Family Guy

Season 3 Episode 5

And the Wiener is...

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2001 on FOX

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  • Decent comedy

  • Excellent episode

    Peter feels jealous when he finds out Chris has a larger penis than he does, so he tries various tactics like buying a new car and joining a gun club. He then takes Chris on a father-son hunting trip only for Chris to eventually save the day. Meanwhile, Meg finds herself to be a target of abuse for the cool kids at school when she joins the flag girl squad. I thought this episode was excellent. I liked both of the plots, but Peter and Chris' plot was better by a little bit. I laughed at bunch of scenes here. The first few minutes when they were at the snow was hilarious especially when Joe actually walked then Kevin bumped into him. Peter trying to remember the previous times near the end was funny. It was interesting that Peter decide to go hunting with Chris. Stewie's rocket man song was hilarious. Overall, most of the humor focused on the main plot, but I still liked the sub plot. 10/10
  • Another instant classic.


    Peter feels jealous when he finds out Chris has a larger penis than he does, so he tries various tactics like buying a new car and joining a gun club. He then takes Chris on a father-son hunting trip only for Chris to eventually save the day.
    Meanwhile, Meg finds herself to be a target of abuse for the cool kids at school when she joins the flag girl squad.

    What I liked:

    Peter's plot with chris

    -chris holding the little bananas

    quagmire meeting connie damico

  • Sensational episode, in my opinion!

    This episode had a ridiculous concept (but which one doesn't, really) but they executed it perfectly. There were several funny moments during the episode, and that contributed highly to its success.

    Also, I thought that the episode had an interesting storyline, even though it wasn't particularly brilliant or mind-boggling.

    There were several concepts that I loved in this one, such as Meg making flag girls and Peter joining a gun club, and all these elements contributed to the episode's overall success, in my opinion.

    I would recommend this episode reasonably highly, but I do think that there are much better episodes, even though I have scored this a ten. Very worthwhile!
  • Hilarious!

    The really good comedies are able to turn simple jokes into several more ones scattered throughout the episode. Family Guy is able to do the same, except make those jokes great and knee slapping hilarious. Although I've reached an age where penis jokes are getting a bit old and middle school ish, man were they ever hilarious here! The focus on Peter being insecure about his penis being smaller than his son's was just hilarious and created some excellent scenes, like when he tries redeeming himself at the gun shop, and getting a car with a long front. The other story, Meg and trying to be popular, was hilarious and at the same time does a great job of covering her role well of the loser girl always worried about her image at school. Excellent episode!
  • Cool episode all around

    Heh, Chris had a larger private part than Peter, and Meg trying to become a popular person. Well, an uncool person will NEVER change it's stripes, despite anything they may try to do.

    Yeah so it was a good episode. Not the funniest as such but the storylines were great. I must say the cheerleading scene with Meg getting covered was nuts, so funny lol.
    Joe was also quite funny this time, such as when he almost got use of his legs back, but that was taken away when he was knocked over again.
    Yeah so overall, it was a good episode.
  • Just from the fake disclaimer and the episode name do we laugh; the rest of the episode is even better.

    Peter is happy that he can beat Chris at everything but when he discovers that his son has a bigger penis he is instantly emasculated and tries every method of getting his pride back. Meanwhile; following Meg's humilation at the hands of the cruel Connie D'amico, her and Lois plot to bring the mean girl down. This episode is jam - packed with penis jokes and sexual innuendo as well as some nods at child abuse but for those who prefer the higher brow gags; Stewie is here with some wise cracks, the head to head between Peter and Chris and Peter's insane methods to staying well - endowed are a little cleaner but regardless of your standards; everything on show here is funny.

    The episode has the usual moral lessons although these ones seem a little darker; that having a freakishly big penis doesn't matter and that revenge can be sweet. Make of them what you will. I believe Stewie is much funnier in small doses like here when he's in the background mostly but emerges with a cheeky one - liner rather than when he's in every scene but struggles. The constant degradation of Meg gets a little nasty after the two meat attacks but the revenge at the end settles the score.

    Like The Simpsons, there's an unrelated sequence at the beginning which takes place on the snow but what Family Guy does differently is that it's not very long and somehow connects to the plot but The Simpson's is blown out of proportion and has almost nothing to do with the storyline. This episode looks very attractive but still a little rough compared to the more richly detailed later seasons. The vocals don't disappoint either but for some reason Connie D'amico has a friend who sounds exactly like Lois.

    And the Wiener is......anyone who thinks this is a bad episode; it's Family Guy at their best.
  • I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!! Another amazing episode for Family Guy!!!

    Peter is sure that Chris will never beat him at anything, from skating races to stacking dinnerware on top of his head. At the sauna, he discovers Chris has an enormous penis easily bigger than his own. Suddenly insecure, Peter buys a long, red, penis-like car which he drives and reverses in and out of a tunnel, and joins the National Gun Association (parodying the National Rifle Association). On a hunting trip with Chris he realizes that being a man is about bravery and not size when Chris drives away a bear that threatened to kill them both.

    Meanwhile, Meg tries out for cheerleading but is accepted into the flag girl squad instead. The other members are drastically different, ranging from hideously ugly to deformed. As her squad performs, several of the "cooler" kids rig a device that pelts Meg with rotten meat. Lois devises a plan for revenge, which with Meg is reluctant at first, but goes along with Lois's cunning ideas. Meg makes friends with Connie, but this doesn't last, as Connie and her friends trick Meg. Thinking she was going to kiss a popular boy while locked in a closet, Meg instead finds herself, in front of all the others, kissing a pig. Lois, knowing they were just going to embrass Meg again, sends Quagmire to hit on Connie, scarring her for life.
  • And the wiener is... (read my review to find out)

    Who else likes this fine, fine episode, because I find it a really good story with good jokes to ride along as well, oh and of course there was that moment where Joe could walk and then his son Kevin disabling him that was funny, but I like Peter with his jealousy for Chris' big Wiener and him trying to overcome that first with the car and then next with the guns oh and I like that Peter only just passed the fourth grade a short while ago - pure genius. I really enjoy watching this episode and find it really, really funny.
  • I can't believe Meg made the flag-girl squad

    This is another great installment episode to watch. Meg makes the flag-girl squad, and she's so excited. I can't believe she made it! She wants to tell everyone about this, too. Meanwhile, Peter develops a case of Chris-envy. Peter also starts yelling and insulting his son, too. Poor Chris. Meg then got invited to Connie Demico's birthday party. It was so funny that Meg was seen kissing a pig! Lois developed plans for Meg to kill Connie and her friends, too. Peter and Chris are then seen walking in the snow, hunting. Chris then scared away a bear, and Peter starts loving his son again.
  • One of the better season 3 episodes

    In this episode Peter finds out that that Chris is hung better then he is after bragging about how he is better then Chris at everything. After finding that out Peter gets really inscure and trys to find was to compensate for it, such as getting a very long car and getting a gun. Meanwhile Meg becomes a flag girl in the hopes that it will make her popular, but falls to worse victimisation then she had ever had before.

    This episode proved to be one of the funnier episodes of the season and had one of my favourite moments where Peter trys to do a megic trick on Chris and pulls his face off. A must see episode of season 3.
  • Whoa!! Didn't see that coming.

    It seems to start off as another routine Family Guy episode. Peter starts to beat Chris at everything, which is hilarious at the most part. Then, when Peter and Chris sweat off in the sauna, Peter notices Chris has a third leg. But, it's not a leg! It's Chris' pe nis! Peter is upset that Chris is more "endowed" than him.
    Peter tries to make everything better by purchasing a long car and repeatedly driving it in and out of a tunnel. A bus rams into him and makes his car short. Women start laughing at him. Peter needs moral support, and joins the gun club. he notices that everyone there has a small pe nis. The gun club guy says it's not the size of your wang, it's the size of your gun, and Peter buys a huge gun.
    Peter and Chris go hunting in the woods. And then... a bear! Chris makes himself look really big (it's a scare tactic) and says there's a new Ally Macbeal or something like that. The bear is frightened off and Peter realizes that they're both cool with it.
    Meanwhile, Meg is humiliated yet again. A very touching episode of Family Guy.

  • Oh my god, that's not your leg!

    This episode had a terrific plot and great jokes throughout from both Chris and Peter's storyline and Meg and Lois'.

    It is ironic that Peter is "better" at Chris than everything except where it counts which opens up some great one liners from a lot of the characters.

    Meg's plot about being flag girl and getting tortured by the cheerleaders was great, especially the bit with Quagmire at the end. Meg kissing the pig was hilarious and disturbing and both plots are brilliant the whole way through.

    Although this episode isn't the best from season three, it is one of the best and is very revealing.
  • In this episode, Peter Griffin becomes jealous when he discovers Chris has a bigger penis than him. This makes Peter feel that his son is more of a man than he is, resulting in Peter acting overly competitive towards Chris.

    I'm surprised that this episode isn't rated higher on this site because it definitely should be. It starts with Peter discovering that Chris has a monstrously-sized penis while they are basking in the sauna. This makes Peter extremely jealous and competitive towards Chris as he feels that his son is becoming more of a man the he is, opening up to some good comedy and sexual innuendo. As well, Meg wants to join the Cheerleading squad in hopes of becoming popular but has to settle for being a flag girl instead. Shortly after follows my favorite quote of the episode:

    Meg: Mom guess what! I made the Flag Girl squad
    Stewie: Flag Girl? Ummmm, yes good for you... Now you can be somewhere else when the boys don't call!

    -Courtesy of
    This episode is hilarious, and my all time favorite. I'm sure if people watched this episode as much as I have than they'd agree. So come on support this episode and write a review considering I'm the first so far to write one.