Family Guy

Season 9 Episode 1

And Then There Were Fewer

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2010 on FOX

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  • Okay, but would have been better if Seth didn't kill off some of those characters.

    Okay, how many characters have the creators killed off over the years? Let's see, we had Mr. Weed, Peter's step-dad, Kevin Swanson, Loretta, and possibly Brian's cousin, Jasper, to name a few. Now, Seth has decided to kill off James Woods, Mort's wife Muriel, Jillian's husband, and now Diane?!! I get killing off Stephanie and Priscilla, because they're day characters. I wish that Seth would stop killing off so many recurring characters. I mean, who could be next in killing off, Bonnie, the Pewterschmidts, Bruce, or even Herbert? I can't even watch some of the old episodes with those characters in them, because it makes me sad that Seth MacFarlane killed them off. If you want to know why he killed off the characters because there's nothing interesting about them, it's because the creators and producers are too lazy to make interesting things about the characters.

    Overall, the episode was okay, except for the killing off of several recurring characters.