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Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 7

Amish Guy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2011 on FOX
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On the return from an adventurous day at an amusement park, the Griffins' car breaks down in Amish country and they are stranded with no way out. When Meg falls for an Amish boy, the Griffins then find themselves in a crusade against the conservative locals.

  • Radical

  • family guy amish guy

    great episode of family guy tonight it was really funny i thought the scene with the horse crapping on meg was disgustingly funny and it seemed like a classic episode the part when peter ate the rice cake had me laughing out loud and i liked it when peter kept destroying the amish people's houses and they kept rebuilding it again that was really funny and peter singing highway to hell excellent episode of family guy! :)moreless
  • Amish Guy

    In a weird twist of fate Meg episodes are usually good, but this one just was not. Too many bad jokes, an outrageous fight sequence that was not amusing at all, and just a generally disappointing half hour of television that pushed the lines of stupidity to a point that I can barely even justify anymore. If you are on the fence about watching it skip "Amish Guy."
  • After having a more serious episode last week, Family Guy returns to being funny. The results were good and it stayed right on target with the plot. Now if Seth could do this every week, Family Guy might return to its' roots.moreless

    After being told that he was overweight and can't ride the roller coaster, Peter thinks of a way to get on one. He takes his family to Ohio and puts on a girdle. His plan worked and he got ride the roller coaster. The family gets stuck in Amish Country and they spend the night in town. Meg falls in love with Amish local Ezekial but his father doesn't like his son being with outsiders. When Peter fails as usual to make peace with the Amish, he gets his family kicked out. Ezekial hitches a ride with the Griffins because he loves Meg. A war breaks out between Peter and the Amish. Meg and Ezekial stopped the fighting. Ezekial says that it would be best if he goes back with his father but tells Meg he will always remember her.

    It was nice to see Meg fall in love and this boy really treated her right. Not like Kevin who made me mad when he called Meg a skank. There were really funny jokes. I loved seeing the Amish rebuild their barn 3 times when Peter keeps blowing it up. The Griffins using horses to pull their car. How the Amish fight, Peter and his girdle, the rice cake gag, smelling the pie and the National Lampoon Vacation referance at the end. I didn't like when the horse did his business on Meg but I'll let that one slide.

    But Meg got treated better and was happy that she had a boyfriend for a while. This reminds of me when the Griffins went to South to protect Chris. This episode was just as good.moreless
  • Wait, wha?

    Well... this episode came as a surprise.

    When I read the previews of this, I felt for sure that this will turn another rehashing of a episode from Family Guy's first years, namely "South In Dixie" episode, which was redone in "Big Boys do Cry" in which the amily for some reason has to hide out in a rural area where they clash with the overly tradtional and religious locals, basically taking the road that even "North" didn't take in it's series of stereotype cultural humor.

    My low expections were... half meet.

    T0 my surprise, this episode seems to be more like the old seasons in terms of jokes and story. It didn't tried to phone in a political message that show has been known to do. They did a "Distant Griffin Relative" joke, haven't seen THOSE for a long time now. Heck, the family treats Meg rather well in this episode... until the end, then it back to the laugh at Meg's troubles. They do dump a little on the Amish culture and faith, but not as bad as I expected, and since they're making fun of people who can't see this, and if they do, they would take it in stride, so I can't really rant about that.

    Overall, this wasn't as bad I expecting it to be. The only real thing I can say was bad about this was the pacing, the "feud" between the Griffins and the Amish didn't happen until the last 5-minutes of the show, most it being just around 3 minutes, and those 3 minutes being the best in the entire show. And I am still weirder out how the family suddenly acted like their original selves and treat Meg as an actual part of the family, but I wouldn't mind if it is worked back into the show, goodness know they don't really care for continuity.moreless

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