Family Face-Off: Hollywood

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2004 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The show starts off with a clip of three familes of Family Face Off: Hollywood. For this first episode, only three of the six families will be on the show. Two will remain and one will leave. The reason the other three aren't on the show is so you can learn more about each family and won't be confused by 24 people running around.

The three families competing on the first episode is the Baker Family, the Taylor family, and the Benavides family. John Salley, one of the hosts, tell us about the show. He explains that the three families will have to win the race for the day to stay on the show. The family that loses is gone! John Salley then introduces Amy Davidson, the other co-host.

Amy Davidson, one of the stars from 8 Simple Rules tell the families of their first task. They will be going on a scavenger hunt on Hollywood Blvd. The families will be getting a backback filled with ten tasks. Finding or doing one of the tasks in the backpack will lower the families' times. They will have 45 minutes to do as many tasks as possible. Let the games begin!

The families all run down the stairs and go their seperate ways. We see each family starting their first task. With the task starting they interview all 18 contestants briefly and shows their relationship to eachother, their age, and their occupation.

The next chucnk of the show goes to showing the families doing their tasks. Some of the tasks include putting makeup on the adults, looking for a yarn ball in a old yarn factory, and jump roping 100 times in front of a museum. All of the families are already annoying eachother. All of the mothers are being mean to the fathers (or in the Taylor's family the mom annoys the aunt.

Then all of the familes run back because the scavenger hunt is over. The hosts tell them that their next task is to make a big puzzle. It is a huge puzzle on the ground. One person goes on a bridge above the puzzle with a walkie talkie. They tell another family member where to put the pieces. The other two people, the two adults, put the pieces where they are told. It ends up that all of the puzzles are pictures of a few members of the cast of Friends.

Once finsihing the puzzle, the familes drove a Family Face Off: Hollywood van to a parking lot. There they had to read names of singer's songs. After reading the title of the songs, the families had to put on the singer's clothing. They had to search for the right clothing in a big box. This one is a little funny with the Bakers. The two kids were fighting over who sings "It's getting hot in here". It is sang by Nelly and the little boy was saying it was a woman.

The next task is climbing up a ladder into the air. They climb the ladder to grab a flag. It looks and was pretty easy for the families. After finsihing this, all left is to run to the finish!

The Benavides finsihed first followed by the Taylors and then the Bakers. The hosts announce that the winner gets a computer. The winners is...the Taylors! The Benavides come in second with the Bakers in third. The Bakers, off the show, win a Nintendo GameCube.