Family Guy

Season 9 Episode 9

And I'm Joyce Kinney

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 2011 on FOX

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  • This episode was just plain awful

    I want to make it all clear to everyone is that I do not like this cut away gag is when Kermit angrily shouted at Fozzie is when they were changing the script into "Pigs in Space" instead of "Bears in Space' after he got attacked by Miss Piggy. Fozzie should've told his friend by saying, "Okay Okay Kermit. Calm down, You don't need to yell at It was one of the worst cutaway gags in the whole universe. My guess it was Seth MacFarlane who was doing the voices for this episode.
  • Classic

  • Awful

    That's just an awful episode.
  • Joyce Kinney,il personaggio perfetto.

    Joyce Kinney una di quei personaggi che dall'essere cattiva,poi diventa mi piaciuto verso la met della nona stagione cattiva,ma subito dopo diventa buona.
  • Superb episode

    First of all, I thought the Family Guy introduction was funny because they didn't the put the Family Guy introduction that they always do instead the introduction was with Stewie, Tom, and Peter and Peter was Frankenstein and all that... haha hilarious introduction of "Family Guy". I just didn't like how Joyce try to get revenge on Lois after when Lois humiliated Joyce in high school and that story about that crippled little boy in the beginning of this episode. Despite those two things, I enjoyed this episode. The cutaway with Lois being drunk and tickling Stewie and then throwing up on him was hilarious.. yes it was gross.. but it was hilarious. It was hilarious when Lois kept laughing while the priest was talking and then Peter said "stop kissing ass". The cutaway with The Muppets was also hilarious. The cutaway with Peter trying to give his phone number to the housekeeper was funny but it did take slightly too long for it to be over. The cutaway with Grease was also funny. It was hilarious when Tom Tucker said "Holy (block), that just turned out awful" after the Channel 5 theme song. It was funny when Bonnie came in the house and called Lois a slut after Joyce the news reporter revealed that Lois was in a porno. When the guys were talking to Chris and made fun of Lois at school and then Meg says "Yeah Griffin! Your mom's gross and nasty" and the guys say "hey, that a dude's mom, your a whore" and then Chris said "Yeah, your a whore daughter" to Meg. Lois saying "Yes, Tina Fey, your better than Jesus" was hilarious. When Lois was showing everyone at church her porno was hilarious especially Quagmire's facial expression when he saw it. Overall, this was hilarious Family Guy episode despite a couple of things. 9/10
  • I can't believe the eights and nines for this episode. Are we watching the same show? I had high hopes for this episode and once again I've been let down. This is Family Guy at their lowest. Seth should keep not only politics but his religion to himself.

    A new reporter has replaced Diane Simmons. She is Joyce Kinney. Lois is fascinated with her and they get together for dinner. They got along well and they become good friends. Lois tells Joyce a secret she has told anybody before. She did a porno film. The next night, Joyce reported on the news the porn film Lois did and the whole town now looked down at Lois. Lois was angry and felt betrayed by Joyce but Joyce told Lois that she was the victim of a prank Lois did to her in high school and did to get revenge. Lois did apologized but it was too late. Knowing how it feels to be the victim, Lois was banned from the church. Brian talked to her and with some help, they showed the film in church and she was forgiven. After seeing this, I hate Lois even more. She did get what she deserved after pulling that prank on Joyce. I thought Lois had class but after I saw her as a mean girl, I have second thoughts about her. We've seen Lois as a model and that was bad because it showed the transformation from being a good mother to being a nasty woman. This showed her in a negative light. Showing the porno in church was the lowest Seth has done and just like politics, he is forcing his religion down our throats. Enough is enough Seth!!! The only 2 good things I can say is that it is a Lois episode not set up by Peters' stupidity (Baby You Knock Me Out) and Brian acted like he did in seasons 1 to 3. But this was the worst Lois episode ever.
  • Thumbs down all you want, Joyce Kinney needs to die.


    I hate this character, she's not funny like Dianne was, she's just plain boring. Please Seth, kill her off the show and just let Tom do the anchoring.

    Anyways, this episode is about a new anchor who replaces Diane Simmons after she was shot by Stewie, she later finds out that Lois humiliated her in high school, so she gets her revenge by putting a story on the news on how Lois starred in a pornographic film, making everybody hate Lois. Okay, first off, what's with that, PEOPLE HAVE SEX, IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL, yet people treat Lois like crap because of it, she was kicked out of every building. Until during church, she shows the film to everyone.

    The only good parts about the episode was the Facebook cutaway, and Quagmire's reaction to the porno.

    My score is 1 out of 10


  • One of the funniest in this season.

    This episode sure does have some ups and downs, but those ups were so hilarious I gotta love it.
    The beginning is kinda lame - Stewie the Hulk is kinda unoriginal and it made me think this is what the episode will be about. Then comes the TV spot about some ill child, which is just low even though I do enjoy morbid jokes on Family Guy. Then some more boring "Lois loves the reporter" and we're finally over the boring part.
    Then comes the Consuela sketch which was great, I always enjoy Consuela jokes - she's great. Then the Meg-Joyce story takes a twist and we get to see some stuff from Lois' past.
    And the final scene is why I give this episode such a high score - it's just great. Quagmire's face when he sees what he sees, Brian and the lipstick and Stewie's concern about his origin... I really need such a good laugh.
  • Nothing but downhill from here.

    I've been watching Family Guy for quite some time now, and can safely say this show is going down. Big time. I honestly don't mind more offensive jokes. I mean, why else does anyone watch it? It's the perfect stress relief, taking out your frustration by laughing at handicapped children. But by downhill, I mean the storylines are crappy, and just plain boring, and the jokes are not even funny anymore or overstay their welcome. If your gonna be offensive, at least be FUNNY. It's like I can see Seth now, on his pile of thousand dollar bills with beady evil eyes, laughing.

    This used to be a show I could connect with all sorts of people. But with episodes that go from sentimental and good-hearted, to twisted and vile in a week, it's bound to stress and divide viewers more than the stress they're easing. If Seth actually got off his pile of money and worked alongside his writers, we'd be seeing a whole new, improved Family Guy. Sadly, this will never happen, until Family Guy retires for good.
  • Meg [to Chris]: Yea Griffin! Your mom's gross and nasty! Chris to Meg: Yea suck it! You're a whore daughter!

    After a weird Hulk intro, we get to the story. So at the supermarket, Lois meets Joyce KinneY (Diane's replacement) and tells her how it's nice to have noone trying to kill her (Stewie with a gun: Yeah, you're fine). They go to have drinks together, where Lois reveals she was in a porn flick. The next day, Joyce makes a whole story on the news about Lois' porno (Lois: I though girlfirends supported each other - Bonnie enters- Bonnie: SLUT!)So noone the priest banishes Lois from church. Lois is depressed, but Brian tells her how noone joked about Ryan Seacrest being gay after he joked too, so she goes to church and shows everyone her porn movie.

    Everyone like forgives her (Quagmire's reaction to the movie was priceless), the priest allows her in church again and Stewie thinks he is a porn baby.

    Overall: Good episode. The humor was there, and Brian & Lois chat was heart-y enough. So 8.5/10.
  • 1/16

    Family Guy had a Lois-centric episode here tonight, so yeah, you guessed it, it was really bad. On tap tonight was some fairly offensive humor at the expense of handicapped children, the usual anti-religion propaganda spewed by Seth MacFarlane through his characters, and just a really boring plot to go along with it all.

    Now, I am not trying to score a nomination for the next Player Haters Ball, I just did not enjoy this episode. I didn't laugh at all, and that is a scary trend this show has had for the majority of the season.

    Going to be hard to convince me this was a good episode.
  • wow seth you love your characters waay too much

    over half the episode was him writing in the new news lady putting her up on a pedestal. shame he doesn't know how to write further than that. we know from the seasons first ep theres no way that this character could be hired to replace dianne simmons since she's around the same age and the whole reason for her killing everyone and leaving the show was to hire a younger counterpart for tom tucker. well considering she's around the same age as lois lois theres no way they would hire her then. as for the news segments they not only were lame they were obnoxious and offensive. i pray they kill off this pointless character and bring dianne back since she was far more likable and not as pointless. also the ending was disgusting. i think the dumbest part of the ep was stewie thinking he's related to the delivery guy in the porno. not only would that be impossible but the fact that the only reason he and the audience are made to think this were because of their head shapes which was proven in a flashback to be an acident when he hit his head on the ceiling while brian was watching him. and it was stupid since he knew he was related to peter anyway from 4 sperate eps in the series (the sperm eps and the time travel eps)
  • great

    Lois befriends Joyce Kinney, a news anchor. But, Lois reveals a dark secret about her past, and Joyce plays it on the news. Now Lois is a social pariah. Is there anything she can do to make people like and respect her, like they used to?

    Good episode. It was by no means perfect but it did have some funny parts and an interesting plot. Favorite joke would probably be Kermit. Overall my final grade for this episode is a B-. Good episode but it could have been better. The only downside for me was it took a little to long to get into the plot
  • Quite Dull

    This episode was quite dull, but not quite as lame as last weeks. FYI, Seth McFarlane puts as much input as Matt Groening does on The Simpsons. But this episode was a snooze feast. I promised myself that I wouldn't watch last week, but the plot seemed so interesting. Lois In a porno...hmmm. But this was boring. Two things I noticed Chris (Seth Green) & Meg (Mila Kunis) have less than 3 lines in most episodes this days. Two reasons, Robot Chicken & Kunis's fledging career. Enough said. We all should go back in past and watch the first 3 seasons of Family Guy and see how much the show has gone downhill.
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