Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 15

Brian Griffin's House of Payne

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2010 on FOX

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  • Pretty fun one!

    I haven't seen Family Guy for a while so I decided to try out some modern episodes, including Brian Griffin's House of Payne. And that was a solid one. The beginning is an awesome part with The Death Star being a built of Peter Griffin's face. Soon the theme of Brian's plot is revealed. That plot featured great jokes - Hitler, the italians, Alan, Charlie and Jake from Two and a Half Men. The Stewie plot was also nice, especially the conclusion. Sure, the moral was bad but it was funny. Nobody should take lessons from the Griffin family, except from Meg. A nice episode that gets an A or EXCELLENT 6 (from BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6).. Not the best episode, but it entertains excellently solid.

  • Great show

  • Enjoyable.

    Did anyone notice the Beyonce poster.
  • Decent


    Lois encourages Brian to submit his pilot script to a network. James Woods gets involved and things don't exactly go according to Brian's original plan. Meanwhile, Stewie has a bit of a mishap.

    The beginning was dumb, but Stewie's plot was funny, Brian's plot was boring, but James Woods made it a whole lot funnier.


  • Eh, it was decent but not the best episode I've seen.

    I thought that this was an overall good but not so great episode of "Family Guy". It wasn't a bad episode at all and it pretty good for the most part but I just thought there could have been different plot than the writers majorly changing Brian's script and James Woods stars in his show which turns into a sitcom instead a serious dramatic show that Brian wanted. The main plot which I just basically told you right now was okay. The subplot was better when Meg and Chris injured Stewie and they're trying to hide his injury from the family. The Hitler cutaway was hilarious. "Italians Are Not Jews" really had me laughing hard. Stewie's imagination in the beginning of the episode was also very funny. The cast of Two and a Half Men being at Brian's house was hilarious. It was also very funny when Brian asked everyone what they thought of his show and then Joe gets furious at Brian and was about to attack him. It was hilarious when Peter wanted to blame Lois for the injury of Stewie so he throws Stewie under the car and Lois runs over him thinking that it was all her fault which was Peter's idea. The ending was also hilarious when Stewie woke up from being unconscious and said "Hey I just realized that it is November... what the **** happened?". I just really hated how the writers are majorly changing Brian's script big time and James Woods was really getting on my nerves. Overall, a decent but not great episode of "Family Guy". 7.5/10
  • Wow.

    Well, as a big fan of TV I liked the in-depth look at what goes into making a pilot and how network executives like to play around with shows before putting them on the air, but the other storyline, with Stewie having a cracked head was beyond dumb. What was the point of this? Why not just tell Peter and Lois what happened?

    For the return of James Woods I think that they could have come up with something a little bit better than this (although I did like the one line where he asked for the lawyers when he slept with the underaged girl.)

    After a good Family Guy last week, it's back to the usual suspects tonight.
  • james woods returns

    in this episode i like the beging because it had Stewie in a spaceship battling the Death Peter it was so awesome it was in CGI not in a cartoon way thats why i enjoy it. any way the episode is about stewie finding Brian's old tv script and it has a chance of being on CBS show it was going great intill James Wood stars on the show i bet he plan to be on it to ruin Brian's show meanwhile Chris and Meg hurt stewie and as a not funny part Lois thinks he hurt Stewie and doesn't want to take him to the doctor. then Stewie wakes up and learns that he's been out cold for months
  • Plot, Interesting, Gags, Not So Much

    Brian wants to make a TV show of a pilot script he wrote a few years ago that is found by Stewie. Eventually it is a show, but it is not anywhere close to what Brian imagined- it was supposed to be a drama but it is turned into a comedy.

    Meg and Chris accidentally hurt Stewie and think they may have put him in a coma.

    This episode had a good plot, but it wasn't very funny, outside a few mildly entertaining gags. So, my overall grade is a B+ or so, because for some reason I liked the plot a lot
  • Brian's script is ruined by his arch-enenmy James woods. Meanwhile Meg and Chris trie to cover up there mishap with Stewie.

    Wow what can I say except Freakin sweet. Brian was so funny in this episode. When Lois didn't feel like reading his script. Tricking him with wanting to go for a ride in the car. Brian barks with joy as he runs to the car. Meg and Chris were alway good in this episode trying to cover up Stewies mishap. I have enjoyed seeing Meg being treated decently this season. Of Course Brian made the episode with his doggy style charm. He always puts sa smile on my face. The only part I did not like was Peter throwing Stewie under Lois's car.
  • Family Guy is back!! This was the best Brian episode this season and DogGone comes in second. Brian writes something that Lois doesn't laugh at for a change and she supports him. There was no beastiality or politics involved and that is a good thing.

    Brian wrote a script for a tv pilot that Stewie found in the basement and after Lois telling him that she loved it, he heads over to CBS and they immediatley sign him up. Happy that things are going so well for him the only person who would ruin it was the return of James Woods. The show was changed from a drama to a comedy with James, an 18 year old and a monkey as his side kick. Lois was dissapointed and told Brian to stand up for himself and Brian does by quitting the show. Stewie gets hurt after Meg and Chris accidently sent him down the stairs. They tried to cover up the wound and tried to fool Lois in thinking he is awake but is unconcious. I've hated Brian because he is so pretentious and his beastiality. But I did enjoy DogGone because it focus on something they should have done earlier. That was animal rights and that was good. This episode was great because Brian stands up for himself and believes more for what he wrote and not let anybody destroy his dreams. Lois was sympathetic this time and didn't laugh. She believed in him and gave good advice after he sold out. There were moments when Brian acted like a real dog and I wish he would do more because I enjoy those and it makes him not forget he is a dog. I also enjoyed the b plot. Meg and Chris were funny together and I hope they team up together again. We need another team and not just Brian and Stewie. Stewies' wound was gross at times but having him dressed up and fooling Lois at the end made up for it. The parts I loved:
    1. Brian acting like a real dog in some parts 2. No Meg abuse 3. Meg and Chris together 4. Lois was happy for Brian 5. Everybody acted like a family 6. The opening 7. Only 1 flashback There was nothing I hated in this episode and it reminded me of Family Guy old school. Keep it up Seth!! This is the Family Guy we want.