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Family Business on Showtime has not been renewed for a fifth season and to date, no repeats are being aired.

Debuting on February 21, 2003, the fourth and final season began on April 21, 2006. This Showtime series took us behind the scenes of LA's other film industry! Family Business it was a story with porn, not just porn with a story.

You really need to see this series before you make any judgements about the adult film business these days, especially when run by intelligent, responsible people who are admittedly making a buck in a non-mainstream way, but are neither exploiting anyone nor allowing anyone else to do it.

Family Business is available on DVD.

Meet Adam Glasser, aka "Seymore Butts" as he produces, distributes and sometimes stars in some very controversial adult films. Adam is educated, eloquent and surprisingly ethical/moral.

Lila Glasser, Adam's proud mother is also the business bookkeeper. A typical mom, she's not just there for her son's business, but his young son, Brady.

This isn't a typical family business, but these are members of a pretty typical family. Well, except maybe for cousin Stevie. He joined the business in the late 1990's. Stevie wanders through the shows with his heart in the right place, constantly trying to accomplish any task, but barely staying out of his own way, yet often stumbling into success.


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