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Family Guy

Season 12 Episode 4

A Fistful of Meg

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2013 on FOX

Episode Fan Reviews (5)

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  • A Fistful Of Shit

    This episode, IS FUCKING HORRIBLE!

    My god, this episode is just plain awful, it's mean and horrible, it's moral is bad and it's "jokes" are surprisingly disgusting despite being a cartoon.

    It's a plot about Meg trying to avoid a bully, that's fine, but they handled it EXTREMELY poorly, "Use the gross"? Are you fucked! WHO DOES THAT?! Who uses that and expects us to buy it! Meg was portrayed as overly gross here and it's disgusting, and unrealistic and isn't a way that people would deal with them, she could have used her anger to stand up to him like in the Boxing Episode of season 9. The subplot, OH MY GOD IS THIS BAD! It's bad enough I have to see Peter naked constantly which is disgusting and unfunny but Brian with no fur is HORRIBLE, here's why: the part when Brian lies on Peter is dragged on and zoomed in way too close and described in detail just to gross us out, DICK MOVE! It's not at all funny! It's rancid! It's nice that Brian gets back at Peter but the plot as a whole SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN HERE! Also, hasn't Brian already been shown without fur, the Greg Louganis joke and the Season 5 episode 17! Where they are similar looking and it most likely established how he looked furless! He wasn't disgusting and Seth is a sick fuck who wanted to gross us out, WELL SCREW YOU FOR MAKING ONE OF THE WORST EPISODES OF FAMILY GUY! Your as bad as Zeus and Casey from Spongebob!
  • A Fistful of Meg

    There were some good Quagmire lines, and occasionally these Meg episodes despite common sense end up being good, but this was not one of them. They lost me at the "Use the Ugly!" bit.
  • Updated review - this episode wasn't ANY better.

    Disgusting content and dialogue have really knocked my score down. I could not deal with the part with raw eggs without yolks (That was one very subliminal and not funny moment). Honestly, I don't know what it is with television these days...
  • Awesome.

    Thank you for being hilarious.

    I usually hate the Meg bashing, but there wasn't much of that. It was just the character herself with over the top characteristics. There were a couple weak jokes, like Peter coming down the stairs, but they kept it brief instead of dragging it out.

    For the most part, I found this hilarious almost from beginning to end. This is by far the best episode this season.
  • I like it more than everyone else will

    I'm waiting for everyone to hate on this episode. I dislike meg bashing as much as everyone else. HOWEVER this wasn't a bad meg bashing episode. Aside from the meg's body is a chemical weapon (which I did dislike), the other meg bits weren't even that bad. The slave child in locker, and meg's back on chris' missed the mark badly, however the Megatron bit, as well as the meg's funeral with peter throwing her in someone else's grave, did make me laugh. In addition to this so-so to decent A plot, the B plot of Peter showing his nudity to Brian is great. While I did shudder at Brian's naked body, his revenge made me smile deeply, as it was clever of him. Overall not as bad as everyone else thinks, but could have been less offensive. I would have liked to see Meg become a legitimately good fighter by using her inner anger.