Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 17

Brian and Stewie

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2010 on FOX

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  • Decent comedy

  • This episode sucks big time...

    I should think that Brain and Stewie are the worst episode ever without the characters and only both.
  • nothing but filler

    cause this is filler filler of the time and hour in a half is just too long for creative minds woo woo
  • This is not an episode, this is just Family Guy time filler.

    I thought this was a very boring episode of Family Guy and nothing more than a blatant waste filler. This episode is about Brian and Stewie going to a bank so Brian can retrieve something from his safe box, they however lose track of time and the vault closes. Throughout the rest of the episode, Brian is forced to do the nastiest things with Stewie while they are trapped for 2 days. Were off to a good start I see. . . . Was it honestly necessary to see Brian lick poop off Stewies dirty diaper, have him lick Stewies butt and Stewie ACTUALLY enjoys it! That is just sick and nearly made me throw up in my mouth a little, and worst of all it was supposed to be funny. Brian then explains why he has a gun in his hands and almost commits suicide because of how bad his life is. Just how the hell can he say such a stupid thing? He has family and friends, but now all of the sudden he wants to quit life? Also why is unneeded Drama being thrown into this episode? Family Guy is about Comedy, NOT Drama. And the ending feels very incomplete and lazy and it made me wonder what I just watched. But not to mention, Seth is the ONLY voice work in this episode by all means necessary. When I say by all means necessary I do really mean it, it doesn't feature the other voice works of characters such as Chris, Lois, Meg, or anyone else. That made this episode really lazy, there wasn't even appearances of anyone else, it was just Brian and Stewie (this episode was named "Brian and Stewie" for a good reason) and that's it. There was no Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Cleveland, Joe, Quagmire, etc. It didn't feature any cutaway gags or different settings, it was just that bank vault and nothing else. Being the most effortless episode of Family Guy I've ever seen, I can safely say pass this episode up and go watch a funnier one.
  • Some keep saying it's a bad episode, but to me it was a good episode

    In this episode, Brian and Stewie are trapped in a bank vault. The only parts that made laugh were: Brian eating Stewie's feces, Stewie holding a gun, and Stewie dancing while being drunk. I was kinda disturbed by the Stewie getting his ears pierced. The one part that was kinda emotional was Brian confessing why he has a gun. The episode was pretty good, but somewhat repulsive.
  • Let's Tip the Scales of Ratings here...

    Come on guys. To those of you who didn't like it, the episode broke from an 8 year format and focused on the two most popular characters of the series, it kept some of the tone of comedy and (gag) poo cleaning, but then had a real heartwarming touch added to Brian and Stewie's relationship. It was *cleverly* written, and honestly the first episode that didn't drop my jaw with the tongue-in-cheek humor it usually contains. I enjoy this series but it's good to have something new, and they did this beautifully
  • Can't rate higher than 1 on this garbage.

    With nasty jokes, nothing happening, and including two of the most annoying characters on Family Guy, I can honestly say that THIS should be considered the WORST, EPISODE, EVER.
  • Worst episode ever.

    Worst episode ever
  • They have picked the wrong pair. Brian and Stewie are funny when they are together but they should have their limits. They have the Road to episodes and so many other episodes about them that were funny but this was so bad and unfunny I wanted to puke.

    Brian and Stewie went to the bank because Brian wanted to get some things he has in his safe deposit box. Not keeping track of time, the bank vault closes and they are trapped for two days. Without going crazy, both of them have to do things they don't want to do. Brian had to eat what was on Stewies' diaper and vomit. Now I know dogs do this but Brian didn't want to. This is why I hate Brian now because I feel he is ashamed of who he is and would rather be a human than a dog. Stewie bought a very expensive sweater and tricked Brian into doing those things because he was testing him. Now as I said before dogs do these things but this had no business here and Brian licking Stewies' butt and Stewie enjoying it made me puke. Stewie was really stupid and Brian was so pathetic especially when he pierced Stewies' ear. I couldn't believe he had a gun. A gun?!!! And wanting to commint suicide because he thought his life had no meaning? He has a home and people who love him and isn't that good enough. What happened to the genus Stewie? He was horribe in this and enjoying being licked in the butt was so low. They should have used a differant pair. Peter and Meg would have been awesome because it would have great to work more on the father and daugther realationship. How far can you go with a dog and a baby? Listening to Seth for 30 minutes was so unbearable it would have been great if were him and another cast member and not making this a solo episode. Brian and Stewie were boring in this one and Peter and Meg would have been a perfect balance of comedy and drama. Seth, work more on the relationships between the other main characters and not just a dog and a baby. Give these 2 a rest.
  • Different to all the other family guys but the best

    The best family guy of two favorite family guys characters Stewie and was a heart warming episode and i reccomend you watch but if your looking for a laugh then this episode is not done Seth this one was the best

    This is the best episode ever written of FAMILY GUY--PERIOD. this episode had character depth, friendship, a LIFE flow, took chances, was very funny anmd ABOVE the average intellgience of the average viewer. The series wad divided after this episode--they were NOt allowed to do anything this gross, nasty or serious again. They refrained from writing dialogue that would talk about SUICIDE ever again. this is what the series should have been. The episode after this one QAUGMYRE"S DAD is second to this and is also "hated" for some reason when it had the greatest line EVER in cartoon --BRIAN "ey I f...d your DAD lol" Go stewie Go brian.
  • Absolutely the worst ever Family guy episode..

    The whole of this season has been exceptional. ..UNTIL this pile of poo..
    It just did not work on any level..
    I was bored into a stupour within 5 minutes and it didn't lift at all throughout this overlong ill thought out, double episode :-((
    I'm just hoping that this is a glitch and Seth will do a PROPER 150th episode to wash the foul taste of this one away :( We know that one of the remaining episodes ( Something Something Darkside} in this series is a cracker :-) so lets hope that this is the only let down in the whole series ..
  • Disapointment

    What...the fuck was that?! That was basically my reaction after I first saw this episode. This was a real disapointment and I'm ashamed to call this a Family Guy episode. Seth MbcFarlane let out all hype on FOX advertisements promoting a biig 150th epsode, and this is what we get?! Are you kidding me?! This was the worst Family Guy episode ever. It's just about Brian and Stewie being trapped in a bank vault for 30 mins and seeing Brian eat Stewie's poo, eating vomit, and licking his ass cheeks clean was really disturbing and unfunny. Well jokes about eating feces are used in a funny way on South Park and The Help, but it was really gross how they did it here and unfunny. What were the creators thinking? They must have been ***ed to have this be a special episode and to have such a graphic scene be shown on FOX. Hopefully this doesn't happen with the 200th episode or hopefully it doesn't happen in American Dad!

  • This is the WORST!!!


    Brian and Stewie are locked up inside a bank vault for an entire episode. This was a really boring episode. It was such a borefest to me and I agreed with all the other people that gave this a low score. The plot made no sense at all. It is about the famous pair (Brian and Stewie. I said their pair is famous because they ALWAYS has to hang out and have at least one conservation every Freaking episodes.) I don't see anything funny at all. It's just B&S (meh) stuck at one location. Brian trying to do suicide is not even funny. Brian pieceing Stewie wasn't funny as well. Stewie pooping and then try Brian to lick it was not acceptable. It was funny in that multiverse episode but not this one. The writers seriously need to reduce the amount of time Brian and Stewie hanging out together especially if that episode has nothing to do with them. They don't really deserve to be together if Brian is going yell at Stewie for no reason. Thanks lord I had not watched this one since May 2010. Overall, a pretty boring episode..and it has to be the WORST episode I've ever seen in this show. 1/10

  • Say what you want about this episode. I like it.

    This is actually my favorite episode of "Family Guy". It's just these two intelligent guys locked in a bank vault for half an hour with no flashbacks, cutaways, TV gags or any musical score. It's inspired by two episodes of "All in the Family" and it really works.
  • this episode of family guy is pretty basic brian and stewie get locked in a vault

    during this episode we learn more about there relationship and uncover aspects of there personalities through there actions. Although most people think this episode is either boring, unfunny, or just a total exuse for seth mc farline to get the lime light I think this episode was amazing. Unlike most family guy episodes this episode is pretty dark and disterbing and wasnt meant to be the old laugh fest family guy is known to live for.I would say by far the most disturbing part was when brian eats out of stewie's dirty diaper to prevent him from getting rashed and from smelling up the vault.Although the rest of the episode is pretty strong and has a decent amount of humor to balance the dark tone with the comedic tone.the best scene to decribe this is when brian confeses to stewie why he actually has a gun and alchol in his shelf.
    I dont reccomend this for some one looking for a good laugh this episode is dark and delivers a message so few have understood.
  • I'm guessing arrogant Family Guy fans don't like this episode for obvious reasons...


    I will never understand why everyone hates this episode so much. But I can guess: It was different and had a different format and was "quiet" if you get my drift. And for the fact that it didn't simply focus on the comedy.

    First off, the comedy in this episode was great, although the poop thing was a bit too much, but I can forgive that, although it did move the episode from a perfect 10 to a 9, for me. All the other comedy was great and I think it's mostly because I love most interactions between Brian and Stewie. Plus this episode really dug deep (as deep as Family Guy can get) into their relationship. This episode also proved that Brian is one of the most complex animated characters on TV.

    I loved the conversation they had when Brian revealed he has a gun just in case he ever wanted to commit suicide. I loved how the ending was so simple, almost a bit touching. Which is interesting not to mention rare for Family Guy. It may have not been the most hilarious episode, but that doesn't matter, but clearly the fans think it does.

    An animated comedy episode doesn't have to be hilarious and full on funny just to be great. Get over it.

  • Please, God, kill me now.


    This episode is so boring, I wanted to blow my brains out.

    Nothing else to say about this episode, just the disgusting scene where Brian licks Stewie's dirty diaper and vomit. Made me puke a little.

    Anyways, avoid this episode while you can, you'll be thanking me.

    1/10 F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F FF F

  • Mediocre! Is that a joke.

    Come on guys. It wasnt the funniest episode ever played but I spend a good 40 minutes as well. It definetely wasnt boring and I remember good jokes as well. "It's all on tape!" was hilarious. It was pretty decent. Besides it wasn't even supposed to be funny. This Episode was meant to be an emotional one. Okay we arent used to this but I will resent 5.5.

    And I have no idea if Stewie is gay or not. He could be gay but this episode couldn't be explained by just "stewie is being gay".

    I think it was good. Decent is the right word i suppose. 7/10 is my rating in normal standarts but 5.5 is outrageous.
  • The keyword here is egotistical. Seth was obviously wanting to make this 150th episode all about his voice work only.

    Just when I thought Family Guy couldn't get any worse, along comes this episode to prove me wrong. This episode may be even worse than Excellence in Broadcasting, and that's really saying something. There are two parts to this so called 150th episode, and I will look at the first part. The plot is that Brian and Stewie go to a bank so Brian can get something out of his safe box. However the vault closes after failing to keep track of time, and they are trapped for 2 days. Throughout the episode Brian is forced to do the nastiest things with Stewie. Such examples are Brian being forced to eat Stewie's dirty diaper, and having him like Stewie's butt, and Stewie enjoys it! Why did we need to see this? Is this even remotely funny at all? It's very gross, and made me puke a little in my mouth. At one point Brian nearly commits suicide because he thinks life is meaningless. How can he say such stupid things? He has a family, and friends and wants to commit suicide over how life is meaningless? Also why is this drama needed in Family Guy. This is a comedy show NOT a soap opera or drama. The second part is no better at all. It's nothing but old musical numbers from the old seasons, and watching some of them made me winder how this show fell apart. There are some new musical numbers in, but they are terrible, and lack the heart of the previous ones. Also in this entire episode, Seth is the ONLY VOICE in this episode. That's right. No other voice workers were in this episode at all. It's such an egotistical moronic move by Seth. Did we honestly need to hear his voice work only in this episode at all?! It's Seth's way of saying, "My show is so great, and I am so great at voice work!" Well not anymore Seth. Congratulations Seth, you are making more, and more people turn away from Family Guy, and this episode didn't help at all. Avoid this episode at all costs. This makes Excellence in Broadcasting look almost good.
  • Wow!!! a boring and completely unfunny episode of "Family Guy"

    Okay, first of all, Seth McFarlane was right by making the title of the episode called "Brian and Stewie" because this episode really only involved Brian and Stewie. There absolutely no main or recurring characters at all. It was only Brian and Stewie that were in this episode... No Peter, No Chris, No Meg, No Lois, No Quagmire, No Joe, etc... it was just Brian and Stewie. This episode only involved Brian and Stewie being stuck in the bank vault for the entire episode and it was just a completely unfunny episode and it was a total borefest for me. No cutaways and no other locations were in this episode... just the bank vault. Seth MacFarlane actually expected us to believe that this was a funny episode. I didn't laugh once at all but I only chuckled at maybe one or two scenes but even that's not good enough for me to give this episode a 1.5 in my honest opinion. Okay, who wants to see Brian eating poop off of Stewie's diaper? Who wants to see Brian and Stewie being drunk? and Who wants to see Brian piercing Stewie's ear. Okay, seriously? those were suppose to be funny especially Brian eating poop off of Stewie's diaper. What kind of sick mind did Seth MacFarlane come up with when he made this episode. The ending was also very very very lazy and pathetic and just makes you say "What the heck" and hit yourself in the wall. Brian having a serious talk with Stewie about why Brian had a gun and liquor was kind of good but still not good enough for me and still bored the heck out of me. All I want to say is... this episode had absolutely no humor and no cutaways and no characters and no locations at all. If this ever airs on television, I would suggest that you change the channel to something that is not a borefest. This is one of the worst "Family Guy" episodes I've ever seen and I want 30 minutes of my time back already. Overall, a totally unfunny, pathetic, and completely boring episode of "Family Guy". 1/10
  • it has a good message

    this was a good episode it was never aiming at being funny and it wasnt it was a heart warming episode. well let me explain to all the people who didnt like this episode why i liked it, stewie and brain get into a fight and later stewie asks brain why he has the gun in the first place brain responds saying i keep it if i ever want to kill myself stewie then says well i think thats selfish of you how could i live without you brain then says i thought you said i was the best of a bad situation stewie says i just said it because you hurt me i like you brain ill even go further i love brain says thank you. it wasnt stewie being gay i think this was a good episode i thought other than the poop eating. it wasnt perfect but it was something different but it couldve been better.
  • Overall this milestone episode is far and away the (in the words of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons) "Worst Episode EVER"!

    Sadly Family Guy all too often isn't the same quality of show as it was earlier in its run, when it was able to achieve cult-like status and come back from cancellation.

    I'll start with the second half first. This consisted of musical numbers inspired by, or replayed from, old episodes. While most of these harkened back to the time when this series was still in its peak, the new numbers really weren't any where near as entertaining as the rest of their episodes. This makes sense when you consider that they aren't truly "new material" but rather pieces "from the cutting room floor", like what you'd get as extras on a DVD. These musical numbers wouldn't have been cut out of their original episodes if they were not weaker that the rest of their episodes. The remaining musical numbers were clips taken directly from old shows. Ironically this was the strongest material of the entire hour, and yet it was nothing special since these Family Guy classics can be seen on countless cable channels or in syndication every day of the week. The producers should be completely embarrassed by this effort. This was their 150th episode... a milestone that deserves a very strong effort. There is no excuse for the best parts being old clips of the "Shipoopi" musical number and Peter and his drunken father.

    The first half was truly bazaar. While some have described this as a deep episode confronting suicide, but in reality this episode had as much depth as a small child's wading pool. The first portion of the episode (with Brian and Stewie in the bank vault) showed how lacking the show's writing has become. It seemed like Seth MacFarlane was going for something along the lines of "My Dinner With Andre", however the result of his efforts fell far short of the mark. Rather than creating something avant garde, he ended up with an episode that seemed more like it came out of Stewie's diaper. Many have questioned why Stewie and Brian were the two characters featured in this episode. Considering that this was the show's 150th edition (a notable milestone) and considering how the writers tried (and failed) to do with this storyline, I purpose that those two characters were chosen because they were the two characters voiced by Mr. MacFarlane who have the closest relationship. It leaves one with the impression that MacFarlane is now completely focused on himself, rather than his creation "Family Guy". The saddest part of this is that it would tend to indicate the show's quality will continue to slide, until it loses its viewership and is canceled yet again by Fox. This time it will probably be the end. With episodes like this I don't see the viewers bombarding Fox with requests to bring it back again.

    Overall this milestone episode is far and away the (in the words of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons) "Worst Episode EVER"!
  • The first part of the episode was an absolute masterpiece!

    I think it wouldn't be a stretch to say that the deep and moving dialogue was among the finest in the history of American TV. and I never thought I would say that about an episode of Family Guy, which let's be honest - is funny, but very frivolous.

    The second half felt like cacophony at its worst. I'm not sure I understand why they decided to include the annoying musical bits - they were just abysmal and asinine. I didn't bother to watch them. Was it intended to dumb down what could have been a perfect show? Or to somehow, increase the deep impressions and the catharsis that's to follow? or perhaps they had to simply fill the slot, and were all worn out from writing?
  • i liked this episode. there was some deep emotions rarly seen on the show.

    Brian and stewie are lock in a bank vault. Stewie convinses Brian to eat his poo so he won't git a rash. Well Traped Brian git a drink out of his safty dipposit box and they git drunk. When drunk stewie has brian pierse his ear, leaving a large hole in his ear. They git into a fight stewie gits brian so mad he gits the gun from his dipposit box but stewie make him drop it causing it to shot all arond the room. The next day they have sobered up and brian reading the book from his box when stewie asks him why he has a gun. Brian tell him it's there if he wanted to camit suicide. When he hear this stewie tell him that he is his best friend and that fack is why his life has mening. Stewie make him know that because he give his life mining that give Brian life mining. The next day the door opens and brian picks up stewie and leaves.
  • Not the best episode they have ever done.

    I was quite disappointed with this episode. I thought it was poorly done, and was a bit boring. Not a lot of background music or sound effects. Almost seems that not a whole lot of thought was put into the writing of this episode. I thought they would of done a lot more being this was a "special episode".

    Family Guy is usually much much better than this. And I've seen every episode so far. Let's hope they are not loosing their touch.

    Not the best Family Guy episode I've seen. Prob the worst.

    Come on guys, do better than this. : (
  • Simple and Unique

    I'm honestly surprised at the reaction this episode got.

    I don't get it, after 150 episodes, Family Guy does something unique with no flashbacks or cut aways starring 2 of the most popular characters and people don't like it?

    Ok, Granted, the diaper scene was WAY too much and I figured I wouldn't like the episode after that, but it got much better after this scene.

    The Friendship of Brian and Stewie is an odd one, and this sort of took it to a more "real" level. Stewie admits that he really enjoys Brian's company, and Brian admits that he's often depressed and suicidal.

    What I find shocking is that people took offense to Brian being suicidal.... REALLY? Brian is a dog in a human's world who stays at home and does nothing, is an alcoholic, is hopelessly in love with a woman he can't be with, was brutally ripped apart by Quagmire in a rant, and everything he attempts including careers, education, and relationships fail. ... am I the only one who thought after Brian said he might kill himself one day "Yea that makes sense". Edit: and no I didn't include the musical portion of this episode in my review.... didn't really consider it part of the episode... just a tag on to finish up the hour.
  • Decent.

    A whole episode spent on "attempting" to write something original, not excessively and over relying on the use of popular culture and flashbacks? For what it's worth, this episode did a good job of utilizing with what it had, which is two very odd characters--a self righteous liberal dog and a gay intelligent baby--a box with liquor, a dead bird, and a gun, and a concealed vault. The episode was very up and down; at times it would be knee slapping hilarious, but at others it was a bit dry. Although the last ten minutes, which was used to feature various musicals that have been aired throughout Family Guy's lifetime, seems like an excuse to fill in for time, they were quite entertaining to watch nonetheless. Overall a surprisingly good overachieving episode, but probably not for everyone.
  • Total strike out... Seth giving the rest of the voice actors a week off maybe?

    Sorry but this episode completely tanked for me... I honestly had to struggle to watch it all the way through... I was originally watching this with others, like i usually do with TV, but we just couldn't stand it anymore once it got to the musical numbers which were cut originally for a reason (outtakes from earlier episodes).

    The first part... It's almost like watching Seth having a drug addled conversation with himself... Did they piss off the voice actors or was there a bad case of the flu going around (Only Seth's voice is used). I can guess they were trying for some deep and meaningful message, and if I imagine really hard I can find one, but they just miss it completely... Family Guy isn't the sort of show which can go from random jokes with no grounding to the story line and then try this... It just doesn't work...

    I recommend you watch ANYTHING else... Honestly the worst Family Guy episode they have ever done, and on the strength of the rest work on his other shows, I think stretching him to three shows weekly doesn't mean three good shows... It just means you get three very very weak shows which, if quality actually meant anything on TV, wouldn't all be coming back next year...
  • Great episode in a LONG time

    besides Stewie trying to make Brian eat is poop, i think it was awesome. It has deep, emotional feelings between my Fav. characters on family guy.

    Each scene has a special meaning to it. Though i can't believe Brian would shoot himself but seeing how not many people care about him i say its not a surprise. Though revealing that Brian's the only person Stewie cares about and they really love each other(not in the gay way) was really emotional and one of those special moments in Family Guy.

    Though through the series, around every time one of them has fallen, the other is right there ready to get them back moving.

    Overall, a very sweet episode and not having cut-scenes just raises the suspense and makes it more serious.(wow a Seth McFarland cartoon serious, never thought that would happen!)
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