Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 10

Big Man on Hippocampus

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 03, 2010 on FOX

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  • Great show

  • Family Feud!

    Well done. I had fun watching this episode and loved the return of Pete the chicken.
  • Eh... not bad

    This episode was okay, but at least it's much better than what's been churned out the past few seasons.
  • What is wrong with this episode?

    What was Chris thinking, you guys? There was no reason for him to push his sister out of the room after she made that joke. Does Lois still has that angry face after that happen? I noticed that she didn't care that he was pushing her out of the room. I also do not like the way when Peter tells her to shut up in the beginning of the episode. I imagined that Lois tells him to stop, Otherwise, She is going to tell his mom (played by Phyllis Diller)
  • Peter loses his memory after he gets into a fight with Richard Dawson in the game show "Family Feud"

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Family Guy". It pretty much had me laughing all the way throughout the episode. I thought it was very funny that the family was on the game show "Family Feud" in the beginning of the episode. It was very funny when Peter gets mad game show host Richard Dawson because they lost and then Richard Dawson pushed Peter into the table which makes Peter lose his memory. Chris getting naked and saying "I'm invisible" was hilarious. Peter wanting to see "Pretty Woman" was funny. The live-action appearance with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was absolutely hilarious. Peter singing the "Surfin' Bird" was hilarious... it was also good because he doesn't sing it non-stop like he does in "I Dream of Jesus" which got annoying when Peter just kept singing it throughout that episode. Okay, enough of "I Dream of Jesus", I should focus on this review but if you want to see my "I Dream of Jesus" review then check it out. Anyways, back to more parts I found funny. Meg making a joke implying that Peter and Meg had sex and everyone tells Meg how it wasn't even funny was hilarious. Peter thinking that having sex with other women was okay was also funny. Of course, Quagmire's giggidy line was hilarious especially when he was in the grocery store and made a move on Lois. Peter getting his memory was being smacked so much by the Chicken was absolutely hilarious. The things I didn't like was that Lois was in bed with Quagmire (she shouldn't have done that even though she was mad at Peter because Peter lost his memory and doesn't love Lois) and the ending felt too rushed. Overall, a superb episode of "Family Guy". 9/10
  • Funny until peter relearns how to have sex.


    after hitting his head, Peter develops amnesia. He forgets everything, including his family and his friends. Lois takes extra care of Peter and tries everything to jog his memory and until he starts hitting on other women. Having had enough of his antics, Lois takes the kids and leaves.

    it was Funny until peter relearns how to have sex, and Lois tries to do Quagmire before it becomes dramatic.


  • Forgettable

    After Peter's empty head is badly injured following an appearance on Family Feud, he must attempt to regain his memory with the help of Lois. Things go from bad to worse when Peter discovers that ignorance really is bliss. This episode of Family Guy is just a massive, massive failure.

    A very promising beginning is derailed thanks to a shamelessly lazy plot twist, the quality might have been redeemed if the humour compensated for the lack of originality but it really does not. Perhaps the jokes attract a reactionary chuckle upon the first viewing but the actual premise the jokes are built on are so flimsy and lame that not only do we not find it funny in hindsight but thoroughly resent the fact that we ever allowed a laugh to pass through our lips in the first place.

    The inconsistency of Peter's amnesia has an unintentionally grating impact; it cannot be comprehended that a blow to the head can result in essentially a deletion of any capacity for logical thought or basic reasoning. If this was the case, Britney Spears must have been hit in the head a great many times. As far as audio goes, the only real highlight is a rare reappearance of Mike Henry whose vocal genius has recently relocated to another show. Aside from that, it is the usual display of Seth Macfarlane's ego massage by voicing every second male character, Alex Borstein inundating us with helium-esque racket and Seth Green, Mila Kunis and Patrick Warburton trying vainly to sound interested even though the material they spout is far beneath their aptitude. Even though what we hear is not all that great, it cannot be denied how visually outstanding the episode and indeed the show is at this point. Not only is there detail and texture aplenty but even a snippet of live action with an amusing yet wildly superfluous celebrity cameo. This episode prompts deeper consideration, what is Family Guy? For the first few seasons it really was a cult sensation which pushed the envelope of television, distancing itself from the warm and fuzzy animated viewing then available and battling not only widespread condemnation but cancellations. As the show creaks into an 8th season we are at a stage where it is rare for a laugh to be gained from anything truly new and shocking or for a plot to wow us with wit or fun and only the checkbooks of those involved seem to benefit from it remaining on air.
  • good

    Peter gets in a fight on Family Feud, which results in him getting amnesia. Lois tries to help him regain memory, but Peter and her get in a fight and she leaves with the kids. Will Peter get his memory back, and his family?

    Good episode, but kind of boring. Biggest laugh from me was everyone all mad at Meg for the joke she made, implying that Peter had sex with her. The rest was merely OK, maybe a chuckle here or there, but otherwise kind of lame. Grade for this episode- solid "C". Not the best, not the worst
  • Actually good.

    The first few minutes of this episode was stupid and suffered from weak jokes. But the dilemma for this episode was erased quickly after the first commercial break. For the first time in a while, Family Guy made me laugh so much for their sick-twisted jokes! Like good 'ol Family Guy all over again. And I'm also glad Meg was given a quick spotlight... and every main character was given a spotlight!

    Too bad I have to wait till February 1 for the next installment. That episode will test "Family Guy" standing- to prove it still has it.

    Though, overall an episode filled with quirky laughs. don't tuned out after the first few minutes cause you'll miss a lot of things!
  • 2010 is off and running...

    This episode, like "Business Guy" before it, seems to be Seth's attempt to revisit the "Classic" Family Guy feel. Peter and Quagmire were acting more like they would have in earlier episodes, while we had a minimum of Stewie and Brian, not so many cut-away gags, and no really over-the-top offensive humor. The one incest joke made by Meg, and the family's reaction to it, seemed like a sly jab by Seth at the criticism he's received over his increasingly offensive sense of humor. On the whole, I'd say this was a solid piece of story-telling, that should appeal both to classic Family Guy fans and fans of the more current episodes (thanks for the brief nod to "Bird Is The Word"). Who says Seth doesn't at least try to make everyone happy?
  • Wasn't as bad as I expect from the show, but wasn't good in my taste.

    I had wash my hands of this show after all the changes they made to this show. I don't care what you think of me, Stewie is an evil genius who plans involve killing his mother and taking over the world, not just a miniaturize gay-version of Peter, being stupid and annoying and won't shut up. But, due to this show being on everywhere, on FOX and the CN every other night, so I am force to watch/listen to the episodes. I just watch this one to see how they can must it all up.

    To my surprise, this episode wasn't as bad as I expected from the rest of the show. When I read the summary preview of it, I thought it was going to have Lois asking "Why should I stay with Peter," as it is a question I ask myself when I watch how Lois puts up with his antics in their relationship. Sadly, this did not came up.

    What I like at about this episode is how they DID NOT used cut-away jokes that were too long and pointless that are to pend out the episode. I like the AdultSwim gag as they actually make a stand out after how Peter and Stewie "dump" on it along with Robot Chicken, though that joke will become dated when the episode is on DVD or if CN changes the gimick (CN has done this countless times). I like how Lois tries to re-teach Peter everything, though the Grand-Theif Auto Game was predictable as any joke they made about Micheal Jackson or George W. Bush. Everything after Meg's bashing in this episode is just average for me.

    Now for what I didn't like in this episode. Let's start up with Meg's bashing in the episode. I hate it when it happens. Along with all the changes made in the show after it's original 3 seasons, they retooled everything about the show and force everything into a running gag so the fans have to accept it as the norm of the show. This includes the changes made in Stewie and the wrecking of Cleveland's house. Back to Meg, I really didn't see how this was the darkest thing joke in the show; consider that seasons past, they had Death making love to a dead body so he would lose his virginity, Stewie BRUTALLY assaulting Brain for his money, and Peter making the same joke about making love to her. So I didn't see why the family was so aghast by what Meg said, in fact, it reminded me of the very moment when I noticed Meg's abuse from her family, considering that Chris says the same thing before and no one reacts to it. Also, I fail to see the humor in it. Whenever you see Meg, you know that someone is going to put down by someone, so whats the joke if you can see it coming? I was glad this time she was able to defend herself, but I was disappointed when in the end she was literally kick off screen, I was glad that the whole thing was drop for the episode, but I would have like it better if Meg had the chance to put down some of the other characters. I also imagine making saying a line like, "At least I am more popular than Stewie!" Because, you know, nobody likes the changes made to Stewie.

    Now that we got my Meg-Rant out of the way. Lets move on the story. What else I didn't like is how they had the return of Peter's memory. I'm not saying HOW they brought it back, with the chicken knocking them back into Peter, wasn't funny, but they fact that they used it as a cut away joke when it could have been actually part of the plot. I also didn't like it how it came at end of the story rather than be the heel turn of the episode, with Lois asking herself, why should she stay with Peter. And I should also point out a plot-hole in this episode: Why does Lois and the kids stay in an apartment in the bad part of town when she could have stayed at her wealthy parents? And also, the joke about the airplane. Hancock? Is that the worse movie they could think of? Hancock is a good movie, it may not be great, but it's not bad. I would had prefer if they had use like "The Mummy 3" as that was a BAD movie. Overall, this episode wasn't as bad as the rest of the other episodes, as most the time it seems that the writers didn't put ANY effort into the episodes. In this one, I could tell they were trying. But still, they need to try harder if they want to reach the standards of the old Family Guy seasons.
  • 810

    Family Guy returned after a near month long hiatus and the show still is not funny.

    Don't get me wrong, surely I laughed at a few things, particularly the fat guy ordering dessert at a restaurant, but the stupidity of this just makes my head hurt. I mean Richard Dawson has not hosted Family Feud since 1995!

    Not to mention the show has done vastly similar storylines to the one here with Peter getting amnesia before, and they have done it better than this anyway.

    I am sorry, but while Family Guy is still worth watching, this show just makes my head hurt.
  • First half of the episode was better than the second half.

    This episode was quite a funny one, but I feel that the overall quality of the episode deteriorated as the episode progreseed, instead of actually getting better.

    I found that the scenes at 'Family Feud' were hilarious. One quote that I will never forget in my life is, "Favorite Holiday?"
    Lois: "Christmans."
    Stewiwe: "911!"

    Quite a funny episode. I thought the amnesia part of it was interesiting, and the scene with Dwayne Johnson was anice addition! Overall, I would recommend this episode, but if you don't enjoye the beginning of it, then it only gets worse.

    In my opnion, though, a very good episode, and quite an underrated one. Keep it up Family Guy, and you'lll soon hit your prior form in notime and fast!
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