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  • Question

    We're inside a lot lately so we're watching TV a lot. This is on virtually nonstop on GSN. Something is perplexing to me.

    Why do some families continually send their dumbest members to the fast money round? I recall one family especially where one member was very clever and always got correct answers, but she was never on the fast money round, while a member who almost never got good answers was.

    Do you have to pick your two fast money players beforehand and you're stuck with them even if you advance to the final round 5 times?
  • Show needs some changes

    I agree there is way too much sexual inuendo on the show. It is unnecessary. Sometimes I like Steve Harvey but I agree he takes things way too far and I wish his grammar was better. He always says "Both families trying to win theyself a lot of That just bugs me!!! It also bugs me that the shows don't correspond, as in the family who won the night before isn't the one that's on the next night. It seems random which show they'll air. I am losing interest in the show.

  • family feud

    This has turned into one of the most dirty and perverted 'family' shows there is. You need to find someone with a brain to think of some intelligent fun questions instead of questions where stripper or boobs can be every answer. Or air the show late night when no one cares.
  • NOT a family show...

    I remember watching Family Feud with my own family growing up, we even had a game board version we all enjoyed so was excited to see it was still on TV. I sat down to watch with my 6 year old son and was appalled at the answers. Foregoing some of the racial and sexual innuendos that were thankfully over his head, the last straw was when my little guy asks me "what is cocaine?" because that is the answer a family gave to the question "What's something you'd love to have a bag full of?". Wow.
  • What did he just say???

    I'm watching the DeZarn family vs. the Kayser family and one of the contestants said "a stick horse" meaning one of those old sticks you would put between your legs and had a horse head on top and you ran around riding it like a horse. He was utterly SHOCKED, dragged it out COMPLETELY and totally embarrassed the poor girl. THEN WHEN ON TO SAY, "MAN, YOUR FAMILY MUST BE THE POOREST FAMILY ON THE BLOCK IF YOUR HAVING THAT TOY!" and lauged.... I'm so confused as to why this man is constantly insulting people. It is cringing and I hate it because I want to watch this show, but not with this man....
  • Dysfunctional Family-Feud

    I too am getting sick of a few things and I've been watching for a while now. I can't stand the contestants that scream their answers and I really can't take the 'schtick' with some of the contestants that just have to get their "talent" on TV. I like Steve Harvey and many times I find him hilarious, but I don't like how he drags out a situ. where he is getting laughs. I think once I heard one of the judges actually say "ok, Steve" meaning enough of it now. More than anything, I am weary of his adjusting the men's ties. That drives me nuts. I do not see him being more rude to white people than blacks either. They do need to ask fewer questions leaning toward sexual innuendo and some of the answers up on the board and downright lewd with the euphemisms for condoms, men's private parts, etc. At times, I find he gets a little too into it when someone gives a sexual answer about a woman. Clean it up, Steve!!
  • Not prime time ready

    If a white host made the racial cracks that this host does they would be fired, sued, protested against.

    Ugly behavior
  • Racial Slur !

    It's not only the horrendous sexual references for a "family" show it's what I heard tonight that I find absolutely unacceptable. Out of Steve Harvey's mouth came a racial slur against white people. It was during the Fitzgerald vs Kennedy game on 2/27/15 when the Kennedy family was talking about their name tags and wondering why they were spelled incorrectly with the wrong lettering. Steve Harvey then says" It's because a white person is typing the tags". That comment was uncalled for and very discriminatory. Disgusting! If a white person made reference to a black person inferring that they are ignorant we would hear about it on the news! Check yourself! Your show is going downhill!
  • family feud

    whats going on when a contestant uses the word "flab" and is excoriated for it yet the host can call a contestant an "idiot" and get away with it. this country is ..........
  • Family Ghetto Feud

    I can't stand to watch Family Feud any longer. Steve Harvey embodies ghetto-speak ("wicha" instead of with you, "dis" and "dat" and ghetto attire with his extra-long suit coats ... reminds me of the ghetto basketball uniforms in college and the NBA now. The black vs. white component of opposing families can't be ignored. It's blatant and unnecessary. It's a totally disgusting show.
  • No longer family friendly!

    Tried to watch as a family but couldn't!! So many inappropriate questions and responses.. Many sexual references. Didn't even find it funny..
  • just can't win

    I personally think Steve is the most entertaining host of the Feud. In regards to black vs white; yes, they often have a black family verses a white. I don't see a problem in that. They can't win because then if they pair 2 black families or 2 white families on the same show they'll hear grief from the other that 'why did they only have black or why do they only have whites on the show?' No matter what they do, someone is going to find a reason to complain.

    All this race bating crap needs to stop. Stop making everything about race and what's 'Politically Correct'. The show is entertaining and that's what the show is meant to be.
  • This is a family show????

    Maybe the show should be aired after the kids go to bed. With questions like ' what might a man name his most special (precious?) body part?" .. and other references to sex, kids might decide, "wow, this must be important stuff, I need to see what it's about" - at too young an age.
  • The Wonderful Host

    Love Steve and I understand his view on grammar, but since he practically says 'theyselves' on almost every show, I wish he would use the correct form 'themselves'.

  • who is behind this junk?

    I don't watch tv anymore. But just had to come in and hopefully open some people's eyes. For the very reason that humans digest what They See. Before even this show was A Family Show with kids it was innocent. & Now the dynamic of it changed to "Adult" more like demonic . Crude, filthy, racism, making Evil look Good. & They still have it as "Family"feud. Parents Do Something This Is what They are Teaching Our Kids !
  • Steve Harvey and his giant button!

    So for all of you attacking the host, you do know he isn't standing up there with a giant button buzzing white people. Additionally the executive producers of the show call the shots, Harvey is just the talent, and those producers are white. So
  • Black Family vs White Family

    What is going on with matching black family vs white family?

    I suppose the next step would be to match Muslims vs Christians

    or Japanese Family vs Chinese Family

    Night after night

    How about just family vs family

    Whom ever is doing this should cease and decease, enough racial tensions already

    Certainly don't need it on a game show PLEASE think about it

  • Will Never Watch This Show Again

    This show should have been called the Black & White Feud. All my (non-black) friends have stopped watching it. I cannot imagine anyone who isn't black would want to watch this show. Goodbye used-to-be-stimulating show!
  • Needs a name change

    It really should be called "Racial Feud" the way it's nearly always a black vs. white show now.
  • Sick of Beong Old

    My husband & I watch Family Feud @5:00 pm (our time-Chicago) and the re-runs are run so often, you know the answers & who's going to win. Why can't you make re-runs using the morning show? We have stopped watching FF because we have seen all of the 5:00 pm shows.

    I find the show Prejudice in favor of blacks. Many time when a contestant is slow to answer if their white they get buzzed quicker.
  • Racist

    It's always black vs white and he always wants the black family to win..... This used to be one of my families favorite shows... Plus his langue is not for us. It's doesn't always need to black vs white..
  • Damn/Hell really???

    For the people complaining about Steve using words have been acceptable on television since the 70's and are very tame. If those words bother you, maybe you should turn the TV off for good.
  • Stop Steve Harvey from using bad language so that we can tune back in!

    If Steve Harvey wants to keep hosting the Family Feud he needs to stop using "damn" and "hell" in every sentence, such as "damn Easter Bunny". It is "Family" Feud for goodness sake. I don't even feel comfortable watching with my daughter anymore. We used to love Steve, but now he's rude and uses bad language so much that we will stop watching. We want the old, "grateful for an opportunity" Steve back!
  • Is Steve Harvey being rude lately

    I watch family feud every night. The reason for this post was to find a website to see if my thoughts that Steve Harvey might be a little rude. I watch it every night and I am getting more and more shocked by his rude behavior, rolling his eyes, making people feel stupid. Of course most of this is done behind their back and towards the camera. Last night I watched the episode and felt bad for the family that he was plainly disrespecting. The comments below makes me wonder about the racist thing, since the family was indeed white. I actually was thinking holy shit does he want the other family to win or what.
  • Family Feud

    I dont like it as much as I used to when Richard Dawson hosted. Its too vulgar now. Everything is about sex. Also, not every family is straight black or white. There are mixed families.
  • Family Feud Save Laughter/ Jesus saves souls

    Steve Harvey is one of the funniest comedians in American history. I'm just thankful Steve Harvey didn't follow Richard Dawson's lovely kiss to every single woman who step on the family feud. If Steve Harvey put his lips on the women on the show!! The people who think the show is nasty now. Man this would be one of the nasty xxx dirty games shows ever!! Just watching the women trying to get off his lips. The show would kill !! Steve Harvey Rock's. By the way I'm white to who it matters and I do not see any race crape going on. Just big success good job Steve.
  • not age appropriate for all audiences- getting too vulgar

    Frankly I'm sick of Steve Harvey and Family Fued, not only is it getting too vulgar, it's on too many stations too much of the time. Enough is enough, this show is on so much that it's becoming boring, boring, boring
  • Family Feud getting more vulgar!

    Family Feud may need to change its name to X Rated Feud if it doesn't do a turn around. Last night the question lead to an answer of masturbation. WHAT?! You've stooped to an all new low. And Steve needs to clean up his mouth!
  • family feud is racist

    I cant believe how racist this show is , I will not watch this show

    im tired of the blacks pulling the race card all the time and get %50 of the showing

    when they are only %13 of the population.

    This show is blantantly racist we need racial equality not reverse discrimination.

    i see this in all TV now , its got to stop your caucation now you take the back seat on everything..

    NO More call on all the whites , Asians , Idians etc.. to boycot this show is enough
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