Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 12

Airport '07

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on FOX

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  • Lovely

  • Peter become a redneck, but he messes up Quagmire's job

    Peter drives Quagmire to work, but ends up messing things up, causing Quagmire to lose his job as a pilot. After not being able find another job, Peter and Cleveland make plans to help him get his old job back. When the plan fails, Quagmire receives advice from his idol, Hugh Hefner. This is already the 4th episode in a row to get a superb score. While the storyline is not the best and get boring in a few parts, I laughed at first few minutes with Peter becoming a redneck. I did found it funny that Peter made Quagmire's loses his job. Other parts that made me laugh...Mayor West reading stories to the children, Babe reference, the cutaways, etc. The last few minutes was very enjoyable. Overall, the fourth in a row episode to get a superb score...very unique. 9/10
  • superb


    what i liked- the button on the plane that looked like a gay guy, the simulations of the plane hitting a school, a school of bunnies, and a school of bunnies where one of the passengers lived and beat his wife (mostly just because of the randomness of it), quagmire telling peter and lois that they might not want stewie to use his pacifier anymore, the cutaway with cleveland and peter at a comedy club seeing "kramer", amongst other things.

    good episode. it started off kinda boring, with all the redneck jokes, but after that the episode got a lot better. aside from the first few minutes this was a very enjoyable episode. B+/A- or so as my final grade.

  • I didn't like it.


    Peter drives Quagmire to work, but ends up messing things up, causing Quagmire to lose his job as a pilot. After not being able find another job, Peter and Cleveland make plans to help him get his old job back. When the plan fails, Quagmire receives advice from his idol, Hugh Hefner.

    Overall, this episode wasn't good in my opinion


  • Not the funniest episode I've ever seen but it was overall good

    I thought that this was a good but not great episode of "Family Guy". It could've been funnier in my opinion though. There were some parts that made me laugh hard. Peter driving his car and hitting both Quagmire's trunk (of his car) and his garage full of Asian girls was hilarious. Mayor West's cameo appearance when he was reading a story to the children at school was also very funny. Quagmire showing Chris that the number 8008 on the calculator looks like the word "Boob" was funny as well and make laugh hard. The Prom Night Dumpster Baby cutaway really made laugh so hard. However, the ending of the episode was the highlight with Peter, Joe, and Cleveland watching "Last Holiday" and then both Peter and Joe would do that "Oh no she didn't" and "Oh, yes did it" thing until Joe yelled at Peter and said "Yes she did Peter, it happened right there" (something close to that) and then Peter responds take it easy. Hugh Hefner talking to Quagmire about getting his job as a pilot back because he is a good pilot was very good to see. The rest of this episode was just weak and it was just boring in some parts. Also, did anyone notice the color is much brighter in this episode? it wasn't that bright in the other "Family Guy" episodes. Overall, a good episode of "Family Guy" but not the funniest episode I've ever seen and could've had some improvement. 7.5/10
  • One of the best in the season.

    After seeing a redneck comedy show, Peter purchases a pickup truck and decides to become a redneck. He does such "typical" redneck things as bringing the couch out onto the lawn, propositioning Meg, and chewing tobacco. Eventually, after having to bring Quagmire to the airport (Because Peter painted over the back window and crashed into Quagmire's car), Peter steals Quagmire's plane's fuel (thinking it will make his truck fly), causing TransNational Airlines Flight 37 to crash. Quagmire loses his job, and lives for three weeks with the Griffins, first in the tree-house, and then in the house. During this, he exhibits his typical sex fetishes, such as sticking his foot into Meg's mouth while she's sleeping. After living with them for a month, Quagmire has overstayed his welcome, so Peter tries to help Quagmire get a new job. They have very little success, so Peter, Cleveland and Joe decide to attempt a hare-brained scheme to get Quagmire's old job back: Quagmire would board TransNational Airlines Flight 209, while Peter and Joe take flight attendant uniforms while Cleveland distracts the guards. When they are in the air, Peter will drug the pilots so Quagmire would save the day. However, Quagmire is distracted when he has sex with a woman, not only losing his flight and chance, but putting his friends in extreme danger. Inspirational advice from Hugh Hefner then prompts Quagmire to save the day. He tells his friends on how to land the plane, similar to Airplane!. Safe, the guys finish the Last Holiday after landing the plane. In the end, Quagmire gets his job back, while Peter, Joe, and Cleveland have just been released from federal prison for hijacking.
  • Pretty good.

    I have heard bad reviews of this episode on this forum. Why, I mean, seriously, it's really funny! The replay of the plane when they said:

    "And now here's what would happen if the place crashed into a school,"

    And then, they said:

    "And now's what would happen if the plane crashed into a school filled with bunnies."

    THAT's great Family Guy humor!

    Then, there's the nice suspense. Who couldn't be asking form more when Peter is on the plane with Joe and Cleveland? I sure wanted to know what would happen! Very good action, and I congragulate the writers for that.

    9.2 out of 10, a very nicely written episode.
  • Season 5, Episode 12.

    I love this episode so much. Peter becoming a redneck was hilarious. He wanted to sleep with Meg! I'm laughing my ass off! Brian letting Peter spit in Stewie's apple juice was hilarious! Quagmire having the Asian strippers in the trunk of his car is hilarious! Then in the garage! I also love the episode title, which I know is a little weird, but still! It is so clever and I like it. Better than the episode's original title, "Keep On Truckin'." I think the scene with Mayor West in the classroom was taken out of Scary Movie 4. I loved the news story after the crash. I love Family Guy! :)
  • Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity Goo!!!

    This was probably one of best Family Guy episodes yet, and it's the best in season 5. At the beginning, Peter acts like a redneck. It's so funny when Peter spits in the cup, and then Stewie drinks it.(Stewie: Oh, there's my apple juice!) It looks like Quagmire lost his job because of Peter. It's also pretty funny when Cleveland distracts the guards with violins. At the end when Peter, Cleveland, and Joe save the plane from crashing it's funny at the end of the movie, when they are debating, Peter: Oh no she didn't. Joe: Oh yes she did! At the end, Quagmire gets his job back.
  • No, Peter, it's perfectly normal to siphon jet fuel from an active runway with the intention of flying a pickup truck

    I'm all for spoof movies such as Scary Movie, Austin Powers and Airplane but parodying a parodical movie is just sad and makes absolutely no sense. Making fun of a movie that deliberately makes fun of other movies is pointless and the only thing worse than that would be if a show was to parody this family guy episode.

    I'm all for Family Guy's random humour but I expect it to be funny enough for me to laugh, which it used to be able to with stupid moments like at a dog track:
    Chris: Dad, where are the jockeys?
    Peter: They're in the wash son, I'm going indian today!
    Two well written stupid remarks in a row which makes me laugh but the newer episodes such as this one hasn't made me laugh once, especially when they have scenes such as Prom Dumpster Baby and redneck Peter.

    This episode started out poorly but got a little better, with scenes like Peter's blackbox recording and Adam West's reading but those only almost made me smile, no "jokes" being up to quality of the classic seasons, which the new episodes occasionally have.

    Quagmire is my favourite character but he is no longer funny and while they at least haven't done a personality swap (Stewie), overusage (evil monkey, Herbert) or dumbed down (Lois, Brian, even Peter), he just isn't entertaining anymore, and neither is this episode.
  • This was a very good episode

    There was something about this episode that didnt quite make is god as tere best episodes. But i enjoyed it anyway(How can you not enjoy Family Guy). The main reason that this episode was goos was because it had alot of Quagmire in it. You would think that the stuff he does and says would get old but it doesnt. And even if your not a fan of him you cant help but laugh at him occasionally. I probably most enjoyed the part where Peter was a Redneck and he tried to get his car to fly, you would expect that from Peter. This was a quality Episode.
  • average

    this episode was an average this episode had some funny moments but some of the parts of this episode was not funny and stuff the beggining and middle of this episode was preety good but then when this episode went to the ending it got alittle worse and worse this episode was an good cause quagemire was getting alittle dumb in this episode which is real funny this episode was a good episode to the season but somthing about this episode gets me the feeling that if they will have a dvd for this episode only i wouldent buy it so i give this episode a 8.1/10
  • Very good episode involving Quagmire!

    Quagmire takes Peter to work but Peter messes things up, causing Quagmire to lose his job as a pilot. After not being able find another job, Peter and Cleveland make plans to help him get his old job back. When the plan fails, Quagmire receives advice from his idol, Hugh Hefner. I liked this episode better than others. Quagmire is funny in this episode as always. A great watch. One of my favourite quotes:

    Tom Tucker: Channel 5 has this exclusive recording of a mayday communication from the cockpit.
    Peter: (From recording) Uh, hello, ground people? Uh, we, we got a little problem up here. Uh, we need some help or we're gonna crash... So, uh, that being the case, um... is it cool if I shut off "Last Holiday?" It seems unfair that the last thing these people might see is a mediocre comedy featuring Queen Latifah on skis. (Laughing) Cleveland look, she just fell over! She can't stand up on those things.
  • Another Quagmire episode - the result magnificent!

    I was Laughing my *** off at this episode, when I rewatched it last night because I planned to write this review, and I laughed so hard that I fell off the couch, it was about 2 ocklock at night and I swear I woke up a few people in my house(6 people live in it.)The jokes are just so great and well written, I espiccially like the Frasier pun among others and a Quagmire episode always proves to be hilarious.

    Plus! lol, it never had a joke that wasn't funny enough or something I would laugh at in it, like several of the new eps. Without a doubt one of the all time classics in the series and one of the best in Season 5 and the new eps.
  • Airport 07, Nothing really happened.

    I'm a huge Family Guy fan but this episode was one of the worst. The jokes were horrible and I don't think I laughed at all. Glen gets fired because of Peter's stupidity. Comparing this episode to the rest of the season it wasn't horrible. There were a few funny parts for example the Spears parody with the crotch flashing. The part where Glenn had all those Asians in his garage and trunk was pretty funny also. I felt sorry for Glenn though because of Peter's stupidity he lost his job and house. The resolution was pretty weak. It is proven again how Quagmire puts sex before anything. Overall I think this episode was average.
  • Quaqmire gets fired GIGGITY

    After seeing a redneck comedy show, Peter purchases a pickup truck and decides to become a redneck. He does such "typical" redneck things as bringing the couch out onto the lawn, propositioning Meg, and chewing tobacco. Eventually, after having to bring Quagmire to the airport, Peter steals Quagmire's plane's fuel (thinking it will make his truck fly), causing the plane to crash. Quagmire loses his job, and after three weeks is living with Peter, first in the tree-house, and then in the house. During so he does his typical sex fetishes such as sticking his foot into Meg's mouth while she's sleeping. Lois is fed up and forces Peter to help him get out of the house. Peter decides to attempt a hare-brained scheme with the help of Joe and Cleveland to fix Quagmire's problems, which almost falls through--until inspirational advice from Hugh Hefner prompts Quagmire to save the day, and thereby get his job back.
  • I've been a fan for a long time, but this episode was really lame.

    I've never seen family guy try so desperately to be offensive, only to have it fall so flat on it's face. what a let down. If i wanted pathetic attempts at being offensive, i'd watch Drawn Together. Otherwise this was a pretty boring episode.

    The one redeeming scene was the flying truck. otherwise this episode would get a zero.
  • i agree that it isnt all ood but hey it is funny and enjoyful

    this episode was incredibly funny in the beginning but then sort of lost it between the middle and then regained strength toward the end. though this episode wasn't as good, it still was enjoying to watch. this episode is mainly about quagmire losing his job at the airport because peter was stupid enough to become a hillbilly and started to do stupid things that only a hillbilly would do. towards the middle Qaugmires sense of humor fails and peters dumb questions and motivations are set to the max meter of stupidedness, though a hilarious act of peters well being and second grade smarts, this episode get to be very funny, like the scientists who describe natures ways and the tormenting hillbillies, along with the scene from dodge bal a true underdog story, this episode gets to be a half descent story line.
  • I agree it's not the best Family Guy episode, it's probably not the worst either.

    It's definetly not the best Family Guy Material, but it's not the worst either, I believe there's been worst episodes. Besides, even while it's a bad episode from what we've come to expect of Family Guy Writers, it is still a far better show, than most other adult cartoons out there. Which is the only reason, I still have to defent it. I do agree that there's more disturbing scenes on it though. The very painful to watch scene while peter ate half of a popsicle in one bite, was disturbing, and made me turn my head while I watched. Also the song on this episode, wasn't as good as other songs on previews episodes.
  • Despite the complaints, I could still watch this episode 2-3 more times. The driving plot is Peter does something ridiculous to get Quagmire fired, and Peter must amend the wrong.

    There are many LOL episodes in this episode, which make the episode worth watching, but I am not going to lie-- there are many throwaway jokes and other jokes that are ridiculously sans context. Like the Prom Night Dumpster Baby song--I thought the song was funny, but here's what happened to me to make me go "huh?" I was watching Peter talk to Lois in bed when I got a txt msg, looked down, looked back up at the TV screen, and all of a sudden a bunch of babies with umbilical chords are singing. I laughed at how surreal that experience was. I can't wait to rewatch the episode to see how Family Guy segued to that scene. Also, my favorite joke was the one where Peter talks to ground control and asks them if it is OK to turn off Last Holiday. I busted up laughing. There were some other funny jokes, but I won't list them all.

    In fairness to the FG haters, this episode, like a lot of recent episodes, has a lot of throwaway jokes which drags on the episode as a whole. In my opinion, it is better to tell a couple funny jokes than to tell a hundred unfunny jokes, hoping that 2-3 hit the mark. I understand that the Adam West joke pokes fun of Pres. Bush, but I do not understand why it is funny. Same with the guy who beat his wife after surviving a crash. If I am supposed to laugh at the shock value, FG should know that it takes a helluva lot more to shock me.
    I would probably say that the ratio of funny to unfunny is starting to tip more in favor of the unfunny, but I cannot deny that this episode is good enough for me to watch again.
  • Don't let Quagmire near the Plane!

    the forcus of this episode is on Quagmire, the sex-craved pilot is fired for soomething Peter did. Rip off the fuel from the jet liner to put in his own car. After that, the gang tries to get him his job back. And that what this epiosde is all about Quagmire wanting his job back, so the gang tries to get his job back, but ends up on the airliner heading for trouble. this episode is funny. the usual slapstick and take offs on television series and situation. Not much happens, but I laugh all the same. "Family Guy" is fun.
  • there were some funny parts, but this might have been the lamest episode ever made of family guy.

    I hope they don't do this otherwsie the winner won't be the only horrible show that they do. The thing with Meg on the bench was more creepy than funny, that was nasty. When Quagmire was doing his flight speech that was funny, and the parody of the Blue Collar Comedy tour was kind of funny as well. Are they trying to say that anyone who supports the troops are rednecks, or people who are against abortion. I have no opinion on the second, but supporting the troops isn't a redneck thing, it's a non hippy thing. I hope they don't go the way of the Simpson's trying to force views on people, because it has lost them alot of fans, and since they borrow sometimes from the Simpson't I think it would hurt them worse. Was the Adam West reading the book to school kids, when he learned about a plane crash in reference to President Bush on 9/11, if so I think that is kind of lame to joke about too. I still think this was the worse episode, but it still had some funny moments, which says alot about the writers and producers that even their worst episode is better than some shows best episodes.
  • I havent seen this many flashbacks since that time I...

    "Airport 07", the latest episode from the black hole called the minds of the Family Guy writers, was about Quagmire getting fired from his pilots job thanks to Peter, after which the gang must get Quagmire's job back. Let me tell u this episode really sucked on ice. The storyline of this episode was so bad that it was really bad. Peter as a redneck looked to me like just a lame attempt to make a bunch of corny stereotypical hick jokes. 'Hey look Peter wants to have sex with his daughter cause thats what rednecks do', how original, funny and charming(by the way I was being sarcastic). That storyline(if u can call it that) is dropped in the second half for some reason and the plot shifts to the newly fired Quagmire, only now he staying at the Griffins' house and annoys them, which I cant help thinking Ive seen somewhere before. Its never explained exactly why Quagmire was fired considering there isnt much evidence connecting Quagmire to Peter or even Peter to the accident, or the fact that Quagmire was a good enough pilot to help Peter land the plane, but couldnt safely bring the plane down on a flat area where the only problem was low fuel. Sounds like sloppy writing to me.

    The jokes were lame to say the least. They had a chance to make fun of the Micheal Richards incident and boy did they screw up. This was a golden story to joke about, but the only joke we get is basically 'Hey remember Kramer's racist rant, wasnt that funny'. The writers get paid boatloads of money for this?!? Show Kramer owning slaves on Seinfeld or joke about the rather funny appearance on Letterman( For those who dont kno, Jerry Seinfeld was a guest on Letterman a couple of days after the incident, and Richards came on the show to apologize, but many audience members were unaware of wat happened and laughed thinking it was a joke, to which Seinfeld said in an unintentionally comic voice 'stop laughing its not funny'), its horribly bad writing to just take something funny from the news and pass it off as your own joke without adding something to it. Naturally it happened twice more with Peter as Britney Spears flashing they private parts, and Adam West as George Bush continuing to read to school children instead of taking action after a plane crash, which by the way I already saw in Fahrenheit 911. It feels more and more like Mcfarlene wants to use Family Guy to push his liberal ideas, and it makes me sick. FG used to be about the jokes not Mcfarlene's crusade against Republicans, South Park at least sometimes shows both sides of the argument. The rest of the jokes were either stupid, childish or stuff Ive seen before(with the redneck jokes being in all three categories).

    I am a moderate liberal so dont think I gave this episode a bad score because its so Left wing. Overall a big disappointment that reaffirms my belief that I probably could do a better job then the whole FG writing staff.
  • disgusting jokes, few laughs, and mediocre material in between leaves me feeling vaguely nauseated and very dissatisfied.

    there were bits done with such tastelessness i almost lost my dinner. there were relatively few moderately funny punchlines. whats left in between the good jokes and vomitorium material is fairly mediocre. the bits that stant out in my memory are jokes about wife beating and abandoned babies. it could be a matter of horrible timing, because these jokes seemed to go on way too long. its more than timing though, they were completely disgusting and about as clever as blunt force trauma to the head.

    this show isnt the worst episode ever made, but its far from the best. what really bothers me is that i think it had the chance to be a good episode, but just fell short.
  • Now that's what you call a Family Guy episode.

    Two words - Awesome episode.

    This is definitely the best of Season 5, hands down. It had a decent plot and some very nice jokes and flashbacks, not too much and not too less. However, I'm sorry to say this but I think I missed the beginning, only saw it after they were at the Redneck Carnival, hopefully I didn't miss much.

    PROS - Is it just me or do the writers of Family Guy read this board or something because someone here made a poll saying which show would make fun of Kramer first and Family Guy was an option. And in this episode, Family Guy did make a joke about Kramer. Some of the jokes were classics, like Quagmire shoving his foot into Meg's mouth.

    CONS - Sorry but I just can't really stand the singing. The Prom Dumpster Baby song was okay but the thought of some more singing just irritates me. The song was okay but I just didn't really see the point of it was. But I thought Hugh Hefner had a major role. He only said one to two lines and that was it.

    So basically, this was a good episode, way better than the other ones.
  • BEST EPISODE of the 5th Season so far.

    Wow, I thought Chick Cancer, Barely Legal and Peter's Two Dads were amazing. True, but this one blew those episodes away. So many jokes had appeared, more than 10-15 to be exact,and many LOL moments. The plot was strong too, which made it even better. Yes, this show is a classic again, and I hope the remainder of the season is just as good. There are so many(jokes, great moments) good things about this episode that it's hard to explain it. While it's hard to explain more about it, it's simply too awesome. Words really can't explain it. Overall, best episode not only for the season, but the show itself. Yep, this show is a classic again.