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  • saysay

    Ya its shows how Steve allways wants the blk familys to win. You can tell it kills the people that run the show to have on white people. Blk people only make up about 25% of America. So it couldn't be more apparent how racist the show has come to whites. And did you guys forget how many other nationalities there are in America? Yes I was wrong on the 25% So 13% then split that in half cause half of them live on welfare. .so this show isnt for me at all anymore!!!!
  • Try this for yourself

    saysay, your right and wrong. According to the latest census, "Black or African American" make up only 13.2% of the US population (in 2013), not 25%. I too, started to notice that every time i turned on "Family Feud", one of the families was black and the other white or some other race. Why are 50% of the contestants on this show black? I'm not even going to address the bias when it comes to the surveys used, that is subjective, however, the percentage of each race is something you can determine on your own, check for yourself!
  • what's Happening Family Feud?

    I have watched the family feud since I was in grammar school back when Richard Dawson was hosting. And yes, while I am happy to see that there are more black and hispanic family's be represented, I think there should be more diversity. Too often there are black and white family's paired agains one another and that seems to feed into a subliminal message of some sort. But what bothers me more than anything is the sexual innuendo in so many of the questions. The questions are not suited for a mature audience, the ones who will actually go out and support the shows commercial sponsors... I think that there are some really good competitive questions that could be offered that speak to real knowledge and observations versus sexual explicit . Let's keep this a family show, one where all can watch and participate.
  • Racist Proof: Video in Comments

    My family watched this episode and let me tell you, we were a little upset!

    h t t p s : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = Z k C c L 5 D Y V r E

    Later on during the episode, the grandma gets up to give her answer at the buzzer, the grandma being white, and she had less than a second and the X came up on the screen. When it came to the opposite team, they had at least 4 seconds to answer. If you watch the episode, you'd know what I am talking about.
  • blatant racial waste

    too much ghetto profanity and behavior.. not healthy for kids of any color, the jokes are not funny Steve is trying too hard to make the families seem funny and ends up making fun and being rude.
  • Where'd you go?

    I haven't seen a new episode of this show for over a year. Steve Harvey made a comment once that reruns are where the money's at. If that's all he's into it for I've watched my last Family Feud. Why can't he put in a little more time to his game show as he does on his talk show or let someone else host it.
  • What a scam

    Not very good this show is bias black people have the easiest questions white people don't have a chance,Steve Harvey even looks like he is

    Pulling for black people instead of being equal
  • Discrimination? YOU BET!!

    Recently, we have been watching the many "Family Feud" episodes aired on GSN network. THE most obvious discriminatory practice I have noticed is this: Whenever white families make it to "Fast Money" - most of the questions they are asked are MUCH harder, "you-need-to-think-about-it" questions. These questions usually generate a wide-range of answers along with low-scoring number 1 answers (usually much less than 30 . The black people get asked obvious, single answer questions that normally generate high scores (30-60+ PER answer!) :(





  • The Older The Better

    I don't really care about the fact that the new Family Feud always features a black vs white family on Family Feud. To me, it seems racist to think that the show always having black vs white families is a flaw of the show. What's really driving me crazy is the questions regarding sex, women/men, sexual anatomy, etc. It would be fine if there was a question regarding sexuality every once in a while on the show, but to have at least one nod to sexuality every single episode is uncalled for. Very rarely on this show do you ever get a question regarding something interesting or thought-provoking. For example, a question on one of tonight's programs was along the lines of "Name a part of the body that you would feel uncomfortable with someone kissing when greeting". The first three questions were all private parts of the body. Do the producers of this show think that adding sexual questions to the show will bring in more viewers? Do they think that we will laugh at this? Family Feud in the old days didn't do this so often, and when it did, it was actually funny. I will admit that Steve Harvey is an awesome host, and he does a very good job. Richard Dawson and Ryan Combs would be proud, not to mention Richard Karn and the other host could already be floored at Harvey's presence on the show. But, there has to be some diversity with the questions given on this show, and the families need to be much smarter than to give answers such as "your breasts" or "your balls". I don't think I should watch this show anymore, other than the 2-minute clips they have on YouTube.
  • Racial Diversity

    Why are they trying to fake racial diversity with always having a white family vs an african american family? There are never any other ethnicities represented on the show.
  • What's with the black vs. white?

    Is there some reason why there always seems to be one black family and one white family? It seems almost like a competition between the races. The two families should be more random: two black families, two white families, one of each, etc. It just seems like more often than not, it's a black family vs. a white or Asian or Hispanic family.
  • What happened to the real Family Feud?

    The Family Feud is supposed to be a family show but the questions asked by Steve Harvey are too sexually explicit and the answers and question that are on the board are a bit embarrassing. I've been watching the show for years. But lately I cannot sit and watch it since you just don't know what to expect, one question the other day was"massive dump" and very inappropriate, it was about dating twins, it's ridiculous. Maybe the producers must be corrupt or are even porn producers, its SHAMEFUL! This is a family show, and it used to be a brain game that was suitable for all ages to watch and now it's strictly xxx rated game show, What happened to the real Family Feud? I use to watch the show with my nephews and father in law, we like Steve Harvey, but feel he does not produce the show, so he has to go with the questions they produce. The show should be to enhance learning and clean fun, like Jeopardy and the Wheel, ones you can watch with your put it on the porn channel, for those who want that type entertainment, the late, late, late Harvey is very funny, he does at times seem to go on and he should see that the show has more variety in contestants. Make it more educational and family friendly, like it was before or better, it has a lot of followers and especially learn from what we show and we hope Steve Harvey wants to be looked up to.....
  • Ms. Ella

    I am a fan of this show for many yrs and I always thought the diversity was awsome. But, today I watched and didn't understand the ruling one member buzzed in first but only gave the second best answer, so the host gave the other family the opportunity to guess the number one answer and that contestant did guess that answer, but there was a tie called and the other family was able to have the choice to play or pass. My questioned is why give the other family a guess at the number one answer if they don't have the option to pass or play? Isn't that giving the other family a free answer? I don't know just sayin.
  • As a Caucasian I am offended

    This show is racist against white people. My wife and I have been watching this show for several weeks now and anyone with intelligence can see that this show is racist and picks people that it feels will portray white people in less than intelligent way and African Americans in a superior intelligence. Forget the fact that it has turned sexual in nature it has also turned racist so I will turn the channel. Anyone who watches this show is either not very bright or a racist African American.
  • not a family show

    I used to love the show but now I cant stand it! Its all about sex. Its black vs white. And Steve Harvey is AWFUL!!!!! He is NOT funny. He is VERY rude and insulting!!!
  • Carlton Family

    They just didn't stand a chance to win. They didn't listen to the questions. Why did they come to the show?
  • Get Over It

    I love the way the Family Feud is right now, its really funny. I watched Family Feud when I was little but people have to understand is that this not the same Family Feud they watched when they were little. This is a different time and what they do on there with the sex jokes and everything is considered funny these days. If you don't want your kids watching things like that make them go into a different room or change the channel. No one is making you watch it. I am a mother of a 16 month old and when she gets older if I don't want her watching something I am watching then I will send her out to play or go play in her room. It is that simple.
  • Family show????

    I am glad to see that I'm not alone in this. My personal favorite was the blondie with new boobs, which became the topic of the show. I believe Steve or producers should have addressed that are several instances in which inapproiate terminology is given in " YOUR" answers. Many sexual innuendos throughout program. Also, allowing answers that do not even come close to matchng. I would hope they will address this, but why should they, they get paid!
  • family feud

    I'm sick and tired of all the questions being related to sex. The show goes on during prime time when children at watching TV and that Steve guy does nothing but promote dirty talk. Put him on after 11:00pm and do re-runs during the day. I call DISH TV about this matter and they told me if you don't like it change the channel. Maybe if a bunch of us change our TV provider (like Dish) they might get the message
  • Nasty Family for Kids

    I'm disappointed in the show and in Steve Harvey. It was once a fun show for the whole family to now the content has gotten just plain nasty. Just sayin'
  • Secretia vs. Teri

    On one side, you have Secretia, Sequisha, La'Zonya (or isn't it Lasagne?), T'Shawn and Tay'Shawn. On the other, you have Mike, James, Tom, Michelle, and Betty. Every single night I can be sure to get a dose of made-up, weird ass names playing against a Tom, Rick and Harry. They produce the show from Atlanta, which would explain the Sheniqua names, however the blacks and whites are pitted against each other every single night. It was always just a game show. A fun, engaging, family game that has been on since the 70's. Steve Harvey is a great comedian and has really added some spice to the show, but these last several years it has been all about the blacks vs. the whites. Why is that? I'm curious to know why the producers haven't had to answer to that while every other racial thing gets put on CNN and Al Sharpton gets involved. Jus muh two cent, but because this black vs. white on FF shows up all over the internet, it's quite obvious it has become a race game that has become "racey" in sexual content as well. I imagine all the functional illiterates will come on here with their double negatives and run-on sentences to explain why it's not racially motivated, but it IS. The fact that I found this thread, and many others on the same topic, makes me wonder what the motive is behind it.
  • Family Fued or Jerry Springer???!!!

    kids watch Family Fued, like I did, when I was a kid. It is wayyy to inappropriate, now! Question my 9 year old just watched, "name something a man likes to see a woman holding?" Answer :"Russell the My kid asked what was told her is was a famous Jack Russell Terrier. Some of the answers are horrible! The name of the show should be switched!!! It's not for families, anymore!!! I LOVE Steve! But, come on!!!!! It is on, while my kids are up, for like 3 hours.
  • THE BEST HOST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to whomever is the owner of family feud,

    i just wanted to let you know that i have been watching family feud for as long as i can remember ( a little child) and i must say that Steve Harvey has been the best host yet. he is funny and very interactive with the guest and that makes the show more interested. i just wanted to let you know that it comes on at the same time as Wheel of Fortune and nothing could ever get me from that show until I knew that Family Feud was in at the same time and i must say (that was it) after i found that out.

    keep Steve Harvey on for long term and i guarantee you that your ratings will be greater than Wheel of Fortune......

  • Its a newer time, a newer generation and the producers realized that and needed a new spark for the show

    I love Steve as host and apparently others do too if the ratings are up. Many people are saying he makes the show inappropriate with some questions but if that was the case the producers who have been gotten rid of him a long time. As far as the other host, they did the show according to their own style and personality its just that Harvey has a better way to connect with the contestants and crowd and his facial expressions and impromptu comedy reaches the younger generation vs the older. The show has nothing to do with race or nothing like that, its just that the producers found a guy to breath fresher air into the show and they are pleased with his results and many older generation feud watchers are not use to the direction the producers are choosing to go in. These days its all about the numbers(ratings) and frankly before Steve the numbers were suffering that's why we have seen so many different host because the show was looking for that right person to re-spark viewer interest.
  • Racial Profiling.

    I really don't mind the sex questions. I come from a pretty open family and even then the ones on tv are usually worded not too bad. What DOES bother me is Steve Harvey. He just goes on and on, and only ever seems to get chummy with the black families on the show.

    Besides 1 family that was questionably latina, or just tanned white, still not sure, every match up I've seen the past few years has been black vs white, never any mixed families even. Steve also always talks on and jokes around with the black family yet always seems to scorn the white one. He even took one woman around to just dance with her on stage, taking up a good 3-5 minutes of time on the show that could've been used to play the game instead of seeing a gangly woman dancing around in high heels she didn't know how to use with Steve dancing next to her awkwardly.

    They also often seem to give it to the black family with the answers, even when theirs're half vague/only partially related, yet even slightly worded wrong they X the white families for the same thing.
  • Directors and Writers of the ( sad ) but new Family Feud*** HEY -- We're talking about your future " MONEY"

    Why are you feeding this madness of naming nick names of body parts, using terms like ' nookie '; degrading the ENTIRE television audience like porn watchers, a people, A NATION of no values, regarding biblical knowledge of the union of ( MAN AND WOMEN ),? Is this what you've reduced yourself to ? I do ask that you discontinue this aggressive behavior and get back to - JUST DOING WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT PRACTICE THINGS THAT ARE NOT OF ** ALMIGHTY GOD ***
  • Its not as good as it used to be

    Ever since Steve Harvey became host, it has become "Adult Feud" no longer family oriented. Also, almost every game with Steve has a black family particapating. Blacks are only about 15% of the population so why do almost half the families now have to be black. It was not this way until Steve Harvey became host so I can only thing that it is his fault this is happening. John O'Hurley and Richard Karn were much better hosts!! Bring one of them back to the feud!!
  • It ain't what it used to be...

    They still air older Feud's, with Richard Karn and John O'Hurley. Those are good, family entertainment with very few "vulgar" jokes, usually none. Now with Steve on the show there are nothing but questions that have the obvious answer, and with some that is the only answer, such as "Name a part of a woman's body that is usually larger than a man's," which Steve considered his "favorite question Contestants often give synonyms of "penis" as an answer, then Steve seems genuinely shocked when it ends up being on the board as "Herman the one eyed German," or when the contestant says "sperm" and it is not only on the board, but is put as This is in now way acceptable as a family show, I know Richard Dawson would roll over in his grave if he saw the show the way it was now. Although he was alive two years after Steve came on... I would love to see his reaction to "Name something your spouse might wear to turn you
  • REALLY....

    I was watching an episode of family feud on OCt 31/13, and i was upset on on eof the questions they asked on the game show, Steve harvey asked, "If a flat chested girl had no kleenex to stuff her bra with, what would she use?"

    Personally, I was made fun of through grade school and highschool about my chest size. Now if a little girl watches this family game show , it puts it in her mind that flat chested girls usually stuff their bras? I mean, how ridiculous is that? The writers or producers or whoever creates these questions really had nothing better to write than a question about a girls flat chest?! I am personally never watching this show again, i am so offended and hurt, and this won't be the only website i post a complaint! . I know some of you reading this may think just a funny question!" Well try being a flat chested girl growing up and going home every night crying or looking up pictures of girls and praying that one day you can look as pretty as them.. when i should have not even been worrying about my looks! The only way to stop little girls from feeling this way is to stop talking about it! (that means "just jokiing" about it too!
  • race issue

    i have watched the show for years and since harvey took over every show that i have seen has one white family and a black family on it, whats the deal. the old family feud never did that. it was a mix of people, two white familes, two hispanic or black it did not matter. show is not a family show no more it is steve harveys show.
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