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  • Murder on the Feud?

    Just tuned in to the Feud and the question was "what would a woman find in a house to kill her husband?" Are you kidding me? That's a great question for a family show Harvey! Last episode of your show I will ever watch.
  • What's up Harvey? . . . and more

    My husband and I saw a couple of "Feuds" the other night (he is a fan and I have watched it occasionally just to be with him) - and I was SHOCKED at how Steve Harvey was acting! He looked and sounded like he was just going through the motions and deliberately holding in his emotions - a new persona for Steve. For some reason, he did this more in the second half. He actually seemed silently angry, and made a few quick comments that, with body language and facial expressions, sounded as though he was upset that the black families lost in those two episodes. Could that be true? When you consider that the winning group was made up of 5 stunningly beautiful women (with whom he never flirted) it is a true shocker! I have NEVER seen Mr. Harvey acting racially prejudice, never with an insulting, curt and cold demeanor. I couldn't believe my eyes. My husband said he saw nothing. Red Flag: it was much cleaner than usual! Which is my segue to . . .

    I was thrilled to hear the moral outrage and boundary-marking of so many who have written of the show's sexual tone and inappropriate questions, comments, flirtations and suggestive ad libs, which was offensive to me. That is why I stopped watching it awhile ago. Has Mr. Harvey felt constrained by this or is there more to it? I really like him as a comedian and wish he would clean it up. But, what about the years of Richard Dawson and his red-faced, alcohol fueled hosting? I was turned off as a child! I also appreciated that people called attention to the playing off of white vs black in the show. The deep-seated racial prejudice in this country is being revealed for what it is: from individual and institutional bias and injustice and unreasonableness - to political messages reminiscent of pre-WWII Germany - to eruptions of long-buried rage, this country may be headed for another civil war of sorts. If that happens, Family Feud may be a mere time capsule of 'how we used to be'. (Sorry for the length guess I waited too long to express it!)

  • Clean up your act!

    I remember when this show was somewhat entertaining. My son was watching it the other day when I heard a question about naming a place in a hospital where a doctor and nurse could get romantic? Really? What the hell is wrong with you people? Steve Harvey is not a funny guy and if he had any moral backbone he would tell the show's producers that the raunchy crap they are putting out is a turn-off. Shame on all you idiots associated with this show.
  • Christmas Family fued fight

    We got this game for Christmas we were playing along great everyone was having fun until we discovered we were playing it wrong. we broke into a full on family feud argument can wait to get the second edition of family feud so we can continue with the tradition.
  • Smith verses Newhart

    I truly believe that Smith family should have a chance to come back. The question was something an athlete throws. The Smith family said a punch. But it was wrong. The answer was Fist/Insult. Respectfully, a person can't throw a fist without punch and punch can't be thrown without a fist. They should get a chance to come back. Thanks for listening. Love the show.
  • unfair

    My husband and I watch Family Feud every weeknight. We were watching the 3pm show today when a family both were to late for the last question and Steve gave both of them more time. He doesn't do that for every family so why them??
  • Military

    I was never more disappointed in Steve, there was a family with a FEMALE in uniform (believe it was a Hawaiian family),. Steve ALWAYS thanx the service MEN for their service. When it came to the female in uniform Steve NEVER brought up, thanked or even mentioned the fact that she was in uniform, let alone thank her for her service. Is Steve Harvey a Sovinest Pig? I certainly hope not. If so, I would be sure to let family, friends and anyone who will listen to not watch Family Feud.

    Very disappointed in Steve :[
  • Family Feud over-sexualized and dumbed-down

    Very disappointed in latest version of this game show. Must EVERYTHING be sexualized to the point that you cannot sit with your kids and watch a game show at 7pm?? The questions are ridiculously sexualized and if that isn't bad enough, the answers appear to be modified and end up so RAUNCHY that I can't believe ANYONE except a few would actually provide those answers. whole show has turned unnecessarily raunchy and been stupidly dumbed down, meaning the questions! Not sure who is in control but producers better go back to the drawing board. I would also think Harvey has some control in this. And I like him, just not with this ridiculous material. So I can decide to turn the channel and that's what I have done!
  • Never have we laughed so hard for so long!

    My husband and I, who are in our early 50's, binge watched our taped Family Feud shows from November 2015. We have never laughed, so hard for so long, together and felt the need to express our thanks to Mr. Harvey, the producers, staff, crew, and contestants of the engaging Family Feud.

    Cheers! Ann Cairns, Kelowna, BC
  • The Pope Family

    This morning I was watching the 1st episode with the Pope Family from Newnan Ga. In this episode they won the game but it was time to go up for the 20,000 they didn't win. The question was to "Name something a baby throws?" When Terri answered ball, the buzzer went off. She then said Rattle which was already up there so they said try again. She then said cup. The number 1 answer was toy. Well she said ball 1st and the buzzer went off as if the answer was already on the board. Her second answer was Rattle which was already up there so shw said Cup. A ball is considered as a toy. Not sure if anybody noticed but I sure did. No offense to Steve because I don't even think he noticed it.
  • family feud show today, january 7, 2016

    I am ashamed and embarrassed and disgusted at Steve Harvey's response to the question today: What do a 100 year old man and a baby have in common?" a contestant suggested : they both wear diapers. He responded by imitating taking off a diaper on himself. This is too disgusting - perhaps he has not taken care of a parent who is in need of care and wears a diaper - show some respect and compassion Mr. Harvey!!!! And quit with all the sexual comments - this could be a fun, great show but it has gone overboard with the stupid comments and answers both by contestants and Mr. Harvey. I don't care if he doesn't have a choice about the questions - I'm sure he has some sway and he does NOT have to respond so sexually as he so often does! Some say he is a Christian??? in his thought process when it comes to his sexual innuendos and comments!!!
  • Unaceptable game show host .

    I think Steve Harvey should be taken of off the family fued, he has spoiled a fun family show. He only has one thing on his mind nudity & sex, and the way he talks to people and slaps guys around is not acceptable in my mind.
  • Sex questions

    Actually Steve Harvey didn't turn Family Feud into a sex show even though those sex questions are too frequent nowadays. Family Feud has been a sex show ever since Ray Combs was the host. It wasn't as bad in the Combs era, the John O'Hurley era, the Karn era, or even the Anderson era. When Richard Dawson returned as the host back in 1994, he asked a bunch of X-rated questions just like Steve Harvey did ever since his second season. Even Ray Combs and John O'Hurley didn't ask that many sex questions
  • This show is getting very ridiculous

    I used to love watching this show. But since Steve Harvey started with it, it is now nothing but a "sex" show! The questions are getting more "X" rated. I can't believe the way they are asking them now and the answers they actually give on TV. They NEVER even thought of those type of questions when John O'Hurley or Richard Karn were the hosts! You're really taking chances of letting children watching this show now. Steve seems to encourage the players to continue with it too. Another thing also is when he starts the show, he quite often never tells you who the returning winners are. So, if you are watching it for the first time, you have to guess who the returning people are. They always were told when the other hosts were on. Also, when the next game is on, it's quite often that the winning team is NOT on the next game. It is also getting ridiculous the way you are playing reruns all the time. Don't you have enough new players coming on to play new episodes? I've gotten where I know the answers of all the questions and which teams will win the games!
  • I'm so sick of Family Feud

    The questions are ridiculous, and there is no skill involved in this show. I can't understand why Game Show Network shows this all day and night. They used to air old episodes of real game shows and I loved it. Family Feud is so boring!!!!!!
  • clapping

    I hate the clapping on this show, real people don't clap in unison like that. Do you have a person in front of the audience leading them (clap leader) like a conductor leading an orchestra? It really drives me nutty.
  • Big babies

    I too have noticed that it is always a black family versus a white family and I agree with other posters that it does perpetuate and "us against them" mentality. Although it could be looked at as bringing races together. On another note, all of you who have written that it is inappropriate or that you don't like the jokes made by Steve Harvey, turn the channel, stop watching it, and for God sakes stop crying about it! The show is called family feud not because it is a "family show" but because it is about two families feuding. I don't think it is has ever been a family show since it's very beginning when the host placed passionate kisses on the lips of every female contestant that played! What has gotten ridiculous in this country is that everyone seems to think that all shows, all people need to conform to their idealistic attitudes and if they're sensitive nature is in any way offended that a show should be taken off immediately or a new law created. There are many that actually enjoy the humor that the host creates. There will never be a time where everyone is satisfied with one thing which is why diversity in television is welcomed and needed! Not every show on TV is put out there to please your young child while you fix dinner. I can't believe that someone actually called dish TV to complain about the show, but I applaud their answer which was simply, if you don't like it, TURN THE CHANNEL! This country has turned into a bunch of wanna be politically correct BABIES who whine and cry and claim 'offended' when something does not fit into their narrow mind. It is people like you that have wasted valuable government time and resources protesting for absurdities such as the rights of ants! Toughen up!
  • Black vs. White

    At first I thought it was just my imagination but after seeing some of the other reviews on here, I realize it's not! Any time I turn the channel and happen by Family Feud, the competition is always between a black family and a white family. How about a little more diversity? This is not moving us forward but perpetuating the us against them mentality that has been around for far too long.
  • Give it More Thought

    I understand some of you may think Family Feud has too many sexual connotations, BUT as someone else posted, Steve Harvey is "The Host" He is following the directions as an employee. He doesn't come up with the answers "Americans" chose for answers, he doesn't come up with the questions. He has always been a comedian and has done ALOT to bring back relationship value, not only on his TV show, but his book charity ect.....

    Honestly, is there ANY show outside of a religious channel that doesn't show provocative clothing, language and very poor role models. Helllooooo????

    I feel our entire society has been screwed up for a long time placing certain celebrities with poor behavior of ALL ages, as front runners for our youth. Between graphic horror movies, lack of ethics, values, there really are few.

    I think Steve Harvey is amazing and I don't find him to be racially biased at all. I'm sorry for those of you that feel that way. Racism is something that has been a hot button forever, and still is running wild. He isn't one of them in my opinion. I've seen and experienced it myself. I know what it looks like, feels like.

    When I first watched, "Idiot Test" I thought Ben Glieb (sp?) was too sarcastic, but hey, I didn't pick him and he has softened up or I'm just used to it. LOL

    If you all think Family Feud is too sexual for your children, block the show on your TV. You have choices.

    We all have to look at ourselves first. I have read some of the reviews and I have to shake my head. Question: do you think your wardrobe is always red carpet and EVERYBODY loves it? Is your grammar and choice of language always perfect? Look in the mirror.
  • Harvey's inappropriate comments/innuendos

    Mr. Harvey takes every opportunity to imply or directly state how "well endowed" he is. For example, on a recent show he said, "Sometimes when I step out the shower I just stand there (looks down at himself) and go This was following some question about what a woman would want in a prospective husband if she could choose. Other answers were traits like, "Intelligent"; "Handsome"; "Good heart, etc. Of course one contestant (a man) suggested, "Steve, how about a 'big package'?" Here Harvey jumped at the chance: "You and I both know a guy can be ugly up in here but have it all and more down there!", pointing down at his crotch. Then he made the shower remark, although he did look around and say, "I can't believe I'm saying this on TV!" Believe it, Steve, but it's such an undignified thing to say or imply.

    There are too many questions on the show today that are related to sex! This content is making it inappropriate for children. Families used to be able to watch this show together and with this content they can't. If they keep this up, Family Feud could end up becoming an "R" rated gameshow and I'm sure nobody wants that. My girlfriend used to be uncomfortable with the idea of being on the show and being kissed by Richard Dawson but these questions make her even more uncomfortable than that thought and I can't say that I don't feel the same way. They've got to start asking practical questions again. Steve Harvey should ask the same kind of questions that Richard Dawson, Ray Combs, Richard Karn and John O'Hurley did. Steve Harvey is a good host, he's funny and I like the way he tells contestants that their answers are good. If the producers think this sex stuff sells, then they are idiots because Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, The Price is Right and many other gameshows don't use this content and look how great they're doing. This sexual stuff has got to stop. Something so private shouldn't be made so public.
  • ADULT entertainment

    Oh this is a wonderful game show! You can always count on sexual innuendos and slang for body parts and sexual acts. This is REAL family entertainment! Let's all gather around with our children and listen, with them, to childish innuendos about vibrators, masturbation, homosexuality, anuses, breasts, penises, etc. Last question heard on 8/6/15: What's a word beginning with an 'S' that describes how a woman feels in a negligee: one answer on the board was SLUTTY. Do you want YOUR children or grandchildren watching this garbage at 5 or 5:30? Sure you can turn off the TV but family time should BE family time! We shouldn't have to assume that all 'family' entertainment might really be X-rated entertainment.

    Steve Harvey and ABC (?) needs to be held accountable for this garbage. I don't have young children anymore but I cannot IMAGINE sitting down and watching this filthy show with a child. It should not be shown before 10:00 PM. I've lost all respect for Harvey. He and this network should be sued for masquerading as a family show on prime time.

    And why is Family Feud so cheap? Why do people go ballistic over 20K which, split 5 ways is only 4K minus taxes??
  • FAMILY SHOW ????????????.... NOT ANY MORE !

    Please, please stop it with the sex questions!! We all know the undertone of the questions that are televised and reviewed in our homes. Steve Harvey is a great host, but if he doesn't have any better subject to elaborate on, please, PLEASE get some different questions to use.

    I will NOT watch it any more and will let Advertisers my view on this

  • Why all the cursing??

    I thought Family Feud was a FAMILY show but I guess I'm wrong. I like Steve Harvey but he curses too much when it isn't even called for. He uses damn and hell all the time which isn't a good example to follow if younger kids are watching. Tone it down Steve. I agree with some of the comments that he goes way too far way too long at some of the answers the contestants give. It's like it becomes the "Steve Harvey show". It's too much. I will say though in reference to the comments about white family versus black family- it didn't seem to be a problem when it was almost always white families on the the feud with black families on "now and ....... Steve, cut out all the cursing and ease up on the comedy routines. Remember, it's not about YOU!!
  • Racist Family Feud

    I am shocked at how racist this show is. What happened here? I am white and I am being forced to watch black vs. white every single time. How/why would they do this? I thought the whole idea was to be neutral? This is a case of black racism. Steve Harvey WILL have no Mexicans, Asians, or any other minority. Always blacks against whites. This is insensitive and racist. And, everyone on the show must be highly educated, speak perfectly, and no one is fat. What is his problem? How about letting EVERYONE on the show? I LOVE Steve Harvey. He is probably my favorite show host ever. But I am offended at his agenda. He may lose me.
  • Use some common sense.

    I recently went to a taping of Family Feud. No one under the age of 16 is allowed for a reason. The same reasoning should be used by parents as to what their children watch on TV. If the language offends you or you feel that your children should not be exposed then don't watch the show. Also, I was there for two complete shows. There were 2 white families, 1 black family and one racially mixed family competing. I would not say that was racist.
  • Biased behavior by Steve Harvey and the producers

    First I would like to know why they always have a white family playing a black family. Why not just have the best families play regardless of color. Also, every time a black family looses to a white family Steve Harvey says "I am proud of you", yet when a white family looses to a black family the comment is not made.
  • Question

    We're inside a lot lately so we're watching TV a lot. This is on virtually nonstop on GSN. Something is perplexing to me.

    Why do some families continually send their dumbest members to the fast money round? I recall one family especially where one member was very clever and always got correct answers, but she was never on the fast money round, while a member who almost never got good answers was.

    Do you have to pick your two fast money players beforehand and you're stuck with them even if you advance to the final round 5 times?
  • Show needs some changes

    I agree there is way too much sexual inuendo on the show. It is unnecessary. Sometimes I like Steve Harvey but I agree he takes things way too far and I wish his grammar was better. He always says "Both families trying to win theyself a lot of That just bugs me!!! It also bugs me that the shows don't correspond, as in the family who won the night before isn't the one that's on the next night. It seems random which show they'll air. I am losing interest in the show.

  • family feud

    This has turned into one of the most dirty and perverted 'family' shows there is. You need to find someone with a brain to think of some intelligent fun questions instead of questions where stripper or boobs can be every answer. Or air the show late night when no one cares.
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