gary tells Dave that it'll cost them £1500 as a set up cost for their cab firm as well as rent for the premises. Dave tells Gary that's a lot of money, but Gary's optimistic. The jury returns to the court for a second time and reveal that they have indeed reached a verdict. They find Pete . . . not guilty of Roy's murder. Eileen is thrilled. Mike, who's been following the preceding is less so. Pete stays in then court to finish a few things off. Eileen and Lucy return back to the Swan with their good news. Cat isn't so thrilled when she hears but Sadie is over the moon telling everyone that it's the best birthday present sh could've hoped for. But the celebrations are short lived for Eileen because within minutes of returning home Mike shows up! He assaults Eileen but she fights back! He drags her into the bathroom. Lucy hears her mother's cries and comes running. Mike has locked them both in the bathroom. Lucy calls to Dave who comes running. He kicks down the door and pulls Mike off Eileen who runs into the living room with Lucy as Dave beats Mike . . . when Mike is down, Dave comes to check if Eileen is OK. She's shocked and scarred . . . from the corner of her eye, Lucy sees Mike moving. She runs towards him yelling: "What have you done to my mum?!?!" She knocks him over into the side of the bath . . . he falls to the floor . . . motionless . . .moreless
  • Episode 1874
    Episode 1874
    Episode 111
    Both sides put up a convincing closing argument as Pete's trial reaches it's climax and the judge sends the jury out to consider it's verdict. As Eileen, Lucy and Dave await the jury's return, Dave begs Eileen not to sacrifice her relationship with Lucy for Pete but she stands by what she said and repeats herself: if Pete is found guilty; she will confess! Eileen sends Dave back to the Swan. There, he gets into a conversation with Gary. Both will probably be looking for work so they decide that instead of looking for new work they'll be their own bosses and set up their own cab firm! Meanwhile, Doug decides to take Cat away from the chaos of Charnham for two weeks to a health spa with Davie. Back in court, as the jury return, Mike shows up to hear the verdict! So: guilty or not guilty?moreless
  • Episode 1873
    Episode 1873
    Episode 110
    The homeless girl who Pete saw on Charnham common the night of the fire comes forward as a witness in his case. It looks like her testimony will turn the whole trial around but the prosecution lawyer tears her statement apart when it comes to light she was taking drugs on the night she saw Pete . . . Cheryl doesn't get her promotion and is furious with Patrick! He tells her they can't mix business and their personal lives but later asks for Cheryl's forgiveness. Which she gives. When she returns home, however, she finds an envelope on her kitchen table. They contain images taken by her stalker. We cut to Patrick in his car, he's looking through the same pictures and gets to one with Cheryl and Dave. He tears it in half and discards Dave's half . . .moreless
  • Episode 1872
    Episode 1872
    Episode 109
    Pete looses his temper in court and ends up telling the jury that he's been in the dock before for manslaughter! Also, Cheryl confides in Patrick about her stalker, not realising it's him . . . Sadie reveals that she's going to be 70, Justin has to pay out on all his bets!!!moreless
  • Episode 1871
    Episode 1871
    Episode 108
  • Episode 1870
    Episode 1870
    Episode 107
    Mike persuades Eileen to give evidence against Pete. Under pressure, she agrees and changes her statement. But when she's called to the stand she tells the court that Pete didn't do and she knows who did. Pete's lawyer asks her to reveal who really did it...
  • Episode 1869
    Episode 1869
    Episode 106
    Pete feels things might be looking up when Eileen introduces the new evidence against Kirkdale. But it brings bad news for Cheryl when her boss finds out she's been blabbing internal matters to her boyfriend and warns her that she should lose Dave if she's really interested in that promotion . . . later, when Mike finds out that Eileen is trying so save Pete from prison he plays her the tape of her confessing to the fire and tells her that if she doesn't testify that Pete threatened her and forced her into giving him a false alibi, Mike would play the tape for Pete and Lucy!moreless
  • Episode 1868
    Episode 1868
    Episode 105
    Geri decides she needs to spend some time with her family so she heads off to see them in Wales. When Doug hears the news, he invites Marc to sleep on the couch at his and Cat's place. Cat is less than happy with the arrangement and lets her feelings be known to Doug. It's Sam's birthday. He notices how hard it is for Eileen having Mike around and worrying that Mike's only around because of him, he decides to leave for a while. Eileen makes him promise to come and see her and Lucy again soon. Pete's trial begins and Kirkdale presents some damning evidence against him. Later, Cheryl tells Dave that Kirkdale could find himself up for investigation for planting evidence in another case. Dave goes to tell Eileen who now has a tough decision to make. Will she tell Pete's defense lawyer about Kirkdale which brings his evidence against Pete into light? If she does, Pete will soon be out to get whoever set him up and he could find out the truth . . .moreless
  • Episode 1867
    Episode 1867
    Episode 104
  • Episode 1866 - Yasmin or Geri?
    Kirkdale returns to try to persuade Eileen to give evidence against Pete in his upcoming trial. She refuses. Also, Eileen finally gives in to Lucy and agrees that they will go and see Pete tomorrow! Marc has a tough decision to make, and so did the judges at Miss Charnham but they chose . . . Mel Costello and she was crowned. So Marc had to decide, would he stay with Yasmin after her lies or would he go with Geri? He visited Geri after the Miss Charnham contest and he could sense there was something wrong with her, as could Cat. When Marc leaves, Geri admits to Cat that she's had some blood tests and it looks like she might have cancer! Geri makes Cat promise not to tell anyone but when Marc comes round, Cat tells him the truth! He wants to go and see Geri but Cat tells him that she's got enough stress without him and so he goes home where he tells Yasmin that he's going to stay with her and give their marriage another try . . .moreless
  • Episode 1865
    Episode 1865
    Episode 102
    Geri is out to get Yasmin and expose her for the fraud she really is! But when she tries to tell Marc the truth about his wife, she can't seem to get out the words, especially since he thinks he's just lost his child . . . later, after she causes a scene backstage, Trevor has words with Geri. During her talent, Geri performs a card trick that wows the audience she and Yasmin then head backstage where Geri tells Yasmin that she knows the truth, but don't realise they're both wearing mikes! Yasmin tries to explain her way out of it but Geri can't see that there's any excuse for what Yasmin has done. Meanwhile, Justin is messing with the sound system in the pub and gets it working but it plays Yasmin and Geri's conversation to everyone! They re-enter and are greeted by Marc - he now has to choose . . . will he stay with Yasmin after what she's done???moreless
  • Episode 1864
    Episode 1864
    Episode 101
    Cheryl's boss puts her in an awkward position after she planned to pull a sickie so that she could enter Miss Charnham. She's forced to work instead. The rehearsals for Miss Charnham get underway and Trevor drives all of the entrants mad with his fussing! During the proceedings, Chrissy and Yasmin get a moment alone together. Chrissy tells Yasmin that she can't go along with Marc's plan for them to try for another baby because she can't have kids, but Yasmin tells her that if she told him that she was unable to have kids she'd have to tell him the truth - that she was never pregnant in the first place! All this is going on while the Justin's video camera is still running and captures the whole conversation! Later, Geri reviews the tape to see where she went wrong during her rehearsal and sees the conversation where Yasmin confesses all!moreless
  • Episode 1863
    Episode 1863
    Episode 100
    Everyone's very sympathetic after hearing Yasmin's awful news, but Chrissy tells her that she shouldn't have lied. Yasmin tells her that she did all she could to save her marriage and points out that after what Chrissy did to her family, she's in no position to comment! Later, after Cameron tells Yasmin she needs to end her one woman campaign against Geri,she points out that Geri and her husband were planning running away together over Easter. Cameron confronts Geri, demanding the truth, which is all she can tell him and so when asked if she loves him, she doesn't have an answer . . . he tells her it's over!moreless
  • Episode 1862
    Episode 1862
    Episode 99
    Eileen gets Chrissy to agree to host a fashion show as part of Miss Charnham while Justin and Kelly decide to document the event as part of Kelly's media project. Geri assures Yasmin that she won't tell Marc that Yasmin knew about their affair. But when Marc asks Geri to keep away from Yasmin she just can't help but tell him the truth! He confronts Yasmin, after an argument, he leaves and goes to speak with Doug. Doug reminds Marc that he's not exactly the image of honesty himself . . . Marc returns to Yasmin, she tells him she's had a miscarriage. He is devastated . . .moreless
  • Episode 1861 - Voting Begins
    Yasmin confesses to both Chrissy and Geri that she read Marc's letter! Lucy, Mel, Tanya, Cheryl, Geri and Yasmin all entered the Miss Charnham contest! While Doug, Sadie, Sean and a special celebrity guest will judge! Justin's in the dog house after he sent the wrong invitations for Cat and Dog's wedding (**sorry, DoUg!)!moreless
  • Episode 1860
    Episode 1860
    Episode 97
    Justin's mistake at the cafe costs Doug £5,000. Justin makes up for it by booking Cat and Doug a wedding venue. Also, Cat isn't sure that Doug adopting Davie is such a good idea. Sam helps Mike fix his car, but neither of them now that they're related . . . meanwhile, Lucy gets close to discovering the truth. Yasmin's results from the hospital are not good, she can't have children. Chrissy tells her she has no choice but to tell Marc the truth but out of fear for what Marc will do, Yasmin simply cannot . . .moreless
  • Episode 1859
    Episode 1859
    Episode 96
    Gary tells Chrissy he loves her but confesses to Myra that he's not sure he means it . . . Cat worries about her wedding and asks Trevor to give a helping hand, he tells her that he's finished with that business and is concentrating on the Miss Charnham contest. He and Cat persuade Yasmin to enter, Trevor says that seeing her go up against Geri will make things interesting! Later, Geri visits the hospital and bumps into Yasmin who's in tears. Earlier, Yasmin told Chrissy that she had an appointment to find out whether or not she could have kids! Lucy and Sam are determined to discover the identity of his father. Eileen confesses to Dave that Sam's her son and he guesses that his father is Mike! Eileen calls the number she has for Mike to make sure that he's not around so that Lucy and Sam can't find him but instead she alerts Mike and he shows up at the Swan!moreless
  • Episode 1858
    Episode 1858
    Episode 95
    Chrissy is let off the hook and only has to attend counseling sessions. Cat, Sadie and Kelly think it's outrages that she should not be punished for what she's done to Chloe. Also, Chrissy gets the impression from Gary that he doesn't trust her. Sam and Lucy try to find out the identity of his father, but Eileen says she can't remember . . .moreless
  • Episode 1857
    Episode 1857
    Episode 94
  • Episode 1856
    Episode 1856
    Episode 93
    Eileen tells Sam that she never wanted him and that's why she gave him up. But when she sees how much it's hurting him, she admits how hard it was for her, and how hard it's been ever since. She shows him his hospital tag that she's kept since he was born. At the end of the episode, Lucy returns from a night out with the girls to find her mum on the doorstep of the Swan looking lovingly into Sam's eyes and after he rejected her in the previous episode, she jumps to the conclusion that he and Eileen are seeing each other!moreless
  • Episode 1855
    Episode 1855
    Episode 92
  • Episode 1854
    Episode 1854
    Episode 91
  • Episode 1853
    Episode 1853
    Episode 90
  • Episode 1852
    Episode 1852
    Episode 89
  • Episode 1851
    Episode 1851
    Episode 88
  • Episode 1850
    Episode 1850
    Episode 87
  • Episode 1849
    Episode 1849
    Episode 86
  • Episode 1848
    Episode 1848
    Episode 85
  • Episode 1847
    Episode 1847
    Episode 84
  • Episode 1846
    Episode 1846
    Episode 83
  • Episode 1845
    Episode 1845
    Episode 82
  • Episode 1844
    Episode 1844
    Episode 81
    Brendan takes part in a police line up.
  • Episode 1843
    Episode 1843
    Episode 80
    Nicks abusive ways finally catch up with him and officers from the child protection team arrive to take Charlie into care.
  • Episode 1842
    Episode 1842
    Episode 79
    Brendan discovers the identity of the gym thief and his double life is threatened to exposure
  • Episode 1841
    Episode 1841
    Episode 78
    Tanya discovers her boyfriend, Nick, is under investiagation for child abuse in Manchester.
  • Episode 1840
    Episode 1840
    Episode 77
    Despite Sean's objections, Tanya goes to see Nick. She lets herself in. There doesn't appear to be anybody home but there is a broken glass on the floor. Tanya clears it up and as she puts it in the bin she notices an empty bottle. As she examines it, Nick comes home. Tanya tells him that she wants to talk. At first he's upset but then he calms down. They sit for coffee but as soon as Tanya starts to ask about Charlie's whereabouts Nick realises that her only concern is with Charlie and that she doesn't trust him. Just as Nick is about to loose his temper with her, Sean knocks on the door. Tanya lets him in and he tells Nick that if he ever hurts Tanya then he'll kill him! They leave, leaving Nick crying inside while Tanya breaks down outside . . . There's something wrong with Chloe. Myra soon discovers what it is - the truth about Chrissy. Later, Gary tries to explain why Chrissy is in a mental institution and why he didn't tell her. But Chloe gets the impression that she is to blame for playing along with her mum's game! Yasmin boasts about her wonderful all nighter with Marc to Geri and Cat. Geri gets the impression that Yasmin knows about her and Marc but Cat tells her she's just being daft. Also, Marc goes to see Cameron to make sure that he doesn't tell Yasmin about his affair with Geri. Cameron tells him that he won't and asks to see Geri. When she hears, Geri rushes to the hospital! Cameron tells her that he'd planned to say so many horrible things to her but now that she was there he felt better. The bond . . . Les spots Caleb on Stanley Street, he approaches him and tells him that he's already warned him to stay away from his wife. Caleb tells him that he was there to see Les and not Denise. Les invites him in and they talk. Caleb tells Les about the HIV tests. Les sympathises. Caleb tells him that Denise had picked Les. Les is pleased and when Denise returns home, Les is happy enough to let them stay in the same room together and unsupervised! Also, Brendan and Caleb's DNA results come back. Brendan says that no matter what the results are, Les is his real father. The match was positive . . .moreless
  • Episode 1839
    Episode 1839
    Episode 76
    Tanya plots against Nick. She calls Sue and tries to persuade her to put pressure on Nick. Then, Tanya sees Charlie with Myra and Chloe. She offers to take him for a bit to give Myra a break. Myra thanks her. At their place, Tanya and Sean try to persuade Charlie to tell Sue the truth about Nick but he isn't comfortable about it. He tells Tanya that Nick is angry with him as it is. Tanya and Sean let him go back to the Costellos. Later, Sue comes to see Tanya but its all bad news. She tells Tanya that there's nothing they can do . . . Later, Tanya goes to see Nick. He tells her that he and Charlie have just had a visit from a social worker but that she probably already knew that. Tanya tries to explain but Nick looses his temper and tells Tanya to get out! Reduced to tears, Tanya leaves. When she's gone Nick asks Charlie if he's happy now that he's ruined that relationship too . . . Brendan wants to start planning his wedding to Mel but she's worried about the costs. Gary pays Les a visit, they agree to work together on the wedding but Gary makes it very clear that he wouldn't accept a hand-out from the Boulters. Also, Charlie tells Chloe that Chrissy is in a mental hospital after he hears Tanya and Eileen discussing it. Chloe doesn't believe him and says that her dad would have told her something like that . . . Eileen visits Chrissy and tells Gary she's looking better. Geri threatens Shane so he pays Cameron a visit. He tells him that if he mentions his name to the police he'll make sure Lewis is taken down with him. Later, Cameron tells Lewis who tells him that he's ready to pay for what he's done. Cameron tells him that he wouldn't do that to Lewis as long as he promised to stay away from Shane and the drugs . . . Lewis promises. Doug sees Jeff going to see Sadie at home, but she's working. He suggests to Sadie that she tells her groom-to-be the truth . . . Marc plays the caring husband when Yasmin has morning sickness. Later, in the Swan, she boasts to Cat about how great things are with Marc, loudly, so that Geri has no trouble over-hearing. Yasmin then asks Geri what happened with the cruise ship thing. Geri tells her that it all fell through at the last minute. But they both know the truth. Later, Yasmin sees Marc and Geri in the street. He begs her to come back to him but she tells him to go back to his wife. Yasmin is clearly pleased and, later, persuades Marc to give their marriage another go. She admits that at one point she thought Marc was having an affair with Geri! He calls that ludicrous . . .moreless
  • Episode 1838
    Episode 1838
    Episode 75
    Yasmin goes for an abortion, against her wishes. Meanwhile, Geri tells Doug that Marc's forcing Yasmin into having an abortion. He goes to see Marc and tells him that he's called Marc's mum and the job in Ireland is off. Yasmin decides not to have an abortion, Marc tells her he's glad and that they shouldn't sacrifice the life of a child just because of their relationship. Dave confronts Cat after Cheryl told him that Cat still fancied him. Cat gets the wrong end of the stick and thought that Dave asking her out! Brendan told Caleb that there was no way that anyone other than Les was his father. But Caleb insisted they have a DNA test at which point Denise walks in and tells Caleb to get out. Later, Brendan talks things over with Sean. Sean offers to go to the DNA test with him and "hold his hand"! Brendan tells him he's not ready for them to take a step like that. Sean gets fed up of always having to hide when he's with Brendan and since Brendan isn't easy to go out they decide to break up. Brendan returns home and tells Denise that he wants to know who he is - he's going to have the DNA test . . . Sue, a social worker, talks to both Charlie and Nick. She comes to the conclusion that there's nothing wrong and puts Charlie's bruises down to fighting at school. She promises Tanya that she'll keep an eye on them both. Later, Tanya breaks down while telling Sean what happened. She tells him she doesn't know what to do . . . Shane pushes Lewis too far and Lewis goes for him in the Swan. DC Cheryl is on hand to break up the fight, Lewis tells her that Shane knows where Cameron is. She gets the info from Shane and Lewis heads out, Geri asks if she can come to help. He doesn't this that it would be a very good idea but agrees. They eventually find Cameron covered in blood and unconscious. They call an ambulance. Later, in hospital, the doctor tells Lewis that Cameron is in a bad way. When he wakes up, Cameron can't feel his legs . . .moreless
  • Episode 1837
    Episode 1837
    Episode 74
    Brendan sees Shane riding Cameron's bike. Shane tells him that he's seen Brendan in Radar, the same gay bar Sean saw him at . . . Later, Lewis and Brendan try to interrogate Shane into telling them where Cameron is but they get nowhere. Meanwhile, Cameron wakes up after being knocked out. He can't move. He calls Lewis and leaves a message on his phone that he needs his help but Shane has Lewis' phone. Later, Lewis gets his phone back, but is it too late for Cameron??? More bad news for Brendan, when Caleb returns! He tells him that his mother had been keeping something from him. The fact that Les might not be his father, but his father might be Caleb . . . the news came as Brendan was heading out to a secret dinner with Sean. Marc pressures Yasmin into having an abortion. She thinks about it and tells Marc that she wants to do it because she'd rather not lose him . . . she reminds him of the baby she lost and tells him that she thinks about her all the time . . . how old she'd be, what she'd look like??? All this doesn't change Marc's mind. He wants Yasmin to get rid of the baby. She agrees and he heads straight round to tell Geri. But Geri can see right through Marc and knows that he's making Yasmin give up the baby. She tells him that she won't take him back . . . Doug gets a phone call to tell him that the offer he and Cat made on the house has been accepted! Cat's so excited, Sadie seems less thrilled. Also, Cheryl tells Dave that she thinks Cat might still fancy him. This is news to him . . . It's Sean's birthday. Tanya gets him a gift but tells him that if she hadn't bought it before last night she wouldn't have bothered. They make up-ish. Tanya tells Sean about Nick's invitation for her to move to Cornwall with him and Charlie. Sean points out that they have a baby on the way. She tells him that she wouldn't even consider saying "yes". But later, she tells Nick that she's still thinking about it. He's very much thinking about it and has estate agent's brochures to prove it! Later, Nick brings Charlie to the casualty where Tanya works after he fell off his bike. When Nick leaves the room, Tanya finds a bunch of bruises which Charlie tries to prevent her from seeing. Tanya thinks Nick's probably been mis-treating his son and she calls in social services . . .moreless
  • Episode 1836
    Episode 1836
    Episode 73
    Sean feels abandoned again when Tanya tells him she's spending the night at Nick's. He expresses his distrust of Nick. Tanya goes to Nick's despite this. At dinner, Tanya is preoccupied with what Sean said earlier. Nick suggests they invite Sean round to try and build bridges. Sean comes round, but as soon as Tanya leaves the room, he and Nick are at each other's throats. Sean leaves early. Tanya realises that Sean isn't going to make this easy for her and that, in fact, he's probably going to make her choose between him and Nick . . . then, Nick invites Tanya to come and live with him in Cornwall where he's just been offered a six month contract . . . Lewis meets Shane in the Swan. Shane tells him that he took a fancy to Cameron's bike and wants it back. Lewis tells him that's not going to happen. As Lewis leaves the pub he bumps into somebody, then leaves. The person he bumped into turns to Shane to show him that he nicked Lewis' mobile phone. Shane texts Cameron from Lewis' phone and asks if they can meet. Cameron heads straight there after a quick call to Geri's answer machine to ask her to meet him in about an hour or so . . . but Cameron gets to the meeting with his brother to find that it is in fact Shane and his mates. They beat him then Shane steals his bike and as he rides off, he knocks Cameron over and knocks him out! Sadie warns Cat that if she doesn't stop interfering in her affairs then they won't be friends much longer. She tells her that she's going to have a long and happy marriage to Jeff . . . Yasmin finishes Marc's letter. She hears him coming up the stairs and puts the note back how she found it and hides in the bedroom. Marc comes in, takes the note and dumps his stuff. He then goes back to Geri's. She tells him that she doesn't want anything to do with him. He tells her that he took the letter from his flat to buy them time, but Geri believes that he took it so that Yasmin won't dump him. Geri throws him out. Marc wanders around for a while. He goes to see Doug who tells him to go back to Yasmin and his baby-to-be. Marc wanders around some more. He tries to see Geri again but Cat prevents him from going up to her flat. Marc eventually returns home. He finds Yasmin has set up a romantic evening for them. He tells her that he doesn't want their baby, then walks out!moreless
  • Episode 1835
    Episode 1835
    Episode 72
    Lewis is worried, he hasn't seem Cameron since yesterday morning. He asks Tanya and Sean if they've seen him, Tanya says that as she was leaving work she overheard that someone was coming in after a motorcycle crash. She calls work, but it wasn't Cameron. No relief to Lewis since he still has no idea where his brother's gone . . . Also, Justin tells Shane to leave when he starts pressuring Lewis in the Swan. Jeff makes a flying visit! Cat finds out that she accepted his proposal. She tells Doug, who's more interested in a house that he's found. Cat heads to the shop and tells Sadie that she can't marry Jeff for his money. Sadie seems to agree but doesn't want to let Jeff down . . . Their big day has finally arrived. Geri can't wait to get away with Marc, but he's got other things on his mind. Like the fact that Yasmin's having a baby! She's delighted and wants to "shout it from the rooftops", but Marc suggests that they should keep it under wraps for the time being. Still, Yasmin gets a little too carried away and even grabs a baby magazine from the shop and sets about making a list of things she's going to need when the baby arrives! She might want to add "father" to that list . . . Meanwhile, Geri tells her nearest and dearest that she's got a fabulous job on a cruise and that she'll be gone for at least six months. Dave and Cheryl are delighted that they'll get the flat to themselves. Geri tells Cat the truth. Since she's having a rough day anyway, Cat's not pleased for them at all! She tries to make Geri see sense but Geri is determined to go forward with Marc and tells Cat that she doesn't care if she never sees her again! Also, Marc tells Justin what he's planning to do. Later, Geri tells Marc that she's told Cat. He's upset with her because Cat'll only tell Doug. He's right. As soon as Doug hears he heads to Marc and Yasmin's flat and catches Marc just in time. He's just finished is good-bye note to Yasmin and has packed his bag . . . Whilst all this is going on, Cat goes to work to see Yasmin. Yasmin lets slip that she's pregnant and when Yasmin leaves the room, Cat calls Doug. Doug and Marc have it out, but Doug can't change his son's mind. Marc storms out. He goes to Geri's. They grab their bags and as they head out of the door Cat shows up and tells Geri that Yasmin's pregnant. Geri is furious that Marc was sleeping with Yasmin when he promised her that he wasn't. He pleads with her to leave with him and they can talk everything through on the train. But Geri sends Marc back to Yasmin if she'll have him after she reads his note . . . Marc runs home. He's interrupted by Dave and Cheryl on their way home who have to tell him the good news that Geri's moving out (they're a little disappointed to return home and find she's still there!!!). Marc gets away as quickly as he can. He knocks over shelves in the shop and trips on the stairs!!! Meanwhile, Yasmin finds his note and starts to read . . . Oops!moreless
  • Episode 1834
    Episode 1834
    Episode 71
    Cat told Cheryl about her fling with Dave a few months ago. Cheryl was surprised since she thought they'd split up a long time ago. Cat told Cheryl what "got Dave going" when they were together . . . The estate agent came round to Sadie's house to show around some potential buyers. Sadie tried her best to show them the house's faults. Also, Cat continued her one woman campaign to see that Sadie does the right thing and turns Jeff's proposal down. Sadie chooses to ignore her advice and accepts over dinner in the cafe. After dinner, Sadie lies to Cat and Doug and tells them that she turned Jeff down . . . Marc's still angry with Yasmin. She begs him to talk to her. He almost tells her the truth about his affair with Geri, but something holds him back . . . He leaves but she follows and asks Marc if he still loves her. He tells her that he's not so sure that he does! He walks off leaving Yasmin in tears on the street. Tanya walks past and Yasmin has a go at her for telling Marc. She realises what she's done and takes Yasmin inside for a coffee. There, Yasmin tells Tanya that the worst thing is that she thinks she might be pregnant! Later, Yasmin takes a pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Marc tells Geri that he can't stand the lies any more and asks her to run away with him tomorrow. She agrees. Later, Marc has a pint with Justin. Marc tells him that he's got to go home and tell Yasmin something and he's not looking forward to it. Justin offers him his pearls of wisdom, which aren't too helpful . . . Marc walks home only to be greeted by Yasmin on the doorstep. He tells her that he's got something important to tell her and she tells him the same thing. They argue a little and Yasmin tells him that she's pregnant!moreless
  • Episode 1833
    Episode 1833
    Episode 70
    Cameron hired Brendan to help him get his bike back off Shane. Their plan worked and Shane was not all that happy about it! He threatened to beat up Cameron so badly that he wouldn't be able to ride the bike! Cameron didn't seem to care . . . Sadie pondered over Jeff's proposal. Cat did her best to persuade Sadie that marrying Jeff was not the only way to solve her financial problems and took Sadie to look at a "granny flat". But Sadie was put off by the size and by the fact that her neighbor-to-be was taken away in a body bag during their visit! Sadie confessed to Doug that she didn't think that Jeff was all that great, he warned her not to tell Cat that because she wouldn't shut up about it! Meanwhile, Cat is still planning her wedding she tried asking Yasmin's opinion but all she got was a reminder of Yasmin's wedding to Marc. Also, Cheryl tells Yasmin and Cat that there's a darts match that evening. Yasmin's not too keen and backs out at the last minute leaving the team a woman down. Cat's not too keen either when she hears that Cheryl wants them sober for the match. Cat defies her and still scores the winning points! Also, Patrick tells Cheryl that she's working another night shift when she's got the evening booked off so that she can spend it with Dave and Cat tells Yasmin that Dave and Cheryl are having trouble in their sex life! Yasmin still thinks Marc is the hero and thinks that the best thing to do is to tell Geri how lucky she is! Meanwhile, Tanya lets slip to Marc that she knows that he and Yasmin are trying for a baby. He doesn't know what she's talking about and walks away from the conversation. Later, as Marc takes out the rubbish in the flat the bag splits leaving rubbish all over the floor, including Yasmin's birth control pills that she threw away that morning!!! Marc immediately tries to find Tanya, he eventually does. She tells him what Yasmin told her yesterday (that they were trying for a baby). She wishes him luck and moves on. Marc returns home to Yasmin. He asks her why she was throwing out the birth control pill, she lies and tells him that the doctor changed her prescription because they were making her sick. He tells her that he's spoken to Tanya. Yasmin has no defense!moreless
  • Episode 1832
    Episode 1832
    Episode 69
    Cameron tells Geri that he knows about her and Marc. She's annoyed that he followed her. Later, Cameron bumps into Marc and Geri on the street and can't control his temper he and Marc go at it in the street and throw each other against Yasmin's new car! Yasmin, hearing her car alarm, runs into the street to find Cameron on top of her husband! She pulls him off and asks Marc what's going on. He tells her that Cameron can't get over the fact that he and Geri are finished so he was about to attack her when Marc came in to save the day . . . also, Yasmin finds the book on Dublin that Geri bought for Marc, he tells her that it was supposed to be a surprise - Yasmin ends up apologising! Cameron's not having a good day full stop. Shane wants the money that Lewis owes him and it doesn't help matters when Cameron confesses to Shane that he flushed the coke down the loo! In revenge, Shane steals Cameron's new bike! Cameron is furious with Lewis for letting things get out of control . . . Cat discusses her lack of a sex life with Dave and he tells her that he's not too happy in that department either due to Cheryl's late working hours. Cheryl isn't too impressed when Cat mentions this to her and gives Dave a little warning. He tells her that he'll make up for it by taking her to dinner, she's on the verge of agreeing when her boss enters and tells her that she's working . . . Things are getting a little over crowded at Sadie's . . . Sadie tells Doug that she has an appointment with the bank manager and bursts into tears at the thought of it. He agrees to go along with her and offer support. Afterwords, Doug tells Cat that the news isn't good and it looks like Sadie might have to sell her house. Nevertheless, Sadie goes to work to earn the extra money but Myra tells her to go home and get some rest. She leaves Sadie alone in the shop for a minute. Sadie opens the till and grabs a handful of twenties and is about to put them in her purse when Myra walks back in. She gives the money to Myra and asks for change for the till . . . Sadie then calls Jeff and arranges to meet him that evening for dinner. At dinner, Jeff buys Sadie flowers and tells her how fond he is of her . . . then proposes bringing out a ring which he claims he had difficulty getting off the hand of the first Mrs Lloyd! Sadie's lost for words . . .moreless
  • Episode 1831
    Episode 1831
    Episode 68
    Myra has the pleasure of meeting Jeff. She doesn't think that he's really the type of man Sadie would be seen with . . . Brendan and Sean meet again and are almost caught out when Brendan leaves his watch lying around Sean and Tanya's flat. Cat and Doug have trouble keeping their hands off each other! Cameron arrives back on his new motorbike to hear of Lewis's antics during his absence. He raids the flat and finds Lewis's cocaine. Lewis walks into the flat, which looks like a bombs hit it. He goes through everything and when he can't find the coke he asks Cameron what he's done with it. Cameron tells him that he's flushed it. Lewis looses it with Cameron who simply walks away from the conversation . . . later, Cameron seeks comfort from Geri but she's on her way to meet Marc at Doug's house. Cameron follows her and sees her kissing Marc . . . I guess their secret's out then!!!moreless
  • Episode 1830
    Episode 1830
    Episode 67
    Kelly is upset that her parents won't support her as long as she's with Justin. Although she'd prefer to avoid it, she goes to work with her parents. Brendan wakes up with Sean who cooks him breakfast but Brendan quickly left when Sean suggested that the next time they have dinner together Tanya should be there . . . Sadie's still concerned about money and confesses to Cat that she doesn't really like Jeff any more that she does but she can't resist him because he spends so much money on her. Lewis invites Lucy for a night out with his "friends" from college. She agrees after Kelly tells her that one of these "friends" is a drug dealer . . . later, Lucy finds out that Lewis is dealing drugs and tries to persuade him that this is no way to live . . . Tanya pops round to Nicks after leaving her keys there. She finds Charlie on his own. Charlie tries to tell her that Nick will be back soon but she doesn't believe him and calls Nick. He heads back to London. Once there, he and Tanya have an argument. She tries to offer to help but Nick thinks she's patronising him and throws her out. Tanya goes home and tells Sean what happened; he tries to persuade her to report Nick . . . Meanwhile, Nick loses his temper with Charlie. He tells him that he's ruined everything in his life and knocks him to the floor!moreless
  • Episode 1829
    Episode 1829
    Episode 66
    From BBC Pure Soap: Cat choked on her drink when Geri told Yasmin her secret lover was married. Yasmin started to think how it would feel if it was Marc. Cat warned Geri she was playing with fire. Lewis saw the destruction his cocaine had caused and Kelly asked him how he could live with it. Later he tried to explain to Denise it was his ‘gear' and not Justin's, she didn't believe him though. Charlie spilt his drink over Nick's negatives ruining some of his best work. Nick stopped himself from hitting Charlie when Tanya walked into the room. He acted like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Sadie hosted a dinner party for Jeff, her new flame, with the MacKenzie clan. Jeff faked a heart attack as an April fool prank. Nobody found it funny, they just thought he was an idiot.moreless
  • Episode 1828
    Episode 1828
    Episode 65
    From BBC Pure Soap: Justin bumbled his way through a ‘getting-to-know-you chat' with Les Boulter. After the initial awkwardness he won Les over with his enthusiasm and loyalty to both his own family and to Kelly too. Justin's special new place in the Boulter's hearts was short lived. Lewis had left cocaine in Justin's bag. Denise found it and banned unsuspecting Justin from coming anywhere near Kelly. Yasmin overheard Geri planning a romantic rendezvous. Luckily she didn't realise it was with her own husband! Later Geri delivered Marc an ultimatum - tell Yasmin or else she would! Whilst Tanya was babysitting for Nick Brendan took the opportunity to visit Sean. Sean was beginning to realise Brendan only wanted one thing – which didn't leave much time for talking.moreless
  • Episode 1827
    Episode 1827
    Episode 64
    From BBC Pure Soap: Illicit daytime meetings were becoming a habit for Marc and Geri. Cat discovered the affair was still in full flight and confronted her niece. Geri said she would continue to fight for Marc. Sadie was at a complete loss over her mounting debts. Doug suggested she sell the house but for Sadie, that was far too painful. An impending date with Jeff cheered her up no end. Sadie nervously introduced her ‘new man' – Jeff to Cat and Doug. Quite the opposite of shy – he proceeded to use every cliché in the book and didn't shut up for one second. Lewis' day went from bad to worse. He confused Melanie's friendship with lust and she rejected him. That evening he wound up agreeing to deal drugs in lieu of paying a debt to a friend.moreless
  • Episode 1826
    Episode 1826
    Episode 63
    From BBC Pure Soap: Sadie's money worries only worsened. She hid yet another ‘Final Notice' bill and rifled through her jewellery box for trinkets to sell. It was at that moment the bailiffs came knocking and Sadie hid. Les was emotionally drained after his father's death and felt he was losing his wife and family too. He broke down and admitted he'd never stopped loving her and they agreed there should be no more secrets. Gary visited his wife in the hospital and tried to brighten her day with an appeal for her release. Chrissy confessed to feeling safer in hospital away from the judgment of her community. After paying the bailiffs to leave Sadie's furniture where it was Doug and Cat forced Sadie to admit the truth. She's made some foolish investments in the past and she had no idea what to do.moreless
  • Episode 1825
    Episode 1825
    Episode 62
    From BBC Pure Soap: Chrissy was taken away by the police and handcuffed while Chloe watched everything. The police explained to Gary that they had to section her as it was obvious she had a mental illness. Doug heard moans and groans coming from upstairs, he thought Cat had a lover up there. She was struggling to get her electric muscle toner off. They discovered Sadie's hidden unpaid bills. After the fracas at the salon Gary returned home alone. Gary was devastated he had to leave Chrissy alone when he said he wouldn't. Chrissy had reached the pinnacle of her breakdown. Caleb met up with Denise and told her his HIV test came back negative. Les saw him kiss Denise. Caleb said they hadn't being having an affair but he was in love with Denise.moreless
  • Episode 1824
    Episode 1824
    Episode 61
    Denise and Les interview potential candidates for Caleb's job. No one's up to Denise's standards. Also, Denise gets a call from Caleb and he asks her to come to the results of a HIV test with him. She agrees but turns up late to their meeting. Caleb was upset and asked if she'd care about him at all if it wasn't for the HIV test??? Cat spots Sadie kissing a man in the street. Later she asks Sadie about it but she tells her that it's nothing to get excited about. Sadie buys Davie something for his birthday but doesn't have £15 to spare on a manicure at the salon . . . Chrissy comes back to Charnham and so does Chloe. Chrissy overhears Gary telling Myra that he's never going to leave the girls alone with Chrissy again and later hears Chloe asking Mel not to leave her alone with her mum . . . Upset, Chrissy slips out of the house unnoticed. She observes Gary and Daphne talking in the street and then watches Daphne as she takes up her post behind the counter at the salon . . . In rage Chrissy goes to the salon and accuses Daphne of stealing everything that's hers. Her family, her job, what next - her bed? Daphne tries to calm Chrissy down but is reduced to cowering in the corner when Chrissy starts wrecking the salon - throwing all the products to the ground. Doug alerts Myra and Gary. Chrissy lets Gary in. He tells her that she's ruining their family and him. She picks up a pair of scissors . . .moreless
  • Episode 1823
    Episode 1823
    Episode 60
    The police find Chrissy's things but there's no sign of Chrissy until a police officer picks her up after she walks out in front of her. Chrissy gives her name as Chrissy Maxwell, her maiden name. The police woman eventually gets Gary's number and calls him, he heads to the police station to get Chrissy, he's disappointed to find that Chloe isn't with her . . . Meanwhile, Chloe can't get hold of her dad so she calls Mel and asks her to come and pick her up. Mel's just heading out the door with Daphne who's going to give her a lift and rings Gary to tell him the good news. He's delighted and tells Mel to stay at home. He heads off to get Chloe, leaving Chrissy with Myra and telling her that she's caused enough damage already . . . Brendan and Sean sleep together again. They're nearly caught out when Mel brings round Sean's credit card after he uses it in the salon. It's Davie's birthday. Doug buys him a huge play workshop but Sadie says that she's bought a big present and it's on the way but for the time being she gives Davie a small wooden train. Doug tells Cat that he can't do the lunch that she'd planned. Instead, he later surprises her with a pirate themed party at the corner cafe! Also, Sadie receives some Final Reminders through the post . . . she hides them under the sofa! Denise calls Caleb and tells him that he shouldn't go and have a HIV test by himself and tells him that she's there if he should need her.moreless
  • Episode 1822
    Episode 1822
    Episode 59
    Chloe tells Jean about "the game" she used to play with her mum. Jean quickly calls Gary who immediately sets off for Leeds with Myra . . . also, Mel has another go at Daphne for taking her mum's job and tells her that her dad would never touch her. Daphne denies that she wants to break up a marriage. Gary hears about their confrontation and accuses Mel of being selfish for putting the blame on everyone else and organising her wedding while Chrissy and Chloe are missing . . . Gary almost hits Mel but is struck with a sense of guilt when he raises his fist. He realises how bad things have got . . . meanwhile in Leeds, Chrissy overhears Jean calling Gary and decides that she and Chloe have to leave but as Chrissy and Jean argue on the street - Chloe does a disappearing act! Chrissy can't find her anywhere and things aren't made any better when a guy offers her help and then tries to "seduce" her! Chrissy cries for Gary and the guy cuts his loses and tosses her out of the car and abandons her with cuts and bruises on the pavement. The Boulter's put an add in the paper for a new chef. Sadie can't afford to pay the bills and since Cat's rent comes in very handy, she's disappointed to learn that Doug is buying Cat a house as a wedding gift!moreless
  • Episode 1821
    Episode 1821
    Episode 58
    Gary and Myra continue their search for Chrissy and Chloe but when they have no luck they decide to return home. They walk in to catch Mel and Brendan in a compromising position. Gary is angry and upset that all Mel can think about is boys at a time like this. In the heat of the moment, she tells him that she blames him for everything because he made a mistake. Also, Chloe asks Chrissy to take her home. But Chrissy takes her to her childhood home. There, they meet Chrissy's "Auntie" Jean. They talk about the past, Chrissy talks about her sister who died when she was the same age as Chloe. Chrissy seems to be slipping further into madness when she tells Jean that Gary works in finance and that he's currently out of the country on business . . . Caleb tells Denise that he wife was diagnosed HIV positive post-mortum. He tells her that he's too afraid to have the test. Sh urges him to take one. He then decides it's time to leave. Before he does so though, he bumps into Sean in the street and warns him off Brendan!moreless
  • Episode 1820
    Episode 1820
    Episode 57
    Gary and Myra head to Leeds in search of Chrissy and Chloe. They have no luck but we do catch a glimpse of the pair and Gary and Myra give up the search . . . also, Yasmin offers Chrissy's job at the salon to Daphne. Geri treats Yasmin as if she's being paranoid when she tells Geri to stay away from Marc. Also, Yasmin throws away her birth control pills and Geri dumps Cameron. Brendan wakes up with Sean. He gets an earache from his parents when he gets into work late. Caleb tells him that he saw him kissing Sean. Brendan tells him it was nothing. They are interrupted by Les but later, Caleb and Brendan talk. Caleb tells him that he has to make a decision about what he wants, but pushes him in Mel's direction. Also, Caleb tells Les and Brendan that he's decided to leave. He also tells them about his wife . . .moreless
  • Episode 1819
    Episode 1819
    Episode 56
    It's Brendan's birthday. Caleb tells Brendan that he used to date Denise. He gets very sentimental about kids while talking to Brendan and later demands proof from Denise as to whether Brendan is in fact his son. Also, Brendan gets a brand new watch from Caleb and later gets a watch from Les that had belonged to his father. At the end of the evening, Denise subtly threw Caleb out into the street where he caught a glimpse of Brendan kissing Sean!moreless
  • Episode 1818
    Episode 1818
    Episode 55
    From BBC Pure Soap: Tanya returned home unexpected and was annoyed Sean had been using her bedroom with a young lover. Sean said he should never have given her the double room as she's always at Nick's. Caleb's plan backfired on him. When Les found out Denise had been studying English at college for the last two years instead of going to aerobics, he was proud of her. Denise told Caleb to leave. After the darts team lost they had a vote; Cat was shocked she'd been voted not to be a captain and that Cheryl would be instead. Yasmin and Geri bitched at each other all night. Tanya told Charlie she was pregnant. He instantly assumed Nick was the father and the baby would be his brother or sister. Tanya told Nick to put him straight.moreless
  • Episode 1817
    Episode 1817
    Episode 54
    Les arrives in Liverpool to find out that his father has died. Meanwhile, Denise tells Caleb that she can't have a relationship until Kelly has had her baby; Caleb says he can't wait that long and tells Denise that they have to tell Les sooner. She considers telling him after the funeral. The next day, Les returns and tells Denise how much she means to him. He vows never to leave her, like his father left his family. She vows the same . . . Gary and Mel build bridges. Mel confesses that she's scared and tells Gary that she doesn't want to go to prison. He comforts her and tells her everything will be OK. But the next day he makes the mistake of asking for Cheryl's help. He wants her to put in a good word for Mel, but she says that if Mel's telling the truth she's got nothing to be afraid of. Sean feels he and Tanya are drifting further apart. He spends the night with a guy he met in a club, he wants to tell Tanya all about it but she's spending the evening with Nick. Also, Charlie gives up the only bed in the flat for his dad and Tanya. Marc goes out after his romantic evening with Yasmin. He meets Geri and tells her that he didn't break up with Yasmin. Geri tells him that she won't be strung along but sleeps with Marc anyway. When Marc returns home he doesn't seem interested in Yasmin. She thinks there's something going on and her suspicions only get worse when Marc tells her that Geri has split up with Cameron . . .moreless
  • Episode 1816
    Episode 1816
    Episode 53
    Gary tries to keep Chloe's kidnapping quiet while he tries to figure out what to do, but Mel tells Brendan. Also, Brendan is given the cold shoulder by Sean who wants him to figure out what he wants. Les is called away when his father is taken ill, leaving Denise and Caleb to get up to no good!!! Geri tells Marc that she's going to dump Cameron and tells him that he's going to dump Yasmin. But while Geri lets Cameron down gently, Marc and Yasmin enjoy a romantic evening in. Also, Cat's on to Marc and Geri's relationship!moreless
  • Episode 1815
    Episode 1815
    Episode 52
  • Episode 1814
    Episode 1814
    Episode 51
  • Episode 1813
    Episode 1813
    Episode 50
  • Episode 1812
    Episode 1812
    Episode 49
  • Episode 1811
    Episode 1811
    Episode 48
    The Costellos, minus Chloe, are interviewed one by one by the police. Mel is held in custody after she admits to taking £500 out of Chloe's account for Lewis. Cat and Doug finish off their engagement party, Doug has to practically carry Cat home! Also, Justin has a confession to make. Geri tells Marc that she can't be the other woman and tells him that if they're going to be together then he's going to have to dump Yasmin . . .moreless
  • Episode 1810
    Episode 1810
    Episode 47
    From BBC Pure Soap: Chloe told the police that she wasn't ill. The police gathered more evidence incriminating the Costello family. Daphne popped in, Gary told her it was all true that Chrissy had been lying. After getting caught in the explosion from the faulty oven Justin said he'd fixed, Les gave him a roasting. Kelly told Justin he was a pillock. Justin was back at square one. Tanya made an announcement to the party-goers. It was good news this time; she was pregnant. Sean was very happy and proud; while Brendan was put out by the news. The Costellos were publicly humiliated when the Police took them away for questioning too. Sadie took in Chloe for the night. Everyone was in shock over the truth.moreless
  • Episode 1809
    Episode 1809
    Episode 46
    From BBC Pure Soap: Tanya organised games at the engagement party. Most party goers got drunk and played along. Geri and Marc were mistakenly put together in the ‘guess who's kissing' game. Melanie returned home to the news of her mother's arrest. She immediately told her dad that she knew Chrissy had been lying. Gary and Myra couldn't believe what she had said. Lewis helped Lucy ‘powder' her nose. After listening to her garbled monologue, Tanya and Sean deduced she must be on drugs. They decided they'd done enough interfering for one day. The police confirmed to Chrissy that none of the doctors they had questioned said Chloe had Hodgkin's disease. Chrissy broke down and confessed her lie!moreless
  • Episode 1808
    Episode 1808
    Episode 45
    From BBC Pure Soap: While Chrissy was being questioned she almost convinced the police she was innocent. While the police made enquiries at the hospitals Chrissy was held in the police cell. Cat was upset the engagement party ended up being held at the pub. Coupled with the shock of Eileen being right about Chrissy, it took a few vodka and tonics to get her in the party mood. Gary and Myra struggled to come to terms with the fact Chrissy had been arrested. Myra suggested looking under Chloe's plasters for the truth; Gary was furious that Myra didn't trust Chrissy. Justin struggled to fix the cooker at the Boulters café. After muddling through he walked in to the pub with the happy news for Les that it had been repaired.moreless
  • Episode 1807
    Episode 1807
    Episode 44
    From BBC Pure Soap: Caleb and Les had let down Cat over her engagement party venue as their oven was broken. Justin offered to fix it. He said he was Corgi trained, but was left not having a clue how to repair it. Tanya told Eileen that she was right about Chrissy. Doug overheard and they all agreed to ask for Cheryl's advice, off the record. She reported it to her DI immediately. Agonising over her looks, Yasmin thought it was bad enough having a spot on her face let alone a bump from pregnancy. She told Marc she didn't want a baby just yet. Gary arranged a surprise renewal of his wedding vows with Chrissy. Once home the police arrived; Chrissy was arrested after refusing to supply evidence of Chloe's illness and treatment.moreless
  • Episode 1806
    Episode 1806
    Episode 43
    The clock strikes 12 . . . Doug and Cat can't get any peace from Sadie. The alarm is set off in the salon. Justin helps out Les and Kelly. And, the story of the week begins, Gary and Chrissy's wedding anniversary arrives, Mel warns Chrissy to tell Gary the truth but she just falls deeper into the lies! But it'll all be over soon, if Tanya has her way . . .moreless
  • Episode 1805
    Episode 1805
    Episode 42
    Justin wants to build bridges with Les "Mr Boulter", because Kelly won't be with him if he doesn't approve. He asks for Denise's help . . . Yasmin tells Cat that if she wants to loose wait for her wedding, she's going to have to get down the gym . . . also, Marc is getting fed up of married life and Yasmin's still concerned about her weight . . . Mel tells Chrissy that the plan will work, but Chrissy can't stop the lies which could lead to the truth coming out!moreless
  • Episode 1804
    Episode 1804
    Episode 41
  • Episode 1803
    Episode 1803
    Episode 40
  • Episode 1802
    Episode 1802
    Episode 39
    A mysterious stranger is in town he has a few drinks with Dave at the Swan and later ends up in the flat with Cheryl . . . Doug sneaks off behind Cat's back. She thinks he might be having an affair but later she finds out how wrong she was! Yasmin can't get Geri out of her mind, she wants to pass her driving test sooner than Geri did. Marc's just about had enough! Myra and Gary sort out their differences. But then some flowers arrive from Ashley . . . Meanwhile, Mel comes up with the details of the plan that will get her off the hook with Chloe but later Chrissy blows it when she treats an apology from Eileen like a confrontation!moreless
  • Episode 1801
    Episode 1801
    Episode 38
    From BBC Pure Soap: Yasmin was jealous of the attention Geri got from the advert she modelled for. Yasmin bullied Marc into changing his opinion, he had to say she was nothing special. Dave thought Cheryl was planning to ask him to marry her. She laughed and said she was only planning to take him away for a couple of days to meet her mum. Gary told Melanie how her nan had been having an affair with Ashley. Later, Melanie gave Chrissy a get out clause over her lies, she suggested saying that Chloe had now been cured of her cancer. Chrissy took the time to sit down and digest the news about Myra's affair. She comforted her over Gary's adverse reaction, she thought he'd come round after a short time.moreless
  • Episode 1800
    Episode 1800
    Episode 37
    Mel had it out with Chrissy while Gary finds out the truth about Myra and Ashley's relationship and gets a few home truths about his father . . . Ashley is the only member of the cast mentioned above not to appear in this episode. This episode also features Doug and Brendan.moreless
  • Episode 1799
    Episode 1799
    Episode 36
    Mel comes back from her week away to find a strange man in the kitchen - Ashley. Also, Myra gets in touch with Ashley's family and reminds him of how much he misses his kids . . . Yasmin gets a new car from the magazine and Marc is less than excited when he's told he's her new driving instructor! Meanwhile, Cameron asks Geri if she thinks he's taking advantage of her. He tells her how much he likes her. Tanya gets the all clear from the hospital. Also, Mel has a go at Lucy when she finds out what Eileen's been saying. But later, Mel finds the vitamins that Chrissy bought to pass off as Chloe's medication. She asks Chloe if she's getting all the treatment she should be. Chloe tells her the truth!moreless
  • Episode 1798
    Episode 1798
    Episode 35
    Marc and Yasmin caught a glimpse of Cameron coming out of Geri's place first thing in the morning. They both give their reactions. Funny thing is - there's nothing going on . . . even though Cameron really wants to go further! Myra finds Ashley's original itinerary - he never intended to go back to Spain. Myra confronts him! Tanya has a blood test. She and Sean fear the worst . . . Chrissy keeps Chloe up all night so that the symptoms of her treatment begin to show. Also she keeps Chloe home from school to have a makeover at the salon! All goes well for Chrissy until Eileen starts to quiz Chloe about her treatment.moreless
  • Episode 1797
    Episode 1797
    Episode 34
    From the official FA site: Tanya sends Charlie to the doctor's as he has German measles. She explains to Sean that it is also known as rubella, which could be fatal for their unborn child. If she gets it too, she could be made to terminate her pregnancy. How will Cameron take the news from Geri that their fling was just a one night stand? Lewis tempts Lucy with a Class A drug, but will she succumb?moreless
  • Episode 1796
    Episode 1796
    Episode 33
    It's Valentine's Day in Charnham. Yasmin and Cheryl get cards from their loved ones while Myra and Geri receive annonomous cards . . . but their senders don't stay secret for long . . . Chrissy lets Gary help more with Chloe's medication. She buys vitamins to pass off as her pills and also does her homework . . .moreless
  • Episode 1795
    Episode 1795
    Episode 32
    Gary asks Chrissy how she paid for her coat and eventually gets to the truth!!! Also, Gary's best mate from school comes to visit but he's actually there to see his old flame . . . Myra! A magazine prints an article about Yasmin's wedding with photos of Geri belting her! Nick paid a brief visit to Sean and Tanya's to pick up Charlie but said he was too busy to do anything on Valentine's day . . . Geri flirts with Cameron and earns herself a party invitation! Marc looks jealous - surly not!moreless
  • Episode 1794
    Episode 1794
    Episode 31
    Cameron notices that Sean hasn't been at the gym much lately, he jokingly mentions it to Brendan who fails to see the funny side . . . also, Les can't say anything right as far as Brendan is concerned. Caleb lets Brendan have a go at cooking but Les puts a stop to it and makes Brendan do the dishes . . . Earlier, Caleb told Denise that he would wait for her. Cat takes care of Doug, he tells her they can't, eh hem, "be together" for up to 6 weeks - doctor's orders . . . also, Doug puts Justin in charge, but he has ulterior motives . . . Charlie nearly burns the flat down so Sean and Tanya take him out for dinner . . . Sean's treat! Eileen apologises to Gary, he seems to accept it but the rest of Charnham can't . . . the ring leaders are Yasmin and Sadie who organise a boycott of the Swan!!!moreless
  • Episode 1793
    Episode 1793
    Episode 30
    Caleb tells Denise about his wife . . . Also, Les asks him to move in but Denise tells him that he mustn't . . . Cameron asks Lewis if his money troubles are over a woman, he tells him that they just might be . . . Doug comes home to loving Cat. She persuades Sadie to let Doug stay after Marc and Justin said they were too busy to look after him. Chrissy can't help but blame herself for Chloe and Charlie's disappearance . . . the pair eventually turn up but later, Chrissy confronts Eileen about the rumours she's been spreading . . .moreless
  • Episode 1792
    Episode 1792
    Episode 29
    From BBC Pure Soap: Cheryl officially moved in with Dave. Even after her cull of drainpipe jeans and Adam Ant singles she still had a mountain of belongings. Dave was happy about the commitment from her. Tanya helped out Gary and took Chloe to school for him. Chloe nearly told Tanya about the game she had to play with her mum; Chrissy turned up in the nick of time. Tanya made a mental note. Caleb challenged Denise after she told him he could be Brendan's father. She reminded him how they slept together while she was with Les. Caleb was annoyed he'd only found out now. Justin told Cameron how he thought Lewis must have a girlfriend as he was never around. Cameron gave his skint brother his wallet to buy a round with; Lewis stole £10 from it.moreless
  • Episode 1791
    Episode 1791
    Episode 28
    From BBC Pure Soap: Melanie left for her course in Essex for the week. Brendan played the happy fiancé and walked her to the station. Kelly told Melanie she loved Justin. Denise refused to run off with Caleb; he couldn't stand seeing her with another man. In a bid to stop him leaving, Denise told him Brendan could be his son. Cameron and Sadie read about the fund raising slave auction in aid of Chloe in the local newspaper. Myra was there and felt very touched with everyone's kind spirit. When Eileen mentioned to Cat how she thought Chrissy had not been taking Chloe to her treatment, Cat was quick to chastise her for backstabbing.moreless
  • Episode 1790
    Episode 1790
    Episode 27
    Cat, Marc and Justin wait in the hospital while the doctor's see to Doug. The wait brings back painful memories of his mum for Justin . . . Nick has a proposal for Geri! Dave and Cheryl decide to get serious. Brendan and Mel announce to everyone that they're getting married! Chrissy is furious, Denise and Les don't approve either . . . Eileen confronts Chrissy about her missing Chloe's appointments at the hospital. Caleb decides to leave, but Denise persuades him to stay and they share an intimate moment!moreless
  • Episode 1789
    Episode 1789
    Episode 26
    From BBC Pure Soap: After a night of passion with Sean, Brendan left his bedroom swiftly and silently. By the evening Brendan had bought Melanie an engagement ring which she was delighted to accept. The opening of the Boulters' café was a great success. Denise demonstrated that nothing could faze her management skills; when the table and chairs didn't turn up she just made it a buffet. Caleb was acting moody, Denise couldn't fathom out what was his problem. The food he made for the evening was excellent, everyone enjoyed it. Kelly and Brendan were a great support too. Doug complained of heartburn and couldn't eat his food. In the middle of Les's speech Doug collapsed in agony.moreless
  • Episode 1788
    Episode 1788
    Episode 25
    Chrissy is caught at home with Chloe when they're supposed to be at the hospital! Doug is at Cat's bidding! They go to the gym together but Cameron and Justin are worried that Doug might be over doing it . . . Caleb's got problems with acomodation, Les invites him to stay with them but Denise persuades him that Caleb would rather have a place of his own. But while he's supposed to be flat hunting he acctually helping Eileen out at the pub! Brendan is Sean's slave . . . they get close, maybe too close . . .moreless
  • Episode 1787
    Episode 1787
    Episode 24
    From BBC Pure Soap: Brendan agreed to go to the police and help with their enquiries in a bid to solve the homophobic attack. Melanie asked him if he was seeing anyone else, he told her she was the only woman. Cat heard Doug was back and told Geri she had changed her mind and was going to agree to marry him. When they met, Doug told her to forget he ever proposed. Eileen celebrated being the new licensee at the pub by throwing a party; following the bad news about Chloe it was turned into a fund raising slave auction for her. Yasmin was the highest bidder for Marc. Eileen followed a tearful Chrissy outside. Chrissy was inconsolable and blurted how Chloe didn't need anything. Eileen told Lucy she smelt a rat!moreless
  • Episode 1786
    Episode 1786
    Episode 23
    Sean tells Tanya about Brendan, meanwhile, the police hear take evidence from the victim of the attack - he points the finger at Brendan! Geri and Marc are forced to work in close quarters and Yasmin has to stand in on the darts team. Sadie sees the opportunity for a little match making . . . The restaurant prepares to open its doors. Eileen becomes the sole licensee at the pub and plans a slave auction to raise money for Chloe . . . Chrissy's almost caught out by Tanya and Chloe tells her mum that she doesn't like their game anymore.moreless
  • Episode 1785
    Episode 1785
    Episode 22
    Brendan admits to Sean that he's bisexual. Dave finds out that Cheryl's been lying to him . . . and she has a stuffed cat! Chrissy has to think fast after Gary and Myra find out that the hospital hasn't been treating Chloe!
  • Episode 1784
    Episode 1784
    Episode 21
    The pressures getting to Brendan . . . Tanya's suspicious when she catches Charlie out of school and Nick's no where to be seen . . . Les brings the opening date of the cafe forward but it means Denise will miss one of her classes . . . Cheryl catches Dave with the counterfeit CDs, so will she do the right thing and arrest him?! The truth will out for Chrissy! When Gary and Myra go the hospital unexpectedly to sit in on Chloe's interview they find that the hospital hasn't seen Chloe for three months . . .moreless
  • Episode 1783
    Episode 1783
    Episode 20
    Tanya calls Nick, Charlie answers the phone and lies to her . . . Tension's are running high between Les and Denise. He almost catches her doing her English homework on the computer . . . Dave tries to hide his dodgy merchandise from Cheryl but a slip of the toung by Geri could spoil his plans! Chrissy and Gary try to settle their differences. Also Chrissy asks Chloe to lie and she gets a visit from Daphne . . . Sean's playing detective. He chases Brendan down the street trying to uncover info about the gay-bashing at the club, Tanya says the victim is in a serious way; could this be another murder in Charnham?moreless
  • Episode 1782
    Episode 1782
    Episode 19
    Sean hears that there was an attack outside Radar, the club he was at the other night where he bumped into Brendan! Cheryl reveals that the police are looking for a man which matches Brendan's description . . . It's an uncomfortable working environment for Marc and Geri . . . The ladies darts team are up against the Cows!!! But there's no sign of Chrissy! I guess Daphne should stand in . . . Cheryl complains that her flat has been taken over by rats, Dave takes her in on the same day he receives some dodgy stock . . . Tanya and Nick spend the day in bed. She thinks he's a nice guy but later he leaves Charlie all alone again . . . Is Chrissy being paranoid, or is Gary having an affair? All will be revealed when a drunken Chrissy confronts Daphne in the Swan!!!moreless
  • Episode 1781
    Episode 1781
    Episode 18
    From BBC Pure Soap: Yasmin was her usual tactless self when she wanted Chrissy to put her make-up on. Melanie got fed up with Brendan's lack of action in the bedroom; he just made a pathetic excuse. Denise rushed to see why Les was in tears only to find it was tears of laughter he was sharing with Caleb. Caleb said to her later that she only had to say the word and he would leave. Daphne explained to Gary the reasons why the other drivers from work couldn't make the night out. Gary had a good laugh with her, Daphne enjoyed flirting with him. Eileen made a mental note. Brendan was annoyed that Sean had gone out with his family. Later that night he paid Sean a visit and told him how he was not gay and to stay away or he'd kill him.moreless
  • Episode 1780
    Episode 1780
    Episode 17
    From BBC Pure Soap: Caleb told stories about his visit to Africa and handled Denise's loaded questions with charm and ease. Melanie was chuffed to be part of Brendan's life again. Kelly dreamt of going to Africa. Chrissy invited Charlie to tea with Chloe. Chloe told him how she played a secret game with her mum. Charlie wished his dad would play with him. He injured himself when Nick abandoned him at home. Sean told Brendan he had seen him in a gay club leaving with a man. Brendan denied it and left the pub with Melanie. Chrissy was out alone as Gary was working late again with Daphne. Tanya met Charlie for the first time and spoilt him with a trip to the city zoo and then the park followed by burgers. Nick dined her in the evening and told her she would make a great mum.moreless
  • Episode 1779
    Episode 1779
    Episode 16
    Tanya's upset about her phone call to Nick last night. She wishes she hadn't made it. She tells Sean and he sympathises. Later, Nick comes to the flat after speaking to Sean earlier; he tells Tanya that he was on his way anyway. They make up. Nick tells her that he doesn't mind the baby idea. He wants to be part of Tanya and the baby's lives. Tanya worries that he won't change his mind again in another 3 months. He promises not to. Tanya invites Nick to the Boulter's house warming party. At the party, Nick tells Tanya that he wants her to meet his son, Charlie. He tells her that it's no good tonight but she should meet him soon . . . At breakfast, Chrissy asks Gary not to be late back from work because they're going to the Boulter's party. Gary doesn't want to go but Chrissy tells him that she's promised Denise they will. Later, Gary calls home and speaks to Myra. He tells her that he's got a fair to Wembley and that he'll be late back. Chrissy is very disappointed. The four ladies head to the party without Gary. A few hours later, Chrissy and Chloe leave the party. The go home to an empty house. Chrissy tells Chloe to go and get into hers and Gary's bed. When Gary comes in, he finds Chrissy and Chloe asleep together in his bed. He kisses Chrissy goodnight. At the party, Cat worries that Doug is busy chasing after some French tart. Sadie assures her that Doug only has eyes for her. Yasmin and Marc get their honeymoon pictures back. Marc shows them off at the party. Yasmin is furious when she finds him showing everyone. He reassures her that he wasn't showing them the beach photos (which Cameron was very keen to see!). Yas gets the wrong impression and thinks that Marc is calling her fat. He reassures her that she's not, in fact she's beautiful. He suggests they go back to the flat and continue a little party of their own! Back at the flat, when Marc isn't looking, Yasmin throws some of the beach photos in the bin. Sean is unsure of how he should behave towards Brendan after what he saw last night. Tanya points out that he can't be sure of what he saw. Meanwhile, Mel can't get hold of Brendan and Brendan can't get rid of Mel! She keeps calling him but he keeps diverting the call. Later, he comes to see her at the salon, she asks him where he was last night, and he tells her that he was with some mates. She asks who but he tells her that she's not his mother; she points out that she is his girlfriend! He asks her if she's ending with him, she tells him that she doesn't know. Later, at the party, Brendan apologises to Mel for being such a pain. He's bought her a silver bracelet. She loves it, Lewis and Kelly both see through Brendan's "gesture". Also, Brendan moans about Sean making a fool of himself. Cameron and he have a discussion about homosexuals. Brendan tells him that it's alright for him, Sean doesn't fancy him. Cameron tells Brendan about a gay guy he knew in the army. Cameron tells Brendan that he was a good guy, but he got fired when he came out. Les gets a mysterious phone call. He tells Denise that he has a surprise for her at the party. At the party, Les' surprise is their old family friend Caleb! Denise is shocked to see him there. When they get some peace, Denise asks Caleb what he's doing there He tells her that he had no choice but to come. Denise tells him that he can't do this; it was hard enough the first time. Before they can finish their conversation, Les interrupts them. Les and Caleb reminisce and catch up. Later, Les gathers all the party goers in the living room for an announcement; he tells them that Caleb's his new chef! Denise looks horrified!moreless
  • Episode 1778
    Episode 1778
    Episode 15
    Geri and Marc are feeling uncomfortable as Marc starts work on the pub. She asks him if what they had was just a fling or whether it really meant something. He tells her that he really had feelings for her. She can't believe him. Geri believes that Marc and Yasmin were either carrying on behind her back or else what she and Marc had wasn't real. He assures her that it was. Meanwhile, Sadie's spotted Marc's van outside and asks Yasmin what he's up to. She tells Sadie that Marc's doing some work for Eileen at the pub; Sadie asks Yasmin if she's comfortable with that. Yasmin tells her that Geri's just going to have to learn to get along with her and Marc. Sadie points out that would have to work both ways . . . Later, at the Swan, Yasmin and Geri seem to make peace. Geri's going out with Sean and Tanya and invites Yasmin who agrees to come. In the club, Yasmin and Geri argue amongst themselves. Geri tells Yasmin that she needs time to get over what Yasmin and Marc have done to her. She tells Yasmin that the couple belong together; they're both selfish. Yasmin tells her that's not fair. But Geri tells Yasmin that she'll have to watch out for competition. Marc will get bored soon enough. Yasmin is clearly hurt by this statement and before she has a chance to fight back - Geri storms out. Eileen gets a phone call asking her to put together a women's dart team. She ropes most of the ladies into at least trying out. In the evening, all the girls throw some darts at the board and the ones with the highest score get in. Cat was made captain, Geri and Denise also made the team. Denise didn't try out because she was at her English class. Yasmin and Chrissy both tried out but neither got in the team. Chrissy was disappointed; she wanted to make an impression in front of Daphne while Yasmin wanted to beat Geri. Myra is full of her "these kids today . . ." speech as well as being full of praise for Daphne. Gary tells Chrissy that he'll be home late from work because some of the lads are going to a real ale house. Chrissy points out that Gary doesn't even like that sort of thing but he tells her that Daphne says it's a team building exercise. Chrissy is very disappointed to learn that Daphne will be there. Later, Gary and Daphne swing by the Swan. They see Chrissy's poor attempt at darts before heading off. Denise calls Caleb and asks if they can meet up. He agrees. Later, she lies to Les about where she's going and meets Caleb in the park. They reminisce and catch up. He tells her about his travels in Africa. We get the impression that Denise is very bored with life. But she tells Caleb about their new house and new business venture. She also mentions that she's studying English in secret. Caleb is surprised to hear that Les still doesn't understand her after so many years. Denise and Caleb are clearly very comfortable together, far less comfortable than Denise and Les . . . Sean had a date last night, which lasted until the morning so he was in a good mood while Tanya was upset about Nick. When Geri asks her how things are, Tanya tells her that things are not. Geri notices that Tanya seems to be trying to convince herself. Since neither of them is feeling great at the moment the plan a girls night out. Sean decides to go out and the girls then decide to go with him to a gay club. At the club, Tanya's abandons by Geri who's arguing with Yasmin while Sean has spotted a guy, Tanya tells him to go for it! She then goes to the loo where she phones Nick. She gets his answering machine but leaves a message. She tells him she loves him. Brendan sees Sean kissing goodbye to a guy first thing in the morning across the street. He's avoiding Mel. She tries to call him on his mobile but he diverts the call. Later, he runs into her on the street and tells her that his battery's dead on his phone. She asks if she can come round later but he says he's going clubbing. Mel's keen on the idea but Brendan tells her that it's lads only. Brendan then asks Cameron to cover his shift at work later . . . Later, at the club, Sean's still looking for his mystery man. He heads upstairs where he finds him. He begins to approach but is stopped in his tracks when the guy he's after starts getting chatted up by somebody else: Brendan!moreless
  • Episode 1777
    Episode 1777
    Episode 14
    Despite recent events, Tanya decides to go to work to take her mind off things. As she steps out of the front door, however, Nick pulls up in his car. Tanya runs for the bus while Sean holds Nick back. As the bus pulls away, Sean slams the door in Nick's face. Nick returns to his car where he goes about calling Sean and Tanya's number. He begs Sean to let him in so that he can have his say. After his 12 message, Sean finally gives in and allows Nick to come in. Sean tells Nick that he has five minutes. Nick tries to persuade Sean that he was confused. Sean was surprised that Nick didn't pretend that the girl Tanya saw was his sister or something. Nick tells Sean that he was confused and upset. He thought he and Tanya were finished and he'd got drunk, not that that was an excuse. Nick also tells Sean that it's not the idea of Tanya having a baby with Sean that upsets him; it's that fact that she's having a baby at all. He has a son and knows how much maintenance kids need. Gradually Sean comes round to Nick's way of thinking. Later, Tanya comes home. Sean rushes to meet her at the front door. He tells her that there's someone to see her and she knows straight away that it's Nick. Tanya shouts at Nick, Nick begs for forgiveness. Sean tells Tanya he thinks she should give Nick a chance, Tanya yells at Sean. Eventually, Nick is thrown out. He tries to push his way back in but Sean stops him. He says: "Not now." Inside, Tanya and Sean talk things through. Tanya tells him that she doesn't really want to go out tonight. She goes to bed early. The Mackenzie's finish their job at the cafe. As Doug's moving his things out he gets a phone call from a friend of his in France. The friend asks Doug to go to France to do a job for him. Doug agrees, thinking he has nothing to stick around in Charnham for. Meanwhile, Cat's having a bad day. She can't get Doug's proposal out of her mind. She tries to convince herself that she's done the right thing, but everyone she speaks to doesn't seem to agree. Later, as she locks up the salon, Cat sees Doug climbing into Gary's cab. They drive off. She asks Justin where he's going and Justin has to break the news that Doug's gone to France and won't be back for a couple of weeks. Yasmin receives the wedding photos back. But she thinks she looks fat in them. She tells Marc that she's going to call the magazine and tell them that they can't publish the pictures like that. Marc tries to reassure her that she looks stunning in the pictures but Yas just doesn't believe him. Later, Geri steps out of her front door to find Yasmin and Marc kissing. She walks off. Yas follows her. She tells Geri that she's sorry. Geri tells her that she's not forgiven. Sadie points out to Yasmin that people can't just switch off their feeling no matter how much she wants them to. Eileen has decided to give the pub a face lift. She wants to modernise the place, make it lighter. She shows her ideas to Dace: "Is that a parrot?" He asks. She tells him that it going to be very expensive. Dave then goes to Doug and tells him that there's a bit of work going down the pub. Doug thanks him and later goes to see Eileen. But Doug decides to go to France and instead delegates the job to Marc. Marc isn't exactly happy with the working arrangements, nor is Geri. But he tells Eileen that he's going to be fine with it. Mel and Brendan make plans but he decides that he doesn't feel like it when it comes round to it and instead spends the evening with Cameron and Lewis. He tells the brothers that Mel is getting a little clingy. Lewis tells Brendan that he should at least call Mel, but Brendan doesn't. Meanwhile, Mel is left in the pub all by her self. Chrissy's getting paranoid. She thinks that Gary is having an affair with Daphne. She confides in Denise who tells her that every marriage goes through a rough patch. Chrissy tells her that she always used to think that Gary would have an affair with a younger or more attractive woman but after a cup of tea with Denise she starts to think that Gary could never do that. When she gets home from work, Chrissy is greeted at the door by Chloe who tells her that they've got a visitor: Daphne from dads work! Chrissy is shocked to see her there but plays nice. When Gary comes in, Chrissy greets him with a warm hug and a kiss as if marking her territory. Myra tells Gary that Daphne was just dropping off his mobile phone, he'd left it at the office - he must be more careful with that phone! Daphne's invited to dinner, much to Chrissy's disappointment. At the dinner table, it's clear that Daphne gets along much better with Myra that Chrissy ever will. Much to Chrissy's horror she gets along much better with Gary too! Half way through the meal, Chrissy excuses herself complaining of a headache. At the foot of the stairs, Chrissy breaks into tears . . .moreless
  • Episode 1776
    Episode 1776
    Episode 13
    From BBC Pure Soap: Doug popped over to see what Cat's answer was after his proposal of marriage. Realising it wasn't a joke; Cat said she needed to think about it. After talking with Geri, she said no. Melanie was disgusted her own mother grassed her up to Yasmin. Chrissy was venting her feelings over Melanie not living at home anymore. She soon moved back in after Gary asked her to. Denise had made a huge effort to spoil Les after neglecting him. When he wondered what his wayward friend Caleb was up to, Denise had to lie and say she didn't know. Kelly caught Brendan lying over whose house he had slept over at, she was concerned for Melanie. Despite their families' feelings, Brendan and Melanie seemed very happy together.moreless
  • Episode 1775
    Episode 1775
    Episode 12
    From BBC Pure Soap: Cat was uncharacteristically speechless when Doug explained the reason he'd been acting weird. He wanted commitment not some fly by night relationship – he popped the question. Chrissy was beside herself – she couldn't contact Melanie and Gary hadn't touched her in weeks. He said he was tired from working so much and he still wanted her. They had make-up sex. Melanie wouldn't speak to her mum but told her father she was at Lewis's place and wouldn't be back. Chrissy plotted so Gary or Myra couldn't attend Chloe's ‘scan' at the hospital. Denise snuck off to meet a mystery man, Caleb. Apparently they meet every year on the same day to commemorate an event but he had missed the previous two…?moreless
  • Episode 1774
    Episode 1774
    Episode 11
    Yasmin and Marc finally get out of bed! But Yasmin soon goes back leaving Marc to cook breakfast. As he's about to throw something away he notices Geri's wedding gift to them in the bin. He confronts Yasmin about it. He tells her that what they did was unfair to Geri. Yasmin argued that Geri's attitude towards her was not acceptable and she'd got caught up in the heat of the moment. The couple make amends and decide to throw a dinner party for the Mackenzie's so that Yasmin can get to know Doug and Justin a bit better. Later, Yasmin checks up on the salon. She's not happy to learn that Chrissy's left Melanie in charge while she goes out. Also, Yasmin bumps into Cat. The mood is very uncomfortable but Yasmin tells her that it's daft them not being friends. Cat tells Yasmin that she's still not happy about what they did to Geri; Yasmin tells Cat that she's not happy that she broadcast the fact that the wedding was a fake to the entire congregation. They call a truce and Yasmin invites Cat to dinner, she fails to mention that Doug will be there. At dinner, there are no mishaps. Until Justin opens his mouth! He tells Yasmin that Marc usually goes for beautiful women. Even though he backtracks and tells Yasmin that what he meant to say was that she had brains and beauty, Yasmin takes the comment personally and after their guests leave, Yasmin can't get what Justin said out of her mind . . . Cat decides that jogging isn't her thing. She's signed up with Brendan at the gym. When Sean hears about it he doesn't think it's a bad idea at all and decides to join as well. He asks Brendan who seems reluctant but Cameron tells him that they'd be happy to coach him. Later, Sean tells Tanya his plan and she can see through it straight away. The Boulters find out at breakfast that Mel didn't tell Gary and Chrissy that she was staying over. Les and Denise feel guilty and give Brendan a talking to. He can't see they've done anything wrong. Meanwhile, at the Costello's, Myra receives the money from selling her villa in Spain. Chloe thinks that this means all their problems are solved. They also receive flowers for Mel from Bradley but she immediately throws them in the bin. Later, Denise bumps into Chrissy on the street, she apologises about Mel not telling them where she was staying and insisted she and Les didn't know. Denise invites Gary and Chrissy to dinner. Chrissy says yes but later admits to Gary that she was very reluctant and couldn't really say no. We discover that Denise is doing an English course at college but she hasn't told Les. She confides in Eileen and tells her that if Les found out he'd be very annoyed. All this chatting means that Denise is late to dinner with the Costello's. Everything starts well but soon goes downhill . . . Chrissy begins by telling them that Gary had not always been a cab driver, he used to work in the City. She continues by asking Denise where she comes from and when Denise replies Bromwich, Chrissy asks her where she was from originally. Les catches what she's talking about and tells her that their parents were from Jamaica. Chrissy goes on and tells them what a lovely holiday they'd spent in Jamaica; she says it was very expensive but worth it. Brendan tells her that they've never been and, very patronisingly, Chrissy tells him that she'd said it was very expensive. The conversation only gets worse as Chrissy moves onto how wonderful Mel's boyfriend was in Chigwell and the Boulter's get the impression that Chrissy doesn't approve of Brendan's line of work. On that note, Gary excuses himself telling them all that he has a shift on the cabs. Brendan also storms out closely followed by Mel. She suggests they go clubbing but he tells her that he just wants to be on his own. Chrissy goes home. Mel follows her and they have an argument. Mel tells Chrissy that the rest of the family is trying to move on and start a new life and trying to make new friends while she just wishes that she was back in her old life. Mel decides that she's had enough and moves out. Chrissy follows her down the street, begging her not to go. But nothing Chrissy can say will change Mel's mind.moreless
  • Episode 1773
    Episode 1773
    Episode 10
    Yasmin and Marc return from their honeymoon. Yasmin is surprised to find Sadie running the shop. Marc carries his bride of almost 3 weeks upstairs. He tells her he wants to start as he means to go on and goes to run a hot bath for them both. Later, the presents arrive at the flat. Yasmin stops Marc from opening them all at once, she tells him that they should open them one at a time, smallest first, just like she and Benji used to do. Marc agrees and picks a small present from the top of the pile. They read the card; the gift is from Geri. They open it to find a pair of egg-cups. Yasmin comments: "last of the big spenders . . .", but Marc tells her not to be so harsh. The wedding wasn't supposed to be for real after all. When Yasmin goes downstairs to check that the books are in order, Geri is there. Yasmin tries to apologise. Geri asks her what she wants from her; if she wants forgiveness or a friend. Yasmin says that hopefully, in time. Geri is disgusted and storms out of the shop. Yasmin returns upstairs and when Marc isn't looking she throws Geri's gift in the bin. Sean gets a call from an ex who tells him that he's getting married. Sean is clearly upset. Later, Tanya tells Geri that Sean is really down that he doesn't have a man in his life. Geri suggests that they play matchmaker and set him up with a friend of hers. Tanya thinks it's a great idea. Geri mention's the idea to Sean who agrees but then Geri accidentally mentions that it was her and Tanya's idea. Sean was annoyed that he was receiving charity. He and Tanya get in a fight. She tells him that he could've been more supportive towards Nick; he tells her that he didn't like him because he had "funny eyes". Later, the pair makes amends. They tell each other that they'd be perfect for each other if he weren't gay or if she were a gay man . . . Eileen's missing Pete already. She tells Chrissy that she'd give anything just for a peck on the cheek from him. Justin can see there's something wrong with his dad. He guesses that it's because it would've been his mum's birthday. Doug tells him that it is but it's also because of Cat. He feels intimidates by her. She had so much more experience than him. He doesn't know what to do. At breakfast at the Boulter's, Mel thanks the family for letting her stay the night. She leaves early so that she won't be late for work. After she's left, Kelly comments that she and Brendan won't last. Brendan tells her to drop it. Kelly leaves. As she walks down the street, she bumps into Justin. She tells him that Brendan is cheating on Mel and asks him if she should tell Mel. He tells her that she should but Kelly thinks that Justin's just trying to get one over on Brendan. She storms off and Justin spots Mel coming out of the salon. He rushes over and warns her that Brendan might be cheating on her. She tells him that's rubbish and finds out that it was Kelly who told him. Later, Kelly comes into the salon to make a booking but she gets a mouthful from Melanie who tells her she's just jealous and that her life's a mess. Kelly tells her that she's just concerned for her and walks off. When she's finished work, Mel decides to go out with Brendan. She asks him if he's been cheating on her. He denies it, and she believes him. They continue to have a great night until Mel gets a call from Chrissy asking her to come home immediately . . . Gary and Chrissy seem to be drifting further apart. Chrissy tells Eileen that in recent months the spark has gone from their marriage. As Chrissy locks up the salon at the end of the day, Gary meets her and asks her for a drink. Things are going well until they bump into Kelly who tells them that Mel slept round at the Boulter's place last night. This is news to Gary and Chrissy who thought she was with one of her friends where they used to live. The pair returns home where Chrissy calls Mel. Gary also receives a phone call from Daphne at work who asks him to do an early run from the airport. He agrees and tells Chrissy they need the money. Later, Mel returns home. Chrissy tells her off for lying to them about her whereabouts last night. Mel storms out. Chrissy tells Gary that the family need to stick together, especially because of Chloe's illness. Chrissy suggests they go to bed but Gary says he'll sleep on the couch; he doesn't want to disturb her when he gets up in the morning. She insists that he comes to bed with her and tells him that she doesn't want to be alone. But Gary sleeps on the couch. Chrissy realises that by inventing Chloe's illness she'd attempted to bring the family together but instead she's driving it apart . . .moreless
  • Episode 1772
    Episode 1772
    Episode 9
    While Melanie thinks things are going really well with Brendan, Kelly thinks that he's cheating on her. Kelly overhears Brendan on the phone; he tells the person on the other end that he's got plans that night. Kelly tells him that she didn't know he was seeing Mel that night. He tells her he's not. Later, Brendan comes round to the Costello's place. When Gary hears they've been left alone he bursts in but he's embarrassed to find them sitting apart reading magazines on the couch. Brendan leaves. After an argument with Gary and Chrissy, Mel decides to go and see Brendan. Kelly tells her that he's gone out for the evening. Mel finds Brendan at the Davenport's. She asks if he'll spend the evening with her, he reluctantly agrees pointing out that he did have other plans. She tells him that nobody could be as important as her surely? As Brendan and Mel leave, we see that Lewis looks jealous . . . Brendan and Mel spend the evening watching TV with the Boulters. As she goes to bed, Denise invites Mel to stay the night, Mel agrees but Brendan doesn't look too keen on the idea. A little later, Mel tells Brendan that she's ready for bed. He tells her that he's just going to lock up downstairs and then he'll be up. Mel goes upstairs. Meanwhile, Kelly tells Brendan that she doesn't want to get stuck in the middle when Mel finds out that he's cheating on her. Brendan tells his sister that it isn't true. Gary and Chrissy don't seem to be getting along very well and the only person Gary seems to be able to share his problems with is the dispatcher, Daphne. He and Chrissy argue about Mel's relationship with Brendan. Neither approves but they both have very different ways of showing it. Chrissy prefers the discreet way. She tells Mel that she can see what Mel sees in Brendan. While Gary prefers to tell Mel how great her previous boyfriend, Bradley was. Chrissy tells Gary that he's just pushing the pair closer together. Sean and Tanya aren't getting along. It's been five days since Tanya's heard from Nick and she starting to think that he's dumped her. Sean is still excited about the baby. Tanya points out what having a baby is going to do to her body. Later, Tanya tells Geri her problems over the bar in the swan. Tanya tells Geri she's pregnant. Geri is pleased for her. When Geri's finished her shift, she and Tanya go to Tanya and Sean's flat. They wonder if the perfect man exists and come to the conclusion that he doesn't, at which point Sean walks in. He's pleased to see that Tanya is feeling better. When Geri suggests they get a take away, Sean says he'll cook. At the end of the evening Sean tells the girls that they can leave the washing up, he'll do it in the morning. Cat's trying to get fit for Doug, but when he finds out he tells her that she's a real woman and she shouldn't try to change herself for any man; especially him. She asks him if he's still interested in her. He says that he is but he's had a lot on his mind. Tomorrow would have been his wife's birthday. Later, Cat tells Geri that she doesn't really think that Doug is over his wife. She recalls Doug giving her the necklace at Christmas, she thinks it's going to be tough competing with a woman who's six feet under. In the morning, Eileen gets a phone call from Pete's solicitor. She tells Eileen that Pete's been moved to a prison up in the north. Meanwhile, Lucy's bought Pete a gift but Eileen's afraid she won't be able to give it to him. Lucy feels respectable for Pete's arrest and, after talking with Cheryl, Eileen assures her that she and Pete would never have been able to leave her behind. Eileen says they have to be strong for Pete.moreless
  • Episode 1771
    Episode 1771
    Episode 8
    Gary and Chrissy began with a quiet night in. Gary tells Chrissy that he worried about Chloe; he doesn't think he's doing enough for her. Chrissy tries to persuade him not to come to the hospital with her but he says that he hasn't been to any of Chloe's hospital appointments and she's going to start thinking that he doesn't care. Mel goes out with Brendan for the evening. Not long after, Gary tells Chrissy that he's covering a mate's shift on the cabs - he could be back late. Later, Mel returns early. She tells Chrissy that Brendan wanted an early night. Right behind her, Gary comes in. The girls comment that he stinks of cheap perfume. He tells them it's because of the Essex girls he's just had in the back of his cab. He quickly goes to bed leaving Chrissy alone to watch TV. The next morning, Chrissy tells Mel that they could go shopping together at lunch time if she'd like. They can buy some new clothes and put it on the credit card. Later, they do so. Gary catches them and tells them that someone's going to have to pay for that credit card! Before he can give them a real telling off he receives a call on his radio and has to go on a job. Later again, Chrissy and Denise talk about how nice it is that Brendan and Melanie are together. Denise tells her that the longest Brendan's had a girlfriend for is 3 weeks. Gary then confronts Mel and tells her that he doesn't approve of her seeing somebody that they hardly know. Chrissy points out that's the wrong way to go about things and by saying things like that he's only going to push them closer together. Geri returns. She tells Cat that Yasmin and Marc deserve each other. Cat tells Geri of her problems with Doug. Kelly and Justin come back from the hospital after the ultrasound. They're very friendly. Les sees Justin and is disapproving. Throughout the day Justin has to decide what to do about Kelly's baby. Later, he comes to the conclusion that he couldn't be a very good father at the moment. He can barely look after himself. He tells Kelly that he will support her and the baby financially but can't play a bigger role. Kelly accepts it. They agree to be friends. Lucy tells Pete and Eileen hat they're crazy to even consider going on the run. The police will catch them and they'll both go to prison. She storms out. Pete decides to lie low for the night and decide what to do in the morning. Later, Eileen is panicking about Lucy. Dave guesses that Pete had been in touch. He finds Pete and Eileen's passports and puts two and two together. Dave tells her that she can't leave, he tells her that he cares about her and that he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Eileen begs Dave not to tell Cheryl about her plans with Pete. In the morning, Lucy still isn't home. Eileen is very worried. Eventually, Lucy comes home. Eileen tells her where she's meeting Pete. Lucy tells Eileen that she'd promised never to leave her again, Eileen apologises. Lucy leaves again. While Eileen is packing her things upstairs in the pub, Dave and Cheryl are talking downstairs. Dave tells her about Eileen and Pete's plan. Cheryl sets off to try and find Lucy. Eileen heads to an old warehouse where she's going to meet Pete. Meanwhile, Cheryl catches up with Lucy who slowly confesses everything. Including where Pete and her mum are meeting. Cheryl quickly calls her supervisor. Eileen and Pete meet. Eileen tells him that she can't leave Lucy again. He understands. Before he can make a move on his own, however, they hear cars outside - it's the police! Pete figures out that Lucy must have alerted them thinking she was doing the right thing. The police enter the building and arrest Pete . . . again!moreless
  • Episode 1770
    Episode 1770
    Episode 7
    Justin is trying to find Kelly after he spoke with Doug. He hears from Lewis that she's gone to the hospital - Justin immediately jumps to the wrong conclusions; he assumes Kelly has changed her mind about keeping the baby and has gone for a termination. In fact she has gone for an ultrasound. Justin rushes to the hospital to beg Kelly not to go through with the termination. Later, at the hospital, Justin catches up with Kelly while she's in the examination room. They argue at first but then Justin sees the screen with their baby . . . they watch it together . . . Nick was upset that Tanya didn't tell him about the baby sooner. She told him she's only just found out. She also told Sean to tell Doug and Justin not to spread the word. Later, when Sean asks Justin to keep the baby thing quiet, Justin thinks Sean's talking about Kelly's baby and tells him that he has a right to know because he's the father . . . meanwhile, Nick tells Tanya that he's happy for her and Sean but when Tanya mentions their relationship he goes quiet. He tells her that he needs space. He's going to Paris on a shoot, he was going to ask Tanya to go with him but he's now going to use the time to think things over . . . Later, Tanya is upset. She tells Sean about Nick's reaction. Babs emerges from her room and tells Tanya and Sean that she's leaving. Tanya tells her that she doesn't want her to go but Babs tells her that she doesn't mean it! Babs leaves. Sean turns to Tanya and says: "It's just you and me kid!" While Pete's on the run, Mike tries to persuade Eileen not to hand herself into the police. She tells him that there's nothing he can do or say to change her mind. He asks her to come away with him; he tells her that they've always been good together. She refuses. Later, Eileen returns to the pub. She tells Lucy how wonderful she is and how me she loves her. As she leaves the room she says "good-bye". Eileen rushes out of the pub. Lucy tells Dave that she's worried about her mum. At that minute Cheryl comes into the pub with police officers. She tells them that Pete has escaped. The police officers search the pub. Meanwhile, Eileen walks at pace away from the pub. She turns the corner at the end of Stanley Street when she jumped from behind by Pete. She's so surprised to see him. They talk behind the cafe, where their troubles began. Pete tells her to open the back door of the pub for him, she agrees. Eileen returns to the pub. The police have just left; except for Cheryl who stays around for a pint. Dave asks Cheryl to dinner. Meanwhile, Eileen tries to act surprised when Lucy tells her that Pete's got out. Eileen tells Lucy to stay downstairs and help Dave while she has a nap. She goes upstairs where she and Pete talk. She tells him that he can't exactly stay at the pub; the police are sure to come back. He tells her that he's going on the run. She tells him that he can't keep running for the rest of his life. He says that he has to pay for what he's done in the past. He's hurt a lot of people, including Eileen and Lucy. Eileen can't bare it any longer, she gets down on her knees and as she is about to confess everything to Pete, Lucy walks in! She is so shocked to see Pete standing there. Pete and Eileen tell them that he's not staying long he's going on the run, Lucy calls them crazy. Later, after Pete's had a shave and a change of clothes, he's almost out the door but Lucy begins to cry. He tells her that he'll always remember her and think of her every day. Eileen tells Pete that it's daft him going alone. She'll miss him too much and she'll be worried and Lucy'll be miserable. Eileen tells him that they're coming along as well!moreless
  • Episode 1769
    Episode 1769
    Episode 6
    Gary wakes up late; Chloe has gone to school early for "some music thing". Gary and Myra worry that Chloe is over doing it. Chrissy tells them not to worry but Gary starts searching for the hospital's contact details so that he can call them about Chloe's condition. Chrissy tells him that she's filed all that stuff together and that she'll call the hospital later. Later, while Gary and Myra are out, Chrissy researches Hodgkin's disease on the internet. When Gary and Myra return she tells them that the hospital told her that Chloe's appointment was next Friday. Gary and Myra said that they would go along with Chrissy, as much as she tried to persuade them otherwise they decided that they would definitely go. Kelly has an ultrasound. Denise offers to go with her but Kelly tells her that it'll be fine. Meanwhile, Cameron tells Doug about Kelly's miscarriage. He's surprised that she could've only miscarries one twin but even more surprised that Justin didn't tell him about it. Later, Doug and Justin talk one on one. Doug seems to persuade Justin to at least think about standing by Kelly. It's been two days since Sean and Tanya got their great news. Sean can't smile wide enough and wants to tell the world. He settles for telling Doug over a pint in the Swan. Meanwhile, Babs reminds Tanya of the effect that this news will have on her relationship with Nick. Later, as Tanya passes in the street, Doug congratulates her on the good news. She quickly sees Sean and points out that anything could happen in the first 12 weeks. He agrees not to tell anyone else. But Doug does tell Justin who comments how happy the couple look. As Justin passes them in the pub he congratulates them, unfortunately Nick's standing right behind him and overhears! Lucy is worried about Eileen, despite her telling her not to she goes to see Pete. She asks him why he's not going to him mum's funeral, he points out that she doesn't really understand the relationship he had with his mother. He blames her for being like he is. Pete asks Lucy if that's the only reason she's come. She tells him about Mike. She says that Mike is taking advantage while Pete isn't there. Pete gets angry and thumps the table which catches the attention of Prison Officer Harris, who asks Lucy to leave. As she does so she asks Pete to go to the funeral. Later, Pete tells the Prison guard that he wants to go to the funeral. The guard agrees. When they arrive at the service, Pete tells the guard he needs to go to the loo. Minutes later and Pete has not emerged, when the guards enter the toilet - Pete's nowhere in sight, there's only an open window. Pete's made a bid for freedom . . . Meanwhile, back in the pub; Eileen is all shaken up about Mike. Dave tells her that she can't be weak. As long as she's weak, Mike will manipulate her. She has to stand up for herself. Later, Eileen calls Mike and tells him to meet her at the common at three. At the meeting, Eileen hands him a bag of money. He says that it's twice what he asked for! She tells him that it doesn't matter; she's going to the police. She marches off, Mike follows her . . .moreless
  • Episode 1768
    Episode 1768
    Episode 5
    The prison tells Eileen that Pete has been moved into a more secure unit after he smashed up his cell. Later, Eileen is in a meeting with her accountant, Sadie sees the accountant go upstairs with Eileen and asks Lucy why Eileen needs to be talking to Pete's accountant. Lucy tells her that Pete has signed over his assets to Eileen. Sadie is shocked. Mike turns up at the pub to stir up trouble. Lucy tells him that Eileen isn't there and that he should just get lost! She also lets slip to him that the pub now belongs to Eileen. He pushes his way through to the back room. When Eileen comes down Lucy tells her about Mike. Eileen talks to Mike in private. She tells him that she can't get all the money he wants. He tells her that he knows about the pub; Eileen figures out that Lucy told him. He tells her he wants all his money; she tells him that he'll get his next payment tomorrow. Later again, Mike texts Eileen and tells her to meet him outside and bring money. She takes him £1000. He tells her that the initial £10,000 isn't enough any more and he wants more. She argues with him but he reminds her about the tape. He tells her, he wants £15,000! Cat is even more frustrated with Doug. Dave suggests that she might be intimidating him. She points out that she's done nothing of the sort. Later, Cat confesses to Chrissy that she thinks it's over between her and Doug. Justin is feeling low. He spends the night at his dad's place rather that at the Davenport's. Lewis tells Cameron that it's probably because Cameron is spending so much time with Brendan. Cameron invites Justin for a lad's night out, he agrees. Later, they meet in the swan and meet some ladies. The guise "work their magic" and invite the pair back to the flat. While Cameron and his girl get 'friendly' in the bedroom, Justin and his girl start to get comfy on the couch. But Justin tells her that he can't. Offended, she calls her friend and they walk out. Cameron is annoyed but Justin tells him that he can't be doing things like that, he has responsibilities - he's going to be a dad. Tanya just can't seem to break the bad news to Sean. She ends up having to break it to him in a hurry and they don't have time to talk about it. Later, they do talk. Sean accuses Tanya of being selfish and reminds her that this is his only chance of having a baby. She tells him how she feels about Nick and is worried that if she and Sean have a baby then it's probably going to get in the way of their relationship. They're both upset. While Sean talks to Babs, Tanya takes another pregnancy test to be certain that she's not pregnant. But she is! She tells Sean the good news. They're both delighted . .moreless
  • Episode 1767
    Episode 1767
    Episode 4
    Cat was disappointed with the lack of action from Doug. So disappointed she thought she'd tell all of the customers at the salon! Chrissy was so frustrated with it all by the end of the day that when she saw Doug in the pub she asked him to give Cat what she wanted to shut her up. Meanwhile, Cat enters the pub and sees the pair talking. When Chrissy leaves, Doug tells Cat that she's putting too much pressure on him and that they need to slow down. She guesses that Chrissy has said something but Doug denies it. Cameron completes his first day at the fitness centre. Sean is still upset that Tanya didn't tell him Nick's opinion. Later, Babs tells Tanya that she has to do what she wants to do, but tells her that things can't really go well with Nick if she decides to have the baby with Sean. Babs also points out that Tanya may not have to make a decision, she may be pregnant already. Later, Tanya takes a pregnancy test - it comes out negative. Out of frustration she tells Nick that she's going to stop trying with Sean. He's delighted, but Tanya can't figure out how to break the news to Sean. The Boulters didn't have a great day. Les began the day by moaning about Doug's relaxed approach to building - and Justin's. He argued with Kelly and later told Denise that Kelly doesn't know anything about love. Denise said that the two of them weren't exactly experts either . . . Denise unloaded on Eileen at the pub. But their conversation was interrupted by a phone call. Later, Kelly bumps into Justin. She gets the impression from him that he didn't want anything to do with the baby. Later, she tells her mum that she's all alone. Eileen calls the prison and finds out that she and Lucy can't go and see Pete until the evening because of his poor behaviour. Things change when Eileen receives a phone call telling her that Pete's mum has died. She quickly rushes to the prison to see Pete. He's in a state of despair and walks away from the table during their conversation. Later, when Pete is alone in his cell he brakes down. He throws everything to the floor in a state of rage . . .moreless
  • Episode 1766
    Episode 1766
    Episode 3
    Lucy is worried about Eileen who tells her that she's worried and missing Pete. Lucy doesn't seem to believe her. Eileen tells Lucy that Pete ahs put all his assets in her name. Meanwhile, Pete gets frustrated in prison and winds up a prison officer. The officer gets too much for Pete and he attacks him which gets him into trouble. Later, the prison won't allow Lucy to see Pete because of his poor behaviour. Later, Dave tells Eileen that she'd better play it cool otherwise she's going to give the whole game away. Chrissy swallows her pride and asks Cat back to work. She agrees, but won't be pushed around. Later Cat jumps at the chance to leave work and go to the pub with Tanya. Cat is frustrated with Doug. He doesn't seem interested in her. Meanwhile, he confides in Babs. He tells her that he doesn't really know what he's supposed to be doing. He takes Cat a magazine and some flowers and agrees to have dinner with her. At dinner, the two got comfortable on the couch but everything kept getting in the way of them kissing . . . Justin had only one thing on his mind: Kelly. Doug got frustrated with him because he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing at work. Later, Les told Justin that he wasn't to see Kelly any more. Brendan told Cameron that he got the job at the fitness centre. Sean can tell that there's something wrong with Tanya. Later, Nick comes round to the house when Tanya isn't there. He has a go at Sean because he didn't seem to be taking what Nick had told Tanya seriously. Sean confessed that he didn't know what he was talking about. Nick tells Sean that he doesn't approve of him and Tanya having a baby together. Later, Sean confronts Tanya; she tells him it's not an issue. He disagrees.moreless
  • Episode 1765
    Episode 1765
    Episode 2
    Tanya snapped at her mum for going on about her and Sean having a baby together. Sean guessed that it was because she and Nick were going through a rough patch. Tanya told Sean that the reason she and Nick had fallen out had nothing to do with her having a baby with him when in fact that's the reason he left. Cat was upset after Doug left her the night before. She worried about it all day but everything was made OK when she saw Doug. He told her that he didn't want to rush into anything - he wanted to spend some time with her first. Cat admitted that she wasn't really used to that approach to dating. Brendan came round to dinner at the Costellos. Mel was really embarrassed that her family wouldn't shut up about her previous boyfriend. Chrissy was very disappointed to hear that Brendan wasn't seeking a career, until Mel pointed out that Chrissy herself worked as a receptionist at a beauty salon. The pair argued a little. Brendan left early. Cameron and Lewis convinced Justin that things would be different now that Kelly wasn't pregnant. He really wanted to see her and she really needed to see him and tell him that there is still a baby . . . but Les and Brendan are standing in their way. Kelly decides that she wants to keep the baby. Later, Kelly tells Denise that she's in love with Justin. Denise sympathises and goes to fetch him. Later, Justin and Kelly talk. But he says all the wrong things. He tells her that he wasn't ready to be a father and now that she's not pregnant they can do all the normal things like go out and have fun. Kelly tells him that she's still pregnant and since she knows how he feels she's going to carry the baby and raise it on her own! Dave told Eileen that if she didn't go to the police by the end of the day and confess he would go for her. Eileen said that she would go but then got a call from Pete asking her to go and see him. She tells Dave that she's going to go and tell Pete first and then she'll go to the police. Later, Pete notices that Eileen isn't wearing the necklace he gave her for New Year. He then hands her a piece of paper and a pen. He asks her to sign it and that when she does everything he owns will be hers. She almost begs him not to do it. She tells him that she doesn't deserve it. She tries again and again to confess but each time breaks down and in the end she signs the paper. At first she signs 'Eileen Day', Pete notices her error and she scribbles out 'Day' and replaces it with 'Callan'. Eileen returns to the pub. She tells Dave that she owns everything and didn't confess. Dave shows her a picture of Josh and tells her that Pete murdered him. He tells her that Pete is where he should be and that Lucy needs Eileen. Dave tells Eileen that he won't go to the police - Eileen will have to live with what she's done for the rest of her life and that's punishment enough!moreless
  • Episode 1764
    Episode 1764
    Episode 1
    Eileen told Dave how the fire came about. She told him that she couldn't stand Pete for what he'd done to her and her family. Dave told her that she'd put him in a very awkward position but she argued that he must have thought about doing something like this to Pete. When she mentions Josh, Dave tells her that this fire had nothing to do with Josh. Eileen broke down. She asked Dave if he would go to the police. He told her that he didn't know what to do. Lucy interrupted them to ask them both for help in the pub before Dave could make up his mind. Lucy told Dave to go; she could take care of her mum now. As Dave left, Eileen thanked him. He said not to. Tanya was embarrassed at her mum's behaviour towards Nick. She jokingly said that perhaps she should meet his family so that they could embarrass him. He agreed that it was about time she met his family. Later, Nick tells Tanya that he agrees with her mum as far as the baby's concerned. He thinks that her having a baby with Sean is a bad idea. Babs has got her mind set on Doug. She dances with him - much to Cat's disappointment. When she invites him to carry on the party back at her place though, Doug tells her that he's already got plans. He goes back to Cat's house. They get comfortable on the sofa but Doug leaves when Cat suggests that they move upstairs. Cat has a cigarette - even though it was her new year's resolution to quit. Kelly collapses. She manages to crawl to the front of the house but can't shout loud enough to get anyone's attention. Justin comes to her rescue. He carries her inside and calls an ambulance. The paramedics quickly rush Kelly to hospital. Cat sees the ambulance drive off and tells Denise and Les. At the hospital, Justin figures out that Kelly has lost the baby. The doctor tells her that it's not due to her drinking. When the doctor's are done he asks to see her. Justin tells Kelly about his mum and how he used to blame himself for her death but after a while realised that it wasn't his fault. He told her that she shouldn't blame herself for what had happened to the baby. They held hands but were soon interrupted by Denise and Les, who'd been brought to the hospital by Gary. Kelly figured out that something had happened in the pub after she'd left. Meanwhile, Justin is comforted by Gary. Later, Les comes out of Kelly's room. He asks Justin to leave and tells him that he can't do anything else for her. When Les goes back into Kelly's room the doctor has just finished a scan. She tells Kelly and her parents that Kelly was carrying twins - and that she only lost one of them!!! Kelly can't believe that she's still pregnant!!!moreless