Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 16

12 and a Half Angry Men

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2013 on FOX

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  • Good episode

  • Semplicemente epico!

    Questa puntata oltre ad essere divertentissima e piena di momenti demenziali,lascia anche un p di spazio al mio personaggio preferito,Joyce Kinney.
  • JUST VERY Tiny Improvement

    C'mon Seth I have seen better than this. Horrible try on classical theatre. The only funny bit in the episode was Peter's dinosaur cut-away's.
  • love it

    It was a great episode
  • :0 :0

    Idk isk idk 20. Hut i know!?
  • Awful parody of the 1957 movie of the same name

    Nothing really happens in this episode. Mayor west goes to court for murder, and is found not guilty. They spend about 95% of the episode in that same verdict room. I am DEAD serious.

    This is one of the worst episodes of the season, and is just as bad as Excellence in Broadcasting and The Juice Is Loose. The last few episodes that have come out lately have been awful. I insist that the writers think of something better, or just quit.
  • Pulling back from the grave a good episode

    After the recent flops of turban cowboy, call girl, and chris cross this episode brought the show back to its peak form. Mayor west is accused of murder and 12 jurors (peter, brian, bruce, quagmire, carter, consuela, carl, herbert, dr hartman, mort, tom tucker, and seamus) must decide guilty or not guilty. it has classic briand vs quagmire feuds and evens pulls in a few good cutaways (i liked peter's joke about opening window blinds) overall it puts classic character into a character plot.
  • 12 And A Half Angry Men

    A bit of an odd episode to gauge. It is always fun to mock the movie 12 Angry Men, and there were a few good lines such as the plain-lippies, Peter coming out of the dark only to return, and then the struggle with the blinds (something I hope I'm not the only one who related to

    But a lot of the cutaways were just awful.