Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 16

April in Quahog

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2010 on FOX

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  • Love family guy

  • Hit and miss

    Hit and miss episode here.

    The hit:

    - the "Peter in jury duty" plot (including the Surfin Bird gag returning and Brian mimicking the dog from Whacky Races)

    - Peter and Brian on meth

    The miss:

    - the whole second plot with Peter trying to win his kids back and ultimately selling out and buying a Xbox (except for the meth part which was hilarious, it was dull and not what I expect from FG)

    The idea of Peter trying to make up for clumsy talk by taking interest in their hobbies could have been nice if he didn't abuse his kids (especially Meg) all the time in other episodes. I mean, how can they still respect him/see him as a father figure with that ?! Chris usually supports his father no matter what so he should have barely cared and Stewie... Not much to say, except I loved the part with the two action figures.

    This was a funny episode. A favorite as well.

    I miss this Family realy do :/
  • Funny


    When the local news announces that the Earth will be destroyed by a black hole in 24 hours, everyone in Quahog goes nuts trying to live out their last day. Some surprising guest stars show up.

    Peter's plot was funny, Xbox 360 won the kids over, which was funny as it describes perfectly every little kid ever.


  • superb

    What I liked- Peter revealing the kids bore him and he hates being around them, Peter asking Meg if she was on her period, wanting to snort coke with Chris (and then later on Brian finding the coke), the end of the world being an April Fool's Joke, everyone at the end being mad because Peter sucks at the game, Adam West kicking the stars to form Orion, Quagmire having sex with Bonnie because he said he was a virgin, amongst other things.

    Pretty good. Had some really funny moments and a nice plot. The beginning with Peter trying to get out of jury duty was kind of boring, but the rest of the episode was pretty nice, so overall my final grade for this episode is going to be a B or so, I think is fair for this.
  • Great episode but it could have been better

    I thought that this was a great episode of "Family Guy". This wasn't my favorite episode but I did like it was pretty decent. The cutaway with the Oscars was hilarious. The Surfin' Bird gag was hilarious even though that gag annoyed me in "I Dream of Jesus" when Peter just sang it non-stop. As long as he doesn't sing it non-stop like "I Dream of Jesus" then it is very funny. Quagmire asking if he can have sex with Bonnie because Quagmire was a virgin was hilarious especially because Quagmire wasn't a virgin after all just wanted to have sex with Bonnie. Mayor West flying to space with a jetpack and then kicks the stars which says Orion was hilarious. Peter winning Meg, Chris, and Stewie's love by buying an Xbox 360 was hilarious. Peter playing the video game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" at the end of the episode was hilarious.MY score was just little low because I just hated how the end of the world was just an April Fools' joke. I thought it was mean and cold of Peter to say that he was bored with his kids. Come on, a father should always love his kids and should never be bored with them. Peter taking out his eyeball was also disgusting. Overall, this was a great episode but it could have been better. 8/10
  • Awesome episode, once again!

    I thought this was a great episode, and one of the best of season 8 I've seen. There were many parts I thought were funny, like the cutaway at the Oscars, Peter talking about hating ants, and the Surfin' Bird gag. I also thought the crystal meth joke was hilarious, and I liked the ending with Peter playing the video game. The only thing I didn't like was the twist in the plot that the world ending was just an April Fool's joke. Peter tearing his eye out also did disgust me a little, but it is Family Guy so it didn't bother me too much. This was still a great episode in my opinion. Final grade: A. Marebear2009, out!
  • it's the end of the world

    this episode has some thing to do with the world ending man I hate how they say that the world is going to end some times it's BS and in this episode Peter has jury duty which he thiks it is an exclusive life experience but everybody does it and then the news people tell everyone that the world is going to be suck up by a black hole and then thoes SOBs tell then its was a April fools joke and the it was funny that Peter got an X-box 360 but he only uses it for himself and I think he was playing Call of Duty game
  • How about making some better episodes eh Seth ?

    Boring, boring, boring. family guy has shown the lowest level of animated comedy i have ever seen so far. Season 1, 2 and 3 was original, funny and supposedly classic. Season eight has not given a good episode so far, and this episode is a perfect example. Seriously... This episode is just a simple, pathetic build up to a stupid ending. What, an XBOX 360 as a problem solver??? Not only that, the whole end of the world prank covered up 15 minutes, using that fact as the build up, finally the plot comes in, with 5 minutes left, and with the last second of the episode, the XBOX 360 is the savior of this episode ???... how stupid, lazy and not creative can Seth and the writers can get. family guy has to get back in track, i still have faith with this show, and i hope it will improve. But for now, this season is just as bad as season seven.
  • Just decent.

    Seems like the new episodes are running out of material to use that it's overusing pop culture references and past jokes and gags. And really that is the only thing that is stopping this episode from being up to par with the other Family Guy episodes in the past. It's a good episode but the fact that it is laced within so much dumb and unfunny flashbacks is just what kills it. It gets better towards the end when the children start resenting Peter because of his confession, and it ends on a funny note--the notion that money can buy everything is not exactly your fairy tale ending, but it's almost too close to reality. Overall though, just too much damn pop references.
  • tut,tut,tut :/

    Once Family Guy was THE best, it blew so many viewers off their feet each episode.'s dying. The last 4/5 episodes including this one that have aired have been nothing but sad to watch. I agree with other people, the only reason that I'm still watching Family Guy is because I aswell am waiting for that ONE episode that will be THE turning point and will heal the show and make it what it once was.

    April in Quohog doesn't help. Before the episode, the episode plot that had us all thinking that American Dad and King of the Hill characters would be appearing just made me want to kill MacFarlane when I found that to be an April fools joke. It would have been better for them to make an April fools Joke saying that it would be a week plot, when in actuality they'de give us a great episode. The only people it was funny to were the makers of the April fools fool.

    The plot of the episode wasn't even really a plot. They pulled the same stunt that The Simpsons pulls: having two/three episodes and scrunching them into one because they didn't have enough ideas for each plot to make 3 different episodes (if that makes any sence).

    Neither plots were good. 1. Peter does Jury Duty (so predictable) 2. End of the world (not bad) 3. Peter tries to get along with the kids (which he has done before lots of times). The jokes in the episode weren't funny, it was just an episode of me shaking my head in dissagreement and saying "come on". I really hope that Family Guy cleans up it's act otherwise they've just lost another fan :/
  • A little similar to "Da Boom", but still a good episode.

    I disagree with the people who gave this episode negative reviews. I thought this episode was an improvement over "Peter-assment" and "Brian Griffin's House of Payne" {which I still liked, but I thought they could've been better}. The plot about the world ending was unoriginal, but I liked it because it was interesting. The townspeoples reaction to the apocalypse was good, and the scene where Stewie caught Brian praying was really funny. SPOILER: I didn't like the twist that the end of the world was an April Fools joke, but I still loved the jokes at the end. The crystal meth gag was hilarious, and the scene with Peter playing that war game had me cracking up. This episode is good overall.
  • Two terrible episodes of Family Guy in a row...oh wait, make that three.

    First we get "Peter-assment". Next, we get "Brian Griffin's House of Payne". Both episodes were less-than-mediocre, in my opinion. Unfortunately, I now have to add "April in Quahog" to that list. What is going on with Family Guy. I seem to be enjoying The Cleveland Show more lately. (Seriously, the episode of The Cleveland Show that aired before this episode was much better than this episode; read my review on that one.) First off, this episode was not marketed properly. There was no American Dad or King of the Hill crossover as seen in the preview pictures, which really disappointed me, considering that that was the reason I had high hopes for this episode. Second, the gags were terrible (including the Jason Mraz gag). Let's hope the next episode will actually be worth seeing.
  • Hopeless would be an understatement I don't know why i bother to watch.

    I guess it's because i'm still waiting for that episode that will redeem the show for not only my behalf, but everyone elses. I cannot fathom why the writers have decided to slap a bunch of random outtakes into a 25min timeslot and had the hide to call it an "episode".

    It feels like as if the writers are running out of occurances to happen within the show, hence peter buying (this is so ridiculously stupid, it's not even funny) crystal meth. Not only does this episode conflict with humour and take a turn for the worst, but it also makes me wonder if family guy will ever be the same.

    Conclusion: I laughed only once in this episode, that was when peter was discussing a broken vending machine when the camera cuts to brian laughing with a gaspy voice.

    Ps; And for those who thumb me down? Shame on you for defending petty writers.
  • boring, pandering garbage

    I wonder if the extended sequence of Microsoft's Xbox 360 that was injected into the end of the episode has anything to do with family guy becoming the official spokes-show of Microsoft's Windows 7. Hey, remember when Family Guy made fun of The Simpsons for advertising Butterfinger? Well, at least The Simpsons didn't advertise Nestle products in the middle of a damn episode, or--even worse--make an advertisement a critical "plot point" of the show (and I use the term "plot" loosely).

    I also get the distinct impression that Seth MacFarlane is selling out his own atheistic convictions with Brian so that he can pander to Family Guy's largely Christian demographic.


    This show sucks now.
  • Something different

    This installement of Family guy seems to be getting a fair bit of criticism, however I was pretty pleased with it.

    This episode had a more solid and riven story than most episodes and managed to give all the Griffin Family decent air time.

    It wasn't a stella episode, but it did genuinly give more more laughs than the last few.

    I personally enjoyed Peters comments about the kid, it really came out of no where and set up a fun scenario for the last portion of the show.

    As always it did its fair share of things that just werent funny, but overall I found this to be better than average standard of the past 4 seasons.
  • Enjoyable!

    Despite the fact that The American Dad and King of the Hill crossover was a April fools joke this episode was fun to watch. I'm getting pretty tired of the complainers out there spreading there poison out there about this enjoyable fun show. If you think your complaining is going to get Family Guy and American Dad cancelled you are a fool. They have both been renewed through May of 2012. This season Family Guy has been creaming The Simpsons and South Park in the Nelson ratings. My favorite parts where when Stewie caught Brian praying when they thought the world was ending.
  • How are there so many bad reviews for this episode?

    After seeing this episode it has honestly become one of my favorite episodes ever! I laughed non stop at it! I, personally, believe that family guy is back to being as funny as it was before and I have now watched this episode about 6 times.

    Seth, congratulations =]

    This is up there with 'Peter's two Dad's'. The crystal meth scene in this made me laugh as much as "Pee pants the inebriated hobo clown" scene. Those who say this is lazy, well, you're just not a Family guy fan are you, now? I honestly believe that this entire episode was filled with hilarious jokes from start to finish.
  • Wow

    This whole show was a joke (not an insult). After thinking about it for sometime about the episode saying there will be surprising guest stars with "american dad" and "king of the hill" is all an april fools joke which gave me big hopes about the guest stars but was amazingly funny after a few days of thinking about it. The funny thing was, was that it showed it to us that they were kidding right under our noses when this episode is called "April in Quahog". This episode is the first episode I've ever heard that had a fake episode guide to it and showed a huge joke that changed the episode as I've seen it. At first i thought it was horrible but now i changed my mind for it!
  • Only the hoax of the world ending would spark a confession.

    When Peter gets the call for jury duty, he thinks that he has gain the power. The feeling soon drains when Brian informs him that everyone gets call once in awhile. Peter finds the job of serving on the jury seems to be boring and seem to get out despite forgetting jury nullification, that's where a jury will threat to go against the majority of a unjust ruling even if the jury agree. Peter hopes of ditching jury duty when word about a black hole about to destroy the earth within 24 hours. Peter decides to do where he wants, like getting a male lion, but soon joins his family on the finally hour. However, the news crew had a confession: it was a hoax. They were just taking part of April Fools Day.

    Unfortunately, Peter makes a shocking confession. He confess to Lois that he hates being around the children because they bore them. Peter has a new job, gain back their respect. Only the threat of the end, only to be a prank can get the best of people.
  • April in Quahog?

    A funny Family Guy? Well, sort of.

    I think one of the writers just watched the Y2K episode of Family Guy on TV and wanted to recreate it here, unfortunately, they failed to recapture the magic of the original one.

    I actually would have preferred to see Peter on jury duty conclude this episode, but as we have seen with new episodes of this show, the way it starts usually has nothing to do with the way it ends. Tom Tucker was funny here though, and Stewie had a few good lines, but as Randy Jackson would say, "This was just a'ight for me dog."