Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 13

Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on FOX

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  • Hilarious

  • Peter become friends with Bill Clinton; Brian has to get potty-trained

    Peter helps Bill Clinton with his flat tire, and they soon become friends. They begin spending a lot of time together and Lois begins to believe that Bill is inflicting bad influence on Peter. But when she confronts Bill, they end up having sex. Peter, upset that his wife would do this, tries to get back at Lois by having an affair of his own, but soon realizes that he loves her too much to do so. Meanwhile, Lois and Stewie try to potty-train Brian. An underrated episode but I still didn't find that great. Peter's plot where he is hanging out with Bill Clinton was getting boring. There's only like 2-4 parts that I found it funny. Of course, it got ridiculous when Lois and Bill have sex. This might prove that Lois changed a lot since the revival...lots of nagging to Peter. Anyway, the highlights for the episode was Brian and Stewie's plot cause it was very funny that they watched a video of using the toilet was the funniest to me. Also,before I conclude this review, another thing that dropped the score is the Conway Twitty gag. Yep, the first time we saw that waste of a gag. Overall, a decent episode with a not so good A plot. 7/10
  • Bad


    Peter helps Bill Clinton with his flat tire, and they soon become friends. They begin spending a lot of time together and Lois begins to believe that Bill is inflicting bad influence on Peter. But when she confronts Bill, they end up having sex. Peter, upset that his wife would do this, tries to get back at Lois by having an affair of his own, but soon realizes that he loves her too much to do so. Meanwhile, Lois and Stewie try to potty-train Brian.


  • This is considered a BAD episode? Why? How? What? Why is this reason?

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Family Guy" but I honestly don't see how this episode could get bad scores. It wasn't the funniest episode but it did have some funny scenes. In my opinion, I think that they should've focused more the Brian/Stewie plot instead of the Peter/Bill/Lois plot. It was very funny when Peter and Bill Clinton became friends after Peter tried to fix Bill's flat tire and he ends up in the hospital. Lois was getting tired of Brian using the restroom outside and she is tired of stepping in Brian's poop so she makes Brian use the toilet but Brian doesn't know how to use it. I don't know Lois made Brian use the toilet though, dog use outside as their restroom for pete's sake but this is a cartoon and cartoons don't make sense sometimes. It was hilarious when neither Stewie and Brian didn't know how to use the toilet and as soon as they flushed the toilet, they run off scared. Brian and Stewie watching television on how to use the toilet was funny. Mayor West's cameo appearance at the end of the episode was very funny. I thought it was very funny when Peter wanted to have sex with Babs to get even with Lois (I'll tell you what I mean right now). The only thing I didn't like was Lois having sex with Bill Clinton and cheating on Peter (that's where Peter wants to get even). Overall, despite that one thing, I honestly don't see how this episode got bad scores. 9/10
  • Unbelieveable! :shock: This is considered a Bad "Family Guy" episode? :?

    I've seen strange things in my life. I've seen the Twin Towers fall on T.V., I've seen a guy stuff a whole slice of apple pie up his mouth without taking a single bite, and the past eight years in the U.S.A. are probably going to go down as the most bizarre years the world's ever known! But I find it really strange there are people who consider this a bad episode because of the gags and plots. This is "Family Guy" we're talking about! It's not Supposed to be taken seriously! The humor is tongue-in-cheek, and since it's random, you never know what's going to happen! One evening, Peter Griffin throws out his back trying to lift up a limo. Bill Clinton visits him in the hospital because it was His car Peter was trying to lift! Bill offers to make it up by hanging out with him and doing a bunch of fun stuff! One of those things is going to Chuck E. Cheese's! :D Who wouldn't have fun there? But the fun times become weird when Bill and Peter smoke Pot and they think just because Bill Clinton is a former President, they can eat any pig they want. Lois finds out about Peter's antics, but doesn't place any real blame on him. She thinks if it wasn't for Bill, Peter wouldn't even be acting the way he is. So she confronts Bill, but ends up getting shocked and awed when Bill effortlessly manages to con Lois into making out, and Peter is shocked to walk in on them doing it! Lois doesn't want to lose Peter, so she says he can make out with anyone he wants to in order to be on even ground. Peter's weird choice ends up being Lois' own mother, Babs! Surprisingly, Babs doesn't mind doing that at all! But Peter can't go through with it because he loves Lois to much to cheat on her, so he runs down the stairs naked to tell her, and Lois' dad sees Peter naked and doesn't even care! That's funny! :idea: Enough said! ;)
  • Great episode.

    This episode is like one of the funniest episodes ever made by Family Guy.I loved it when that pig desroyed the kitchen and bit Chris.That part was very funny and it was one of the best parts of the episode.I hate it when Conway Twitty performs.It was not even funny and it was the worst part of the show.It is one of the funniest episodes made by that Seth Macfarlane.He made a good show and a good episode.Another part that I loved about this episode was that every pop culture thing like The Thing was the coolest thing of the episode
  • Peter & Bill Clinton: Horrible Stewie & Brian:..........good enough

    I am a HUGE Family Guy fan. I mean, die hard, watch no matter how silly, how stupid, or unnecessary the plot. But the newest episode hit more sour notes than I ever dreamed possible.

    Before I get to the bad, I need to praise what I thought was "good enough". Whenever Stewie & Brian have a storyline (whether it be a main or "B" storyline) its usually funny [for example, 'Road to Rupert' four episodes prior]. Their pairing works for a lot of reasons and tonight's Brian vs. potty training was cute and offered enough simple S&B gooey goodness to keep me from changing the channel.

    Now for the bad...

    I have never ached to laugh more in my entire life. An average FG episode will usually having me in pain after the first five minutes, but tonight's offered little to no laughs (not even a chuckle, except when Stewie & Brian were on screen). Family Guy, like "rival" South Park, are obviously known for their controversial & sardonic situations, but Family Guy finally crossed a line with a joke at the aquarium, was directed at the "lost city of New Orleans". It may have meant as a tribute of sorts to the writers, but it didn't work {either as a gag or a tribute, especially when the skeleton of a camera man from Girls Gone Wild & a girl floated by). What happened in New Orleans is still an open wound on the country, much like 9/11. Both events caused human & political outrage, and took the lives of innocents. Strike number one.

    Strike two was including "Bill Clinton". His character was stupid & crude (and not in the good way, like Peter). Jokes about herpes, nipple rings, cankles, even "Barbie Girl" performed a la Dance Dance Revolution, were forced down our throats with as much comedy as one would find in a nursing home. Then there was some such nonsense involving smoking pot & stealing a pig...
    As you can probably tell, this was my least favorite part of the episode. I won't even bother going into the third act, which involved Lois cheating on Peter & Peter almost sleeping with her mother.

    Strike three for me was the completely pointless cuts to Conway Twitty performing live. What!? FG is primarily aimed at teens who grew up with The Power Rangers & (as many would hate to admit) the Spice Girls; why are they supposed to care about this? I understand that the audience won't get every joke or reference, but there's a difference between exploring varied pop cultural echelons and blowing some pretentious smoke up your ass just to do it. Family Guy...this is a warning. I stopped watching South Park last season (ironically) after attacking the episode entitled "Cartoon Wars", which knocked Family Guy for being unoriginal & unfunny [I later returned for the second half of the season, which was a lot better than the first]. For a show that was brought back from the dead, FG has a lot more to prove than I think Seth MacFarlane wants to admit. Now is not the time to get cocky or lazy.
  • A perfect example of Bill Clinton = Animated Gold.

    This episode was rather painful to watch in parts, with all of the mildly funny parts being produced by guest star Bill Clinton. Brian and Stewie's toilet training was without a doubt the better of the two storylines in this episode and I found it amusing when they fled the flushing toilet, reminding us all that they are a dog and a baby. I dislike the character Lois a lot more after this episode after seeing what she did to Peter, but it doesn't make sense. She probably should have gained 50-60 pounds before sleeping with Bill Clinton (boom, boom.) This episode was definitely not the best episode of Family Guy ever, but also not the worst.
  • I not only think it jumped the shark, I think after words it screwed the shark. I agree the jokes were funny but the whole part with Lois & Bill Clinton was stupid.

    I thought the jokes were funny, and the situations were pretty funny too. It was just Lois cheating on Peter that made it dumb for me, and then, him about to screw her mom, it was like they made a whole and were digging it deeper and deeper. They did a good job, of sort of fixing it, kind of like controlling a car sliding on ice, they did the least amount of damage possible. I just thought the whole situation wasn't good, it wasn't shocking funny like usual it was shocking like boy that was out of character and ruined the whole episode. If it weren't for the funny jokes, and everything up to that point it may have even been a lower score.
  • Peter helps bill and they end up friends just like the james woods episode but lois believes bill's a bad influence and things get mixed up

    I loved the references, the storyline was slightly better then the last few episodes, however it was ok. There was some character development from Brian's part and Peter's so the episode was not that bad. Steve, you are a good writter but this episode could have been much nicer. I believe the recent episodes were rushed a bit and were not carefully written. I hope that it's only the network pushing the writing stuff and the producers, that's why they didn't do so well lately. I hope that in the episodes to come, they will have a musch better storyline.
  • A show on decline or on a break?

    My headline is more explained here where you will understand what I am trying to ask my fellow Family Guy fans.

    Either this show is on a decline where the quality of each episode is deteriorating every time it airs. Or it can simply be that the writers are not doing there best and just on a break.

    Seriously. You saw the latest episode, a little sad that they actually aired it. Most episodes have been out of this world till now but this one did not just count up to the expectations.

    It took more time to watch because of the constant interruptions around me but all I can say is that I could have gone another few weeks without watching this episode even though I am addicted to it and can not live without it.
  • I don't know what everybody is saying... I think this was an excellent episode!

    Boring, weird Stewie, not funny?? I strongly disagree with that! I for one think it was a very funny episode; I actually laughed all the way through. It had many great installments and I like it when Brian shows some of his dog-patterns. Some of my favourites scenes include: The octopus when Peter drew a face on it, wodden-legg octopus, Meg writing an e-mail to her 'boyfriend', Starbucks laptop people, Peter and Bill stoned, Brian wearing a diaper - Come on!! It's great stuff! Okay, the storyline itslef might not have been that good, like Peter wanting to sleep with Barbara (Lois' mum), the weird Country singer (unfortunately reminded us of the dreadful dance scene in Road to Rupert) or Lois sleeping with Clinton, but the whole episode included the good old Family Guy randomness that, I believe, make it the great show it is!
  • Bogus is right

    'Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey' the latest installment of Family Guy is about Peter's newfound friendship with former President Bill Clinton?!? That certainly is a strange yet interesting idea however it just didnt work. This entire plot was just completely without focus and all over the place. The large number of cutaways didnt help, and in the end the story was almost impossible to follow. The main story quickly shifted from the family at the aquarium, to Peter working out, to Peter hanging out with Clinton, to Lois and Peter's marriage troubles, to finally their reconcilation. Add to that the heavy amount of time the flashbacks took up the story was underdeveloped. For example the 'Journey' of Bill and Peter consisted mainly of a few jokes at Bill Clinton's expense and Peter and Clinton stealing the pig in a rushed fashion to set up the next plot point. Based on the title I expected Peter and Clinton to actually do something noteworthy and exciting such as perhaps Bill trying to prevent becoming the 'First Lady', but all that happened was they hung out, smoked pot and stole a pig(makes me wonder what the writers themselves were smoking for this episode). Maybe its time the writers stop cramming as many flashbacks into an episode as they can and try to write a half decent story for once. The idea that the only way to save the Griffin's marriage after Lois' affair was by Peter also having an affair was just totally ludicrous and senseless and hardly seems like something the (once)levelheaded Lois would think up. The Stewie and Brian plot of trying to figure out the toilet was enjoyable though, but because of the brutal number of jokes, this story couldnt have taken up more then 2 or 3 minutes of the episode and as such just couldnt save this train-wreck of an episode.

    The jokes in this episode came often and pretty much all missed(some by long-shots). Bill Clinton jokes may have been good in their time but that time has long passed(Memo to writers: Welcome to the 21th century!). With Hillary Clinton's presidental bid this episode would have been perfect for some political satire(even though political satire is hardly FG's strongpoint), but this episode offered little more then a few 'Clinton is a perverted moron' gags. Peter and Clinton talking about eating the pig was really lame and pointless especially since they didn't actually eat the pig. Twice my heart skipped a beat thinking that I was going to be subjected to a retarded singalong with Conway Twitty(who?), thankfully both instances were cut short. A couple of mildly(I cant stress mildly enough) funny jokes were there such as Peter and Bill ending up in bed together, but overall most of the jokes missed their mark. The problem I feel is that most of these jokes lacked punchlines and relied on shock value and randomness, however that doesnt always work as shown here.

    It seemed that the writers thought that this episode would automatically be a success because it had Bill Clinton in it and as a result they got lazy. Overall the only saving grace of this episode was Stewie and Brian's bathroom adventures but 2 and a half minutes of good enough can't make up for 17 minutes of crap.
  • Well, well. I learned something today. Apparently, there's the side of Bill Clinton the world knows, and then there's the dark, sex crazed side only I know!

    When a family guy episode starts with a racist sunflower, you can tell that the episode will be struggling for jokes for the other twenty minutes and with the octopus stalking Peter, Miss Cankle, the personal trainers listening to jazz and Peter destroying a laptop, the episode certainly isn't funny and that's before the plot even starts.

    The Conway Twitty and laugh tracks were just sad and put in for who knows what reason, and Brian not knowing how a toilet works was just an incredibly stupid attempt at a subplot.

    Lois cheating on Peter was an interesting idea but was dealt with terribly and while there was the occasional funny moment, the ending was just horrible and staying at Quagmire's seemed to be a setup to a punchline that never came.

    Overall, both of the plots in this episode were very poor and I didn't laugh once but there were a couple of times that something funny came up.
  • Tempertures Rising!

    bill clinton shows up at the door the the Griffins, everything will be out of control. Lois is concern about Pter's partying with the former president that she confront him. You know the reson in the next scene. I want to give it a higher rating, but I'm suporting Senator Hilary Clinton for President, so I'm giving it a 8 and no higher. there also a funny storyline about Brain learning how to use the toliet. It's very funny. Overall the show isn't as bad. I give it a 9, but with Hilary running for President and I'm supporting her, I better be safe and give it a 8.
  • Wtf?

    Family Guy has been plummeting itself down the drain the past few episodes. While South Park is upping its game -- Family Guy seems to be just randomizing every little aspect of the show now. A true disappointment because I always enjoyed watching Family Guy. I'm probably being a little too generous by rating this episode a 2 because it was THAT horrible. Yes, I know.. a lot of Family Guy episodes leave you saying "Wtf?" but at least one would laugh along, but this episode was a huge disappointment. Maybe they don't have anything to continue the story with? I really hope they get this show out of the toilet.
  • Wtf?

    Family Guy has been plummeting itself down the drain the past few episodes. While South Park is upping its game -- Family Guy seems to be just randomizing every little aspect of the show now. A true disappointment because I always enjoyed watching Family Guy. I'm probably being a little too generous by rating this episode a 2 because it was THAT horrible. Yes, I know.. a lot of Family Guy episodes leave you saying "Wtf?" but at least one would laugh along, but this episode was a huge disappointment. Maybe they don't have anything to continue the story with? I really hope they get this show out of the toilet.
  • why the bad reviews? I thought that this was a pretty decent episode!

    To be honest, the bad reviews I find to be a bit unfair. If this episode had been in episode five I think that a lot of people would have found it funnier, merely because season six (in my opinion) has been a lot better than season 5. Anyway, back to this episode - It is definately got a fair few decent laughs in. Yes, it is extremely sill in parts, but I know that I loved the bit with the bill, peter and the pig, and then peter waking up the next morning. Definately a top episode in my book!
  • It was a decent episode. The potty training reminds me of my own dog. Conspiracy theorists will make the Clinton stuff as some sort of subversive plug for Hillary in 2008.

    This was an alright episode. I wasn't impressed with the Clinton/Griffin banter. This was one episode where the "B" story (training Brian) was really funny. I was caught by surprise with Bill and Lois sleeping together, however, my ladyfriend guessed it would happen. I wish the creators would resolve Peter and the Pewterschmidt's disdain for one another. I'm also still unimpressed with the length of some of the sidebars (i.e. the Octopus, and Meg's letter to her supposed "boyfriend"). The number of jokes per episode has steadily declined since the first episodes of the show. Has this show jumped the shark yet?
  • Okay, I'm impressed. Four or five strong episodes in a row, and the Family Guy writers are finding their feet again.

    This episode, while silly, is true to the Family Guy tradition. Plenty of laughs, (come on, I dare you to tell me you didn't crack up when Seamus told Peter about catching Old Woody) some funny cutaways and a briskly paced plot ensure that fans will be watching this one over and over.

    I enjoyed the treatment Bill Clinton was given in this episode of Family Guy, too. The writers portray him as a good ol' party boy with a silver tongue, and let's face it; a lot of viewers probably suspect that Clinton really does cruise around in his limo, smoking weed, pulling pranks and throwing chick-parties in the back seat. All in all, a good effort from all involved. Well done!
  • It's not the best episode, but it sure isn't the worst either

    everyone has got to stop havin' such high expectation for family guy, I know it's lost some of it's originality, it hasn't gotten that bad. In fact, I think it's slowly gettin' better with each episode. Because I have to agree, it did hit the ground a few episodes ago. Still I think the bad reviews some people have been givin' it, are not deserved, it's still better than most other shows out there, when we're talkin' about prime time animation. Anyways, I'll continue to stand by it, I have for a long time, and it hasn't really disappoint me. It'll only disappoint you, if you set yourself up for it.
  • Yes, we all know that Fox and thier neo-con biased news network has a personal vendetta against President Clinton, but this is hitting below the belt.

    I have to say this. But we all know that every season as a bad episode, I'm just surprised that it turned out to be this episode when I was expecting this one to be pretty good, I was wrong.

    This episode does a poor job of making fun of our 42th president who has been compared to JFK of the modern day era because it takes the loveable idiotcy of Peter and tries to fuse it with the wild and lecherous Bill Clinton and while that idea sounds good on paper, there's no chemistry at all. It's like putting grape jelly on a hamburger with mustard and ketchup it just does not mix!

    Mind you, the way that Clinton is stereotyped on this episode is inaccurate, Clinton may have cheated on Hilary but like JFK, Clinton was a womanizer! But that doesn't mean that he just sleep with anybody! Also, the writers could have gone polictical and put Peter with President Bush who mind you, is more of a moron then Peter is, but instead the writers decided to be lazy and come up with a bunch of unfunny and tasteless jokes and gags.

    So far this season hasn't been as good as last, maybe its because the writers are being lazy because they're trying to build hype for "The Simpsons" movie or maybe this year, Fox has decided to go sleazy to make money off thier phenominal shows like, American Idol. Cause in point, I don't recommend this train wreck episode to anyone.
  • This episode was a summarization of Bill Clinton.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear people saying that Bill Clinton was shamed in this episode. How, exactly? Do you think that the general public would have made up all of that stuff about him unless they had something to go on? Most likely so, but...

    Well, in this episode, we see Peter's stupidity mix that of Clinton's. They go together well. We see zaniness like their crank calling, the stoned pig kidnapping, and... ahem... NAFTA. (Don't ask me what that means... and it's not North American Free Trade Agreement!) Being a history/government fanatic, that joke was especially off the wall. Then Stewie and Brian have their own gags in this episode, which are pretty unoriginal by now since they've been at it for a while now. I think if Bill Clinton hadn't been in this episode, it would've been pretty ordinary.
  • Can you believe the knack of this episode?

    If there are any Family Guy writers or producers out there reading this which is sorta unlikely, this is a message from a true fan, a fan of Family Guy saying that this episode is one of your worst ever, I would like to ask you not to make any more like this, as I was bored out of my brains, awkardly sitting and watching this with my best mates and thinking just how crappy this is. Now the jokes were dull and the plot was pathetic, I have a vendetta againsgt this episode, someday I'll get it good... But seriously one bad episode!
  • Started out pretty good, but got very sloppy by the time the episode ended.

    After being attacked by an octopus at the aquarium, Peter decides to become physically fit. After returning from the gym, Peter believes he is now fit, so when former US President Bill Clinton's car breaks down outside their house, he attempts to lift it, thus resulting in him being hospitalized. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie attempt to learn how to use the toilet, but fail and buy a toilet training video instead. Depressed at the concept of becoming old, he confides in Clinton, who tells him age is a state of mind. When Peter recovers, Bill takes him out to help him realize he can still have fun; however, after smoking cannabis, they steal a pig, which destroys the Griffin house kitchen the next morning, thus leading Lois to believe Clinton is a bad influence on Peter.

    Lois forces Brian to wear a diaper to prevent him from defecating in the garden, but he pretends to be using the toilet as not to be told off by her, and beginning to leave his feces at Mayor West's house. Meanwhile, Lois goes to discuss with Clinton the bad effect he is having on Peter, but ends up having sex with him. In disbelief about the incident, Peter goes to stay at Quagmire's house, where Lois visits him and tells him that the only way to mend their relationship is if Peter sleeps with someone else. Pleased about this, Peter chooses to sleep with Barbara Pewterschmidt, Lois' mother. After she agrees, Lois leaves her parents house, but Peter comes after her, telling her can't and won't sleep with anyone else. After going to tell Clinton they cannot be friends anymore, Peter too, sleeps with Clinton.
  • Terrible

    I hated this one, it seemed like every single joke was written while Bill Clinton was just coming out of his term, years ago. Not to mention all the time-filling gags. I didn't laugh at anything, the only time I came close was the crank call him and Peter made. I didn't care for either plot, but the sub plot had some potential. But it was kinda ruined.

    My overall grade for this episode is an F. It was stupid, much of it was pointless, and plain and simple it just was not funny at all, I did not think so
  • Could've been alot better.

    This was an average episode of Family Guy to me, not horrible but not great. The manatee jokes here were horrible, even saddening to Peter and Lois hate on Stewie's drawing (What the hell was with the Conaway Twitty performances?). The story with Bill and Peter was ok, but everything after Lois has sex with Bill were pretty bad, like with Peter wanting to have sex with Lois's mom (why?). Also, the story with Brian learning how to use the toilet was bad, and made the episode even worse. Overall, this was an average (maybe below)episode of Family Guy that is not recommended. 5.5/10
  • Season 5, Episode 13.

    This was an OK episode. It wasn't that great, but it wasn't necessarily bad. But it's not a necessarily good episode. But whatever. I liked the whole Lost City of New Orleans thing. The Peter and Bill thing is so stupid. I liked the Brian and Stewie storyline, which is the only reason I liked this episode. I loved when Peter and Lois made fun of Stewie's picture, and he was still standing in the doorway, upset. LMAO!!! I loved that so much! :) I did like when Lois and Peter slept with Bill Clinton. Haha, but he's not that attractive, IMO. But OK episode.
  • Bill Clinton WHAT

    After a run in with an octopus at an aquarium, Peter realizes he is out of shape and goes to a gym to work out. His feelings of being fit are dashed, however, when he injures himself trying to help former President Bill Clinton change a tire. While lying in the hospital, Peter begins to feel depressed about getting old, until Bill Clinton himself decides to cheer him up by showing him a good time and that age is merely a state of mind. When Bill and Peter's partying starts to get out of hand, Lois decides to try and convince Bill to not be friends with Peter anymore. When she arrives at his hotel, however, she ends up sleeping with him instead. Peter, expecting to hang out again with Bill, walks in on them, leading to a guilt-ridden Lois deciding the only way to make things right is to let Peter sleep with someone of his picking. To Lois's shock, Peter chooses Babs, Lois's mother. Though Babs turns out to be quite willing, Peter can't go through with it and forgives Lois. He then goes to talk with Bill himself to break off their friendship, but, just like Lois, he instead ends up in bed with him.

    In a side story, Lois forces Brian to potty train himself (in a toilet instead of the yard), but even with Stewie's help, he is less than successful and ends up finding Mayor West's yard to be a suitable place to relieve himself rather than the Griffin's. Mayor West believes that it is a result of his "sausage seeds" (no innuendo intended).
  • A pretty good plot but the jokes weren't as good.

    This episode was decent. It wasn't that crappy but it wasn't that great. First of all, this episode had a solid plot, which is quite strange for Family Guy, but it's worth a shot. Some of the jokes in the episode felt fake, cheap shots of humor, frequently thrown to please the audience. But most of the jokes were not that funny unfortunately.

    PROS - Good plot, Peter's and Clinton's adventure was pretty crazy. Stewie and Brian afraid of the toilet, pretty humorous. And to save their marriage, Peter has to cheat on Lois to make it even? Sounds good so far. The joke I particularly liked was the octopus and when Stewie and Brian were afraid of the toilet. And I can't believe the ending, that was pretty funny. The DDR joke was also funny.

    CONS - The singing. Stop it with the singing. I don't care if it's to be a reference to a show or it's just one to two minutes, just cut it out please. The singing doesn't match in a lot of episodes. They all feel mostly like time fillers. So just get rid of them altogether unless there is an actual purpose to it. Next up, some of the jokes. Some of them were not funny, felt a little "dry." A lot of them had potential but some of them were just plain awkward.

    Overall, okay. I found Airport '07 more funny but still, it just feels that one week an episode is good, the next week, it's crap. Anyways, this episode is okay, still pretty funny and worth your time.