Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 15

Boys Do Cry

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2007 on FOX

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  • Great episode

  • Stewie get sicks and they think he's possessed by the devil; the family ends up in Texas

    Lois gets a job as the church organist, so the family decides to begin going back to church. When Stewie gets sick after receiving communion, the congregation becomes convinced that he has been possessed by the devil. While on the run, the family ends up in Texas, where Peter begins to fit right in with the cowboys, Stewie enters the "Little Miss Texas" pageant, and Chris and Meg sneak into George W. Bush's house. Eh, not the greatest episode ever. Like Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey, it does get really boring to watch, so both of them are my least favorites of season 5, but at least no episodes rated under a 7...that won't be until next season (there's two okay episodes in that seasons). There are some funny parts like Quagmire's cameo, Stewie gets sick and everyone think he's possessed by the devil (although meh at same time cause we got a vomit scene...), Peter riding a horse, Stewie dressed as girl for the beauty pageant, Chris and Meg sneaking in George W. Bush's home, and a few more. Storyline overall was the not the greatest, the writers could have use more work with the humor. 7/10
  • The worst family guy ever

    This is my least favorite episode of family guy, it's just so bad, and unfunny that I can't imagine anyone green-lighting this episode. There were so many things wrong with episode. First, the feeling of "On the run" was done already (and far more successfully) on "To Live and Die in Dixie." Secondly, Stewie cross-dressing as a little girl made sense to get away from the cops at the gas station, but keeping him like that was such a stupid idea, and him acting femmine certainly didn't make me like it anymore. The representation of Texas and G.W.B was unfunny and stupid, excluding for Chris' line about Cocaine which earned a smirk from me. Overall, an extremly unfunny episode that almost turned me off fam guy for good. 0/10 F
  • Just awful.


    Lois gets a job as the church organist, so the family decides to begin going back to church. When Stewie gets sick after receiving communion, the congregation becomes convinced that he has been possessed by the devil. While on the run, the family ends up in Texas, where Peter begins to fit right in with the cowboys, Stewie enters the "Little Miss Texas" pageant, and Chris and Meg sneak into George W. Bush's house.

    The description itself will make you skip this episode.


  • superb


    you know how sometimes, you're bored/tired, and you want to watch something that makes you laugh, and not have to worry about if it is actually funny or not? well, that was the mood i was in when watching this episode, and i actually laughed quite a bit: The Chuck Norris scene with him punching Brian, and that girl Brian thought would be 'competition', the devil/super devil pictures on the news, the Gilbert Gottfried horse, the cutaway with meg being high and stewie getting a contact high (oop now I'm messedup too), etc.

    Pretty good episode. Is it one of their best? No, but it was an enjoyable way to spend a half hour of your time, i thought. B+ or so as my final grade.

  • An uninspired episode

    Lois gets a job as the church organist, so the family decides to begin going back to church. When Stewie gets sick after receiving communion, the congregation becomes convinced that he has been possessed by the devil. While on the run, the family ends up in Texas, where Peter begins to fit right in with the cowboys, Stewie enters the "Little Miss Texas" pageant, and Chris and Meg sneak into George W. Bush's house. The main problem with this episode is that a lot happens but not all of it is that great and for the most part it's incredibly pointless. The jokes are hit and miss but miss far more often; the absence of a laugh track is substituted with an empty pause after each joke as if to give the audience time for a hearty laugh which doesn't occur. Peter and Stewie tie as the most painful to watch in this episode.

    This show has 2 modes; offensive and funny and this episode doesn't blend the two effectively. The lethal jabs at George Bush, Texans and Chuck Norris are just not very funny and the little that is feels out of placed and frankly excessive.

    The episode certainly looks fantastic; once again proving the 5th season is by far the best looking. The vocals are the usual mix of straight, over - the - top and annoying but there's just something unappealing about so many stereotypical redneck accents.

    Boys do Cry is a poor episode on all writing counts (apologies to Cherry as i usually like her writing and alphabet surname) even though it started great and contained some laughs; the ending was dreadful and too much of it was unneeded.
  • Hackneyed, immature, hateful, and angry

    I'm not much for holding things sacred, especially political beliefs or religion, so I can't really say I was "offended" by the episode in that sense.

    What did offend me, however, was the terrible writing. I sat there on the couch with my girlfriend watching the episode and I had a look on my face that was 20 parts disgust and 80 parts disillusionment during the entire excrutiating, and frankly, awkward ordeal.

    To be glib, it seemed like it was written by a terribly socially awkward...well, dork. The jokes were juvenille, clumsy, and basically stupid. The writer was also apparently very angry at the world, and while that can often inspire an "artist" (**as I make a wanking motion**), that was obviously not the case with Ms Chevapatadumrong (sp?). The prose and plots were disorganized and it was not like the intent was to make the audience laugh, rather, it was clear the episode's only intent was to convey some immature and cliche left wing hipster agenda...In doing so, they actually come off as more fascist and close minded than those on the "right" wing they obviously detest.

    This show started off excellent, by the way. I still watch it every night on Adult Swim. I hope it gets better, I realize they have more than one writer. It worries me, however, that this was allowed to air. My advice to Seth MacMarlane -- If this is the kind of crap you're going to green light, why don't you just pick a name out of a hat at the local high school's AP English class. You'd likely save a lot of money, plus there's a good chance you'd get some of that scatological humor worked into the plot. I know you're into that.
  • I was disappointed. The writers crossed the line this episode. This is an animated comedy, not a vessel to be used to shove political views down our throats. All that aside, there were a few funny parts, but not enough to outweigh the offensive material.

    To be honest, this season has been a little discouraging. It started with Prick Up Your Ears" with the political-basis basically unseen in other seasons. Other seasons didn't require bashing beliefs and straight insulting to be funny, so I don't know why this season started it. See, other times this show insulted people and beliefs, it was a bit more light-hearted and exaggerated, making it funny without blatantly insulting. This episode, however, shows a crossed line in that way. I'm not a Texan, but if I was, I'd probably be a little peterbed. I am conservative, and the fact that the writers are not doesn't give them a right to bash my beliefs. I'm sure the Texas population feels the same way. To a certain extent, people who're the butt of these "jokes" can tolerate it - maybe even laugh - but there comes a point where slightly amused turns to greatly offended. Did the episode have some funny parts? Yep, it did. However, I was too busy being surprised at how fargone the writers went to notice half of it. Even with all the political incorrectness aside, though, this episode particularly lacked momentum and dragged on a little. I can only hope viewers will send a message to the Family Guy writers so to avoid this kind of "plot"line again. Poking fun at something and flat-out bashing it are two different things. Let's hope the writers can figure that out.
  • I've lived in Texas since childhood, and I have never seen a more accurate presentation of this state. The conversation on the sofa with the mule was exactly what it is like to introduce reason into any discussion with most people.

    The show is supposed to be a parody, but all I saw was a travelogue. I don't normally like Family Guy because it mostly deals with things only twelve to eighteen year old boys think is funny, but whoever wrote this one was dead on, and had definitely spent some time here with the natives. They think Saddam bombed the WTC, Bush is a great American hero, gays are an abomination, Palin makes perfect sense, and Thomas Jefferson should be removed from the textbooks. When I saw this episode I felt a deep relief that some people actually laugh at those ideas, but I gotta tell you-- it isn't an animated series, folks. It's Texas.
  • This episode is really enjoyable! :D Don't believe the hype? Then read on! :idea:

    I personally never would've thought that a show like "Family Guy" could take the highly controversial topics of Texas, liquor, guns, Christian churches, and devil fear-mongering and mix it all up together into something that would end up to be hilarious and funny! But once again, Seth MacFarlane and his writers have done something that would've been practically impossible for any other animated show to attempt, and they accomplished the seemingly non-obtainable! After Stewie makes the mistake of drinking wine and vomiting from it, the community of Quohog, R.I. sours with the Griffins lack of moral fibers, and chases them out of town. Fortunately for the family, Lois already has a good backup plan; staying at her sister's place in Texas until the fuss dies down back home. Brian is initially against this plan for so many reasons that I dare not repeat in my review, lest I myself get all riled up and reveal certain things about certain people that I don't necessarily want being found out about. :oops: But I digress. In order to make sure that Stewie doesn't get found out, he gets disguised as a girl named Stephanie and begins aspirations of becoming a junior beauty pageant queen. Lois lives under the delusions of grandeur that living in Texas will give the Griffins the strong sense of focused, moral fiber they seem to be lacking. Chris and Meg decide to undertake the insane task of taking George W. Bush's underwear from his Crawford Ranch and showing it to the Texas Youth Club. They end up actually succeeding in becoming part of the 'in' crowd, and with George W's. consent, no less! :shock: Peter himself, enjoys the quasi-cowboy wild-western way of life the Texans seem to enjoy, until he finds out how Texans really feel about people like HIM, and Peter looks like he might wind up in hot water! Fortunately, Peter is saved; by a horse voiced by Gilbert Gottfried! :D They manage to get away from the angry Texans, and arrive in safety back where things are normal, in Quohog, R.I. Another great episode! ;)
  • Season 5, Episode 15.

    This episode rocked. I loved the Julia Louis-Dreyfuss thing in the beginning. Herbert is such a creep, but a funny creep. The Jesus thing was very sick, but in good humor. I don't understand all the hate toward Sarah Jessica Parker. I love her, and don't find her unattractive. I laughed my ass off at the Above the Influence parody. Meg looked hilarious and it was just an amazing spoof. Seth MacFarlane is truly genius. Sunflower seeds in their ding dongs! Haha! Peter is so stupid in telling them where Stewie is. Texas: The **** You State! Haha! This episode is a classic!
  • Not a stand out episode

    It's hard to find anything wrong with this episode, it just isn't as funny or original as the show ussualy is. Basicly they go to texas, offending people along the way (and no doubt some viewers as well). However its just family guy by numbers, I felt it was too obvious and too much of 'family guy by numbers'. This is probably in the top 5 weakest episodes from this series but considering it is still a watchable episode then that suggests just how good this series is. So therefore by no means a classic but still pretty funny, just a bit too obvious.
  • An amazing start runied by a very crappy ending...

    Lois gets a job as the new organist for the church, which makes her decide to convince her family to start attending sermons on Sundays. After Stewie drinks too much Communion wine and throws it up, the town of Quahog believes him to be possessed by Satan (because since the wine is supposed to be the blood of Christ, Satan would reject it). When the priest wants to exorcise him (aided by the entire town), the Griffin family escapes to Lois's sister Carol's house in Texas.

    Peter fits in with the cowboys, but Brian can't stand the racist and homophobic Texas life even though in Road to Rhode Island, it was stated that he was born in Texas. While Stewie, disguised as a girl under the name Stephanie Griffin, enters a "Little Miss Texas" pageant, Meg and Chris sneak into George W. Bush's house to steal his underwear as part of an initiation into an after-school club. Eventually, it is reported by Texan news journalist Duke Dillon (Bill Engvall) that Quahog is giving up its search for Stewie because of the finding of a new Satan (the "super devil"), but Lois, hoping to instill moral values in her family, neglects to mention it. It is Brian who finds out about this from his girlfriend back in Quahog and confronts Lois.

    After branding the orgasmic cow that appeared in the episode Jungle Love, things turn sour when Peter reveals that he is retarded. The men with him tie him to an electric chair and are about to put him to death when he is rescued by his trusty horse, who is Gilbert Gottfried.

    Stewie manages to win the pageant, but when his wig falls off during the crowning ceremony the audience labels him as a "queer-o-sexual" and tries to rush the stage. The family is able to escape on the back of Gilbert Gottfried.
  • Good Episode

    Definitely one of the better Family Guy's I have seen in this season. The only thing was though the scene that showed Stewie meeting Jesus really made no sense to me and probably could have been left out. The rest was good though especially the bit about the Super Devil and Chuck Norris having another fist under his beard. So overall I thought the episode was one the best in the season considering how its mainly been not quite as good lately and was a refreshing break from some of the other not quite as good episodes of season five.
  • i am a texan. i am not conservative, i am not a republican, i hate g.w. bush, i am not a homophobe, i have never owned a gun. this episide is the last straw.

    i am a texan. i am not conservative, i am not a republican, i hate g.w. bush, i am not a homophobe, i have never owned a gun. this episide is the last straw. the misrepresentation of my state and the people who live here is something i admit to being somewhat sensitive about. 1. let me get one important fact out there: bush is from connecticut. he pretends to be form texas. a great many of us think he is a douche bag.

    2. two of the top ten cities in the country are in texas. we have people from many nations and cultures who make thier home here. they are a welcome and appreciated influence.

    3. family guy has been steady declining in creativity and humor. i dont think ill be watching any more episodes. the meter wont let me give a negative score, unfortunately.
  • Some Class Scenes!

    Jaike playing the organ, Brian shooting the "Super" devil, when Brian's Girlfriend were on the phone and the kinky horse made me laugh a lot! I thought that it was a pretty good episode, I mean, its up to its regular standard of how funny it is. I enjoyed watching it, especially hearing the guy from Aladdin's voice... If it was actually him I mean... It sounded a lot like him but I don't know his name. Well, anyway, another really good episode from Family Guy! Recently they seem to have been a little dry in humour but this episode was really well done.
  • Not really a fan of this one.

    A little far-fetched... especially the bit where Stewie throws up and everyone thinks he's depressed. And the actors in Sex And The City Peter mentions when comparing them in a 'hot body weird face contest' are wrong, it's not Kirsten Dunst, it's Kristin Davis...
    The jokes in this seem a little obvious and not too funny, however I do enjoy the line where Stewie says "I feel right, Brian. I feel right", after Brian asks him how he feels.
    And yes, George Bush is funny, but they've made so many jokes about him now they're getting a little lame and cliche. And Brian's girlfriend... I swear they just make her stupider and stupider every episode. A class character though - "How do you know if you're Jewish?"
  • family guy ain't taking no ****

    I realise that many people have disliked this episode fsor a number of reasons, many of them valid - but this episode was just family guy doing what fanily guy do. Throughout it's years of broadcast Family Guy has been praised for it's humour (even South Park did episodes on how non-PC they are [Cartoon Wars]) which quite blatantly borders on offensive at most times. In this episode there were jokes to do with race, sexuality and religion. All topics with heated debates surrounding politically correctness.

    So i say well done to Family Guy!*claps*

    More relevant though, some of the jokes were hilarious - although i'll admit i didn't find Stewie's devil theme all that funny - such as the Horse. So all in all a pretty fun FG episode.

    10/10 for continuing true Family Guy style.
  • Stewie is supposedly possessed by the devil and the Griffins are forced to move to Texas?

    This episode was okay, nothing more, nothing less. It had occasional points of funny and occasional points of horrible. It's one of those episodes that just make you go, "Wow. That's it?" We waited nearly a month for a "meh" episode? That's not cool man. I was expecting something great; this was just something ... not cool. They got nearly a whole month to spend extra time on the episodes and this is their supposed hard work and effort? That's not going to cut it. What still annoys me is the constant appearance of Herbert. He just keeps on appearing in this season. And wow, they brought back Jillian? At least that was a bit random. I never expected her to come back. Overall, this episode was yeah, okay. Is it worth watching? Yeah, it is, just don't expect anything spectacular, you'll just get a couple of laughs or so.
  • With the re-use of an old plotline, the spark isn't what it used to be.

    Once again the Griffin's are on the run to save one of their children from persecution. Stewie's now considered possessed and the town will stop at nothing until they exorcise him. While still holding a few laughs (the opening scene with "Now It's Just Getting Sad") Is quite cute, but the magic isn't as present as it used to be. Chris and Meg's lines are getting repetetive. However watching Stewie accept his sexuality and express his love for Brian pan out will be an entertaining time. Drew Barrymore pulls a great Jillian and hopefuly she'll be around more in upcoming episodes. A Mediocre episode, but still Family Guy nonetheless
  • Where the hell is Seth McFarland?

    Even the most diehard fans of the series would truthfully admit that the show has been hit or miss lately, but this is ridiculous, even pathetic. I didn't laugh once, which is a first. I never thought that American Dad would ever rival Family Guy. Well, it hasn't. It's far surpassed it. Even my dumb friends were left shaking their heads after this one. It's like they pulled some guy off the street to write this crap, and gave him only an hour to do so. I'm shaking my head just writing this. Family Guy is quickly becoming just another run of the mill, uninventive cartoon, something it, at one time, despised.
  • A reading, from the letter of John, to the couple with the crying baby upstairs: "Obviously you hear your kid crying and you are trying to break him of some habit. But I got news for you, It's not working."

    This episode was quite poor, with lame jokes like Peter saying "when will it work out for her" when the line was better off left out after Lois' line, and the usually great Chris having lines like "belts are a great way of expressing opinion" which he'd never say in the classic lines and would instead mistake what the "big" referred to. However he did have one great line when referring to the cocaine.

    Some good moments are the Superdevil and Quagmire mistaking organist but overall the fleeing the town plot is a lot like the fleeing the criminal plot of To Live and Die in Dixie.

    Stewie's beauty contest is a pathetic plot and Lois' organist plot unnecessary, and the humour in the others are lame, but the episode does have a few moments like Jillian's phone call.
  • Finally, we bombered Texas.

    You knew it was coming! A time where the Family Guy group goes to Texas. I thought the plot was unsaul. The kind you find in The Simpsons (Starts with a topic, then goes to whole other subject). There were lots of very funny moments. As I like, the blonde gal come in the episode and again... HI-larious. I love that girl. You know the one by Drew Barrymore. Anyway, I getting more bloggish then review so her it goes.

    Lois gets a church organist job.
    The Family goes to church.
    Stewie throws up.

    Honestly, I think the throwing up part was a little unrealistic. But then again, it's Family Guy.

    Then they go to Texas and that's where the fun begins. Lots of rant-y jokes.

    Why is this out of character. Well, Stewie actual contributes to the main plot. Lois created part of the problem, (by not telling them to go home, and Meg. Meg Meg Meg. I don't even remember seeing her in the episode.

    Well there you go.
  • Masochist Cows, Comedic Horses, and Chuck Norris...Oh my!

    Family Guy has been fence-sitting this entire season, but this episode brought back what fans like to see...shorter gags that are still funny, and celebrities. However, they almost execised what little evil Stewie still has, but Stewie escaped (Bravo). Gilbert Gottfried as the horse was simple, yet brilliant. I was uncomfortable with the return of the masochist cow, and after she got out the ball gag, I felt like taking a shower. I will end with three words...Chuck Norris Rules!
  • T is for Texas, T is for terribly mean!

    The Griffin Family fled their hometown after Stewie threw up in church. they went to Texas to start over or wait until the situation is blown over. The family went though the phases of living in Texas and find out that living in Texas is quite different. Stewie enters into a Miss Texas Contest and found out he's in drag. Meg and her brother sneak into George Bush's home to get his underwear and runs into the president himself. I l.ike this epsode, but there are some stuff that didn't work, but over all I like it in a sort of way. An 8.
  • Follows traditional Family Guy form...but not too impressive.

    This episode came with all of the expected side humor but a very different and random plot. The action that compels the family to move is not featured, it happens quickly. Also, it was sort of random to then move to Texas. Aside from there plot miscues, the humor was great. The WNBA was the best comedy bit in the episode and in a close second was the Chuck Norris beard fist. All in all, this is an average plotted Family Guy episode and an above average comedic installment in the Family Guy series. Season five the best so far.
  • Saddd...really sad...

    The episode was one of the worsts ive had nothing special to good jokes no good flaskbacks and im sick oh berbet that old bastard already...they overused him already..wayy too much...

    Its sad to see where FG is heading towards to...downhil...

    If it goes like this..its just sad :(

    FG was the show i used to get obsessed over but noww i wouldnt care if i missed any episode to tell u guys the truth.

  • they used a chuck norris joke fact....

    Things that didnt work in this episode of family guy:
    Old paedophile guy (not funny)
    using a chuck norris joke that was funny on the internet about a year ago and now are terrible
    mocking the president and the government (been done by everyone in america, possibly every 5 seconds)
    Every cut away joke (since watching the south park episode that mocked family guy the cut away jokes have become awful)
    Mocking the south of america (didnt family guy already mock the south in about season 3 or something)
    Kind of done with family guy, i dont even try to laugh at the "jokes" anymore.
  • Wow another show making fun of the president didn't see that coming, can you sense my sarcasm, it's sad that hacky material like that can pass as comedy, I think I'm close to being done with this show.

    I know alot of people stopped watching the Simpsons when they ran out of material and started forcing their political views on people just like Family Guy is doing now. I just hope they don't do it every episode like the Simpsons did, they may still be on, but they have lost alot of viewers. I know this show has a tendacy of doing whatever the Simpsons does, so I hope it doesn't go that route. I understand the guy who writes is a liberal great, but does he not have enough faith in what he believes that he has to force it on people?? There is a differnce between making fun of the president, hell he jokes about himself. President Bush has a great sense of humor, but when it stupid as well and is meant more in mean spirit, that is lame. I also agree with the one guy too, the episode wasn't even good before that, it was just sinking lower and lower with those jokes, along with the bad plot line.
  • One of the better episodes of the modern Family Guy era.

    As with the Simpsons, I went into this episode with little expectation. But unlike the Simpsons, Family Guy delivered and surprised me. Within 3 minutes I was in stitches because of Shamus playing 'Great Balls of Fire' on the piano and Herbert playing a song was one of his better jokes since he was introduced as a character. There are also things I didn't like about this episode, Peter's horse suddenly talking...what is that? But the thing that annoyed me most was that Dick Cheney had a gun... but they didn't make a single joke about his 'duck shooting' incident of last year. It would have gone down really well I believe.
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