Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 9

Breaking Out Is Hard to Do

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 17, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Joe discovers the Griffins hiding out in Asiantown, Peter switches between his sumo outfit and his regular clothes.

    • When Lois is in jail following her stealing spree, she's wearing her standard orange prison garb. When Peter sticks her in his mouth to smuggle her out, she's back to her normal clothes.

    • After the "Did you walk?" line, we get a glimpse of the Chinese Takeout building. On the far left is a sign that says "Pamuri Gai" in Japanese Katakana.

  • Quotes

    • Asian Job officer: So, what exactly would you say qualifies you to work as a Sumo wrestler?
      Peter: Oh, are you kiddin', I'm a born athlete. Just like Greg Louganis.
      (Scene switches to Peter in a chair)
      Peter: Hi, I'm Peter Griffin. You're probably askin' yourself, "Which way are they gonna go? Are they gonna make a diving board head injury joke? Are they gonna make an AIDS joke? Or are they gonna make a joke about the fact that his last name sounds suspiciously like anus?" Well, we're gonna take the high road and do a no-body-hair joke. Brian?.
      (A completely shaven Brian in a speedo and swin cap/goggles appears)
      Brian: Hi, I'm Greg Louganis. I'm totally shaven.
      Peter: Terrific. Terrific.

    • Announcer: And now ladies and gentlemen: Sumo tonight!, brought to you by Asian trix.
      (Commercial with three kids and the rabbit.)
      Kid: Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.
      Rabbit: You share! (Kills the children.)

    • (After Chris was pulled into the music video, then comes back out)
      Lois: Chris, where have you been?!
      Chris: I DON'T KNOW!!!!

    • Joe: Pretend I'm your child, Lois!
      (Lois begins to let go)
      Joe: Not Meg! Not Meg!

    • Stewie: Peter, Peter! There's so much dooty in here I - I can't take it anymore I - I haven't eaten in four days cause I - I just can't fit anymore in there. Help me.

    • Stewie: I haven't seen one female baby since we got here. This place is a sausage fest.

    • Sign: We make you food for you so fast.

    • Lois: there was a secret hole in me.
      Quagmire: Oh God!
      Lois: And I was trying to fill that hole with all kinds of expensive objects and things.
      Quagmire: Oh Gaaawwwd!
      Lois: And I felt wonderful with all those things fillin' that hole.
      Lois: I did this to myself, so I'm just gonna have to just lay back and let the penal system teach me a lesson.
      Quagmire: That one is also sexual.

    • Lois: So are those biblical names?
      Inmate: Yeah "Fisty" is.

  • Notes

    • When Stewie talks about not seeing any female babies, this MAY be a reference to the fact that in Asia, and the surrounding area female babies are considered a bad thing as everyone wants a boy. Again, this is a stretch, and may not have been the intent.

  • Allusions

    • Revenge of the Pink Panther The chase through Asiantown is a parody of a chase scene in this 1978 film. It even uses the same music.

    • The Lovely Bones

      In the book club scene, the title of the book - though rough - can be made out, and the discussion fits with The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

    • Raiders of the Lost Ark

      The car chase scene between Joe and Lois is similiar to the car chase scene featured in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    • Episode title: Breaking out is hard to do.

      This is a reference to a song called "Breaking up is hard to do" Which has been sung by many noteworthy singers, such as Neil Sedaka and the Carpenters.

    • Corey Haim

      A Canadian born child actor that first appeared in Canada's The Edison Twins and went on to appear in many titles his most successful being his role in Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys

    • Star Wars: Tie Fighters

      The scene where Joe is following the Griffins in the helicopter and the tie fighters fly in front of him is a homage to the scene in Star Wars where the rebel X-Wing Fighters are flying down the trench of the Death Star.

    • Mash

      A show airing from 1972 to 1983. MASH was one of the most successful television series of all time. MASH, was a show about a US mobile army hospital in Korea. It's main character Hawkeye Pearce, played by Alan Alda was a surgeon who used humour as a way of dealing with the horrors he saw everyday. They considered themselves meatball surgeons because their roll was to patch people up as quickly as possible and move on to the next person. Jamie Farr, was NOT a surgeon however. He played the part of Maxwell J Klinger, a corpsman trying to get out of the army on a section 8 discharge for insanity by dressing in women's clothing. MASH's season finale was watched by over 107 million people and had a 77 Share, meaning 77% of all televisions were tuned into the season finale making it the most watched television program in the history of the world.

    • Karl Malden

      Born in 1912, Karl appeared in many movies throughout the years. His most memorable role was that of the American Express Card spokesman "Don't leave home without it" a role he played for 28 years. He was elected as the President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a title he held for five years. He does have kind of a big nose. Just not that big.

    • Trix Cereal

      The Trix Rabbit was created in 1959 to create a brand identity for Trix Cereal. The basic premise was the Trix Rabbit trying to steal the cereal from the kids, to which the children would always reply "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids" The Rabbit twice got to eat Trix, once in 1976 and again in 1980. He was never seen murdering children as in this scene from Family Guy.

    • Greg Louganis

      During the 1988 Olympic Games, Louganis, the world's defending champion for the 3 meter spring board dive, cracked his head on the diving board during one of his dives. The injury required stitches. He went on to win those Olympics, and two subsequent. During a Barbara Walters interview Louganis revealed to Barbara Walters that he was HIV positive during those Olympics and was very worried he may have given someone else AIDS as a result of his injury.

    • Malcolm in the Middle

      Another Fox show starring Frankie Muniz as the middle child of a dysfunctional family.

    • The Blob

      A Horror film from 1958, remade 30 years later in 1988. It would appear that another remake is coming in 2005.

    • The Neverending Story

      Peter's Fantasy world is the world of the Neverending Story. A beautiful film about a troubled boy who finds his salvation through a mysterious book that seems to come alive. The 1984 film was the most expensive film ever produced in Germany to that point. It spawned four dreadful sequels beginning in 1990. Peter is seen flying on Falcor, the Luck Dragon.

    • The Goonies

      A movie from 1985 written by Chris Columbus and directed by Richard Donner about a group of misfit children who are about to lose their homes to the hands of an evil golf course developer. The group set off to find the buried treasure of the pirate One Eyed Willy and follow an elaborate scheme of tunnels and obstacles in order to get them.

      Chunk, one of the characters, did a dance in the movie called the Truffle Shuffle.

    • A-Ha

      The scene where Chris goes looking for the milk and is pulled into the music video is a direct reference to the popular song "Take on Me" by the band A-Ha. Their music video which is still considered a technical masterpiece was reproduced for this episode with Chris in the roll of the girl from the video.

    • Michael Hutchence of INXS

      The Lead singer for the Australian Rock group INXS was found naked, and dead hanging in his apartment. It is believed he died while attempting autoerotic asphyxiation which is the act of suffocating or strangling yourself during intercourse or masturbation. It his extremely dangerous, and in his case, fatal.