Family Guy

Season 3 Episode 2

Brian Does Hollywood (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 18, 2001 on FOX

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  • Funny

    Comedically hilarious
  • Well done.

    The Griffins got to go to Hollywood after Stewie auditioned for Kids say the Darndest Things and won a chance to be on the show after the fact Jake Tucker got skipped due to his upside down face apperance and Tom Tucker protested and objected to this.
  • Just as fun as the first part.

    I wouldn't really call this a sequel to The Thin White Line cause it doesn't really have the same storyline except for Brian going to Hollywood which its taking place a few months after Brian's encounter with cocaine but I love this episode so I can't really give it crap.
  • The Griffin goes to Hollywood.

    The Griffin family learns Brian has gone to Hollywood. After trying out on Kids Say the Darndest Things, Stewie is awarded an appearance, and the Griffins get a free trip to Los Angeles. Brian doesn't want the family to know what he's really doing in Hollywood, and tries to cover it up. This episode was a conclusion of the previous episode. I think this episode isn't that good than Thin White Line, but I still enjoyed it. Brian's plot was getting boring though. I did like Stewie's plot in this episode. funny parts includes Tom (and Jake) Tucker's appearance, Quagmire's phone call, Stewie thinking Peter is 7, the interview, and a couple more.
  • It's good.


    The Griffin family learns Brian has gone to Hollywood. After trying out on Kids Say the Darndest Things, Stewie is awarded an appearance, and the Griffins get a free trip to Los Angeles. Brian doesn't want the family to know what he's really doing in Hollywood, and tries to cover it up.

    I really only liked the Stewie plot, Brian's plots are always so f-cking boring


  • fair

    What i liked: Stewie saying daddy is seven, Meg almost being in the porno Brian was making, Bill Cosby and Stewie on Kids Say The Darndest Thins, amongst other things.

    This episode was ok. It had an OK plot but it did not really have many good jokes, i did not think, which obviously hurts the episode to me. It was OK enough to get a low C as a grade, i think is fair for this episode
  • Season 3, Episode 2.

    I really liked this episode. :) Family Guy always impresses me, especially with this episode. I loved what Stewie said to Lois. "Wipe my with one finger by moving it in a circular motion, and don't you look at me!" LMAO! I liked when Peter swallowed his cell phone. Then Peter made him open his mouth to hear the song that was playing. Brian's first job in Hollywood is directing a pornographic movie! Haha! Meanwhile, Stewie is on Kids Say The Darndest Things. Haha, I love Stewie so much. Seth MacFarlane is a comic genius. Great episode. Not that that is surprising...
  • Meh, it was average

    I didn't find this to be much of an interesting Family Guy episode. It seemed a little dull and rushed without the comedy, but I did enjoy it, as it was "decent".

    Brian's journey in Hollywood continued even through directing films and winning a special award, but he realized his home is with the Griffins. Yay... Brian finally did his journey long enough to see that his glorious days in L.A are over.

    Other than that, Peter Griffin was being a jerky driver on the highways which came down to a face off with he and the L.A.P.D lol!
    Lois and the kids were too, funny. Like I said, this episode was disappointing on my part. Storyline was very good, but the laughs was low, and this just seemed quite dull. Not trying to be harsh but it was just one of those "Meh" kind of episodes. Came and went, but I'll watch it again. It wasn't that bad. Just decent...

    It's great to have Brian back home, oh wait I already said that. Heh
  • The second part of the two parter..

    Where did Brian go after the first episode of the third season of this series Family Guy? Well, he went to Hollywood to be a writer. But I guess he ended up being a porn movie director, and this is where it gets sticky.

    This was a hilarious episode, and I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the "interview" when Brian actually wasn't on TV the whole time. This episode brought some character development for Stewie when he was on Kids say the darnest things. How funny is that? Nice way to make fun of the show and Bill Cosby in this episode. Hehe.
  • The Part episode still does not disappoint with a good storyline and great comedy.

    The episode continues where "The Thin White Line" left off, introduced with a fake "Previously on Family Guy..." sequence, showing action-packed events which never actually occurred, parodying Hollywood thrillers.

    To pursue his screenwriting ambition, Brian moves to Los Angeles, California, where he stays with his gay cousin Jasper and Jasper's Filipino boyfriend. After some menial jobs, such as waiter and car washer, he lands a director job for pornographic movies, though at first he does not understand it is x-rated. His first work resembles Bang the Drum Slowly, "except the drum's a chick."

    Stewie auditions for Kids Say the Darndest Things in order to unleash a mind control device, and the family goes to Los Angeles, forcing Brian to keep up appearances. The Griffins dine at the Musso & Frank Grill, an actual Hollywood attraction[1]. Brian is correct that writers Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner drank there. While sightseeing, Peter is beaten by the cops in the manner of Rodney King and Meg points out the gutter the cops laughed in when Eddie Murphy gave the excuse about the transvestite.

    On Kids Say the Darndest Things, host Bill Cosby grabs Stewie's device and unwittingly foils his plot. While hypnotized by Bill Cosby, Stewie says Cosby's film "Ghost Dad was the best movie I've seen since Leonard Part 6," another Cosby film. He also says he likes pudding; which Cosby has advertised for.

    Brian ends up into his career, making several movies. Some of them got the censored award. Brian's porno films Add Momma to the Train, The Purple Head of Cairo, You've Got Male Genitalia, and Shaving Private Ryan are spoofs of actual films Throw Momma from the Train, The Purple Rose of Cairo, You've Got Mail and Saving Private Ryan. The family tries to visit Brian's set, mistaking it for a regular movie. Brian throws them out.

    Jasper tells the Griffins the truth about Brian's job. Peter and Lois arrive at the Woodies, the porn version of the Oscars, just in time for Brian to accept his award.

    At the end of the episode, Peter kidnaps Jenna Jameson and takes her home with him.
  • Part 2 to an awesome double episode.

    Great conclusion to a great two episodes The griffins go to Hollywood to find Brian. Peter accidenmtly swallows his cellphone *see quote* Brian becomes a porn director. very funny episode and a must see for the previously on Family Guy at the start. :D

    (The cellphone rings inside Peter. He punches himself in the stomach)
    Peter: Hello, this is Peter Griffin.
    Quagmire: Hey Peter. I had sex with a black chick last night! (as Quagmire says this, a black couple walk past Peter. He punches himself in the stomach.)
    Woman: What? All he said was black chick.
    Peter: Yeah I know, but your boyfriend looks like one of those typical angry black guys. Hey, we cool G? We cool? We cool, huh? (he offers his hand to the black guy, who shakes it uncomfortably
  • average

    i think they could have done alittle better with this episode but i love the beggining of the episode it was real funny but this episode like in the ending and some other parts werent that funny and exciting not like part 1 of this though i like the episode alittle there has been other worst episodes then this episode but this episode is not in my top favorites list but some family guy fans will like this episode alittle peter and brain were real funny in this episode and i give this episode like an averaga and i also give this epsidoe a 7.3/10
  • An Alright episode!

    I thought that this episode was ok but ofcourse family guy has had way better episodes than this one.But my thoughts on this episode where good because as always it made me laugh her and then but in total it was an alright episode.The things good about this episode was that it actually showed how brian would do around all those hollywood stars even though he was only a bartender I think or something but in my eyes I thought he didn't do to bad acting around the stars but after a while I saw they started getting annying to him.The thing I didnt like was how he left making money to go back to a really funny but boring life,with peter always forcing him to do things.
  • Read my review for part one!!

    Yeah here's part two, pretty good overall I like Brian as a porn film director it seems to be his place in life and Stewie being on "KId's Say The DarNdest Things" and being annoyed by Bill Cosby - the most annoying guy on earth(his voice)Not to mention the cold open "Last Time On Family Guy" now that was just bloody pure genius, I really love it and I hope everyone else does oh and the bit at the end where they all get their suveneirs, what peter chose LMAO. This is a really well written episode and I encourage you to watch it!! :)
  • This is a really good episode.

    This is a sweet episode. It's not as funny as most episodes, but still funny.

    Brian leaves to go to Hollywood to live with his gay cousin. He is trying to be a screen writer, but he failed. No one liked his scripts. He is washing cars and waitering. Stewie gets to be on kids say the darndest things in Hollywood, so the whole family goes to see Brian. Brian is embarrassed, so he lies and says he is doing great. Brian's cousin offers him a job for a director for a porn video. He says yes. He makes like five videos in one week. He yells at his family because he doesn't want them to know the truth that he is making porn videos. Brian is nominated for a Woody. It's like and Oscar, except it's for porn movies. Peter and Lois come. They see Brian, and he is embarrassed. Brain told them the whole story. Peter and Lois says it's OK and they want him to come back to Quahog with them. He agrees to go back to Quahog. As soon as they are about to leave, Brian wins the award. He gets up on stage and makes his acceptance speech.

    Peter and Lois want to go and visit Brian so they decide to audition for kids say the darndest things. Stewie has an idea. He builds hypnotizing glasses. When he gets to the show, Bill Cosby takes the glasses from him before he could do anything with them. He pretends he is skiing with them. Then the show ends before Stewie gets them back.

    I give this episode a 9.6 out of 10.
  • I think it could\'ve been better.

    I think they should have done something more original than a dog going to hollywood. It needed to be funnier. The whole \"dog in hollywood\" theme is SO played out! and why did they have to censor that oscar? (alright, I know why they had to do it, but still, that\'s no fun..right?) another question, too....Is Jasper a boy or a girl? seriously, they must have done that to really get a person if anyone really thinks anyway,LOL! It figures Peter would be he is in almost every episode. this episode really stunk, and i just wish i knew what the producers were thinking when they came up with this episode!!!
  • So this is some kind of shampoo commercial, right?

    Just as entertaining as the first part, Brian Does Hollywood has great scenes such as Peter swallowing his mobile which had great quotes like “I forgot to hit END, this is gonna cost me a fortune, Peter punching his stomach to answer the call from Quagmire and telemarketers, the hold music being great.

    The start was hilarious with the fake “last time” scenes that were all funny and clearly not from the previous episode.

    Brian being up for the award of the woody was a brilliant plot aswell and had great porn movie names throughout.

    Overall, this, like the one before it, is an episode that nobody should miss.