Family Face-Off: Hollywood

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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Family Face-Off: Hollywood

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Nick at Nite's Family Face-Off: Hollywood, Nick at Nite's second original show, (next to Fatherhood) pits six families made up of four family members against each another in a race around Southern California – from studio back lots to sun-drenched beaches through the streets of Beverly Hills – in a series of outrageous challenges that will test their physical and mental limits. Most importantly, they will need to work together to avoid being the one family eliminated at the end of each episode. With tasks taking place at some of the entertainment capital's most famous landmarks, it's an exhaustive marathon of fun, but intense, competitions that will see families scaling the famous Warner Bros. water tower; crossing a 60-foot beam -- 30 feet above the ground; assembling a 400 square-foot picture puzzle of their favorite TV stars; feeding a stunt double to a Jurassic Park dinosaur; matching their outfits to those of their favorite recording artists; wrapping up a family member like a mummy while identifying famous movie villains; sailing over the ocean on a zip line and racing around on the craziest scavenger hunts ever seen on television. Besides the computer, scooter, custom golf cart, video game systems and other prizes they will win along the way, the last two families will compete in the final episode for the ultimate family vacation to Hawaii – but all of them will have the greatest family adventure of their lives. The Families The Benavides Family - Bakersfield, CA Eliminated Brian (Father, 35), Lori (Mother, 34), Brandon (Son, 14), and Katie Jane Jackson (Niece, 14) The Beauregard Family - Rialto, CA Eliminated Jonathan (Father, 31), Tiffany (Mother, 26), Janaya (Daughter, 12), and Joshua (Nephew, 12) The Baker Family - Bakersfield, CA WINNERS! Dudley (Father, 38), Terri (Mother, 35), Kira Caldwell (Niece, 10), and Kody (Son, 10) The Martinez Family - Jamul, CA QUIT DO TO INJURY Miguel (Father, 31), Isa (Mother, 31), David Graciano (Nephew, 15), and Miquel Alejandro Martinez (Son, 12) The Taylor Family - Rialto, CA Eliminated Toni (Mother, 29), Terri (Aunt, 25), and the two twins Teffani and Tessani (Daughters, 13) The Stoddard Family - Covina, CA Eliminated Jill (Mother, 42), Sabrina (Cousin, 38), Ashley (Cousin, 16), and Casey (Daughter, 15)moreless