Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 14

Be Careful What You Fish For

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2012 on FOX

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  • family guy be careful what you wish for

    i actually really enjoyed this episode of family guy i didn't think i would since it had ricky gervais in it and i'm not really a fan of him but he was really funny as the annoying dolphen especially when he kept making those puns and annoying everyone the subplot was quite funny when brian wanted to report the preschool teacher for being irrosponsible but he found her pretty and wanted to invite her to lunch only for him to find out she had a boyfriend so he had her arrested and it was really funny at the part when brian was popping stewie's shoulder back in and he says i'm not saying i like pain but i'm not saying i don't like it either overall wayyy funnier than the simpsons episode which aired on the same night as this in the u.k
  • Utter Shit

    I love family guy, been addicted to it since the first ep, but this is just fucking awful. at no point during the ep did i even want to smile, all i could think about was wanting to kill that fat useless wanker ricky gervais. how the hell can he be considered a comic? wish he'd just hurry up & kill himself, making the world a more fun place in the process.
  • thundercat2000 you speak the truth.

    I joined this cite just to give this episode a abysmal. I love family guy and have seen every single episode at least three times and i must say this is one of the worst. thundercat2000 took all my feelings of this episode up. Thank you thundercat.
  • Ricky Gervais is an awkward and annoying dolphin ...

    ... and that was the point! The dolphin was supposed to be awkward. And annoying. And for those people who were annoyed or confused at the concept of a talking dolphin, this is FAMILY GUY! They've previously had a talking shark, a talking cow, two talking cars, a talking chicken, a talking monkey, evil Brian, new Brian, Jasper, Big Bird, Russian Mice, Rocky the Flying Squirrel ... and a dozen more I can't name off the top of my head.

    So why, on a show where sex with dogs and matricide are common themes, would you get annoyed at the idea of a talking dolphin? Some people are just dumb.
  • Ricky Gervais guest stars in this episode as the dolphin named Billy Fin

    When Peter and the guys try to salvage a sunken Mercedes-Benz, Peter half-heartedly promises a favor to a helpful dolphin. Soon the dolphin moves to Quahog, outstays his welcome at Peter's and moves into Cleveland's house across the street. Peter tries to reunite the dolphin with his ex-wife in hopes that he'll return to the ocean, but his plan backfires and the whole dolphin family moves into Cleveland's. I thought that this was a superb episode of "Family Guy". It was much better than last week's episode and it's good to see a very good episode since it has been almost a month or a little over a month since I've seen one. Anyways, I really enjoyed this episode and it was very funny for the most part. I enjoyed that Ricky Gervais guest starred in this episode since he is a funny guy and the storyline was very enjoyable. My score is just a little low because of the Brian/Stewie plot, I really didn't care about that plot too much but my main reason for not liking that plot too much was because of Brian. Brian was once again being a jerk in this episode and I didn't like that. Not too mention that it's the SAME OL' tiring thing that we have seen thousands and thousands of times in this show and Seth needs to stop doing that which is...... Brian finds someone who is hot, he neglects Stewie or whoever he helps, she turns out to have a boyfriend in the end, and blah blah blah. Stop putting that Seth MacFarlane and can you please make Brian stop being a jerk and actually be a wise and caring dog like he was in the earlier seasons. I also didn't like how Brian only called on the cops on that woman just because she had another boyfriend. He neglected Stewie and didn't care about the other babies so I really lost even more respect for him just for doing that. I laughed a couple of times in the subplot and that's it. Now back to the main plot, I laughed at so many parts that made me laugh hard such as Billy Fin constantly making those puns or jokes, Peter calling Carter and then Carter asking "What? Was that mercedes?" when Peter shaked it on the phone, Joe (dressed up as King Neptune) floating down in the background of the sea while Peter and Billy were talking, and some more. I also thought the fact that they made us read a cutaway near the beginning of the episode was very clever. Overall, despite the Brian/Stewie plot (mainly because Brian is once again a jerk), this was a superb episode of "Family Guy" and it's much better than the previous few episodes. 9/10
  • WHY do they understand DOLPHIN language?

    Ok..BRIAN talks...we all accept that...but now we are to accept that a DOLPHIN speaks English?

    Episode was uneven as us the current trend...kind of out of character...silly and with some really bad jokes..... again a waste of another 22 minutes...why are Brian and Stewie jus sitting around doing NADA for weeks....stop this and put them back on the is all this show has lef tto SAVE IT
  • Not so bad.

    There was some good parts on the ep, but what gives with the premise up there? moves into Cleveland"s house? the whole dolphin family moves later on the ep? i didnt see that last night! jajajaja, ok. But it was a good episode, the akward dolphin and his not so polite shannanigans, read the cutaway, the hot girl and Brian lying about his "law job" Stewie and his dislocated arm, Quiagmier playing Aquaman, Joe like Neptune. Not so bad for a sunday night. like Brian said one time "pot helps"
  • JUNK!!

    I hated the dolphin and Ricky Gervias. He was annoying I wished he had been harpooned. Brian was a total jerk and neglecting Stewie and the daycare for a beautiful woman was wrong. I wanted Brian to get his just comeuppance but he didn't. Reporting the teacher AFTER she had a boyfriend was another reason Brian is no longer likeable. Completely unfunny episode.
  • Bad dolphin

    The whole dolphin thing sucked.

  • Awful Episode.

    Wasn't a fan of tonight's Family Guy. I'm not a fan of Ricky Gervais and found Billy Finn to be more irritating than amusing. There didn't really seem to be any jokes going on here, the entire bit was that he was a dolphin and he's annoying - the terrible fish puns failed to make me smile.

    The Brain and Stewie sub plot was extremely predictable and again, not really funny - the second that Brian stepped foot into the house I paused the show, turned to my friend and said "She's gonna turn out to be hot, Brian will neglect Stewie, try to date her and turn on her at the very end when it's revealed she's seeing someone else."

    When Family Guy's on form it has moments of brilliance - I found tonight's episode to be lacking of any redeeming features what so ever.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For


    Could this be true? An episode that I actually laughed at? "Be Careful What You Wish For" was solid here today, obviously highlighted by the hilarious Ricky Gervais in his guest spot as Billy Fin, but there were other clever aspects to the show including making us read the cutaway and Carter knowing it was a Mercedes by the sound through the phone.

    Strong show tonight. Sure, some parts were still dumb, but with Family Guy you have to take what you can.