Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 3

Blind Ambition

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2005 on FOX

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  • Rating: Good Episode

    Peter eats a lot of nickels in an attempt to set a world record and goes blind in the process. The jokes they make about Peter being blind are funny without being tasteless. It is cool to see Peter have to adapt to life without his sight. This is only a hair from being Meh, but I think it is a.
  • Great episode

    Very clever
  • Peter gets blind after eating too much nickels

    After Mort bowls a perfect game, and Quagmire gets a key to the city by performing CPR, Peter notices he has nothing to be proud of. He then attempts to achieve fame by setting the world's record for most nickels swallowed. However, a slight miscalculation leaves him blind with nickel poisoning. This episode was not as superb as the last two episodes. My only problems was that the episode was getting dragged. But there were some scenes that saved the episode: Quagmire spying on Lois, the chicken fight, Quagmire saving a woman by doing CPR, and pretty much most of the cutaway. Other than those, this episode was kinda boring but the plot here was decent. Overall, a great episode. 8/10
  • I really liked this one for some reason.


    After Mort bowls a perfect game, and Quagmire gets a key to the city by performing CPR, Peter notices he has nothing to be proud of. He then attempts to achieve fame by setting the world's record for most nickels swallowed. However, a slight miscalculation leaves him blind with nickel poisoning.

    A great episode, but the ending was kind of boring.


  • Good episode but it was low on laughs (at least for me)... it was very funny for like the first 10 minutes of this episode though

    I thought that this was a good but not great episode of "Family Guy". It wasn't a bad episode and pretty entertaining but the plot to this episode could've been handled more well. There were some parts I found at least mildly entertaining and funny. I thought it was funny when Mort scored a perfect game at the bowling alley in the beginning of the episode. It was hilarious when Quagmire was watching Lois about to use the restroom until Lois caught Quagmire and Quagmire got arrested. It was very funny when Quagmire tries to get obsessed with the women. The highlight of this episode was the Chicken Fight between Peter and the Chicken (of course, it's called "Chicken Fight" for a reason). Chicken Fights are always entertaining to see in "Family Guy". It was hilarious when Peter fell on Joan Cusack. The cutaway with Brian in a doggie bowl and Stewie using it as a basketball hoop was also funny. I think it got got boring after those funny parts I mentioned. The rest of the episode was just about Peter trying to beat the world record so he can be remembered when he dies. Oh yeah, the other part that made me laugh very hard was when Peter (who is blind) was in bed with Chris (thinking that it is Lois) and then Peter freaks out and Chris feels awkward. Peter's accomplishment at the end of the episode was good and I liked the ending with a few Star Wars characters at Peter's ceremony for his accomplishment. Overall, this episode was very funny in the first 10 minutes of the episode plus a couple more in the middle but it was low on laughs after that... don't get me wrong, it was a good episode and I liked it but it just needed improvement. 7/10
  • one of the best family guy episodes

    At first when peter wakes up you have no idea what happens it was really funny at the end when it copied the end of Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope peter does excactly what luke does family guy F f F F F F F F F F F F F F F O O O OO O O O O O OO O O R R R R R R R R R R E EE E E E E E E E V V V V V V V V V V V E E E E E E E R R R R R R
  • My Favorite episode.

    In my opinion this was the funniest episode ever. Peter gets jealous that everyone has something to be proud of. Joe for all his trophies, Mort for bowling a perfect game, and Quagmire for getting a key to the city. So he decides to set a world record of the most nickels swallowed. But he gets nickel poisoning, and he becomes blind. The part that really made me laugh was when Peter was heading off to bed, and he accidentally went into Chris' room, then he again he goes into the wrong room (Stewie's room). Later on, Peter is going to Drunken Clam with his dog, but what he doesnt know is that the place is on fire. The Drunkem Clams owner was stuck under wood, so Peter rescues him without even knowing about the fire, and thats when he gets his fame. In the end he gets his sight back.
  • a great Family guy ep

    Blind Ambition was a really good ep of family season 4 i personally loved it.

    Peter is sick of everyone of his close friends in Spooner Street Doing big thing and being known for big things, and after eating a tip he decides he will hold the world record for eating the most nickles ever. Unfortunately for peter he gets nickle poisoning and wakes up blind one morning. After having alot of trouble Peter decides he will get a dog to help him, and on a night out in the town Peter and his dog are entering the Drunken Clam but Peter's dog wont enter the Clam so peter ties him to a homeless guy (the dog then chases after a truck pulling the homeless guy along by the neck)and he enter's not knowing that the Clam is on fire and that is why the dog wouldn't go in but Peter is sitting and talking and the bartender screams peter pull my arm and of corse he does and they both get out of there alive. Straight after this event a reporter comes out and asks peter how he got the corage to save his friend from a burning building and peter replies "holy crap that place was on fire" and stameres of tring to find a safe place. After all this peter is rewarded for his bravery and he was given the eyes of a dead homeless man (can u guess which one?) he is now a hero and he got exactly what he wanted!!

    i love family guy and this ep it was sooo funny
  • Peter becomes blind!

    Allright this is one of the best episodes from season 4 and it's just so damn funny, of course it was written back in the season 3 days so that probaply made a difference or played a part in that, but who wouldn't like Peter going blind by trying to swallow a million nickles, lol. My favourite joke or part in the episode would either have to be: Peter going into the bar when it's on fire or the end which is exactly like the end of Star Wars: A new Hope the origonal Star Wars film(I'm a huge SW fan.)

    I wish season 4 could've produced more episodes like this one, Season four had about 6 good episodes in it ten tops and this is one of them.
  • Great Episode!

    Great episode the Giant Chicken comes back!!! Peter goes blind hilarious. On Of my favourite Tom Tucker lines:

    Tom Tucker: In sadder news, the man who held the Guinness World Record for "Most Drugs Ever Done by a Single Human Being" died today; he was attacked by a pack of wild dogs he thought he saw. It takes a swing a scrubs but it is still really funny!

    Peter: (To Horace) Hey, ya ever watch that show Scrubs? Yeah Lois had it on the other night, I was fading in and out, but I was wondering, which one's the funny guy? A great episode Peter feels he hasn't accomplished anything so he deceides to set the world record for most pennies ever eaten and in turn goes blind. Very funny episode:D
  • Great episode but sac religious in the begining...

    At the bowling alley, Mort Goldman bowls a 300 game and becomes an overnight celebrity. When Lois arrives to pick Peter and his friends up, she goes to the toilet, but is interrupted by Quagmire, who is spying on her from the ceiling. Quagmire is arrested, but released shortly after by Joe. After arriving in the neighborhood, Lois, Bonnie and Loretta protest him returning due to his sexual behavior, but agree that he can stay in the neighborhood if he ends his inappropriate behavior. After intense operant conditioning on Quagmire to teach him self control by Peter and his friends, they believe Quagmire to have reformed himself and take him out in public. After being disturbed by women playing in a fountain in the mall, Quagmire runs into a CCTV camera operation room, which monitors woman's changing rooms. After discovering a lady in a fitting room is having a heart attack, he runs to her aid and performs CPR on her, this saving her life and Quagmire being deemed a hero, despite his intentions had been to seduce her unconscious body.

    Upset at his friends being well known within Quahog, Peter attempts to set a world record for eating the highest number of nickel eaten by man, but develops nickel poisoning and loses his vision. In an attempt to drown his sorrows, Peter goes to The Drunken Clam with his guide dog and attempts to attach its leash to a parking meter, instead attaching to a homeless person neck, which results in him being killed when the guide dog chases another dog in a vehicle. Unknowing to Peter, The Drunken Clam is on fire, but he enters. Peter saves Horace, the bar owners life, who was trapped under debris, learning from Tom Tucker that the bar was on fire, he realizes this will ensure he will be remembered for something.
  • Another great episode

    Peter becomes the blind hero on tonights episode.

    Yeah, it was very enjoyble all around. The guy with all his staring of chicks while they go to the bathroom, Peter's blindness and the fact that he saved a friend unknowing that the building was on fire.
    The best part was the chicken fight. Knowing that it was the second chicken fight, Peter did very well for himself lol, fighting the chicken on a fast-moving train, in a ship, out on a runway and on the streets. Hell hilarious and funny. GOtta love it. It was another entertaining episode with a good story and moral. Well done, so therefore my final rating is 8.6/10: Very Great.
  • Out of mind - out of sight....

    In "Blind Ambition," Peter Griffin is blind. How did he get blind you might ask? Well, as usual, he became blind because he is an idiot. After looking around at his friends - Joe who is a medal-collecting hero of Quahog's police force, Cleveland who used to be a highly successful auctioneer, Mort who bowled a perfect game, and Quagmire who recently saved a woman's life via CPR ("What the hell's CPR?") - Peter realizes that he will never be remembered for anything. But Peter has thought of a way to be remembered: get the World Record for most nickels consumed - which gives him nickel poisoning and makes him blind, creating a lot of laughs throughout "Blind Ambition."
  • Coulda been Better

    Peter feels like he has never accomplished anything in his life, so he tries to set a record for most nickels eaten. Unfortunately though he ends up going blind, and now he must go through life blind for a while. But he ends up being a hero in the end when he saves the bartender's life from a fire. Looks like he is a hero after all. Go figure...

    OK episode, some good jokes, but also some cringe-worthy jokes IMO. The plot also could've been handled better. My overall grade would be C+, which to me means it was average
  • Quite a funny one, actually!

    This was a pretty interesting episode of Family Guy. The storyline was quite weird, and full of unusual and quite random things. Mort's eperfect game was interesting and quite unexpected, but Glenn going ot spy on Lois was not unexpected at all!

    I thought it was hilarious that Peter tried to get a World Record. The storyline was really interesting and I think theat they did a great job with it! I really enjoyed this one, and I think there were wonderful and some amazing moments!

    Quite a hilarious episode, which I would highly reommend. I think this one is quite underrated, as it was really good! Keep it up, Family Guy!
  • A fine example of how season 4 CAN come up with great episodes!

    In my opinion, this episode is by far the best in season 4. Unlike the majority of season 4 episodes, I actually loved this one! It was funny and it actually had meaning. Peter tried so hard to become a hero, and it shows his determined side. The ending was funny too. The Robots from the Star wars films appeared randomly when Peter was about to take his medal! Seth Mc.Farlene had it right with this episode. I recommend this episode to any FG fan. It is an excellent episode with great humour, and an acceptable plot!
  • Great episode that has a unique idea.

    This episode use a plot that no other show has anything quite like. After Quagmire watches Lois go to the toilet, Peter and the gang try to make in no longer such a pervert. After they think he is better, they take him to a super market for a test run and he freaks out until he finds a woman passed out and saves her. After that Quagmire is now a hero and at that moment Peter realises that he hasn't done anything that the town would remember his for so he trys to eat more niccoles then anyone to make a new record but only goes temperarily blind from niccole posioning.

    This was a very funny episode and proved to be one of the better episodes of season 4. The jokes were spot on, the plot worked well and the second Chicken fight was great and went for longer then it did in 'Da Boom' back in season 2.
  • You’ve been pregnant for like, six years, alright? Either have the baby or don’t!

    With a very fast moving plot, this episode is brilliant whether it be Quagmire’s storyline of trying not to be publicly attracted to someone (“What’s CPR?”), Peter eating nickels for a world record or Peter being blind.

    This episode marks the return of the giant chicken, which was funny but too overplayed. I also like the fact that Peter points out that Bonnie’s been pregnant for years and Peter accidentally saving Horace’s life, not realising The Drunken Clam was on fire.

    This episode is fantastic and one every Family Guy fan should watch, even those that don’t like season four because nobody could find this episode unfunny.
  • Silly - but Funny stuff

    "Good thing you know CPR"
    Quagmire: What the hell is CPR?

    That says it all right there about Quagmire! After he saves a womans live Peter realises he has nothing to feel proud about, he swallows a bunch of coins, but that only results in him making a lot of noise!

    This also causes him to go blind and then he saves the life of owner of the drunken clam by accident. So he feels good about himself again.

    What I don't understand is why he got a seeing eye dog when he has Brian!!! Well he is a bit of an idiot.

    The moments with God were great
    God: Oh Jesus Christ
    Jesus: What?

    Some good laughs in this episode!
  • Family Guy se caracteriza por ironizar la cotidianeidad. Este capitulo esta lleno de gags, de un desolado Peter que busca la fama, pero que no la alcanza a pesar dfe sus intentos. Eso por el lado humano: este es un capitulo clasico de la serie animada.

    Peter busca la fama pues Quagmire ha conseguido ello al dar primeros auxilios a una mujer en los vestidores. Todos son exitosos menos Peter. Por ello, busca un record Guinnes tragandose monedas y, debido al fenomeno quimico que se origina, pierde la vista. Su exito se da al rescatar al barman en medio del fuego, recuperando posteriormente la vision.
    Ahora, pasemos a los gags:
    ¿Es posible que el amigo estupido sea tan bueno en los bolos? La manera en que arroja la bola es comiquisima.
    La enfermedad sexual de Quagmire queda al descubierto cuando espia a Lois en el baño de mujeres. Por ello, inicia una "terapia" donde, por si logra una ereccion, sus partes intimas serian cortadas por un ventilador. Muy gracioso.
    ¿Dios? ¡Si! Es la aparicion de Dios como un vividor mujeriego. La escena donde Dios enciende el bar y dice "Jesus", y se dirige al Hijo, es tambien irreverente.
    Peter, al tragarse las monedas, hace sonar todas ellas a su andar. Sin embargo, en la noche, cuando esta en su cama al lado de Lois, el sonido se hace lento y va en aumento. Deja al aire la actividad que estaria realizando para hacer sonar asi las monedas, jaja.
    La escena de incesto de Peter con su hijo tambien es memorable. Peter, en su ceguera, entra a la habitacion de su hijo pensandoq ue es su esposa. Las frases al odio son comiquisimas, y cuando empieza los tocamientos y llega al pene, se pone inmediatamente de pie tratando de disimular la escena.

    Y ahora, la mejor parte del dibujo: la continuacion de la pelea con la gallina.

    Por si no vieron la primera parte de la pelea, en esta oportunidad la pelea se origina de la nada, en un momento que nadie lo esperaba. Los puños-alas, patadas-patas y demas en una pelea continua de mas de 3 minutos o hace mas que destornillarnos de risa. Se ven diversas escenas: peleando en suelo, luego en la parte alta del tren, trepados en un helicoptero, y hasta en un aeropuerto, donde las helices de un avion, al parecer, destrozan a nuestro plumifero amigo. Al ver que su victima ha muerto, Peter regresa a la escena anterio de la pelea, sin observar que, nuestra gallina, no ha muerto.
    ¿Como se les ocurre hacer escenas tan, pero tan graciosas? Madre mia, espero que no sea la ultima pelea de Peter con la gallina, porque sino sera dificil hacer comentarios de esta serie tan buena, de guiones tan originales, y sobretodo: que nos hace pasar una diversion fuera de lo usual.
  • Great start

    If the rest of the episode was as good as the beginning, this would be one of the best fg eps ever

    The attempted "curing" of Quagmire, and everything happens to him while he attempts to focus on something besides women is hilarious. Also excellent was the part when Peter thought first Chris, then Stewie was Lois.

    The rest was good, but not that great. The chicken bit was random, but not too funny.
  • Funniest stuff

    This one sent me cracking up, like the Chicken Man attacking Peter for revenge in Da Boom, and how Peter and his friends try to cure Quagmire's sex obssession with a ceiling fan, and images from Victoria's Secret! I just...I can't stop laughing from the part when Peter thought he walked into his bedroom when it was really Chris's!
  • How could Mort bowl a perfect game???

    Great episode. The story starts with Quagmire being arrested for peeping in the ladies bathroom. The subject, Lois. Not quite the best choice if he does\'nt want to be caught. While on a rehabilitation visit to the mall he gives a women CPR. Hes hailed as a hero. This makes peter re-evaluate his own life and he realises hes done nothing to be remembered for.

    Then it hits him. Hes gonna break the world record for eating the most nickles. Then he goes blind from nickle poisoning.

    He must overcome this problem and try and live his life as normally as possible. So several days later he is on his way to the drunken clam. when god sets fire to the place by accident. Peter unaware of this goes in and umwittingly saves Horrisses life. And is hailed as a hero. He regains his sight and is given a medal by the mayor.
  • A laugh a minute!

    The episode starts when Lois goes to the bathroom, and Quagmire stalks her. I liked it when Quag couldn’t wait to watch Lois use the toilet and shouts out, “Would you hurry up and sit down already?” And the fact that Quagmire was watching Lois from the ceiling was so funny. I wouldn’t expect Quag to watch Lois from there. Anyways, because of that event, Lois wants to ban Quag from the neighborhood. Die, Lois. But Good ole Peter stands up for Quag and promised Lois and the rest of the women that he, Joe, and Cleveland can get rid of Quag’s sexual behavior, and I say, their trying hard to do so was so freaking funny (Especially the “fan” treatment). Later, at the mall, Quag rescues a woman from a heart attack by giving her CPR.

    Man: Thank God you know CPR.
    Quagmire: What the hell’s CPR?

    Quag gets respect throughout the town, and Peter wants to be known by everyone, too. So Peter tries to set a world record of eating the most nickels. What…the…hell? Surely, he can find another way to be known around Quahog. But I guess it’s his mentally ill brain that keeps him from finding a better idea than eating nickels. And the mysterious clinking sounds of the nickels in Peter’s body during the night made me wonder, “What’s he doing in there?” We all have our guesses on this question.

    The next morning, Peter goes blind of nickel poisoning. Bahaha! And I tell ya, I haven’t produced this many laughs in five minutes ever. Stewie tripped blind Peter using a footrest, and I say, I have never seen anyone show disrespect to a blind person anywhere. And Stewie takes the spot.

    Anyways, during the night, Peter hires a seeing-eye dog to guide him to the Drunken Clam. My God, doesn’t he realize he has Brian? I mean, Brian can talk and is very smart. He can guide Peter to the D.C. better than the seeing-eye dog, that’s for sure. But anyhow, Peter reaches the bar, and ties his dog (not Brian, if you forgot) to a homeless person, but thought it was a parking meter. He can’t help it. He’s blind. But I have to admit, that was funny. Peter settles himself on a seat, but he doesn’t realize the bar is on fire, thanks to our very own God!

    God: *after accidentally setting the bar on fire* Jesus Christ!
    Jesus: Yeah?
    God: Get to the escalator, we’re outta here!

    That was one of my favorite moments in that episode.
    Anyway, Peter saves the manager by pulling him out of the bar (yet still didn’t realize the bar was on fire until a man came up to him and congratulated him).

    This episode had a weird storyline, but had some fresh jokes. But I couldn’t help thinking that Quagmire will be the same ever again. I was wrong when I saw him again in “Breaking Out is Hard to do”.

    >God’s moments
    >Quagmire’s moments
    >Peter’s stupidity gives the viewers some good laughs.

    >Peter’s attempt to eat the most nickels for fame (interesting attempt for a world record, but it’s somewhat disturbing for me)